My Folexin (Foligen) Review – My #1 Recommendation For Hair Loss & Growth


It’s time for my Folexin (Foligen) review – because at this point, it’s the best hair loss product I ever tried:

  1. Speeds up hair growth considerably (almost 3x).
  2. Cheapest supplement of this kind.
  3. Works for both men and women.

So basically – Folexin is my top recommendation for hair loss & growth, for both genders.

But let me show you why I say this (based on my experience with it).

PS: If you’re in a hurry, just check out my Folexin results (WITH PICTURES) here OR check my video review of it. 

Note: This supplement was called Foligen in the past, but it recently changed its name into Folexin. It’s exactly the same product – nothing changed, except the name.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Folexin from Vita Balance

My Folexin (Foligen) Review - My #1 Recommendation For Hair Loss & GrowthBest Actual Price: $24.95 for a monthly supply

Cheapest Place To Buy:

Designed For: Anything that involves hair loss & growth:

  • Decreases and even stops hair loss
  • Also speeds up hair growth (and regrows new hairs)

So it’s a 2-in-1 product – it does the work of 2 different supplements.

My Rating: 9.50 out of 10 – the only product I rated so high.

Worth Buying?: Definitely – it’s the best hair supplement I tried.

I recommend it because it doesn’t only increase hair growth – as most products do:

  1. Stops hair loss even completely.
  2. Effective for both men and women.
  3. Cheapest product of this kind.

So at this point – I don’t think there’s any better hair growth supplement.

How To Buy It Cheaper

You can actually get Folexin for $18 per bottle, instead of $25. Here’s the strategy I use:

  1. Use the 5% off code from below 
  2. Get a 5 bottles pack
  3. You get 1 free bottle + $35 off

If you make the calculations, this means $18 per bottle – which is a the lowest price I’ve seen for a hair supplement.

That’s how I manage to save lots of money buying Folexin.



What I Liked About It

  • Great ingredients (over 30 substances – all with benefits for hair)
  • Pills are easy to swallow
  • Decreased my shedding completely in about 2 months
  • Made my hair grow almost 3 times faster 
  • Also thickened my hair
  • Works for both men and women
  • Really affordable – compared to most supplements on the market


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Only available on the official website
  • Only ships in 26 countries worldwide (if you live in another one, here’s what I advise you)
  • Shipping isn’t free (around $4 for the US)
  • International shipping taxes are pretty high (around $15)
  • Not very effective for male baldness (I recommend this instead)
  • You can only find a few authentic reviews
  • Not the only product with this formula (but the cheapest one)


Why It’s My #1 Favorite Product

Throughout the years, I tried over 50 supplements. Unfortunately, not all could decrease my hair loss:

  • some didn’t work at all
  • others only worked for 1-2 months
  • a few others worked great, but they would cost over $40 per month (which I couldn’t afford)

However – Folexin was totally different. Here’s why I say this.

My Folexin (Foligen) Review - My #1 Recommendation For Hair Loss & Growth

#1. Lowest Price – among similar products, Folexin is by far the cheapest.

That’s the main reason why it’s my top pick.

Not all of us afford spending $50 per month for a hair supplement. Folexin only costs me $18 – so it’s a much better deal.

#2. Stops Hair Loss Completely – in my case, it only needed about 2 months.

After this time, I had very few hairs falling out daily.

#3. Regrows Hair Really Fast – almost 3 times faster, in my case.

#4. Works For Both Men And Women – here’s what I read:

  • it can stop male baldness and slowly regrow the hair  (but it takes many months)
  • also decreases female hair loss (which is more general)

If you don’t take my word, I will show you several reviews I found below.


#1 – My Results (10 out of 10)

In terms of effectiveness, Folexin was one of the best hair loss supplements I tried (along with Follixin).

1. My Background

I’ve been suffering from hair loss for about 5 years:

  • there were several causes behind (hormonal problems, stress, genetics)
  • my hair was thinning terribly – especially at the ends
  • the roots were still pretty normal
  • I had no bald spots

However, in a few years – my hair deteriorated terribly.

It was falling out and thinning massively – and every product that I used would either work temporarily, or not work at all.

So I had literally tried everything on the market without any real success.

My Folexin (Foligen) Review - My #1 Recommendation For Hair Loss & Growth
That’s how my hair looked like in those terrible years (before Folexin). It wasn’t  that short, but the ends were really thin, dry and fragile.
2. My Results With Folexin (+ Pictures)

Ever since I started analyzing this supplement, I knew it was pretty good.

Its ingredients can speak for themselves, actually.

  1. I started taking 2 pills per day, as the label advise.
  2. After about 2-3 weeks, things started getting better.
  3. My hair was still thin, but it was much stronger.
  4. I wasn’t losing as many hairs per day (not even after washing my hair).
  5. When I finished the first bottle, my shedding had decreased a lot.

Obviously, I continued taking Folexin and things got even better in the following months.

MY HAIR LOSS STOPPED COMPLETELY and I started getting baby hairs growing on my hairline.

But here’s another thing that really surprised me:

  • My hair had grown almost 4 inches in about 2 months (the average is about 1.5)
  • Its thickness and density increased a lot (especially the ends)
  • It also stopped thinning

You could actually see a difference on my hair 2 months since I started Folexin.

My Folexin (Foligen) Review – My #1 Recommendation For Hair Loss & Growth
From left to right: in my second month with Folexin vs after almost 3 months. You can see a big difference from how my hair used to be.
My Folexin (Foligen) Review – My #1 Recommendation For Hair Loss & Growth
My hair after almost 5 months with Folexin. The ends thickened a lot (but also grew out).
My Folexin (Foligen) Review – My #1 Recommendation For Hair Loss & Growth
The same month again: pictures from a slightly different angle
My Folexin (Foligen) Review – My #1 Recommendation For Hair Loss & Growth
About a month after the previous pictures: my hair had about the same length but it was SO MUCH LONGER than when I first began using these pills.

So basically – I went from a really thin, above the shoulders hair to one that is really thick and about 3 inches from my waist. 

That all took me a bit over 6 months with this supplement.

Is it a long time? If you’re looking for overnight results – yes! But I personally know very few products that worked so fast for me.

So for me – these results are really good.


Folexin is one of the few hair loss supplement that worked so well.

But compared to the rest – it’s over $15 cheaper.

So I really recommend Folexin it, because I’ve been using it ever since. If this thing doesn’t work, I don’t know what else will.



#2 – Ingredients (9.90 out of 10)

Before trying Folexin, my #1 product for hair loss was a supplement with a similar name (Follixin).

Why? It had the best ingredients I’ve seen in any supplement.

Well – the actual Folexin is even better at this chapter:

  1. Contains the same ingredients PLUS a few extra ones.
  2. Has higher doses overall.
  3. Contains 29 different extracts.

My Folexin (Foligen) Review - My #1 Recommendation For Hair Loss & Growth

So in my opinion, Folexin has the best formula on the market.

There are some other products with the same ingredients (see Kerotin), but they cost double.

Now – let’s take a quick look at the main ones (there are almost 30).

1. Proprietary Blend (409 mg)

That’s actually a mix of the most important extracts from Folexin. Here’s what it contains:

  1. Horsetail Extract – increases hair growth speed and thickens the roots. [1]
  2. Nettle Root – blocks DHT, the hormone that causes hair loss. [2]
  3. Fo-Ti – supports and increases hair growth. [3]
  4. Bamboo Extract – strengthens and thickens hair strands.
  5. Saw Palmetto – stops hair loss (similar to nettle extract). [4]
  6. Other Compounds: Spirulina, Peony, Plant Sterols, PABA [5], etc.

To be honest, this mix looks amazing. It contains the most powerful extracts for hair loss and regrowth (that’s what studies say).

So it’s the main responsible for Folexin’s impressive effect. 

2. Vitamins

At this chapter, Folexin also looks pretty good.

It contains almost every vitamin that is helpful for hair. The doses are also pretty high:

  1. Biotin – it’s also called “the hair vitamin” because it has lots of benefits (especially for hair growth). [6]
  2. Vitamin A – prevents hair loss.
  3. B Complex – they have different roles in fighting hair loss.
  4. Vitamin D3 – stimulates hair follicles to grow.
  5. Folic Acid – also speeds up hair growth. [7]
  6. Vitamin E – it’s a natural antioxidant and prevents hair from thinning.

Overall – I believe these vitamins alone could improve your hair growth.

So if you combine them with the other ingredients from Folexin – the result has to be really good.

3. Minerals

Even at this chapter, Folexin contains lots of unique substances.

I mean – you can’t see them all in every hair loss product, even though they have real benefits [8].

  1. Calcium Carbonate – helps hair roots grow.
  2. Iron Fumarate – is a major ingredient for hair loss prevention.
  3. Magnesium Oxide – has several benefits for hair (especially in terms of growth).
  4. Zinc Oxide – decreases hair loss miraculously (I speak from experience).
  5. Other Minerals: Manganese Chelate, Potassium Gluconate.

Now – those minerals may not seem that impressive to you, but they surely are.

Zinc Oxide is actually one of the best ingredients from Folexin – since it’s a miracle maker for hair loss [9].


Folexin has surely a great formula:

  • all of its ingredients have major benefits for hair loss and regrowth
  • contains some unique substances
  • many ingredients have high doses

Basically – there’s no way that Folexin is useless, judging after its ingredients.



#3 – How To Take It (9.50 out of 10)

At this chapter, there’s not much to complain about supplements (unless they have large pills, require taking many daily, etc.)

However – Folexin doesn’t have any problems here.

1. The Pills

Here’s what you should know about them:

  • they’re made of gelatin
  • really easy to swallow
  • average size
  • you need to take 2 per day

Here’s what they look like: 

My Folexin (Foligen) Review - My #1 Recommendation For Hair Loss & Growth

Now – the only complaint I have here is that 1 pill per day would have been far more comfortable.

But considering most supplements require taking 3 – it doesn’t even seem like a downside.

2. The Schedule

According to the label, you have to take 2 pills:

  • one in the middle of the day
  • the other in the evening

My Folexin (Foligen) Review – My #1 Recommendation For Hair Loss & Growth

It doesn’t mention anything about taking them with meals or not.

But I personally recommend taking them after eating.

In this way, you avoid taking them on an empty stomach – which could cause you some minor pain.


#4 – Other Opinions (7 out of 10)

The #1 problem of Folexin is that it has very few reviews outside its official website.

As you know – I usually avoid those, because they tend to be biased. 

But as I couldn’t find any others, I will include those reviews here.

Note: Folexin has many reviews outside the official website, but most are promotional (so they’re surely biased). So I didn’t consider them for this review.

1. Men

Most reviews I found were from people going bald:

  • this supplement managed to regrow some of their hair
  • it also kept their hairline full

However – I’m not 100% sure about their authenticity, as growing new hairs on a bald scalp is extremely hard.

So Folexin isn’t a miraculous solution for baldness – it might help with hair loss, but I doubt it can grow new hairs.

If it could – everyone would be using it.

But here’s a proof that it works:

I received an email from 1 customer who tried Folexin. He’s been using it for 3 months now, and the results look really promising:

2. Women

Here I found lots of different reviews. But surprisingly, there were lots of women satisfied with it.

Most women praised Folexin, but they mentioned many other benefits (than the ones I mentioned):

  • extra volume
  • thicker roots and softer hair
  • really fast growth
  • new baby hairs
  • and obviously – hair loss stopped


Unfortunately, you can’t find many authentic reviews on Folexin.

The ones I found were on the official website, so I can’t guarantee they’re 100% unbiased.

However – most opinions were positive, so I’m pretty sure Folexin didn’t work just for me.



#5 – Price (9.80 out of 10)

At this chapter, no supplement can beat Folexin:

  • much cheaper than most products
  • pretty low shipping expenses
1. The Exact Price

Basically – one bottle of Folexin costs almost $25.

Shipping taxes are around $4, which means $29 in total.

That’s not too bad for a hair loss supplement, if you check out the market.

2. Competitor’s Price

To be honest, Folexin is the cheapest supplement that worked so well. That’s why it’s my top recommendation, actually.

Now – there’s only one supplement that worked so well as Folexin. I’m talking about Follixin (be careful, they have similar names).

So let’s take a quick look at Follixin:

  • contains similar ingredients (but not as many)
  • costs $49 per bottle
  • shipping is $25 in any country (even in the US)

That’s a total of $75 per month – compared to $29 of Folexin.

Now tell me – which is more worth buying to you? Because I will surely stick to Folexin for one major reason: its much lower price.


As I said in the beginning, you can get Folexin for $18 per bottle:

  • use the code from below for 5% off
  • get the 4 bottles pack

In this way – you will receive 1 FREE BOTTLE + $34 DISCOUNT.

If you make the calculations, this means almost $18 per bottle – a price that no other product can beat.


#6 – Shipping Countries (7 out of 10)

In my opinion – that’s the biggest drawback of Follexin.

1. Where It Ships

According to the official website, you can order this product in 26 countries, including:

  • US, Canada, Brazil & Mexico
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • UK, China, Japan, Indonesia

You can find the full list on the official website. Here’s a screenshot: 

Now – that doesn’t seem a major problem, since this list seems to include the largest countries in the world.

2. Where It Doesn’t Ship

Here comes the problem.

Folexin only ships in a few countries from Europe – not including France, Germany, Spain etc.

Besides, there are many other countries worldwide where you can’t order it.

Why? I don’t have a clear answer – but from what I know, it’s related to delivery companies and custom charges.

So here’s the only solution I could find.


#7 – How To Solve The Shipping Issues

If you live in one of those 23 countries from Folexin’s list, it’s great. You can get it for $29 in total (in the worst case).

But if you’re not?

There’s absolutely no way to convince the company to deliver it anyway – believe me, I know someone who tried it without any success.

What I Suggest You To Get Instead

Basically – if you can’t get Folexin, I recommend you my #2 favorite product – Follixin.

  • it works almost identically to Folexin
  • but it simply costs more

Now – this #2 product is indeed more expensive, which is why it’s not my top choice.

But it seems more pricey for someone from the US – who would normally have to pay $25 for the shipping.

In another continent, you would still pay the same shipping price.

So this doesn’t seem so much for a package coming from another country – do you agree?

So here’s what I advise you if you can’t get my #1 recommendation:

  1. Order Follixin (which is my #2 recommendation).
  2. You will have to support the $25 shipping expenses.
  3. But they are not that much – for a product send from the US.
  4. Try to order the largest pack – you will pay around $25 per bottle like that.
  5. So the overall price will be much lower.


At this point, that’s what I recommend you to do.

If Folexin doesn’t ship in your country, get my #2 recommended product instead. It works the same overall.

Get my #2 alternative (Follixin) here


#8 – Final Conclusions

Here’s who I would sum up my experience with Folexin:

#1. Stops Complicated Hair Loss

Basically, my hair loss was a complicated one:

  • almost no product could solve it permanently
  • I’ve had it for several years

Folexin was one of the few supplements that managed to decrease it in about 2 months. So to me – it was one of the miracle makers.

#2. Regrows Hair 3x Faster

That’s another impressive thing in my case:

  • my hair ends stopped thinning
  • they also seem to grow much faster
  • in about 2 months, my hair grew about 3 inches

So basically – that’s almost 3 times more than it would normally grow.

That’s why I recommend Folexin for hair growth – even if you don’t suffer from hair loss.

#3. Really Affordable

Compared to any other product, it’s much cheaper.

Actually – it’s by far the cheapest supplement that worked so well. 

That’s the main reason why it’s my #1 recommendation.



#9 – My Verdict – Is Folexin Worth Buying?

Short answer: Definitely – it’s one of the best hair supplements I ever tried:

  • My Folexin (Foligen) Review - My #1 Recommendation For Hair Loss & Growthdecreases and even stops hair loss
  • works for both men and women
  • grows new hairs (but not in advanced baldness)
  • speeds up hair growth – 3 times more in my case
  • thickens and adds volume

However – there’s one major reason why I recommend it, besides all these.

It’s THE CHEAPEST SUPPLEMENT that really worked for me.

On paper, it costs around $25 per bottle – which is way less than others.

But if you follow the tips from above, you can get it for $18 per bottle – which is definitely the lowest price ever.

For this reason, I don’t know any better product that Folexin for hair loss + growth.

That’s why I really advise you to give it a try. If this thing doesn’t work, I don’t know what else will.





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68 thoughts on “My Folexin (Foligen) Review – My #1 Recommendation For Hair Loss & Growth

  1. Hi Olly, I’ve been using Folexin for more than 1 year and I can confirm your experience. 

    I’m 41 y.o and have been struggling hair loss ever since my 20’s. My father and grandfather were both completely bald by the age of 40, so that’s where I was heading to. 

    My front hairline started thinning off from my teenage years, but it was only around my 20’s when it really got worse. So I was starting to lose all my hair and 90% of the products I tried wouldn’t help.

    I had a friend recommending me Folexin and I gave it a try because it was really cheap, compared to what I used to try. Anyways, I didn’t make huge expectations from it because nothing seemed to help me.

    Guess what? This one did!

    In about 3 months, I had hair all over the back of my head, there was no empty patch anymore. My front line also seemed way thicker and I was looking almost like a regular guy. I seriously had no reasons to describe the feeling, believe me.

    I can see I can’t attach any photos to my comment, but it would have been nice for you to see the transformation.

    I’m now using Folexin constantly, and it’s been more than 1 year. My hair looks like it used to when I was young (and everyone who knows me close asks me if I had a hair transplant). So the results are really amazing for me.

    It’s just the irony that this cheap product help me way more than those $100 + ones.

    So thank you for recommending Folexin, I can confirm it’s as good as they claim. Moses Atkinson

    1. Hi Moses, thank you so much for letting me know how Folexin worked for you.

      Your results are definitely more impressive than mines, since it regrew so much of your hair.

      I also tried many expensive products (even a few over $100) – some really helped, but they were too expensive to continue using them. So I think Folexin is a miracle maker for people with regular budgets like me.

      Thanks again for letting me know your experience with this product and it’s great to hear it helped you so much. 

      Now I’m 100% sure it’s the supplement most worth recommending.

  2. This article was of special interest to me because since I’ve entered my fifties, I see more and more hair coming out in the hair brush and in the shower. That for me is grounds for Panic since I’ve always prided myself on my thick head of hair. 

    The ingredients all look very natural and safe, but do you know if it’s O.K. to take them with other medications ~ like prescription medicines? If I had the answer to that, this looks like a product that I would very much like to try. Thanks for telling us about Folexin and you covered all the other questions I had about it.


    1. Hello Sue, thanks for your opinion. I totally understand you, because I’ve also suffered from a massive hair loss (but I was about 30 years younger, so it was even more stressful).

      Regarding your question – Folexin can be taken with other medication, even prescription ones. It contains only natural stuff, so there’s no chance of interactions. Plus, it’s a hair supplement – so it doesn’t have an impact on other parts of your body (except maybe the nails, as they also grow faster).

      So you wouldn’t have to give up any drug while using Folexin.

      Hope this helps. If you decide to use it, please let me know how it helps. 

  3. I’ve been struggling with hair loss for about a decade. It was caused mostly by stress. It got so bad that it was almost completely gone.  And it started to break off before it got to the shoulders. I went to the doctor and found out it was just stress and to not worry about it – that it would grow back in another couple of years. But, it just kept falling out. And after a couple of years it still wasn’t getting better. So, I tried many different things as well. I haven’t heard of Folexin, but I think I may try it. It would be nice to get my hair back, I will announce you if I get any improvement

    1. Hi there. It seems that not just hair loss is your problem – your hair is also really fragile (and probably thin). That’s why it doesn’t grow more than your shoulders. I’ve had a similar problem in the past as well – and it got better once my hair became stronger.

      So after reading your problem, I’m even more sure that Folexin is going to help you.

      You need a product not just for hair loss – but also for hair strength and faster hair growth.

      Well, I actually recommend this supplement for all that, because it doesn’t only help hair loss (I say this from experience).

      So instead of using 3 separate supplements (one against hair loss, one for extra strength and another one for speeding up hair growth) – I think you should use Folexin, since it helps all these 3 problems.

      Plus, it’s way cheaper compared to most supplements. If you had to use 3 separate ones, that would be at least $50 in total.

      So at this point, I’m 100% sure Folexin is the right thing for you. If you decide to try it out, I’m waiting for your feedback on how it works. 

  4. This Folexin is great! It’s been 3 weeks since I’m using it and it shocks me how much less hair falls out lately. I would always get lots of hair on my brush every morning…but in the last weeks there’s barely 5. I also feel like my super thin hair has more density and texture and my mom noticed it too. So I’m just starting to adore the way my hair looks with Folexin. 

    I got the 4 bottles at once so I paid less than $20 per each, which is such a bargain. I know many hair supplements are well over $40, but Folexin is cheaper and still works better than anything I tried so far. Thank you for listening!

    1. Hi Gillian, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with Folexin, it’s really helpful to know how it worked for you.

      All I can say is that I’m glad it was so effective – and that you finally found a product that works, for very little money. Anyway, 3 weeks is still too early to see its best effects. In my case, it needed about 1 month to start working for real. 

      So if you got positive results after just 3 weeks, I’m sure that after 2 months it will be even better. I would love to hear how it works after that time, so if you can – please let me know.

  5. For 2 years I have had to deal with a hairloss condition that was gradually making me bald, tried so many product that looked promising at first but after a few weeks the hair loss begins again until I started using folexin. it’s really good and gets the job done for many months, its effect doesn’t fade.

    1. Hi Salam, thanks for letting me know your opinion on Folexin. It’s great to hear it was useful.

      Certain condition can make your hair fall out completely, even if your hair is normally healthy. That’s why it’s important to find out the cause and treat it as soon as possible. But I’m happy to hear you found the solution to your problem. Please let me know if it keeps working that well.

  6. Hi Olly,

    Just read your post on Folexin. However, when I look it up, the reviews/and related sites seem very sketchy. The videos I find on it are all questionable and clearly of the promotional nature. How do you validate the authenticity of this product? Nutrafol has three clinical trials backing it up, is there scientific documentation for Folexin? How did you hear about it?

    1. Hi Julia, thanks for your questions.

      First of all, I totally agree with you. Most of the reviews I found on Folexin seemed general and promotional – there wasn’t any speaking from experience. Besides, I couldn’t find too many reviews outside the official website. And I personally tend to avoid those ones (in every product), because they’re usually biased. So that’s one of the major downsides of Folexin, I’m not afraid to say it out loud.

      Regarding clinical trials, Folexin doesn’t have any (as far as I know). However, that’s not a downside for me – because 95% of the supplements from the market don’t have any scientific data behind, and some are still very effective. I’m not talking only about hair supplements, but about supplements in general.

      I know Nutrafol has several clinical trials behind, and that’s a great thing. I also tried it and was very satisfied with the results. But it’s just one of the few products with studies behind. There’s also Viviscal, which is another great product – but it has the same problem, price.

      Now, getting back to Folexin. As I said, I couldn’t find any studies about it as a supplement. But there are many studies about its ingredients alone, and most have positive results.

      Besides, there are some other products containing the exact same formula as it. The best example is Kerotin, which is another supplement I personally loved. It worked for me as well as Folexin. And the good news is that you can find lots of authentic reviews about it online, unlike Folexin. Most are praising it. So considering Folexin and Kerotin have the same formula, it’s quite obvious their effect and potency is about the same. The only difference is that Kerotin costs double, so that’s why I don’t recommend it.

      I admit that I was skeptical about Folexin at first, for the same reason as you are. I couldn’t find any real customers or reviews, and all of the ones I could find seemed biased. But as I had previously tried some products with a similar formula, I decided to give it a try. So it wasn’t recommended to me by anyone, I simply wanted to try it because it has similar ingredients as others but it was much cheaper.

      Now – I’m not trying to convince you to get it. If you afford buying Nutrafol or Viviscal, I definitely recommend them. Maybe the fact that they have clinical trials would make you feel safer. But if you want a much cheaper option, that’s when I recommend Folexin.

      I really hope this helps you understand why it’s my top recommended product. In case there’s anything else you want to ask me, just reply and I will get back to you.

  7. Hi Olly,

    I am a 37 year old woman struggling with hair loss for the last 2 years. It started after the birth of my second child and has continued ever since. I am experiencing thinning all over and a little more at temples. I have been debating between Nutrafol and Folexin. Between these two, which of these would you recommend just on the basis of efficiency and results ( if budget is not an issue) ? And if I stop taking these supplements after some time, would any new growth as a result of these supplements fall out(like Rogaine)?
    Also, can these supplements result in increased hair growth on face and rest of the body as well?


    1. Hi Anu, sorry for my late response.

      First of all, your hair may have been caused by hormonal imbalances or stress. But I tend to think it was stress – because if it was hormonal imbalances, it should have gotten better (it’s 2 years since you gave birth, which is a lot).

      Nutrafol and Folexin have about the same results when it comes to hair. At least in my case. Folexin was a bit faster, but Nutrafol wasn’t really far.

      Now – Nutrafol has a study behind and lots of authentic opinions (just check Amazon). It’s true that no all customers are satisfied, but more than half are. On the other hand, Folexin doesn’t have any study behind (only its separate ingredients). Also, you can only buy it from its official website – which means there are no Amazon reviews. Folexin’s website does have a lot of reviews, but I rarely consider the ones from official websites (they tend to be biased).

      The only thing that caught my eye is that Folexin’s website offers you the chance to write your own review, after checking if you’re really a previous customer. So that’s a sign the reviews aren’t as biased as I thought (compared to many other supplements).

      So basically – I think Nutrafol is a safer choice for you, if money doesn’t really matter. The top reason why I prefer Folexin is because of its much better price. But except for that, I personally loved both products.

      Regarding your question about body hair, I tried to investigate the matter. And from what I read, none of these products will grow body hair. That’s because they both contain Saw Palmetto, which is meant to stop hair loss caused by DHT excess and only regrow normal hair (which is the one from your scalp). So you shouldn’t worry too much about this. Plus, I checked out several reviews and none complained about this issue – so it won’t be the case.

      I really hope this helps. No matter which of these 2 supplements you choose, it should really be effective. Good luck!

  8. Hi Olly,

    Thank you for all your great reviews! I’m currently trying to decide which supplement to try for my hair loss. My main goal at this point is to slow down the fallout. Do you think one helps best with this over the others?

    Also, have you found that any of the supplements you’ve tried had a negative effect on your skin? I know some people complain of Biotin causing break outs, but when looking at reviews for Viviscal, Nutrafol and Folexin I haven’t come across too many (if any) complaining of breakouts.

    I am mostly concerned because it’s my wedding in August and don’t want to add bad skin alongside my thinning hair!


    1. Hi Lauren, I totally understand your questions and concerns. So let’s take them by turn:

      1) All 3 supplements (Nutrafol, Viviscal and Folexin) are designed for hair growth on paper. So none was created just to stop the shedding. However, I tried all 3 of them and I can certainly say they all reduce hair loss. Basically – hair can’t grow if it keeps falling out. So they have to stop the hair loss before being able to improve its growth. I hope it’s not too hard to understand.

      But basically – each of these 3 you would choose, they will all reduce (or even stop) your hair loss.

      Now, Folexin is my #1 recommendation – but that’s mostly because of its price. It costs half from Viviscal, and 1/3 from Nutrafol and it does the same. So all 3 products work about the same in terms of reducing shedding and growing hair. The only big difference is in their price.

      I don’t know the budget you have. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, I recommend Folexin. If you don’t really care about money, Viviscal and Nutrafol are more popular options. In this case, I actually say you should go for Viviscal, as it’s still $30 cheaper than Nutrafol. But it’s your choice. Also, here’s a direct comparison between Nutrafol and Viviscal, maybe it helps.

      So you should keep in mind that their effect is about the same (that’s how it was in my case). All 3 products work really well and they’re all among my top recommendations.

      2) Now let’s get to their side effects.

      Breakouts are a common side effect of many hair supplements, and biotin is a possible cause. But at this point, scientists aren’t really sure if it’s the responsible or not. Anyway – I noticed one thing. Most supplements causing breakouts or acne have 2 common points:

      – contain a very high dose of biotin (about 1000 mcg)
      – they’re a vitamin mix

      Many of them also contain sugar (they come as gummy vitamins or chewable pills).

      So basically – the supplements that usually cause acne are hair vitamins. They contain biotin and all sorts of vitamins, no herbs and no original ingredients. So I would recommend you to stay away from this kind of supplements (everything that comes as “hair vitamins”). You can also look for a random hair vitamin supplement and check out its reviews. You will see there are enough about breakouts.

      Now – regarding Nutrafol, Viviscal and Folexin, all 3 are safe from this point of view. They do contain high dosages of biotin and several vitamins, but their formula is mostly based on herbs. That’s why they’re not dangerous at all, since herbs never cause this kind of serious side effects.

      So from this point of view, there’s nothing to worry about, all these 3 supplements are safe.

      I hope my answer helped you understand which of these supplements would fit you better (though they will all work). I know thinning hair can be a problem, especially for such an important event as your wedding. My advice is to try some hair extensions, especially if you plan to have your hair done in a salon. If applied and styled right, extensions can look exactly as your hair, so they can be a life saver (especially for an event).

      If there’s anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

  9. I’m 69 years old and would love to try something to help my hair loss. But will the iron in Folexin be harmful at my age? Also, if I take Folexin, should I discontinue my daily multi-vitamin?

    1. Hi Diana. Folexin has a really low quantity of iron, so I can’t see how this could possibly harm you. Iron is an essential mineral either way, but in this dosage it couldn’t possibly cause any secondary problem. So there’s no reason to worry about.

      Regarding your multi-vitamin, you don’t have to quit them. I assume they’re a supplement, not a prescription drug. So there’s no harmful interaction between Folexin and daily vitamins. It’s true that Folexin also contains some vitamins, but only the ones with benefits for hair. Your multi-vitamins are probably based on essential vitamins for general health (like vitamin A, C, maybe some minerals). That’s why there’s no risk of overdosing a certain vitamin.

      So in my opinion, you can take Folexin with multi-vitamins without any worries. Hope this helps.

      1. I decided to try it, but stop taking my everyday vitamins since it contains a lot of the same ones. Also, I found a coupon code which gave me 10% off so I ordered 2 bottles to start. Thanks for your help.

        1. Hi Diana, that’s great. Please let me know how it works and if you start seeing big improvements in a few months!

  10. This sounds great aside from the folic acid – what about people with MTHFR who can absorb the folic acid. If you have any connections with the company can you suggest they utilize supplements containing folinic acid (calcium folinate) and/or L-Methylfolate (aka L-5-MTHF, 6S-5-MTHF). Please see Dr. Lynch website on MTHFr and the issue with folic acid. I would love to try this product but I cannot because of the folic acid. Thank you!

    1. Hey Tanya, I didn’t really hear about MTHFR before but it seems to be a rare genetic mutation in some people. Sorry you’re unlucky to have that.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any connection with Folexin’s company, I just happen to be using their product constantly – which is why I recommend it. But out of all hair supplements I tried, I don’t remember seeing any with folinic acid. Maybe I just didn’t pay attention, but I guess it would have been an ingredient to catch my eye.

      Try to check for this kind of supplements on Amazon or other big retailer. If you find out with a similar formula as Folixin but with folinic acid instead, I think you should give it a try. The results should be the same, normally. Hope this helps!

    2. Thanks for this recommendation Olly, I got this to my 83 yo grandma and she’s losing less hairs after not one month yet. This is super affordable!

      1. Hey Shani, it’s great to hear this. Please let me know how it helps your grandma in several months from now!

  11. I’m disappointed with it. Bought this together with my wife, 4 bottles at once. I’m taking Folexin for 2 months and there’s no change on my bald scalp, no new hairs. I cannot understand why this does not work for me! My wife had hair loss and she says it’s so much better after taking these pills, but in my case they’re so ineffective. At these money my wife says she will continue to take them all her life, but I want to stop, there’s no improvement for me. I’m not saying it’s your fault, I’m just saying this product is surely not right for everyone. At least it’s cheap so it was a bargain even for me, thanks for the coupon code, we got a couple of bucks off! But if it wasn’t my wife, I would not buy it again!

    1. Hey Jim, thanks a lot for your feedback on Folexin.

      First of all, I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. But from what I understand, you have a baldness and you were hoping it would regrow your hair back. Well – in this case, I’m not very surprised it didn’t help. Here’s the thing:

      1) This product isn’t necessarily designed to fight baldness. It can prevent it and decrease hair loss, but once you’re already bald, I can’t guarantee it will regrow your hair back. I’m saying this because I only tested it for hair loss, I didn’t have any bald spots. So I cannot speak from experience when it comes to baldness. I read some reviews saying that it would regrow new hairs and others that it wouldn’t. So I can’t really tell…

      But overall – it’s not a supplement designed to regrow new hairs, just to prevent hair loss and grow existing hairs. That’s what it states on its official website, as far as I know.

      2) There are some supplements on the market that claim to regrow new hairs in men. However, none of them works very fast. Judging after the reviews I read, most need more than 3 months to start working (on a bald scalp). So no matter what product you chose, it’s going to need a longer period, keep this in mind.

      Now – my top recommended supplement for male baldness is Procerin, because it has some great ingredients, a decent price and many positive reviews. But as I said – I can’t guarantee it will grow new hairs, at least not for everyone. It has mixed opinions, just like many products. So if you’re willing to try it or not, it’s up to you.

      As for Folexin, if you still have any bottles left, continue to use it, it can’t harm you. If you don’t have any other bottles, it’s up to you whether you continue using it or not. But I would suggest that you choose a product that promises to grow new hairs on a bald scalp, as this one doesn’t state that.

      I’m glad to hear it’s helpful for your wife. As far as I understood, she doesn’t have any bald spots, just general hair loss. For this problem, it should really be effective, so I’m glad to hear it works.

      Sorry I can’t help you more, but it’s hard to reverse baldness once it fully covered your scalp. Some people say you can (with certain products), but I’m not sure. So instead of recommending you expensive products that might not work, I prefer to admit that I don’t know any cure that will work 100%. As I said, some people claim Folexin helps with baldness, but I can’t really tell. Others swear by different products (especially Nutrafol) for the same purpose, but I also found many reviews on Amazon saying it’s totally useless for baldness. So I really don’t know…

  12. I tried to order with my liquid card and they would not accept it. WHY? Do they charge you every month on a regular credit card? Make you buy it every month? Some co. do. I wanted to order this for me because it sounds like a good product.

    1. Hi Pattie, I don’t really know what credit cards they accept and what they don’t. I used several cards since I’ve been buying it and I never had any issue. If you can’t manage to do it, try to write them an email, they should check into it.

      Folexin doesn’t have an auto-shipping program, as far as I know. So any purchase you make is just one time only, you’re not signed up for auto-shipping every month or anything like that. I’m personally totally against products that do that, since they force you to buy a product you might not like in advance. I don’t think it’s fair…

      But it’s not the case here, if you order only one bottle, you will never receive any other unless you make another order. So you have to purchase it manually. Hope you manage to place your order and that this product is helpful. Once you start using it, please let me know whether it helps or not.

  13. Hello Olly,
    I have an 18 year old son that is showing signs of hair loss. Do you think that this product would be of any benefit to him. Thank for posting this article, it was very insightful.

    1. Hey Susan. Before having your son take any supplement, I think you should investigate the actual cause of his early hair loss. He’s really young and serious hair loss isn’t normal at this age. So let me ask you a couple of questions:

      1) Does he have a general hair loss or rather his frontal hairline is receding? Also, does he have any bald spots?

      2) Did it start suddenly or he’s been losing hair gradually, for a long while?

      3) Is there any male in your or his father’s family dealing with hair loss? Also, has any of them developed hair loss so early?

      My first advice would be to check with a dermatologist or a specialized doctor. He will probably order some blood tests to see if your son’s problem is internal (like a deficiency in a certain nutrient, a hormonal imbalance, etc.) or if it’s caused by a scalp problem (but that’s pretty unlikely).

      Now – in men, the most common cause of hair loss is high levels of DHT, which is a hormone that can affect the hair follicles. In this case, I recommend Saw Palmetto – which is the best DHT blocker among natural products. Since it’s a herb, it has very few side effects, which is a major advantage. You can find it in supplements, combined with other herbs that are also DHT blockers. So these are the kind of products I recommend for male hair loss.

      However, since your son is just 18, he might not suffer from DHT hair loss. This issue is more common in men over 35. It’s true that there are cases when it appears in young men as well, but it’s not so common.

      On the other hand, if your son’s hair loss isn’t caused by DHT excess, but by stress, deficiencies or other issues, Folexin would be my top recommendation for him.

      Anyway, at this point I think he shouldn’t take any supplement – instead, investigate the actual cause behind. There’s no point taking a supplement randomly and spending your money on it, just to see that it doesn’t help. It might help, but there are much higher chances if you know the problem you’re taking it for.

      So that’s what I think you should do for your son. Please keep me updated with this in the future.

  14. Hi Olly, Can you take Folexin with other supplements, multivitamins, calcium, OTC drugs and prescribtion drugs? Have there been any side effects reported using the Folexin?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jean. Normally, Folexin is safe to take with other drugs, because it’s based on natural ingredients so there’s a minor risk of interactions (compared to other supplements). But my advice is to ask your doctor first, especially if you’re on prescription drugs or if you’re following a long term treatment.

      Also, if you’re taking a multivitamin besides, compare its dosages and Folexin’s dosages. They may both contain a certain substance in high dosages, so if you take both products, you will get a very high dose of that ingredient. That’s not something recommended (on the long term).

      Anyway, I could give you a more clear answer if I knew the exact drug/supplement you’re taking. Otherwise it’s hard to speak in general.

      Regarding the side effects – I personally haven’t experienced any. Also, I couldn’t find too many complaints on the Internet (but the reviews on Folexin are quite limited). I also checked out its official website and it says that side effects are quite rare (but it doesn’t mention any). So I don’t think side effects are very common in this product, especially since it’s based on herbs. I also didn’t get any feedback from other readers about any side effect, so I think it’s pretty safe.

      You can try to check other reviews, I couldn’t find any info on side effects but maybe something appeared in the meantime. Hope this helps.

  15. Hi Olly,

    Thank you so much for this review – I found it tremendously helpful!
    I’m considering buying Folexin now, but am wondering how long should it be used for and what happens when you stop using it?

    1. Hi Tamara, I’m glad it was helpful.

      I could see an improvement in my hair after about one month with this supplement. My hair didn’t grow too much but I noticed I was losing way less hairs daily, compared to before. So it needed about a month to start working in my case – and the effects improved in the next months. But I’m not claiming it will work that fast for everyone. So as with every supplement, I think you should give it about 2-3 months. In my opinion, you should see an improvement after 2 months, if it really works for you. But every product suggest using it for 3 months before you expect results, so I respect that.

      Regarding the situation when you stop using it, in my case the hair didn’t fall out. I used it for less than 1 year continuously and my hair recovered completely and grew out really nicely. So when I was satisfied with how my hair was, I decided to stop the pills and see what happens. Well my hair didn’t fall out but after about 2-3 months I noticed I was losing a couple of hairs. It wasn’t anything major (as it was before), but I restarted taking 1 or 2 bottles of Folexin and the hair loss kind of stopped.

      Currently I’m not taking it constantly anymore, I take it for about 2-3 months and then go the same period without it, then start it again and so on. Though I’d be really curious to see what happens if I take a longer break from it (6 months let’s say). But I used to have some hormonal imbalances which caused most of my hair loss, so it’s normal that they return.

      So it’s not the kind of supplement you have to use for the rest of your life to maintain the results, as Minoxidil for example. If the cause behind my hair loss was just stress, bad diet or damage, I’m sure my hair loss would have never came back. But as I have some hormonal issues that I cannot treat, I mostly take Folexin for prevention now.

      I’m not really sure what is the cause of hair loss, but if you think Folexin might be helpful, I think you should try it. It’s not expensive, so it won’t be a hole in your budget most likely (that’s a major reason why I like it). Hope this helps.

  16. That was really helpful, thank you so much for all the info and for such a quick reply Olly! I’ll definitely give it a shot. I think my hair loss is due to stress issues, so I’ll give a try to Folexin alongside learning how to manage stress on a day-to-day basis. I’ll get back to you with the results, hopefully, I’ll have what to brag about 😉
    Wishing you a great day!

    1. Having a healthy lifestyle can really help stress, Tamara. Even though it doesn’t sound like it.

      Try to have many fresh foods that are rich in antioxidants, that can really help with keeping your hair healthy. Green tea is another remedy that I personally use, but its best effect is in hair loss caused by DHT excess (green tea is a DHT blocker). Though that’s not probably your case, you have nothing to lose trying out green tea. Just rinse your hair with it in every wash and you might see an improvement after a couple of weeks.

      Just like green tea, you can use apple cider vinegar. Many women use it as a rinse and it really helps hair.

      Though stress is a very common cause of hair loss, I think it can be beaten. So please keep me updated with the results and yeah, hopefully there will be a lot to brag about!

  17. Hi Olly,
    Thank you for the review, I’m thinking to give it a try. Do you recommend any shampoos to go with the supplement. Have you tried Haarklinikken?

    1. Hi Lena, it’s the first time I hear about that product. I tried searching it on Google but I couldn’t find too much. Is it made/sold in a certain country? I never heard about it before…

      Regarding shampoos, I’ve tried several but none of them helped me so much (in terms of hair loss). The one I’ve been using for a while is from Nisim and it’s designed for hair loss. I noticed I lose less hairs when I use it (without using a supplement at the same time), but my hair is still falling out. But it’s better than most, at least for my hair. It’s pretty affordable so you can give it a try if you want. But as I said, it’s not a miracle maker for me.

      As for Folexin, it’s my favorite. I know there are many other hair supplements that work, but I still prefer to use this one because it has a pretty good price for me. If you care about price, then it’s definitely my top pick. If you decide to buy Folexin, Nisim or any other product, I’d love to hear any feedback.

  18. Hi Olly,

    I would like to give this supplement a shot for my hair loss; however, I have few questions and hope you can share your professional opinion with me.
    1. Can I take Folexin & Baraclude (Entecavir) at same time?
    2. Can Folexin cause any liver damage? Few people who taken Propidren by HairGenics or other hair growth supplements that contain similar ingredients has reported liver issue. This happens because too much iron intake?
    3. Can Folexin cause lower sex drive like other hair growth supplements which contain smilier ingredients?

    Thank you.

    Mike K

    1. Hello Mike, thanks for your questions. I will try to give you some clear answers as much as I can.

      1) I normally recommend asking for your doctor’s consent before associating a supplement with a prescription drug – especially if it’s one meant to treat a serious condition, as Entecavir is. I assume you’re on a long term treatment with Baraclude, that’s why I recommend you to ask your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet, including Folexin. That even more since your liver is affected by a virus so it’s probably not working at its full capacity (most drugs/supplements are decomposed in the liver, that’s why it’s important).

      2) High amounts of iron can increase liver toxicity, but the levels have to be really high. So just taking Propidren alone shouldn’t affect a person’s liver, because its amount of iron isn’t that huge. I’m assuming the cases you heard about might be from people who took Propidren with other drugs, possibly some iron supplements or products rich in this mineral. Otherwise I can’t explain how the iron from Propidren alone (which isn’t that high) could affect their liver.

      Regarding Folexin, it seems to have a lower dosage in iron (80% of the daily dose) – so that’s totally on the safe side. That’s why it shouldn’t affect the liver at all. But as I said, I still recommend you to ask your doctor first – as your liver isn’t in the best shape so you have to pay very close attention to any drug/supplement you take.

      3) Folexin contains Saw Palmetto, which lowers testosterone and it can actually improve a low sex drive (there’s an article on Healtline that explains it pretty well). So Folexin and other supplements based on Saw Palmetto shouldn’t lower sex drive at all, on the contrary. But could you give me an example of some hair supplements that are known to do that? I heard about Propecia but that one is based on Finasteride, which has many serious side effects. So that’s not really the case of Saw Palmetto products, according to the studies I have read.

      Now – the supplement I usually recommend for male hair loss is Procerin. It has a higher dosage of Saw Palmetto compared to Folexin (which is rather meant for general hair loss and growth). Anyway, I don’t know what kind of hair loss you have, whether you have bald spots or not, etc.

      You can check it out as well but I still recommend you to ask for your doctor’s advice before starting any supplement. I explained you above why it’s so crucial in your case.

      Hope this helps!

  19. Hi Olly,
    Thank you for your review. I have two questions:
    1- what happens if you ever decide to go off the supplement. Basically is this going to be for life?
    2- Does this grow back the hair that has been lost in the frontal portion of the scalp. (Women balding pattern & thinning)
    Thank you,
    Roye A

    1. Hey Roye, I will try to answer your questions clearly:

      1) Taking this supplement for several months, seeing results and then quitting it shouldn’t affect your hair. In other words, it’s not the kind of product you should take for the rest of your life if you want to maintain the result. Actually, most natural supplements don’t belong to this category. The products you probably heard about are Minoxidil and its derivatives, and also Finasteride – they have to be used for the rest of your life otherwise the hair will fall out even worse. But supplements based on herbs shouldn’t affect your new hair once you stop taking them.

      In my case, I could see an improvement in my hair loss about 2-3 months after quitting Folexin (I wanted to take a break). But that’s because the cause behind my hair loss were hormonal imbalances that I didn’t manage to solve. So the actual problem was still there, I was aware of that. Anyway, once I restarted taking Folexin, my hair loss disappeared again. So now I’m taking it for a few months, then taking a longer break, then restarting it and so on. But that’s mostly my case. If you don’t have any hormonal imbalances that affect your hair, quitting the pills will never make your hair fall out again. Even in my case, it took a few months before it restarted.

      2) Regarding your second question, it mostly depends on whether your hair follicles died or not. Folexin isn’t designed to grow hair on a completely bald scalp, but it can help if you have some bald spots and the tendency to develop female baldness (that’s what I read, I did not experience it myself as my hair loss was rather general). Some reviews I read say it can also grow hair on bald scalps, but I can’t 100% guarantee (those reviews might be biased). Anyway, I know its label and official website don’t claim that it regrows hair on bald scalps. That’s why I can’t tell for sure.

      But anyway, it definitely works for thinning and massive hair loss. I can speak from experience here.

      Sorry if my answers aren’t 100% clear but I don’t want to promise you that it will help and once you start using it realize that it’s not helpful. But anyway, out of the products I have tried, I think it’s the best thing I can recommend you (as a quality/price ratio). Hope this helps.

  20. Hi, re reviews, where did you find non-folexin reviews, e.g., the independent reviews? Are you being paid or sponsored by flexion? In the articles listed in the reference section, for example, the first one, was the study on folexin? Thank you!

    1. Hello there. First of all, I’m a Folexin user myself and I try really hard to point this out with the photos I took of it and with the video I made about it. So I wasn’t paid to write this review, nor I was given a free bottle in exchange of a review. I bought it myself with my own money but it’s really helpful, so that’s why I’m promoting it. Since it’s cheaper than a lot other supplements that I also promote, it’s my top recommendation (and also the product I use on a constant basis). I hope this clarifies your worries.

      Regarding those screenshots with the reviews, they’re from Folexin’s official website. But as I mentioned in my review, I’m not 100% sure they’re unbiased (official websites tend to post only positive reviews). Anyway, what makes me trust them is the fact that you’re allowed to leave your own review (after you verify your purchase). Most websites don’t allow normal users to do that, they only create their own reviews and post them on the website as if they were actually written by customers. But that’s what I usually look at: if a website allows you to write your own review, usually the other reviews written there are legit. But Folexin has mostly 5 stars reviews, that’s why I was a bit worried that the reviews might not be 100% accurate.

      You can also find some reviews of it on Amazon but they’re less than 10, so that’s not very relevant. That’s why I didn’t include them in my review.

      And regarding the studies – as far as I know, Folexin doesn’t have any clinical trial developed on it. Supplements in general don’t have studies behind, only on their separate ingredients. There are very few hair products with studies actually – and Nutrafol is the best example, in case you’re interested.

      The first study from the references is taken from Folexin’s website (they have some reference sources there so that’s where I took it from). But I just tried to do my research and I can’t find whether that study was conducted on Folexin or not. Since there’s no name of a certain product, I can’t guarantee it’s Folexin. But since it appears on its official website, it might be.

      I hope this helps to clarify your questions even a bit.

  21. Hi there. I’m curious to know if you (or others) have experienced unwanted hair growth elsewhere on the body by using this product? I’m a male in my early 40’s and have started to see some early hair loss on my scalp so would like to address this. However, I already have a lot of body hair elsewhere and do not want to use something that will produce even more. It seems as though a topical treatment might be a better solution, but reading your reviews I see that the supplements are the most effective?

    1. Hi there, I personally never experienced body hair growth with any supplement I took (and I’m a women). I know some people complain about that, but I actually found very few authentic opinions and complaints on that. When it comes to Folexin, I’m 99% sure it doesn’t cause any body hair. I’ve been using it for a long time and there’s no sign of that. Plus that I received a lot of feedback on it and no one mentioned body hair ever. So I think it’s pretty safe when it comes to that.

      Now – for male hair loss, I usually recommend another supplement for a simple reason: male hair loss is usually caused by DHT excess (in over 80% of cases), so you need something that will fight this DHT excess. Saw Palmetto is the best herb for this, so it’s my top recommendation. Folexin does contain Saw Palmetto extract, but not in such a high dosage. So for general hair loss, this is more than enough. But for hair loss in men over 40, supplements based on Saw Palmetto (in a higher percent) tend to work better. So in these cases, I usually recommend Procerin – which has about the same price as Folexin but a formula that works better for male hair loss caused by DHT excess.

      Now – if your hair loss isn’t very severe, even Folexin should help. But in my opinion, going for a supplement with a higher dosage of Saw Palmetto would be better on the long term. As far as I know, Saw Palmetto actually decreases the action of harmful androgen hormones (which means it stimulates scalp hair growth but prevents body hair growth). You can research more on this topic, but that’s how things generally are.

      Regarding topical products, I personally don’t recommend them for several reasons:

      – need a longer time to work compared to supplements/internal products
      – once you start using them, you have to use them for the rest of your life
      – otherwise, the hair they grew will fall out pretty soon

      Now – if you think you can use a topical product for the rest of your life, you should give it a try. Most need to be prescribed by a doctor but you can also find some on Amazon. You can also associate them with supplements, as most have no risk of interactions (topical + internal).

      So it’s up to you and what suits you needs better. I really hope I helped you.

  22. Hi Olly,
    I was taking Hair Bloom Supplements but the Biotin was 1000% and it was messing up my Thyroid making it show to high. Folexin I see on has 600% and that’s what my doctor told me the normal person needs. Hair Bloom was working for me but when my doctor told me that, I am looking now for a hair supplement that isn’t as high in Biotin but also that I will get the same results. Will this product give the same results? Also when I wash my hair, I have hair loss. So will this product work for me? Please help.

    1. Hey Shelli. First of all, I’m surprised to hear about your positive experience with Hair Bloom, as it’s one of the supplements I see as a scam. I know it has very few details on its actual ingredients online (you have to buy it to see the ingredients/dosages and I didn’t). That’s why I’m not aware of the actual quantity of biotin and other substances from the pills. But anyway, I will probably have to reconsider Hair Bloom – because I have a terrible opinion on it, as I said. You’re also the first person praising it, as I found very few authentic reviews on it.

      Anyway, let’s get back to your questions. I just checked Folexin’s label and it has 600 mcg of biotin, which means 200% of the daily necessary. I think that’s what you actually meant (not 600% but 600 mcg – and it’s also the same about Hair Bloom, 1000 mcg not 1000%). Anyway, 1000 mcg of biotin is a very high dosage and I don’t recommend it. I read many reviews from people using different supplements (all with 1000 mcg of biotin or more) who dealt with major side effects – especially acne and breakouts. But I know that thyroid problems are also possible.

      So from what I have seen, supplements having under 1000 mcg of biotin are pretty safe (I personally never experienced any side effects from them). From this point of view, I think Folexin would be a good and safe choice.

      Regarding the effect – I say you should get at least the same one as with Hair Bloom. I don’t know the full ingredient list of Hair Bloom, but judging after the ingredients that are shown online – it’s not an amazing one. I mean, there are many other supplements with similar formulas. So the point is that it’s not something unique. As for Folexin, I personally consider its formula the best I have tried. There are also other supplements with the exact same formula (see Kerotin) and I’ve also had great results with them – but most are quite pricier, which is why I keep on recommending Folexin.

      So I think you should have the same results with Folexin as with Hair Bloom, if not better. I don’t know the actual cost of Hair Bloom, but I like Folexin because it’s quite affordable. I hope this helps you decide on what you want to try next!

  23. Hello Olly

    I hope you’re doing well. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and for all the information you provided on Folexin.

    I was wondering, not sure if you would know this but, if the person stopped taking Folexin, would the effects of the product cease? Do you know if it has to be taken forever in order to remain effective?

    Also, I am a 30 year old male that is experiencing balding at the center of my hairline. I was reading one of the comments and you recommended ‘Saw Palmetto’ to males who are over 40 years old? Do you think I should try it as well? And if I try it, should i try just pills that only contain Saw Palmetto or should I get a product that is designed to battle hair loss that contains Saw Palmetto in it’s composition?

    I’m excited to try out this product. I really hope it has some effect.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Rahman. Folexin is my top recommended supplement but it works best for general hair loss (in men and women) and all kinds of hair loss in women. The hair loss you’re experiencing sounds like it’s caused by DHT excess. That’s the #1 problem causing hair loss in men and it’s responsible for over 80% of cases in men over 40. But it also affects many men that are under this age.

      So yes – for this kind of male hair loss I recommend Saw Palmetto, as it’s the best DHT blocker among herbs. Other herbal extracts fight hair loss in general, but Saw Palmetto is designed specifically for male baldness.

      Folexin does contain some Saw Palmetto, but not in such a high dosage, so it’s not the very best thing in your case. A product based on Saw Palmetto would be a better choice. I personally think it’s better to choose a product that also contains additional herbs, not just Saw Palmetto alone. But it’s up to you – as long as it has Saw Palmetto in about 500 mg, it’s fine.

      Now – the supplement I usually recommend in cases like yours is Procerin, because it has a great formula, it’s based on Saw Palmetto and it’s specially designed for male hair loss. It’s also one of the cheapest supplements of this kind (around $25 per bottle, like Folexin). It also comes as a foam, but if you’re on a tight budget go just for the pills (they have a better effect overall). I don’t know how much the shipping taxes are for Canada, but they might be cheaper than Folexin. You can also get a product from Amazon in case Procerin is too pricey, just make sure it has around 500 mg of Saw Palmetto (which is the best dose).

      Regarding your questions – supplements based on herbs don’t affect your hair once you stop using them. In other words, they won’t make your hair fall out (as it happens with Minoxidil or Finasteride). So you can stop taking them after you’re happy with the results you get. Your hair might start to fall out again at one point, but it shouldn’t be as bad as before. That only depends of your body. I personally did not experience massive hair loss after stopping a supplement (only a temporary one at times, but not as bad as it was before), so I think they’re pretty safe from this point of view.

      I really hope my answers help you and if there’s something that isn’t clear, just let me know.

    1. I just checked and it’s around $15 to Canada. I think the ones you mentioned are Canadian dollars. But either way, I agree the shipping is a lot, unfortunately.

  24. Hi Olly,
    Just came across your Visical review then have spent time reading the info you have on Folexin. I’m experiencing hair loss (hopefully just due to work stress!) and this past Wednesday started taking Viviscal – giving it 3 months to see if it helps. I’ve found all of the questions & your replies extremely helpful in my quest to stop my hair loss & may try Folexin in the future. Again, thanks for the information on all that’s out there!

    1. Hi Sara, it’s great to hear my reviews were helpful! I try to include both general info and also how it worked for me (if I tried the product) or other people’s opinions. I know this is what I wanted to find out about a supplement in the past, before trying it out – and I didn’t always find these things. So I’m trying to make my reviews easy to read and full of useful information for people that are interested. Thanks for your kind words!

      Viviscal is one of the products I strongly recommend, as it’s an excellent supplement. It has a great formula and studies behind – these are some serious advantages. Its pretty high price is why I don’t recommend it on a constant basis. But for people who afford it, I definitely recommend it. If your hair loss is caused by stress as you believe, it should really help in 3 months. So I think you will see positive results with it, but keep me updated anyway. If you started with Viviscal, I don’t recommend switching to another product but you probably aren’t even interested in doing that. So please let me know how it goes in the future. Good luck!

  25. Hi Olly,
    Thanks for your quick reply! Couple questions…so if after 3 months using Viviscal and I don’t see any improvement (sure hope that’s not the case!) how soon could I try Folexin or aǹything else for that matter? 2nd question (just out of curiosity) where in this world are you located? Again, just curious! No problems of you prefer not to disclose😊

    1. Hey again Sara. Yes, you should give Viviscal around 3 months to work – in my opinion, this period should be enough to see if it’s effective or not for your hair. Now, its label mentions that results should appear after about 3 months but best results need around 4-6 months. So if you want to be 100% fair, give it about 4 months. But anyway, after 3 months you should see any small change, if it’s really helpful.

      In case you don’t notice any difference, then you can try another product (you can choose according to your budget).

      If there’s anything else you need to know, just leave another comment or send me an email (I sometimes answer faster there). I’m not currently in the US, so that’s probably what you wanted to know. Anyway, please keep me updated with your Viviscal results.

  26. Hi Olly,

    Thanks for the review.

    I’m a male and my question is: do you think I can take this supplement along with Finasteride, which I am using to combat hair shedding from male pattern baldness. The reason I ask is I don’t want to go overboard with the DHT blockers since some DHT is actually good.

    Would be good to have your insight. I’ll ask my doctor but doubt they know much about this product.


    1. Hi Tyler, I totally get your point. Folexin doesn’t have a high quantity of Saw Palmetto, so it doesn’t block DHT as much as other supplements (like Procerin). As for taking it with Finasteride, I personally think it’s safe but asking your doctor’s opinion is better. That’s because Finasteride alone can causes a lot of side effects (especially sexual ones). Now, your doctor probably never heard of Folexin, but you can ask him if you’re allowed to take Finasteride together with a supplement based on herbs. There are some other products with the exact same formula as Folexin, so it doesn’t contain any special ingredient (that might be risky). Even if he never heard of Folexin, he must have heard about herbal hair supplements, so he should be able to give you an answer.

      Hope this helps!

  27. Hi Olly,
    I am a 26 years old Asian women.
    I think I was suffering female pattern baldness.
    Would you recommend which is the best DHT blocker among natural products for women.
    I don’t know how to choice Priorin , Folexin or other product…
    As I know, it is hard to cure baldness and it is not appropriate to take drug especially for women.
    So, I hope to take some natural supplement in order to slow down hair loss.
    I hope you can tell me more about these information.
    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi there Pooh, sorry to hear about your issues. Female pattern baldness is most common in women over 50, as it’s usually connected to menopause. But I have heard about enough cases of young women, like yours. Now – in most cases, the hair loss is caused by DHT excess, which means you’re right looking for a DHT blocker. It’s the best thing you can try at this point.

      Now – Saw Palmetto is the best natural DHT blocker among herbs, so you should try a supplement that has this herb as a main ingredient. Folexin does contain Saw Palmetto – but not as the main ingredient and not in a very high dosage. So it’s more effective for general hair loss in women – not the one caused by androgenetic alopecia. That’s why I don’t recommend it to you.

      You also mentioned Priorin – but I would definitely not recommend that. It only has 4 active ingredients (which is quite little) and none of them is amazing for DHT excess. So it’s not a product I would recommend even for general hair loss (compared to Folexin).

      Instead – the product I think it would suit you best is called Procerin. It’s my top recommendation for male pattern baldness, because it has a great formula (based on Saw Palmetto). It’s also the cheapest supplement with this kind of formula, so price plays a big role in my recommendations. Anyway, Procerin is normally recommended for men – but judging after your symptoms, I’m thinking it should help women dealing with DHT excess hair loss. I did a bit of research on this topic and I know doctors recommend about the same things for male and female pattern baldness (Minoxidil, Finasteride, DHT blockers).

      Minoxidil is an FDA-approved solution that has some studies behind its hair loss effect. So it does work, but it takes about 4-6 months to show and effect – and once you start using it, you have to use it forever (otherwise your hair will start falling out again). And it’s the same when it comes to Finasteride, only that this product comes as pills and it has way more side effects. So I would definitely not recommend that. Anyway, you can only get Finasteride with a prescription.

      Another drug that can help is called Spironolactone and it’s a diuretic with anti-androgen effects. So it can help in hair loss caused by DHT excess (which is an androgen). However, you need your doctor’s consent and prescription to start using this.

      So here’s my final advice:

      1) If you want a supplement, I recommend Procerin – as it’s one of the best supplements against DHT excess.

      2) If you want an actual drug, visit your doctor and ask him about Minoxidil, Finasteride and even Spironolactone.

      3) You can also try rinsing your hair with green tea, which is a great DHT blocker. This tip is really helpful for many people with DHT excess – it doesn’t work overnight, but it can improve the shedding on the long term. Turmeric and apple cider vinegar also works as DHT blockers, but they’re not that strong.

      4) Henna powder can improve your hair’s aspect and make it look thicker. You can use this herb even if you don’t want to dye your hair. Just choose a shade that is close to yours and there will be no change in color.

      5) Hair fibers work great for thin roots – as they mask any balding spots and make your hair look normal. You can find many brands on Amazon or local stores.

      I really hope these tips help. You can let me know what you decide to use and whether it works or not.

  28. Hello,

    I’ve been using Folexin for about 1 month and a half. I was severely depressed from discovering I had a serious hormonal imbalance. My hair thinned and fell out and I started going bald. I used folexin just to cope, I had already had it in my head I was going to lose all my hair. After two days I saw results. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. After a month it stopped working. I’m still taking it but my hair is thinning again. It’s not shedding as much but I can tell my stands are way thinner.

    1. Hey Kayla, thanks for sharing your experience with Folexin. It’s indeed pretty weird. To be honest, I’m not sure if any supplement could work as fast as 2 days. But who knows, maybe this one was different in your case, which is great. So from what I understood – you started losing less hairs for one month since you started it, right? And afterwards the hair loss and thinning started to return again.

      Now – the only explanation I could find is that maybe your body got used to its formula. It sometimes happens, but it’s mostly when you’re using a supplement that has 1-2 ingredients. Folexin has about 30, so it’s pretty unlikely – but at this point, I don’t have any better explanations.

      Have you ever had a medical consult regarding your hormonal issues? And if you did, what did the doctor recommend (any drugs, products, etc.)? The level of your hormones is probably fluctuating, so once it gets to a peak your thinning gets worse. That’s why you would need something to control these fluctuations. But in many cases, prescription drugs are the best choice.

      Folexin is a hair supplement, so it can’t really control your hormonal levels. It can help with DHT excess (which usually affects hair follicles) but it’s not helpful for the other hormones. That’s why you would need a medical consult and a prescription for your actual problem.

      In the meantime, I would continue using Folexin or a hair supplement because it will definitely not harm you (in the worst case). I know it’s really frustrating to stop seeing results from a supplement that seemed to help at first. But my honest advice is to continue using it for another 2 months and see what happens. If your hair loss doesn’t get any bit better, you should stop using it and switch to something else. But I think it’s too early to judge now, even though you already saw results. Give it 3 months in total, as this is an average period for every supplement. If it doesn’t work after this time, it’s probably not good enough for your problem.

      Here are some extra things you can do: mix some turmeric powder with water and spray the mixture on your hair. This should help with strengthening the strands. Also, rinse your hair with green tea infusion – as this herb is a great DHT blocker (the hormone that causes hair loss). If you have any bald spots, hair fibers are a great way to hide them. A brand I like is Caboki, because its fibers can be kept in the hair for several days, until the next wash (you don’t have to remove them every night).

      Horsetail is an excellent remedy against thinning hair, but Folexin already contains a certain quantity among its ingredients. However, you can try making an infusion from the powder and use it to rinse your hair. It might help with thinning on the long term.

      Please keep me updated with what happens in the future, no matter if you have good or bad news. But hopefully, you will see an improvement. I really hope this helps!

  29. Hi Olly,
    Your info you provide is great. I am looking for a product for my 86 y. o. mother who had a mini-stroke 6 mos. ago and was diagnosed with Parkinsons/dementia. She was put on Heprin blood thinner which was recently discontinued, and Levodopa which I understand both do cause hair thinning. Her doctor just recently advised she take Citalopram and Adivan. I also give her Naka liquid multi vitamin, Astaxanthin, high Omega 3 liquid, Probiotic and Lion’s Mane (for memory). I recently began giving her 2 tablets of New Nordic (still on 1st pkg.), but then discovered your review and have been having second thoughts. I am wondering will this product work if she continues to take the required meds. that sound like are causing the very problem? Do I need to ask her doctor about taking it, as you are probably aware they do not agree with herbal products in general and discourage them. I feel I need to do something for her though, as it is progressing rapidly. It appears to be mainly central balding which may be difficult to reverse. Oh, and all her blood tests were normal in April. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Hey Diana, your mom’s problem seems to be very hard to treat because the drugs she is on are probably causing her hair loss and thinning. From what you say, her hair was fine before she started this treatment. Some of the drugs you mentioned can cause hair loss as a side effect, so they are probably the responsible. However, those drugs are extremely necessary for her, considering all the other health and mental problems she has.

      So the best advice I could give you right now is to ask for her doctor’s advice. You’re right, he will most likely prescribe her a classic treatment (like Minoxidil) – as doctors don’t really trust herbal products, just like you said. But I personally doubt New Nordic could help her lot, considering how many drugs she’s currently taking. I mean – she would have to stop that treatment in order to see some improvement from New Nordic (or any hair supplement she takes). But that isn’t really possible, as the treatment is essential for her health.

      That’s why I think you should ask your doctor to prescribe her something for her early baldness. Normally, I would have advised you to have her doctor change the treatment – but some of the drugs you mentioned are the very best choice in terms of treatment (heparin and levodopa), so changing them is not an option.

      I’m really sorry I cannot give you any actual recommendations, but it’s a pretty complex case so I wouldn’t risk her health just for the sake of her hair. One thing you can do is to rinse her hair with green tea infusion after shampooing, let it sit for a few minutes then rinse it with water. Green tea blocks DHT receptors so it decreases hair loss. Though your mom’s hair loss is most likely not caused by DHT excess, green tea infusion might still help (not a lot, though – but it’s still worth a shot).

      Please keep me updated with your mom’s condition. I’m so sorry I can’t help more.

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