My Review: TRX2 Stimulating Shampoo (2021) – Really Worth It?

  It’s time to review TRX2 Stimulating Shampoo – which is a must-try product, if you ask me. And to be honest – it’s an excellent choice for hair loss/growth: excellent formula and ingredients trustworthy producer one of the few products scientifically tested So what makes TRX2 so good? What’s the secret behind it? Let me explain why I recommend

My Review: illumiflow Laser Cap (2021) – Does It Work?

  It’s time to review illumiflow Laser Cap – which is a last-generation hair device. According to its claims: improves hair growth speed effective against shedding uses a stronger technology (than other laser products) So is illumiflow really worth it? Its price starts at $550, so you should definitely think twice before buying it. For this reason – I decided