(Top 7) Horsetail Hair Benefits (For Loss & Growth)

(Top 7) Horsetail Hair Benefits (For Loss & Growth)

Are you struggling to grow your hair out? Or you’re simply trying to stop the fall out?

Well – have you ever heard of Horsetail?

This small herb can have a pretty big impact on your hair’s look.

  • But how exactly does it help?
  • Is it effective for any type of hair loss?
  • And can it speed up hair growth?

Here are the top 7 Horsetail hair benefits (for both men and women).



Here’s what you can find in this article:

  1. What’s Inside Horsetail?
  2. #1 – Helps Thinning Hair
  3. #2 – Boosts Growth
  4. #3 – Nourishes Brittle Hair
  5. #4 – Reduces Dandruff
  6. #5 – Masks Split Ends
  7. #6 – Rejuvenates Hair
  8. #7 – Promotes General Hair Health
  9. My Final Verdict

So let’s start by finding out what’s inside rice water that makes it so effective.


What’s Inside Horsetail?

(Top 7) Horsetail Hair Benefits (For Loss & Growth)

First of all, Horsetail is the general name for Equisetum Arvense:

  1. It grows all over Europe and North America
  2. It usually prefers temperate areas.
  3. There are about 15 different species of Equisetum

But how exactly does it work?

Since it’s considered so helpful for hair, it’s probably because of its compounds.

So which of them are responsible for its effect? What’s inside it that makes it so special?

  1. A real vitamin bomb (most B types, C, E, K)
  2. Minerals (magnesium, folate, iron, zinc, etc.)
  3. Phenolic compounds
  4. Silica

Now –  in terms of hair, it’s the Silica that brings most of the benefits.

Actually, Horsetail is one of the best sources of Silica in the world (among herbs).

That’s where its hair benefits come from.

However, since it’s a real vitamin + mineral bomb – it’s even more helpful for certain hair issues.

So let’s see what exactly I’m talking about.




#1 – Best Herb For Thinning Hair

This is definitely the top benefit of this herb.

1. How It Helps

Due to its high dosage of Silica, Horsetail can help if your hair is thinning out:

  1. Increases hair elasticity and resistance.
  2. Decreases breakage and fragile hairs.
  3. Strengthens and lubricates hair strands.
  4. Promotes hair thickening. 

Actually – it’s probably one of best natural remedies against thinning hair.

Obviously, since it’s a herb – it can’t make miracles on its own. Plus, the effect doesn’t appear immediately.

But there’s enough evidence that Horsetail’s benefits for thinning hair are real. [1]

2. How & When To Use It

Apparently – Horsetail shows best results for thinning hair in 2 cases:

  • when taken by mouth (combined with other herbs – as a supplement)
  • when used directly on the scalp (as a rinse)

So you can either find a supplement containing Horsetail – or rinse your hair with an infusion of it.

However, this herb doesn’t help too much in thinning caused by male baldness.

In this case – a DHT blocker like Saw Palmetto could help a lot more.

But in case your hair is thin because of stress, poor nutrition, etc. – Horsetail might help.



#2 – Boosts Growth

Though it’s quite underestimated at this chapter, Horsetail can help with hair growth.

1. How It Helps

Here’s why it can boost your actual hair growth:

  1. Decreases breakage and hair fall out rate.
  2. Strengthens hair strands (even the ends).
  3. Stimulates hair follicles.
  4. Promotes healthy hair.

Basically – it doesn’t speed up hair growth directly.

But it considerably reduces shedding and breakage – which contributes to healthier hair growth.

Plus, some studies showed that silicon can increase growth rate, which is even more helpful. [2]

2. How & When To Use It

Horsetail alone might not make your hair grow a lot faster.

But if you associate it with the right herbs – the effect should be better.

Also, it can help if you’re dealing with hair loss.

As long as it’s not caused by DHT excess, a supplement with Horsetail, Biotin and other vitamins can really help.



#3 – Nourishes Brittle Hair

This is another unique benefit of this herb.

1. How It Helps

As it’s very rich in Silica – Horsetail can make a great natural conditioner:

  1. Lubricated hair follicles.
  2. Properly nourishes split ends.
  3. Restores hair elasticity and strength.
  4. Decreases consequent breakage.

In other words – it can improve hair health amazingly, in case you’re dealing with dry hair.

Obviously, it won’t have the same results on a kinky hair as on a straight brittle hair.

But it can really help with that.

2. How & When To Use It

In case you’re dealing with dry brittle hair – Horsetail infusion should be a great choice.

  • Use this herb to make a tea 
  • Let it cool
  • Apply it on your hair (especially on the middle and ends)
  • Let it sit and the rinse

You can also mix it with a bit of conditioner – this will lubricate your hair even better.



#4 – Reduces Dandruff

When used topically, Horsetail is an excellent dandruff remedy.

1. How It Helps

Once again, it’s the Silica that is responsible for this proprieties:

  1. Decreases scalp inflammation.
  2. Fights minor infections and microbes.
  3. Lubricates flaky scalp.
  4. Reduces itching and irritation. 

Therefore, using Horsetail infusion on your scalp can fight an existing dandruff.

It’s also really good for prevention (especially if you deal with this problem quite often).

2. How & When To Use It

As I said – when it comes to dandruff, this herbs works best locally.

  • Make an infusion using this herb and let it cool
  • Apply it on your scalp (where dandruff is located)
  • Let it sit and then rinse

This isn’t an overnight remedy – but you should see a difference after a few times.

You can also combine it with green tea (which can also fight dandruff).



#5 – Masks Split Ends

Dealing with split ends and you don’t want to chop off your hair? Horsetail can help.

1. How It Helps

It’s all about its nourishing potency:

  1. Decreases the frizz created by damaged ends.
  2. Prevents additional breakage.
  3. Nourishes the split ends.
  4. Hair feels a lot softer and silkier.

Basically, it creates a cover around the damaged ends. In this way, they stop breaking and getting frizzy.

Now – this doesn’t actually treat them.

But it manages to mask the damage really well – so the ends become softer and shinier.

2. How & When To Use It

Applying some Horsetail infusion on your damaged ends should help them look better:

  • Use the same infusion as for rinsing/dandruff
  • Apply it on your split ends
  • Make sure your hair is wet
  • This time, don’t rinse it

You might not see any difference at first – but if you do this in several washes, your split ends should look better.



#6 – Rejuvenates Hair

This herb is great as an anti-aging agent (but mostly for hair).

1. How It Helps

The eternal Silica from Horsetail can fight hair aging:

  1. Promotes smooth and silky hair.
  2. Has some antioxidant powers.
  3. Prevents shedding due to aging.
  4. Also, it prevents graying hair.

In other words – it’s excellent for women past their 60s who start to develop hair problems due to aging.

If you start using it faster, it’s even better.

Besides, Horsetail has the same anti-aging benefits for your skin.

2. How & When To Use It

There are many supplements designed for hair, nails and skin (BioSil is a great example).

Most of them also contain Horsetail.

So when taken internally, this herb has better results as an anti-aging agent.

You can start using this kind of supplement at any age (but best results appear in women after 35).



#7 – Promotes General Hair Health

Horsetail is great when it comes to keeping your hair healthy.

That especially if it only has minor issues (like stress, nutrition, etc.).

1. How It Helps

As I said before – this herb is a real vitamin bomb:

  1. Contains about 5 different classes of vitamins.
  2. Also has at least 7 different minerals.
  3. Additionally, there are other useful compounds.

So basically – Horsetail can only have a positive impact on your hair.

That’s why it’s considered one of the best herbs for general hair health.

2. How & When To Use It

Just like above, supplements containing Horsetail and other herbs can be really useful.

However – I don’t recommend taking them constantly.

Try to take a 1-2 months break every 6 months.

Since your hair is already healthy and in good shape, there’s no point taking supplements all the time.




My Verdict – Is Horsetail Good For Hair?

Short answer: Definitely – its benefits are certain.

I actually recommend using it for certain problems:

  1. Thinning or fragile hair
  2. Shedding or unhealthy hair
  3. Split ends
  4. Dandruff
  5. Aging hair

Even if you don’t fit into one of these categories, Horsetail can still help maintain your general hair health.

Since it’s a natural remedy – there are no side effects or potential dangers in using it.

Obviously, it won’t make miracles overnight – nor alone.

But you can associate Horsetail with other herbs with major hair benefits.

I personally use this herb as a supplement (contain with other herbs + vitamins + minerals):

  • Made wonders for my fragile ends
  • Decreased my hair loss completely in 2 months
  • Increased its growth speed considerably

In fact – this is a product I constantly recommend, due to its excellent (and versatile) formula.

Since it’s super cheap compared to others, I think it’s the best way to use Horsetail. At least for me.


1 – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/-pmc/articles/PMC3509882/

2 – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/-pmc/articles/PMC4938278/


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