How To Grow Hair Longer And Faster (In 12 Steps)

How To Grow Hair Longer And Faster (In 7 Steps)

Are you trying to grow your hair out – without much success? 

You probably did the right things… but not all of them.

For this reason, let me show you my strategy.

Here’s how to grow your hair longer and faster in 12 easy steps – based on my personal experience.

Note: I have used each of these 12 steps below myself so I’ve seen them work (when followed together).

5 Things You Need To Know First

Before we get started, I want to mention 5 essential facts you should know.

  1. Hair grows (about) 0.5 inches per month normally.
  2. This only happens if it’s healthy and in a good shape.
  3. Otherwise, it will not grow more than 0.25 inches/month.
  4. Certain products/ingredients can speed up growth rate.
  5. However, nothing can grow your hair in 1-2 weeks.

Basically – there’s no way to grow your hair 5 inches in a month.

There’s also no way you grow any 0.5 inches overnight.

I have seen a lot of videos on YouTube claiming to teach you how to do this – but trust me, they are all scams.

Medically speaking, hair cannot grow so fast.

Any person/product claiming the opposite is clearly trying to scam people.

However – your hair can grow 1-2 inches in a month (even 3 in some cases).

But this only happens with:

  • special strategies
  • a combination of different steps/procedures
  • patience and consistency

And that’s the reason why I want to share the strategy I’ve been using.

This will not grow your hair overnight or in a few weeks.

But it can help your hair grow up to 3 inches per month (not from the first weeks, though).

So if you’re ready – let’s get straight to the point.


STEP #1 – Use A Special Supplement

My Folexin (Foligen) Review - My #1 Recommendation For Hair Loss & Growth

This is the #1 step because it’s by far the most important one.

I’ve seen this myself – the supplement I used has done about 60% of the job (growing my hair faster).

1. How & Why?

First of all, a supplement is a mix of hair nutrients:

  • herbal extracts (strongest effect usually)
  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • keratin/other strengthening agents

When your hair starts getting an extra amount of nutrients – follicles are stimulated.

In this way, their growth speeds gets 2-3 times faster.

Obviously – nutrients also improve hair health, which is also involved in the growth process.

The healthier a hair is, the faster it will grow.

2. My Top Recommendation

There are hundreds of hair supplements on the market.

But after having tested over 50, I personally recommend only 1 type:

  • based on herbal extracts
  • biotin dosages under 1000 mcg
  • only contains essential vitamins

Out of the products I like, there’s one I specifically recommend (Folexin):

  1. One of the best formulas on the market.
  2. I could see an effect in about 1 month.
  3. Works for both hair loss, thinning and growth.
  4. Lowest price in this category.

Basically – Folexin is the cheapest supplement that worked so well for me.

It costs around $25 per bottle normally, but you can also get it for around $18.


If you want to grow your hair faster, using a supplement is a must.

However – I wouldn’t recommend any product.

Instead, make sure it follows the criteria I mentioned above (essential fact).

I personally recommend Folexin, as it’s way cheaper than its competitors and works just as well.

But you are free to choose any other product – as long as it’s a quality one and you afford it.


STEP #2 – Switch To A Hair Growth Shampoo

My Valotin Shampoo Review (2021) - #1 Recommended Shampoo

Just like supplements – there are also shampoos designed for faster growth.

Adding this kind of product to your hair routine will change a lot.

I’m actually speaking from experience.

1. Why & How?

Unlike regular shampoos – hair growth ones are different:

  • usually have a stronger formula
  • designed to stimulate hair follicles
  • nourish the roots to increase growth

Usual shampoos only clean the scalp.

On the other hand – hair growth shampoos are meant to activate and stimulate roots and follicles.

In this way, hair is forced to grow faster.

In some cases – it can grow up to 2 times faster, which is a big difference.

2. My Top Recommendation

To be honest – I’m not a huge fan of hair growth/loss shampoos.

In most cases, they’re pretty ineffective when used alone.

So I prefer to use a supplement alone and get a much better results (than when using a shampoo alone).

However – there is a product I really like (Valotin’s Strengthening Shampoo):

  • excellent results in terms of speeding up my hair growth
  • very professional formula
  • super affordable

Plus – one bottle lasts more than 1 month, so it surely makes a great option for any budget/

I also used it for my hair loss and it was one of the few shampoos that really worked.

So I can definitely guarantee for it.


A shampoo designed for hair growth is essential in this case.

Though it doesn’t make miracles alone – when combined with a supplement, it helps a lot more.

For this reason, I really advise you to add a growth shampoo to your hair routine.

It’s actually one of the essential steps, if you ask me.

I personally recommend Valotin’s product – but there are many others.

So most importantly, choose a product you can afford.



STEP #3 – Daily Scalp Massage

How To Grow Hair Longer And Faster (In 12 Steps)

Ever heard of scalp massage?

If you have – chances are you think it’s just another useless step. But in reality, it’s far from that.

I would actually rate it as the 3rd most important step in my hair growth strategy.

1. Why & How?

First of all – scalp massage directly stimulate hair follicles.

Massaging your scalp daily for 1 month can double your hair growth speed.

And I’ve seen this myself.

  1. Scalp massage also stimulates sebum production.
  2. This lubricates roots and follicles.
  3. It also increases scalp circulation and blood flow.
  4. In this way, hair is stimulated to grow constantly.

That’s similar to what hair oils do – but a lot less messy.

2. My Top Recommendation

Unlike the other steps – you can perform a scalp massage yourself.

You don’t need any special products/tools:

  1. Simply run your fingers through your scalp.
  2. Massage every area for a few seconds.
  3. Press slightly.

Now – you can also use a wire scalp massager, but it’s not a must.

I personally never used one – only my hands.

A scalp massage should last between 2-5 minutes (depending on your needs).

But as I said – performing this daily for a month will surely have a big impact on your hair growth.

The only downside is that your hair might get greasy faster than usual.

But compared to using hair oils – it’s way cleaner.


Massaging your scalp for 5 minutes daily will really help with growth.

In fact – you can’t even imagine what an impact it has.

It’s a way too simple step to seem to helpful – that’s why many people aren’t aware of it.

But doing a scalp massage daily for a month will speed your growth rate for sure.


STEP #4 – Start Using Oils

How To Grow Hair Longer And Faster (In 12 Steps)

You surely heard that Castor Oil helps with hair growth.

Well – it’s partially true.

The oil itself stimulates follicles – but so do most of the other oils.

So basically – using any oil on your scalp will stimulate hair growth. 

1. Why & How?

The explanation is pretty similar to scalp massage:

  1. Greasy substances stimulate follicles.
  2. They also lubricate the inside roots.
  3. In this way, they making hair grow faster and stronger.

But as I said – it’s not the kind of oil that makes the difference.

Any oily substance will stimulate growth – whether it’s Castor oil or baby oil (which isn’t even designed for hair).

So it’s all about the greasy consistency.

However, in terms of results – this can help tremendously.

2. My Top Recommendation

If I were to choose one oil, it would probably be Coconut oil.

Though I’m not a huge fan of using oils on hair – this one has small advantages over the others:

  • not as greasy as most
  • helpful for dry ends as well
  • locks in moisture

Now – you can use any kind of oil, as long as it has a greasy texture.

But my personal favorite is Coconut oil.

The others work as well, but some may be a lot greasier.

Obviously – using any oil will make your hair really greasy. So you would have to wash it daily.

But in the end, it’s worth the result.


Using an oil on your hair will stimulate follicles a lot.

That’s why hair oils are so recommended for growth – and their effect is totally real.

That’s why I recommend adding an oil to your daily hair routine.

It can be any type, as long as it’s an oily substance.

Make sure to apply it daily and let it sit as long as you can.

In 1 month – you should see a real difference in your hair’s length.


STEP #5 – Avoid Daily Shampooing

How To Grow Hair Longer And Faster (In 12 Steps)

If you’re a fan of daily shampooing – this bad habit has to stop.

In terms of growth, it’s far from helpful.

1. Why & How?

What shampoo does is cleaning up your scalp.

So why isn’t it recommended when you want to grow your hair out?:

  1. Daily shampooing reduces natural oils from the scalp.
  2. This makes the scalp drier.
  3. That’s quite the opposite of hydration.
  4. A dry scalp will never grow hair as fast as a hydrated one.

Basically – too much shampoo dries out hair follicles.

Even though it doesn’t necessarily affect them normally – they grow a lot slower in this way.

That’s why shampooing your hair more rarely would help.

2. My Top Recommendation

In case you don’t normally wash your hair daily, there’s nothing to change.

But if you do – try to reduce the frequency:

  • wash your hair every 2-3 days using shampoo
  • you can also wash it daily – but don’t use shampoo
  • still, condition it in every wash

As shampoo decreases your scalp hydration, it will also reduce follicle stimulation.

So instead of growing your hair faster – it will slow it down.

That’s why it’s essential to reduce its use.


Daily shampoo isn’t the best habit for growing hair out.

As it leads to scalp and follicle dryness – the other steps might not be as effective as normally.

That’s why my advice is to wash your hair about 2 times a week.

You can also wash it more often, but don’t use shampoo.

Rinse it with water and use conditioner/special masks to hydrate it properly.


STEP #6 Rinse Hair With Herbs

This is one of my unique tips – because I’ve never seen it recommended anywhere.

It’s one of the things I used myself and saw results with.

So that’s why I consider it a very helpful step for hair growth.

1. Why & How?

There are a few herbs with a great effect for hair growth:

Normally – I recommend using these herbs in a supplement (as you can take several extracts together).

However, using them topically can increase the effect:

  1. Green tea blocks DHT receptors from the scalp.
  2. Turmeric stimulates roots directly.
  3. Horsetail strengthens and stimulates follicles.

So this kind of herbal rinse can make a difference in your hair growth rate.

2. My Top Recommendation

The best thing you can do is to choose 1 or more helpful herbs.

Use tea bags/the whole herb to make an infusion, then let it cool down. Afterwards:

  • you can add it in a spray bottle
  • apply it on your wet hair
  • let it sit for a few minutes and massage
  • rinse your hair normally with water

I personally use green tea infusion alone and I see results.

Besides stimulating your follicles – herbs also add shine and hydrate your locks.

In case you don’t have time to prepare an infusion, use apple cider vinegar instead.

It’s ready made and it does about the same things as herbs.


Using herbs to rinse your hair can help your growth process a lot.

I personally have been using this tip and I definitely recommend it.

It doesn’t only help with growth – but it also keeps your hair in great shape.

Since it’s so easy to try, it’s clearly worth the shot.


STEP #7 – Daily Brush

Ever thought that brushing your hair has anything to do with its growth?

Well – there’s quite a big connection actually.

1. How & Why?

Brushing your hair doesn’t only keep it tangle-free.

It also helps maintaining the ends hydrated:

  1. Distributes sebum from the roots to the ends.
  2. Prevents dry and damaged ends.
  3. Increases scalp blood flow.
  4. Promotes natural follicle growth.

In this way – your scalp won’t get too greasy and your ends won’t dry out.

So even though it doesn’t sound like a big deal – brushing can help a lot more.

2. My Top Recommendation

The best thing you can do is to brush your hair before bedtime.

In this way – all the sebum built up throughout the day will reach the whole strands (not just the roots).

On the long term, this will help to:

  • prevent breakage and frizz
  • decrease greasy scalp
  • grow hair faster

So this is probably the easiest step so far.

Brushing your hair every night isn’t such a big deal – and it’s more helpful than you think.


From this night – try to brush your hair every time before going to bed.

It’s enough to brush it only once.

This will distribute your scalp oils and increase the growth rate overall.

Since it’s such a small thing – it’s totally worth the time.


STEP #8 – Vitamins Straight On Hair

This step is another of my personal secrets.

Using vitamins directly on hair will help it grow a lot faster.

1. Why & How?

Vitamins inside hair supplements really help – that’s clear.

But if you want to see a faster effect, try to apply liquid vitamins on your scalp additionally:

  1. Add a few drops on your roots.
  2. Massage to spread them evenly.
  3. Let it sit for a few hours then rinse.

Using topical vitamins once a week should be enough.

Now – you don’t have to buy any expensive extracts, just the vitamins themselves.

Your can find liquid vitamins in any drugstore/pharmacy.

So you can either mix several together or use only one form.

2. My Top Recommendation

It’s up to you what vitamins you want to use – most are helpful for hair.

But I would suggest one of these 3:

  • Vitamin E (antioxidant)
  • Vitamin A
  • B Vitamins Complex

They are probably the strongest in terms of hair benefits.

So if you want to get the most of a vitamin, you should pick one of these 3.


Using liquid vitamins on your scalp has a similar effect to hair oils.

But unlike oils – vitamins boost hair growth directly (not just by scalp stimulation).

So applying one or a mix of vitamins once a week can help a lot – especially on the long term.


STEP #9 – Use Conditioner/Mask Weekly

As much as you should avoid shampoo – conditioner should be used constantly.

It might sound weird, but that’s the best solution.

1. Why & How?

First of all – any conditioner is designed to hydrate hair.

And that’s also available for masks or treatments.

On the other hand, shampoos are meant to clean it – which is totally different.

For this reasons, conditioning can help with growth:

  • maintains hair ends soft and hydrated
  • improves general hair health
  • decreases breakage

Now – conditioning doesn’t stimulate growth directly.

But it keeps hair really health, which is a major factor.

That’s why I advise you to use shampoo more rarely but use conditioner in every wash.

2. My Top Recommendation

First of all – make sure to hydrate your hair in every wash.

You can use either conditioner, masks or any other hair treatment.

Just make sure your ends are properly nourished.

If possible, try to avoid excessive shampooing:

  • use it only once per every wash
  • avoid washing your hair with shampoo daily
  • do this only 2-3 times a week

But when it comes to conditioning – it’s totally the opposite.


Conditioning your hair is essential for its healthy growth.

Even if it doesn’t stimulate hair roots directly – conditioner keeps hair hydrated.

That’s really important if you want to grow your hair faster.

So try to condition it after every wash, without exception.


STEP #10 – Avoid Heat & Bleach Completely

Damaged ends can make the difference between a hair that grows fast and one that doesn’t.

So what does this have to do with heat/bleaching?

Quite a lot actually.

1. Why & How?

First of all – heat and bleach damage hair (especially the ends).

Once your hair is damaged even a bit, its growth speed decreases a lot.

That’s why all hairstylists recommend avoiding damaging procedures like:

  • bleaching/dying your hair (especially light colors)
  • overstyling
  • high temperature tools

If you really need to style your hair – make sure you use a quality heat protection spray.

Also – try to invest in a professional tool (that will reduce damage to minimum).

2. My Top Recommendation

As much as possible – try to avoid getting your hair damaged.

If you can’t resist going for a lighter shade, you can try natural procedures using:

  • cinnamon
  • honey
  • lemon juice

But my recommendation is to avoid bleach completely.

And if you can – try to style your hair without using heat.


Heat and bleach are some of the biggest enemies for hair growth.

As they damage the ends considerably – hair grows even twice slower than before.

That’s why it’s essential to avoid them as much as possible.


STEP #11 – Use Rice Water

How To Grow Hair Longer And Faster (In 12 Steps)

Rice water is a pretty popular solution for hair growth.

However – I’m not a big fan of it, since I never saw the results I expected.

That’s the reason why I didn’t place it higher on my list.

But still – some people claim rice water can really boost hair growth.

1. Why & How?

First of all – rice water helps hair health (rather than growth):

  • adds shine and smoothness
  • moisturizes the ends
  • strengthens roots
  • prevents breakage and fragile hair

However, it doesn’t stimulate follicles or growth directly.

Just think about it – it’s not a greasy substance nor does it have any study behind.

So despite being quite popular, it doesn’t grow hair itself.

It actually makes it healthier – and a healthy hair will always grow faster.

2. My Top Recommendation

As I said – in my case, using rice water didn’t speed up my hair growth.

So I can pretty much guarantee it’s not as helpful as YouTubers claim.

However – it surely made my hair look better (in terms of shine and strength).

Therefore – I suggest you to start using rice water as well:

  • place some rice in a bowl together with water
  • let it sit (at least) overnight
  • take off the rice and use the water to rinse your hair

It’s pretty easy to use, cheap and sort of helpful.


Rice water isn’t a miraculous hair growth solution (as many bloggers claim).

But it does help with your general hair health.

So adding this ingredient to your hair routine can keep it in a great shape.

This will surely add up to the other steps above.


STEP #12 – Leave Hair Natural

Do ponytails make hair grow slower?

It’s possible – according to the latest expert rumors.

That’s why it’s believed that leaving hair natural is the best solution.

1. Why & How?

Apparently – tight ponytails keep your hair in constant tension:

  • it becomes more fragile in time
  • breaks a lot easier
  • ends get drier and frizzier

Have you ever noticed a lot of hairs on your elastics, while taking them off?

I certainly have – and still do almost every time.

For this reason, try to avoid tight ponytails and leave your hair natural as much as possible.

You can still tie your hair – but make sure you don’t keep it tied in the same position every day.

2. My Top Recommendation

I’m personally a fan of ponytails (especially high ones).

However – I tried to let them more loose instead of keeping them tight.

So that’s what I advise you to do as well:

  • don’t keep your hair tied constantly
  • when you keep it in a ponytail, make sure it’s loose
  • avoid tight ones
  • also, avoid tying them in the same position

Though this isn’t a crucial tip, it can help on the long term.


Tight ponytails can weaken your hair a lot.

Though that’s not directly related to growth – it does have a connection.

Weaker and damaged hair will always grow a lot slower.

That’s why it’s essential to protect it as much as possible.


My Verdict – Can You Speed Up Hair Growth?

Short answer: Definitely, if you do the right things. And following these 12 steps will surely help:

  • Use a strong hair supplement for growth
  • Get a shampoo designed for faster growth
  • Perform a scalp massage daily
  • Start using hair oils
  • Avoid daily shampooing
  • Rinse your hair with herbal infusions
  • Brush it every day before bedtime
  • Apply vitamins directly on hair
  • Condition in every wash
  • Avoid bleach and heat completely
  • Use rice water for rinsing
  • Leave your hair natural

Now – if you can’t follow all of them, I would choose the first 3 steps that are essential and can’t be skipped:

  1. Special Hair Supplement
  2. Shampoo Designed For Faster Growth
  3. Scalp Massage

Obviously, the results will appear later if you follow only these 3 steps.

That’s why I recommend doing all the initial 12.

Either way, you won’t see any result overnight – not even in a couple of weeks.

Be patient and wait about 1-2 months until you draw a conclusion. 

But if you follow these 12 steps correctly – I’m 90% sure you will see a change after this time.

So trust me, they’re totally worth trying.

24 thoughts on “How To Grow Hair Longer And Faster (In 12 Steps)

  1. This is a topic that is of interest to me as i’ve got a hairloss problem. I read previously about head massaging and have been doing it everyday for a week and shall continue to.

    A good selection of various products over coming the need for hair transplant surgery. The items listed has got to be a better option than going under the knife which would be very expensive indeed.

    1. Hi Jake, this method can help existing hair grow faster. But it’s not that kind of miraculous treatment – actually it doesn’t help hair grow again if there’s already a loss.

      I agree with you that most hair loss products are super expensive – and about 90% of the are scams. But I honestly advise you to take a look at Follixin, because lots of people (especially men) had amazing results with it.

      I also tried it for my hair loss, and it was amazing – but I didn’t have that kind of diffuse hairloss (as men do).

      So it’s really good, from my experience. Also, it comes as pills – not as a shampoo or cream. So this can tell why it’s so effective (it works on the inside). I really advise you to try it, it might even save you from the knife. Plus, it’s not that expensive.

  2. Just wondering. Is it possible that someone is unable to grow hair longer whatever the method is? I mean due to the genes for instance.

    1. Hey Tar. To be honest, I kind of believe there’s always new to try. So at one point – something has to help your hair grow, even a bit.

      But I do have a friend who’s always had problems with hair growth. And she says it’s due to genetics, because her mom and aunt never could grow long hair. So I can’t really tell.

      But as I said, in my opinion there’s always something to try. And I can tell you that my friend is always resigned, she never wants to try anything because she claims to know it’s not going to help.

      So I think you should give different remedies a try, as much as you can. Hope this helps.

  3. Wonderful tips! I have fairly long hair and i can also say that it does grow much faster when you trim off the damaged parts.I never wanted to get a haircut as a kid. My mom would always tell me that hair is like a plant. You need to pinch off the dead flower/leaves so the plant can grow (so the dying part doesn’t suck all the nutrients up). Now, everytime I go to get a hair trim, I think of this.

    1. Hey Brandy, it’s great to hear you found some useful tips here. I totally agree with your mom – cutting off the damaged ends really helps hair growth, especially on the long term.

  4. Hi, I have also heard that brushing your hair regularly can really stimulate hair growth. I’m guessing that’d be similar to running your fingers through your hair or the scalp massage?

    1. Hi there, I think it depends a lot on how you brush it, but mostly no.

      I mean – brushing help the hair ends more than the roots. And here it’s all about the roots – since that’s where the hair growth begins.

      So if you brush your hair in a different way (like touching your scalp), it could replace the scalp massage. But otherwise, not really. So I don’t recommend giving up scalp massage for hair brushing.

  5. Hi Olly, thank you for the tips. I am guilty as everyone by not cutting the damaged hair, I mean not cutting as much as I am supposed to. Because i always like having long hair.
    But i supposed you are right more you cut damaged hair quicker they grow back, and healthier they look.
    I do use olive/coconut oil hair masks every week. I will try these steps and tell you how fast they work for me.

    1. Hi Joana -long hair is so beautiful, I definitely agree. But sometimes we have to make sacrifices.

      If you follow this plan, your hair’s growth speed should improve in a month or two. So I think it’s worth cutting it for the long term benefits.

      I hope you take the best decision.

  6. Hello, I’ve actually been trying to grow my hair longer this year as I’m getting married next year and want long hair on my wedding day but so far I’ve had no luck.
    I’ve tried vitamins and always make sure my dead ends are cut off but that hasn’t really helped so I am definitely going to try everything from your list and see if they will make a difference, thanks so much for the tips.

    1. Hi Sarah, these things should really help. There’s enough time till next year, so try a lot of hair masks and hair growth shampoos.

      Also, for the wedding day you could try some hair extensions because it’s just one day, you know? I know many brides who used extensions for their wedding and they got the hair they were dreaming of. So you can also consider this option in case you don’t get the desired hair length.

      Hope this helps

  7. Hi, Olly! These are great tips about how to grow our hair longer and faster! What really strikes me in your article is that there are specially designed vitamins that boost hair growth! Wow, isn’t that great? You see I am in recovery from chemotherapies and my hair finally started to grow but I am a little bit hurried! I want my long hair back as soon as possible! Do you really think that these vitamins could help me?
    Best wishes.

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Yes, these vitamins should definitely help you..

      I know there are certain medicines that contain a combination of vitamins, designed to boost hair growth. I don’t know to tell you one, but if you go to a pharmacy and ask, they should recommend you something that fits your problem (better than I can recommend you).

      So that’s what I think you should do. Hope this helps.

  8. Excellent review, thank you for taking your time to give so many details. I have thinning and hair loss which is probably leading to baldness (most men in my family suffered from that at my age). Now I am trying to do something to prevent it from going so bad. 

    My doctor recommended Finasteride but I was too scared of its side effects and that’s how I came to Profollica. Do you think that as a formula, it has better chances to stop the hair loss? I only want to know from the point of view of a formula. I understood that it’s much safer as side effects and this is what made me interested in it.

    But I would like to make sure that this product is good enough to help me (with or without Finasteride’s side effects). Should I use both products (from Profollica) to get the best effect? I am waiting for your answer, Gill.

    1. Hey Gill, thanks for your interest and kind words about my article. I’m really happy to hear you enjoyed it.

      First of all – Finasteride does come with some major side effects. And unfortunately, they seem to be more common than in herbal supplements (I read many reviews of both categories). Plus, some men claim the side effects never got any better, even after they stopped using Finasteride completely.

      Now – this doesn’t mean that you will also experience side effects from it. But there is a possibility. That’s why I agree with you, choosing a supplement based on natural ingredients is a lot safer.

      Regarding Profollica – I think it’s a great choice for you. From your description, your problem seems to be genetic. In most cases, it’s because of a DHT excess that runs in the family. This excess isn’t really dangerous in terms of health, but it does cause hair loss and baldness in time. That’s why you have to keep it under control.

      That’s the exact problem Profollica is designed for – DHT excess.

      You mentioned you wanted to hear my opinion regarding its formula. Well – I think it’s strong and potent enough to treat the excess. It’s hard to compare it with Finasteride in terms of ingredients, because Finasteride is an ingredient itself and Profollica contains several ingredients. So I can’t really compare them.

      But I personally think Profollica has a great formula, so it can treat the DHT excess properly (just like Finasteride would). Also, I advise you to check out its reviews on the Internet, most of them are positive and praising it (but make sure to avoid promotional reviews, those are usually fake).

      About your second question – yes, I would recommend using both products for best results. Actually, you can only buy Profollica’s both products (they only come together). I would normally recommend only the supplement, but the gel has actually a great composition (a lot better than most gels). That’s why I think it’s really worth it, in this case.

      And as I said, you can only get the 2 products together. That might seem a bit pricier, but its about $30 per product – which is quite decent, if you ask me.

      So at this point, I definitely recommend you Profollica. In case you decide to try it, give it at least 3-4 months before you expect any results. In cases of early baldness, results appear slower compared to general hair loss.

      I hope this helps you.

  9. Hi Olly,

    Thank you so much for your tips. I’ve recently started experiencing hair loss and from my labs, it’s probably due to thyroid problems or vitamin deficiencies, or both.
    I just started using folexin and will consult an endocrinologist for my thyroid problems. Hopefully these will help me get my hair back. Your tips seem very helpful as well and I’m going to start applying them.
    On tip 2, regarding shampoo, I started using a hair loss restoration shampoo called Cystiphane. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it. If so, would you recommend it as a shampoo for hair growth?
    On Tip 4, I see you mentioned using oils on hair. I just wanted some clarification: Do you use the oil on hair strands or on hair scalp? Also is it ok to put the oil on hair strand everyday but wash my hair every week? I have very curly hair so it doesn’t get greasy.

    Thank you!!!

    1. Hey Alexa, thanks for your kind words, I’m so happy you’re starting to apple these tips. I’m sorry for your hair issues but your thyroid problems are most likely involved in this. So make sure to see an endocrinologist as soon as possible, he will prescribe you the right treatment and any vitamins, in case they’re necessary.

      Regarding your questions – first of all, I did hear of Cystiphane but I never used it, nor was I very familiar with it. I just checked it on Google but I couldn’t find a lot of info about it. From what I see, it’s a French product, right? I found a picture of its label written in French, so I’m assuming it’s made in Europe. Other than that, it seems to have some pretty interesting ingredients (different from the usual ones). It’s not based on herbs but it does have some strong compounds like zinc pyrithione, which I never saw in a shampoo, to be honest. But zinc is excellent for hair both internally and topically, so that pyrithione form can’t be bad.

      Cystiphane doesn’t seem to be a hair growth shampoo, but it’s designed to fight hair loss. So it’s pretty much the same. I don’t necessarily recommend specifically hair growth shampoos, but the ones that either help hair grow or they decrease the fall out. It’s pretty much the same here, so the product you’re using is totally fine, if you ask me. It also seems really professional (is it a medical shampoo?), which is great.

      As for the oils on hair tip, I normally recommend applying oils on the scalp – because that’s where the hair roots are. Basically, the point of hair oils is to stimulate the follicles and roots, as that’s where hair grows from. So it’s essential to apply them on the scalp. However, you can also apply them on the strands, if you’re fine with that. I normally don’t recommend that because hair tends to get greasy, but that’s not your case. So for a hair type like yours, oils help locking in moisture and maintaining hydration. If you want to get rid of frizz, oils on hair strands are a great solution. Just keep in mind that this won’t necessarily help your hair grow (only oils on your scalp).

      I really hope this helps you and if there’s something you don’t understand, just let me know and I will explain it once more.

      Please keep me updated on how things go with Folexin and with these tips. I really hope I will hear good news from you.

      1. Thank you Olly, Yes it’ll surely help!
        It seems like a professional shampoo. A friend of mine had referred it to me because she had major hair loss and the Cystiphane lotion had worked for her. I’ve been using both the shampoo and the lotion on my scalp for more than 3 weeks now and I haven’t really noticed much improvement. But then again these things take time. The total treatment time it suggests is 3 months. So we’ll see.

        I will keep you posted with Folexin and all the tips!! I’m exited to see the positive results!!

        Thanks again!!!

  10. Hi Olly,

    I hope all is well with you! I have applied most of your tips and I can say that I have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of hair falling out!! I am very grateful for that and thank you again for taking the time to detail all your suggestions!!

    I have one last question: I have noticed that my scalp is pretty itchy and tingly, especially after 3-4 days unwashed. I was wondering if hair growing out after hair loss could cause itchy scalp, or if it might be something else I should look into?
    With the oil I’ve been applying, the daily scalp massages, I doubt it’s due to dry scalp…

    Anyway thanks again!!
    Happy Holidays!!

    1. Hi Alexa, I’m so happy to hear you’re seeing good results with this method. It means you followed the tips correctly, so keep it up!

      As for the itchy scalp, I don’t really know what could be causing it. It’s surely not due to dryness, because you’re applying a lot of oily substances, so you’re right, it’s not that. You mentioned it starts getting itchy and tingly 3-4 after washing. Could you try washing it more often? I was my hair about every 3 days and I think that’s good enough for most people (2 times a week in general). How often do you wash yours? Maybe washing it more often would solve the problem, especially if you’re not experiencing these issues in the first days after washing.

      Also, if you apply oils daily, it’s recommended to wash your hair at least every 2 days (if not daily).

      I also wanted to ask you – do you have any dandruff? This could cause itching (even mild forms).

      I’m waiting for your answer and hopefully I can help more. Happy Holidays to you too!

  11. Hi Olly,

    I usually wash my hair once a week and it seemed to be working well for me. Maybe I should try washing it more often as you suggested because of the daily oil application.

    I don’t think I have dandruff. My scalp is not flaky. When I was loosing a lot of hair, I used to have white flakes on my hair that looked like dandruff but the dermatologist said it was the roots of the hair that had fallen. I don’t have that anymore.

    I will try washing it more often. Since the other shampoo, the Cystiphane, is now finished, I ordered the one you suggested, Revita. From the reviews, a lot of people had improvement on their scalp health.

    Anyway thank you for your advice and thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions !!!
    I’ll keep you posted about Revita and the more frequent washes!

    1. That’s great to hear Alexa. Hopefully you will have positive results if you start washing your hair at least 2 times per week. I’m eager to hear some good news in the future!

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