My BioSil Hair Growth Review (2023) – Does It Help?

My BioSil Hair Growth Review - Does It Help?

It’s time for my BioSil Hair Growth review – because it’s a very affordable supplement.

Thing is:

  • BioSil isn’t designed only for hair
  • It also claims to help nails and skin

But I was mostly interested in its hair benefits – so does it really help with that? Or it’s too cheap to be true?

Let’s find out the truth behind.

Note: This review is based on my personal experience with BioSil.

So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: BioSil Capsules by Natural Factors

My BioSil Hair Growth Review - Does It Help?Sizes: 30, 60 or 120 counts – I will focus on the 30 one in this review.

Best Actual Price: Around $20 (for the 30-days supply)

Cheapest Place To Buy: Probably Amazon. You can also find it on Ebay even cheaper (but it’s less safe).

Designed For: It’s made for hair, nails and skin support. According to the label – here’s how it helps the hair:

  • thickens and adds volume
  • strengthens hair

It’s also good for fine lines and wrinkles (great benefit).

My Rating: 8 out of 10

Worth Buying?: Yes, but only as a skin supplement.

As a hair growth product, I surely don’t recommend it:

  • doesn’t really regrow hair
  • it does nothing for decreasing hair loss
  • it’s only good for adding extra strength

So even though it’s a great health supplement – BioSil isn’t really the best choice for hair.

For about the same price – you can get an excellent formula that works way better for hair.


What I Liked About It

  • Great ingredients for skin (with many studies behind)
  • Reduces fine wrinkles in 1-2 months
  • Also strengthens hair and nails 
  • Pills are easy to swallow
  • Really affordable
  • You can find it in 3 different sizes
  • Available in many retailers (even worldwide)


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Pretty weak formula for hair
  • No herbal extract or ingredient designed to fight hair loss
  • Didn’t do much for my hair overall
  • Doesn’t work for hair loss/growth (especially in men)



BioSil – A Quick Overview

Natural Factor’s product is designed to do 3 main things:

  1. Reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
  2. Thickens and strengthens hair.
  3. Strengthens nails.

Also – it seems to support joint and bone health (but I can’t really speak from experience here).

Basically – the formula increases your body’s production of 3 proteins:

  • elastin
  • collagen
  • keratin

So that’s how it actually works – by stimulating the production of these molecules.

Now, BioSil does a great job in terms of skin. 

Actually – at $20 per bottle, it seems way too good to be true. 

However, its hair benefits are limited. That’s why I don’t consider it a great hair supplement at all.

But now that you know what BioSil can do – it’s time to analyze it more closely.


#1 – Ingredients (6 out of 10)

Honestly – BioSil’s formula looks pretty weak for a hair supplement.

So in my opinion, it’s more of an anti-wrinkle formula than a hair one.

Now – let’s take a closer look at the ingredients. There are only 2:

1. Silicon (ch-OSA) – 5 mg

This substance is known as “Choline-Stabilized Orthosilicic Acid” [1].

The good news is that it has lots of studies behind – which means it’s a quality ingredient.

My BioSil Hair Growth Review – Does It Help?

So here’s how it can help:

  • smooths and hydrates skin 
  • decreases hair frizziness
  • prevents hair and nails from breaking down [2]

Basically – there’s lots of information on this ingredient, so I’m sure it’s a beneficial substance.

2. Choline (as ch-OSA) – 100 mg

This substance is similar to vitamin B and it’s involved in the production of 2 major proteins:

  • collagen
  • elastin

For this reason – it’s essential if you want a firm skin.

Regarding hair, choline seems to strengthen the roots and prevent breakage. However – it doesn’t have a major role for hair.


In terms of skin benefits – BioSil’s ingredients seem really effective.

But in terms of hair growth – this formula seems pretty weak to me.

It can mostly strengthen the hair – which is important, but it won’t really speed up hair growth considerably.

So I consider BioSil more of a general beauty supplement (not a hair one).



#2 – How To Take It (9 out of 10)

BioSil is quite a comfortable product – from this point of view.

1. The Pills

They look like classic hair pills:

  • transparent with a gelatin cover
  • white powder inside
  • average dimensions
  • really easy to swallow (due to their gelatin cover)

So if you want to avoid horse pills – BioSil is fine from this point of view.

I had absolutely no problem swallowing these pills.

But if you really can’t swallow them – just dissolve the powder in some water and drink it. The result should be the same.

2. The Schedule

Here you need to pay some attention:

  1. According to the label, serving size = 1 capsule.
  2. However, directions mention you should take 2 capsules.

So basically – the daily dose is 2 servings, not 1 serving (as in most supplements). 

In my opinion, they just made things more complicated.

But anyway – here’s the point: You need to take 2 pills per day, not 1.

If you thought BioSil has an advantage at this chapter – that’s not really so. It requires 2 pills per day, just like most products.


#3 – My Results (7 out of 10)

To be honest, BioSil worked as I somehow expected – not amazingly.

1. My Background

I had been dealing with a terrible hair loss several years of my life.

So my hair was in a bad shape overall:

  • ends were really thin (compared to the roots)
  • it would break off really easily
  • it was still falling out more than it should

So what could BioSil do about that? Could it regrow my hair faster – or at least strengthen it even a bit?

2. How It Worked

I only used these pills for 2 month – but it was enough to get an idea.

  1. My hair felt indeed stronger.
  2. It would not break off so easily.
  3. However, it was still very thin and the ends.
  4. Also, my hair loss didn’t really decrease.

So basically – BioSil really helped in terms of strengthening. But that was it – my hair didn’t grow any 1/2 inch more than usual. 

I think 2 months were enough to see what it can do, honestly.

However – in terms of skin and nails, I was more satisfied:

  • the few wrinkles I had were much finer
  • my nails were also stronger


BioSil surely works – but not in terms of growing hair or decreasing hair loss.

It helps fragile hair and prevents breakage – but that was it. 

So it’s a great supplement for general hair health – but if you want to grow your hair/stop your hair loss, I think it’s pretty useless.



#4 – Other Opinions (7.50 out of 10)

The good news is that I found lots of authentic reviews on BioSil.

The bad news is that not all of them were positive (especially the ones related to hair).


  • most reviews I found were from women
  • the few reviews made by men were about hair loss
  • but they mostly negative

So that’s pretty much what I suspected – BioSil doesn’t work too well for hair loss, especially for male pattern one.

1. Positive Reviews

So here are the most common good things I read:

  1. BioSil works amazingly for wrinkles.
  2. It also makes nails grow faster.
  3. Some people really praise it for making their hair stronger and smoother.
  4. Others say it helps even with hair loss.

2. Negative Reviews

Obviously – there are dozens of unsatisfied customers. So here are the top complaints I found on BioSil:

  1. Doesn’t work for male hair loss (several people said that).
  2. Also some women complain about its weak effect on hair.
  3. Someone claimed it caused her an acne breakout.

Now – I personally consider BioSil a very safe and potent supplement (BUT not for hair loss/growth).

So I reached the same conclusion after reading these reviews as before.

BioSil works great for wrinkles, nails and hair strength – but it doesn’t really speed up hair growth. At least not in most people.


#5 – Price (9.50 out of 10)

Honestly, BioSil shines at this chapter:

  • cheaper than most hair supplements
  • really affordable for the quantity

So when it comes to price – I couldn’t possible criticize this supplement.

Note: I review BioSil as a hair supplement – so that’s what I will be referring it.

I will only compare it with other HAIR supplements (not general beauty ones).

1. The Exact Price

Let’s take each of the 3 sizes:

  • The 30 days supply costs around $20 per bottle
  • The 60 days supply is about $29
  • Lastly, the 120 days version costs a bit over $50

Basically – all 3 forms are extremely affordable (for the quantity). 

In my opinion, the 2 months version is the best buy for the money.

It lasts long enough to see if it’s effective – but you’re also not spending too much (in case it doesn’t). 

2. Competitors’ Price

As I said – BioSil is cheaper than most hair supplements.

So let’s compare it with Folexin – which is my top recommendation for hair loss & growth:

  1. Folexin costs around $25 per month (vs $20 BioSil).
  2. If you buy a larger pack, you can get Folexin for around $18 (vs $20 BioSil).
  3. Folexin works much better for hair loss & growth.
  4. It also has around 30 ingredients (vs 2 in BioSil).

Anyway – there are many other things to say, but I mostly wanted to stick to the prices.

So if you’re looking for a skin & hair supplement, BioSil is better.

But as a hair supplement – Folexin is a much better choice for the money.


#6 – Where To Find It (10 out of 10)

Good new here – BioSil is really easy to find, even if you live outside the US.

1. The Sellers

There are many websites selling BioSil, including:

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • iHerb
  • GNC

Out of these, Amazon is probably the best choice – because of the price.

They have many discounts and offers there, including free shipping (especially if you buy something else).

So that’s where I would recommend you to buy BioSil.

Now – BioSil also has an official website, but it doesn’t seem to be selling the products.

Instead, it sends you to a local retailer or online website (which is quite weird).

2. The Prices

Out of the 4 retailers I mentioned, Amazon and iHerb have similar prices.

However – the lowest prices ever are on Ebay. But here’s why I don’t really recommend it:

  • not as safe as the other retailers
  • you might have to pay shipping (over $10 usually)
  • most sellers have opened bottles

At $20 per bottle, I don’t think it’s worth the stress. 

So if you decide to get BioSil – Amazon is my #1 recommended retailer.



#7 – FAQs

Here are the most common questions you might have about BioSil.

Note: In case I already mentioned a certain thing, I apologize. It’s simply easier to spot here.

1. How many pills per day?

That’s a tricky part:

  • the label says 1 serving is 1 pill
  • but it recommends taking 2 pills per day

So basically – you need to take 2 servings, which means 2 pills every day. 

It’s a really complicated explanation, for sure.

2. How long lasts 1 bottle?

It depends on what size you buy. 

But you have 3 options: 30 days, 60 days or 120 days. Most retailers have all 3 sizes, so you can pick any.

3. Can I take it with other drugs?

Yes you can. BioSil contains mostly collagen – which doesn’t really interact with anything.

Now – if you follow a long-term treatment for a serious condition, you can ask your doctor first (just in case).

But normally – there shouldn’t be any problem.

4. Are there any side effects?

Not really, it’s quite a safe supplement.

I also didn’t find many complaints on this topic among the reviews I read. Other products had a lot more.

5. How fast should I notice an effect?

BioSil seems to work faster than other supplements I tried. So here’s the thing:

  • for nails, it can start working within weeks
  • for wrinkles, you need a few months
  • and for hair, it also needs about 1 month (in my case at least)

Surely – the results are different from person to person. 

But based on my experience with it and on the reviews I read, these are the average periods.


#8 – Final Conclusions

Here’s what I personally think about BioSil.

#1 – Great For Skin & Wrinkles 

I would actually recommend it for that:

  • smooths and hydrates skin really well
  • decreases fine wrinkles within 1-2 months
  • adds extra shine

Now – I didn’t have lots of wrinkles and dry skin. But BioSil really made my skin look much better than before.

So at $20 per bottle – it’s a great product for that.

#2 – Weak Formula For Hair

Even though it’s great for skin, it’s not too helpful for hair:

  1. Not amazing ingredients.
  2. Mostly contains collagen-like substances.

Now – these are surely beneficial ingredients, even for hair. 

But they don’t do anything major, unless strengthening. 

So in terms of hair benefits, I don’t have a great opinion on BioSil.

#3 – Not Effective For Hair Growth

As I said, BioSil’s biggest benefit for hair is adding extra strength. 

But that’s pretty much it:

  • it doesn’t regrow hair faster
  • does nothing for decreasing hair loss

Yes, your hair will grow faster once it’s stronger. But if your hair loss has a real cause behind, BioSil isn’t going to help.

It has no herbal extract/ingredient that fights hair loss. 

Besides – in my case it was really ineffective at this chapter.



#9 – My Video Review


My Verdict – Is BioSil Worth Buying?

Short answer: As a skin & general health supplement – definitely.

My BioSil Hair Growth Review - Does It Help?It’s really good at reducing fine wrinkles, I’ve seen that myself.

However – I would not recommend it as a hair supplement:

  • only strengthens the hair
  • doesn’t increase hair growth
  • also, it doesn’t really help hair loss considerably

Now – it does have a great price (just $20 per bottle).

But if you’re looking for a hair supplement – I would recommend you Folexin (for about $5 more):

  1. Decreased my hair loss in about 1 month.
  2. Stimulated my follicles and speeded up my hair growth.
  3. Added a lot of volume.

Thing is – this supplement works for both men and women. 

So if you’re trying to stop your hair (whether you’re a man or woman), I think this supplement is the best choice.


1 –

2 –

12 thoughts on “My BioSil Hair Growth Review (2023) – Does It Help?

  1. Hi Olly, I was wondering if Biosil could volumize my hair. I can see you don’t recommend it for thickening, but what about more volume, does it work better? I was looking for a product that would smooth my fine forehead wrinkles and I know Biosil is good for that. But I also need a volumizer so it would be get both in one product.

    1. Hi Abby, Biosil isn’t amazing for volumizing or thickening hair (at least in my case it surely wasn’t). But it’s great for fine wrinkles and also for skin. 

      Now – if you’re resolved to buy it for your fine wrinkles, I don’t think you should take another supplement for hair. Just try Biosil and see how it goes. If you try it for more than 2-3 months, you might see better results than I did. 

      So maybe it even thickens and speeds up your hair growth, who knows? I already said that what works for me might not work for you (and the opposite) – so everything is possible.

      If you start using BioSil, let me know how it goes.

  2. Hello. I’m a previous customer of Biosil and other products but I’m still looking for the right thing for my hair. These products I tried work, but not as I wish. I refuse to believe there’s no something better, so I always switch to a new product. but still I haven’t found the right one…

    Just wanted to add a few things about Biosil, it regrows actual hair but not new hairs (I’m a male, 38, trying this product for my narrowing front hairline). So it’s not good enough for my needs. I don’t care much about wrinkles so I didn’t pay much attention to that. 

    Wanted to ask you about a product called Nutrafol, wondering if you have tried it? I know they have a version for men that is meant to regrow new hairs. you probably don’t know the men version lol, but maybe you tried the female one and can give a verdict, thanks.

    1. Hello Tony, thanks for letting me know how BioSil worked for you. I’m not very surprised by what you say, to be honest. BioSil is great for nails and wrinkles, but it’s more of a general hair supplement – so it won’t regrow new hairs too well, especially if you have some bald spots.

      I’m quite familiar with Nutrafol (especially the women version 😉 ), so I can tell you about that one. It’s a great product in terms of effect, and I believe it can regrow even new hairs. The male version has the same ingredients, but some slightly higher doses – so the effects should be even better.

      The only problem with Nutrafol is that it’s super pricey, $80 per bottle in the best case. So I don’t know if you afford it, but I personally wouldn’t. So if you afford it – I say you should go for it. But if you do, I recommend you a product called Folexin – it also has great ingredients and is really good at regrowing new hairs (there are many positive reviews). Also, it works great for men. But compared to Nutrafol, it only costs $24 normally (you can get it with $18 in some cases). 

      So Folexin is my top recommendation among hair supplements, mostly because of its great price for the effect. 

      If you afford Nutrafol, I’m sure it’s going to help. But if you want to save some money, Folexin should do the same too. Hope this helps.

  3. Thank you for your honest recommendations. I have used Biosil and can confirm the results you had. It’s really good for skin and fine wrinkles, my face looks 3 years younger now. But my hair doesn’t seem so, except for some smoother strands in the top of my head, nothing else.

    I don’t think they should call it Biosil Hair Growth but Biosil Skin Smoothing, it’s much better for skin than for hair. Beware that it’s not the best option if you want to grow your hair fast.

    1. Hi Amy, thanks for your opinion on Biosil. I agree that it works really good for fine wrinkles and softening hair. 

      If you want a hair growth supplement, I advise you to choose something based on herbal extracts – because they have the strongest results. Hope this helps.

  4. Hi! Me and my sister were taking this supplement but we have very different results. She used to have fine straight hair and after half a year with Biosil it looks so much better now. I feel like it has almost doubled in size. It’s probably because of volume, but it surely looks fantastic now. She’s only been taking Biosil so that must have helped.

    I on the other hand have got some pimples from the first weeks. I had read some reviews about acne which got me really frightened so I stopped using it straight away. The pimples were gone in 2 weeks. My sister never got any single pimple, I was so jealous… After some months I decided to give Biosil a second chance but pimples started getting back in a few days.

    Any idea why we have such different reactions? I really wish I could find something useful for my hair…but I’m so afraid to keep taking these pills? Maybe the pimples would go away, but maybe they will get worse. I don’t want to get acne out of nothing, so I don’t know what to do. Any advice would be much appreciated!

    1. Hello Genie, thanks for sharing your experience with Biosil.

      I know it’s frustrating to see that it works so well for your sister and it only harms you. But if I were you, I wouldn’t get back to these pills.

      There are some people experiencing side effects from supplement X, and others from supplement Y. Others are lucky enough to never experience side effects. So you can’t really control that.

      You were just unlucky to get side effects from Biosil. Since you also got pimples the second time, it was surely not a coincidence.

      So my advice is to look for similar products. Amazon is full of collagen supplements, so try to find one that has similar ingredients and try it out. You might get the same pimples – or you might not. In case you do, just move on to another supplement and so on. At one point, you must find something that suits your body.

      Besides, I don’t even have a great opinion on Biosil. It helped your sister by adding volume to her hair, from what you said. That’s what makes her hair look so amazing. But in terms of growth, I doubt it got twice as long. 

      If you want a supplement that boosts hair growth, my top recommendation is Folexin. It has a much better formula than Biosil, in my opinion (based on essential herbs and vitamins). It can also help with volume, but that depends from person to person. It’s not useful in terms of skin (as Biosil), but you can use something else in this case. 

      That’s my advice, it’s not a must follow – but maybe it helps.

  5. I loved Biosil the first time I used it, after just 1 bottle my hair felt much softer and looked healthier. My fingernails and skin also looked better. The problem is that I placed another order for 3 more bottles next month, but the effect wasn’t the same. My hair went back to being dry and brittle. I just don’t get it, I bought it from the same seller from the same Amazon as before, the ingredients and bottles look exactly the same. What has changed then?

    1. Hi Chasey. Your experience with Biosil does seem indeed quite weird.

      Did you try each of the bottles from the second order? Maybe one had a problem and that’s where the weak effect comes from. So I think you should open each bottle and use it for about 1-2 weeks. If you still don’t get any effect, maybe all 3 bottles came from a weak batch. Or maybe your body stopped responding to this formula.

      These all sound like silly excuses, but I can’t really find an explanation.

      So my advice is to try each bottle by turn, in case you didn’t already. Other than that, I can’t help more.

  6. Thank you for your honest and very comprehensive review of Biosil. I was looking into this supplement and judging just by its ingredients I can see why it may work for some and not for others, depending on what the reason are for their hair loss. 

    I study and work with herbs and your recommended product definitely has a more beneficial blend of herbal extracts for restoring hair growth. It certainly looks like it has worked wonderfully for you. I love that you documented your with personal photos! From the other reviews I read, I came to the conclusion that Biosil isn’t really a hair supplement, which is what I was interested in purchasing.

    My mother asked me to look into a few products for her thinning hair since she is not fond of research. I am going to point her to your website and urge her to try your recommendation. I think I will also give it a try soon, as up to this point I haven’t found something better in ingredients/price. Thanks so much for the help!

    1. Hey Shannon, it’s great to hear you’ve done your research before buying Biosil.

      Well, if you want a product that helps hair growth really fast – Biosil isn’t really my top choice. It’s the kind of product I would recommend to someone who want a 2-in-1 hair and skin product. But other than that, I wouldn’t really recommend it (not as a top option, at least).

      Regarding your mother – I’m pretty sure Folexin (my top recommendation) would help her. It’s a really good choice for hair thinning out or shedding. But I would also advise her to try to find out the major cause of her problems. is it just aging or it’s something else – like a condition, a certain supplement or genetics? This hair loss guide can help her more.

      Also, I have more recommendations on thinning hair – I’m not sure if all of them are suitable for your mom, but she could try some of them. There are also certain products designed for that (Nioxin is the best example), but I wouldn’t really recommend them. Most are pretty pricey (over $40) and don’t do more than my recommended Folexin. So I would prefer to save some money and choose the cheapest option, if it’s so effective.

      Hope this helps.

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