My Review: Miracle Mink Hair Growth Drops (2023) – Do They Work?

My Review: Miracle Mink Hair Growth Drops (2019) - Do They Work?


It’s time to review Miracle Mink Hair Growth Drops – a hair serum that doesn’t look too bad:

  • high variety of ingredients
  • great formula

But does this serum really grow hair faster?

Or it’s just another weak product (like many topical ones)?

Honestly, considering its huge price – there could be something tricky behind.

Anyway – I tried to dig deep into this product and find out the actual truth about it.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Miracle Mink’s serum.

So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Rapid Hair Growth Serum from Miracle Mink

Sizes: Only 1 type of bottle (1 oz)

Best Actual Price: $35.99

Cheapest Place To Buy: Its official website (unavailable on Amazon or Walmart)

Designed For: Speeding up hair growth:

  • stimulates hair follicles
  • promotes thicker and fuller hair
  • works for both men and women

Basically – it’s not a hair loss/thinning solution.

It works best for growing hair that is otherwise healthy (and doesn’t fall out).

My Rating: 6 out of 10 (I rated it so high for its formula)

Worth Buying?: Definitely not. It has way too many issues:

  • company has many negative reviews
  • lots of complaints from previous users 
  • very low quantity per bottle (1 oz)

Besides, I don’t think it’s worth the high price at all.

Instead – I recommend a $10 cheaper supplement that worked best in my case.


What I Liked About It

  • Ingredients are really good overall
  • Strong formula
  • Smell is quite light and pleasant
  • Easy to apply 


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Ingredients have no dosages
  • Very little quantity per bottle (1 oz)
  • Enough negative reviews from previous users
  • Company has several complaints on BBB
  • Really expensive overall ($36)
  • Only available on the official website and Ebay



What Is Miracle Mink’s Serum?

In a few words – it’s a product designed to grow hair faster:

  • NOT a hair loss remedy
  • promises to thicken and add fullness
  • increases growth

Now – that’s what most topical products promises.

So what makes it so special and different from other similar products the rest?:

  1. Formula is better than most.
  2. Producing company is trustworthy.

Miracle Mink is a company that offers both human hair and hair growth products.

Other than that, there are few things known about it (or about its products).

But even so – it seems to be an honest company (in terms of refunds and money back guarantee).

So now that you know some things about its serum, it’s time to analyze it closer.


#1 – Ingredients (9 out of 10)

For a topical product – Miracle Mink has a surprisingly good formula:

  • many ingredients with studies behind
  • varied compounds
  • several important herbs/essential oils

However – it has no dosages mentioned, which is the biggest issue.

Since you can’t tell the quantity of a certain ingredient, it’s hard to analyze this formula.

But either way – I divided its ingredients in 2 groups:

  1. Essential Oils
  2. Herbal Extracts

So let’s take a closer look at each of them.

1. Essential Oils

Miracle Mink’s serum contains 9 different essential oils (according to my count).

Most of them are known for their hair benefits:

  1. Argan Oil – nourishes hair and prevents dry ends.
  2. Chili Oil – it is said to help hair growth (unoficially).
  3. Castor Oil – the most popular remedy for hair growth.
  4. Grape Seed Oil – promotes hair health. [1]

Except for Peppermint Oil, Miracle Mink contains about all of the most important hair oils.

2. Herbal Extracts

The list is a lot longer here.

This serum contains many essential hair herbs.

But unfortunately – most of them work better when taken internally (not just applied on the scalp).

Anyway, here are some of the most important herbs from these drops:

  1. Pygeum – it’s a natural DHT blocker and prevents shedding.
  2. Ginseng – promotes hair growth. [2]
  3. Gotu Kola – strengthens hair strands and roots.
  4. Saw Palmetto – the best DHT blocker among herbs. [3]
  5. Horsetail – increases hair density and thickness.
  6. Green Tea – can stop shedding and promote growth.
  7. Fo-Ti – promotes growth and prevents gray hair. [4]

Overall – these herbs look more than promising.


Miracle Mink’s formula looks almost excellent:

  • many herbs with hair studies behind
  • several essential oils
  • really varied ingredients

Actually – this formula is quite similar to the one from my top recommended product. So that tells a lot.

The only issue is that these ingredients work a lot better on the inside (not topically).

That’s a main reason why I can’t recommend these drops as a top choice.

But in terms of ingredients – they really impressed me.



#2 – Smell & Texture (8 out of 10)

I have never used Miracle Mink’s products myself – so I won’t be speaking from experience.

However, here’s what I found out about the serum’s consistency.

1. Smell

According to the reviews I read – it’s really pleasant:

  • herbal fragrances
  • moderate intensity
  • doesn’t stay in the hair for a long time

Basically – it’s the kind of smell you’re looking for in every product: not too strong but not too light either.

2. Texture

Now – this serum has an oily consistency, as it’s normal.

That might be a possible downside. 

But other than that – its texture is pretty nice:

  • consistency isn’t very thick
  • quite easy to apply

However – since the serum is rather oily, your hair will get greasier a lot faster than usual.

So washing it every 2-3 days is a must (sometimes even more often).


#3 – How To Use It (6 out of 10)

What I personally disliked about this product is the lack of directions (at least on the Internet):

  1. No instructions available.
  2. Very few directions on how you should apply it.
  3. No picture of the back label.

Now – I never owned the product myself.

So this is why I never had the chance to see the instructions.

There are definitely some – but they’re placed on the back of the bottle.

But the fact that they don’t show the directions on the official website is a real downside to me:

  • you can’t tell how often you should use it
  • you have to buy the product in order to find out

Basically – you can’t tell if you have to apply it daily unless you actually buy it.

That’s not very fair to me, since 90% products share their instructions clearly.


#4 – Results (6 out of 10)

As I said before – I haven’t tried Miracle Mink’s serum myself.

So I can’t give out any opinion/experience with it, since I don’t have any.

However – I tried to look at other people’s opinion (as I usually do in my reviews).

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional ones.

1. What People Say

Unfortunately – I couldn’t find too many real opinions on Miracle Mink’s drops:

  1. Product isn’t sold on Amazon/Walmart.
  2. No reviews on the official website (I wouldn’t trust those anyway).
  3. Very few reviews on the Internet.

So basically, I couldn’t make an opinion on these drops.

However, I did find a couple of reviews – but they were about the company in general (not just this product).

And surprisingly – about 80% were negative.

2. Biggest Complaints

Basically – Miracle Mink has a page on Better Business Bureau (BBB).

However, the company offers both hair growth products and wigs/extensions.

So the reviews on BBB aren’t related to the serum itself – but rather to Miracle Mink’s other products:

  1. There are only 10 reviews overall.
  2. 8 are negative (1 star) and 2 are positive (5 stars).
  3. Some people are calling Miracle Mink a scam.
  4. Other say they were ripped off due to high costs.
  5. Lastly, some claim the products simply don’t work.

Now as I said – these reviews aren’t necessarily about the hair drops.

The reviewers don’t mention the exact product they tried – so you can’t tell.

But either way – so many negative reviews is surely a warning sign about this company.

PS: I did receive some negative experiences with this product from previous customers. You can find them in the comments section on this page.


Overall – Miracle Mink’s drops have few authentic reviews on the Internet.

And out of those few ones, most are negative (though they’re about Miracle Mink’s products in general).

So based on these opinions – I would probably not buy this serum.

Instead, I personally would go for a hair supplement with a very similar formula and $10 less.



#5 – Price (5 out of 10)

In my opinion – this is one of the worst parts about Miracle Mink’s serum.

Though the product is really good, it’s also really pricey.

1. The Exact Price

Miracle Mink’s products are mostly available on the official website:

  1. Serum costs $36 per bottle.
  2. The quantity is 1 oz.
  3. There’s no larger quantity available.
  4. Also, there’s no discount for buying more bottles at once.

Now – the serum is available in different kits (several products together).

In this case, the price is better than if you bought the products alone.

But every kit is pretty expensive (around $100) – so you’re not making a good deal either way.

2. Competitors’ Price

I always compare the products I review with my #1 recommended product (a supplement called Folexin):

  1. Both have a pretty similar formula and ingredients.
  2. F comes as pills and should be taken by mouth.
  3. MM is a serum and has to be applied.
  4. F costs $25 per bottle normally.
  5. If you buy more bottles at once, you can get it for about $18.
  6. F isn’t available in a kit (with other products), just alone.
  7. MM costs $36 per bottle.
  8. You can get it cheaper if you buy it as a kit (with other products).

Overall – I personally would stick to Folexin, since it’s much cheaper and it’s a supplement.

I always recommend supplements to topical products – because they work on the inside and treat the actual cause of the problem.

Their effect is much better overall.

So even though I really like Miracle Mink’s serum – I consider it way too expensive at this point.



#6 – Where To Find It (6 out of 10)

Unfortunately – Miracle Mink’s products aren’t too easy to find:

  1. Not sold on Amazon or Walmart.
  2. The official website is the main seller.
  3. Some are also available on Ebay.

Now – if you want to get any product from them, I definitely recommend going for the official website.

It’s pretty safe and ships worldwide (as far as I know).

On the other hand – Ebay is a bit more dangerous, since you don’t know who exactly you’re buying from.

Plus, shipping expenses are usually higher on Ebay.

So instead of getting an opened bottle from Ebay, I would prefer paying a bit more on Miracle Mink’s website.


#7 – FAQs

Up next – I will try to answer the most common questions about Miracle Mink.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it’s easier to spot here.

1. How often should you use it?

I couldn’t find some clear instructions.

But as far as I know – it’s recommended to apply it daily and massage your scalp to spread the solution.

2. How long lasts 1 bottle?

Normally – it should last around 30 days.

But it also depends on the quantity you use and whether you apply it daily or not.

3. Can I take it with other drugs?

Since it’s a topical product that’s only applied on your scalp – you can.

There’s no risk of interactions no matter what drugs you’re currently taking.

4. Are there any side effects?

I couldn’t find too many complaints on that.

It’s true that the number of authentic reviews I found was also quite low (about 10). 

But judging after them, these drops are pretty safe.

At most – you could experience some itching or rashes, but there shouldn’t be anything major.

5. How fast should I see a change?

There’s no info about this on the label.

But based on my experience with hair products – I say you should give it about 2 months (at least).

Topical products tend to work slower than supplements, so 1 month wouldn’t be enough.


#8 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on Miracle Mink’s drops (in 3 ideas).

1. Great Ingredients

Compared to most topical products – these drops have a really good formula:

  • many classic ingredients for hair
  • long list of different compounds

It’s true that there are no dosages – so it’s hard to say if the formula is potent or not.

But unlike other hair drops, Miracle Mink contains excellent substances.

2. Very Few Opinions

There’s no real review on the drops themselves:

  • only the company has several reviews (about different products)
  • that’s on their BBB page
  • most are negative

Though I had a good opinion on Miracle Mink – it seems like previous customers don’t fully agree.

3. Expensive

For its actual value, this serum is really overpriced:

  • costs $36 per bottle
  • there’s only 1 oz of liquid

Now – it’s true that it has some really quality ingredients.

But for a 1 oz of topical product, $36 is way too much. That’s what I think.


My Verdict – Is Miracle Mink’s Serum Worth It?

Short answer: Definitely not – it’s has some major problems behind.

In terms of formula – I consider it a good product.

However – when it comes to the other aspects, I don’t actually recommend it:

  1. Extremely expensive for what it does.
  2. I received several complaints from previous users (see comments section).
  3. Company has several negative reviews.
  4. No dosages for the ingredients.

So I personally don’t recommend it.

I personally prefer a supplement with a similar formula but a much lower price – and better results in a short time.

Whether you want a supplement or you prefer a serum like Miracle Mink, it’s all up to you.


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22 thoughts on “My Review: Miracle Mink Hair Growth Drops (2023) – Do They Work?

  1. Thanks Olly, this is an interesting read for me, I’m considering these drops but wonder how much they would last. Some months ago I bought a 2 oz serum from my city drugstore and finished it in less than a month. I looked into Miracle Mink and saw it only has 1 oz per bottle and that’s way too little for me (I have middle waist hair). I could get 2 bottles from the start but I’d rather see how it works first, because it’s not very cheap. I’m also thinking about trying to make a serum from several essential oils, that would be a lot cheaper and maybe not that effective but at least I want to know that I tried out all opportunities. Ever tried anything similar? Or do you think ready bought drops like Miracle Mink are better? I’ve seen that you’re not a fan of hair oils and serums and prefer supplements instead but I’m trying to avoid pills right now so I’m not considering any supplement no matter how good it was. Also I just want to strengthen my hair not to grow it out, it’s already long enough. I’m looking forward to hear your thoughts, if possible.

    1. Hi Marianne, thanks for your questions. I’m not really sure how often you should apple Miracle Mink, as the label doesn’t mention that (I didn’t own the product in reality so I don’t know if it has any instructions or not, but there’s nothing on the Internet). 

      Therefore – I can’t guarantee that these drops would last 2 or 4 weeks. The hair length doesn’t really matter, as you only have to apply them on your scalp. But even so, I definitely agree that 1 oz is very little and it will surely not last a lot.

      Regarding its ingredients, Miracle Mink actually has a really good formula. But you can find most of its ingredients even alone, as many of them are essential oils. So your idea of putting together several essential oils might be pretty good. Just try to add as many as you can find, because Miracle Mink has around 9 different ones (plus other additional ingredients). So if you want to be close to its effect, try to combine more than 5 essential oils. 

      But your idea is pretty good, if you ask me. If you prepare the serum you’re going to be saving a lot of money, as each ingredient alone is really cheap. So I think it’s really worth trying. I actually never made a hair serum myself – but that’s mostly because I never had great results with topical product (as you already know).

      Anyway, for hair strength – I think this kind of essential oil mix should be enough. Hope this helps.

      1. My mom purchased the rapid hair growth grease from the Company. She use it for 3 months straight as instructed and her hair started falling out in large spots all over her head. Her hair was so long now she is very depressed. I took pictures and seeking to sue this company for her. I can send you the pictures if want them.

        1. Hey Iashandra, I’m so shocked to hear this, I’m really sorry for your mom. I’m not a fan of Miracle Mink’s product but I wouldn’t have had such a negative opinion on it either. Thanks a lot for your feedback!

  2. I just order. I called to cancel my order. I was told that they can not cancel and thete is no return. This is the number I called 912-264-9242 option 2 to talk to a supervisor. This is what a supervisor told me. Please help

    1. Hi Patrice, I’m really sorry to hear about the problems you ran into. As far as I know, they have a refund policy so they are forced to respect it – that’s why I don’t understand the answer they gave you.

      Now, I don’t work with the company nor have any connection with them. So there’s nothing I can do to help you cancel your order. But if I were you, I would continue to call/contact them (even via email) and tell them I will sue them if they do not refund me. Since they have a refund policy, they are forced to refund you (legally speaking). That’s why I think they will cancel your order and send your money back if you mention legal actions.

      I’ve had some of my readers telling me this “strategy” with other companies that did not agree to refund them, and apparently it worked. So that’s what I think you should do as well. At least I can’t think of another solution. Hope this helps.

  3. Excellent review! I’ve been using this product for several months and can notice new baby hairs down to my temples. It works, I can tell that…but you will need to apply it consistently and that’s not very easy. I used to wash my hair twice a week before but while using these drops I have to do it daily, my hair is a lot oilier and feels so dirty. This is the only thing I don’t like about it… Otherwise I am satisfied, I actually think it has a good price, I use it daily and one bottle lasts 3-4 weeks. That’s enough for me.

    I will continue using this product.

    1. Hello Hilary, thanks for your feedback of Miracle Mink’s drops. It’s great news hearing this product works and that you’re a satisfied customer. I actually think the drops have a great formula, which many topical products don’t have.

      But I personally don’t enjoy the idea of applying a product daily (or several times a day) and having to wash my hair so often. I just don’t have enough time for that. That’s why supplements are a much convenient alternative for me. But obviously – not everyone has to agree. So if you prefer using drops and you’re satisfied, go for it.

      Thanks again for sharing your experience.

  4. I have been using this product for 1 month now, haven’t seen any results as of yet. I will continue to use products until they are gone
    Will let you know my results, I have also taken pictures of my hair journey so still confident. So will post results good or bad

    1. Hi Charletta, thanks for sharing your experience with these hair drops. I’m really curious to hear whether they work or not, so I would love to hear your update (and see any pictures if you have any).

    1. Hi Gloria, there’s very little info about the producer behind these drops. From what I could find, the company is called Mink Hair (Wholesale) and they’re focused on human hair (extensions, wigs, weaves, etc.). As for the country – as far as I know, they’re US based. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any contact info or so – therefore I can’t give you any other info.

      I hope this helps.

  5. They say it helps with density and fullness but that’s far from the case. My hair gets really greasy every time I use it and it only looks thinner. Maybe it helps overtime and if you’re an african-american…but not me. I like the minty smell but I don’t like the greasiness. I have to wash my hands really well after I apply it, otherwise they’re going to feel very sticky and oily. 

    Not sure if I would recommend this overall. I’m not going to buy a second bottle. Is there another serum that is lighter (not as greasy)?

    1. Hi Piles. Thank you for your feedback on Miracle Mink’s drops. It’s really helpful hearing another opinion.

      Hair serums are generally greasy, because they’re made of essential oils and greasy compounds. So no matter what serum you used, there’s the risk that your hair gets greasy faster. That’s totally normal. 

      However, if your hair tends to get greasy quite fast normally – using oily products aren’t recommended. That’s because you would have to wash your hair even more frequently.

      On the other hand, oily products work better for women with frizzy hair, just like you said.

      For this reason – considering your hair type, I wouldn’t recommend going for another serum (or any kind of oily products). 

      Instead, supplements can make a bigger change in a faster time (without affecting your hair’s greasiness). I know people kind of avoid supplements when they can use topical products. But if you want the best effect – using a supplement is the best choice.

      Still, I will answer your question about a less greasy hair serum. There’s a product called Folliboost that has a much thicker consistency than Miracle Mink’s drops. Actually – of all hair serums I looked into, Folliboost is probably the thickest. For this reason, it doesn’t make hair as greasy as the others.

      But as I said – for your hair type, serums aren’t really recommended. However, it’s up to you what you decide.

      PS: This guide on making hair thicker might help you with additional tips.

  6. Hi Olly! I am using these drops and they help with growth. I was just wondering if they could help men as well? My husband’s hair is getting thinner every year and I don’t know what he should use. He went to a doctor and he said it’s natural, there’s nothing he can do about it. Is it really so? And would it help if he started using these drops? Thank you!!

    1. Hey Ann, thanks for letting me know your experience with these drops. As for your husband, he probably has an early baldness (which usually starts with thinning hair). It’s a very common condition in men but there is something you can do about it (especially in early stages, as your husband’s is). So the doctor he saw could have helped more than he did, if you ask me.

      So let me explain the whole situation.

      Male pattern hair loss is caused by excessive levels of DHT (which is a form of testosterone, so a hormone). In some men, this hormone has much higher levels – which affects hair roots. At first, hair starts getting thinner and it starts falling out afterwards. Most men dealing with this problems have an M hairline and some develop crown thinning/baldness.

      But as I said – there is something you can do about it, as long as it’s in early stages.

      Miracle Mink’s drops aren’t very helpful in this case, because they’re designed for healthy hair. No matter how long your husband would use this product, I doubt it would help.

      Instead – he should go for products specially designed against male pattern hair loss. These products are called “DHT blockers” because they block the excess hormones, decreasing the hair loss/thinning.

      Now – there are 2 products I usually recommend for male pattern hair loss:

      1) Profollica – it’s probably the best one. It’s based on natural ingredients and it has enough positive opinions behind. The only downside is that it’s a bit pricey (about $60 for 2 products). Also, it comes as a supplement and a gel but you can only buy them together. Other than that, it’s a very effective product, that’s why it’s my top recommendation.

      2) Procerin – it’s another excellent product that is very similar to my top recommendation. But unlike Profollica, Procerin is based on Saw Palmetto (which is a strong remedy against DHT excess). It also comes as 2 products, but you can buy them separately. Considering this, it can be a cheaper option (you can buy only the supplement). 

      Other than these 2 products, I should also inform you about Minoxidil and Finasteride. These are the only products approved by FDA for male pattern hair loss. So most doctors prescribe them for similar cases to your husband’s.

      However – I usually prefer the 2 herbal remedies from above (Profollica and Procerin) because they are a lot safer:

      – Finasteride has a long list of side effects that are quite dangerous

      – Both Minoxidil and Finasteride should be used for the rest of your life (otherwise hair loss returns even more aggressive).

      These are the 2 downside of these products. However, in terms of effect, they do work. So if your husband is willing to use the for the rest of his life, my advice is to go for them.

      You can find both in any local pharmacy, but Finasteride requires a medical prescription. If you want to make things easier, you can opt for an online subscription retailer like Hims or Keeps. Both offer monthly subscriptions for any of those products and they give you the chance to have a medical consult online (with one of their specialists).

      Their prices are a bit higher compared to pharmacies, but the difference isn’t huge.

      So if you prefer to go for a subscription brand, I suggest choosing Keeps. They have the best prices and a high rate of approval for Finasteride prescriptions (when you have an online consultation, their specialist will decide if you’re eligible for a prescription or not). Still, you can buy Minoxidil without a prescription.

      I hope this helped you understand more about your husband’s problem and what he could do to treat it. Please let me know if you have any other questions and keep me updated with your husband’s case.

  7. You are telling the truth. The person who answer the phone is rude and I ask them if the product has sulfur in it because I told her I was allergic to it, so she tells me that it is sulfur free. So I order the the whole kit day growth, night growth serum, shampoo, conditioner, night serum and something else that came with no label. I tried the product within a hour my head start inch and get very irritated, I start to feel very sick like my throat was trying to close up that’s when I said omg I am having a allergic reaction so thank God I lived like 3 minutes to the hospital so I grabbed my keys and the hair products went to the hospital and I got to hospital I told the nurse I was having a allergic reaction. So she took me back and immediately gave me meds in a Iv and took blood work to send to the lab because I told her I can’t hardly breathe and was crying asking for to help me. She ask me what did I take to get allergic reaction. I told her I was feeling fine till I used this sulfur free product and after of using it I start to have a allergic reaction I had hives all over my body and couldn’t hardly breath.

    She ask if I brought it with I gave it to her and my head felt like it was on fire I was really scratching my head because It was irritating she said not to do that because whatever is in the product is getting in my nails. So she cleansed my and by then the meds in the IV kicked in and it felt so good she start to ask me questions like what are you allergic to and I told the list of things including sulfur and the itching start to go away. She took the product to with her to give to the doctor I finally fell asleep and about three hours later my husband came and I woke up and told him what happened to me and he said I told you to stop buying stuff offline from people, you don’t know what they putting in that stuff and he was right. I always try to see the good in people and give the products a try but I am so done with that. After this the doctor comes in with my lab results and he said that all the product was full of sulfur. I was so pissed off so I called the lady to let her talk to my doctor and ask to speak to the owner. The lady on phone said the owner was there now, and what is the problem.

    After hearing her say that I went off on her I am going to have lawsuit against your damn owner who sold me some products that’s full of sulfur and ask you all if it was sulfur free and you lied and said it was and now I am in the hospital from a bad allergic reaction from your product and I am reporting you all to the Better business bureau. I am going to let everyone know that y’all are liars and what y’all products did to my hair. She hung up the phone when doctor told her I have proof and you all could have killed her had she not came to the doctor in time and I am giving her paperwork to give to her lawyer. So I went home and washed the product out my head and my hair start to come out so I said maybe that’s new growth so I put my Shea butter on my head and blow dryer it but why I was using my comb dryer more hair was coming out. So I immediately put my hair damage and growth hair grease that’s is sulfur free in my hair and and more hair was coming out.

    I love my hair so I start crying and panicking my husband came in and ask what was I told him to look in the sink my hair is falling out because of this ladies product so I could call again and no one would answer. So I went to sleep and woke up the next morning and began to comb my hair for work and more of my hair came out my hair is my glory and grace. So I called again no one answered I have pictures of how bad my hair came out the Better Business bureau is dealing with them now. Each of their products are filled with sulfur. If you are allergic to it don’t buy anything!! As a matter of fact, these products they are rude deceitful and liars and scam artists I will never trust another person or product again I am done!

    1. Hi Sandra, wow I’m was so impressed by your story!

      I am extremely sad and angry to hear what happened to you and how badly Miracle Mink’s staff treated you. I used to have a pretty good opinion on their product (in terms of formula), because the ingredient list is better than in many similar products. However, I received negative feedback about the brand from some of my readers. Still, none had such a negative experience as you did and I’m extremely sorry you had to go through this.

      First of all, they must have been completely aware that their products contain sulfur. But since they were desperate to sell them, they pretended they were sulfur free. That’s a totally illegal practice and it deserves to be punished. The fact that they stopped answering your phone is the best proof there’s something wrong about this brand.

      I will stop recommending their products completely (even though I never actually recommended them, but I praised some in terms of formula). My advice is to stay away from any supplement/topical product for a few months. In this way, your hair will regenerate and your scalp will heal alone. You can check out this guide on growing hair faster naturally but try to follow only the tips based on natural remedies (not the ones with supplements, etc.). You can also try to see a dermatologist and have his opinion. But it’s quite obvious that your hair fell out so badly due to a trauma (the allergic reaction). So it will heal and get back to its normal shape, it only needs time.

      Once again, I’m extremely sorry for what happened to you and I wish there was something I could do for you, honestly. I will surely let people know about the negative side of this product, that’s for sure. Hopefully your issue never happens to any Miracle Mink user. Thanks a lot for sharing your story and I wish you a fast recovery!

  8. Hi my name is Toni and I have been using Miracle Mink hair growth products for two months now and have noticed my hair has thinned but my edges have started to grow in. Based on my experience, and negative reviews read from other users , I too will stop using these products, in fact I am going to throw them away.

    1. Hi Tony, thanks a lot for your feedback on Miracle Mink. Apparently, in your case it has both some good and some bad points. But I totally agree that this product has a pretty negative customer feedback. I don’t consider its formula too bad, but it’s obviously that there’s something else behind, since it has so many unsatisfied users. So yes, since it’s thinning your hair, throwing it away might be the best choice.

      I don’t really know what kind of hair problems you have, but I usually recommend supplements to topical products. They have a much stronger effect, as they work on the inside. Results usually appear much faster and you also pay a lot less on supplements than on topical products. If you really don’t want to try a supplement, you should at least go for a professional shampoo with a decent price. Here’s a list of the best shampoos I could currently find on the market.

      Plus, you might want to follow these tips for making your hair look thicker. If you could give me some extra details about your hair issue, I could help you more.

  9. You sure do have a lot to say about a product that you’ve never used🙄🤔. Just stick to what you know, but at the same time don’t put down a product or the owner, and you haven’t tried it. Stay bald sweetie… It works perfectly. I’m a faithful, and satisfied customer. By the way mostly black women try it…so move on. Have a great day 🙄💪🏾😊

    1. Hi Diana, I never said it doesn’t work – I couldn’t say that, since I never tried it myself. But it has lots of complaints and negative reviews, which are surely not fake. Plus, many of its complaints are on BBB (a website which is known for its authenticity). So there are clearly lots of people who were either scammed by it, or who have a very bad opinion on it.

      I’m actually happy to hear it works for you and that you continue to use it. But that doesn’t make me recommend it anyway, given its very negative feedback. Thanks a lot for your opinion!

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