Folexin VS Nutrafol – Which Is The #1? (2023 Review)

Folexin VS Nutrafol - Which Is The #1? (2020 Review)

It’s time to compare 2 of the best hair supplements I know – Folexin VS Nutrafol.

Both are awesome products (with many satisfied users and evidence behind). But the question is:

  • Which works better for hair growth/loss?
  • Which is a better choice on the long term?
  • And lastly, which has the best quality/price ratio?

Well – I tried out both supplements myself, so I’ve seen what each can do.

And in this review – I will give you all the details you need.

Note: This review is based on my experience + research on these 2 products.


Folexin VS Nutrafol (In A Nutshell)

To be honest, Folexin is better in most chapters:

  1. Slightly better formula with classic (herbal) ingredients.
  2. Smaller serving size per day.
  3. Worked better in my case.
  4. Less chances to cause side effects.
  5. About $60 cheaper than Nutrafol.

Now – Nutrafol is an excellent supplements itself.

But its price is definitely the biggest downside it has.

On the other hand, price is surely Folexin’s most important advantage:

  • Nutrafol costs at least $79/bottle (with auto-shipping)
  • Folexin costs even $18/bottle (without auto-shipping)

So no matter how popular Nutrafol was, I can’t consider it better than Folexin.

Between these 2 products – Folexin is definitely my recommendation.



#1 – Ingredients – WINNER: Folexin

Though Nutrafol and Folexin has 2 totally different formulas – they are both among my favorites.

That’s why it’s hard to pick a clear winner:

  • each formula has excellent ingredients
  • most compounds come in high doses

If you ask me – these 2 formulas are probably the best among all hair supplements.

Honestly, I personally prefer Folexin’s composition a bit more.

But Nutrafol is pretty close – that’s why making the choice was hard.

1. Nutrafol’s Ingredients

Just like I said in my full review – this supplement has an excellent composition:

Its ingredients are actually divided in 3 groups:

  1. Nutrafol Blend: Horsetail, Resveratrol, BioPerine®, Capsimax® [1], etc.
  2. Synergen Complex: Marine Collagen, Ashwagandha, Saw Palmetto, BCM-95®, etc.
  3. Vitamins & Minerals [2]: Vitamin A, C, D, Biotin, Iron [3], Zinc, etc.

Now – these ingredients themselves look amazing:

  • some are trademarks (improved versions of the original substance)
  • others are classic ingredients known for their hair benefits

However – Nutrafol’s formula has one major downside.

There are no doses listed out for every ingredient (only for the overall blend).

This means you can’t really tell how many Saw Palmetto is inside the Synergen Complex.

And that’s available for any other ingredient.

But other than that – Nutrafol has some awesome ingredients.

2. Folexin’s Ingredients

If you ask me – Folexin’s formula is the standard among quality hair supplements.

That’s because it combines:

Just like Nutrafol – Folexin also contains 3 groups of ingredients:

  1. Proprietary Blend: Horsetail, Nettle Extract, Fo-Ti [4], Bamboo, Saw Palmetto, etc.
  2. Vitamins: Vitamin A, B1, B3, C, D3, E, Folic Acid, Biotin, etc.
  3. Minerals: Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Calcium, etc.

Basically – compared to Nutrafol, Folexin focuses more on herbs (which have by far the strongest effect on hair).

Plus, it also contains way more vitamins and minerals.

Though the last 2 groups don’t have a miraculous effect on hair – herbs do.

That’s why I always recommend hair supplements based on herbs.

So you can understand why I slightly prefer Folexin’s formula to Nutrafol’s.


Both supplements have an excellent composition (maybe the best one on the market, as I already said).

But for me – Folexin is the winner at this chapter:

  • based on strongest hair herbs 
  • higher number of vitamins/minerals
  • slightly better doses

I would give 51% to Folexin and 49% to Nutrafol.

Though the difference is very small – I personally consider Folexin’s formula to be more potent.


#2 – Studies – WINNER: Nutrafol

Nutrafol is one step ahead of Folexin at this chapter. First of all:

  • 95% of hair supplements don’t have any clinical evidence behind
  • that’s also available for supplements in general
  • their ingredients alone are deeply studied
  • but there is no study on the supplement itself

But Nutrafol is one of the few hair supplements with clinical evidence behind it.

1. Nutrafol

Firstly, Nutrafol only has ONE study conducted on it.

That might not seem much (especially when compared with a supplement like Viviscal).

But compared to most hair supplements on the market, one study is surely enough.

Now – the study done on Nutrafol was made in 2016 [5]:

  1. It was conducted on women with thinning hair.
  2. The results were positive.
  3. It improved hair fallout and increased density.
  4. There were no major side effects reported.

So from this point of view, Nutrafol is a product thoroughly tested and analyzed.

2. Folexin

Like most supplements on the market – this product doesn’t have any study conducted on it alone.

That’s understandable, in one way:

  • doesn’t have such a long history
  • it’s only been on the market for 8 years (at most)

However – its ingredients alone are studied and most have excellent results in studies.

But obviously, that’s not the same as having the supplement itself clinically tested.


Nutrafol has one study conducted on it, while Folexin doesn’t have any.

So the winner is quite clear at this chapter.

In fact – Nutrafol has an advantage on most supplements from the market from this point of view.

Except for Viviscal, very few products are clinically tested at this point.


#3 – Pills & Dosage – WINNER: Folexin

In terms of capsules and how you should take them – Folexin pretty much deserves the win:

  • smaller serving size
  • lower numbers of pills per day

In other words – these 2 supplements have very similar pills (when it comes to dimensions).

But the difference lies in the number of pills required daily.

1. Nutrafol

I personally compared Nutrafol’s pills with classic turmeric capsules:

  • average size
  • transparent gelatin cover
  • orange powder inside

So from my point of view – these pills are quite easy to take.

However, the main problem of Nutrafol is dosage.

That’s because it requires 4 pills per day (that’s the standard serving size).

Taking 4 pills per day is quite hard – especially on the long term and if you want to space them out.

So I personally consider 4 pills/day quite uncomfortable to take.

2. Folexin

This supplement’s pills are quite the regular hair capsules:

  • average dimensions
  • covered in gelatin
  • whitish powder inside

My Folexin (Foligen) Review - My #1 Recommendation For Hair Loss & Growth

Basically – they look exactly like Nutrafol’s capsules, but the powder has a lighter color (versus orange in Nutrafol).

However, there’s also a difference in terms of dosage.

Folexin only requires 2 pills per day, which is quite typical for a hair supplement.

But compared to Nutrafol – it’s much better (and easier to take, especially on the long term).

So Folexin clearly has an advantage here.


When it comes to dosage – Folexin is clearly a better choice.

Though both products have very similar capsules, Nutrafol requires taking 4 per day (which is a lot).

On the other hand – you only need to take 2 with Folexin, which is much easier.

So if serving size is important for you, Folexin is a much better option.


#4 – My Results – WINNER: Folexin

Folexin was the supplement I had best results with (among all the other products I tried).

Nutrafol was pretty close as well, to be honest.

But I had better results with Folexin overall – and it was also the supplement I continued to use over several years.

Anyway – here are my experiences with both products.

Note: My hair problems were fall out, thinning ends and breakage.

1. Nutrafol

I tried this product long before I came across Folexin.

And in terms of results – I was way more satisfied than I had been with previous supplements.

But because of its huge price, I only afforded using 2 bottles of Nutrafol (so for 2 months):

My Nutrafol Review (2019) – Is It A Scam?

  1. Hair loss decreased from the first month.
  2. After 2 bottles, it was considerably better.
  3. My hair also had more volume (especially in the roots).
  4. The ends were still thin, but they weren’t thinning as bad as before.
  5. It also seemed to grow almost twice as before.

This supplement claims to work in 3-4 months normally.

But in my case – the results were visible much faster (even after almost one month).

After seeing these improvements with Nutrafol, I started looking for a similar but cheaper alternatives.

And after many bad trials, I came across Folexin.

2. Folexin

Honestly – this was the supplement that solved all my hair struggles.

It was one of the few that stopped my hair loss completely and made my hair grow almost 3x faster.

But out of those few products that did this – Folexin was the only affordable one.

My Folexin (Foligen) Review - My #1 Recommendation For Hair Loss & Growth

I remember it was called Foligen back then and that it changed its name about 2-3 years ago.

But it’s still the exact same product.

  1. I could see an improvement in my hair loss in the first month.
  2. My hair wasn’t falling out as bad as before.
  3. In the 3rd month, it was already visibly longer.
  4. My hair loss reduced completely by then.
  5. Once I got rid of my thin ends, my hair started going like crazy.
  6. At one point, it was even growing almost 3 times faster than before.
  7. In a bit more than half a year, my hair grew around 6-7 inches.

In fact, here’s a picture of my progress (you can see more in my full review):

I have been using Folexin ever since, with shorter or longer breaks.

In fact – at the time I am writing this review, I am not taking it anymore because my hair looks great.

But I still have a bottle at home and I take the product at least once a year (for 2-3 months).

So I will surely be thankful to this product and its brand all my life.


I personally had really good results with both supplements:

  • Folexin made real miracles for my hair
  • Nutrafol only helped a lot

It’s true that I only used Nutrafol for about 2 months – so that’s not the most relevant period.

But that was simply because I couldn’t afford it.

On the other hand, Folexin was much cheaper and it also worked better for me.

So it’s surely the supplement I will always go for.



#5 – Other Opinions – WINNER: Nutrafol

In order to see how these 2 products worked for other people, I looked at their Amazon reviews.

But even so, it was really hard to pick a winner:

  • they both have about the same average ranking
  • Nutrafol has more total reviews

Since Nutrafol has more user opinions for the same average rating, I decided to choose it as the winner.

But to be fair, Folexin is pretty close.

1. Nutrafol

As I said, this supplement has an average rating of 4 stars (3.9 to be more exact) on Amazon.

Consider it has over 1000 reviews at this point – that’s a decent number.

Here are the most common opinions I found about it:

  1. Some say it’s an excellent product for hair growth.
  2. Others claim it also helps shedding.
  3. Many believe it’s too pricey for its actual value.
  4. Enough users say it didn’t help them too much.

Now – the interesting is that most reviews from Nutrafol’s first page are negative.

In fact, most of them rated it as low as 1 star.

Out of these – most complain that the product didn’t work at all and that it’s extremely overpriced.

And considering its really high price, I tend to agree with the last aspect.

2. Folexin

This supplement has an average rating of 4 stars out of 5 (which is really good).

But its main problem is the small number of reviews:

  • there are only 36 in total at this point
  • the supplement is mostly sold on its official website (better price)
  • few people actually buy it from Amazon

So in one way – the lack of reviews is understandable.

Now – out of its few reviews, here’s what most say about it:

  1. Some claim they had excellent results with it.
  2. Others say it’s a much better alternative to pricier products.
  3. A few others mention it doesn’t cause any side effects.
  4. Others say it didn’t help them.

But overall – Folexin has a better general response compared to Nutrafol.

Its only downside is the low number of reviews.


Nutrafol and Folexin have about the same average rating.

However – Folexin’s opinions are slightly better (in terms of customer satisfaction).

Still, Nutrafol is way more popular so it has many more user reviews.

That’s why it’s pretty much the winner here.


#6 – Side Effects – WINNER: Folexin

From this point of view, both supplements are pretty safe.

But considering that Nutrafol has way more user reviews – it also has more complaints on side effects.

On the other hand, Folexin has few authentic opinions – and obviously, less side effects reviews.

1. Nutrafol

This supplement has a pretty concentrated formula (based on many trademark compounds).

That’s why it also has a higher risk of side effects:

  1. The most common reaction seems to be stomach cramps.
  2. Digestive problems like nausea, pain or diarrhea are also common.
  3. There are also complaints on headaches, rashes, irritation, etc.

Besides – Nutrafol also contains a huge dose of biotin, which causes side effects in high concentrations.

Obviously – the supplement doesn’t cause side effects often.

But out of its over 1000 reviews, there are about 20 side effects complaints.

So it surely has this risk.

2. Folexin

In terms of formula – Folexin’s ingredients don’t cause side effects that often.

That’s mostly because it’s based on herbs (which are much safer than other compounds).

Plus – as I said, it has very few user reviews on Amazon.

So it’s less likely to find one that talks about its side effects. Even so:

  • there are 3 reviews mentioning “side effects”
  • all claim Folexin had no side effect in their case

Now – this supplement surely causes some minor side effects to some people (at one point).

But overall, the risk is very low.

Much lower compared to other supplements (including Nutrafol).


In terms of secondary reactions, Folexin seems safer than Nutrafol:

  • no real complaint among its user reviews
  • ingredients with a lower risk of side effects

So if you have a history with side effects from supplements, Folexin would be my recommendation.


#7 – Price – WINNER: Folexin

At this chapter, Folexin is clearly the winner.

As for Nutrafol – it’s surely among the priciest hair supplements I know (if not the priciest).

So it’s really easy to choose between these 2 products in this aspect.

1. Nutrafol

The best place to buy Nutrafol is its official website:

  • lowest price is $79/bottle
  • that’s only if you sign-up for auto-shipping
  • otherwise the price is $88/bottle

Now – Nutrafol is also sold on Amazon and its price is also $88/bottle there.

So if you don’t agree with auto-shipping (which I don’t even recommend), you can buy it from any.

But to be honest, $88 (or even $79) per bottle is way too much.

That’s even the reason why I stopped using Nutrafol after 2 months – even though it was helping me.

Considering the ingredients it has, I don’t think Nutrafol should cost more than $35.

So I really don’t recommend it from this point of view.

2. Folexin

Opposite to Nutrafol, Folexin is probably the cheapest supplement of this quality:

  • its standard price is $25/bottle
  • you can even get it for about $18/bottle
  • that’s because it offers a massive discount for larger orders

So if you ask me – price is the biggest advantage of Folexin.

It surely has a great formula and dosage – but its price is much better than all those features.

So it’s the main reason why I’m using this supplement on a constant basis.

And it’s also the main reason why it’s my #1 recommendation in hair supplements.


In terms of price, it’s pretty easy to pick the winner.

Nutrafol is probably the priciest hair supplement I know – while Folexin is the cheapest.

(I’m only referring to high-quality supplements).

So if money matters to you, I strongly recommend going for Folexin instead of Nutrafol.

It’s a much better deal for about the same effect, after all.



My Verdict – Folexin Or Nutrafol?

Short answer: Definitely Folexin – because it scored better in most chapters:

  • Folexin won 5 chapters
  • Nutrafol only won 2 chapters

Obviously, each product has its own advantages.

But overall – Folexin is a much better choice from most points of view:

  1. Slightly better formula (which is mostly based on herbs).
  2. Lower serving size (2 pills per day).
  3. My personal results with it were better.
  4. No complaints on side effects.
  5. Much lower price per bottle.

As for Nutrafol, it surely scores better when it comes to the studies behind it.

But in terms of customer feedback – it’s very similar to Folexin.

So I personally would surely go for Folexin between these 2 products.

It simply does the same (in terms of hair effect) but it costs over $60 less.

So if you want to:

  • spend your money wisely
  • get the best hair supplement for the quality

… well, in this case – I strongly recommend Folexin.


1 –

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8 thoughts on “Folexin VS Nutrafol – Which Is The #1? (2023 Review)

  1. Hi Olly and thank you for this great review! I have used both Nutrafol and Folexin and I was looking for some professional reviews that will help me understand whether one is better than the other. Both worked for me, I am 69 y.o and my hair has been getting thinner after menopause. So I looked for solutions until I reached supplements. I am retired so I am on a fixed income, thus I cannot afford spending much on supplements. But I was willing to make an effort if I found enough info that Nutrafol was much better than any existing supplement.

    You say it’s not better, though, and I have to agree with that because I have seen the effects of Folexin on my hair and they were the same as Nutrafol’s. You also say their ingredients are different but have similar benefits, so I am considering staying with Folexin on the long term. My budget would really appreciate that.

    Just one question that I have. In this comparison, what version of Nutrafol are you talking about? I’m sure you are aware there are several. I am using the one for menopause so I was wondering if that exact one could be better than Folexin for my case. As far as I know, Folexin only has one version.

    1. Hi Susan and thanks for letting me know your experience with both of these products. I’m glad to hear you had great results with both, as I have a really good opinion on them. 

      Getting straight to your question, I am very familiar with all the 3 versions of Nutrafol (the 2 designed for women, actually). The only difference between them is the dose, as the Women Plus version (the one you’re using) has some slightly higher doses than the regular Women version. But other than that, their compounds are exactly the same.

      Anyway, I didn’t talk much about doses in this comparison review, so I can say that I was referring to all 3 versions of Nutrafol.

      But if you check out my full Nutrafol review, you will see that I gave out more details about the 3 versions there. In fact, I strongly recommend going for the Women Plus version to all women, even though they’re not in menopause. That’s because the Women Plus version has some higher doses, as I said before. So for someone dealing with hair loss, higher doses would be much more helpful (even though she’s not at menopause or anything like this).

      Actually – I personally used the Women Plus version and chose it specifically because of its higher doses. So I’m not only recommending it on paper, I have actually tested it out and the results were great.

      Anyway – to answer your question, I don’t think Nutrafol Women Plus would be better than Folexin (which only has one standard version). In terms of composition, though they have different ingredients, their strength is pretty similar. So considering your budget issues too, I would recommend you to go for Folexin on the long term.

      But in case you need some additional alternatives, here’s a list of my top recommended hair supplements.

      If you need any other advice, don’t hesitate to tell me. I hope this helps!

  2. I am going to send this article to my sister, she’s experiences dull hair and a lot of hair fall too. All the home remedies have failed. She once considered Nutrafol but it was too expensive and it was said to work after several months, so that was too unaffordable. I never heard of Folexin and I bet she hasn’t either, so I will let her know about it. It’s so much cheaper and if it does the same thing, it might be the remedy she needs. Thanks for the coupon code, really appreciated!

    1. Hi Samantha, thanks for your feedback. From what you said, Folexin should be the right choice for your sister, as it works really well against hair loss (you can see some pictures of my hair 6 months after taking it in this review). She might also want to check out these steps on growing hair faster. Most of the steps are also applicable for hair loss, so she can follow them without any worries.

      I really hope this helps your sister!

  3. Hello there, thanks for this great review on Folexin Vs Nutafol, i have been taking Folexin for quite some time now (Almost 3 months) and I can really attest that my hair is breaking and falling significantly less. I can also see faster growth, so everything you have written above is true, I don’t know about Nutrafol though. And really I haven’t observed any side effect with Folexin. 

    Please could you recommend some good shampoo to use. I have no idea what to choose.

    1. Hi Jomata, thanks for sharing your experience with Folexin, I’m glad to hear you started seeing some major improvements already. 

      As for your question, I strongly recommend combining a shampoo with with an oral product, because their potency together should be much higher. I have several shampoos that I recommend on a regular basis and my top pick is Valotin.

      It’s definitely the best shampoo for thinning, hair loss or growth on the market. And that’s mostly because it has an excellent quality (it’s a professional shampoo actually) and a pretty affordable price. In fact, it’s probably the cheapest professional shampoo I know, so this is a major reason why I recommend it.

      If you decide to give it a try, please let me know how it goes!

  4. Thank you for this great advice, and I can’t believe that Folexin is so cheap compared to Nutrafol. 

    I have been experiencing hair loss more than ever as I get older and I notice that my hair has definitely got a lot thinner over the last few years. I also notice that it has become frizzier and a little drier – must be age.

    Shampoos that used to work well no longer do the trick and seeing this post now I am wondering if I must rather switch to worrying about taking a supplement rather than focus on the shampoo and conditioner I am using? Does Folexin also help for dry and brittle hair?

    1. Hi Michel, thanks for your feedback. From what you told me, I think a supplement would be much helpful in your case, compared to topical products like shampoos and conditioners.

      I usually recommend certain shampoos and conditioners (as long as they are professional) to people with healthy hair, who only want to keep it in shape. In other words, if the hairs is healthy already and you only want to keep it so, a quality shampoo + conditioner should do. I’m mostly recommending this to avoid pills (especially for people who are already taking medicines/supplements for other issues).

      Anyway, in your case, the hair appears to be thinning and getting drier. So even a quality shampoo/conditioner couldn’t reverse this alone. So in this case, I strongly recommend going for a supplement because it has a much higher potency and strength when it comes to thickening and growing hair faster.

      Now – both Folexin and Nutrafol are among my top recommended hair supplements, because they both have quality ingredients and a really good effect on most hair issues. But it’s all about your budget and how much you afford paying for a supplement in the long run (you need to take it for at least 3-4 months to see what it can really do).

      I personally would choose Folexin, because it’s my #1 recommended hair supplement overall and probably the very best hair product I came across. It’s the product I’ve  been using for a very long time, so I have a personal experience with it and I know what it can do. I admit that the reason why I’ve been using Folexin for such a long time was its price/quality.

      I mean – I had some results with several hair supplements, including Nutrafol, Viviscal or Kerotin. But all of them were extremely expensive and would cost me at least twice as much as Folexin. So that’s why I’ve been sticking to Folexin all these years and I’m not sorry.

      But as I said – my recommendation depends on your budget and on whether you want a product made by a famous brand (like Nutrafol or Viviscal) or one that does the same, but it’s not that popular.

      Other than that – this guide on thickening hair naturally might come really in handy for you. And one more tip: in case you usually dye your hair, I recommend replacing your regular dye with Henna powder. This is a natural dye made from herbal powder and it has a great effect in terms of thickening and adding volume. It doesn’t thicken your hair (so it’s not an actual treatment) but it makes it look a lot fuller and denser. Not to mention that it’s completely free of chemicals, unlike most hair dyes on the market.

      I really hope this helps you decide on starting to use a supplement and in case you need extra advice, just let me know!

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