My Review: HairMax LaserComb (2023) – My #1 Recommended Laser Device

My Review: HairMax LaserComb (2019) - Why It's My #1 Recommendation

It’s time to review HairMax LaserComb – a device designed for growing and restoring lost hair.

So does this product work for real?

At this point – it’s my #1 recommendation among all laser caps/combs on the market:

  • lowest price overall
  • the same effect as $1000 products
  • one of the few FDA cleared devices

So is HairMax’s product the best laser device for hair?

Let me give you all the details as to why I believe so.

Note: This review is based on my own opinion + research on HairMax.

So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Ultima Laser Comb from HairMax

Versions:  There are two:

  • Ultima 9 Classic
  • Ultima 12

I recommend going for the 9 classic (better price/results) – but more on this below.

Best Actual Price: Around $200 (for the 9 classic)

Cheapest Place To Buy: HairMax’s official website (lowest price overall – especially when compared with Amazon)

Designed For: Hair loss/growth and everything it involves:

  • targeted therapy against shedding
  • reverses thinning 
  • improves hair density and growth

Basically – it’s a device that stimulates hair follicles directly.

That’s why its effect is real (unlike other products – especially shampoos).

My Rating: 9.50 out of 10 – A great product

Worth Buying?: Definitely – it’s the best laser device on the market:

  • lowest price among all products
  • work just as well as any laser cap (which is way pricier)
  • many positive opinions

So if I were to recommend any laser product for hair, it would definitely be this one.

Why spend $1000 on a laser cap when you can get the same effect with this $200 product?


What I Liked About It

  • Excellent technology (9 laser modules)
  • Clear instructions and user guide included
  • One of the few hair devices that are FDA cleared
  • Really effective against hair loss and thinning
  • Also grows hair faster than normal
  • Many positive reviews and satisfied users
  • Lowest price among all laser devices
  • Available on several retailers 
  • Eligible for shipping all over the world


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Doesn’t grow hair on a completely bald scalp
  • Needs to be used a few minutes more than other laser devices (about 3)



Why It’s My #1 Recommended Laser Device

I personally looked into over 20 laser products.

Most of them are quality products – with lots of positive reviews and comments.

However, they also cost (at least) $500.

So after reviewing so many products – HairMax’s LaserComb is the most superior, if you ask me. Here’s why.

1. FDA Cleared – it’s one of the few laser devices approved by FDA:

  • several clinical studies behind [1]
  • company has many articles in medical journals [2]

So LaserComb is a really tested product, scientifically speaking.

2. Lowest Price – compared to any other laser device, it’s a lot cheaper:

  • costs around $200
  • most of the others are way over $500
  • does the same thing (but needs some extra 5 minutes in every use)

Basically – it works as well as $500-$100 products.

3. 2 Years Money Back Guarantee – you can get your money back anytime.

In case the device doesn’t work, HairMax promises to refund you completely.

4. Lots Of Positive Opinions – LaserComb might be the best rated laser device:

  • many satisfied users
  • some say they could see an effect in the first month
  • an average of 4.3 stars reviews (out of 5)

So you don’t have to take my word for it.

Just check out LaserComb’s website and see how many satisfied users it has.


#1 – Technology (9 out of 10)

In terms of effect – LaserComb’s mechanism is excellent.

That’s why I’m not surprised it has so many satisfied users and positive opinions.

1. How It Works

The technology itself is pretty simple:

  1. Uses laser light energy on scalp.
  2. This is also called “hair photobiostimulation”.
  3. In this way, the laser energy reaches hair follicles directly.
  4. This highly stimulates growth process.
  5. It also decreases strands thinning and fall out process.
  6. Besides, it rejuvenates aging hair.

So all in all – this strategy is excellent for growing new hairs and even preventing the loss of existent ones.

Besides, LaserComb it’s one of the few FDA cleared hair products.

Not to mention that is also has several clinical trials behind. [3]

This tells a lot about its quality and effect.

2. HairMax LaserComb VS Laser Caps

However – HairMax’s product is a laser comb.

So what’s the difference between it and a real laser cap?

  • combs have less laser modules
  • this means they require extra 3-10 minutes in every use
  • however, frequency of use is the same
  • also, results don’t appear faster in any

In other words – a comb needs to be used around 10 minutes and a regular cap only about 5.

But you still have to use both about 3 times a week (for best effect).

Plus – the results appear after the same time.

So basically, the only difference is the duration of use (which is quite insignificant, if you ask me).

Considering laser caps are way above $500, I think a laser comb is a lot more worth it.


HairMax’s LaserComb uses the same technology as most laser products:

  • laser energy based
  • stimulate hair follicles directly
  • this prevents fall out and grows new hairs

The only downside is that it contains less laser modules.

This means you will have to use it for more minutes – compared to a laser cap (but with the same frequency).

Still – the effect is absolutely the same (as time and results).

Considering it’s at least $300 cheaper, I think HairMax’s LaserComb is the best option among laser products.

So it’s definitely my personal #1 choice.



#2 – How To Use It (9 out of 10)

HairMax offers excellent directions about their products.

All of them come with an user manual (which makes it so easy even for beginners).

1. The Instructions

Now – in case you don’t own the laser comb yet, here’s how to use it:

  1. Charge the device until it has a full battery.
  2. Turn it on using the on/off button.
  3. Now place it on your scalp.
  4. Start with either the left/right part and go turn by turn.
  5. Place the comb on one part of your left/right side.
  6. Let it sit for about 4 seconds (until you hear a beep).
  7. The move it half and inch and let it sit once again.
  8. Continue doing this until you cover all your scalp.
  9. It’s recommended to use it 3 times per week (every 2-3 days).

Overall – the procedure is really simple and you can get used to it very fast.

Here’s a great video with the instructions (easier to understand than the directions themselves):


2. Extra Tips

A great thing about this device is that it has a timer.

This timer turns the comb off after exactly 15 minutes:

  • this is made so that you don’t use it for longer
  • even if you did, the results wouldn’t be any faster or better
  • also, using it daily wouldn’t speed up the process at all

So don’t waste your time with that, even HairMax mentions this.


All in all – HairMax’s LaserComb is super easy to use:

  • you only need to run it through your scalp
  • it’s required to use it 3 times per week

Now – laser combs aren’t as easy as hair caps (that are hands-free actually).

But considering the price difference, I think a laser comb is way better (even with all the effort).

And out of all laser combs I looked into, this one is by far the best.


#3 – Results (10 out of 10)

I haven’t used HairMax’s LaserComb myself – so I won’t be able to speak from experience.

Actually, I haven’t used any laser comb/cap.

Since my hair loss mostly affected the roots, there was no need for that.

Supplements did their job well enough for my problem.

Anyway – I decided to look at other customers’ opinions on this product.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional ones.

1. What People Say

Compared to other laser devices – this one has a higher rate of positive reviews.

It has over 100 reviews on HairMax’s website (and they’re surely not biased there).

So here’s what most users think:

  1. Some say it’s excellent in terms of growing new hairs.
  2. Others claim they saw results from the first month.
  3. People using it for hair loss claim that it got better even after 1 week.
  4. Many say it’s the best choice in terms of price.
  5. Others state it’s more worth it than other laser devices (that are pricier).

There are also a few complaints – but most are related to price.

It’s true that LaserComb isn’t extremely cheap.

But laser devices are generally pricey. And compared to most, this one is way cheaper.

However, in terms of effect – over 85% users are satisfied.

And honestly, that is a very high per cent.

2. Biggest Praises

Overall – the best aspects about LaserComb seem to be:

  1. Fast effect for hair loss
  2. Much cheaper than its competitors
  3. Money back guarantee
  4. Higher hair density

I mentioned those 4 facts in a decreasing order (1 is the most common).

As I said, there are also some negative reviews.

But if I’m not wrong, they’re less than 5 (which tells a lot):

  • expensive compared to shampoos/supplements
  • doesn’t work for bald men
  • effect doesn’t appear from the first weeks (not in all cases)

Now – these claims are definitely true.

But laser devices are surely not for everyone – in terms of effect and price.

They have some faster results in some and some slower results in others.

But all in all – they have a very high success rate.


HairMax’s product has a very positive feedback from users:

  • most rated it 5 stars out of 5
  • many praises and positive opinions
  • high success rate in all categories

The product isn’t perfect, that’s for sure.

But overall – the high number of positive reviews stands as a witness that it’s a great choice.



#4 – Price (10 out of 10)

This is definitely the #1 reason why I recommend this product.

Compared to other laser devices – HairMax’s LaserComb is by far the cheapest.

1. The Exact Price

First of all – price depends on the exact version you buy:

  • Ultima 9 Classic costs around $200
  • Ultima 12 costs around $400

The only difference between them are 3 laser modules.

This means the 9 version will require 3 extra minutes of use (which is no big deal, honestly).

So I personally would recommend going for the Ultima 9 – as price is much better.

Now, I know $200 isn’t very little.

But it’s the cheapest laser device all over the market.

So if you want this kind of product – you will have to pay over $500 (in most cases).

For this reason, $200 is a much better price than you can imagine.

2. Competitors’ Price

HairMax’s LaserCombs themselves (with both version) have a much better price compared to most laser devices:

  1. Other laser COMBS cost about $500.
  2. Most of them have about the same number of laser modules.
  3. And they have far less positive reviews than LaserComb.
  4. On the other hand, laser CAPS cost well over $500.
  5. Some of them are even over $1000.
  6. The only difference is that they need to be used for less than 5 minutes.

Now – it’s all up to you what kind of laser device you want to buy.

But if you care about price, I definitely recommend going for a laser comb.

And more specifically, for HairMax’s Ultima 9 product.

You will only have to use it for a few extra minutes every time – besides this, the effect is exactly the same.

So instead of paying over $500 for a laser device that works in 3 minutes, better pay $200 for this one.

It’s by far the very best choice in terms of money/effect.


In terms of price, HairMax’s product is the best choice on the market:

  • best price among all laser devices
  • great quality/price ration
  • affordable (compared to its competitors)

So if you want to invest in a laser device without paying a fortune – I certainly recommend this product.

It works the same as $1000 products but it needs to be used less than 10 minutes more.

If you’re willing to do this (I definitely am), it’s the best option on the market.


#5 – Where To Find It (10 out of 10)

HairMax’s products are usually quite easy to find.

And the 2 versions of LaserComb make no exception:

  • standard seller is HairMax’s official website
  • also available on retailers 

However, in my opinion – HairMax’s official website is the best place to buy the 2 laser combs:

  1. Lower price than on Amazon.
  2. Free shipping is included for any order.
  3. Discounts and sales quite often.
  4. 2 years money back guarantee included.
  5. You’re allowed to pay in monthly installments.

Basically – there’s no reason why you would buy LaserComb from Amazon.

HairMax’s website has a better price and it offers better same features (even money back guarantee).

Plus – it’s the only one allowing you to pay in installments (with the same final price).

So if you want the lowest price for HairMax’s products – I definitely recommend its official website.



#6 – FAQs

Up next – I will try to answer the top questions about HairMax’s product.

1. How often you should use it?

The LaserComb needs to be used 3 times a week – but the time depends on the version:

  • Ultimate 9: 11 minutes
  • Ultimate 12: 8 minutes

This means you should use the comb every 2-3 days, for either 11 or 8 minutes.

The comb itself has a 15 minute timer – after this period, the device is automatically stopped.

2. Can you use it with other products?

Definitely – whether we’re talking about topical products or drugs/supplements.

LaserComb has a different mechanism – so it only stimulates follicles, nothing else.

That’s why you can combine it with other products without any worries.

3. Are there any side effects?

Not really.

Laser devices are one of the few product categories with no real side effects:

  • don’t burn scalp at all
  • cannot cause skin cancer
  • do not irritate the scalp

However – it’s not recommended to overuse any laser devices.

Even though that wouldn’t cause any side effects, it might decrease the results (ironically).

4. How fast should you notice a change?

According to HairMax, it takes about 3-4 months to see real results (in terms of hair growth).

However – many users claim they could see results much faster.

Some even state they saw a change from the first weeks.

So in terms of hair loss, laser devices seem to work faster.


#7 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on LaserComb (in 3 ideas).

1. Quality Technology

Just like most laser devices – LaserComb works directly on hair follicles:

  • energy stimulates roots and follicles
  • hair loss decreases considerably
  • growth speed increases

Plus – laser is a great thinning remedy.

Not to mention that it’s also recommended for aging hair.

So in terms of technology, HairMax’s device is really awesome.

2. Promising Feedback

Compared to other laser products – this one has far more positive reviews:

  • many satisfied customers (in terms of effect)
  • most are happy with the price
  • high number of 5 stars reviews

Since there are so many happy users, LaserComb must be a quality product.

This is the best proof, actually.

3. Best Price On The Market

To be honest – LaserComb is probably the best laser device I know.

The #1 reason why I say this is price:

  • most likely the cheapest laser product
  • price is quite affordable (about $200)
  • effect is the same as in other laser devices

Basically – LaserComb is cheaper because it needs to be used for a longer time (11 minutes).

Most laser caps require around 5 minutes of use and cost well over $500.

But that’s the only difference.

So I would anytime pay $200 for LaserComb than pay $700 on other laser caps. Seriously.


My Verdict – Is LaserComb Worth It?

Short answer: Definitely.

In fact, it’s my #1 recommended laser device – I don’t know any better one:

  1. Strong and professional technology.
  2. Way more affordable than any other device.
  3. Best rated laser product (in terms of reviews).

A major reason why it’s my #1 pick is its low price.

At this point – it’s probably the cheapest laser device on the market.

But since it has such a reputable company behind (HairMax) – this doesn’t mean it doesn’t work as well as others.

Actually, there’s one reason why it’s cheaper than most:

  • requires to be used 11 minutes (every 2/3 days)
  • other laser combs need to be used about 8-9 minutes
  • laser caps only require about 5 minutes

Basically – those 5 minutes or more make LaserComb at least $200 cheaper.

The effect and frequency of use are exactly the same.

I personally would pay $200 and use it an extra 5 minutes anytime (instead of spending even $1000 for a laser cap).

There’s simply no point paying more, just for the sake of 5 minutes.

For this reason – I strongly advise you to go for HairMax’s product:

  • great results (as in any other laser device)
  • much better price
  • money back guarantee
  • lots of positive reviews all over the internet

If I were to choose only one laser product, it would surely be this one.



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6 thoughts on “My Review: HairMax LaserComb (2023) – My #1 Recommended Laser Device

  1. Totally recommend this!!!

    I had a beginning baldness in the shape of M (frontal part of my head) and my dad used to have the same at my age. He ended up losing most of his hair and I’ve always said I do not want to look like him when I grow old. I tried various things including Finasteride but it made my feel so bad that I quit it after 2 months. 

    Long story short, a doctor recommended laser therapy through a $800 cap from HairMax. I could not afford that so I looked into the other alternatives and ended up buying this comb for 1/5 the cap’s price. Now it’s been almost a year and my hair looks way better! You can’t really tell the M shape in my frontal head and the hairline looks like 4-5 years ago. Honestly, that’s such a great achievement for me. 

    I am now a lifetime fan of laser therapy and totally recommend it for men struggling with baldness. I’m pretty sure the cap my doctor recommended would have worked the same, but I just couldn’t afford that back then. I’m so glad I didn’t buy the first product that came into my way and choose the comb instead. 

    Thanks for your review, I totally agree this product is a better alternative to actual caps, since it does the same but costs way less. Thanks for the honesty, I can confirm it’s great.

    1. Hi Tim, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with Hair Max’s Laser Comb. I was actually looking for honest opinions about it, so yours comes as a great help.

      I totally agree with the facts you said about laser caps vs combs. They have the same effect after the same period but combs are way cheaper (especially if you choose a product like this one). It’s only that laser combs have to be used manually while caps only have to sit on your head. But that’s such a small drawback for the price difference, if you ask me.

      So I definitely recommend HairMax’s laser comb more than any other laser device on the market, at this point.

  2. Hi Olly, thank you for your great review. I ordered this product from HairMax’s website at the beginning of this year and received a damaged box, which they were nice enough to replace without any hesitation and insistence from my side. I paid an extra $100 just because I was not aware the product was sold on Amazon for less. My bad!

    Anyway, I’m not sorry for buying this device. I was never actually bald but had portions of my scalp thinning down, this thing helped control the thinning and now my hair looks really smooth and dense all over my head. I think the less baldness you have, the better it is going to work.

    Could one use this product after applying topical fibers on the scalp? I have a friend struggling with baldness and he’s using HairMax for a while but he needs a short term solution. He’s using fibers but never when using the laser comb. I’m guessing using them together wouldn’t hurt, would it?

    1. Hey Luka, thanks for your feedback on HairMax’s laser comb, it’s extremely helpful hearing a real customer’s opinion. I’m happy to hear you had such positive results with this product.

      You’re right – if a person has mild hair loss/thinning, the device is going to work much better and faster. But for a person with a moderate baldness, it’s going to take a lot more time. In fact, if that person has been bald for many years, laser therapy usually doesn’t work (that’s because the follicles are dead so it can’t really revive them). So you did great starting laser therapy early on.

      Back to your question – I actually don’t recommend using laser devices on a scalp that has a product applied on it. That’s because laser energy has to get directly to the follicles. If there’s something else on the scalp, the energy absorbed is lower – so the effect is going to be lower.

      Your friend can use hair fibers whenever he wants, but he should make sure his scalp is clean when using the laser comb. I don’t know what brand he’s using and whether he’s satisfied or not, but I personally recommend Caboki. I feel like it’s the most professional brand right now (in terms of product quality). So if he needs an advice, you can recommend him this.

      Please keep me updated with the results and whether you’re 100% satisfied with how your hair looks after HairMax’s laser comb at any point.

    1. Hey Steve. I haven’t found any complaint on this topic so I don’t know what to tell you. Try contacting the company and ask them if it’s normal or not. But I remember reading something about this on their official website, saying that this device can lead to hair loss in some cases (it makes the damaged hair fall out so that new healthy hairs can grow instead). But it’s still safer to ask them directly, they should be able to give you more info on this.

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