(Best 7) Hair Straighteners That Don’t Damage Hair (2023)

(Best 7) Hair Straighteners That Don't Damage Hair

Are you looking for a quality flat iron?

I’ve been particularly interested in these styling tools, after looking for a good one for years.

So which are the best hair straighteners that don’t damage hair?

Based on my research – I tried to make a top 7 list of the best products on the market right now.

Note: These are my 7 personal recommendations based on quality/price.


Best Straighteners That Don’t Damage Hair (2023)

Here’s a quick overview of my top recommended flat-irons (price/quality):

  1. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium
  2. CHI Original Ceramic
  3. LumaBella Keratin
  4. FHI Heat Platform
  5. CHI Expert Tourmaline
  6. Rusk Heat Freak Professional
  7. H&R Tourmaline Ceramic

Also – I have a bonus for you: How To Choose The Best Straightener.

So without any more talk – let’s see which are the best straighteners that don’t damage hair in 2019.


#1 – BabyLiss PRO Nano Titanium (9.75 out of 10)

Price: $130

Best For: People who want the highest quality straightener (for the long term).

If you’re looking for a cheap professional straightener – this is my top recommendation.

It might not seem cheap to you – but compared to most flat irons of this superior quality, it’s one of the few under $150.

Plus, you can order it from Amazon – all that simple.

In terms of features – this BaByliss is perfect:

  • Straightens and curls even coarse hair
  • 50 different temperatures available
  • Highest grade of thermal protection
  • No frizz (due to titanium plates)
  • Designed for professional use (but can be used by regular people)

So if you want the best professional flat iron from Amazon – this is it.

I actually recommend it if you’re the kind of person that prefers to invest in high quality products (instead of paying cheaper ones every 3 months).

But I admit it – this straightener isn’t really cheap.

However, considering its excellent features (compared to other straighteners) – it’s surely worth the money.

  1. Uses a special technology (due to titanium plates that emit negative ions while straightening)
  2. For this reason – it causes considerably less damage than most ceramic straighteners
  3. Has 50 different heat settings available
  4. Heats up to 450 F at most
  5. Doesn’t pull hair excessively (as other irons do)
  6. Buttons are really easy to access (places right in the middle)
  7. One of the lightest straighteners I have seen
  8. Several sizes available: 1″, 1.5″and 2″
  9. Lots of praises and positive reviews online
  10. Available on several retailers (but Amazon has the best price)
  1. Pretty expensive (though it’s not overpriced)
  2. Some users said their product broke off pretty fast (in this case you can get a refund)



#2 – CHI Original 1″ Ceramic (9.50 out of 10)

Price: $140

Best For: People who need a professional tool for everyday use.

CHI’s product is probably the best-rated straightener from Amazon.

And for me, that’s not surprising – considering its excellent features:

  • Improved technology compared to previous CHI versions
  • Titanium infused ceramic plates (for smoother straightening)
  • High temperatures available
  • Extra protection against damage

Basically – it’s a super professional flat iron, in terms of technology.

The high number of positive reviews is the best proof (Amazon reviews are 100% authentic).

However, its biggest issue is price.

At $140, it’s even pricier than my #1 recommended BaByliss (which has slightly better features, in my opinion).

  • Great damage protection (due to really sleek design)
  • Superior technology in terms of titanium and ceramic plates
  • Works faster than most straighteners
  • One of the best choices for everyday use, since it’s really light and small
  • Turns off automatically (shut-off function)
  • Has dual voltage, so it can be used in Europe too
  • 2 years warranty
  • Many positive reviews and praises
  • Pretty expensive (though a decent investment)



#3 – LumaBella Keratin (9 out of 10)

Price: $85

Best For: People looking for a professional straightener from Amazon under $100

In my opinion, LumaBella’s product is the best mid-budget straightener from Amazon. 

I say this mostly because of its different technology:

  • Smart heat sensor (decreases temperature to suit your hair)
  • Minimal chances of damage
  • Very little frizz (even for hair that is normally dry)
  • Ceramic plates are infused with keratin for protection

Basically – its features are clearly superior to most flat irons.

That explains why it costs around $85 (which isn’t that cheap).

However – compared to other professional straighteners (like the BaByliss from above), its price is much lower.

So I consider LumaBella’s product a pretty good investment.

Not to mention that if you don’t like it – Amazon gives you a full refund, which is great.

  • Works pretty good at a low temperature (like 180 degrees)
  • Has 5 different temperature settings
  • Straightens and curls really well (very little frizz and damage)
  • Has dual voltage options (also works in Europe)
  • Many satisfied customers
  • Affordable price for a professional tool
  • No auto-shut off button
  • Some customers say it gets damaged easily (you can ask for a full refund)
  • Only one size (1″)
  • Mostly available on Amazon



#4 – FHI Heat Platform (8.50 out of 10)

Price: $140 (discounts available often)

Best For: People with dry and dehydrated hair who need a professional tool

That’s another professional tool that can totally transform your hair.

So what makes FHI’s product so special? Here’s the thing:

  • Tourmaline ceramic plates are infused with negative ions
  • This ensures a smooth straightening (without frizz)
  • Also, has a really high level of thermal protection
  • Seals in moisture and humidity

In short – due to its special technology, FHI’s iron doesn’t dehydrate hair.

That’s a pretty rare feature (compared to most straighteners).

And obviously, it comes with a cost. 

The regular price of this straightener is $140 – which can be a lot.

But if you keep a close eye on Amazon, you can find serious discounts for this tool pretty often.

  • Designed for professional use
  • Wide range of temperatures (150 to 450 F)
  • Infused with both tourmaline and negative ions
  • Special technology that locks in moisture and prevents frizz
  • Really light built
  • Many satisfied customers on Amazon
  • Its regular price is a bit too high
  • Some customers say it has a short lifespan (but Amazon will refund you then)



#5 –  CHI Expert Tourmaline (8.50 out of 10)

Price: $110 (in reality it’s much cheaper usually)

Best For: People looking for a quality straightener at a decent price.

This very pretty CHI flat iron has some really promising features:

  • Tourmaline plates (prevent hair from losing moisture)
  • Improved damage protection compared to other versions
  • A high amount of negative ions

Just like most CHI products – this tool has excellent reviews on Amazon.

It’s true that it also has a high price.

But in most cases, you can find it for $20-$30 less very often (due to regular discounts).

So it’s surely a straightener that’s worth the money.


  • Great straightening for both normal and dry hair
  • Tames frizzy hair pretty well
  • Very little damage (due to special technology)
  • Shuts off automatically in 1 hour
  • Doesn’t pull the hair at all
  • Available in many retailers and shops


  • Pretty expensive normally (the price on paper)
  • Also has enough negative reviews



#6 – Rusk Heat Freak Professional (8 out of 10)

Price: $100

Best For: People looking for a very lightweight flat iron, without being super professional

Rusk’s tool is another excellent pick if you’re looking for an iron with minimal damage.

However – it’s not as professional as most of the others.

So considering its high price, that’s why it’s not higher in my top.

But other than that – it’s a really good straightener overall: 

  • Plates are infused with ceramic and tourmaline
  • Really good damage protection
  • Prevents frizzy hair

Besides – its long sleek aspect makes it very comfortable to use.

However – at $100 in total, it’s a bit expensive for these features. Especially when the previous irons are a bit more professional.

  • Effective for any type of hair (straightens and curls)
  • Heats up to 450 F
  • Really lightweight and easy to use
  • Pretty good heat protection
  • A bit pricey for these features (compared to the others from my list)
  • No automatic temperature setting
  • No auto-shut off button



#7 – H&R Tourmaline Ceramic (8 out of 10)

Price: $95

Best For: People looking for a quality tool at a decent price

(Best 7) Hair Straighteners That Don’t Damage Hair

H&R’s products brings together quality features and a good price.

In facts – its features are more than convincing:

  • Plates infused with all 3 superior technologies (Ceramic, Tourmaline, Ionic)
  • Heat is distributed evenly
  • Negative ions technology ensures extra hair protection
  • FIR rays seal in moisture and nutrients

So thanks to these 4 different technologies – it’s a really special flat iron.

Considering its decent price , it can also make a great choice for a lower budget.

However – it’s only available on a smaller retailer, not on Amazon or Walmart.

  • One of the few tools on the market that uses FIR rays
  • Minimal chances of hair damage
  • Protection ensured by 4 single technologies
  • Locks in moisture (thus it prevents frizz)
  • Manufacturer warranty available
  • Unavailable on Amazon at this point
  • Doesn’t have a lot of reviews online



How To Choose The Best Straightener

First of all – no flat iron is healthy.

So there isn’t one that doesn’t damage your hair at all – because this is basically impossible.

However, there are enough products that only cause minimal damage.

So how can you find them? Here are 3 things to consider:

1. Ceramic + Tourmaline Plates

These are 2 different technologies used in flat irons.

If you want to choose a quality product – make sure it’s infused with both of these coatings.

  1. Ceramic – prevents frizz and promotes even heat distribution.
  2. Tourmaline – smooths hair better than ceramic.

So if your straightener has both of these specifications, its results should be superior.

Now – if your hair is thin to normal, this kind of technologies are best for you.

On the other hand – for really coarse hair, go for titanium plates (better for higher heats).

2. Ionic Technologies

A quality flat iron should definitely use negative ions:

  • Preserve and lock in moisture inside the shafts
  • Causes less damage to hair cuticles
  • Prevent scalp infections
  • Add volume and fullness 

In fact – most of the modern straighteners use negative ions in order to prevent hair damage.

So make sure the tool you buy has this on its list.

3. High Price

First of all – I’m not a fan of expensive hair products.

If you read about my favorite hair supplements, you probably know that I always recommend cheaper ones.

However – when it comes to straighteners, that’s not really the case:

  1. Usually, expensive flat irons have the best features.
  2. Also, professional tools tend to cost over $75.

For this reason – if you want a quality product, you should be willing to pay for it.

Otherwise, you can get a $30 flat iron and have to change it in 3 months.

So investing in a pricier product will be a much better investment on the long term. 


  • I don’t recommend spending over $150 on a straightener
  • I actually advise you to spend between $85 – $100
  • For these money, you can find a really good one
  • My top picks from above is the best proof for that


My Verdict – What’s The Best Hair Straightener?

Short answer: Any of the list above should be good enough not to damage your hair.

However – it depends on what you really need:

  1. Best professional: BaByliss PRO (my #1 recommended overall)
  2. Best for everyday use: CHI Original Ceramic
  3. Best price/quality: LumaBella Keratin

Basically – it’s all about your budget and where you want to buy it from.

Amazon probably has the widest range of quality straighteners – so it’s a great place to buy.

Plus, it offers warranties and refunds for most products.

So if you want the best flat iron I know, Amazon is the best place.

I definitely recommend BabyLiss’s product:

  • has the best features from this list 
  • cheapest price among professional products
  • uses some excellent technologies

So if you were interested in what tool I would pick – that’s the answer.

Other than that, all the straighteners from this list are better than the market average.

That’s actually why I made this list – it’s the result of my long time research.

For this reason – no matter which you bought, it should still protect your hair more than others.

So hopefully, you choose the best one for your budget and needs.



1 – https://www.bustle.com/-p/ceramic-tourmaline-flat-iron

2 – https://blackhairinformation.com/-hair-care-2/flat-irons

38 thoughts on “(Best 7) Hair Straighteners That Don’t Damage Hair (2023)

    1. Hey Carlie, you’re really welcome. When you start using it, please let me know how it works.

  1. Hi! Is this the best flat iron you know from Babyliss? I’m looking for a good one right now, I used several brands but I always come back to Babyliss, it controls my frizz best.

    1. Hello Dorothy. Yes, the Titanium PRO is probably the best straightener they have, as far as I’m concerned. I’m speaking mostly in terms of features. I know they have lots of styling tools, some a lot pricier – but the Titanium PRO is probably the best one I have tried from them. I admit I haven’t tried everything, so they might have even better products than this one. But for the price, I consider its their best product (many of their tools are more expensive, so I couldn’t afford that).

  2. I had an FHI straightener and I loved it. Glad to see it’s on your list. Would buy it again. My sister in law had an XTAVA and then switched to H&R, she’s a lot more satisfied now!

    1. Hi Dominique, thanks for sharing your experiences with these straighteners. I’m so happy to hear you and your sister in law are satisfied!

  3. Thank you for this article! Last year I had a health problem and the treatment of it has as result to lose my hair! Now that it’s back, it’s too much and curly! All my life my hair was straight and now it is are so curly that I can/t even comb is! Which hair straighteners do you suggest for me? I’m desperate, I want my hair back!
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Rebecca. First of all, did you have chemotherapy? This treatment changes hair’s structure in some people, so persons with curly hair end up growing new straight hair – or the opposite, as in your case.

      My advice for you is to have a keratin straightening treatment. Though it’s not the healthiest thing ever, it will keep your hair straight for several months. So instead of straightening it daily and struggling with that, having a keratin treatment is cheaper overall and less time consuming.

      Anyway – if you’re also interested in investing into a professional hair straightener, any of the picks from my list is good enough. Choose the one that fits your budget best. If your hair is really thick and needs a high heat to straighten properly, you should go for a titanium straightener (as BaByliss, my #2 pick). Otherwise, ceramic + tourmaline should work just fine for your hair.

      Hope this helps.

    1. Thanks for your opinion, Lee. CHI’s products are also among my favorites, it’s the only brand that has 2 products on my list, as you can see.

  4. Thanks for this article, it is really helpful. I hate the straightener that I have now and have been wanting a new one for a long time. My hair is thick and wavy in random places and looks absolutely terrible without being straightened. I’m considering several options from your list because I’m willing to invest in a professional product. Would the H&R straightener suit my hair type in your opinion?

    1. Hello Emily, thanks for letting me know your opinion. H&R’s straightener is suitable for most hair types, especially if your hair isn’t really coarse and dry. But even then, I would still recommend it (due to its ionic technology that seals in moisture).

      Anyway, for a hair like yours, that needs to be straightener constantly, I think H&R’s product is one of the best you can get. You really need a professional tool in order to avoid hair damage (as much as you can). Basically, each of the products from this list would do – but some have much better features overall. That’s why I recommend the H&R as a top choice, but the others are more than decent choices as well.

      Hope this helps you take a decision!

  5. Hey Olly, I’m using the ISA Professional flat iron for several months now and I absolutely love it. I got it as a gift but I estimate it cost around $150 if not more. So it was pricey, I wouldn’t have paid so much on it if I were to buy it. But gifts are gifts… Don’t know if you tried this but you should really check it out, it’s awesome!

    1. Hi Kylie, I really appreciate your honest opinion. I heard about ISA’s products before, someone told me they’re really professional. But $150 is a bit too much on a straightener, even for me. So I’m not really sure if its features are better than the products from my list (as these cost at most $130). But anyway, thanks for your advice, I will definitely be looking into ISA’s straightener.

    1. Hi Alaia, thanks for your opinion. I haven’t tried any Karmin before but I heard the brand is pretty good. I might try it at one point, thanks for the advice.

  6. I own a Babyliss and I’m not sure I would recommend it. It tames my hair well enough and there’s very little damage but I’m not satisfied with how it curls the hair. Mine has a 2″ barrel so maybe it’s too large to create nice curls, I always get beach waves at most. Do you think it’s just my tool or Babyliss straighteners don’t curl well normally?

    1. Hi Mary, any straightener should also curl – whether it’s a BaByliss or any other brand. Yours probably doesn’t curl that well because of the wide plates. The larger it is, the harder it is to create small curls. So I recommend you one that has about 1″ plates, as it should create deeper curls. Hope this helps.

  7. Hey Olly I love this article, thanks for all the details, I had no idea which type of plates would suit my thin hair best but now I will go for ceramic and tourmaline. I just have one question though what hair straighteners would be best suited to people who wear hair extensions? also should I use protection or just for cheaper straighteners?

    Thanks for your reply in advance


    1. Hello Sarah. I’m not really sure what kind of hair extensions you wear – are they clip-ins (these are the most common)? Also, are they straight, wavy or curly? Curly hair tends to be drier and thicker, so you usually need a higher heat to style it properly.

      So first of all – for hair extensions, no matter what flat iron you’re using, always apply a protection spray before. Also, make sure you condition them properly before styling them with heat. A tip I can give you is to leave some extra conditioner in them (instead of rising them properly). This will keep them moisturized and allow them to resist better to heat. If possible, try to avoid heat and straighten them only when it’s a must. But when you really have to style them, use these tips I gave you.

      When it comes to a quality straightener for hair extensions, avoid titanium if possible. It tends to heat up higher – so that’s not what you really need. Instead, try to use the lowest heat when styling human hair extensions. Since they’re not your natural hair and it doesn’t have your scalp oils, it’s going to dry out a lot faster.

      So instead of titanium, go for a tourmaline infused straightener that also has a ionic technology. This will seal in moisture and prevent the hair from getting dehydrated. My top recommended straightener from H&R is actually great for hair extensions – as most from this list. Except for BaByliss’ product, which isn’t really suitable for this kind of hair (in my opinion).

      Hope this helps.

  8. I have GHDs (I don’t know if you have them in the US but they are good quality expensive straighteners). I have very curly hair that is prone to frizziness and when I use the straighteners, my hair comes out looking almost like it has been crimped. It does not look straight. What would you suggest?

  9. Hi Lou, I never heard of this brand before. Maybe it’s a local one, so it only sells its products in your country and nearby regions.

    Anyway – if your hair looks crimped, maybe the temperature isn’t high enough. I’m not saying you should straighten your hair at 450 F. But if it’s thicken and has a dry texture, try to go for a higher temperature setting than you would normally. If the hair looks better, it’s probably because of heat. If not, I can’t really tell but it’s most likely the flat iron – maybe it’s just not right for your hair type.

    So try to go for a higher heat and see what happens.

    PS: Don’t forget about protection spray, it’s a must in these cases. Hope this helps.

  10. I have the Remington wet to straight styling tool. My hair naturally jet black, thick and straight like most Asians are. So I did a perm but there are days when i want my hair straight so i have my handy dandy styling tool. I have had it for oh over 2 years now so I sometimes feel like it damages my ends too much. Maybe it’s getting old, I don’t know… but I don’t remember seeing any damage in the first months so maybe yes.
    My hair is losing its perm now and I’m thinking of getting the Chi Pro G2. I can use it to curl my hair due to the smallish barrel.

    1. Hi An, thanks for letting me know your opinion. CHI’s tool is a great product, especially since it’s very small and lightweight. If you’re a fan of travelling – it’s also the perfect straightener to carry around easily, as it fits in your luggage quite easily.

      If you decide to buy it, you can give me a feedback on how it works, whether it damages your hair or not, whether you’re satisfied overall or not.

  11. My wife turns 32 next month and I’m looking for a good straightener as a gift for her, she’s always complaining about her actual one. I’m not really good at this so I checked out the brand she’s currently using and it’s Remington (not sure if it’s a good one). Anyway, I know she paid under $50 for it and she bought it about a year ago. So this time I’m looking to get her a professional one, if possible. Money isn’t a decisive factor but I would certainly like to spend as little as possible. Are your top recommendations available for this? A few things about her, she’s got thick curly hair that is generally dry, but she is wearing it straight for most of the time. Hope you can help any little bit and thank you!

    1. Hi Jake. The recommendations from this article are pretty much available for your wife. I only have a few mentions:

      1) For a dry and coarse hair like hers, titanium plates work best. That’s because they heat up best and are able to keep high heat for a long period of time. Since her hair is thick and coarse, she probably straightens it at high temperatures – otherwise it’s pretty hard to make it straight. For this reason, BaBYliss’ product (my #2 choice) is probably the most suitable for her.

      2) She would also benefit from a straightener that locks in moisture and prevents dehydration. That’s because her hair is normally dry, so it tends to get dehydrated by high heat. Ionic technology is the best for this. But fortunately, BaByliss’ product also contains negative ions (due to its titanium built).

      So each of the straighteners from this list would be pretty good for your wife. But BaByliss’ tool is probably the most suitable for her hair. So it would damage it least, of all these 7. That’s why I think this is the product you should get her. Hope this answers your questions well enough.

  12. Hi Olly,

    I am looking for a new hair straightener because mine is damaging my hair too much. I am struggling to get my hair done and even when I try to use the right products and try not to harm them too much, my hair never seems healthy and breaks easily. So I try not to use the straightener too much but It’s a pity to have a bad hair day… every day ! I was looking for a new straightener that would be a great value and I discovered your website. Lucky me
    I think I found a straightener that might give me some great results at last without damaging my hair and the
    H&R’s product seems the be the one to go for!
    The price is a bit high but like you say quality comes with a price. And you’re right, most of the similar flat irons I found were about $10 more, so this one is a bit more affordable, if that matters…
    Thanks for your insight. I kind of found what I was looking for.

    1. Hey Angelique, H&R’s straightener is my top choice because it has the best quality/price ratio. It has better features than many straighteners from Amazon and it costs decently. It’s surely not cheap, but this kind of straightener costs over $130 on Amazon. So in my opinion, the fact that it’s sold on a third party website may be the reason why it’s cheaper. If it was available on Amazon, I bet it would cost around $150, more or less.

      Yeah, the fact that you have to buy it separately from another website may be a downside. I know many women shop for several items on Amazon, so it’s easier to add the straightener and buy it together with the other items, but that’s it. If you’re comfortable with that (which isn’t so hard), I still recommend H&R’s product.

      But sure, the other straighteners from my list are also high quality. Remember, I mostly included professional products on this list – so it’s not just a review list. Each of these you bought, they should still take care of your hair – more or less. It only depends on your budget and how much you’re willing to pay for one.

      Hope this helps.

  13. Thanks for all this great info on a variety of choices. I personally have straight hair and don’t use the flat iron on it very often. But since it tends to be thinning out, I decided to look for a professional product. That’s why your recommendations are valuable for me, I’m looking for something really high quality without paying lots of cash. Which of this would you recommend for thinning hair? Also if you have some solutions eg. creams or something, I’d like to hear. Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Judith. First of all, it’s great you don’t straighten your hair very often – as this is quite dangerous for thinning hair. Your hair is probably fragile and breaks off easily, so it’s better to avoid heat. Style it only when it’s necessary.

      When it comes to a good straightener – try to choose one with ceramic, tourmaline and ionic technology. Avoid titanium, as this kind of coating heats up a lot more and works better for thick and coarse hair. That doesn’t seem to be your case at all.

      So you can pick either H&R’s product or any other straightener from CHI, FHI or the others from my list. BaByliss’s product (number 2) isn’t the best choice for your hair.

      Regarding your thinning issues – you should find the actual cause in order to treat it properly. Is your hair also falling out? Is it thinning in general, or just in the ends/roots? Menopause, DHT excess, stress or genetics are just some possible causes. You could also have some scalp problems that might affect your roots.

      When it comes to treatments, if it’s some condition – seeing your doctor is a must. This kind of issues can only be solved with medical treatment. But if it’s just one of the causes I mentioned (most likely) – my advice is to try a supplement.

      Creams and topical products only treat the outside symptom – so they do nothing for the actual cause. Plus, they tend to be pretty expensive. That’s why I prefer supplements based on herbs like Saw Palmetto, Horsetail or Nettles. These are the best ingredients for shedding or thinning hair – so taking them internally will make a big difference (a lot bigger than any cream).

      If you need a recommendation, take a look at Folexin – as it’s my top recommended hair supplement (best price). But there are many other excellent products: Nutrafol, Procerin, Kerotin, etc.

      Hope this helps.

  14. My sister had a curling iron from H&R when she was younger. She would wear her hair in beach waves constantly and had absolutely no damage! The tool broke off after several years and we never managed to find another one, we searched all over Amazon and Walmart but they didn’t have any H&R products. That was more than 10 years ago.

    Now I was looking for a decent flat iron and I came across your website. When I saw your top recommendation and the fact that it does exist in some online shop, I was thrilled! I’m just placing an order right now, I know better than anyone the quality of this brand. I can’t tell if it’s as good as it used to be but even if it’s half that quality, it’s still worth the purchase.

    Thanks a lot Olly!

    1. Hi Robin, thanks for sharing your story. I had no idea H&R existed on the market for such a long period. But if it’s the same company as the product I recommend (and I believe it is), it clearly had a long experience and value. So that’s another reason to recommend its products.

      When you start using the straightener, please let me know how it works and whether it’s as good as your sister’s previous curler or not.

  15. Hi Olly
    I don’t have any idea about hair straightener.I a m looking to buy a new hair straightener. My hair is thin and it is very dry hair. So I don’t wants to damage my hair anymore. I don’t do hair straightening daily, I just want to do it occasionally like 7 to 8 times in a month. I heard that CHI is the good straightener. Could you please suggest me which one best suits my hair. I also wants to keep that straightener for long time .

    1. Hi Rohini, thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry to hear about your hair issues. Just let me ask – is your hair thin due to an external cause (like over styling)? Does it also break or fall out? And are the ends thinner than the roots? This would help me clarify if the cause behind your thinning can be treated or only improved.

      Now let’s get to your questions. For your hair type, I strongly recommend going for a professional straightener (they have far better heat protection compared to regular tools). They are usually pricier (over $120-$150) but they’re a long term investment. From what I understand, you’re willing to invest into a quality straightener, so I strongly recommend you my top 3 picks (the ones BabyLiss, CHI Original and LumaBella).

      Each of these 2 products would make a quality choice for you. BabyLiss’ product is my top recommendation in terms of quality/price, so that’s what I would get if I were you. The only downside is that it has several reviews on Amazon saying that it breaks off quite fast. Anyway, if you buy it from Amazon, they’re going to fully refund you for at least a year, as far as I know. So if it really breaks off, you shouldn’t worry about this aspect.

      You mentioned that CHI products have a good reputation, which is totally true. I actually think the Original 1″ version is pretty close to BabyLiss’ product, but it’s a bit pricier. Anyway, it has far more positive reviews in terms of durability. So if you afford paying a few extra dollars, you could get this one.

      I actually think that both of them would suit your hair type, because they’re professional tools so the hair damage they create is far less insignificant (compared to regular $50 straighteners).

      I guess there’s no point telling you to always use a protection spray before using any hot tools on your hair. You surely know this very well. But you should consider using hair masks/treatments based on oils and fat ingredients (like avocado). This will help with dryness and friziness. And obviously, make sure to use a conditioner after every wash. For your hair type, it’s a lot more important than the actual shampoo. That’s pretty much the advice I would give you.

      So I hope you make the right decision regarding the straightener.

      1. Hi Olly, thanks for your suggestion. You have asked is my hair thin due to external cause(like over styling)- n0 i don’t style my hair much. Yes i had huge hair fall out break, i had baby in May 2019. And my ends are thinner than the roots. i can say i don’t take much care about my hair by applying hair mask etc.
        Please could you also suggest which heat protection spray is good to use for my hair.
        You also said to use hair masks/treatments to reduce dryness and friziness. Could you kindly suggest me about what hair masks and treatments to be used for my hair. And you also said about the conditioner. I use “equate beauty coconut milk conditioner made with coconut extract and albumen” shampoo and conditioner.

        1. Hey Rohini, thanks for getting back with details. Your pregnancy was probably what caused the hair loss, as hair tends to get really fragile and fall out after giving birth. So there’s nothing to worry about, it’s totally normal and it gets better on its own (it only takes time). Some women don’t experience any hair loss after pregnancy, but most do. So you’re not alone.

          One thing you could do right now is to cut off the thin ends, as they won’t get thicker any way (no matter what products/supplements you use). Hair grows from the roots, so once the ends are thin, they can’t really be saved. It’s all about stimulating hair growth and protecting the ends from splitting out. But as your ends are already very thin, there’s no way to save them. That’s why you should probably cut off 1/2-1 inch and take good care of the new ends.

          Now let’s get to your questions.

          I personally use home made hair masks, because I can use the exact ingredients I want. For example, you can mix avocado, honey and an egg. These 3 ingredients are excellent for hydration, which is what you need. Apply the mixture on your dry hair (especially on the ends) and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Then you can wash your hair as usual. Many people also use oils (coconut, olive or even castor oil) but I usually avoid them because they’re very hard to rinse and tend to leave your hair a bit greasy even after washing it. I pretty much recommend them to women with frizzy hair. For normal hair, the first 3 ingredients are better.

          Now – that’s my own approach. But if you don’t have enough time to prepare a hair mask, you can use one that is ready bought. I won’t suggest any brand because most hair masks are good enough for hydration. Actually, you can find many options in any beauty store around your area (or online if it’s more convenient). You can pick a hair mask based on avocado, honey or other ingredients. But pretty much every hair mask offers hydration (that’s their #1 goal).

          As for the heat protection spray, I don’t have a favorite. Pretty much all products do the same (heat protection sprays aren’t like shampoos or supplements, they are all based on the same ingredients). It’s only the brand that makes a difference between them (but usually, only in terms of price). That’s why I don’t have one that I constantly use. HSI, CHI or Garnier have several types of heat protection sprays, and there are many other brands.

          Regarding the conditioner you mentioned, I checked it out and it seems to have a pretty good formula. So it’s totally fine using it, just make sure you use it constantly (in every wash). Also, you don’t have to use a conditioner and a ready-bought mask together (they do pretty much the same thing). If you use a home-made mask, it’s fine (because it usually has to be applied on dry hair, before the wash). But otherwise, you can use either the mask or the conditioner (after shampooing).

          I really hope this helps you. In case you have any other questions, just let me know.

      2. Hi Olly
        This is Rohini. I have asked you to suggest the best hair straightener for my hair. You have suggest babybliss or chi original 1 ceramic would work good for my hair. I was looking around to chi original 1 ceramic straightener. Yesterday I brought “The original CHI 1 ceramuc hair styling iron for silky smooth hair with ceramic and infrared ” , hot pink metallic color. Model no GF8008. Thing is that I’m worried is when search online I can’t find this model in amazon or Walmart etc. And no reviews about this model. I can find this model only in Ebay. When I search online for “chi original 1 ceramic hair straightener ” , I can find I mostly see “GF1001″ model and more positive reviews about it. Could please say me the difference between these two models. And the hair straightener which I brought is good or not. And whether both the models work same or not. What is the difference between ” chi original 1 ceramic ” and ” the original chi 1 ceramic”.

        1. Hi Rohini, I couldn’t find the GF80008 model you mentioned either. Most searched refer to the GF10001, which is also the one you found on Amazon, Walmart, etc. But I wouldn’t worry about this. The GF8008 model seems to be really similar in terms of features (from what I read), plus that it’s made by the same brand so it should have pretty much the same technical settings as the GF10001 model. In my opinion, it’s good enough to use it and there’s no reason to return it or something like this, just because you can’t find it on Amazon. Just one question, where exactly did you buy this GF8008 model from?

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