Hims VS Keeps (2023 Review) – Which Is The #1?

Hims VS Keeps (2019 Review) - Which Is The #1?

Let’s compare 2 of the top male hair loss brands: Hims VS Keeps.

They offer about the same products – but there are still enough differences. So:

  • Which has most satisfied customers?
  • Which is more popular and trustworthy?
  • And lastly – which has the best offer?

I analyzed both brands very closely – so I found out their top features and info.

So if you’re looking for the best choice between Hims and Keeps – I’ve got the answer in this review.

Note: This review is based on my own opinion + research on these 2 products.


What I’ll Be Looking At

While comparing Hims VS Keeps, I will consider 5 major aspects:

    1. Products Offered
    2. Results
    3. Customer’s Opinion
    4. Doctor’s Consultation
    5. Price
    6. Pros & Cons

Within each of these 5 chapters, I will also pick the winner.

In the end, I will give you a clear answer about which brand is better and which is more worth buying.

PS: If there’s any aspect I didn’t mention and you would like me to check, let me know in a comment and I will gladly do it.




Hims Or Keeps? (In A Nutshell)

Shortly – both offer a subscription for male hair loss treatments (Minoxidil + Finasteride).

The difference is that Hims also offers ED and anxiety products, while Keeps is only focused on hair loss.

But that’s another story.

So basically – they both offer Minoxidil + Finasteride.

However – Keeps is better in most chapters:

  1. Best price and offer
  2. First month order completely free
  3. Free doctor consultation (for Finasteride)
  4. More satisfied customers
  5. Guaranteed refunds

Hims’s products are also good (since they’re the same actually).

But the company has enough negative reviews and complaints online.

And no – most are not related to the products themselves (but to their practices).

So if you want a safe and cheaper subscription to Minoxidil and Finasteride – my #1 choice is Keeps.



#1 – Products Offered – WINNER: Hims

Both brands sell about the same hair products as their main recommendations.

However – there’s a difference overall:

  • 2 products are offered by both (Minoxidil and Finasteride)
  • 2 products are only offered by Hims (Shampoo + Gummies)

Basically – Keeps has 2 products in the offer, while Hims has 4.

Let me explain by taking them by turn.

1. Keeps

It sticks to the classics and only offers the 2 standard products:

  1. Minoxidil 5% – FDA approved for crown thinning. [1]
  2. Finasteride 1 mg – also FDA approved but for receding hairlines. [2]

You can also get both products together (for a better overall effect and a lower price).

Basically – Keeps only offers the essential products, instead of also promoting unnecessary ones.

2. Hims

Their offer includes the usual Minoxidil and Finasteride and 2 other products:

  • Shampoo – for maintenance treatment
  • Biotin Gummies – for an increased hair growth effect

Also, it offers products for ED, anxiety and premature ejactulation.

Back to the hair products, there are 4 products – combined in 3 kits:

  1. Complete Kit (Finasteride + Shampoo + Minoxidil + Gummies)
  2. Non-Prescription Kit (Everything except Finasteride)
  3. Edible Kit (Finasteride + Gummies)

In my opinion, these 2 additional products (shampoo and gummies) aren’t very useful.

Shampoos rarely have a major effect for hair loss.

Also, biotin gummies are full of sugar so they might affect your health (just like Sugar Bear’s gummies do).


Since Hims offers 2 more hair products compared to Keeps – it is the actual winner.

However, I wouldn’t consider this an advantage:

  • the 2 additional products aren’t very effective
  • they’re probably not worth the money

So even though Hims has a wider offer – I would recommend you to stick to Minoxidil and Finasteride.

The shampoo and gummies won’t increase their effect too much.

So I don’t think they’re worth the extra cost.


#2 – Results – DRAW

So even though Hims offers 4 products (vs 2 in Keeps) – their results are about the same.

As I said: 

  • the 2 additional products from Hims aren’t too effective
  • it’s Minoxidil and Finasteride that do the whole work

Now – let’s analyze their overall results.

1. Keeps

People only used Minoxidil/Finasteride or both together.

  1. Some say their shedding decreased (after about 6 months).
  2. Others say their thin spots look fuller.
  3. A few others claim their hair density increased.

Obviously – results are better after 1 year or so. 

But as you might expect – there are also people who didn’t experience any improvement.

However, results are positive overall (more than 50%). You can see more in my full review.

2. Hims

It has about the same feedback as Keeps.

In fact – its percent of satisfied customers is a bit lower (still over 50% but lower than in Keeps).

  1. Some people say they could see an improvement in their hair.
  2. Others only mention the products are helpful.
  3. Most say the only use the full kit (all 4 products).

Regarding side effects – most complaints are about Finasteride. 

Since it’s know to cause secondary reactions, it’s totally normal. [3]

However – some users complain about acne and breakouts.

If you ask me, they are because of the extra sugar (from the gummies).


Overall – Keeps and Hims had about the same per cent of positive results.

Since their top products are exactly the same – it’s normal.

However, it seems that Hims’ extra 2 products didn’t help too much.

So I stick to my opinion – only go for the Minoxidil + Finasteride supply.


#3 – Customers’ Opinion – WINNER: Keeps

Overall – Keeps has way more positive reviews than Hims.

Actually, I found many complaints indicating that Hims was a scam.

Though I don’t necessarily believe this – their practices might be a bit shady.

But let’s take a closer look at each.

1. Keeps

Besides the results, many customers praise Keeps for:

  1. Really fast consultation and answers
  2. Money back guarantee
  3. Prices are listed correctly
  4. Fast shipping and product arrival

In other words – Keeps rocks in terms of customer service.

I actually found very few complaints about it at this chapter.

The only ones were related to the bad effect of the products (but that’s not necessarily their fault).

2. Hims

As I said, I found way more complaints compared to Keeps.

And most aren’t talking about the products itself (which are good, if you ask me).


  1. Some people say they were charged without being shipped the order.
  2. Others claim they paid $5 for the consultation.
  3. However, many of them were declined by Hims’ doctor.
  4. Even so, they never received those $5 back.
  5. Others complain that you can’t cancel your auto-shipping.

Basically – I found many reviews criticizing Hims’ practices.

Even though their products are good, the company seems to have some issues at this chapter.

No wonder it has some complaints on BBB (see more in my full review).


According to some previous users:

  • Keeps is totally legit and honest with the customers
  • Hims has some issues with refunds and shipping

You can’t trust all reviews, that’s true.

But considering there’s a high number of complaints on Hims – I personally wouldn’t buy from it.

Especially when you have the same products on Keeps.



#4 – Doctor’s Consultation – WINNER: Keeps

Finasteride can only be purchased with a medical prescription.

Since both brands offer it – they also offer a doctor consultation (online).

If the patient is approved for Finasteride, he receives the prescription and can place an order.

Otherwise – he can only go for Minoxidil, which doesn’t require a prescription.

1. Keeps

It has the best offer when it comes to consultation:

  1. First consultation is free for everyone.
  2. Starting from the second, it costs $5.
  3. According to them, you need about 1 consultation per year.

So in my opinion – Keeps’ numbers are pretty good and decent (nothing overpriced).

And there’s one more thing.

The potential customers are contacted by the doctor very fast (1-2 days at most).

Plus – from what I read, most patients are approved for Finasteride (if it’s really needed).

So they’re not just trying to take away your money and decline you – which some competitors do.

2. Hims

Unlike Keeps, it has a few issues at this chapter:

  1. Every consultation costs $5 (even the first one).
  2. Many people are rejected, according to some reviews.
  3. However, some of these are approved in other brands.

As I said before, Hims’ practices are heavily criticized:

  • some people say Hims only takes advantage of that $5
  • they end up rejecting you for no real reason
  • also, you’re not refunded those $5

Once again – I can’t guarantee this is true.

But considering I read this in lots of reviews, I assume it is so.


A doctor’s consultation for Finasteride is cheaper in Keeps.

If you only want to test the product out – I definitely recommend Keeps, as the first consultation is free.

As for Hims, I heard enough bad things.

So I personally would recommend Keeps, as long as you want to be approved (if you’re really a suitable candidate).


#5 – Price – WINNER: Keeps

Overall, Keeps has a much better price – especially for the long term.

It’s also true that both brands have higher prices compared to a pharmacy.

So if you have a medical insurance, I wouldn’t recommend any of them.

But if you’re a discreet person – choosing these brands might be easier for you.

1. Keeps

It has some slightly higher prices than a pharmacy.

But even so – it probably has the lowest costs among its competitors:

  1. First month order is free (no matter what products you buy).
  2. Finasteride costs $25 per bottle.
  3. As a 3 months supply, it costs $50 (first time only).
  4. From the second time on, it costs $75 per 3 months.
  5. Minoxidil costs $10 (solution) or $15 (foam) per month.
  6. A 3 months supply costs $20-$30 (first time).
  7. Afterwards, it costs $30 or $35.

Now – if you have a medical insurance, you can get these 2 products for less money.

But that involves going to your doctor and buying the from your pharmacy.

If you want to avoid that, Keeps can be really helpful.

2. Hims

Compared to Keeps, prices are a bit higher.

That especially if you want to buy Finasteride/Minoxidil alone (which I recommend).

  1. Finasteride costs $28.50 per month.
  2. As a 3 months supply, it costs $85.50.
  3. Minoxidil alone costs $15 per month.

Now – these are a few extra dollars compared to Keeps.

If you buy one of the 3 kits, price is better overall.

But since each kit contains at least one of those 2 additional products (gummies or shampoo) – I don’t recommend it.

These 2 products don’t make anything special – so there’s no point spending extra money, if you ask me.


When it comes to prices, Keeps has a better offer overall.

So out of these 2 brands, I definitely recommend choosing it over Hims.

But if you want to save some money – get a medical prescription and buy them from your local pharmacy.

Since they’re covered by insurance, the cost will be lower.


#6 – PROs & CONs

If you’re still unsure whether Hims or Keeps is better…

Here’s a list of each’s advantages and downsides.

1. Keeps

  1. Best price for Minoxidil/Finasteride among all competitors.
  2. No costs in the first month for any order.
  3. Free consultation for the first year (if needed).
  4. Doesn’t promote extra useless products.
  5. Many positive reviews online.
  6. Real refunds for unsatisfied customers.
  7. Prices are higher than in local pharmacies.
  8. Minoxidil/Finasteride have to be used for the rest of that patient’s life.
  9. Otherwise, hair loss returns and even worsens.



2. Hims

  1. Also offers products for ED, anxiety, etc.
  2. Besides Minoxidil and Finasteride, it sells 2 more hair products.
  3. Works for more than 60% men trying it.
  4. Lots of complaint about company practices. 
  5. Higher prices than other competitors (like Keeps).
  6. Many patients are rejected after the doctor consultation for Finasteride.
  7. Enough complaints about the refunds.
  8. Minoxidil and Finasteride have to be used forever, once you start using them.


My Final Verdict – Hims Or Keeps?

Short answer: Pretty much Keeps – it scored better in most chapters:

  • Hims won 1 chapter
  • Keeps won 3 chapters

So in my opinion, Keeps is a much better choice overall.

  1. Lowest price among online brands selling Minoxidil + Finasteride.
  2. First order is free.
  3. Free doctor consultation (first time).
  4. Good prices even after the second purchase.
  5. Way more praises and positive reviews.
  6. Legit and trustworthy company.

Even though Hims also offers quality products (they’re the same after all) – it’s a bit more shady.

According to some reviews, many customers never received their order (despite paying it).

Also – it seems like many Finasteride customers are rejected after the doctor consultation.

Obviously, their payment is never refunded.

For this reason – here’s my advice:

  1. If you have a medical insurance, visit your local doctor.
  2. In this way, you can get the products cheaper from your local pharmacy.
  3. If you prefer discretion, you should try an online seller.
  4. Keeps has the best price and it’s probably the best rated seller.
  5. So I would recommend choosing it.

I personally don’t recommend either Minoxidil or Finasteride – as you can’t give them up, once you started them.

My personal choice is a $25 supplement designed for male hair loss.

Though it’s not FDA approved, it might have even better results than these 2 products.

So it’s your own choice in the end.

best male hairloss supplement


1 – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/-pubmed/12196747

2 – https://www.sciencedirect.com/-S0022202X15529357

3 – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/-pmc/articles/PMC3481923/

12 thoughts on “Hims VS Keeps (2023 Review) – Which Is The #1?

  1. obviously, keeps is a better option and I think that this is a good insight into the two products. I have tried using hims before and it did work when I was having some hair loss issues but I had to use some type of foods to help hasten the growth. It pretty much worked though. I think I would recommend Keeps to a friend since it has way better feedback at this point. Nice insight, thanks.

    1. Hi John, thanks for giving out your experience with Hims. It’s great to hear the products helped, but they are pretty good themselves. It’s the company that seemed to raise some problems among customers. But you don’t seem to have dealt with that, which is good. Apparently there are enough customers satisfied with Hims as well.

      I’m only curious – what foods did you start eating in order to speed up your hair growth? And did they help more than Hims’ products seemed to help? I’ve got a list with the top foods and diets for hair growth, so I was curious if there was anything from this list.

      Back to out story – at this point, Keeps is a much better choice, in my opinion. It has a much better offer overall (in terms of price) and it’s a lot safer – especially when it comes to potential refunds. So thanks again for your feedback, it’s really helpful.

  2. Hi Olly, I’ve had a subscription in both. First I was with Hims and used only Finasteride and Minoxidil, no gummies. I could see results in about half a year, so not very fast but I don’t blame them. I started noticing really fine hairs growing on my crown, which used to be completely bald before. Fast forward one year, now those fine hairs and starting to cover my bald scalp (not completely yet but hopefully I’m on the good way). When my Finasteride subscription came to an end, Hims asked me to do another online consultation. I’ve been approved more than once before but this time they rejected me (despite having positive results with the treatment). So I canceled and switched to Keeps, which approved me from the start. I also got some lower prices in the first orders (first one was free, second one discounted). So I only placed 2 orders with them (vs more than 10 with Hims). But at this point I would choose Keeps, they seem to have a friendlier customer service and easier approval rules.

    1. Hi there, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with both Hims and Keeps. Your comparison is excellent actually – and it shows one of the biggest differences among these 2 brands, efficiency. 

      Though they both sell basically the same products, Keeps has an advantage when it comes to customers service and price. 

      And also – it seems to approve all customers that are suitable for Finasteride. Maybe that’s why they have a first free time consultation, to encourage people to apply. In case they get rejected, they’re not losing anything.

      On the other hand, many people complain that Hims charges them for the consultation and then only rejects them, without refunding them. Your case is even more frustrating, as you were a previous customer and had real results with the products. So I personally don’t understand why they rejected you in these conditions, when it was clear that you were a suitable candidate.

      Anyway, you will probably stick to Keeps for now – which is better for you, in my opinion. They have a consultation required per year, so you’re safe to order until one year from now. I don’t know how things go with Hims, but I consider Keeps a much better option at this point.

      Thanks again for your feedback.

  3. This is the best review of Hims vs Keeps I have read, thank you so much! I’ve been interested in Minoxidil and wanted to try it but was hesitant about the company I should choose. All of them have better prices than companies selling it with no subscription (Amazon). Now I’m pretty sure I will go for Keeps, I don’t want to take the risk of Hims.

    Just one question. You say that if you stop using the product, the hair loss will come back. Does it happen in most cases and how long does it last? If you give up Minoxidil for 1 month and then restart it, will people be able to see a decrease in balding pattern? I hope you can answer.

    1. Hi Scott, I think Keeps is a much better option for you – it has a better offer for Minoxidil (compared to Hims). Not to mention the other things, as you’re probably aware of them after reading this review.

      Now let’s get to your questions. Studies show that both Minoxidil and Finasteride produce reverse hair loss once they are stopped. I can’t give you a number, but this happens in over 50% of cases (probably even more, in reality). So it’s a real issue.

      However, it doesn’t happen overnight. So if you stop Minoxidil for 1-2 months, there shouldn’t be any major change in most people. However, your hair might start to fall out – and if you get back to Minoxidil, it will probably take some other 2-3 months until it stops the hair loss again. That’s why giving it up (even for a short period) is dangerous. You might see the consequences a couple of months afterwards.

      I hope you get the point.

      But basically – I don’t recommend giving it up for more than a few weeks (in the worst case), once you start using it. I know it sounds terrible, but it’s the price you have to pay. So if you think about Minoxidil like this, it’s not that bad, is it? 

  4. Hello! I’ve placed an order for Hims one month ago and I never received it so far. After contacting the company I was told I should give them some extra days because the shipping ran into some issues (I heard they say this to most customers). It’s been more than one week since then and there’s no sign of the order yet and they keep telling me to wait. I’m already suspecting it’s a scam behind, I’ve read all those dozens of complaints on BBB…I just wish I had found them before placing my order. I never had any problems with being accepted for Finasteride, though (many reviewers say they did). All I’m hoping is that I could at least get my money back at one point.

    Never heard of Keeps before, do you know for sure if it’s a safe company? I’m trying to avoid the stress I’ve had with Hims…

    1. Hey Robert, I’m really sorry you’re running into issues with your Hims order. But this company has a lot of negative feedback online – and most reviewers complain about things similar to yours (like they never received the order, despite paying it). I made a detailed review about it, so maybe that will help you understand what to expect from Hims.

      Basically – it’s a brand I would not recommend, mostly because of these delivery/support problems. The products they sell are actually good, since they’re FDA approved. But Keeps sells the exact same products (for a lower price overall). Plus, they have a far better customer support and way more praises than Hims.

      And most importantly – I found very few negative reviews on Keeps. Most are related to the poor effect of the products, but that’s not necessarily their fault. They only sell Minoxidil and Finasteride – which are known to not work in a small per cent of people.

      So in my opinion, Keeps is way more safer than Hims. I’m sorry you didn’t see this review earlier, so that you would have chosen Keeps from the start. But that’s it, next time it will be better. 

      So yes – keep trying to contact Hims and ask them for a refund, no matter how many times they refuse you. In the end, they will have to refund you the whole amount of money. In the meantime, place an order for Keeps and you should be approved and receive the order in a few days.

      Another product you might want to try is Profollica – which is a herbal supplement designed for male hair loss. What makes it better is the lack of side effects (which are pretty common in Finasteride) and its natural composition. Since it also has some clinical evidence behind, it’s one of my top recommendations for male hair loss.

      Please keep me updated with your case and whether you manage to get a refund from Hims. I hope this helps you.

  5. Thank you for your comparison between Hims and Keeps. I am helping out my uncle with a new hair product for his baldness. He is freaking out because his hair is getting thinner every year, poor guy. I tried suggesting natural supplements but he would not hear about that. He wants something prescribed but refuses to see a doctor. This is why I am looking for a brand that allows online consultations, I’m quite sure he would agree with that. 

    I think Keeps will be better for my uncle just because of the higher approval rate in consultation. I think I just have to get him to talk to the specialist online and slowly and later I will introduce him to the supplements that you recommended. Cheers! 

    1. Hey Nuttanee, thanks for your feedback on Hims and Keeps. Could you give me a few more details about your uncle’s hair loss? Is it only general thinning or he’s already bald in certain areas of his head?

      My recommendations depend a lot on that.

      Anyway – since he doesn’t want to hear about supplements, I think an online consultation would be better for him. It’s a lot more simple, it only costs around $5 and he has high rates of success. But keep in mind that he only needs a consultation for Finasteride. If he only wants to use Minoxidil, he can get it without a prescription. Anyway, I still recommend him to have that online consultation no matter what. It’s going to help him understand what he really needs, instead of taking what he thinks he needs.

      Between Hims and Keeps, the last one is definitely a better choice. It’s cheaper, has a lot more satisfied users and the staff seems to be friendlier and more helpful. When you’re a first time user and you don’t really know what you need, these things really matter.

      Since your uncle doesn’t believe in herbal remedies, I’m not going to recommend him any herbs (neither as supplements nor as an alternative treatment). So giving me some extra details about his problem would help me recommend him the best thing. But for now, I think he should go for a medical consultation with Keeps.

  6. Hi Olly, which would you recommend from the side effects’ point of view? I had side effects in many drugs/supplement I used (not hair related). So I guess I’m always more likely to get a side effect to any drug. Thus I am looking for the safer alternative. Thank you.

    1. Hi Chris. Hims and Keeps are basically the same products with the same active ingredients. They only have a different name and different pricing. But in terms of ingredients, all of their products contain the same ingredients. That’s why I can’t recommend one over the other in terms of side effects.

      But keep in mind that Minoxidil and Finasteride (the active ingredients from all Hims and Keeps’ products) are known for their side effects. In other words, they cause side effects more often than other drugs/supplements. 

      Minoxidil mostly causes local reactions, while Finasteride is even more dangerous at this chapter (many complaints about sexual reactions and headaches). Besides, some users complain the side effects didn’t go away even after the stopped taking the drugs. That’s why you need to think twice before going for Minoxidil/Finasteride.

      On the other hand – if you want something that is safer from this point of view, I recommend herbal supplements. Since they’re based on natural extracts, the risk of side effects is a lot smaller. My #1 recommended product is called Profollica and it comes as 2 products (supplement + activator gel), which you can only buy together. For this reason, it’s a bit pricey (or it seems so) – but considering you’re paying for 2 products, it could be a lot more expensive.

      Another option you have is a product called Procerin, which also comes as a supplement and a topical product (but you can buy them separately).

      So in case you want the safest options on the market, I strongly recommend going for supplements. 

      Please let me know what you decide and how it goes. I hope this helps you,

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