Is Profollica A Scam? (My Honest 2023 Review)

Is Profollica A Scam? (My Honest 2020 Review)

It’s time to review Profollica – because it’s a very promising hair loss solution for men:

  • original ingredients
  • safer than classic alternatives (Minoxidil + Finasteride)
  • clinical evidence behind

So does this 2 products kit work? Is it as effective as it seems?

Or is Profollica a scam – like many similar products on the market?

To be honest – at this point, it’s my #1 recommended product for male pattern hair loss.

Let me give you the reasons why.

Note: This review is based on my own opinion + research on Profollica.

So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Hair Recovery System For Men From Profollica

Versions: It offers 2 different products:

  1. Daily Supplement
  2. Activator Gel

However – they come as a kit, so you can only get the together (not separately).

Best Actual Price: $59.95 per kit (price is much better if you buy a larger quantity)

Cheapest Place To Buy: Profillica’s official website (Amazon has much higher prices)

Designed For: Male hair loss caused by DHT excess.

According to its website – it claims to:

  • normalize levels of DHT and decrease hair fall out
  • strengthen follicles and roots
  • promote hair regrowth

My Rating: 8 out of 10It’s a great product actually

Worth Buying?: Yes – I definitely recommend it for male pattern hair loss:

  • strong formula in both products
  • pretty fast effect (compared to others)
  • one of the few products with studies behind
  • really good price overall ($60 for 2 products)

Plus – it has a 60 days money back guarantee.

So if you’re dealing with DHT hair loss/thinning, I definitely recommend Profollica.


What I Liked About It

  • Quality ingredients (especially in the gel)
  • Formulas are different from most products on the market
  • Clinical evidence behind
  • Many satisfied customers and positive opinions
  • Effect appears pretty fast (1-2 months on paper)
  • Good price overall (2 products included)
  • Available on several retailers
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • You can receive a refund for unopened bottles as well


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Supplement doesn’t contain any herbal extracts
  • You can only buy the 2 products together (not separately)
  • Gel smells a bit too strong
  • Not effective for everyone
  • Some people notice an effect after 3 or several months



What Is Profollica? A Quick Overview

Shortly – it’s a 2-part hair system designed for male pattern hair loss (caused by DHT excess).

The 2 parts of this hair system are:

  1. Daily Supplement (decreases and normalized DHT levels)
  2. Activator Gel (reduce hair loss in 90% of men)

Other than that – what makes it different from the rest? According to Profollica:

  • based on an original formula
  • clinical testing and evidence behind
  • no common side effects
  • effect appears in 30-60 days

Now – it’s not such an unbelievable product overall.

If it was – everyone would be using it, right?

But I have to agree that its features are pretty unique on the market (at this point).

That’s why I personally have an excellent opinion on Profollica. But there’s more:

  1. Price is $60 for both products (supplement + gel).
  2. 60 days money back guarantee (even for used products).
  3. You can get a refund for unopened bottles.

So on paper – Profollica’s offer looks really tempting. That’s why I personally would try it, if I were dealing with male pattern hair loss.

At this point – it’s one of the best products of this kind I know.

So now that you know the main things about Profollica, it’s time to analyze it closer.


#1 – Ingredients (9 out of 10)

To be honest – Profollica’s 2 products have some really good formulas:

  • gel is based on herbal extracts
  • also contains an original ingredient with studies behind (Trichogen)
  • supplement contains many essential amino acids

Now – the supplement doesn’t have any herbal extracts inside, which I’m not very happy with.

But other than that, its formula looks promising (and unusual).

So let’s take a closer look at each of the 2 products.

1. Daily Supplement

Here’s the full formulation of this product:

Out of these ingredients – the most important ones are:

  1. Niacin – stimulates blood flow and scalp circulation. [1]
  2. Folic Acid – promotes nail and hair growth and prevents thinning. 
  3. Biotin – the best vitamin against hair loss. [2]
  4. Zinc Oxide – a deficiency causes massive shedding and thinning. [3]
  5. L-Arginine – nourishes follicles and promotes growth.
  6. L-Tryptophan – fights against hair loss and maintains pigmentation. [4]

As I said – this formula is quite different from most products on the market.

Though it’s not my personal favorite, it has enough support evidence behind.

So there’s nothing to criticize about it.

2. Activator Gel

In my opinion – this formula is much better (compared to the supplement):

The top ingredients inside it are:

  1. Trichogen – blocks DHT excess and decreases hair loss. [5]
  2. Panax Ginseng Extract – improves blood flow and stimulates follicles. [6]
  3. Arginine – it’s an essential amino acid for hair growth.
  4. Hydrolyzed Soy Protein – strengthens and nourishes follicles.
  5. Kigelia Africana Extract – blocks DHT transformation. [7]
  6. Clary Extract – prevents follicles destruction by DHT excess. 
  7. Cinnamomum Extract – normalized DHT levels and prevents scalp infections.

Overall – this formula looks excellent for a topical product.


Profollica’s both products come with unusual formulas:

  • gel contains exotic herbs (with clinical evidence behind)
  • its #1 ingredient is an original compound 
  • supplement is mostly based on amino acids

Both products have studies behind – while less than 5% of the hair products from the market do.

That tells a lot, in my opinion.

So it’s quite obvious these formulas work – and REALLY WELL actually.

That’s why I consider them worth trying.



#2 – Smell & Texture (8 out of 10)

Though I haven’t used Profollica myself – I could find enough info about its products.

And apparently, they’re not amazing in terms of looks.

1. Smell

Obviously – that’s only available for the gel (as the pills are odorless).

According to some reviews I read:

  • gel has a very strong and intense smell
  • it also has a medicinal flavor
  • it goes away completely after about 1 day

Now – the smell isn’t very original, meaning that people won’t be able to detect it.

Or at least – they won’t be able to say it’s Profollica.

But it’s worth keeping in mind that the gel does smell quite intensely. 

2. Texture

Regarding the pills – they are a bit thicker than most hair supplements.

That’s because they come as tablets (not gelatin pills, which are lighter).

But in my opinion – they’re easy to swallow once you get used to them.

Now let’s get back to the activator gel:

  • transparent color
  • medium consistency (not to light but not too thick either)
  • can be applied easily

So Profollica’s pills and gel aren’t perfect – but they could be worse than that.


#3 – How To Use It (8 out of 10)

Profollica doesn’t offer clear directions online.

However – after doing a deep research, I managed to find the full instructions for both products.

So here’s how you should use the supplement:

  1. You need to take 2 pills per day.
  2. It’s up to you whether you take them together or not.
  3. My advice is to space them out (constant level in your body).

As I said – the pills might seem a bit thick at first.

But once you get used to it, swallowing them won’t be a problem.

The activator gel should be used as following:

  1. Make sure your hair is dry.
  2. Apply the product on the areas where you hair is thinning.
  3. Use your fingers to massage and spread the liquid.
  4. Let it sit for a few minutes (even 30).
  5. Do not rinse afterwards.

The product might make your hair a bit greasier than usual – but it won’t be a big deal.

Other than that, Profillica’s gel is easier to use compared to Minoxidil.

Since you only have to apply it once a day – it’s not very complicated.


#4 – Results (7 out of 10)

As I said before – I didn’t try Profollica myself.

Since it was only designed for male hair loss, I doubt it would have been too effective (or relevant).

However – I tried to find real users’ opinions and reviews.

In this way, you could see an unbiased perspective about this product.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional ones.

1. What People Say

Profollica’s website has a lot of customer reviews.

But as official websites tend to be biased and only show praises, I didn’t include those ones here.

Instead – I checked Profollica’s page on Amazon.

It only has about 20 reviews overall (which isn’t very relevant).

But here’s what customers say about it:

  1. Some say it works really well and fast (1-2 months).
  2. Others claim it took them 3 months to see major results.
  3. A few others say it’s the best product they have used.
  4. Some praise the 60 days money back guarantee.
  5. Others complain it doesn’t work for them.
  6. Some also say it takes a longer time until it works (more than 1 month).

Since there are very few reviews on Amazon, it’s hard to draw a conclusion.

But one thing is clear – Profollica works in most cases, but it might take more than 2 months (as they claim).

So keep this in mind before starting to use it and be patient.

2. Biggest Complaints

As I said – there are some negative reviews as well. Most are related to:

  • high price
  • shipping isn’t free
  • you can’t buy the products separately
  • not effective for everyone
  • takes a longer time to work

Even though the reviews are surely true, I don’t think they are 100% relevant.

That’s because there was about 1 user complaining of each thing.

If there had been at least 5 for each issue – it would have been different.

But in this case, I wouldn’t worry too much about these complaints.


Profollica has mixed reviews on Amazon (but only about 20 in total).

Since I avoided the reviews from its official website, it’s hard to draw a conclusion.

But judging after most customers – it’s a product worth trying:

  • works for a pretty high number of users
  • can decrease hair loss really well
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • you can get a refund for unopened bottles

So considering its price, formula and features, Profollica is a product I would definitely recommend for male hair loss.



#5 – Price (8 out of 10)

Though it seems quite expensive at first sight – Profollica is quite affordable, I would say.

It’s all about taking a closer look. 

1. The Exact Price

The official website has the lowest prices:

  1. Supplement + Gel costs $59.95 per month.
  2. Shipping costs at least $10 (depending the carrier you choose).
  3. You can’t buy the products separately, only as a kit.
  4. If you buy the 3/6 months supply at once, you get a discount.
  5. In these case, shipping is free.

Basically – $60 for 2 products isn’t that much. 

If you make the calculations, it’s around $30 per product – which is quite decent for this kind of formula.

However, the #1 problem is that you can’t buy each product alone.

Some people might want only the pills, while others could want just the gel.

It’s really unfair not to have the possibility to buy one alone.

So that’s the only downside I can find when it comes to Profollica’s price.

Other than that – it’s more affordable than many other products on the market.

2. Worth It Or Not?

In my opinion – it’s definitely worth it:

  • price is pretty good for 2 products
  • you get a significant discount for larger quantities
  • formula is really worth the money

Compared to other products – Profollica has an unusual formula, a trademark ingredient and clinical evidence behind.

And still, it costs around $30 per product (in the worst case).

Most DHT blockers have a basic formula, no trademark ingredients and no studies.

And even so – they cost over $40-$50 per bottle.

Plus, most don’t offer any guarantee – while Profollica offers a 60 days one and refunds unopened bottles.

At least that’s what its official website claims.

That’s why I think Profollica is totally worth it as this point.


#6 – Where To Find It (10 out of 10)

As I already mentioned – Profollica’s website has by far the lowest prices.

Other than that, you can also find it on:

  • Amazon
  • Ebay

Starting with Amazon – its prices are almost double compared to Profollica’s website.

Plus, it still doesn’t offer the products alone (only in kits).

Ebay is the only place where you can get each product separately.

However, prices are usually higher and so is the shipping.

That’s why I recommend going for Profollica’s official website (as the 2 products work better together anyway).


#7 – FAQs

Coming up, I will try to answer the most common questions about Profollica.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, as it’s easier to spot here.

1. How long lasts one bottle?

According to the official website, each bottle is 1 monthly supply.

However – the gel can last longer or less (usually longer), depending on the quantity you use.

2. How often should you use it?

The directions are pretty clear:

  • you need to take 2 pills per day (supplement)
  • you have to apply it at least once daily (gel)

So both products have to be used on a daily basis.

3. Can you take it with other drugs?

I would recommend asking your doctor’s advice if you’re following a long term treatment.

The gel will surely not interact with anything – since it’s a topical product.

But there’s a minor risk of interactions for the supplement, that’s why it’s better to ask your doctor.

4. Are there any side effects?

Profillica actually brags that it’s free of any side effects (unlike competitors like Minoxidil/Finasteride).

Out of the reviews I checked out – none complained about any side effects.

That’s why I’m pretty sure it’s a very safe product.

5. How fast should you notice a change?

According to its official website – in as fast as 30-60 days.

However, most people claim they saw a results in 2-3 months (so one month longer than predicted).

There were some that saw an improvement from the first month.

But for the biggest part – it took about 2-3 months.



#8 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on Profollica.

#1 – Promising Formula

I’m mostly talking about the activator gel:

  • contains several unusual herbal extracts
  • based on a trademark ingredient (Trichogen)
  • one clinical trial behind

Regarding the supplement – it also has a strong formula, but it’s not my personal favorite.

It’s based on amino acids + vitamins, so it’s surely effective.

#2 – Takes Longer To Work

Profollica’s official website claims it works as fast as 30 days (up to 60).

However – from most reviews I read, it’s not really so:

  • the typical period is 2-3 months
  • that’s a month longer than predicted

It’s true that some people noticed a change from the first month.

But most cases claimed it took them 2-3 months to see an improvement.

#3 – More Affordable Than It Looks

Profollica might sound expensive at $60 per month.

And I would be the first person to criticize its price – but there’s something to note:

  • there are 2 products offered at these money
  • that’s about $30 per product
  • compared to others, that’s quite affordable

Plus – the gel sometimes lasts more than 1 month (depending on the quantity you use).

So Profollica’s products are surely not as pricey as they seem.


My Verdict – Is Profollica A Scam?

Short answer: Definitely not – it’s an excellent product actually.

In fact, it’s one of my top recommended products for male hair loss:

  1. Based on a excellent formula and an original ingredient.
  2. Has some clinical evidence behind.
  3. You get 2 products for $60 (good price).
  4. You get a 60 days money back guarantee + unopened bottle refunds anytime.
  5. Many satisfied and repeated customers.
  6. A lot safer compared to competitors.

Since you can test the product for free (by asking for a refund) – I definitely advise you to give it a try.

I haven’t used it personally, as it’s only designed for male hair loss.

But I would surely try it out, if I had this issue.

At this point – I think it’s one of the best male hair loss products (if not the very best).

So even though it looks a bit pricey, 2 products for $60 is a great deal actually.




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30 thoughts on “Is Profollica A Scam? (My Honest 2023 Review)

  1. Hi Olly! I was recommended Finasteride because I was losing hair at a very fast pace, my crown has thinned a lot in the past year. I read a lot before ordering and decided I would not risk my health for the sake of my hair. Finasteride has plenty of negatives and many users reported recurrent headaches and sexual dysfunction so I did not want to take the risk. I reached Profollica in the meantime and said I should give it a try. This happened in 2017 and now I’m a regular customer. This has been the life saver for my hair, not only that it stopped thinning but most of my hair is back so now it looks way better than it did 2 years ago. This is surely not a scam! I’ve been on a couple other hair pills before but none worked as well as these ones. They are expensive but so worth the price.

    1. Hello Greg, thank you so much for sharing your experience with Profollica. I’m not sure whether you used only the supplement or the gel as well – but still, I’m really happy to hear it was so effective for you.

      From what you say, apparently it also helped regrow new hairs – which is pretty rare in this kind of supplements. But once again, these are honestly great news.

      I’m not sure if you tried taking a break from it, but you might (for a few months at least). Try to see how it goes and whether your hair starts thinning again (but normally it shouldn’t).

      Thanks again for your feedback on Profollica and best wishes for you!

  2. My cousin used this together with turmeric from BioSchwartz and his hair loss stopped after some months of constant usage. Not sure if it’s this supplement or the turmeric, though. Any thoughts?

    Also do you think it could help me? My hairline is starting to recede and I am really worried, I want to use something that works, price doesn’t matter as long as it helps.

    1. Hi Jay, thanks for your thoughts on Profollica. I’m happy to hear it helped your cousin. In my opinion, it’s Profollica that did most of the work. The supplement from BioSchwatz he’s been taking isn’t designed for hair – instead, it works best for inflammatory problems and pain (especially arthritis). So its effect doesn’t have much to do with hair.

      Yes – turmeric can help strengthen hair, but mostly when it’s applied on the scalp. If it’s taken internally – it’s a lot more helpful for conditions like arthritis or joint pain. So it doesn’t really have anything to do with hair.

      That’s why I doubt BioSchwartz’s supplement has any connection with your cousin’s improvement in hair loss. If you ask me, it’s only because of Profollica.

      Now – regarding your problem, I actually think this supplement would be the best choice. Judging after your brief description, you’re probably dealing with DHT hair loss (which is the main cause of thinning/receding hairlines in most men). So a DHT blocking supplement would be the wisest choice. 

      That’s exactly what Profollica is, that’s why I think it’s great for your issue. Since you’re not on a tight budget, it’s surely the best choice you can make right now. Plus – if it also helped your cousin, there are higher chances that you also respond well to the treatment .

      Just make sure to use the supplement for a few months until you expect seeing any effect. In the meantime, you can use some hair fibers that will hide any thinning hair. Caboki is my top recommended brand at this point, so you can check it out.

      Please let me know how things go in the future.

  3. I used Minoxidil for 3 months and saw no changes. I started adding this to my daily routine and thinning stopped after several months. It has not thickened all my hair yet but it surely looks better than one year ago. I’m only wondering, is something going to happen if I stop using Minoxidil? I think my hair improved because of Profollica but am not sure. I would need some advice on this please.

    1. Hi Benji, thanks for your feedback on Profollica. I’m happy to hear your thinning got better.

      Now – it’s pretty hard to tell what’s the main responsible behind your good results. First of all, Minoxidil needs about 4-6 months to start working. As for Profollica, some sources say it works in 2-3 months. That’s why it’s extremely hard to tell which helped you most, because both usually work after the period you have mentioned.

      I personally would not advise you to stop Minoxidil. You can’t tell whether it helped or not – but if it did, stopping it might cause reverse thinning, which would be pretty bad. Assuming you would restart using it, it would need some more time to decrease the thinning once again. I’m not sure if you get the point, but you should.

      So in my opinion, you should continue using both for now. When you feel like you are happy with your hair, you can try to stop Minoxidil and see if something happens. As your hair would be thicker than it is now, it would take a longer time to get thin again. So you would have more time to restart Minoxidil.

      Please let me know what happens in the future.

  4. Hello Olly, just came across your review of Profollica and I’m starting to consider this supplement. I’m 33 and my hair is starting to thin around the crown, not a pattern yet but you can see it’s thinner than the rest. I have used several products including Lipogaine, Juvetress and Propidren, I did not see great success. But I can see you recommend Profollica specially for male hair loss, which is what I think I have right now. 

    I’m only trying to make sure it’s right for me and that it’s going to work this time. I have a problem with using a product consistently, I usually forget using it daily after 1-2 months. But if I knew this could work, I would pay more attention to it. Do you think I should try it, is it better than the products I mentioned? I’ve also been on a Keto diet about a year ago, do you think this has something to do with the thinning? I felt like it got worse in that period but I’m not really sure, might have been a coincidence.

    I’m eager to hear what you think and thank you!

    1. Hey Michael, thanks for your feedback on all those products. I’m sorry to hear about your problem but yes, it does seem like the typical case of male pattern hair loss.

      It usually starts with a thinning, then with a hair loss and in the end baldness comes up. So it’s great that you’re trying to prevent this. You’re in an early phase so there’s a lot you can do at this point.

      Now – Lipogaine is a topical treatment, which isn’t always successful in male pattern hair loss. It’s based on Minoxidil, which should help normally. But this ingredients typically needs about 4 months of consistent use to start working. 

      You usually need to apply it daily, twice a day. Considering the problem you have with consistency, I doubt you applied it as such. So maybe that’s why you didn’t see any result. But still – it’s probably not the best product for you, since it needs to be applied so often and for the rest of your life. If you ever give it up, hair loss usually worsens (even more than before).

      I also know Juvetress, I’ve done a review of it in the past. It’s a pricey product with good results – but it’s designed for thinning hair caused by aging. It can also help with shedding, but not really with those cases caused by DHT excess (as yours is). So I’m pretty sure it’s not suitable for your problem, that’s why you didn’t see positive results.

      As for Propidren, I’m quite surprised you didn’t see any results. It’s a much better product compared to the previous too, especially since it’s a supplement so it works on the inside. It has a great formula and high dosages, so I don’t really know. How long have you been using it? Did you take the pills correctly and constantly or you just happened to skip some?

      I think Profollica is a great choice for you, on paper. 

      It’s designed for male pattern hair loss, caused by DHT excess – exactly the problem you have. So I personally think it’s one of the best products you can use. It also comes as a gel and a supplement, so you have 2 products to use – that should speed up the effects.

      Still – you would need to use Profollica correctly for 2-3 months to see any small change. In some cases, it takes even longer. You might see an improvement in your hair loss (if there’s any) in 1 month, but it depends from person to person. In most cases, you’re going to need 2-3 months.

      So if you promise to be consistent and patient, I think it’s worth the shot. It’s not the cheapest product ever, but considering you’re paying for 2 products – it’s surely not that expensive either.

      And by the way, I doubt the Keto diet has influenced your thinning. This diet can cause hair loss – but it usually happens if you’re not having enough proteins. Plus, it usually appears about 3 months after you began the diet. So that doesn’t seem to be your case at all. Besides, this diet causes actual hair loss – not thinning, as in your situation. Your thinning seems typical for a male pattern hair loss, which doesn’t appear due to Keto diet ever.

      So from this point of view, there’s nothing to worry about. Still – if you want to change your eating habits, these dieting tips might help you.

      Other than that, I think Profollica is a good choice for you right now – as long as you use it correctly and constantly. So if you decide to give it a try, let me know how it works. I really hope this helps you.

  5. I read your review about Profollica. I am a 46 year old male with thinning hair mostly in the front and at the crown. I am currently taking TestBoost which is a natural supplement to boost testosterone (not for hair loss). I am curious if simultaneously taking a testosterone booster and a DHT blocker such as Profiollica would interfere with each other or almost cancel each other out.

    1. Hey Bradlyey, I’m glad you asked this question because I received it before, so there are clearly many people interested in it. But I got it via email then, so I couldn’t post it here.

      First, I have to tell you that I couldn’t find any article/study on this exact topic, so I cannot guarantee my answer is 100% medically correct. But I will tell you how I see things (logically speaking).

      Basically, DHT is a form of testosterone that weakens follicles and causes hair loss in time. As you probably know, DHT is derived from testosterone so a part of your testosterone is converted into DHT. In other words, you’re getting quantity X of testosterone from your testosterone booster supplement. But out of that X, an Y quantity is converted into DHT by your body.

      What I mean is that testosterone boosters increase the quantity of testosterone from your body. But this will also increase the quantity of DHT (since it’s converted automatically from testosterone). However, combining a testosterone booster with a DHT blocker could help keep the DHT under control. That’s because the DHT blocker keeps the DHT level low, despite the fact that your testosterone levels get higher.

      Actually, I know some testosterone boosters contain Saw Palmetto or other DHT-blocking herbs (in order to prevent higher levels of DHT).

      So I personally believe you could associate a testosterone booster with a DHT blocker. I looked at Test Boost’s ingredients and it doesn’t contain any DHT blocker. So in this case, you could take the DHT blocker separately. Or if you prefer taking only one supplement that has both, there are some products on Amazon labeled as testosterone boosters but they also contain DHT blockers. I didn’t research them too much so I can’t give you a certain recommendation. But if you can’t manage to find any, get back to me and I will try to look into this myself.

      I really hope my answer helps you and once again, I cannot guarantee it is completely right, but this is how I judge this issue. In terms of interactions, I can’t see why these 2 supplements would interfere with each other, since they don’t do the exactly same thing. The only possible problem would be if the quantity of DHT would get so high that the DHT blocker couldn’t deal with it. But this would only happen if your testosterone booster had very high doses, which I pretty much doubt (I’m not an expert in this field).

      So I really hope my answer clarified things for you, even a bit. If there’s something you don’t understand, just let me know and I will try to put it more clearly.

  6. Hello Olly.
    I am seriously considering the use of this product. I am a 63 year old disabled veteran (crushed foot) and take Naproxin for my foot (potential issue?). I believe the definition of what I have is called “male patter baldness”…(the top/back of my head is very thin; hairline some, too).
    1). What success has this product provided for this condition?
    2). are there any “before & after” pics from customers who have used this?
    I apologize for the TMI…but, I am on a very fixed income and don’t have much time (or hair) to lose/waste.
    Thank you! ~

    1. Hi Jeff! Sorry to hear about your health problems, I hope the medication you take can keep the pain from your foot under control. Regarding Naproxen, it is an anti-inflammatory and it doesn’t have any known interactions with supplements or products based on herbal remedies. So I think that it’s pretty safe to take Profollica while on Naproxen.

      From your description, your hair loss is most likely a male pattern one – so it’s caused by DHT excess. Profollica and other DHT-blocking supplements can help with that, but they don’t promise to grow hair hair back. Instead, they work best in early stages of hair loss, baldness or thinning. In your case, Profollica or another supplement could be effective, since your hair is mostly thinning. And from what you said, your hairline isn’t in a very bad condition, you only noticed some small changes (that’s what I understood, at least).

      So I think Profollica and DHT blockers in general would be effective for your case. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any review with before/after pictures. I looked all over the Internet but I couldn’t find anything (I really wish I did because some other readers asked me about it too). So I personally don’t have any evidence of this kind, though I have some positive feedback in the comments section from my review. But there’s no picture, so unfortunately, I can’t help with that.

      Now, if you’re on a tighter budget, Profollica isn’t the only DHT blocking supplement that works. There’s also Procerin, which is an excellent product that has a similar effect and it’s a bit cheaper. Procerin allows you to choose if you want to buy the supplement, the foam or both (I recommend only the supplement if you’re not on a large budget). On the other hand, Profollica only offers the gel and the supplement together, that’s why it’s pricier overall.

      So if you can’t afford Profollica, Procerin is a really good alternative. You can also check these extra products for male hair loss to see if anything would suit your budget better, but I doubt it.

      Laser combs/caps are a pretty good alternative because they have a special technology and grow hair using light energy. But they’re usually expensive (the cheapest one is around $200), so I don’t think they’re a good choice for you.

      Also, minoxidil and finasteride are some really popular options for male hair loss. But that’s mostly because doctors recommend them (they’re FDA approved). I personally don’t recommend them too often, because they have serious side effects (especially finasteride) and you have to use them for the rest of your life if you want to maintain the effect. So I don’t feel they are worth the shot, but they are surely an option so I’m trying to tell you as much as I can about the alternatives you have.

      Anyway, if you want to stick to a supplement like Profollica or Procerin, I also recommend using green tea when washing your hair, because it has some DHT-blocking effect (especially a local one). Green tea alone isn’t a miracle-maker, but its effect can add up.

      I really hope my answer helps you take the best decision and hopefully, you will start seeing real results. Good luck!

  7. Hello,
    I’m a 45 yr old male taking 150mg of bupropion, and 4 mg of gunfacine for adhd and depression. I took lamictil back in October 2019 and noticed in March my hair started thinning quite a bit. I found that is an uncommon but possible side effect. I stopped the medicine and it seems small fuzzy hair is starting to grow back.

    I do have thinning hair as well before taking that medication but it was full looking. Would taking this pill for male thinning hair you are talking about in this post interact with my current medicine? Including collagen powder, vitamin d supplements, Glucosamine Chondroitin for knee pain and multivitamins?

    Thanks for the feedback!!

    1. Hey Dave, sorry to hear about your issues. From my point of view, there’s no major risk of interaction between Profollica and the drugs you’re taking. You may want to ask your doctor, though, but normally, there shouldn’t be any issue.

      As for your hair thinning, it might be a secondary effect of your medication, since it got better once you stopped the product. But taking Profollica might help with this, it’s all about giving it a shot. If you decide to try it out, please let me know how it goes.

  8. Hello, since the last 1-2 months, I am a female, noticing major hair shedding and it’s quite concerning. My hair is still growing long but excessively thin at the ends. Am thinking of using Folexin as you recommended in your Youtube channel. Am also considering quitting drinking regular coffee as am used to.

    At the same time, my brother has had severe hair loss over the past 5-8 years, and am wondering if I could recommend Folexin to him, since Profollica does not seem to have a lot of positive reviews from men. Compared to me, he follows a very healthy diet with greens, vegetables, fruits etc and healthy exercise schedule but is now apathetic to his hair loss. Wanted to know your opinion on Folexin for him, since it does not have any side effects.

    On the genetics side, our father has had good hair, but relatively more hair fall on mother’s side of family. And also since we are vegetarian, are there any diet supplements that can be really useful to us/him? Any scalp massage oils that you recommend that can be an added benefit? Thanks for your blog and Youtube channel!

    1. Hi Cris, thanks for your kind words, I’m glad to hear my articles and videos are helpful. First of all, regarding your problem, I’m not very sure which is the main cause because there are several things that can cause ends thinning. I used to have this problem myself and Folexin was really helpful, but it surely depends on the cause. For instance, if you have some hormonal imbalances, treating them might solve the issue alone. If you don’t treat them, Folexin may not help completely. But if you don’t know the exact cause behind your thinning, you could try this product and see if it helps. Normally, you should see an improvement in at most 2-3 months. Also, giving up coffee isn’t going to help at all, in my view, so it’s not necessary to do it.

      As for your brother, does he have a male pattern hair loss (hair thinning/falling out in the crown or a receding hairline)? If that’s the case, Folexin isn’t going to help him a lot simply because it’s not designed for male pattern hair loss. Instead, it mostly helps with general hair loss so it works a lot better for women. So in your brother’s case, a DHT-blocker would be much better. I know Profollica doesn’t have too many customer opinions but I received some feedback from some of my readers who tried it and they were satisfied. Another alternative is Procerin, which is another excellent DHT blocker (but it also has very few opinions). If your brother prefers the classic side, he might try Minoxidil and Finasteride. These are the only FDA-approved products for male pattern hair loss, so they are more famous. And even though they do help, they have far more side effects (especially Finasteride, which can’t be bought without a prescription). Also, they both cause reverse hair loss if they are stopped so you have to use them for the rest of your life. That’s why I prefer supplements.

      Regarding the genetic story, hair loss in men is usually inherited on the maternal side, meaning that if the maternal grandfather has hair issues, the nephew might have some as well. So this might be an explanation for your brother’s problems. As for the diet supplements, I don’t recommend him to take any extra one just to make sure he gets enough proteins from the foods he consumes (hair is made from keratin, which is a protein so this is essential). As for the scalp massage oil, I wouldn’t use any. Massaging your scalp daily makes your hair greasier either way, so adding an oil would make it even worse. Just massage it with your hands and the effect will be the same (and the comfort much higher).

      Hope this helps and please let me know how it goes in the future.

  9. Hi there! My question is regarding the length of time needed to take this product. Is there a set time needed to take Profollica, or does it only need to be taken until results begin to appear?

    1. Hi Shane. Normally, you should see results in 2-3 months but that really depends on the severity of your hair loss. However, once you start seeing results (let’s say in 3 months), my advice is to continue using it for at least another half a year. In case you’re satisfied with the results you get after this period, you can try giving the product up (or reducing the dose) and see how your hair reacts to that. Normally, it shouldn’t fall out or get thinner again but it really depends, so I cannot tell you for sure. Anyway, in the worst case, the results should be good enough as long as you take the product. But from what my readers told me, they don’t go away if you stop taking it (at least in most people).

      Hope this helps.

  10. Hi Olly, I’m 52 and have been trying several measures to hold on to what I have from the Guy upstairs and recently see an acceleration in loss which is turning into one of those “fight for it or get the razor out” moments. I would describe my hair loss as a painfully slow receding process since early 20’s, but managed to hang onto at least a half a head with Nioxin products and more recently over the last 3 years with a laser comb which I’m a little suspect over its worth. It seemed to be productive over the first year or so, but now I’m seeing a rapid process of thinning where I never even expected it (ie. crown, top of head, not within the family genes). Concerned whether the laser brush is actually making it worse.

    Again, a Bic or Bosley moment, but if there is a supplement that works I’m willing to try something else before the last resort. My biggest concern that I’ve read regarding supplements/treatments is sexual disfunctionality. If that’s a side effect then it’s kind of a dichotomy in my opinion. I’ll take my chances with chrome dome over no more sex life.

    Sorry for the boldness, but really interested in comments about this Profollica as it relates to my comments. Thanks for any advice.

    1. Hey John, sorry for your hair issues and no worries about the so-called boldness of your question, I’m happy to help in any circumstances. First of all, I doubt your current thinning is a cause of your using the laser comb/brush. These kind of devices can work or not, but they never cause hair loss or thinning themselves. So if you ask me, your current hair issues would have appeared anyway (whether you used the laser device or not). I’m only surprised to hear it did help you in the past and it’s no longer useful, that’s very weird. It’s the first time I hear this kind of experience from someone about a laser device (they typically either work or not).

      Now, getting to your question, sexual dysfunction is indeed a very common side effect of hair loss treatments, but it usually appears because of prescription drugs like Finasteride. That’s an FDA approved drug for treating hair loss, but I usually don’t recommend it precisely for its high rate of side effects. Also, Finasteride causes reverse hair loss if it’s ever stopped, so once you start using it you have to keep taking it for the rest of your life. Finasteride is usually prescribed together with Minoxidil, which is a topical product (so its rate of secondary reactions is much lower).

      When it comes to supplements like Profollica (which are mostly based on herbs/vitamins + minerals), side effects are a lot more rare. Also, I didn’t receive any feedback from my readers regarding sexual side effects, so I consider it quite safe. Supplements don’t contain Minoxidil/Finasteride, so they should not cause secondary reactions too often. It’s true that I cannot guarantee, but the chances for you to develop any sexual dysfunctions are very low. And in case this happens, giving the supplement up should get everything back to normal (unlike Finasteride).

      I really hope this answers your question clearly enough and in case there’s anything else, let me know. Best wishes!

  11. I’m a 45 yr old male with mpb, was just wondering if this is a life long drug you have to take or only for a period of time.

    1. Hey Mike, normally you should only take it until you’re satisfied with the changes, your hair should not fall out again. But I cannot guarantee that this happens in 100% of cases.

      There are some prescription drugs (Minoxidil and Finasteride) which have to be used for the rest of one’s life, otherwise the hair loss/thinning appears again (and sometimes in a more severe manner). But when it comes to supplements, things are pretty different because most are based on herbs, which don’t cause reverse hair loss once they are stopped. Still, once you stop the supplement, your DHT production might increase again. And in this case, the signs will be visible on your hair.

      Now – based on the feedback I got from my readers, most users don’t experience reverse hair loss once they stop using the product. So the chances for this to happen are pretty low (especially compared to drugs like Minoxidil/Finasteride). But once again, everyone is different so I cannot tell for sure. However, I say it’s worth giving Profollica a try, given that it has a very low risk overall.

      Hope this helps!

  12. Hi Olly, what shampoo do you recommend for DHT blocking? I’m planning on trying Profollica but I would like to get a new shampoo together with it, so what would be your most recommended choice? I saw you use Valotin but do you think that’s suitable for a man as well?

    1. Hi Donald, Profollica also has a gel version, if you want to use a topical product as well. It’s not a shampoo, but it works better than a shampoo in terms of blocking DHT. I usually recommend it only to people who are not on a low budget, but since you’re purposely looking for a shampoo, I believe using the gel would be much better. As for the actual shampoo, I don’t recommend counting on this type of product to reduce your DHT, because it only acts on the hair surface (while the DHT excess comes from the inside). If you necessarily want one, you can try Revita. It’s not a very strong DHT blocker, but it does have this benefit, so it should be enough if you’re using the Profollica supplement and gel.

      Hope this helps and let me know how it goes!

  13. Hey Olly!

    First I wanted to say that what you are doing here is a beautiful thing. So many men nowadays fighting hair loss and looking for solutions, and the fact that you overcame hair loss and decided to share your diet (which I will definitely check out), tips, and reviews is amazing!

    Now back to the main topic! My dad wanted some more info on Keeps, so I started digging and stumbled upon your review… and I’m glad I did. I’m definitely not giving him keeps, however this Profollica product might be something he’d try.

    On the other hand, I wanted to see if you perhaps knew something about a natural shampoo called “Tepezco-Sa Na”. It is made from Tepezcohuite and formulated with Jurema. I tried this shampoo around 5 years ago (33 y/o now). Back then I was starting to experience some hair loss and I gotta say this shampoo was freaking magical! My hair went back to how it was, as if I never had any hair loss. I don’t remember how quick it was, but I remember results didn’t take long, maybe a month or a couple. I used it for like 3 years and then the website I would buy it from stopped selling it. I’ve found a few other websites, but the price they sell it for is ridiculous… that’s why I was looking for other options for my dad. But then again, since I’ve already experienced the results, I might go ahead and pay the money for it.

    Anyways, I just thought it would be interesting to mention this, and perhaps you could do one of your cool reviews on it. It might help somebody else, I know it helped me!

    Thanks for your input and taking the time to do what you do.

    1. Hey Victor, thanks a lot for your kind words, it means a lot to me knowing that my reviews and tips are really helpful for people dealing with the same problem I had in the past.

      I’m so happy to hear about your hair loss story and that you managed to grow your hair back. To be honest, it’s the first time I hear about Tepezco-Sa Na and I did a little research on it. However, most websites are in Spanish, which is not a language that I speak fluently. But most importantly, I couldn’t find its ingredients – could you help me with that? I’m curious to know if it’s based on substances that block DHT or not.

      Another important question that I have for you is if your hair loss was a male pattern baldness. Its specific signs are a receding hairline and thinning hair (especially in the front and crown). Also, is your father’s hair loss something similar or not? I’m asking because male pattern hair loss has to be treated differently than general hair loss (which can have a multitude of causes).

      Let me know the answer to these questions and we will start from there.

  14. Reuben: Hey Oily. I’m an 86 y/o male with mpd. Mostly on the rear but plenty of temple hair. Currently I’m on Research Hair Regrowth twice a day for 3 months, Minoxidil for 4 months and a 275 laser cap for 3 weeks. So far nothing! Could I take the Profolica tablets along with the Research Hair Growth or am I farting in the wind at my age trying to regrow hair? Thanks so much for your research.

    1. Hey Reuben, I don’t think age is an impediment and I actually feel that it’s great that you’re interested in your hair at your age. I really admire people who don’t use age as an excuse for their issues and they always try to improve, no matter what. So considering your age, your hair issues are. most likely caused by DHT excess, in which case Profollica would be great, because it blocks DHT excess. You’re also using Minoxidil, which is very helpful in male pattern hair loss.

      Research Hair Growth does contain some DHT blockers, but it’s focused more on treating general hair loss (not caused by DHT excess). Still, the vitamins, minerals and the few DHT blockers it has are surely not harmful, so you can continue using it (together with Profollica).

      As for laser devices, they are very helpful for some people and not too useful for others. But 3 weeks is already a very short amount, so you should keep using it (since you probably paid a lot on it). I would say 4-6 months would be a good period to see if it works or not.

      Hope this helps and let me know how things go.

  15. i have been taking Finasteride 5mg daily since 1998..
    overall no side effects and hair looks pretty good at 60.
    My front hair line is thinning a bit and thats all.
    If i am taking Finateride 5mg for 25 years successfully…..does it make any sense to start taking Profollica as well …or is that redundant to the Finasteride 5mg?

    Do you have a recommendation on what to take that may help restore the front hair line a bit more?

    When replying….please note that price is NOT a limiting factor. I care more about the best results please..

    thank you so much..


    1. Hey Gregg, Finasteride is a DHT blocker and so is Profollica, but it also has a few extra ingredients that could help with hair growth and thickening. Still, if budget isn’t an issue for you, my advice would be to have your DHT tested first and see where you stand. It’s probably within the normal limits, considering your (pretty minor) hair issues – but if it’s closer to the higher limit, taking Profollica would probably help. If it’s close to the lower limit (or even less), I would say it’s better not to take Profollica for now. Obviously, if it’s above the limits, it means Finasteride isn’t really controlling your DHT excess properly, so you can then start taking Profollica as well. So it’s all about your DHT level, that’s why it’s important to have it tested and see what it is. Waiting for your results.

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