Viviscal VS Hairfinity (2023 Review) – Which Is The #1?

Viviscal VS Hairfinity (2020 Review) - Which Is The #1?

It’s time to compare 2 of the top hair supplements on the market at this point.

I’m talking about Viviscal VS Hairfinity.

Truth is – they both look like awesome products. But the question is:

  • Which has a stronger effect for hair growth/loss?
  • Which works better on the long term?
  • And lastly – which is more worth buying?

Well – I tested out both supplements so here’s my full analysis on them.

Note: This comparison review is based on my own experience + research on these products.

Viviscal VS Hairfinity (In A Nutshell)

To be honest – Viviscal is better in most chapters:

  1. Stronger formula and ingredients.
  2. Clinical studies behind.
  3. Better and faster effect in my case.
  4. Smaller and rounder pills.
  5. Lower risk of side effects.

However – it’s also true that it’s more pricier than Hairfinity (which is a serious downside).

While Viviscal costs $50/bottle, Hairfinity comes at as little as $23.

Still – if you want to get ONLY the good points from each of these supplements, I recommend another product.

It costs even $18/bottle and it works even better than Viviscal (in my case, at least).

But out of Viviscal and Hairfinity – I would probably go for the first.



#1 – Ingredients – WINNER: Viviscal

If you ask me – Viviscal’s formula is slightly better than Hairfinity’s:

  • contains a unique ingredient
  • higher dosages overall
  • clinical evidence behind [1] [2]

It’s true that both formulas are based on vitamins/minerals and have an original compound.

But Viviscal is also clinically studied (unlike Hairfinity).

So let’s take a closer look at each supplement’s formula.

1. Viviscal’s Ingredients

This supplement is based on a trademark compound called AminoMar:

  • made from shark cartilage and oyster powder
  • stimulates hair growth
  • also promotes thickness

What makes AminoMar so special is that it can only be found in Viviscal and no other hair supplement.

Plus – it’s one of the few hair compound that was clinically tested.

That’s why it’s the main responsible for Viviscal’s effect.

Other than AminoMar – this supplement mostly contains herbs and vitamins/minerals:

  1. Herbal Extracts: Millet Seed, Horsetail
  2. Vitamins/Minerals: Iron, Zinc, Niacin, Biotin, etc.

So except for AminoMar – Viviscal has pretty regular ingredients.

But due to this unique ingredient, it definitely has a really good formula.

2. Hairfinity’s Ingredients

As I said, its formula is pretty similar to Viviscal’s (up to a point).

Most of its ingredient list is made of vitamins/minerals:

  • Vitamin A, C and D
  • Vitamin B Complex (B1, B2, B3, B6)
  • Folic Acid
  • Calcium
  • Biotin

The only possible danger I found is because of biotin’s dose [3].

This ingredient is dangerous when used in high doses:

  • can cause acne and breakouts in doses over 1000 mcg/day
  • Hairfinity contains 2500 mg/serving

That’s why I would pay attention when taking this kind of formula.

But besides its vitamins and minerals – Hairfinity also has a unique compound.

It’s called Capilsana Complex Proprietary Blend and it’s made of 3 ingredients:

  1. MSM
  2. Pea Protein Powder
  3. Horsetail Extract

However – this blend doesn’t have any clinical evidence behind.


Viviscal and Hairfinity have some pretty similar formulas:

  • both have a unique trademark compound
  • the other ingredients are mostly vitamins/minerals/herbs

But in terms of ingredients, I believe Viviscal is more valuable overall.

That’s why it would be my top pick between these 2 products.


#2 – Pills & Doses – WINNER: Viviscal

Viviscal and Hairfinity are also close at this chapter.

But once again – Viviscal has a small advantage in terms of pills:

  • smaller dimensions
  • a bit easier to swallow

Other than that, there’s pretty much no difference between these 2 supplements.

1. Viviscal

Unlike most hair supplements – Viviscal uses some totally different pills:

  • round shape and smaller dimensions
  • easier to swallow

You should also know that I’m talking about the usual form of Viviscal (Extra Strength, not Professional).

In terms of schedule, you only need to take 2/day (which is the typical schedule).

But when it comes to sizing – Viviscal made a great choice using this kind of pills.

2. Hairfinity

This product actually contains the typical hair pills:

  • vegetable capsules
  • covered in gelatin
  • average dimensions

Actually – they look very similar to fish oil in terms of shape.

Obviously, Hairfinity’s pills contain a white powder inside while fish oil pills are filled with a greasy yellow liquid.

Like Viviscal – it also requires 2 pills per day, which is quite normal.


Even though both products have a similar schedule, Viviscal is the winner (in terms of sizing).

As its pills are round and smaller – they’re easier to swallow.

So if pills size are a criteria in your choice, you should pick Viviscal.


#3 – My Results – WINNER: Viviscal

I tried both of these products and my hair reacted better to Viviscal.

However – my results weren’t 100% relevant:

  • I only used one bottle of Hairfinity
  • (my scalp started getting itchy because of it, so I had to stop it)
  • I used Viviscal for almost 4 months

Basically – I used Viviscal for a much longer time, so it’s quite obvious that I saw better results.

But let me give you more details about my experience with each product.

Note: My hair background was thinning and shedding, and I also wanted to grow my hair out faster.

1. Viviscal

As I said – I took Viviscal for almost 4 months.

My initial results weren’t very convincing, but they got better as time went by:

  1. I started to see an improvement in my hair loss after about 4 weeks.
  2. Later on, I was losing less hair with every month.
  3. My roots also started to get even thicker.
  4. My ends were still rather thin, but they didn’t break as easily as before.
  5. However, my hair didn’t seem to grow faster.

Overall – Viviscal reduced my hair loss and thinning a lot.

But I could see the best results after about 3 months, so it didn’t work from the start.

My only complaint is that it didn’t stimulate growth (at least in my case).

Maybe things would have been better if I took it for longer.

But in 4 month’s use, that’s the only complaint I have.

2. Hairfinity

Unlike Viviscal, I only took this supplement for about a month.

I agree that’s not long enough – which is why I don’t consider my results with it very relevant.

However, I was forced to stop it due to the side effects I got.

  1. My hair loss reduced a bit after a month.
  2. The hair also seemed to have more volume (not necessarily thicker).
  3. Still, the ends were very fragile.
  4. Plus, I started getting scalp itching in the last 2 weeks.

I strongly believe my results would have been better if I took Hairfinity for longer.

But in these conditions – there was no way I could do that.

The scalp itching I developed surely doesn’t appear in everyone.

But in my case, it was a pretty bad one – so I really had to stop the supplement.

A few days after I gave it up, the itching also went away.


In my case, Viviscal had a better effect for hair loss.

At least my hair reacted better to it.

But in terms of stimulating growth – none of these 2 supplements helped much.

For this reason, when it comes to effect – Viviscal wins for me.



#4 – Other Opinions – WINNER: Hairfinity

As I said before – my results with these 2 supplements weren’t completely relevant.

For this reason, I tried to look at other users’ experience with them.

In this way – you could see an unbiased perspective.

And Hairfinity has some slightly better opinions overall.

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews from Amazon, not promotional ones.

1. Viviscal

This supplement has an average of 4 stars on Amazon (from 233 reviews).

As it’s normal – this product has mixed reviews.

However, its positive reviews percent is higher than its negative one:

  1. Many people praise its effect for hair.
  2. Some say it’s the best supplement they used.
  3. A few others claim it also helps nails and skin.

But as I said – it also has enough complaints. And most of them are related to price:

  1. Some say it’s too expensive to afford.
  2. Others claim it doesn’t work any better than cheaper alternatives.
  3. A few others complain about its aftertaste, weak effect, etc.

Overall – Viviscal is a solid product with enough satisfied users. 

But surely, it doesn’t work for everyone and it has a negative side as well.

2. Hairfinity

On an average, this supplement has a 4.2 stars rating on Amazon (from almost 6000 reviews).

These numbers are higher than in Viviscal – which means it has a higher customer satisfaction rate.

So here’s what people say about it:

  1. Many praise its excellent effects on hair.
  2. Some say it’s one of the most worth buying supplements.
  3. Others claim it stopped their hair loss completely.
  4. There are a few others saying it helped grow their hair out.

Basically – Hairfinity has lots of satisfied users and repeated customers.

However, its top downside seems to be side effects:

  1. Lots of users complaining about bad secondary reactions.
  2. Some say their hair loss actually increased.
  3. Others claim it simply doesn’t help.

Obviously – a product cannot work for every single person who tried is.

And despite its numerous complaints, Hairfinity still has a much higher rate of praises.


Overall – Hairfinity seems to be more acclaimed by its previous users than Viviscal.

Though they both have positive reviews, Hairfinity has way more satisfied customers.

That’s why it’s the winner at this chapter.


#5 – Side Effects – WINNER: Viviscal

Hair supplements aren’t very dangerous when it comes to side effects.

However – some of them may have a higher rate of secondary reactions.

And this seems to be the case of Hairfinity.

As for Viviscal – things seem to be quite safe.

1. Viviscal

I actually found very few complains related to this topic among Viviscal’s reviews:

  1. Very few people complained about headaches/rashes.
  2. None mentioned worsening hair loss.

Basically – there wasn’t any scary repeating side effect among people’s experiences with this product.

For this reason, I consider it a very safe supplement.

2. Hairfinity

This product seems to have a higher percent of side effect complaints.

By far the most common one is acne/breakouts:

  • this is usually caused by very high doses of biotin
  • the maximum dose I recommend is 1000 mcg/day
  • Hairfinity contains 2500 mcg

This explains why this supplement caused pimples and acne in so many people.

Other than that – I also found some complaints about worsening hair loss or rashes (which I experienced myself).


In terms of side effects – Viviscal is surely the better product.

Hairfinity seems to have a few struggles at this chapter – that’s why I don’t consider it a very safe supplement.

If you want to stay on the safe side, I recommend Viviscal.



#6 – Price – WINNER: Hairfinity

There’s quite a big difference between these products at this chapter.

Hairfinity costs almost half of Viviscal.

This means it’s really easy to pick the cheaper one.

1. Viviscal

At first sight – it seems a really expensive product.

And after Nutrafol, it’s actually one of the priciest hair supplements on the market:

  1. One month supply costs around $50.
  2. There’s also a 3 months supply.
  3. This one costs around $120.

Basically – there’s a $30 discount if you buy a 3 months supply, which is definitely helpful.

But even so, $40/bottle is extremely expensive.

That’s why I consider Viviscal a pretty overpriced supplement.

2. Hairfinity

Compared to Viviscal – Hairfinity is way more affordable:

  • standard price is around $23/bottle
  • you can also find it cheaper at times (up to $21)

It’s normally sold on Amazon – but if you’re lucky, you can also find it in some local shops.

Now – $23/bottle seems really affordable, compared to $50 (Viviscal’s price).

But in terms of formula, Viviscal is surely stronger.


In terms of price – Hairfinity is surely a better choice:

  • really affordable on the long term
  • price/bottle is decent

As for Viviscal, it costs a small fortune that many of us can’t afford.

That’s why Hairfinity is a better option if you’re on a tight budget.


My Video Review


My Verdict – Viviscal Or Hairfinity?

Viviscal VS Hairfinity (2020 Review) - Which Is The #1?

Short answer: Probably Vivisical – because it scored better in most aspects:

  • Viviscal won 4 chapters
  • Hairfinity won 3 chapters

It’s true that they were pretty similar in some aspects.

But overall – I personally believe Viviscal is a better choice:

  1. Stronger formula and ingredients
  2. Clinical evidence behind
  3. Pills are smaller and easier to swallow
  4. My results with it were better
  5. It has a very low rate when it comes to side effects

On the other hand, Hairfinity is cheaper and it has a higher rate of positive reviews.

But it also has way more complaints on side effects and no studies behind.

Now – I analyzed both Viviscal and Hairfinity alone, so in case you need a more detailed review on each, check them out.

However – if you want my honest opinion, I wouldn’t go for any of these supplements.

They both have some good points, but they also have enough drawbacks.

So my personal recommendation is a product called Folexin:

  1. Excellent formula with over 30 active ingredients.
  2. Lowest price on the market (up to $18/bottle).
  3. Worked better than both Hairfinity and Viviscal in my case.

It’s up to you which supplement you want to choose.

But if you need only the good points of both Hairfinity and Viviscal – Folexin is the best combination.

So that’s what I would choose instead.


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2 thoughts on “Viviscal VS Hairfinity (2023 Review) – Which Is The #1?

  1. This is such a thorough review, thank you so much for doing it! I’ve been taking Viviscal for a while now, all good, hair looking fuller and falling out less but it’s just the high price. I follow your blog and have seen that you recommend Folexin and other cheaper products, which is totally fine, but I really want to use a brand supplement. So I’m not following your recommendations for this reason. I’ve also been looking into Hairfinity but was not sure how it compares to Viviscal. The only thing I like is that it’s cheaper. But after reading your review, I’m probably going to stick to Viviscal, I don’t want to compromise these good results for a few extra dollars. Keep up the great work you’re doing on this website!

    1. Hi Kyla, thanks a lot for your kind words and for sharing your experience with Viviscal. It’s totally fine not agreeing with me on certain topics, I totally accept that since each of us can have their own opinion. So everyone is using the products that suit him/her best, that’s fine for me. I only recommend what I consider best (from different points of view). If my readers decide to go for that or not, it’s completely up to them.

      As for Hairfinity, it’s not as good as Viviscal in terms of formula, but I still consider it a really good supplement. I could see its effect after about a month, after all. And even if I developed a side effect, this doesn’t appear in everyone. So I can say I was a bit unlucky.

      Now – if you’re satisfied with how your hair looks and you want to save some money, you could switch to Hairfinity. If Viviscal did its job and brought your hair to the condition you wanted it to be, Hairfinity could keep it so. So switching to Hairfinity now wouldn’t be a problem, if you ask me. I would only not recommend doing that if you were at the beginning of your treatment with Viviscal. But since that’s not the case, it’s up to you.

      I really hope this helps you decide.

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