Viviscal Professional VS Extra Strength (2023 Review)

Viviscal Professional VS Extra Strength (2019) - What's The Difference?

Ever heard of Viviscal? Well – it’s one of my top recommended hair supplements.

  • But which of its versions is better?
  • And what’s the difference between them?

It’s time to confront 2 of its top versions – Viviscal Professional VS Extra Strength.

I tried to dig deep into both products, so that I can find out the hidden truth behind.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on these 2 products.


What I’ll Be Looking At

While comparing Viviscal Professional VS Extra Strength, I will consider 6 major aspects:

  1. Ingredients
  2. Pills & Dosages
  3. Results
  4. Availability
  5. Clinical Trials
  6. Prices
  7. Pros & Cons

Within each of these 6 chapters, I will also pick the winner.

In the end, I will give you a clear answer about which product is better and which is more worth buying.

PS: If there’s any aspect I didn’t mention and you would like me to check, let me know in a comment and I will gladly do it.


Professional OR Extra Strength? (In A Nutshell)

Honestly – the Extra Strength version is better (for an average person):

  1. A lot more accessible 
  2. Lower price in general
  3. More previous customers and authentic reviews
  4. Several clinical trials behind

Now – the Professional form has a slightly better formula.

But that’s pretty much it.

You can’t buy it online and you have to find a nearby retailer (which isn’t usually a store).

Plus that it costs about $15 more and has fewer studies behind.

So at this point – I would choose the Extra Strength between these 2.

However, both products are extremely expensive – if you ask me.

If you want a cheaper alternative, take a look at my #1 recommendation.

It costs about $25 per bottle and does the same thing as Viviscal. So I personally prefer to use this one instead.

But out of these 2 forms of Viviscal- I would prefer the Extra Strength.



#1 – Ingredients – WINNER: Professional

The Professional version has a stronger formula:

  • contains a few extra ingredients
  • some compounds have higher dosages
  • more powerful substances overall

But let’s analyze each product separately.

1. Extra Strength

It has the standard formula (that Viviscal is known best for):

Its main ingredient is an original compound (AminoMar) [1]:

  • contains shark cartilage and oyster powder
  • boosts hair growth and health
  • fights and prevents thinning

Other than AminoMar, the Extra Strength version also contains:

  1. Horsetail – it’s the best herb against thinning hair.
  2. Millet Extract – effective against hair loss and shedding. [2]
  3. Niacin – promotes hair fullness and volume. [3]
  4. Zinc – a low level can produce hair loss

Overall – this formula is pretty good (but mostly due to AminoMar).

The other ingredients aren’t anything amazing.

2. Professional

As I said – compared to the Extra Strength, it has higher dosages and some extra ingredients:

Its #1 ingredient remains the AminoMar complex:

  • dosage is 475 mg (vs 450 in Extra Strength version)
  • stronger effect overall
  • results should appear faster

Basically – that’s the main difference between those 2 versions.

Since AminoMar is a groundbreaking complex, an extra 25 mg can make a real difference.

Additionally, the Professional version also contains 3 extra ingredients:

  1. Apple Extract – increases hair density and stimulates follicles. [4]
  2. L-Methionine – promotes healthy hair formation.
  3. L-Cysteine – can reverse hair loss. [5]

On the other hand – it also lacks some compounds found in the other version.

However, their effect is less significant (Iron, Zinc, etc.).


Overall – the Professional version has a higher quality formula:

  • main ingredient has a higher concentration
  • higher dosages in general
  • 3 extra compounds

It’s true that the Extra Strength also contains some ingredients you can’t find in the Professional version.

But they’re not very important (in terms of effect).

That’s why I consider Viviscal Professional’s ingredients better.


#2 – Pills & Dosages – DEUCE

Both versions of Viviscal are pretty similar at this chapter:

  • require the same number of pills
  • tablets look very similar

If the pills’ texture is an important factor for you – both products would do.

1. Extra Strength

The pills look like small tablets:

  • yellowish color
  • no taste
  • small dimensions and round shape

However – there’s one thing I personally dislike about these pills.

They don’t have a gelatin cover, as most hair pills do.

Gelatin cover makes it easier to swallow the pills (even if they have larger dimensions).

Plus – gelatin has no taste, so you won’t get nauseous while taking the pills.

Even though Viviscal’s pills are quite small, they do have a weird taste (a bit bitter).

2. Professional

These pills are pretty much the same as the other version’s:

  • round shape and small size
  • no gelatin cover
  • yellow color

So in terms of swallowing – they’re about the same level.

Honestly, they’re not my favorite pills in terms of looks/consistency.

But I love the fact that you only need 1 pill per day (and it’s the same for the Extra Strength version).


All versions of Viviscal are pretty similar at this chapter:

  • pills look exactly the same
  • you need the same quantity per day

So there’s no way to pick a winner here.

No matter which of the 2 version you would choose – their pills would look identical.


#3 – Results – WINNER: Extra Strength

As I only used the Extra Strength version – I won’t be able to compare the products based on my experience.

That’s why I tried looking at other users’ opinions:

  • most people have used the Extra Strength version
  • it generally has positive reviews
  • I found very few opinions on the Professional form

But let’s take them by turn.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional ones.

1. Extra Strength

This product has a rating of 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon (from 336 reviews).

So overall – users are satisfied with its effect:

  1. Some say it’s great for growing hair faster.
  2. Other praise its effect against hair loss.
  3. A few also claim it works with thickening and volume.

Generally, users are quite happy with the Extra Strength.

The biggest complaints are related to price – which I definitely agree with.

But overall, this version doesn’t have a lot of negative reviews (even though it doesn’t work for everyone).

2. Professional

First of all – I couldn’t find as many real users as with the other version.

Still, out of the reviews I found – most were positive:

  1. Some people say they could see a change in 2-3 months.
  2. Others claim their hair looks fuller and stronger.
  3. A few other mention it helps with volume.
  4. There are also some praising it for its anti-thinning effect.

Overall – most customers were satisfied with this version,

However, the most common complaint is poor or no effect.

This means the pills are not effective for everyone (and there are enough claiming so).

But I guess that’s quite normal.


Viviscal Extra Strength has far more reviews than the other version:

  • most people praise its effect
  • many say they could see a change fast
  • less than 30% complaints

I personally have only tried this version and I was satisfied.

But I can’t really compare, since I never used the other one.

Still – in terms of reviews, the Extra Strength has better opinions overall (probably due to its higher popularity, though).


#4 – Availability – WINNER: Extra Strength

Viviscal’s standard version easily wins at this chapter:

  • Professional form isn’t very easy to find
  • Extra Strength version can be bought online

So if you want to try Viviscal – you will most likely get the Extra Strength form.

The other one can’t be bought so easily.

1. Extra Strength

This is the standard version of Viviscal.

And even though that doesn’t sound great – it’s extremely accessible.

You can find it in most big retailers, including:

  • Amazon (even for international shipping)
  • Walmart
  • Ebay
  • GNC, Walgreens or other supplement stores

Basically – it’s extremely easy to find, both online and offline.

2. Professional

Availability is probably the #1 downside of this version:

  • Cannot be bought online anywhere
  • Only available through physicians’offices
  • You can also get it from certain salons/clinics

In case you want to buy Viviscal Professional, you can do this through their official website.

They will look for the closest retailer in your area (whether it’s a salon, clinic, etc.). 

That’s definitely more complicated than ordering online.

But at this point – it’s the only option.


Viviscal Extra Strength is extremely easy to find online.

But things are totally different for the Professional form – which isn’t available in any retailer.

So in terms of availability, Extra Strength wins easily.

The Professional version has a few issues at this chapter.


#5 – Clinical Trials – WINNER: Extra Strength

As you might expect, Viviscal’s standard version has a lot more evidence behind:

  • Extra Strength: 10 different studies overall
  • Professional: 3 studies overall

Now – this includes all the testing done of the products.

However, not all of those studies are available for the public.

Still, Viviscal offers a booklet of those studies online.

1. Extra Strength

As I mentioned before – it has a total of 10 clinical evidence behind:

  • first study was conducted in 1992
  • last one appeared in 2014

So we’re obviously talking about a product with a long history.

Since the Extra Strength has always been Viviscal’s standard formula – most of the studies were conducted on it.

For this reason – if scientific evidence matters for you, this version is the best choice.

2. Professional

According to Viviscal’s website, this form has:

  • 2 double blind clinical trials
  • 1 conducted reserach

That makes a total of 3 studies – which is pretty good for a product that isn’t very accessible.

Just like the Extra Strength, its last study seems to be from 2014 (quite recent).

However, there’s quite a difference between 3 and 10.

Even though this form is definitely safe and effective – the other one has more evidence behind.


In terms of studies, Viviscal Extra Strength is better.

This may be due to its popularity or availability, that’s true.

But at the end of the day – it’s the number of studies that really matters.

And at this point, the Extra Strength version is above.



#6 – Price – WINNER: Extra Strength

In terms of money, the 2 versions are pretty close:

  • both cost around $50 per bottle
  • you can also find them in larger quantities 

But overall – since it’s easier to find, the Extra Strength has way better offers.

1. Extra Strength

This version costs around $40-$50 per monthly supply.

As it’s sold in many different retailers, prices can really fluctuate:

  • Amazon usually has the lowest prices
  • it also offers free shipping
  • you can also find good offers on Walgreens or GNC (but only sometimes)

So in terms of a constant low price, Amazon is probably the best for Extra Strength.

PS: I actually think $40 is a lot for a hair supplement. So even the cheaper version is really expensive, in my view.

2. Professional

First of all, I can’t tell you the exact price for this version.

Since it’s not available online – I could only take the rumors I found about its real cost.

And according to those:

  • a bottle costs around $60
  • you can sometimes get it for less (around $45)
  • there’s also a 3 months supply that is cheaper

Basically – compared to the other version, this one is pricier.

I can’t tell you how much pricier, though (between $10-$15 probably).


Viviscal’s Professional version is more expensive than the Extra Strength one.

Considering it has higher dosages and extra ingredients, that’s totally fair.

Still – in terms of price, Extra Strength has to win this.



#7 – PROs & CONs

You’re still unsure about the version your should try?

Well – I tried to make a direct comparison between these 2.

So here are the good and the bad points for each of these 2 Viviscal versions.

1. Extra Strength

2. Professional 


My Verdict – Viviscal Professional Or Extra Strength?

Short answer: Extra Strength – it scored better in most of the competing aspects:

  • Professional version won 1 chapter
  • Extra Strength form won 4 chapters

So at this point, I would recommend the Extra Strength.

It’s also the version I have tried personally – and overall, I was quite satisfied.

However, Viviscal is not my #1 recommended hair supplement:

  1. Too expensive for the money
  2. Not the most effective supplement in my case

Even though I consider it a great supplement, I prefer a cheaper alternative.

The supplement I constantly use (Folexin) costs $25 per bottle and worked even a bit better for me:

  • stopped my hair loss completely in about 2 months
  • made my hair grow a lot faster
  • also helped with thinning

Since it works for both men and women – I personally think it’s a better choice right now.

It costs about $15 less and does the same thing as Viviscal.

So at this point – I don’t recommend any version of Viviscal, but Folexin.


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10 thoughts on “Viviscal Professional VS Extra Strength (2023 Review)

  1. Hey thank you for the awesome review! 

    I have used Nutrafol to combat my thinning hair ends but so far it hasn’t been very helpful (6 months). I initially bought 4 bottles through someone so it wasn’t very expensive, but the last 2 bottles were purchased via Amazon and they cost a lot. I don’t think I will be able to keep buying it monthly, especially if I’m not seeing results. A friend suggested I should try Viviscal instead but I don’t really know what version I should choose. My hair is not falling out very badly but it’s thinning terribly. 

    I would normally choose Viviscal Extra strength because it’s the most popular, but what if it’s too weak for my problem? Which of these would you choose if you were me?

    1. Hey Jessie, thanks for sharing your experience with Nutrafol. Since you only have a thinning, I’m quite surprised it didn’t work – especially since Nutrafol is actually designed for thinning hair.

      But some products don’t work well for some people, no matter how popular they were. So that’s the only explanation I could find. Still, if you didn’t notice any change in 6 months with Nutrafol – I don’t recommend to continue using it, especially if you can’t afford it so easily. 

      Getting to Viviscal, I actually recommend you the Extra Strength version. In my opinion, it’s not too weak for you. Your problem isn’t the most severe I have ever heard of (especially since your hair isn’t falling out massively). So Viviscal Extra Strength worked for cases that were a lot more serious – that’s why I’m pretty sure you’re a good candidate.

      The Professional version is a lot harder to find and it’s a bit pricier. Plus, it doesn’t seem to have any better results (though there aren’t so many authentic reviews on it). But still, I recommend going for the Extra Strength version for a few months and see how it goes. Normally, you should see an improvement after 2-3 months.

      If there’s still no change, just get back to me and I will try to recommend you something else.

      Also, you can start rinsing your hair with horsetail infusion, because this herb is a great remedy against thinning hair. It’s not going to help overnight, but it should strengthen your hair and keep the ends in good shape.

      Please let me know how it goes in the future.

  2. Hi Olly, I am trying to grow my hair beyond shoulders and was recommended Viviscal by a friend. I’m not sure what version she used but I know she bought it from Amazon, so it might be the extra strength? And which of the two would you recommend me? I want to see growth in my hair as fast as possible, so could the professional version do this faster? I’m thinking it’s called professional for a reason. I am willing to pay more just to see the fastest effect.

    1. Hi Amanda, thanks for your questions. 

      First of all – your friend definitely used the Extra Strength version, it’s the only one available on Amazon. They certainly don’t sell the Professional form there, so there’s only the other one left. From what I understand, your friend was satisfied with how it worked, which is great. 

      Now regarding your questions – it’s really hard for me to tell which version would grow your hair faster. Normally, I would say the Professional one, because it has a stronger formula. But judging after the reviews I found on both, I don’t think there’s a big difference. Lots of people praise the Extra Strength version and claim it helps with hair growth a lot.

      I personally used only the Extra Strength and I was satisfied with the results. But I can’t tell about the Professional form. As I mentioned in my review, I couldn’t find so many opinions on it (compared to the Extra Strength version). That’s why I can’t guarantee that one of them will grow your hair faster than the other.

      Anyway, one thing is clear – using a hair supplement will help your hair grow faster. But it definitely depends what supplement you use, because there are many hair vitamins that don’t do much in reality. Viviscal is actually on my favorite hair supplements list, so it’s one of those quality products (I’m talking about both versions).

      Other than Viviscal or another hair supplement, there are other steps that will make your hair grow faster. I advise you to check out this special guide and try to follow the main recommendations from there. In this way, you should see results faster than normal.

      You can also try using herbs like turmeric (to spray your hair) or even the eternal home remedy apple cider vinegar. Many people claim these 2 ingredients can boost hair growth. I can’t guarantee, but they do have some major hair benefits besides growth. So you might want to give them a try.

      Sorry I can’t give you a clear answer but I think both versions of Viviscal can help with hair growth. Which does it faster, I can’t really tell. But the Extra Strength version is a lot more accessible, so if I were you – I would probably go for that one.

      I hope this helps you,

  3. Hello Olly! I had an appointment with my specialist 2 days ago and he recommended Viviscal in order to grow my roots (I had chemo but recovered and now I’m trying to grow my hair back). I didn’t know much about the product and later found out there are 2 versions. So I would have couple of questions:

    1. I am tempted to choose Viviscal Extra Strength. But according to your review, its ingredients are a bit weaker than the other form. Do you think the dosages would be enough for my problem? I used to have normal healthy hair before chemo and my doctor said the roots were not affected.

    2. Is there any way I could split the pill in 2? I cannot swallow even regular pills due to chemo (it left me with a serious nausea to any kind of pills). I’m just wondering, if I split the pills in 2 would the effect be the same?

    3. I also read about laser caps and saw you also recommend some of them. Would they help for my problem? What if I combined them with Viviscal, would the effect be faster? Price doesn’t really matter as long as it’s not above $400 (I can’t afford a laser cap that costs more than this, sorry). 

    4. You said you used one form of Viviscal. Could you tell me more about how it worked for you? I would love to hear a real experience.

    5. I also wanted to ask about hair fibers. Do you think that once my hair grows a couple of inches, I could be able to use them (meaning that they would look normal)?

    Sorry for this bunch of questions but I’m really hoping you will be able to answer them at one point. Thanks a lot for your website and all the resources you provide here, they’re awesome! Nina

    1. Hi Nina, thanks a lot for your kind words. I’m sorry to hear about chemo and the problems you’re been through, but it’s great that you are better now. And growing your hair back is one step ahead of recovery.

      I will try to answer your questions as clearly as I can:

      1. The Professional version contains an extra 25 mg AminoMar, compared to the Extra Strength form. This ingredient only exists in Viviscal products, so it’s probably a pretty strong compound.

      However, considering your problem – I’m pretty sure the dosage from Extra Strength is more than enough. I mean, you said your hair was normal and healthy before having chemo. This means it wasn’t affected by any other problems than chemo (no hormonal imbalances, deficiencies, etc.).

      For this reason, any hair supplement you would choose should help. I usually recommend products based on herbs, but if your doctor suggested Viviscal, I think you should choose this product. Anyway, the point is that both the Extra Strength and the Professional version should work well enough. 

      The 25 mg of AminoMar between them isn’t very relevant for your problem (if you had a chronic hair loss caused by hormonal imbalances, it might have been more relevant). So I think that no matter which you chose, it would help.

      Still, I recommend going for the Extra Strength, as it’s a lot more accessible.

      But to answer your question – the Extra Strength is good enough for your problem, trust me.

      2. Viviscal’s pills aren’t made of gelatin (as most hair supplements). They have a hard cover with no liquid inside, which means you can cut them in 2 easily.

      However, the pills are quite small compared to others. That’s why cutting them isn’t necessary, in my opinion. But if you have a hard time swallowing them, spiting them would be fine, the effect would be the same.

      3. I actually think laser devices are a brilliant invention for people willing to invest in a long term solution. The only case when I don’t recommend laser treatments are people with long time baldness. That’s because follicles are usually dead in those cases, so laser therapy isn’t going to help much. It will surely not harm, but there are very few cases when it actually helped.

      Anyway – your hair loss was only caused by chemotherapy, which means it’s not permanent (the follicles aren’t dead). That’s why you’re a good candidate for laser therapy.

      There are many laser devices on the market and most are between $500-$1000. However, I recommend a $200 alternative from HairMax (probably the best laser devices brand) that does the same work. The product I recommend is a laser comb, which means you have to comb it through your hair manually. 

      But compared to laser caps, combs are much cheaper and usually require a shorter treatment period. That’s a main reason why I prefer combs. Also, HairMax’s laser comb has lots of positive reviews, which means it’s clearly a quality product. At this point, it’s the best laser device I know.

      Anyway – to answer your question, associating a laser device with Viviscal will surely increase the effect and improve your hair’s health even more. So I definitely recommend this combination.

      4. Regarding my own experience with Viviscal, I know this product really well. You can find my whole story with it here. Though it’s not my top recommended supplement, it’s one of the best choices on the market at this point.

      5. I’m glad you asked about hair fibers, I usually recommend this category of products to people with your problem. In fact, your scenario is excellent – you can start using hair fibers once your hair grows a couple of inches. Though they’re not an actual remedy, they can help aesthetically.

      After chemo, it can happen that one or more parts of your hair glow slower. That’s when hair fibers can help make your hair look smoother.

      If you’re looking for a quality brand, I strongly recommend Caboki. Their fibers can be left overnight without staining, which doesn’t happen with most of the other brands. They’re also quite affordable, so I think they’re the best choice among hair fibers at this point.

      PS: This guide on growing hair faster might also help you. But overall, I’m hoping I answered all of your questions. In case there’s anything else, feel free to let me know.

  4. Hello Olly! I am using Viviscal professional (prescribed by my dermatologist) and cannot see any improvement yet. This is my fifth month with it. I don’t have hair loss but trying hard to get my hair back to its normal thickness (it got a lot thinner after pregnancy and giving birth). I am just wondering if I am taking the right product. In your opinion, are there any chances that the regular Viviscal (not professional) would help?

    Also I wanted to ask you about Hair Omega. Have you used this supplement? It’s a bit cheaper and one of my friends recommended it, but am not sure if it’s suitable for my problem (I saw it’s for hair growth which I don’t really need). I am looking forward for your answer. Simone

    1. Hi Simone, thanks for your feedback on Viviscal Professional. In terms of ingredients/effect, it’s a bit superior to the regular formula (Extra Strength). That’s why I doubt the other one would help you more, since the Professional version didn’t.

      Now – both versions of Viviscal are meant for hair growth and strength. But if you ask me – that’s not the reason why they didn’t help thicken your hair. It’s probably because your body didn’t respond to their formula (which isn’t the very best on the market, if you ask me).

      I have a 9 steps guide on thickening your hair at home, so I’m pretty sure it would help. Just try to follow the steps correctly and your hair should get thicker in a few months.

      As for HairOmega, it’s actually a good supplement. It’s not my top recommendation in terms of quality/price, but if you really want to give it a shot, go for it. I can’t guarantee it will help more than Viviscal, but you can try it. HairOmega has 2 supplement versions and I usually recommend the DHT blocker (stronger effect for hair loss). But as you want it for extra thickness, I think it’s better to go for the other formula.

      I really hope this advice helps you and hopefully you will see good results in the future. Please keep me updated.

  5. Hi! I’m using Viviscal Professional for half a year now and it doesn’t really help. I used the other version in the past but I had headaches all the time so I had to let it go. This one seemed better from this point of view but it’s not helping me.

    I have an affection called PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) which was discovered from my teenage years. Not sure if you’re familiar with it or not, but it’s some sort of hormonal problem that causes infertility, terrible pain, body hair growth and thinning scalp hair. It’s really hard to deal with it as a women, but it can’t be cured (only controlled).

    Long story short, I’ve been following different treatments and they pretty much control the pain and body hair growth. But few products seem to help with my scalp hair, which is extremely frustrating. My hair used to be very thick as a child and now it’s very thin at the ends. I recently visited a dermatologist that recommended Viviscal but none of the versions helped so far. 

    I studied your website and articles long before I wrote this comment, so I know most of them. From what I understand, you recommend DHT blockers for male pattern hair loss. What would you recommend to me then? I know my hair loss is 100% caused by hormones, and as far as I know in my health condition it’s testosterone that causes hair loss. DHT is a kind of testosterone, right? So then, should I also start using DHT blockers? Maybe I could have a better chance with them than I had with Viviscal. 

    Please help with advice!

    1. Hi Mary-Anne, I’m very sorry to hear about your fight with PCOS. I’m familiar with this condition, as many women deal with it. And unfortunately, hair loss/thinning is a very common symptom of it.

      First of all – from what I understood, your hair loss is quite general and it consists of thinning ends. This means your roots look thick and normal, right? That’s a typical case of women who are keeping the condition under control (in untreated cases of PCOS, women tend to develop bald spots and lose their hair massively).

      Regarding your questions, it’s hard for me to give you a clear answer. 

      What you said about DHT is correct – this is the usual responsible for hair thinning in PCOS. As you have a higher level of testosterone in your body, it converts into DHT (which affects hair follicles and ends). So on paper, using a DHT blocker should help.

      However, most DHT blocking supplements are designed for men. Even though they would probably not hurt you, I can’t guarantee you will be fine (in terms of side effects). Since you also experienced some side effects from Viviscal, your body is probably quite sensitive. That’s why male DHT blockers might not be the best choice.

      For this reason – I recommend you a supplement called HairOmega. This product has 2 versions, including one designed to block DHT excess. But unlike most similar supplements, it’s designed for both genders and it doesn’t have a formula specially made for men. That’s why I believe it would be safer for you. It’s also really affordable, so price shouldn’t be an issue.

      There are also 2 products that doctors recommend often times for PCOS hair loss. I’m talking about Minoxidil and Finasteride – which are 2 products approved by the FDA for male pattern hair loss. However, scientists believe they should have the same results in women. 

      Anyway – these 2 products aren’t my recommendation for you, especially if they weren’t recommended by a doctor. I only wanted to let you know about them, in case you ever hear them mentioned.

      Other than that, you can also try using certain herbs that can block DHT excess:

      Saw Palmetto is the best DHT blocker among herbs, but it’s pretty hard to find outside supplements. Most male hair loss supplements are based on it.

      – Rinsing your hair with green tea blocks DHT receptors from your scalp’s surface. It’s not the best remedy (because it doesn’t work on the inside). But it can certainly help on the long term.

      – Turmeric can also decrease DHT levels, though it’s not as strong as green tea.

      – Horsetail is an excellent herb for thickening hair, so it might also be helpful for your problem.

      You probably know this, but you should also aim for a balanced lifestyle and try to eat as healthy as possible. My advice is to avoid severe dieting as well, especially if it’s not advised by a doctor/nutritionist. Just try to drink plenty of water, take the treatment your doctor prescribed and have a healthy lifestyle in general.

      I really hope these tips help you and please let me know how it goes in the future.

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