My Review: Kerotin Hair Growth Formula – Does It Work?

My Review: Kerotin Hair Growth Formula - Does It Work?

It’s time to review Kerotin Hair Growth Formula – because it looks like a great hair supplement:

  • really good ingredients
  • positive reviews

Now – there are several products with a similar formula. So is Kerotin any better (considering that it’s quite pricey)?

Here’s all you need to know about it – including how it worked for me.

Note: This review is based on my personal experience with Kerotin.

So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Hair Growth Vitamins from Kerotin

My Review: Kerotin Hair Growth Formula - Does It Work?Form: Only pills

Best Actual Price: Around $50 per bottle (really expensive)

Cheapest Place To Buy: Probably Amazon, because they have discounts many times.

However – the lowest price I’ve ever seen is $30 (which is still a lot).

Designed For: Hair health in general, according to the label:

It doesn’t mention anything about decreasing hair loss (which is the #1 problem for most people).

My Rating: 8 out of 10 – It’s really good, but it’s expensive.

Worth Buying?: Not really – because you can get the exact same formula for $25 less.

So Kerotin is really effective overall – but it’s also really overpriced.

That’s why I wouldn’t pay $50 on it (when I can pay $25 for the same product under a different name).


What I Liked About It

  • Excellent formula and ingredients
  • Most substances have high doses
  • Only 2 pills per day
  • Works pretty well for strengthening hair and adding volume
  • Many positive reviews
  • Available in several retailers (but prices differ)


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Extremely expensive ($50 per bottle)
  • The label doesn’t mention anything about hair loss (so is it effective for that too?)
  • No reviews from men



Kerotin – A Quick Overview

This supplement is meant to strengthen and grow hair faster (according to the label).

My Review: Kerotin Hair Growth Formula - Does It Work?At first sight – it looks really promising, due to its amazing ingredients.

Now – in terms of how it works, it’s also really good:

  • improves hair health
  • stimulates the follicles
  • increases growth speed

So is it the perfect hair supplement then? NOT REALLY. 

All these great effects have a huge price – $50 per month. In my opinion, that is way too much.

Why exactly? Because it’s not the only supplement with this amazing formula – but it’s the only one that costs so much.

So now that you have this in mind, it’s time to analyze Kerotin closer.


#1 – Ingredients (9.90 out of 10)

Here’s the interesting fact – Kerotin has the exact same ingredients as Folexin, my #1 recommended supplement.


  • Kerotin costs $50
  • while Folexin is just $25

So you can tell the difference. But now I’m reviewing Kerotin, so I will focus on it.

Regarding the ingredients – I have only praises.

In my opinion, this is the best combination on the market. But let’s take a closer look at the 2 types of ingredients from Kerotin.

1. Proprietary Blend (409 mg)

This is a combination of several substances (mostly herbal extracts):

Now – these 12 ingredients all have similar benefits:

  • speed up hair growth
  • help thicken hair (especially the roots)
  • strengthen the ends
  • decrease hair loss (mostly Horsetail Extract [1] and Saw Palmetto [2])

Overall, this combination looks fantastic – both for hair growth and for extra strength.

So in my opinion – this mix is the most important ingredient from Kerotin. 

2. Vitamins & Minerals

In total, there are 16 different vitamins, minerals and nutrients inside this supplement. 

Now – I will not take each separately, because it would be too boring to read. But here’s a general overview:

  • some of them have hair growth benefits
  • others strengthen existing hair
  • and others help with shine and smoothness 

But basically – these ingredients also look impressive, because they are so numerous and they all have a certain benefit for hair.


As I said – Kerotin uses the best hair formula on the market:

  • increases hair growth considerably
  • strengthens hair roots
  • also helps thinning hair

However – the only downside is that it’s not the only product with this formula. 

And the other product is $25 cheaper – which is why it’s my #1 recommendation.



#2 – How To Take It (9 out of 10)

Things look pretty good about Kerotin at this chapter.

1. The Pills 

Good news here – they’re really easy to take:

  • covered in cellulose
  • average dimensions

Because they’re made of cellulose, you can swallow them easily. Plus that they’re no horse pills – as in other products.

I only had one problem with them:

  • some were stuck together (2-3 pills)
  • when I tried to take the apart, the cover would break off
  • so the powder inside would fall out

However, I might have been just unlucky to get a bad bottle. I’m not claiming every Kerotin bottle is like that.

2. The Schedule

You only need to take 2 pills per day. However – the label doesn’t mention: 
  1. Whether you have to take them together or space them out
  2. The time of the day when you should take them

It does recommend taking them in the morning – but there’s no additional info.

So if you ask me – you can take them either together or separately, at any time. The results should be the same.


#3 – My Results (9 out of 10)

Overall, I was really satisfied with Kerotin – it surely didn’t disappoint me.

1. My Background

Due to a massive hair loss that I had, my hair was in a very bad shape:

  • thick at the roots but super thin at the ends 
  • would break off easily
  • growing really slow

So could Kerotin really help? Believe it or not – it definitely did.

Note: I only used on bottle, despite being happy with the results.

Kerotin was really expensive – so after 1 bottle, I got back to my usual supplement (the exact same ingredients but $25 cheaper).

My Review: Kerotin Hair Growth Formula - Does It Work?

2. How It Worked

I can’t say this supplement impressed me, since I knew from the start that it has a great formula.

But it didn’t disappoint me.

After using it for 1 month – here’s what I can say:

  1. Really strengthens hair (even the ends).
  2. My hair seemed to have more volume.
  3. I also noticed I had less frizzy hairs overall.

Now – any supplement needs at least a few weeks to work, so I’m not claiming I saw all Kerotin can do.

But as I said, I didn’t buy another bottle because of the price ($50 normally).


Kerotin really works – I can speak from experience.

However, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone – because it’s way too expensive. You can get the same formula for $25 less.



#4 – Other Opinions (8.50 out of 10)

Surprisingly – I didn’t find ONLY positive reviews on Kerotin (as I somehow expected). 

There were enough negative opinions – but mostly from women.

In fact:

  • I found very few reviews from men in general
  • there were only women’s opinions
1. What People Say

As I said, opinions were quite mixed up.

On Amazon, it only has 3.6 out of 5 starts – which isn’t amazing. I personally would have rated it higher, if I had to write a review there.

So here’s what most reviewers say:

  1. For some, these pills regrow hair much faster.
  2. Others say their hair got much thicker after just 1-2 bottles.
  3. On the other hand, some complain it’s not that useful.
  4. Others say it’s extremely expensive (which I agree).

2. One Common Complaint

So basically, most people complained about 1 thing:

  • Kerotin’s price
  • they say it’s too expensive overall

I didn’t notice that until I took a closer look at the reviews.

But interesting enough – there aren’t so many complaints about its effect, as there are about its high price.

So let’s move on to that chapter.


#5 – Price (5 out of 10)

This is by far the biggest downside of Kerotin.

Despite all the praises I have for its ingredients – it is way too expensive to buy on a monthly basis.

1. The Exact Price

Kerotin costs nothing less than $50 per month.

Now – that’s the price from 2 retailers:

  • the official website
  • Amazon

The other websites selling it have much higher prices – except Ebay, but it depends from seller to seller. Plus that it’s not so safe.

Now – the only good news is that both Amazon and the official website offers discounts quite often.

But even so, I never found Kerotin for less than $30 – which is still expensive (compared to others).

2. Competitors’ Price

That’s the main reason why I don’t recommend Kerotin:

  • there’s a product with the exact same formula
  • it also has the same quantity/bottle
  • but it costs $25 less

Basically – it really makes Kerotin super overpriced.

Who would pay $50 when you can get the same product for almost $25? I surely wouldn’t. 


For what it does, Kerotin is extremely expensive.

You can get the same formula (under a different name) for half of that price – $25 per month (or even less if you follow my tips).



#6 – FAQs

I will try to answer the most common questions about Kerotin.

Note: I might repeat things I’ve mentioned before, but they are easier to spot here.

1. How many pills do you have to take daily?

According to the label – 2 per day.

They don’t mention whether you should take them together or not – so anyway is fine.

2. How long lasts 1 bottle?

Considering you’re taking 2 pills per day and there are 60 in total – one bottle it’s designed for 1 month.

There was also a 90 pills version in the past, but it seems to have disappeared from the market.

3. Can I take it with other drugs?

Normally, yes. Kerotin is a supplement and it contains mostly natural ingredients.

So there shouldn’t be any chance of interaction with other drugs.

4. Does it have any side effects?

It shouldn’t. As I said – it’s a natural supplement. However, I can’t tell 100%, because everyone is different. 

So if you experience any weird symptoms, simply giving up the pills should solve the issue.

You can also contact a doctor if there’s something more serious.

But out of the reviews I read – I couldn’t find any complaining about side effects.



#7 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up Kerotin in 3 ideas.

1. Excellent Formula

 As I said, this is the best combination among hair supplements:

  • almost 30 ingredients in total
  • both herbal extracts and minerals/vitamins
  • all of them have at least 1 benefit for hair

Once again, Kerotin isn’t the only product using this exact formula.

That’s why it’s not the only supplement whose ingredients I praise so much.

2. Effective For Real

Though I only used 1 bottle, I could see a change:

  • my hair ends seemed much stronger
  • I had more volume overall
  • it was also good for smoothing hair

I can’t really tell about decreasing hair loss or speeding up hair growth considerably – because 1 month is a too short period.

But judging after the reviews I read, it really does its job – even at those chapters.

3. Overpriced

That’s why I don’t recommend Kerotin:

  • its normal price is $50 per bottle
  • if you’re lucky to get a discount, you can buy it for $30
  • but even so, it’s very expensive

Besides – there’s another product with the same formula that costs $25 per bottle. That’s half of what Kerotin costs!

So if you really want something that works for hair growth – that’s what I would choose. No wonder it’s my #1 recommendation.


My Verdict – Is Kerotin Worth Buying?

Short answer: Definitely not – it’s simply too expensive.

My Review: Kerotin Hair Growth Formula - Does It Work?In terms of features, it’s surely a great product. It has great ingredients and works for real.

But for $50 per month – it’s surely not worth buying:

  1. There’s another product with the exact same formula.
  2. It costs only $25/bottle.
  3. If you buy a larger pack at once, you can get if for $18/bottle. 

Basically – it’s the supplement that made real wonders of my hair.

Considering it has the same formula, I’m sure Kerotin works just as well. 

But why pay $50 when you can get it for half? 

So that’s the reason why I advise you to save your money and instead – get the supplement I constantly use.

It’s surely your own choice, but that’s what I would do. 


1 –

2 –

22 thoughts on “My Review: Kerotin Hair Growth Formula – Does It Work?

  1. I highly recommend this product, it’s been 2 months since I’m taking the pills daily and lots of people started complimenting my hair. It used to be growing very slowly but I think it went almost 3 inches beyond my shoulders lately. I’m just Wow! My hairdresser was also impressed and asked me what I’m using. She ordered a bottle so I’m curious if it grows her hair like crazy too.

    I loved your review mostly because you offered a cheaper alternative. Normally I would not want to switch to anything else, but I saw your alternative has the very same things inside and it’s considerably cheaper. So I think it’s like following up with Kerotin, will surely try it at one point.

    1. Hi Janelle, thanks for sharing your experience with Kerotin. I’m happy to hear you saw such good results in such a short time.

      Regarding your question, I actually think you can switch from Kerotin to Folexin without any worries. If there was any difference in their formula, I would have said no. But the basically contain the same things in the same quantities. So it’s the exact same formula.

      That’s why you can replace Kerotin with Folexin anytime.

      But sure enough, you can use which suits your budget best.

  2. Hi Olly, I’m using Kerotin for half a year and I’m in love with it, it leaves my hair so soft and shiny, more than any spray or cream I tried! It wasn’t shedding when I began taking these pills, I just bought them for healthy hair and they really help. I know they’re kind of pricey but I didn’t really have much choices, Kerotin had positive feedback regarding hair health, which I was interested into. But I’m considering giving Folexin a try, I check your review and you say it has identical compounds with Kerotin but it’s much cheaper. Well I’m not an expert, but I think that ingredients make a product good or bad, right? So if Kerotin works for me, something with the same compounds should do the same. Right?

    1. Hello Melissa, it’s great to hear that Kerotin worked so well for you. 

      Regarding your question – Folexin should work exactly the same as Kerotin, because they have the exact same formula. So your assumption is correct. That’s why I would probably switch to Folexin if I were you, because the price is much lower. Paying $50 per month on a supplement is too pricey, for me at least. 

      So I’m convinced the effect will be exactly the same, since the ingredients are identical. Hope this helps.

  3. It looked as if it was helping my hair in the first month, but then my hair started falling out again. Any supplement I try works badly, some don’t work at all despite having 5 stars on Amazon. I’m 63 y.o. and my hair started falling in the last year…do you think it could be age? Hopefully I can find a solution before all my hair sheds and I have to start wearing a wig.

    1. Hi Johanna, thanks for telling your experience with Kerotin.

      You say it’s not the only supplement that stopped working after a while. In fact, from what I understand – some didn’t help you at all. So based on that, I think your hair loss is caused by something internal – especially since it started quite recently and it doesn’t stop with anything.

      Age might be a factor – but your hair shouldn’t be falling out so heavily, if it’s due to aging. Usually, it gets thinner throughout the years (when it’s caused by again) – but it doesn’t shed massively. I recommend you to check out these 13 factors that might be responsible. If you think that any one them could be causing your hair loss, you should see a dermatologist or a specialist. 

      If there’s a health problem making your hair fall out, it’s probably not going to stop until you treat it. 

      Let me know if you find the potential responsible. 

  4. Thank you for your excellent article and review! I’m an african american woman with coarse, frizzy hair and have used Kerotin Formula just to make my hair more manageable. If it could help it grow, even better! 

    I’m satisfied with the results but not with the price. I’ve been religiously taking the pills for over 3 months now. My hair is less dry and doesn’t get tangled all the time, but the friziness isn’t gone completely. I’m thinking it’s my hair type, because 3 months is a long enough period. I mean these pills should have worked their best by now.

    Do you think I should go on with these pills? My hair isn’t any longer, but I know it’s always been hard for it to grow. But all I want from Kerotin is to make my hair even softer. If it could do that, I would keep using it. Otherwise I don’t want to waste another $50 every month. What do you think I should do?

    1. Hello Jade, thank you for letting me know how Kerotin worked for you. 

      Considering you have coarse hair, it’s really hard to get rid of the frizz completely. Maybe only if you have a straightening treatment with keratin. Otherwise, I doubt any supplement or conditioner could reduce your frizziness completely.

      Kerotin seems to help, but just partially (from what I understand). So your hair is softer, but not as much as you wished. Well, I agree that in 3 months you should have seen its best effect. So I doubt it could make your hair even softer than that, just because that’s its nature.

      For this reason – my advice is to stop using Kerotin, if you’re only taking it for softer hair. Now – if you’re also taking it for growing hair out, then you can continue with it.

      But if it’s such a hole in your budget, I can recommend you something cheaper. 

      Folexin is my top recommendation for hair growth and it has the exact same formula as Kerotin. The only difference is that it normally costs about $25 per bottle, which is half from Kerotin. You can get it even cheaper if you buy more bottles at once, but that’s another story.

      Now – I didn’t get any feedback on Folexin from people with kinky curly hair. But normally, it should help any kinds of hair.

      Just keep in mind that it will take longer for you to see results – compared to me, for example. But if you take it for several months, you should see some growth. 

      So basically, Folexin can do the same as Kerotin (because they have the same formula). It only costs half, that’s why it’s more worth buying. Hope my answer helps.

  5. Hi, I bought Kerotin from Amazon and received an opened jar with only 20 capsules (I counted them all out). I think there were also some problems with the packaging because it was all broken out. I asked Amazon to change the product but they sent me a new bottle instead, so I had enough pills for 1 month and a half. 

    Except the problems I had with the packaging, I really what Kerotin did to my hair. I didn’t have any medical condition but simply had hair falling out in the spring and autumn. 2 weeks after being on Kerotin I started seeing less hairs on my brush during my morning routine, so I guess it helps. Didn’t take any pills at the time, so it must be Kerotin. I only used some vitamins serum, but I had applied it long before and it wasn’t so useful. So I think it was Kerotin that stopped my hair from shedding.

    It’s expensive but I would not go back to other product. 

    A friend of mine suffers from hair loss and it’s obvious that this has an impact on his self-esteem. I will refer this article to him as it does sound like something that can truly be of help. And the best part is that it’s really cheap compared to some other similar products out there. Great article, thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Priscilla, thanks for your feedback on Kerotin Hair Growth. 

      It’s great to hear it was useful, despite the packaging problems. But I wouldn’t blame the brand for that, it was probably Amazon’s fault. Anyway, you did great asking for a product change, I know they always agree to send you another one in these cases.

      If you afford buying Kerotin monthly, there’s no point switching to something else. That especially since your hair isn’t in a bad shape (from what you said). But this formula can also speed up hair growth a lot, so can help you with that too.

      If you continue to use it, please let me know how it works.

  6. Hello Olly, my hair is growing like crazy with Kerotin. It’s just 2 months since I’m taking it and I already have very good results. It’s grown almost 5 inches by now, which is the fastest I’ve ever seen my hair grow. I rarely use Amazon for purchasing vitamins and supplements, so I used Lucky Vitamins for Kerotin. But I just checked and you’re right, the price is better on Amazon. Thanks for the tip! I will check your top recommended product at one point, since you say it’s similar to Kerotin. But right now I don’t want to switch and will continue using this one.

    1. Hi Cathy, thanks for your feedback on Kerotin Hair Growth Formula. It’s great to hear it worked so well. Actually, from your description – it seems to have worked even faster than in my case, which is great. 5 inches in 2 months is a lot – so imagine how it would grow in 1 year. Wow!

      Folexin has the exact same formula as Kerotin, as far as I know. The same ingredients, dosages, everything. That’s why I don’t recommend Kerotin, because it’s pricier. But if you already started using it – I agree, don’t switch to something else, even if it’s the same formula. Use Kerotin for now and get all of its benefits. You can make up your mind afterwards. 

  7. Your review on Kerotin is the best I’ve read, it has all the info I needed, thanks. Really appreciate sincerity too! I checked out your recommended Folexin and it seems to have exactly the same stuff as Kerotin, including concentrations. So yes, it seems way better than Kerotin bcz it’s $25 less. I think I’ll get that instead, what’s the point of paying $50 for the same ingredients?

    1. Hey Kriss, thanks for your opinion, it’s great to hear you found my review useful.

      Regarding Folexin, I definitely recommend it instead of Kerotin because it’s basically the same formula (but for $25 less). So if you start using it, please let me know how fast you see some results.

  8. Hello Olly and greetings from Canada! I’m always reading your articles but this is the first time I ever leave a comment. 

    My best friend Maria was using Kerotin to grow her hair out and it was helping. After reading your review several months ago, I told her about Folexin and that it’s exactly the same as Kerotin but cheaper. Guess what? She agreed to try it out. She got one bottle at first and her hair was growing as in the period she was on Kerotin. So she got 5 bottles next and has been taking it ever since. She says her hair is growing super fast, as when she used Kerotin but she’s paying way less ($18 vs $50 before). 

    She doesn’t know about your blog so I just wanted to come and say thanks, all the info here is so helpful for us! I’m reading every new article you write, even though I don’t know the product I just like your analysis, I’ve become quite an expert in ingredients now! So thanks for that, it’s really appreciated!

    1. Hello Brigitte, thank you so much for all your kind words! 

      I was so happy reading your comment, it means a lot to me hearing that people like my articles and product analysis. I do my best to create unbiased reviews and give an honest opinion about everything, though sometimes it’s hard (if a product doesn’t work for you, you tend to criticize it – but it doesn’t always deserve that, sometimes it just doesn’t work for you, despite being good).

      I’m also really happy to hear about your friend’s results with Folexin. Kerotin is an excellent product but it’s simply not a good choice – because Folexin exists. Since they have the exact same formula and a price difference of up to $30, I think it’s pretty clear which is a wiser option.

      Thanks again for your really nice comment and keep reading my blog, I will try to bring even more interesting info and articles!

      1. Do you have this product in powder. Would like to use it, because I lost a lot of hair,so I’m looking for the best as kerotin

        1. Hello Eva, first of all – I’m not selling the product nor have any connection with the company behind. I simply used Kerotin and reviewed it, saying my personal opinion about it. So I can’t help with any unofficial info – and obviously, I have nothing to do with selling it. So you can’t buy it from me. And that’s available for all the supplements I review on my website, I’m not actually selling any,

          But as far as I know, Kerotin doesn’t come as powder – only as pills. These pills have a powder inside, so you can use that – but I wouldn’t recommend it, as it might lose its efficiency due to a poorer absorption. So my advice is to take it as pills. I personally recommend a supplement that has the exact same formula as Kerotin and it costs half. So if you want to save some serious amount of money, take a look at Folexin.

          I hope this helps.

  9. Hi Olly, thank you so much for this review! It was an eye opener for me. I’ve been using Kerotin from almost a year and it has helped tremendously in my hair journey. Two years ago, I chose a wrong hairstylist who bleached my hair to destruction. I had a dark brown shade and she took me to platinum blonde from one session. You can guess that my hair started falling apart soon after…I had it cut into a pixie (worst period of my life) and it still wasn’t in the best shape…I don’t want to remember anymore.

    Anyway, I started using Kerotin and in a few months I noticed it was growing a lot faster. So the pill was working. I didn’t have any trouble affording it since I know it was for my own good. But surely, anything cheaper would be desirable. So now I started using Folexin and you’re right, it has the exactly same ingredient list as my Kerotin. But it’s a lot cheaper. 

    This is my first month with Folexin but my hair doesn’t seem worse than before, so that’s a proof I’m still taking the right thing. Next time I’m going to buy 10 bottles of Folexin and get it even cheaper than this time. This is literally a bargain…thank you Olly!

    1. Hello Marissa, thank you for sharing your experience with Kerotin. I’m sorry to hear about your hair problems, but they’re surely caused by the bleaching process. I’m not an expert in bleaching but as far as I know, (as a hairstylist) you’re not allowed to go from a dark color to a platinum blonde from one session. I might be wrong but I remember reading that somewhere, so I doubt it was a lie.

      But you surely learned from these mistakes so I bet you’re stay away from bleaching for a long time lol.

      Anyway – Kerotin has the exact same formula as Folexin. So once you start using Folexin is like you continued to take Kerotin (just that it has a different name). For this reason, you shouldn’t worry about the effects, you will surely continue to see positive ones.

      In case it helps, I also have this guide on growing hair faster. You could also get some useful tips from there. 

      Please keep me updated on how your hair journey goes. I hope this helps.

  10. Hi Olly,

    I have read your review both your reviews for Folexin and Kerotin which I found to bee very informative. I wanted to order Folexin but unfortunately they no longer ship to the UK. Since Kerotin have the same ingredients I have ordered it instead. How long did you take Folexin before you noticed significant results?

    1. Hi Veneta, yes, Kerotin is a great alternative because it contains the exact same formula, it’s only that it’s more expensive. But in your case, it’s definitely the best option. As for your question, it took me about a month to see results with Folexin in terms of hair loss (my hair didn’t grow any faster but it stopped falling out a lot). And at the end of the second month, I noticed a big change in my growth speed. But it depends from person to person, so I would say to give it 2-3 months. Please keep me updated on how things go for you!

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