(Top 9) Benefits Of Henna For Hair Growth

(Top 9) Benefits Of Henna For Hair Growth

Are you trying to grow your hair out naturally? Do you need to stop your shedding without using chemicals?

I have a very simple solution – Henna.

  • So what exactly does this herb do?
  • How can it improve your locks?
  • And lastly – does it really grow hair?

Here are the top 9 benefits of Henna for hair growth (and not only).



Here’s what you can find in this article – 4 major chapters:

    1. What Is Henna?
    2. Its 9 Benefits For Hair Growth
    3. How To Use Henna For Hair
    4. My Final Verdict

So first of all – let’s see what exactly it is and what makes it so effective.


What Is Henna?

(Top 9) Benefits Of Henna For Hair Growth

Before you find out how it can boost hair growth – what exactly does “Henna” mean?

Here’s what you should know:

  1. Henna is the powder of a herb called Lawsonia Inermis.
  2. It was first used by Indians and Arabs.
  3. Its #1 purpose is dying hair naturally. [1]
  4. At this point, it’s been used for centuries.
  5. It’s one of the few hair dyes 100% natural (in the world). [2]
  6. Besides adding color, it has several others hair benefits.

Basically – Henna is a natural hair dye, but it’s not always used to dye hair.

In fact, you can use it for its additional hair benefits (without having to change your hair color).

So how exactly does it help hair? Let’s check out its 9 major uses.


#1 – Stimulates Follicles

Using Henna can actually boost your hair growth – according to some users:

  1. Increases scalp circulation.
  2. Nourishes roots and follicles.
  3. Improves growth speed.

However, there are no studies on this topic.

In fact – some scientists say it’s just an illusion, as Henna doesn’t have anything to do with your hair’s growth rate.

But one thing is clear:

  • using Henna will improve your hair’s health
  • in this way, it will also grow faster and shed less

Besides, if you massage your scalp properly – this will surely increase your hair’s growth speed.


#2 – Reduces Shedding Considerably

Many Henna users claim this is true (including myself).

So how can this powder make such a difference in your hair loss?:

  1. Increases hair strength.
  2. Decreases breakage and repairs split ends.
  3. Improves fragile hair.

Basically – Henna doesn’t block DHT, as some herbs do (green tea or turmeric).

So it doesn’t stop hair loss directly as those remedies do.

However, it reduces breakage and hair fragility.

So if your hair suffers from these issues, using Henna will definitely make it fall less.


#3 – Nourishes Roots

That’s another indirect benefit of this powder. 

Why do I say “indirect”? Well – because using Henna won’t literally nourish your hair roots. Instead:

  1. Increases scalp circulation.
  2. Leads to a better follicle lubrication.
  3. Adds extra strength to the whole hair strand.

In other words – using Henna will boost your hair’s health.

It will also help your hair roots get more nutrients and vitamins – which means a boost of health.

So even if it doesn’t nourish the roots directly – Henna can really improve their condition.


#4 – Strengthens Hair Structure

That’s an essential benefit of this herb:

  1. Gets attached to hair cuticles.
  2. Increases each strands’ thickness.
  3. Hair becomes stronger overall (and also thicker).
  4. This leads to less breakage.

If you ever used Henna (either as a dye or as a treatment) – you might have felt your hair stronger afterwards.

I personally have – and it’s not just an illusion.

So if you’re dealing with fragile hair, using this herb can make a big difference in its texture.


#5 – Deeply Conditions

This may sound ironical – since Henna can sometimes lead to dry hair.

But there’s a trick: combining it with other ingredients will soften and hydrate your hair really well.

What ingredients I’m talking about?:

  • Eggs 
  • Avocado
  • Honey and lemon juice
  • Coconut oil

…and any other ingredient that can hydrate hair.

Since Henna attaches itself to the actual hair – it will allow the hydrating ingredients to penetrate it better.

That’s the actual secret behind.

So if you thought Henna can only dry hair, you should keep this in mind.

If it’s associated with the right ingredients, it can have the opposite effect.


#6 – Fights Itchy Scalp

Apparently – using Henna can heal your scalp issues:

  1. Fights any present microbes or bacteria.
  2. Softens and soothes the scalp.
  3. Prevents dandruff.

And that’s not all – some people say Henna can also help in psoriasis:

  • heals the lesions
  • prevents dry flakes

So if you’re dealing with any scalp conditions, using Henna can help more than you think.

Also – it decreases itching and prevents rashes, if that wasn’t clear.


#7 – Increases Fullness & Volume

If you were looking for a volume booster among herbs – Henna will definitely do.

So how exactly does it work?:

  1. As I said, it attaches to each hair cuticle.
  2. In this way, it strengthens hair strands.
  3. However, it also increases their thickness.

In this way – using Henna will make your hair more voluminous and thicker.

In fact, you should be able to spot the difference straight away (I speak from experience).

So in my opinion – Henna is among the best herbs for hair thickness.


#8 – Adds Shine

Another quality of Henna is that it improves your hair’s looks:

  1. Softens and makes hair silkier.
  2. Adds shine and gloss to damaged strands.
  3. Prevents tangles and shedding.

So if you have a problem with frizz – using Henna can really help. Especially in the winter.

Also, this herb seems to soften and hide split ends.

Since they are the main cause of tangles – you can also stop worrying about this aspect.


#9 – Reduces Breakage & Frizz

Last but not least, Henna can also tame frizzy hair. Here’s how:

  1. Strengthens fragile hair strands.
  2. Prevents split ends.
  3. Softens and decreases hair frizz.
  4. Reduces tangles.

Besides – some sources also say that Henna loosens the curl pattern.

In this way, your hair gets smoother and less frizzy.

Now – I don’t know if taming the curls is a positive thing, but there’s no official information on this.

Either way, one thing is clear. Henna can definitely soften hair and decrease frizz.


How To Use Henna

Now that you know its major benefits for hair growth – it’s time to see how you should use it.

Before I start, here’s what you should know:

  1. Henna is mostly used for changing your hair’s color.
  2. However, you can also use it without changing your color.
  3. Henna comes in several colors and shades.
  4. They range from reddish to black (no blond shades).

So basically – you have to options:

A) You want to grow your hair and CHANGE YOUR HAIR COLOR

In this way – choose a Henna color similar to the shade you want to become.

However, there are some things to keep in mind:

  1. It’s hard to go from a dark color to a lighter one.
  2. It’s simple to go from a light shade to a darker one.

In other words – if your hair is dark brown, it will be hard to get to a red using Henna.

It is possible, but you will have to use it several times (at least 3).

On the other hand – if you’re a chestnut and want to go for a black, it will be quite easy.

B) You want to grow your hair WITHOUT CHANGING YOUR HAIR COLOR

In this case – things are pretty simple.

You need to choose a Henna shade that is closest to your actual hair color.

If possible – you can also choose a lighter one (as it’s hard to go from darker to lighter).

Once you’ve made up your mind, you can apply Henna as in the video below:



My Verdict – Is Henna Good For Hair Growth?

Short answer: Absolutely.

It’s true that it doesn’t grow hair directly – but it helps it in several ways:

  1. Promotes scalp nutrition and lubrication.
  2. Strengthens hair roots and strands.
  3. Increases hair density.
  4. Reduces breakage.
  5. Deeply conditions the hair.

Basically – using Henna will boost your hair health and make it look amazing on the outside.

A healthy hair will always grow faster. So if that’s your goal – using Henna will indirectly help.

And keep in mind that you don’t have to change your hair color – unless you want to.

You can use Henna just for its other benefits and keep your actual shade.

Considering it’s so cheap and natural – I say it’s worth it.


1 – https://www.sciencedirect.com/-science/-S1319610311002687

2 – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/-pmc/articles/PMC4471652/

4 thoughts on “(Top 9) Benefits Of Henna For Hair Growth

  1. I like this topic. I’ve been using henna on my hair for years now. I have a dirty blond hair color, so I use either brown or black henna to dye my hair. 

    Once I used another type of henna that has the same green color above, and it turned my hair color a bit lighter. What Henna does as mentioned above is true. My hair is healthy and I have strong roots because I only use Henna for my hair.

    Every year I cut my hair, then when I use henna, it grows back faster. I never have an Itchy scalp as well but one of my friends did and she’s using this herb too, more for prevention. I love Henna and so should every other woman. 

    1. Hello there, thanks for letting me know your opinion and experience with Henna.

      It’s surely a great way to dye your hair without harming it. I’m personally using black Henna to get a darker shade, as my hair is a dark brown (but not exactly black) and I’m really satisfied with the results. Whenever I rinse it after dying, it feels a lot thicker – so it’s not just an illusion. And I’ve also seen its benefits on the long term, when it comes to hair health.

      So it’s a herb I totally recommend. It’s a lot cheaper than quality hair dye, 100% natural and helps your hair a lot more than you think. Thanks again for your opinion.

  2. Hello My name is Ms.Shay.I am african american and I have a pretty good grade of hair it’s thin and very curly.Can henna thicken my hair and loosen my curl pattern?

    1. Hi Ms. Shay. Henna will only make hair look thicker, not necessarily thicken it for real. However, in terms of hair pattern, it doesn’t affect it at all. So it’s not going to change your curl pattern in any way. If your hair was naturally straight, it would remain the same no matter how much Henna you used on it. So it will help with thickening for a short while, but it won’t loosen your curls.

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