My Follixin Review – How I Managed To Grow My Hair Back & Faster


Hey everyone, today I want to tell you how I finally managed to get rid of my eternal hair loss. Believe it or not, I never really believed in the stuff I’m about to show you… but the results proved me I was wrong. 

Well, I’ve been using a product called FOLLIXIN – a combination of natural ingredients put together into pills.

My Follixin Review - How I Managed To Grow My Hair Back & FasterBelow you have my Follixin review and my whole experience with this really cool hairloss solution. 


Product name: Follixin Hair Loss Sollution

Producer: Follixin

Price: $49

Cheapest place to buy: The official site 

Worth buying?: From my point of view, totally


Before I get started, let me tell you that Follixin can work in 3 situations:

  • If your hair grows really slowly or almost at all
  • If your hair is falling out massively
  • If you started going bald or you noticed you’re about to

NOTE: According to the official site, Follixin is a natural product design for male baldness. However, I made an experiment and used it for normal women hairloss, with any balding pattern.

The result is just as good as in the case of men: it reduces the hairloss and thickens the hair. Once it does this, you can notice that the hair also grows much faster than it used to. That’s also an effect of the pills, from what I noticed.

So it’s probably the best hairloss product that I ever tried. And I have a long list of treatments…

My Follixin Review - How I Managed To Grow My Hair Back & Faster

I went from left…to right in 6 months. Judging after the results, it’s the best treatment I tried so far. PS: I haven’t changed my hair color, it’s just the light 😉


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My initial struggle with hair loss

I told you in my previous posts that I’ve had a continual hair loss for about 5 years. The reason? Maybe hormonal imbalances, maybe genetics, or maybe the fact that I have a naturally very dry hair.

Anyway, my hair is not falling out in pieces, but it simply falls out much more than normal. I don’t have any bald spots, but I’m not very far either. Obviously, my hair doesn’t grow any longer either.

During the years, I tried hundreds of treatments, both natural and medical. While some had absolutely no effect, others did reduce my hair loss and made my hair stronger. But most only helped for a while, and my hair got back to its bad shape after a few months.

My Follixin Review - How I Managed To Grow My Hair Back & Faster

This is how my hair ends looked like about half a year ago. The hair itself isn’t damaged, but it’s extremely thin. That’s a result of the  contiual hairloss I’ve had for many years now


So what was to be done?

Well, I became an expert in hair extensions and wigs, and I finally managed to get the hair I wanted. It was long, thick and perfect, but unfortunately it wasn’t mine…

And obviously, after a while I got so sick of my 1 hour morning preparation ritual… So I decided to do my best and look for a solution that would really save my hair. And this time for ever, not just for a while.


How I cam across Follixin – Brandon’s miracolous hair regrowth

I had tried so many pills and local treatments that I was really skeptical about anything, no matter how many reviews or good opinions I read.

However, I still listened to people I knew. And that’s how I found out about Brandon, my friend Madison’s husband. why I listened to my good friend Madison, whose husband was dealing with a really bad hair loss even from his 20s.

Brandon has been dealing with a really bad hairloss even from his 20s. In his case, it was genetics – both his father and his grandfather had grown bald by the time they were 30. Sad destiny, we could say. However, Brandon tried to find a cure for this.

According to Madison, he came across this Follixin and has been taking it for about 4 months. Surprisingly, some parts of his bald scalp started to get covered in hair. Thin hair, that’s true, but it was still hair. None of the other pills he had tried showed any similar result.

After seeing Brandon, I was indeed amazed. I knew how his hair looked before, and it was definitely a huge difference now. His hair was very thin in most of the parts, but those parts used to be completelty bald before. So even though it was thin, he surely had much more hair.

My Follixin Review - How I Managed To Grow My Hair Back & Faster

Brandon allowed me to take a picture of him for my article, and he also brought in an older photo of his hair. There is some difference, right?



So if it regrows new hair, it should also grow hair faster, right?

That’s how I thought at first. After checking the internet and the official site, I found out Follixin could do that. My hair loss was not so bad as Brandon’s, so if it helped him, it should also help me.

I only ordered one bottle, skeptical as I still was. That was enough for one month. I paid around $50, which was quite cheap for the expensive hair treatments I was used to. Another reason to be skeptical, too.

Besides, Follixin was originally design for male baldness. And even though it had no ingredients that would make it “just for man use”, I was still skeptical. 


Follixin turned out to save my hair

My Follixin Review – How I Managed To Grow My Hair Back & Faster

I took this selfie right in the morning. How does my hair look now? Well, the end are still not as thick as they should be, but overall they look and feel more normal. And it’s improving 😀

After 2 weeks from starting the treatment, I noticed my hair wasn’t falling out as much as before. I thought it was just in my head, at that point. 😛

However, after finishing that bottle, I noticed my hair ends were also thicker than before. Not much thicker, but to me there was a difference. I continued the treatment and ordered another bottle, and after 2 months my hair was not falling out at all anymore. 

One month later, I had much thicker hair ends. And this time the difference was visible, just look at the pictures. I was inspired enough to have a picture of my hair taken right before I started the treatment. I thought, just in case. 😀

Now it’s been around 4 and a half months since I’m using Follixin. My hair did grow much longer than it would without any help.

So it must be the pills.

But more importantly, my hair isn’t falling out in huge quantites. I only lose a few hairs when washing it, but that’s really little compared to half a year ago.

So I can really say that I won’t stop using Follixin any soon. It really saved my hair. <3


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My Review: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron


Hey everyone! Today I want to review the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron, because it was the one the questions I was asked most this year.

Many of you (my readers) heard that there are a lot of fake Babyliss styling tools on the market, and some are even sold out by Amazon (probably without knowing). I checked the Internet and I saw a lot of reviews talking about this, but none of them were on a beauty blog or a serious website.

So the only thing I can do is tell you about my experience with this Babyliss tool, because I’ve owned it a few years ago (and I also bought it from Amazon :P). It did not disappoint me, but it didn’t delight me either. But there’s more below. 🙂

So let’s get to the review

Product name: Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

Producer: BaByliss

Price: $121.99 right now

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

Mark: 8.90 /10


Before I start…here are some PROs and CONs

What I liked about it

  • It leaves the hair very smooth and without frizzy hairs (even curly hair like mine)
  • It heats up in less than 30 seconds, from what I saw
  • Probably the fastes flat iron when it comes to straightening each strand of hair
  • It’s really light and easy to work with

What I didn’t like about it

  • The price is very high, in my opinion too high for what it offers
  • It doesn’t protect the hair as well as it should, considering the price
  • There are a lot of bad reviews online, because it’s pretty easy to replace it with a fake tool


Here you can get this straightener Babyliss


Here are 7 straighteners THAT DON’T DAMAGE HAIR



My straightener was real, I think

So I bought this straightener around 6-7 years ago because I had heard Babyliss was the best flat irons brand on the market (back then). It was actually one of the first straighteners I had at that time.

Now, I can’t say I knew so much about styling tools and stuff as I know today, but I noticed that Babyliss’s straightener kept my hair in much better shape and for much longer time than the other tools I had.

I remember there was a big difference between how my hair looked after Babyliss flat iron (really straight and not frizzy at all) and after another straightener. Don’t imagine the other straighteners I had were very professional, they were the equivalent of around $25-$30 now. But my hair was pretty curly back then too, so it wasn’t extremely easy to keep it straight.

That’s why I believe the straightener I had then was real. I told you I was no big specialist at that point, but the Babyliss tool didn’t harm my hair too much, so it can’t have been fake.

I was using it pretty often, and as I know my hair right now, I’m sure it would have gotten damaged easily by a low-quality iron. I bought my Babyliss from Amazon, so I don’t know about the other ones they were (and still are) selling, but they sent me a real one…


Amazon still sells real Babyliss tools

My friend Mellissa ordered one of these straighteners a few weeks ago and she was pleasantly suprised to see that hers seemed real. I also saw the flat iron and I tried it on my hair, and guess what? The effect was exactly the one from many years ago: the part of my hair that I straightened was very smooth, without any frizzy strands.

So that’s why I’m sure Mellissa’s iron is not a fake. But she got it from Amazon, right from the link I added above. Therefore, there are still original irons sold my Amazon, not all of them are fake.

My Review: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron - Is It Really Worth All Those Money?

The photo from the left shows my friend’s hair regularly, and the right one shows her hair strightened with Babyliss flat iron. Big difference, huh? 😉

Plus, this iron had a 4 year warranty, so you can contact Amazon immediately if it’s not what it should be. That’s what I would do and what I also recommend you to do if you buy it.

The conclusion? There may be a lot of fake Babyliss flat irons sold on Amazon, but if the one you receive doesn’t seem real, just contact Amazon and they will refund you. So you don’t lose anything trying, as long as you want a Babyliss straightener. I like the tool, but it’s definitely not my favorite ever… and I will tell you right below why.


Now some real facts about the real Babyliss straightener

Okay, so assuming you’re considering this Babyliss tool just because of the brand, let me tell you something – it’s not as good as you might have thought. Babyliss is definitely one of the most famous companies when it comes to styling tools, but in my opinion it’s not what it once was.

My Review: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening IronFor example, this flat iron. Yes, it’s true that it straightens the hair very nicely, without frizzy strands and without damaging it very much, but…it also costs a lot. And it’s not necessaily a professional tool.

Yes, I agree that it also lasts for many years and it straightens the hair pretty fast (compared to other tools), but to me the price still seems a bit too much for what it offers. If they said it had heat protection or that it was for professional use, maybe I would have thought the price more appropriate to the reality.

To tell you the truth, this straightener isn’t so good when it comes to heat protection, and I noticed it on my hair and on my friend Mellissa’s hair. It definitely does not damage the hair as a $30 flat iron, but it doesn’t protect it too much either. When it comes to this, I would say it’s the equivalent of a $75 straightener. So definitely not a $120 one.

Regarding the speed they praise so much, the tool heats up very easily, in less than 30 seconds I would say. It also straightens the hair very fastly, probably the fastest of all straighteners I’ve used, I admit it. But speed isn’t something so important for me personally. Maybe it would be, if I was a stylist but as I’m not, heat protection is much more important. And from that point of view, this tool isn’t the best.

If you want flat irons that will protect your hair as much as possible, I made a list of the best ones here. If you use these tools with an appropriate conditioner, a milder and natural shampoo and a nourishment treatment you have very high chances to damage your hair under 2-3%. So I guess it’s a much better option, considering that the costs are also lower. 😉


So Would I Buy It?

To tell you honestly, no I wouldn’t. To me, the price seems way to high for what it offers…

I can’t deny that it’s a very good flat iron, it’s probably the fastest straightener I’ve seen and it leaves the hair very soft and smooth, but it has enough donwsides. And the extremely high price is probably the biggest, along with the pretty low heat protection (for its quality).

So I definitely prefer a more professional straightener that protects the hair much better, and it also costs $20 less. I’m talking about the Isa Professional Flat Iron, at this point my favorite of all the ones I tried. 😀

So that’s my final verdict about this BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron. It’s not worth all these money. I would probably pay $100 (at most) for it, but it’s not worth anything above this amount, in my opinion.


But I’m curious to hear what you believe about this tool. If you tried it, do you think it’s worth this price? If you haven’t tried it, would you?

Let me know your answers. Ashley 😀

My Airy Hair Extensions Review – Too Cheap To Be True?


Hey everyone, today I want to review the Airy Hair Extensions because it was the first time I ever ordered from them and I was really curious to see if all the bad reviews I read online were actually real.

If you came across Airy Hair, you probably saw that they are a hair company that sells really cheap extensions, compared to most of the other companies. And cheaper usually means lower quality, right? At least in the online era.

Well, I read a lot of bad opinions about Airy Hair on different blogs, and I ever had 2 or 3 of my readers asking me about this company. And because I always think there must be a good side in everything, I said I should give these extensions a try.

Not because I really needed them, but because the sake of me readers who needed an objective opinion. Plus that they wouldn’t cost a fortune, so I could afford that.

So guys, here’s my Airy Hair Extensions review. I hope you’ll enjoy it. 😀

Let’s Start With The Pros And Cons

What I liked about them

  • Cheaper than 90% of the other extensions from the market
  • The quality was incredibly good, I mean the 120 g set that I bought was really thick, from the roots to the ends (without any split ends or something)
  • The hair doesn’t get frizzy after washing
  • You can choose from a lot of colors and most importantly, a lot of hair textures (including kinky)
  • I’m pretty sure the hair is human, otherwise it wouldn’t behave so well after wash
  • They ship any set for free anywhere in the world
  • You have a 30 days period in which you can change them or ask for a refund if you don’t like the extensions (I can’t guarantee this is true, but that’s what they say on their site 😛 )
  • They offered me a 10% off coupon, so you can use it too: enter “SUNNY” before checkout

What I didn’t like about them

  • If you choose regular shipping, they won’t arrived faster than one week
  • I couldn’t find a lot of reviews which I could believe on their site; all of them were 5 stars, so I was pretty much assuming they only let positive reviews and deleted the bad ones (but I can’t be sure)




The Range Of Colors And Hair Textures Is Impressively Wide

After browsing around their website, I decided to get some clip-in hair extensions, because I was pretty pleased with the length of my hair (I just wanted volume) and I didn’t want to make a big change. So no extensions applied in salon for now. 😀

I have pretty curly hair, but this time I chose some straight extensions because the quality and the condition of the hair is much better visible when it’s straight, that’s what it seems to me. And that’s what I wanted to see, so I picked the straight ones. Plus that I wanted to pratice making them curly. 😉

Anyway, long story short, I ordered a Remy 22″ set of 120 g, with 10 pieces in total. 10 pieces are usually too much for my hair, but I like to choose a bigger set to change the pieces once the ends get a bit damaged. 120 g sets aren’t extremely thick, but I would say they’re over medium, so I would recommend them for a thick hair (but not very thick, if you get what I mean :P).

My Airy Hair Extensions Review – Too Cheap To Be True?

The color I chose was #2, which is a dark brown and the texture was straight. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they have 6 different textures of hair, and almost any color available for every texture (normal hair colors I mean, not green :P).

I didn’t request any faster shipping, because the standard one was supposed to come in 6 working days, so that seemed pretty decent. The shipping was free wordwide, so I didn’t pay anything for it. Total price: $55.90 😀


The Hair Was Much Thicker Than I Expected

My Airy Hair Extensions Review – Too Cheap To Be True?I received the extensions in one week, which was really fine because I was afraid I would get them after at least 2 weeks. So everything was fine until this.

When I opened the package, I was surprised to see the hair was really thick, much thicker I would have thought a 120 g set would be. You can see the photo, they are definitely not light at all. I even measured them, and they were exactly 22″. So I had a pleasant surprise from this point of view (you probably know that some companies send extensions 1-2 inches shorter than the official length).

One other thing that I absolutely loved was that the ends were as thick as the rest of the hair, so they hadn’t been cut through (as it happens in many cases). This really made me adore these extensions.

Regarding the color, it matched my hair perfectly, but I was kind of expecting that because #2 is exactly the shade of my hair, so it always matches the extensions. The clips are also pretty small, and the upper part isn’t too thick. This is important for me because I don’t like people to feel I’m wearing extensions when they touch my hair, and if the upper part is really thick, it’s obvious… (this usually happens in sets over 180 g).

So all in all, I was thrilled about this set from Airy Hair. At least when it comes to quality.


Washing The Hair Didn’t Change Anything

If you are familiar with wearing hair extensions, you probably know the fear you get when you wash them for the first time. I’ve had extensions that looked great and never got any tangles, but when I decided it was time to wash them, they got really dry and frizzy, completely different than they were before.

And this usually happened with sets cheaper than usual, so…

However, fortunately here it wasn’t the case. 😀 I used the regular Unite 2 Seconds conditioner that I always use, (without shampoo because it may dry the extensions), and after letting it dry naturally, the hair got just as smooth and silky as before. So misson accomplished successfully! 😀

PS: If the hair extensions are greasy or dirty and you really need shampoo, try to use one made of as many natural ingredients as possible. I usually wash them with Ryeo shampoos.

The Future Sounds Promising 

So I’ve only had these hair extensions for about a month, and I tried to wore them more than I would normally, just to be able to make a close-to-reality opinion about them. See how much I’m doing for you? 😛

My Airy Hair Extensions Review – Too Cheap To Be True?Joking apart, the extensions are as comfortable as others, I mean the clips don’t come off (if you clip them well, of course), they don’t itch or anything like this and they behave just like regular hair clips. And the hair itself, well…it didn’t change much in the first month.

I washed it 2 times in total (just with conditioner) and let it dry naturally and it was totally fine, the hair looked just like new. I didn’t use any special treatment because the ends weren’t dry, so it wasn’t really the case. But if you wear extensions daily, you may want to apply some special oil once a month, even if they are still in good shape.

Anyway, I’m pretty much expecting these extensions to last in perfect shape for at least 6 months, and in good shape for maybe a year and a half. I say this because I’ve tried so many hair extensions that I kind of know what I’m dealing with after a few weeks. And these ones are from that category that last more than one year, so this is a long lifetime in extensions terms. 😉


So, Do I Recommend Them?

I totally do. And I don’t say this necessarily because of the quality, because they don’t have the best quality I’ve ever seen in hair extensions. They have the quality I’ve seen in expensive extensions, and by this I mean in extensions over $200. So considering I paid $55 for them, I think I made a great deal.

Therefore, I do recommend Airy Hair Extensions. I didn’t know anything about them before so I couldn’t have an opinion, but now that I tried them I really advise you to try them too. You save a lot of money, that’s the main reason. Otherwise you could simply buy from Head Kandy and get “brand” extensions, but pay hundreds for them.

So I think Airy Hair is a much better solution, plus that they will refund you in the first 30 days if you don’t like them. I can’t guarantee about this because I didn’t try it, but I guess it’s true if it’s written on their site, right?

By the way, they offered me a 10% off coupon because I ordered from them, so I want to let you take advantage of it too. Enter “SUNNY” before completing your order and you get 10% OFF!.

Here you can get 10% OFF with the code from above


7 Hair Straighteners That Don’t Damage Hair


We all dream about finding those perfect hair straighteners that don’t damage hair at all, don’t we? But the bad news is that there aren’t such flat irons, that don’t cause the smallest harm. I haven’t found any, so far…

BUT…there are some really good hair straighteners that, if used with the right products, can cause very little to no damage.

These are the ones I want to show you today, as they make a great solution if you’re a hair straightener addict. 😉



7. Rusk Heat Freak Professional ($49.95)   


MARK: 8.75/10

Rusk hair straightenerThe Rusk Heat Freak Professional is an very good flat iron, worth having if you want a good straightener and you’re not willing to pay a huge amount of money. The light design, good facilities and the affordable price make it reach number 5 on my top.

In case you’re wondering why it’s not higher in my top…Well, let’s just say that despite its nice qualities, there are other straighteners with much better features and prices. Anyway,  I’ve tried to summarize its advantages and downsides, so here they are:


  • It works great for every type of hair, but if course, a bit faster on thinner hair
  • The maximum heat it can reach is 450 degrees (F), which is about 230 degrees Celsius
  • The best price I’ve found is on Amazon (around $50), which doesn’t seem very much to me
  • The warranty they offer is one year
  • This flat iron has a very light weight and also a great design, that makes it seem very professional, and it actually is so, at least, for its price


  • The temperature has to be set manually using the button from one side (this probably isn’t a downside, I just wrote it here in case you want to compare it with more modern tools)
  • It doesn’t have an auto shut-off button, so you have to pay attention not to let it turned on
  • If you buy it from Amazon they won’t also give you the case (I don’t understand why, but that’s it)



6. Remington S7230 Wet 2 Straight ($24.99)


MARK: 9/10

Remington Wet 2 StraightIf you need a 2 in 1 flat iron and styling tool, this is the perfect choice.

This amazing product from Remington is great if you’re in a hurry and you don’t have time to both dry and style your hair, simply because it’s a straightener designed for both dry and wet hair.

That’s a pretty cool feature in my opinion, at least for me it’s great to be able to straightener my hair when it’s completely wet. But anyway, here is more about it:


  • It works great for both dry and wet hair, so it can be used to straighten hair or to dry and straighten it directly
  • The indicators will tell you if the temperature is good enough for wet hair (which is easier to damage while straightening), and it does the same thing for dry hair
  • When it comes to straightening the hair, I could say it’s doing a pretty good job
  • The soy hydra complex promises to protect hair from damage, and it actually does so
  • It has a auto shut-off button (1 hour)
  • The time it needs in order to heat up is 30 seconds
  • The price is more than great, I mean I don’t know if there’s another flat iron with all these facilities


  • Probably the only one I can find is the short warranty (just 90 days), so it could get broken faster



5.  CHI Air Expert Tourmaline ($76.97)


MARK: 9.25/10

This very pretty Chi Air flat iron has Tourmaline plates, which prevent hair from losing moisture and protects it from damage.

Most of its reviews are great, but I guess it would be better to see by yourself if you need it or not. I can’t say it’s my personal favorite when it comes to hair straighteners, but it’s one of the items I really like. So, before giving you any more details, here are the pros and cons:


  • A great option it has is the “Mode” button which helps you select the ideal temperature for your hair type (lower for straight hair and higher for thick, curly hair)
  • The Tourmaline plates protect hair from damage
  • It straightens very well, both fine and thick hair
  • Perfect for daily use


  • A possible possible downside is that it doesn’t have an auto shut-off function



4. Lanxime Ceramic Tourmaline ($49.99)


MARK: 9.25/10

This ionic hair straightener is perfect for people who are always travelling and want a styling tool that would be easy to carry and that would fit their luggage. I’m one of them, and I was really satisfied with it when it comes to this.

Also, when it comes to damage protection, I can say that it does what it promises. Not more, but what it promises.

If you want a smart hair straightener and you don’t have a very high budget, you might find a great solution in this product. I did, so in my case it turned out to be really useful. These being said, let’s check the pros and cons:


  • Works well on any type of hair, even thick coarse hair
  • Thanks to its 1 inch tourmaline ionic plates, it manages to control and protect the hair deeply
  • You also receive a heat resistant glove, a travelling bag and a leave in treatment with Argan Oil to prevent against heat damage
  • Temperature can be adjusted anywhere between 240 to 400 F
  • Has dual voltage, so it can be used anywhere in the world
  • The price is pretty good, I would say


  • It doesn’t have an auto shut-off function
  • Maybe it is a bit too small for my taste, but that’s just a personal preference



3. CHI Original 1″ Ceramic ($59.95 on sale right now)


MARK: 9.50/10

This will always remain one of my favorite flat irons, simply because it is absolutely fantastic. You only have to look at it to realize it’s not just a cheap imitation, but a great quality product.

While I was writing this post, I was extremely happy to find this straightener on a great sale, more than half of the initial price, $89, which is quite normal for its great quality.

So, if you’re reading this post and you’re interested in buying a great flat iron, you absolutely have to check it out, maybe you’re lucky and you still find it on sale. I did 😀

Anyway, let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons:


  • It offers a great damage protection thanks to the its design
  • If you need a flat iron for quotidian use, this is just perfect for you
  • In case you’re in a rush, you should know that it turns off automatically, thanks to the auto shut-off function
  • It is perfect for every type of hair, including coarse, thick hair, which it manages to tame very easy
  • The warranty is 2 years


  • The normal price is probably a bit high for a regular budget ($99)



2. LumaBella Keratin ($99 on sale right now)


MARK: 9.75/10 modern, extremely catchy tool, LumaBella’s Professional flat iron promises to give you that “fresh from the salon” look after every use.

And believe it or not, it really manages to do it. It surprised me a lot (in the good way), as I didn’t really expect such a professional tool. So it was really worth buying in my case 🙂

So if you want a modern, professional hair straightener and you’re ready to pay an over-average amount of money, you might be interested in this one, so take a close look at the pros and cons.


  • Straightens extremely well (one of the best I’ve seen actually), but maybe that’s quite normal at this price
  • Either you straighten hair, curl it or make it wavy, I was impressed that it lasts pretty long, much longer than while using other flat irons; I thought this only had to do with each person’s hair type, not with the flat iron you use, but apparently the flat iron matters a lot
  • When it comes to temperature, you can choose from 180 to 450 degrees F
  • Works pretty good at a lower temperature (like 180 degrees)
  • Of course that if you have thick, frizzy hair you would need a higher temperature, but it still straightens quite well even if the temperature isn’t as high as you would normally use
  • Promises to prevent frizzy hair and it does really this extremely well
  • Has dual voltage, so it also works in Europe
  • I absolutely loved the box, it has a velvet cover and it feels so soft
  • Doesn’t damage the hair very much thanks to its great design and also to its ability to work great with a lower temperature than normal


  • It doesn’t have an auto shut-off button, which I think would be necessary at this level



1. BabyLiss PRO Nano Titanium ($129.95 on sale now)


MARK: 10/10

Hair straightners that don't damage hairIf you want to invest in a very high-quality, smart flat iron, then this is the ideal choice for you. This incredible iron is specially designed for professional use, but I was lucky enough to buy it for myself.

And ever since, I didn’t really use another one. So that’s why I placed it right on top – it’s doubtless the best straightener I’ve ever used.

Just take a look at its titanium plates. They are the best guarantee that your hair will be safe and healthy in the hands of this iron.

So you are willing to invest into a straightener that would not last for a few months, this is the best one for you.


  • The hair protection is obvious, thanks to the titanium plates, which emit negative ions while straightening. This process causes way less damage than the normal, ceramic plates straightening, so it might even not cause the slightest damage.
  • The buttons are placed in the middle, in this way they claim them to be easier to access for both right-handers and left-handers (I’m not really sure if this is true, for me it doesn’t matter much)
  • One of the lightest straighteners I came across
  • You might find it on sale on Amazon


  • The only possible one could be the high price, but if you’re ready to invest in a professional flat iron it may not be that much



So what is the secret when choosing a good hair straightener?

Despite the fact that it is almost impossible to find a flat iron that would not harm your hair at all, there do exist some that produce very little damage, which, associated with some good styling products and hair care treatments, can make the hair straightening a daily process with no or very little damage.

That’s great news, isn’t it? 😀 Now the problem is choosing the hair straightener and the styling products, so that you can flat iron your hair everyday without any worries.


Quality-money relation

Probably the worst thing I’ve noticed when it comes to flat irons is that their quality (and therefore the ability to produce as little damage as possible) is directly proportional to their price. In other words, the better the flat iron is, the more expensive it is 🙁

Anyway, I would never pay a lot of money for a hair straightener, even if I knew that it doesn’t damage hair at all.


My Final Verdict

So these are the 7 hair straighteners that don’t damage hair too much, if they are used according to instructions.

My #1 favorite remains the Victoria Tourmaline one, which has some amazing features but a really high price too.

So if you afford paying so much for a straightener, I really advise you to do it because you’re investing your money on a tool that will last a really long time, I say this from my experience (and it’s a similar case with Jolie Armour’s straightener).

However, if this flat iron is too expensive for your budget (which is totally fine, I couldn’t always afford paying so much money on it), then I would recommend you one like Xtava Inflared or HSI Ceramic Tourmaline. 


So now at the end, I really hope that my choices were useful to you because as I said, you know best of all what exactly you need and what exactly you can afford, so you will decide according to this. But don’t forget that it’s extremely important to choose a high quality flat iron, that won’t damage your hair too much.

If you take a look at my selection, you will see that these are all high quality hair straighteners, so if you ever need some good ideas, remember my post. 😉

Have you ever tried any of these 7 hair straighteners that don’t damage hair? Which of them would you like to try?

My Review: Revlon 1875w Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Travel Hair Dryer


Hey people! Today I’m planning to review the last addition to my collection of hair dryers (yes, it is almost a collection :P), which is the Revlon 1875w Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Travel Hair Dryer.

Yes, you read it correctly, it is a travel hair dryer, but I assure you that you can anytime use it as a regular one, it wouldn’t mind. 😀


So Let’s Get To The Review

Product name: 1875w Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Travel Hair Dryer

Producer: Revlon

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

Mark: 9.50 /10


A Short Summary Of My Review

I bought this dryer 3 weeks ago because I had to travel to Europe and I didn’t have any tool nearby that I could take with me. Thanks to its dual voltage feature, it was perfect.

Yes, you read well, it has dual voltage! I guess that solves a lot of problems now!

Anyway, it worked great both in Europe and America, to my huge relief (I was afraid it wouldn’t…). It comes with a diffuser (for curly hair especially), it’s really light and easy to carry around, it folds us really easily and to my surprise… it has several different speeds and temperatures. Just like regular blow dryers.

Except that it’s a travel one. And last but not least, it’s one of the cheapest travel dryers that I had, but…this doesn’t really see.

So summing up, I would give it a 9.50 out of 10. And that…that is really good for such a cheap hair dryer! 😀

Click here to get this hair dryer on Amazon



I came across this blow dryer by chance…

…when I was looking for a necklace for my friend’s birthday. 😛

I had been looking at hair dryers a few days before, and…if you’re familiar with Amazon, you probably know that once you look for something, they will send you a lot of offers with similar stuff all the time.

So that’s how I found out about this dryer, because I had never heard about it before, from any single person. And when I asked some of my friends, they hadn’t heard about it either. Hmm…

Anyway, as I was kind of in need of a new blow dryer for my trip to Europe and… this one had most of the features I wanted, I decided to give it a shot. It had pretty good reviews, so…that convinced me. 🙂

I received very fast, in 2 days I think. The shipping was free, even though the total order wasn’t over $49, which is the price where they usually give you free shipping. I checked it out a few minutes ago and they still have that same free shipping, so I guess this is a sign! 😀


There Are 2 Drying Speeds, Not Just One

This is not the first “travel” hair dryer that I tried in my life, and even though they should have the same features as regular blow dryers (in my opinion…), they usually don’t.

Most of the times, they only have one speed and one temperature (which is usually too high and makes hair easier to damage), they don’t come with a diffuser and they don’t have as much power as normal hair dryers.

So considering this tool from Revlon is also a travel dryer, I didn’t expect miracles from it.

The good reviews convinced me to buy it, but if it didn’t do anything they said in those reviews…well, I wouldn’t have been surprised. 😛

The description on the website said it has 2 heat/speed settings and a cold shut button. And yes, it doesn’t lie.

The hair dryer does have these settings, including the cold shut button. Basically, this button reduces the heat and makes the air colder. So you will be able to blow dry your hair in a “healthier” manner, without any heat that could damage it.

From this point of view, I really like it and I don’t regret buying it.


The Dual Voltage Feature Isn’t A Lie

That was one of my biggest fears about this Revlon blow dryer after starting using it. It worked great here and I really loved that it didn’t blow dry my hair too much and too rough, but…there is a but.

It said to be dual voltage, but there was no way I could know if this was true or not. Believe me, I had a lot of hair dryers that claimed to be dual voltage in my life. And most of them were not. 🙁

I mean, they did work when I used them in Europe, but they worked really badly. Many of them made a really unpleasant noise, as if they were 10 years old. Plus that 75% of their power seemed to be gone, I can’t really understand how.

So I always had to buy a new blow dryer from that country where I was in…or to let my hair dry naturally, which wasn’t very pleasant in Norway, for example.

Anyway, this dryer from Revlon managed to impress me from this point of view. I told you, I was a bit nervous that I would have to get a new hair dryer but…it wasn’t the case. Once I plugged it in, it worked exactly as it did before, in the US. I was thrilled! 😀

Don’t imagine that if it worked the first time, I expected it to work the second time too. Nooo! I was as afraid as before when I used it the second time. I thought that maybe the first European use may have caused it just a little damage, not enough to destroy it from the first. But it would definitely destroy it from the second try.

And guess what? It wasn’t the case either now! In fact, every time I used it during my European trip it worked just like in America.

So honestly speaking, that is what I call dual voltage! That is what I want from a hair dryer that claims to have dual voltage! Not lower power, not unpleasant noise, but this. To work as well as it does in the US, that’s how they should all be, not just to claim to have this feature when they actually don’t… So from this point of view, all my praises for this hair dryer. 😀


It’s Really Light, So Perfect For Travelling

That was something I kind of expected, considering it’s a travel hair dryer after all. And to be honest, most of the “travel” blow dryers I had were lightweight, at least in comparison to regular ones.

Coming back to out story, Revlon’s tool is designed to fold in 2, so that it takes as little space as possible. It actually becomes all horizontal, so you don’t lose any space of your suitcase.

I told you, from this point of view, I’m really satisfied because it has a dual voltage that works really well and it’s extremely easy to carry around, no matter where you go. I think it has around the same dimensions as my hair straightener, which you can imagine that it’s not too big. 😛

So if you’re looking for a travel hair dryer, this Revlon tool is an item you can consider.


So Here Are The Does And Don’t 🙂

What I Liked

  • It really takes very little space, because it can fold perfectly in 2 equal parts
  • The dual voltage worked perfectly no matter in what country I was
  • It comes with a diffuser, which is perfect for my curly hair because it prevents it from getting frizzy and it blow dries it really nicely
  • Besides the 2 speeds available, there is a cold shot button, that lowers the temperatures a lot and it keeps the hair away from damage
  • The price is pretty good for a travel dryer (plus that they ship it for free on Amazon)

What I Didn’t Like

  • It is a bit noisier than regular hair dryers (but not noisier than most travel dryers)
  • Maybe a few extra inches would be perfect


Click here to get this hair dryer on Amazon



My Final Verdict – To Buy Or To Skip?

To buy, I say. Especially if you’re the kind of person that likes/ has to travel a lot and you can’t easily decide on what stuff to take with you. I am this kind of person, and this dryer saves me enough space for an extra pair of shoes or for a book.

However, the most important feature it has is the dual voltage, in my opinion. At least, that’s what I like best about it. It works just as well as in the US, it’s extremely light and you won’t even know you added it in your suitcase. That’s what happens to me, lol.

So if you need a travel blow dryer, I say this one is perfect. I saw a lot of people had good opinions about it on Amazon, and mine is really good too. After all, it does all the things I bought it for, so I can’t say I’m not satisfied.


So what do you think about this Revlon 1875w Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Travel Hair Dryer? Would you buy it?

Let me know your opinion by writing a comment below. Ashley 😀

Hair Thinning Due To Hormones – Is It More Common Than We Thought?


Hi guys, in this post I want to talk about a problem that we face more and more in these days – hair thinning due to hormones.

And even if, at first sight, it sounds like something extremely rare, well… it can happen to many of us anytime, including you.

So why do hormones affect hair?

Hair Thinning Due To Hormones - Is It More Common Than We Thought?That’s probably what most of you are wondering, because when you think about hormones, hair is probably one of the last things that you associate them with. But things are quite different, actually.

Hair follicles are directly connected to nutrients and mineral substances from the body, therefore they are also connected to hormones.

The more surprising fact is that hormones also contain substances that are essential for the development of hair follicles.

In other words, our hair’s health depends of the hormones that come into contact with the follicles.

This means that a lower or (usually) a higher quantity of certain hormones could cause a lot of problems when it comes to hair, and these problems are usually the ones that we face pretty often: hair loss and hair thinning.


How can a hormone make my hair thinner?

When it comes to hair thinning, things are pretty simple to explain: because of a certain hormonal imbalance, the hair will receive a lower/higher quantity of a X hormone, which will lead to a increase/ decrease in  some Y and Z hormones.

Hair follicles are directly connected to blood vassels

Therefore, the hair won’t receive the necessary quantity of hormones it needs, but a different one, with an excess of a certain hormone.

The result is that the hair won’t receive the nutrients it needs, or rather it won’t receive the quantity of nutrients it needs. These nutrients will reach the roots of the hair and the next part, but it won’t be enough to reach the hair ends.

In other words, the hair’s roots will be normally nourished but the ends will literally starve.

So what happens to a person that is starving? He looses weight over time.

And that’s exactly what happens to the hair ends too: because of the lack of nutrients that don’t manage to reach them, they “lose weight” and get thinner and thinner.

So if you ever wondered why your hair ends get thinner over time and you don’t have any possible explanation, here is the reason – it doesn’t receive the food it needs, therefore its health deteriorates. Makes sense, do you agree?


Which hormones are the main responsible for hair thinning?

Testosterone is usually the #1 enemy of hair, because a big part of it is transformed in DHT (dihydrotestosterone). This DHT is actually the hormone directly connected to hair follicles, as it is the responsible for their nourishment.

Usually there is an excess of this hormone, which actually makes hair thinner, instead of making it over nourished (this would be logical, right?).

The mechanism is pretty complicated and I don’t want to get into any details, so that’s all you need to know – the excess of DHT causes hair loss and hair thinning, so if you ever think hormones could be the source of your hair problems… you now know what to look at.

The bad news is that things are pretty complicated when it comes to hormones.

A lot of imbalances can cause an increase in DHT, even if there isn’t necessarily a problem with this very hormone.

For example, high prolactin levels can also increase testosterone, and therefore, DHT. The causes of high prolactin can be pituitary adenomas, so things are much more complicated than they seem. Thyroid hormones also raise DHT levels, so they are one of the most common causes of hair thinning.

And until you don’t treat the main cause, you won’t manage to stop the effects, in this case hair thinning.


So what is the solution?

If you believe you may have the slightest hormonal imbalance, the best thing you can do is to visit an endocrinologist. There are many other symptoms, which you may or may not have.

In this post I talked only about the ones related to hair, but if you want to read more about hormonal imbalance, this is a pretty easy to understand article.

If you want a temporary solution, you can try hair extensions that will give your hair more volume and will make it look as before. However, this is just a way to mask your hair’s problems, so I really recommend you to try to solve the problem instead of just covering it.


Hormonal imbalances are a pretty serious cause of hair thinning, and unfortunately a lot of people don’t even consider it when they deal with a problem of this type. Seeing a doctor is really important in this situation, because the treatment is pretty simple and it can make a big difference.

So I really hope that this post helped you understand how can hormonal imbalances affect the hair. And in case you know someone who deals with this problem, I hope you know what advice to give to him/her.

My Oribe Dry Shampoo Review


Hey guys, in this post I want to tell you about a really cool product that I started using just a few months ago, but it soon got on my list of “favorite products”. So, here’s my Oribe Dry Shampoo Review. 😀

I’ve been planning to review this great spray for a long period, but time hasn’t been on my side lately, so I can only do it now.

My Oribe Dry Shampoo ReviewI know you’re probably expecting it to be a classic dry shampoo, but this product is actually a texturizing spray.

So why do I call it a shampoo? Why did I actually name this post “My Oribe Dry Shampoo Review”?

Because I use it mainly as a dry shampoo rather than a volumizing spray and I’m extreeemely  satisfied with it! So much that I consider it almost exclusively a dry shampoo…

Anyway, you don’t have to do the same, it’s actually an amazing volume product so you can use it as such, but in my review I will try to focus more on the “dry shampoo” part. That’s because many people asked me about this Oribe spray as a dry shampoo, so I guess they are more interested in this.

So let’s not make it any longer and begin. 😀

Product name: Dry Texturizing Spray

Producer: Oribe

Price: $22.00

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

Mark: 9.70 /10

These are the general facts everyone should know about this product, plus one thing. The price seems pretty good, as $22 isn’t a big deal after all, is it? 🙂 But the problem is that the quantity is just 2.2 ounces, which is quite little. 🙁

The good news is that there is also a 8.5 ounces size, which would last enough months. But…there is also a but; the price for this size is $44, which isn’t very little…

Anyway, we’ll talk more about this a bit later, for now all I want to say is that, in case you got scared by the big price it has, you should know it’s the only bad thing I found about it.

And if I gave it 9.70 out of 10 as a mark, this means I really really like it, right? 😀

Now let me show you more clearly which are the does and dont’s of this Oribe spray. And once again, I will try to focus first on the “dry shampoo” part and only secondly on the “spray” part.


  • It manages to clean dirty scalp easily, even if you apply a very little quantity like 3-4 sprays

  • No marks: you won’t get any white hairs or spots in the places where you added the spray, because it gets absorbed easily and also pretty fast

  • I love that my hair doesn’t feel like when I would add hairspray (although as a texture, this spray is similar to a hairspray). It actually seems and feels pretty soft, not harsh as I expected

  • You can use it any time your hair gets greasy. In my case, it’s a great option when I don’t want to wash my hair twice a week because I apply it and my roots aren’t oily anymore (I have curly hair, that’s true, but even so it’ s pretty good achievement)

  • Another useful tip is that you don’t need a high quantity of product every time you use it, a few sprays a enough to make the greasiness do away. Of course, it also depends of your hair’s thickness and volume, but overall you don’t need too much

  • It’s a great product for straight and oily hair, as it manages to make the impossible and give it a lot of volume that lasts

  • So overall I really recommend it to anyone who needs a high-quality dry shampoo and a volumizing product all in one


  • The price is definitely the biggest downside I could find. I guess it is so high because the quality is also very high itself, so they somehow have to compensate. But you should keep in mind that you’re saving a pretty good amount of money if you buy the 8.5 oz size instead of the 2.2 oz one

  • It only ships within the US, no other countries are available 🙁

Below you can see this Oribe shampoo, in both versions: the 2.2 oz size and the 8.5 oz one. Also, the second time I bought this shampoo I decided to listen to the advice of several people and get the conditioner and mositurizing creme together with it. And I didn’t regret it.

So I also added them here, you can click on each if you want to get a better idea about them.

Meanwhile, I will try to tell you more about the Oribe dry shampoo: how it works, what other things it does besides cleaning my hair and other things of this type. So keep reading! 🙂

How it helps me when I get oily hair

Okay, I won’t pretend I’m a specialist about this, all I can tell you is how I use this spray. And I see really good results, so I guess it’s the right way. 🙂

So let me explain you how it makes my oily hair look better and how it can do the same with yours, even if you have naturally greasy hair.

In one of my previous posts I showed you 7 steps for a faster hair growth, and if you remember, one of them was using a special oil that will stimulate your hair’s roots. I use Castor oil, and have been doing so for several months, because the results are pretty visible.

But that’s not what I want to talk about now. 

The problem with Castor oil is that you should apply it a few times a week in order to see these results you want, and if you do this, your hair will always look very very oily. That’s how mine looks after I apply it. And that’s where the good part comes.

This Oribe shampoo is the perfect solution in this situation. And don’t misunderstand me, it’s not like it would clean your hair completely and make it look perfect right after you applied the oil. I wish I could tell you it is so, but it’s not.

However, it manages to make my hair look much better and way less greasier than normal. And by this I want to say that I afford to go out of the house without being ashamed. I just apply it at my roots a few minutes after I applied the oil and boom!…my hair looks a bit more normal.

Now it’s true that my hair is curly and normally it’s not greasy at all. So you’re probably wondering “Would this work for a naturally oily hair?”.

My answer is YES, it would. It’s exactly the same thing, except that I add the oil on my scalp manually and in your hair it’s automatically produced (but in a lower quantity :D). So this means that you have even bigger chances of success.

Just add a few sprays on your scalp, making sure you applied it all over, and you’ll see the difference in a few minutes. For now it’s the best solution I can give to people who have greasy hair, because this spray really makes miracles in this case.

Don’t forget about the “volume booster” effect

I know that’s a common problem of people with oily hair, that try to hard to get the volume they want by so many ways (back-combing, blow-drying or so many other things) and it’s still in vain. I have many friends in this situation, and in the last months I’ve been recommending them exclusively this spray.

I can’t really explain how it does it, but it manages to give volume even to very flat hair, that is normally extremely straight and thin. It sometimes surprises me, especially after many of my friends bought it at my recommendation and they’re really satisfied with it.

So although I chose to review it as a dry shampoo (because I used it as such), you should keep in mind that it’s first a volumizing spray, and only after a dry shampoo. Most people use it as a volume booster, actually.

And if they’re so satisfied with it as a volume booster, I guess it’s not just my impression. 🙂

If I recommend it? Yes, despite the high price, I do

I know it’s not extremely easy for everyone to buy a shampoo of 8.5 ounces that costs $44, I am perfectly aware of this. But this doesn’t stop me from recommending it.

In my opinion, it’s the best product you could use as a dry shampoo. It has a great quality, it doesn’t leave any marks and it cleanses the scalp correctly and completely. That’s basically what I need from a dry shampoo. Plus that it gives a great volume, so that’s an extra advantage. 😉

So if you ask me, I say it’s worth buying. Even if you think it’s a bit expensive, I’m sure you can make a sacrifice and not go out one night, in order to buy this product. Yeah, I know that this thing with going out isn’t the best example, but you get my point 😛

That’s my honest opinion…


So what do you think, did you enjoy reading my Oribe Dry Shampoo Review? And what do you think about this product, would you try it yourself?


My Review: Hot Tools Supertool 2″ Curling Iron Multi Heat Control


My Review: Hot Tools Supertool 2" Curling Iron Multi Heat ControlHello everyone, I apologize for not posting anything for years! It’s been a very busy period in my life (yeah, I know I also said this last time but…) but I hope I’m through with it! 😀

So in this post I want to tell you about my last acquisition, a pretty cool curling tool called Hot Tools Supertool 2 Curling Iron Multi Heat Control.

I bought this styling tool a few weeks ago because I really needed a curling iron, as my old one (finally :P) got broken. Yeah, I guess it was about time… I’ll write a review about that one too one day, but for now…let’s focus on the Supertool Curling Iron.

Product name: Supertool 2″ Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control

Producer: Hot Tools

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

Mark: 9.00 /10


Okay, so now I want to tell you exactly what I liked and what I didn’t like about this product, because there are a lot to say, believe me. 😀

Before I start with this, I should mention that I received this tools as a gift, I didn’t buy it for myself (I would have probably chosen something else, but… 😛 ). Anyway, here are the does and don’ts.


  • After about 2 weeks of use (weekly use, not daily) I’m pretty satisfied with how it curls my hair because it doesn’t make it frizzy or dry. I mean that it remains soft even the next days, although I would have expected it to get frizzy the next morning
  • Works pretty good on thick hair too, mine is pretty thick now and this tool still made its job
  • I have the 2″ version, but there are 6 other sizes, according to your hair’s length and thickness, so you don’t have to choose a standard one
  • It has a pretty good temperature range, up to 430 Fahrenheit or 220 Celsius. Plus that it gets hot really really fast, I have to wait about 10 seconds
  • I also like that it’s pretty light. I don’t know about the other versions, but the 2″ one that I have isn’t heavy at all
  • It has a one year warranty, but I don’t think there are serious chances that it gets broken in such a short period
  • I had no idea how much it cost (I said before, I got it as a gift), but I would have said it about…$45. As it has pretty nice qualities. But I was surprised to see it was $10 less, so I guess the price is really good on Amazon. Plus that I noticed it’s the cheapest place for this tool
  • You can buy it even if you’re not from the US, as it can be shipped internationally


  • I absolutely hate the package! To me it looks like a very cheap toy made in China. You’re probably making fun of me right now, but that’s how it seems to me…I would definitely change it if I were the producer
  • From what I know (and I hope I’m not wrong because I don’t want to deceive you) it’s not dual voltage, so it can only be used in America, not in Europe or Australia
  • No automatic shut off button, which can be pretty bad if you tend to forget styling tools on 😛
  • It’s not made of ceramic (which is the best fabric for styling tools, as it protects hair best of all)

That’s basically my general opinion about this curling tool, which is a pretty cool product but of course that is also has enough downsides. Here’s where you can get it from: the first product is the 2″ version that I have, and the other are some of the other 7 ones.

 But if you want even more details about my experience with it, well…here they come! 🙂


So, let’s get to the real review

Like I said in the beginning, I got this Supertool Curling Iron as a gift from a friend who knew I was about to get another curling tool. I can’t say it was a huge “luck”, as I would have probably bought a more professional one myself, but…this one is a gift so I’m pretty satisfied with it.

Just to make things clear, this friend of mine doesn’t know about my blog, that’s why I allowed myself to tell my “honest” opinion about the curling too I got. 😛

Anyway, now I want to give you a bit more details about what this tool offers and whether it would be suitable for your hair or not. Stay tuned! 😀


The most important question: Does it make good curls or not?

Yeah, it does!

I was surprised of this myself, as this product isn’t the best I’ve tried in my life, and because of its pretty big number of downsides I didn’t really consider it quite a “must try”.

But asking myself if “Does it make good curls?”, the answer is absolutely yes!

Just take a look at this picture.

It’s true that I have naturally curly hair so it always remains curly after using any curler in the world, but it generally gets frizzy the next morning… And the curls don’t remain as fixed and as good looking when I wake up the following day.

But with this curler, it seems like my problem disappeared completely!

My hair doesn’t get frizzy in the morning, and the curls’ pattern remains pretty much the same. So it’s not like I have to re-curl my hair every day, it stays in good shape until I wash it.

Believe me that I wouldn’t praise it if I haven’t had any reason, it’s not my favorite tool at all, but… when it comes to the curls it makes, I can only praise it.


What size should I get?

I told you before that there are 7 options available, based on the tools’ size: 1″, 1 1/2″, 1-1/4″, 1/2″, 2″ (the one I have), 3/8″ and 5/8″.

Now what is the difference between these 7 sizes?

It’s about which would be best for your hair. The sizes are made according to hair length and thickness.

The smaller dimensions this tool has, the more proper it is for shorter hair. To make it easier to understand, if you have short hair (like shoulder- length), I guess the 1″ is the best choice for you.  On the other hand, if you have thick, long hair, the 2″ is probably what you need.

That’s kind of the mechanism. And from what I know, you can also message Amazon before buying it and ask them what size they would recommend. Yeah, I know that Amazon staff’s strong point isn’t probably hair issues, but you can try. 😉


Gets heated up really fast…

Yeah, here I have to admit that I was extremely impressed by this tool, especially because it’s not a flat iron…I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a flat iron that gets hot in 10 seconds, but with curling tools it’s different.

So I have to praise it for this.

The temperature range is also more than you actually need, I mean no girl would curl her hair at 430 F, isn’t it so? Well, at least I wouldn’t and I don’t know anyone who would…

So it’s important to know that the temperature range is between 280-430 F, which is about 140-220 C. These temperatures perfect for anyone, no matter how loose or not loose you want your curls to be.


…but I wish it was made of ceramic 🙁

That’s probably the biggest complaint I have about this curler, besides the package of course. 😀

My Review: Hot Tools Supertool 2" Curling Iron Multi Heat ControlNow, using styling tools on your hair isn’t good at all, you probably know this because everyone says it. And it’s true. We sometimes have a great alternative because there are more and more ceramic tools, that offer a pretty good protection so the hair doesn’t get very damaged.

But tools that don’t have ceramic protection will, at one point, damage your hair. That’s available if they’re used regularly, not just from time to time. And they will damage it even if you use protection sprays or stuff like that, because…that’s how it is. 🙁

That’s why I really wish this curler was made of ceramic.

It’s true that it’s still a curler and it won’t damage your hair as much as a straightener, but even so, this damage could be avoided…

Anyway, all I can recommend you is not to use it daily. Try to use it at most every 2-3 days, even less often if it’s possible. In this way you won’t damage you hair too much and too fast.


My final opinion

I guess I have to conclude my review now, in order to give you a proper idea whether this tool is worth buying or not.

Well…If I have to be honest, I guess it is worth buying.

The curls it makes are really nice and resistant (at least for me 🙂 ), it has a wide range of sizes and temperatures, and last but not least, a very good price.

But keep in mind that you shouldn’t use it daily, as it’s not made of a ceramic fabric, so it could at one point harm your hair. Anyway, once you use it 2-3 times per week you shouldn’t worry too much. 🙂

As for me, I’ll continue to use it weekly and in case I notice any split ends, I will update my review. For now, I’m pretty satisfied with it and I do consider it to be a good curling iron, but by far not the best.

Just a pretty good item for a lower budget. 😀


So what do you think about the Hot Tools Supertool 2″ Curling Iron Multi Heat Control? Have you ever tried it? Or would you be tempted to?

Let me know your answer in the comments below.

Ashley 😀

John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush Review


Hey there, I’m glad to be back with a new article, this time with a review of this revolutionary John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush, a great styling tool which I only discovered recently, partly by chance.


Why do I like it?

John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush ReviewBecause it’s one of the styling tools that you can use without being noticed; it’s like people don’t know you’ve curled or straightened your hair, they just think that’s how it looks natural. And a styling tool that manages to do this is really awesome for me.

It’s also a very “healthy” tool, and by this I mean that it doesn’t your hair too much. It’s not like you’re using a flat iron or even a real curler, this John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush actually manages to style your hair without too much effort… and heat. 😛

I also love that it’s extremely easy to use, you don’t have to be a hair expert to style your hair beautifully. I say this because I’ve seen some automatic hair curlers which seems to be working so complicated, I mean you probably have to style your hair with it a lot in order to get familiar with the procedure and do it easily. But with this one it’s sooo easy.


Now that you’ve heard the main things I like about this John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush, let me tell you some general things about it and what is the best place where you can find it.



Cheapest place to buy: AMAZON

Mark: 9.75 /10

Before I go any further with a more detailed review, let me sum up what I liked and what I didn’t like about this air brush.


  • Styles in a great manner, giving you the possibility to go for curls, straighter hair or just hair with more volume than usual
  • Thanks to its advanced ionic technology, protects your hair up to 50% more than average hair styling tools
  • Besides the ionic technology, it also has a Titanium ceramic coated barrel, which has a protection role too
  • I’ve been using it for several months, and I haven’t noticed my hair being even little damaged by it, so I consider it a very safe tool (of course, you have to take care of your hair and condition it at least once a week)
  • Price is more than great, $25 seems so little for such a useful styling tool
  • It doesn’t make hair frizzy, which really surprised me
  • Also works great for women with straight hair, because it makes their hair look bouncy and slightly curly, so it seems fuller and with more volume
  • I don’t have any tangling problems while I use it, because it doesn’t rotate so there are no chances that you experience tangling hair because of it


  • The biggest downside is that it can’t be used outside America, because of some power issues
  • It doesn’t ship outside the U.S.
  • It doesn’t work very fast, so you need some time to style all your hair, especially if it’s wet
  • They won’t ship it for free, unless you order over $49

So all in all, to me it seems that the advantages are much above the downsides, so I say it’s a really worth having product for hair styling. However, let me give you more details about it in the paragraphs below. 😀

Click here to see John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush on Amazon


Amazing tool for all types of hair, including very straight one

The most important thing that everybody wants to know about a styling tool is “How does it style?”, am I right?

Well, fortunately my answer will be a very favorable one, because this John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush remains one of my favorite styling tools, and one of the reasons is exactly this one: it manages to style and arrange any type of hair, even the very straight, fine one.

I’ve been trying to style the hair of many of my friends, and some of them have silky, very straight hair. Guess what? The result was great, their hair looked much fuller and it had a lot of volume, they looked totally changed.

So yeah, it makes miracles even for hair that is so hard to style. Not to mention curly hair, that styles much easier.

The great thing when it comes to styling curly hair with this tool is that it prevents hair from getting frizzy, which most tools don’t do, so I have a great reason to love it. I think that’s because of the advanced ionic technology, that helps hair accept the styling easier and not getting frizzy. That’s why I really recommend this technology.


No damage, really?

I know you may find it a little strange, but I haven’t see any damaged or split ends since I’ve been using this styling tools. I use it at least 3 times a week, on wet hair, and it didn’t harm it at all. On the contrary, it only looks much more soft and hydrated, in comparison to how it looked before. This could be a result of the styling, but I’m not sure yet.

Anyway, the ionic technology and the Titanic ceramic coated barrel do their job and offer protection from the heat, so maybe that’s the main explanation for the surprising no damage.

But hair tends to damage even if you don’t style it, so that’s why it’s important to care it properly, using conditioner every time you wash it, applying a nutritive hair mask occasionally, and making sure you add a protection spray before you style it.

If you follow this routine, you have very high chances of maintaining your hair healthy, even if you style if weekly. I plan to write a special article about this topic, how to care your hair properly, so make sure you follow my blog and read it, because it will be a very useful piece.


No rotations so no tangles

John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush ReviewA particularity of this brush is that it doesn’t style hair in the same way as all the others do. In other words, it doesn’t fit in the “classic air brushes” category.

The biggest advantage here is that it doesn’t twist or rotate in order to curl hair, it just uses the heat to make it bouncy and curly. If there are no rotations, obviously you won’t have so high chances to get tangles, which are a very common problem of air brushes.

But with this John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush, this thing won’t happen. So if you need a brush that won’t tangle your hair while styling it, you really have to take a look at this one. 😉


But how much time do you need to style your hair with it?

Now here comes the biggest problem. Everything is great about this brush, it has a great, healthy styling method, it’s not expensive, it doesn’t destroy your hair BUT… it takes a lot to style all of your hair. 🙁

Of course, this depends on how thick your hair is, because if you have fine, thin hair then you probably won’t have too much work to do. But if your hair is thicker, then it might take a lot of time.

Why? Because if you want to get bouncy, casual curls, with no frizzy hairs, you have to make sure each strand is properly styled, and this will probably take around 2-3 minutes. I know it doesn’t sound too much, but think that you have to do this 15 times…It will take you around 30 minutes to finish, and that in the best case.

However, it depends on your time, so if you’re not in a hurry or you’re not very busy, this won’t seem like a long time. And keep in mind that these bouncy curls usually last for about 2-3 days, so you won’t have to do it daily. What do you think, is it worth it?

As a conclusion, is it worth buying this styling tool?

To give you my honest answer, YES, it is totally worth it. It’s not one of those tools that you buy, you use for a few times and then you get bored of it and forget it in a place out of your sight.

No, I’ve been actually using this tool every since I bought it, and believe me that I have a lot of styling tools that I bought and I don’t use. So it’s not really like the others.

I’ve bought mine from Amazon, because it’s the cheapest price I’ve found online, and I haven’t found it in any shops from my area. So I really recommend you to buy it from there too, I’ll put the link below, it’s just $25.39 so I can say it’s a real bargain. I bet you’ll really love it.

Click here to see John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush on Amazon


I really hope that my John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush Review was useful to you and that you found the information you were looking for, in order to make a decision.

What do you think, would you buy this John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush? Do you think it would be useful to you? 😀

How To Get Ombre Hair Naturally – 9 Super Easy Steps


Hey guys, I want to tell you about one of things I’ve tried lately, because it’s a massive hair trend in these days. I’m talking about ombre hair, which is more and more popular in every part of the world, thanks to its innovative and catchy appearance.

So, as you probably guessed, I want to show you how to get ombre hair naturally in 9 steps, without paying a lot of money in expensive salons or using harsh chemicals that would destroy your hair. This is quite a simple method actually, and can be easily done at home.

But before I tell you what exactly you have to do in order to get a natural ombre, let me show you some advantages and downsides of this method, so that you can know for sure what to expect.


  • Natural method, that uses only organic ingredients
  • There will be absolutely no damage for your hair
  • The ombre lasts just like dyed hair
  • It doesn’t require a very long time, I would say about 2 hours in total
  • If you’re not satisfied with the shade you got, you can try again anytime, without worrying you’re destroying your hair
  • It doesn’t require a maintaining shampoo, so you can use anything you want (but I recommend using one focused on your hair type/problem)
  • It’s a diy method so it can be done at home, without visiting any salon
  • The costs are minimal, as you can find these ingredients anywhere


  • As you’re doing it by yourself, you may not get the exact shade you want from the first try, so you might have to do it several times
  • If you don’t use a conditioner, the acids from the lemon juice may dry your hair
  • It’s not indicated to use flat irons on the ends for a few days, unless you’re using a safe one
  • It does require a bit of patience

So basically, these are the advantages and disadvantages of using the natural ombre method. Summing them up, I say it’s really worth trying, but this is all up to you, so if you’re curious, here we go. First of all, let’s see which are these ingredients I’ve been talking about.


What do you have to use?


Believe it or not, the ingredients are pretty common and simple, so if you imagined expensive organic products or exotic stuff, forget about it.

If you’re read my post about how to lighten your hairyou may remember that I recommended  3 ingredients that I’ve used for lightening hair, advising you to choose one of them if you want a lighter shade.

That’s exactly what my experiment was based on.

I thought “If any of these ingredients can lighten hair by itself, how would the work combined?”. In theory, they should work much better and make your hair very light, but in reality it’s not really so.

Anyway, the ingredients I used for the natural ombre are exactly these 3, but the difference is that they are in a combination now. Lemon juice, cinnamon and honey, all these 3 used together, are definitely a great option for a natural ombre, and you’ll see this in the following lines.


The proper method


I’ll try to tell you exactly what I did, by following several steps. The method itself is pretty easy, it’s just important to respect the time it needs to make its effect.

     1. In a bowl, add about a glass of fresh lemon juice, 2 spoons of honey and a small spoon of cinnamon powder. 

     2. After adding these ingredients, you’ll probably see that that mixture is very solid and that the ingredients don’t seem to stick together. That’s why, it’s time to add some water and made the mixture more uniform. Add as much as water as it needs to become quite liquid, easy to apply on the hair. A little conditioner would also be indicated, as it will prevent your hair of getting dehydrated.

    3. It’s probably better to let the mixture sit for a while before applying it to your hair. I would say about 15-20 minutes, but the more the better.

     4. Coming up is the application. The lighter you want your hair to be, the more mixture you have to apply on it. If you only want it a bit lighter than it is, apply just a small quantity, and only in the parts when you want lighter hair, probably on the ends in this case. You can apply it just like hair dye, take a look at that picture.

     5. Also, if you want a gradual ombre, apply little mixture on the middle part of your hair and then use a brush to spread it on the lower part, closer to the ends.

     6. If you have the possibility, sit in the sun for about an hour, because it will help the lighting agents penetrate your hair faster. However, if this isn’t possible, you shouldn’t worry too much, just make sure you cover your head with a cap or anything, and let it sit for about 2 hours.

     7. After this time, you can wash your hair normally, but don’t forget to use a conditioner. This will extra nourish your hair, because you don’t want it to feel frizzy and harsh.

     8. After drying your hair, you should notice (at least) a small difference between the ends and the roots. This depends on the time your let the mixture sit and of course, of the natural color of your hair.

     9. In case you’re not satisfied with the color you obtained, you can always try it again, and you’ll definitely see a bigger difference the second time.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in this method, it’s actually quite simple and easy to follow. And it is definitely my #1 recommendation for people who prefer a natural approach, because, to be honest, there’s no difference between this ombre and the one obtained in a brand salon.

Yes, probably there it’s much easier and you don’t have to do it yourself, while here it may not be the color you desire from the first try, but believe me, it’s totally worth trying. At least you know you’re not damaging your hair. 😉

Anyway, before finishing this post, I want to tell you about my first try with this method, which was surprisingly good. And no, it wasn’t on my hair.


My natural Ombre


As I also said before, no, it wasn’t really “my” natural ombre, it was rather the natural ombre I did, but on the hair of a friend.

So, let me tell you that she already had an shade of ombre in her hair, done in a professional salon about a year ago. But as it passed a long time since then, the color was quite faded, so she wanted it back. However, as her hair was pretty damaged, she didn’t want to get back to hair dye, so she accepted my challenge and let me try a natural ombre on her hair.

The result were more than great for her, though it didn’t seem to me that her hair ends’ color was much lighter than before. Anyway, if she liked it, I also liked it, so everyone was satisfied.

I took a picture of her hair, so that I have the evidence. 😀

The hair is visibly lighter, but the difference isn’t huge, so if you want a normal ombre, this method is definitely something to try. After all, I don’t see anything you’re losing, at least you’ll know how to get ombre hair naturally. 


So tell me, what do you think about this  natural ombre method, would you try it? Let me know in your comments. 🙂