My Review: Kaleidoscope Miracle Hair Drops (2023)

My Review: Kaleidoscope Miracle Hair Drops (2019)

It’s time to review Kaleidoscope Miracle Hair Drops – because it looks like an interesting product.

  • But is it as miraculous as it claims?
  • Or it’s just another weak product – meant to take away your hard-earned money?

I tested out these drops myself – so I want to share the hidden details behind.

Note: This review is based on my experience + research with Kaleidoscope.

So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Miracle Drop Hair Oil from Kaleidoscope

Versions: Only 1 bottle (2 oz)

Best Actual Price: Around $30 per bottle

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon (they often have discounts and sales)

Designed ForHair regrowth (in both men and women):

  • prevents and fights hair loss
  • helps with thinning and breakage
  • effective for dry scalp

My Rating: 7 out of 10

Worth Buying?: I don’t think it is – at least I wouldn’t buy it again:

  • pretty weak effect
  • potential side reactions (in my case)
  • formula is quite cheap

Instead of getting mixed results with topical products, I recommend a $25 supplement that worked much better in my case.


What I Liked About It

  • Based on natural and herbal ingredients
  • Pleasant and light smell
  • You don’t need to use it daily
  • Decent price (though the formula isn’t worth the value)
  • Many opinions available online


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Ingredients are really weak overall
  • Terrible consistency (really greasy)
  • Didn’t work almost at all in my case
  • Can cause scalp irritations and side effects
  • Enough unsatisfied customers



What Are Kaleidoscope Drops?

In short – it’s a hair brand focused on natural hair products.

In a few words – a product designed to regrow hair, using natural ingredients.

Among its promises, there are:

  1. Combats dry scalp.
  2. Adds a lightweight shine.
  3. Enhance blood circulation (in the scalp).
  4. Stimulates hair follicles.

However – these drops’ formula makes it hard to believe it’s such a potent remedy.

At least in my opinion, it looks extremely simple and basic.

Even though the cost isn’t high either – I still feel like these ingredients aren’t worth so much money.

So now that you have a brief idea about Kaleidoscope drops, let’s analyze it more closely.


#1 – Ingredients (6 out of 10)

The best thing about this formula is that it’s 100% natural.

Other than that – I personally consider it quite weak:

  • mostly made of essential oils
  • only 3 actual ingredients
  • no dosages mentioned

Basically – Kaleidoscope’s drops are a mix of:

  • 2 essential oils
  • 1 herbal extract
  • some consistency agents

Most of us can almost make this recipe at home. Simply mix these essential oils in a bottle and there you go.

That’s obviously a joke – but I’m trying to point out that there’s no special formula in these drops:

  1. Tea Tree Oil – promotes growth and cleanses scalp. [1]
  2. Peppermint Oil – increases hair growth speed. [2]
  3. Aloe Leaf Extract – thickens and promotes hair growth. [3]

Other than these, there are some inactive ingredients (which aren’t too important).


Kaleidoscope’s formula is pretty disappointing to me. 

It’s basically a mix of essential oils and Aloe Vera extract. 

So in terms of ingredients – I consider it weaker than most products. For this reason, it’s surely not among the products I would recommend.


#2 – Smell & Texture (7 out of 10)

If you’re curious about Kaleidoscope’s consistency, here’s what I can tell.

1. Smell

In my opinion – you can’t feel any of the ingredients too much.

Overall, the smell is very balanced:

  • feels like a mix of herbs and medicines
  • not very intense
  • doesn’t stay on the hair (positive thing)

So if you’re sensitive to scents, these drops shouldn’t bother you too much.

They’re not fragrance-free, since the smell is easily felt. But it’s not that kind of strong scents.

2. Texture

That’s the part I didn’t like about Kaleidoscope:

  • extremely greasy consistency
  • makes your roots really oily
  • also, not that easy to rinse

Even though it’s easy to apply, this product’s texture is pretty bad (in my opinion).

You’re pretty much forced to wash your hair every day you use it – unless you prefer greasy roots.

So from this point of view, I would think twice about using Kaleidoscope’s drops.


#3 – How To Use It (8 out of 10)

Luckily – I could find plenty of instructions about these drops.

So here’s how you should start using them:

  1. Apply a few drops on your scalp (or affected area).
  2. Massage and spread the solution with your fingers.
  3. Let it sit for a few hours (that’s my own advice).
  4. Wash your hair as usual.
  5. Make sure you rinse several times (so that the oil doesn’t stay in your hair).
  6. Use it 3-5 times per week.

Honestly – the fact that you don’t have to use this product daily is a big advantage.

But as I said, you pretty much have to wash your hair after using it (since it leaves it really oily).

So if you decide to purchase Kaleidoscope’s drops, be prepared for this.


#4 – My Results (6 out of 10)

As I said – I used these drops myself, but trying them once was enough.

I don’t think they deserved a second chance.

1. My Background

A few years back, I was dealing with a bad hair loss:

  • my hair got about 50% thinner
  • the ends were suffering most
  • my roots were still pretty thick
  • I had no bald spots, just general hair loss

There were several causes behind – including DHT excess, stress, poor nutrition, etc.

So at one point – I tried over 50 different products just to see which could help most.

Kaleidoscope’s drops were one of them – but the results weren’t too good for me.

2. How It Worked

I only used one bottle of these drops – which lasted more than 1 month (if I can remember well).

My Review: Kaleidoscope Miracle Hair Drops (2019)

But the results were far from what I expected:

  1. Hair loss actually worsened in the first weeks.
  2. My scalp became irritated.
  3. I also developed some flaked and a small rash.
  4. Not to mention that I had to wash my hair almost daily (it got really greasy).
  5. After 1 month, my shedding seemed to get better.
  6. However, it was just a bit better than when I started these drops.
  7. My dry scalp didn’t improve, though.
  8. It was really itchy and hurting sometimes.

Now – during that period I used Kaleidoscope (about 2 months), there was no extra growth.

But that’s pretty normal – since most products usually need more time.

However, my hair actually suffered a lot more while being on these drops (than before).

So overall, their effect was pretty weak. In fact, in the first weeks – they actually made my hair worse than it was already.


Kaleidoscope’s drops didn’t help me almost at all:

  • only worsened my hair in the first weeks
  • made my scalp dry and itchy

Though they helped my hair loss afterwards (partially) – that didn’t compensate.

Even though I used them for a short time, it was enough to see they weren’t really the right thing for my hair.

So I personally prefer to use a supplement instead.

The effect is much faster, better and there are no side effect on the scalp. That’s what I personally recommend instead.



#5 – Other Opinions (5 out of 10)

In order to create an unbiased review – I tried to include other people’s opinions.

In this way, you can see how Kaleidoscope worked for others (not just me).

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not general ones.

1. What People Say

Even though it’s a pretty popular product (judging after the high number of reviews) – Kaleidoscope has enough complaints.

So here’s what most people think of it:

  1. Some say it really grows edges and hair.
  2. Others say it works, but it need a few months.
  3. A few claim it improved their scalp density.
  4. However, a lot of people swear it’s totally useless.
  5. There are many customers complaining it’s not working.
  6. Others say they suffered from side effects.
  7. Some Amazon customers claim it’s not the original product.

Overall – Kaleidoscope has a lot of negative reviews (on Amazon).

And what’s interesting is that most are quite recent (since 2017).

Out of the reviews before 2017, many are positive and praising these drops.

2. Biggest Complaints

Unfortunately – I found plenty of unsatisfied customers.

Most of their complaints are related to:

  • no improvements or poor effect
  • itchy scalp and other side effects
  • no refund available
  • bad consistency
  • product is fake

Even though I personally agree with some (itchy scalp and worsened shedding) – I didn’t experience all of these complaints.

But since there are more than 1 customers complaining about each, I personally think they are true.


Even though it has mixed reviews – Kaleidoscope doesn’t seem the best product to me:

  • enough complaints
  • many people experiencing the same side effects as me

And surprisingly, most of the negative reviews are quite recent.

So I personally wouldn’t recommend these drops – or buy them again.

I just don’t think they’re safe for me, considering the side effects I saw. And it seems like I’m not the only one saying so.


#6 – Price (7 out of 10)

Even though it’s not really cheap – Kaleidoscope isn’t that pricey either.

However, for what it contains – I think it could be about $10 cheaper.

1. The Exact Price

Here’s what you should keep in mind about these drops:

  1. Costs about $30 per bottle.
  2. There are 2 oz in one bottle.
  3. From my experience, this bottle is enough for more than 1 month.
  4. I would say around 6 weeks (more or less).

In terms of price – Amazon has the best offer for Kaleidoscope:

  • price is the same in all retailers on paper
  • Amazon offers discounts often times
  • at this point, it has a 45% sale
  • that means you can get it for less than $17

Even though it’s not worth that much (since you can almost make it at home) – $17 is still a pretty good price.

Even for a simple oil as this one.

So if you really want to buy Kaleidoscope’s drops:

  1. Choose Amazon as a retailer.
  2. Don’t buy from the first try.
  3. Keep checking the price until you see a big discount (over $50).
2. Competitors’ Price

I will only compare Kaleidoscope with my #1 recommended hair product – a supplement called Folexin.

  1. F contains about 30 different ingredients.
  2. K only has 3 active substances.
  3. F comes as pills (2 per day), K is a topical product.
  4. Both have a pretty good price on paper.
  5. F costs $25 per bottle normally, K costs $30.
  6. You can get F for about $18 per bottle (if you buy more bottles at once).
  7. K doesn’t offer the option to buy more bottles at one.
  8. However, it has discounts on Amazon at times.

So even if they’re about the same (in terms of price) – I consider Folexin better than Kaleidoscope.

I’m mostly speaking in terms of effect and results (especially on the long term).

So in my opinion, using a supplement (whether it’s Folexin or another one) is way better than using a topical product:

  • effect appears much faster
  • hair doesn’t fall out if you stop the treatment (as it does with Minoxidil)
  • works for both men and women
  • much better results overall
  • in many cases, cheaper price

That’s why my advice is to use a supplement instead of a topical product.

Sure enough – you can use both. But the supplement is a lot more important (in terms of results).



#7 – FAQs

Coming up, I will try to answer the top questions about Kaleidoscope.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it’s easier to spot here.

1. How often you should use it?

About 3-5 times per week, according to the label.

This means every 2 days – in the worst case.

2. How long lasts 1 bottle?

In my case, it was a bit over one month (around 6 weeks).

Considering a bottle is 2 oz and you’re only applying a few drops – it should last so long.

3. Can I take it with other drugs?

Definitely. Since it’s a topical product, there’s no risk of interactions. Not even with long term treatment.

4. Are there any side effects?

Unfortunately – I experienced some myself:

  • worsening hair loss (just in the first weeks)
  • itchy and dry scalp
  • rashes

I also found several reviews complaining of these – so they might be more common than I thought.

5. How fast should I notice an improvement?

I say you give these drops at least 1 month.

Since they’re a topical product, I doubt you will see major results faster.


#8 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on these drops.

1. Basic Formula

As I said – there’s nothing special in this formula:

  • 2 regular essential oils
  • 1 herb extract (Aloe)
  • some consistency agents

Except the last substances – you could mix the ingredients yourself, at home.

Believe me, you won’t pay more than $10 for all of them.

2. Potential Side Effects

I found quite a few complaints about these drops:

  • hair loss got worse
  • users developed itchy and dry scalp
  • some even got dandruff

In fact – I even experienced some of these issues myself.

Considering there wasn’t just 1 person complaining – keep in mind there’s this risk.

3. Only Works For Some

Kaleidoscope’s drops surely work for some people – but only for some.

Considering there were a lot of negative reviews as well, they weren’t effective in more than 75% of cases.

In fact – I’m the best example that they didn’t work.

Therefore, keep in mind that they don’t work for every customer.


My Verdict – Are Kaleidoscope Drops Worth It?

Short answer: Probably not – but that’s just in my opinion:

  1. Pretty poor formula (regular essential oils).
  2. Extremely greasy consistency.
  3. Effect wasn’t too good in my case.
  4. Several potential side effects (on scalp).

Even though it has a decent price (if you buy it from Amazon) – I still feel like it’s not worth it.

Especially since there are just regular essential oils inside. So I doubt its real value is over $15.

Now – what do I recommend instead?

I personally prefer to use hair supplements:

  • effect comes up much faster (sometimes even after 1-2 months)
  • work better on the long term
  • hair doesn’t fall out if you stop using it
  • work for both genders
  • in most cases, much lower price

In my case – results were always better when using a supplement.

That’s why I stopped using topical products, as they only treat the external symptom (not the problem inside).

You can use a topical product as well – but an internal product is a must, if you ask me.

That’s the easiest recipe for best results.


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12 thoughts on “My Review: Kaleidoscope Miracle Hair Drops (2023)

  1. I think this oil is just placebo, it smells nicely but that’s the whole thing. I’m almost finishing my first bottle (which lasted more than 1 month btw) and cannot see any changes. I am going bald so I’m not expecting to see new hairs grow overnight, but these drops just seem useless to me, I can’t feel any tingling or cold sensation when I apply them so I doubt they actually do anything. I even tried using them daily and there’s still no difference. The only good point is that the bottle lasts a lot more than you would say, mine didn’t run out in the first month despite using it quite often.

    1. Hi Charles, thanks for your opinion on Kaleidoscope’s drops. I don’t have a great opinion on it either, but I want to hear as many authentic opinions as possible, so thanks for sharing it.

      In your case – my top recommendation would be a supplement designed for male hair loss. If you’re going bald, the cause behind your shedding is probably DHT excess. So you need a product that can fight this excess and balance the levels. 

      The best choice are supplements based on Saw Palmetto, as this herb is the best DHT blocker among herbs. I would advise you to go for Procerin, as it has the best price on the market for that kind of formula. Plus that it has lots of positive reviews, so it’s effective for many men.

      There’s also Follixin, which is another excellent product with positive feedback behind. But it’s considerably pricier (shipping costs $25 in any country), so that’s its biggest drawback.

      So you should choose the product that fits your budget best. You can also rinse your hair with green tea after washing it and try to follow a healthier diet (on the long term). These changes may slightly add up, in the good way. 

    2. Hi. The owner of the product (miracle drops) states that her products were not sold on Amazon. She stated that during an interview and warned people about fake versions of her product being sold on Amazon and also Walmart. When you stated that the oil was very greasy, I’m really confused because the bottle that I purchased from the Kaleidoscope website ( which is her official website), the consistency of the oil was super light and watery as I dropped several drops in my hand and rubbed it between my fingers. Since the bottle of oil that you had was so intensely greasy and heavy, it could be very possible that you bought a counterfeit bottle. Even when I dabbed my edges with the dropper, the oil was extremely light with a very strong smell. That’s the one thing I don’t like about is the strong smell. I didn’t use much but I definitely see growth! Anyway thanks for your review.

      1. Hi Ash, thanks a lot for this info on Kaleidoscope’s drops. I had no idea they were not sold by the original seller on Amazon. Since I also bought it from there, I must have used a fake bottle, which explains the terrible consistency and smell. I think the seller should contact Amazon and prevent them from selling a fake product that has the same name with the original. This totally confuses potential buyers, as the price on Amazon is way cheaper. That’s a serious reason why I also bought it from there. Anyway, thanks a lot for this tip!

  2. Hello Olly, I too have used these drops in the past. Just sharing my experience: nice smell, made my hair grow faster after some months, scalp feeling constantly greasy and itchy, dandruff after several weeks.

    I saw improvement in my hair length so I continued using this oil despite the problems. At one point my neighbor told me she was using plain castor oil from the drugstore and that she’s achieving great results with it. I stopped this oil and switched to castor oil instead, the growth was the same but the itch and dandruff went away after the first month. Still greasy scalp, but that’s how it goes with oils. Would not return to Kaleidoscope, better buy and use regular castor oil, it has the same results but fewer side effects.


    1. Hi Jen, thanks a lot for your feedback on Kaleidoscope drops.

      Unfortunately, the things you mentioned aren’t uncommon, these drops seem to cause side effects in many people. But I do agree that they’re not spectacular, as they mostly have essential oils inside. 

      Basically, any oil you apply on your scalp, it will stimulate the follicles and increase growth on the long term. That’s because any oily substance does that, not just essential oils. Castor oil is actually the best example – it’s not an essential oil but it actually works the same (if not better, judging after its popularity for hair growth).

      So if greasy hair isn’t a bit issue for you, keep using Castor oil instead. It’s a much better choice, especially in terms of price.

      Thanks again for sharing your experience with Kaleidoscope.

  3. I need more reasons to believe this website is not a scam. The only product you continuously throw in our face is Folexin. Have you seen the reviews on Amazon? They aren’t that amazing and you never post that. Please prove this isn’t a scam and you aren’t trying to rip people off.

    1. Hi again Josephine. It’s the second time you comment on my website directly accusing me of something I don’t do. You seem to have a serious problem with the fact that I recommend Folexin instead of certain products. I’m just wondering – if I recommended something else instead, would you still have a problem with that? I bet you would.

      1) First of all, I have answered your previous comment where you accuse me of promoting Folexin on no real basis. I have given you clear reasons and proofs as to why I promote it, but it’s obvious that you didn’t even bother to check that out. Also, I believe you didn’t even read my review on Folexin – as I have never claimed it is a perfect product (I actually found enough downsides about it). So I will ask you once again to read my review before accusing me of anything.

      2) I keep on recommending Folexin because it’s the best product I know as effect/price. I keep on saying that it’s my own opinion and my own experience – I never said it’s the best product on the market or the only one that works. In fact, I have many others that I liked and recommend – I simply think this is a better choice in terms of price and effect. And it’s the product I’m using myself, so I believe I am free to recommend something I personally like.

      3) As I said, I always recommend Folexin because it’s the best choice right now (IN MY OPINION). Nutrafol is an excellent product that worked the same for my hair, but it costs $90 per bottle. No matter how well it worked, I couldn’t recommend that to an average person – as I wouldn’t spend my hard earned money constantly on that either. Viviscal is another supplement I loved and it’s cheaper than Nutrafol, but it’s still around $40-$50 per bottle. Once again, that’s too much in my opinion. Kerotin has the exact same formula as Folexin and lots of positive reviews on Amazon. It simply costs $50, which is twice – should I recommend it then when there’s a much cheaper alternative? There’s Follixin, a supplement with lots of positive reviews online (especially for male baldness). I tried it and it helped my shedding, even though I don’t have any baldness. The thing is that it costs $49 per bottle plus $25 shipping in any part of the world. That’s just a lot! Biosil is another supplement I loved, but it’s much better for skin health than for hair loss. I could go on like this forever, as there are a lot of products I liked and couldn’t really criticize, I just offered an alternative that I personally prefer. The reader is willing to choose any or none, the reviews are simply informative, I am not forcing anyone to buy a certain product saying that it’s the only one that works.

      4) You mention Folexin’s reviews on Amazon. I haven’t added them into my review because there are only 6 – which is way too irrelevant. Plus, many of them say they just bought the product and they’re curious how it works. What could I say about that? Still, it has an average of 4 stars from 6 reviews on Amazon, which isn’t that bad. I actually mentioned in my Folexin review that one of its major downsides is the very low number of real reviews online. There are many of its official website, but I tend to not believe those ones in general (they’re usually biased). If you find real reviews on Folexin online, please let me know because I couldn’t find too many.

      5) In all the products I review, I try to create as an unbiased perspective as I can. In other words, I try to make readers see both the good and the bad side. However, I never make false claims about any product. I only state the things I find online, especially when it comes to other opinions. That’s why I add screenshots, so that people see I’m not making things up. That’s available for both Kaleidoscope Hair Drops and other products. In case I don’t find too many authentic reviews, I show the ones I found and mention I’m not completely sure they’re real (as I did with Folexin).

      6) I don’t have any connection with the company, I am simply their customer for a long time. That’s why I have a discount. If you ever bought something for a long time, it might have happened that you received a card or a note inside your pack with a discount code. I know there are many people who have a similar code, I’m not claiming I am the only one. But I’m giving it out, in case it helps others too. As far as I know, it’s not unique so the company doesn’t necessarily know it’s mine.

      I just want to mention that this is the last time I am answering to your malicious and accusing comments, since you have no proof or actual reason. I have answered your previous comment with real proofs, but you ignore them and only criticize without any real basis. If you want to share your experience with any product (whether positive or negative), I will gladly listen to it. But if you only want to spread hate and criticism, that’s not the place for you.

      PS: I am actually questioning your real identity, since you change your last name from day to day. In the last comment, it was totally different. So I’m actually thinking you’re trying to rip off people, including myself.

  4. Now that the mention of a false product being sold on Amazon with a different consistency was given , will you buy it from the owner’s legitimate website and do another review?

    1. Hi Dianne, I don’t think I am going to buy it again. It’s just not worth the money for me (it’s pricier on its owner’s website) and currently I am no dealing with any hair loss problems anymore. I used this product some time ago, I think I even mentioned this in the “my results section”. So back then I used to have serious hair loss problems, which I don’t have anymore now.

      So I fully respect Kaleidoscope’s product and admit I have probably not used the original product. This could explain why I only saw worsened symptoms, not real improvements. But at this point, I’m not the most suitable person to test it out anymore. But as I said before, I admit that the real product might be way better than the version I have actually used.

  5. I had the worst experience ever with my hair. It normally grows or not at all if I try a new product. I space it out over a year n wait like 60 days before trying something new.. Kaleidoscope had my coming out in long strands….I literally have 3 sandwich bags full of hair that I have lost. Am bout to cut my hair off and start over.. Am angry and depressed. Will be doing whatever I can against this product for my hair loss.

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