(Top 6) Benefits Of Zinc For Hair Loss & Growth (2023)

(Top 6) Benefits Of Zinc For Hair Loss & Growth (2019)

Do you happen to deal with hair loss and you can’t find a solution?

Well – it might be simpler than you think: zinc.

So how can this all powerful mineral help your hair?

  • Does it decrease shedding?
  • Can it boost hair growth speed?

It’s time to find out the top 6 benefits of zinc for hair loss & growth (for both men and women).



Here’s what you can find in this article:

  1. What Is Zinc?
  2. #1 – Decreases Shedding
  3. #2 – Can Improve Growth Speed
  4. #3 – Deficiencies Affect Hair
  5. #4 – Heals Scalp Tissue
  6. #5 – Boosts Hair Glands Health
  7. #6 – Strengthens Hair Roots
  8. My Final Verdict

So let’s start by finding out what’s zinc and why it’s so effective for hair.


What Is Zinc Actually?

Most likely – all of you know that zinc is a mineral.

But how exactly is it connected to hair? And what’s the link between it and out general health?

Here’s what you should know:

  1. It’s considered an essential nutrient.
  2. Human body doesn’t product zinc itself, so you have to take it from foods.
  3. Also, zinc can’t be stored in the body.
  4. One of its major roles is that it’s involved in immunity.
  5. It’s also important for skin and hair health.

Overall – it’s probably one of the top 5 most important minerals from our body.

It has major roles in immune response, body growth and even hair health.

So now that you know its main proprieties – it’s time how exactly it can help your hair.



#1 – Decreases Shedding

When it comes to hair loss, zinc can be a real miracle maker.

1. How It Helps

First of all – a zinc deficiency can make your hair fall out massively. [1]

So once its levels gets closer to normal, the shedding should decrease.

But what is you don’t have a zinc deficiency?

What if your hair loss is caused by something else?

Even then – this mineral can help decrease it:

  1. Promotes follicles health.
  2. Strengthens actual hair strands.
  3. Can increase volume and hair fullness (or give the impression of fuller hair).

Basically – in case of damaged or weak hair, supplementing with zinc can really help.

2. When To Use It

I recommend zinc in several cases:

  • hair loss or breakage due to a zinc deficiency
  • fragile hair
  • thin strands with little volume

Now – my advice is to combine zinc with other minerals (or even better, with other herbs).

Many hair supplements contain several nutrients put together, so the results are better.

But if taken correctly – zinc can really improve many cases of hair loss.


#2 – Can Improve Growth Speed

According to some sources, zinc is also linked with hair growth.

1. How It Helps

Apparently, this mineral can increase growth speed in some cases:

  1. Promotes hair tissue growth.
  2. Stimulates follicles (in higher dosages).
  3. Prevents hair ends damage.

At this point – no studies managed to prove that zinc can actually boost hair growth.

However, some people swear by it.

Since it can dramatically decrease shedding, it surely has a benefit for growth as well.

2. When To Use It

Many hair growth supplements contain high dosages of zinc.

So it’s pretty clear that this mineral has its own benefits.

Therefore – hair growth supplements can be more helpful than you think.

I actually recommend them if you want to grow your hair out. 

You will see some results much faster with the right product.


#3 – Deficiencies Affect Hair

In the right quantity, zinc can have a great impact on hair.

However – if its level is too low, you will see the consequences soon.

1. How It Helps

As I said before, your zinc level is very important for your hair’s health:

  1. A deficiency can cause massive shedding.
  2. In fact, hair loss is one of the most common signs of a zinc deficiency. [2]
  3. An excess can also affect your hair.

In other words, both a lack and an excess are harmful.

Zinc supplements can negatively affect your hair – but only in certain conditions:

  • you’re taking a quantity that is too high (over 15 mg)
  • you’re taking it for more than 3 months

I actually don’t recommend taking zinc supplements without your doctor’s advice.

You can take zinc supplements combined with additional nutrients – but as long as the dosages are normal.

Otherwise, it might be a bit risky.

2. When To Use It

If your doctor suspects your hair is falling out due to a zinc deficiency, he will order some blood tests.

In case you really have a lack of zinc – supplements can really help.

But as I said:

  • follow your doctor’s advice and recommendations
  • don’t take zinc supplements randomly

However, if you really have a deficiency – supplements should solve the problem in 1-2 months.


#4 – Heals Scalp Tissue

This is one of the benefits that makes zinc unique.

1. How It Helps

Basically – this mineral is extremely helpful for inflamed skin as in:

  • psoriasis
  • dermatitis
  • dandruff
  • itchy skin and rashes

It works by decreasing scalp inflammation and promoting healing.

This has to do with its immunity boosting functions.

So if you’re dealing with any scalp problems, adding some zinc to your diet can really help.

2. When To Use It

I personally recommend zinc as a top alternative to medication (for scalp problems).

Instead of starting with a powerful drug that can have serious side effects – better start taking zinc.

If it works, great for you.

If it doesn’t, you can switch to the initial medication.

Basically – you don’t have anything to lose trying it, but a lot to gain if it really works.


#5 – Boosts Hair Glands Health

Few minerals have this propriety, but zinc is one of these few ones.

1. How It Helps

Basically – this mineral is involved in all sorts of immunity processes.

Maybe that’s the reason why it’s also connected with hair glands.

According to some studies – it promotes their optimal performance. 

So how does this help?:

  1. Scalp is properly hydrated.
  2. There’s no excess oil nor a lack of it.
  3. Hair feels softer and better nourished.
  4. There’s less breakage.

Basically – zinc ensures your hair glands are working properly.

This will positively impact your hair roots and even ends (less damage).

2. When To Use It

Zinc seems to help in most scalp affections:

  • from rashes and inflammatory lesions
  • to excess sebum and oily scalp

Also – if your hair is too dry due to a lack of sebum, zinc can help with balance.

So when it comes to scalp health, it’s one of the top minerals.


#6 – Strengthens Hair Roots

When it comes to hair strength, zinc is also helpful.

1. How It Helps

This mineral can give your hair a boost of life:

  1. Prevents hair fragility and breakage.
  2. Repairs damaged ends.
  3. Decreases sebum excess from your scalp.
  4. Strengthens hair follicles.
  5. Improves consequent shedding.

Basically – the right amount of zinc can keep your hair strong and in shape.

2. When To Use It

In case you have a zinc deficiency, there might be more than a hair loss.

Actually, your hair can also look dry, brittle and really fragile – chapters where zinc can really help. [3]

So the right amount of this mineral could really help. 



My Verdict – Is Zinc Good For Hair?

Short answer: Definitely – it’s one of the best hair minerals.

In fact, a deficiency causes serious hair loss – so its role is quite obvious.

So should you start a zinc supplement now? Only if:

  1. You have a serious deficiency.
  2. You’re taking an average quantity (15 mg at most).
  3. Your doctor recommends it.

Basically – my advice is to go for a zinc supplement that has under 15 mg per day.

If your specialist recommends a higher dosage, it’s totally fine.

But if you’re taking it without any doctor’s consent – choose a product with 15 mg of zinc (at most).

However, my advice is to choose a hair supplement that contains zinc combined with:

  • other minerals
  • essential vitamins
  • herbal extracts

This kind of hair supplements contains lower quantities of zinc – but it also has a much better effect.

That’s because of the combination it contains.

So if you’re trying to stop your shedding, thinning or just grow your hair out – that’s the kind of supplement I recommend.


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