My Review: Capillus Laser Cap (2023) – Scam Or Legit?

My Review: Capillus Laser Cap (2019) - Scam Or Legit?

It’s time to review Capillus Laser Cap – a hair device that’s pretty popular:

  • quality technology
  • famous brand behind

However – Capillus’s devices are some of the most expensive from the market.

For this reason, are its products worth up to $3000?

Since you can find a good laser device for even $250 – could Capillus be a scam?

I tried to dig deep into this brand and see the truth behind.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Capillus.

So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Mobile Laser Therapy Cap from Capillus

Versions: There are 3 currently:

  1. 82 laser diodes (Capillus 82)
  2. 202 laser diodes (Capillus 202)
  3. 272 laser diodes (Capillus 272)

The difference is that more diodes lead to a better scalp coverage.

But obviously – the more diodes a cap has, the more expensive it is.

Best Actual Price: Between $999 (Capillus 82) and $2999 (Capillus 272).

All 3 versions have an absolutely huge price, if you ask me.

Cheapest Place To Buy: Probably Amazon

Designed For: Regrowing hair, just like any laser device:

  • decreases shedding/thinning
  • prevents progressing baldness
  • can help with genetic hair loss

Keep in mind that it’s just a scalp therapy (so it doesn’t grow normal hair faster or so).

My Rating: 7 out of 10It’s good but very overpriced

Worth Buying?: Not really (unless you have too much money to spare):

  • some of the priciest laser caps on the market
  • same number of lasers like $800 devices
  • not effective for everyone

Capillus is definitely a quality product, but it costs way too much ($1000-$3000).

I personally recommend a $200 product that makes the best laser device I know (as quality/price).


What I Liked About It

  • Quality technology and high number of diodes
  • One study behind
  • Straightforward instructions
  • You only have to use it for 6 minutes (but daily)
  • Many positive reviews in terms of effect
  • Available on several sellers
  • Installments payment available in some cases


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • All 3 versions are extremely overpriced
  • Cheaper products use the same technology (and number of diodes)
  • You have to use it everyday (not 3 times/week, like its competitors)
  • Enough unsatisfied customers



What Is Capillus? A Quick Overview

Shortly – it’s one of the most famous laser device brands.

Capillus offers 3 versions:

  1. Ultra (82 diodes)
  2. Plus (207 diodes)
  3. Pro (272 diodes)

Besides the number of diodes, there’s one more difference between these versions.

Each of them costs $1000 more than the previous.

Now – what makes Capillus better than other brands? According to them:

  1. Use the best lasers (in terms of density).
  2. Devices are medically certified.
  3. Cleared by FDA and carefully studied.

Now – I can pretty much guarantee these claims are true.

However, I personally don’t consider Capillus products so amazing for several reasons:

  • Use the same number of lasers as many cheaper products
  • Prices are absolutely huge (up to $3000 per device)

Besides – the results don’t appear faster than in other laser devices:

So despite being a good product, Capillus is way too expensive for every budget.

Since there are alternatives that cost less than 75%, I can’t possibly recommend it.

But let’s analyze it closer.


#1 – Technology (9 out of 10)

Capillus’s mechanism is pretty much the same as in all laser devices.

The only difference is the number of lasers (diodes):

  • regular version contains 82
  • second version contains 202
  • last version contains 272

The higher this number is, the better the effect (on paper).

Capillus doesn’t look too bad here, with 82-272 lasers.

But it’s not the only one with such a high number. That’s why I didn’t rate it higher.

1. How It Works

As you probably know – Capillus works through laser energy:

  1. Its diodes release light energy.
  2. This penetrates hair roots and follicles. [1]
  3. In this way, it stimulates the growth process.
  4. Also, it strengthens the follicles and reduces thinning.

Basically – laser therapy can both stop the fall out and stimulate the growth process.

That’s available for all laser devices.

When it comes to Capillus – its high number of lasers makes it special. However:

So in terms of technology – it’s not as superior as it claims (only in price maybe).

But like many of its competitors – Capillus also has a clinical trial behind. [2]

Besides, it’s FDA cleared (approved).

So it’s not a poor quality product – in terms of technology.

2. Capillus VS Other Laser Caps

In terms of technology – what makes Capillus better than other laser caps?

To be honest, nothing actually:

  • works through the same laser mechanism
  • contains the same number of diodes as some
  • many laser caps are also FDA cleared

So if you ask me – Capillus isn’t any better at this chapter.

It brags about the high number of diodes it uses – which is completely true.

But many other laser caps contain even 272 diodes (as in Capillus’ top version).

So from this point of view – I can’t see how Capillus is better.


Capillus’ mechanism is definitely great:

  • high number of lasers used
  • one clinical trial behind
  • FDA cleared

However – this didn’t convince me to recommend it.

It contains the same quantity of diodes as laser caps that are $2000 cheaper.

Besides, I personally recommend going for laser COMBS instead of caps.

They’re considerably cheaper, work just the same and make a better choice (as quality/price).

So even though Capillus has a great technology, I wouldn’t recommend it.



#2 – How To Use It (8 out of 10)

From this point of view – Capillus it looks quite promising at first:

  • very comfortable and easy to use
  • great instructions

However, it also has a bad side – it has to be used daily (unlike most laser devices).

Now – like most products of this value, it comes with a user manual.

But its directions are also available online (for potential buyers).

1. The Instructions

According to Capillus’ website – all 3 devices are very easy to use.

These directions are available for all of them:

  1. Start by charging the device for 24 hours (first use only).
  2. Disconnect the battery from the device.
  3. Place the cap onto your hair.
  4. The red light will only turn on when the cap is on your head.
  5. Let it sit for 6 minutes, then take it off.
  6. Repeat the procedure every day.

As you can see – the directions are extremely clear.

The only downside is that you have to use Capillus daily (according to its website).

Most laser devices only need to be used 3 times a week (for about 12 minutes on an average).

Capillus does have a shorter usage time (only 6 minutes).

However – the fact that you have to use it daily is a big drawback, if you ask me.

2. Extra Tips

Just like most laser devices – Capillus turns off automatically.

Once the treatment period is over, it shuts off alone.

This means it turns off 6 minutes after placing it on your head.

In case you take it off after 3 minutes and put it back in – the 6 minutes period will restart.


Capillus is one of easiest to use laser devices.

However – it’s far from perfect:

  • treatment duration is only 6 minutes
  • but you have to use it daily

I personally would prefer a laser cap that needs to be used 20 minutes 3 times a week.

That would be a lot more comfortable and simple.

That’s why I’m not a big fan of Capillus’ treatment plan.


#3 – Results (6 out of 10)

In order to see how Capillus works – I tried to analyze its customer opinions.

I didn’t use the device myself, so I won’t be able to speak from experience.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional ones.

1. What People Say

Surprisingly – Capillus doesn’t have so many positive opinions.

First of all, the 3 versions have about 50 reviews on Amazon (together).

That’s not a lot, for a product of this value.

However – since it’s very expensive, most likely it doesn’t have so many previous users.

So here’s what most people say about it:

  1. Some people claim it’s the best laser device on the market.
  2. Others note they saw results after the recommended period.
  3. Many say it’s a quality product.
  4. On the other hand, there are lots of negative reviews.
  5. Some people say it doesn’t work any better than $500 devices.
  6. Others claim it’s way too expensive.
  7. A few others state the positive reviews are fake and the product doesn’t actually work.

Basically – there are mixed opinions overall.

But I found a lot of negative reviews (as a per cent).

2. Biggest Complaints

As I already said, most critics were related to price.

Considering how expensive Capillus is – I think these complaints are totally legit.

I personally would never buy (nor recommend) a device with such a huge price.

But besides the expense – there were some other complaints related to:

  1. Weak or no effect
  2. Bad customer service
  3. Poor packaging

Still – these complaints aren’t that relevant, since many users had a positive experience at these chapters.

But overall, Capillus’ #1 problem remains price.


Capillus has mixed reviews on Amazon:

  • some people say it works great
  • others say it’s totally useless

However – most users agree that it’s extremely expensive.

That’s a major reason why I wouldn’t recommend any laser device from Capillus.

Why pay up to $3000 when you can get the same results from a $250 product?

That’s what I strongly recommend instead.



#4 – Price (2 out of 10)

Honestly – Capillus is one of the priciest laser devices on the market.

If not the very priciest.

For this reason – in terms of quality/price, I could never recommend it.

1. The Exact Price

All 3 products from Capillus have the same price in all sellers:

  1. Ultra version (82 diodes) costs $999
  2. Plus version (202 diodes) costs $1999
  3. Pro version (272 diodes) costs $2999

Honestly – these prices are absolutely astounding (and not in the good way).

I don’t know who would afford paying $3000 on a laser cap.

That especially when the market is full of several under $1000 alternatives.


  • many laser caps have the same number of lasers as Capillus (even 272)
  • and still, they cost under $1000

So why would you pay $3000 for a Capillus?

Just for the sake of the brand? I personally would never do this.

That’s a major reason why I don’t recommend this brand’s laser devices.

2. Competitors’ Price

I will compare Capillus with my #1 recommended laser device.

I’m talking about HairMax’s Laser Comb.

  1. C has 3 versions priced between $999-$2999.
  2. HM has 2 versions priced between $200-$400.
  3. C is a laser cap and HM is a laser comb.
  4. This means C works automatically and HM has to be combed through your hair.
  5. C has to be used 6 minutes daily.
  6. HM only needs to be used 12/15 minutes 3 times a week.
  7. HM has the best price among all laser devices I know (for the quality).
  8. On the opposite, Capillus is probably the most expensive.

Basically – I think HairMax’s Laser Comb is a much better choice.

It’s true that it’s a laser comb, so it doesn’t have the power of Capillus.

But in terms of results, that doesn’t seem to matter a lot.

HairMax’s product has lots of positive reviews – so it can’t be a weak product.

Instead of paying $999 for Capillus’ weakest version – better pay $200 on HairMax’s product.


Price is definitely Capillus’ top problem:

  • weakest version costs $1000
  • best version costs $3000

I personally would never pay even half on a laser device.

That’s because there are so many cheaper alternatives that work on the market.

For this reason, I honestly recommend HairMax’s product instead.


#5 – Where To Find It (8 out of 10)

Compared to other laser devices – Capillus is quite easy to find.

That’s probably because of its popularity and advertising:

  1. Normally sold on its official website.
  2. Also available on Amazon.
  3. Some sellers sell it on Ebay (as an unopened product).

Now – out of these brands, I recommend going for Amazon.

That’s because it has sales and discounts quite often.

On the other hand, Capillus’ official website has a constant price most of the time.

However, it offers installments payment – which can be useful for some people.

Still, I personally recommend Amazon (because of its discounts).

It’s up to you which you choose.



#6 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on Capillus (in 3 ideas).

1. Quality Technology

Like most laser devices – Capillus uses a strong mechanism:

  • based on laser energy
  • this stimulates and revives follicles

Basically – it can help with both fall out and hair growth.

However, I personally don’t consider its technology that amazing.

Actually – it’s the same as in most laser devices, not better.

2. Daily Use Required

Capillus has a shorter treatment time (6 minutes) than its competitors.

However, it also requires being used more often:

  • you have to use it everyday
  • most laser devices only require 3 times/week usage

Basically – Capillus doesn’t have any advantage at this chapter.

In fact, it would be easier to use it for longer (15 minutes) and less often (3 times a week).

3. Priciest Laser Device

At this point – I don’t know a more expensive laser device than Capillus Pro.

There might be one, but it’s probably very little known.

Now – the other versions of Capillus aren’t the priciest from their category.

But still, all of them cost a little fortune:

  • weakest version costs $1000
  • medium version costs $2000
  • best version costs $3000

For this reason, I don’t recommend Capillus in any way.

It’s just too expensive for the results, no matter what version you chose.


My Verdict – Is Capillus Worth Buying?

Short answer: Definitely not.

Though it’s a quality product itself (all 3 versions) – for me, it’s not worth the money:

  1. Probably the most expensive laser device on the market (Pro Version).
  2. All 3 versions are very overpriced.
  3. Has to be used everyday.
  4. Enough negative reviews and opinions.

Basically – Capillus is not a scam, far from that.

But compared to other products on the market, I don’t think it’s worth it at all.

Why pay $3000 for a 272 diodes cap when you can get the same quantity for $800?

However – I don’t recommend going for a 272 diodes product.

If used correctly, laser devices with 10 diodes work pretty much the same.

So what do I recommend instead Capillus?

A laser comb made by HairMax (the best laser device brand, if you ask me):

  • best price from the market (for the quality)
  • only costs around $200-$250
  • many positive reviews and satisfied users
  • works pretty much the same

It’s true that HairMax’s product isn’t as strong as Capillus (in terms of diodes).

But that doesn’t prevent it from working excellent – according to its reviews.

For this reason, I strongly recommend this alternative.

At $200, it’s a lot more affordable for all of us.



1 –

2 –

12 thoughts on “My Review: Capillus Laser Cap (2023) – Scam Or Legit?

  1. Hello. Thanks a lot for summarizing the product from Capillus. I’m particularly interested in it because a close friend recommended it. He’s been using it for several years and has a significant improvement in his frontal hair (he used to have an M pattern early baldness). I don’t think he’s been using any other products simultaneously, but he might be. Anyway, he claims this laser cap did a lot of good for his hair and seeing the results, I cannot argue. But it would be a chore for me to pay such a high price on this kind of product (I have a much lower budget than he does). 

    I don’t have an early baldness but more of a general thinning. I tried to look on the Internet but all the info I find is about male pattern hair loss, which I don’t think I have. Once again, my hairline is just like it was in my 20s but my hair is thinner all over my scalp. I’m not losing much hair daily but it still seems to get thinner with every year. Have you ever heard of this kind of hair loss in men? And what would you recommend me?

    Do you think it’s worth buying a laser cap? Would it be helpful for my kind of hair loss? At this point I can’t afford even the cheapest version of Capillus but I would probably try the alternative from Hair Max you recommend. Still I would rather not buy any kind of expensive product, so if you suggest using a laser device isn’t mandatory for getting an improvement, I would love that. I’m willing to try everything (supplement/shampoo/lotion) that isn’t out of my budget range (over $150).

    Thank you for your future answer!

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for letting me about your friend’s experience with Capillus. He might be using additional products as well, who knows. But if he’s been using the laser cap for several years, the results you saw in him are possible. They’re not possible after 6 months, but they are possible after 2 years.

      As for your problem – you should consider yourself quite lucky. From your description, you seem to have a general hair loss (not a male pattern hair loss). I can’t tell if it has the same cause like male pattern one (DHT excess) or not. But in some cases, it does not. That’s why treating it might be easier (in terms of speed).

      For this reason, using a product that blocks DHT isn’t a must. You can use a product with several benefits – but which is not primarily focused on blocking DHT. In other words, it treats several causes of hair loss (including DHT excess). But since it’s not actually meant for that, it’s not the strongest at this chapter.

      Anyway – the point is that you don’t need a DHT blocker but rather a general hair loss product. This should work better in your case (as a first treatment line, at least).

      Regarding laser caps – you’re lucky once again. If you ask me, they’re not very necessary in your case. I mean – using one might help, but you can pretty much get the same results with a supplement. That’s because the cause behind your hair loss is probably more general than DHT excess.

      Now – there’s one supplement I strongly recommend for tight budgets. It’s called Folexin and it’s a supplement I personally use. Out of all quality products from the market, this is by far the best one in terms of price. It works pretty much the same as more expensive products (like Nutrafol) and costs 25% of it. So that’s why I strongly recommend it.

      There are several alternatives besides this, but most are a bit pricier. So if you want the best price for the quality, I really recommend Folexin.

      Another kind of product you should use are hair fibers. Until the supplement starts working (several months), these fibers can mask your thinning. They’re great in you case, where the thinning is general (so you don’t have bald sots as far as I understood). My top recommended brand is called Caboki and it has several advantages over all of its competitors (including Toppik).

      Other than that – you can also try rinsing your hair with green tea. This might help prevent your existing hair from falling out and getting thinner. Since it’s a herbal remedy, it’s not going to work too fast. But on the long term, it can really help.

      That’s pretty much the advice I would give you at this point. Try the supplement and those hair fibers and see how it goes. Also, please keep me updated about how it goes in the future and whether you can see an improvement or now. Hope this helps!

  2. Hey Olly. I just want to add a few details to your review (I’m an actual user of this product so maybe my opinion is helpful):

    1) The cap itself is very sturdy and quite heavy. I think it’s specially designed so that kids don’t accidentally try to use it (a child couldn’t hold it for long).

    2) After you use it, your scalp feels quite warm for a while (couple of hours I would say). 

    3) Lasers will automatically shut off when the cap is off the head, so it won’t consume anything if it’s only plugged in and not placed on the head.

    4) It takes anywhere between 3-6 months to see initial results, according to the user manual. I’m in my 7th month and can spot a difference but not a significant one. So I think I’m on the good side so far.

    Thank you for your complete guide on this product. I can’t tell if I recommend it or not so far. But I agree that it’s pricey. I bought Capillus 82 which is the cheapest but it was still quite expensive at $800 (I bought it during a sale period). I hope it will be worth the money in the future. I will let you know my updated review, Olly.

    1. Hi there Justin, thank you so much for this feedback on Capillus’ laser cap. Honestly, it’s extremely helpful. I’m curious if you used some other laser devices before – or how come you chose this brand (which is known to be a lot pricier)? Did you consider a high price being an evidence for a superior quality?

      Anyway, it’s good to hear you’re seeing a small improvement. It’s not the fastest result, since you’re already in the 7th month. Most men wouldn’t have patience to wait so long just to see a small change. But it’s great that you could see a change even now, it means the product is working (slowly, but it’s working).

      So please keep me updated on how it goes in the future. I would love to hear your review on this laser cap.

  3. Hi Olly! Thank you very much for this good article. I really like your writing. I have normal hair in my roots but the ends are extremely dry and very thin. I tried cutting my hair several times but the thinning comes back once it grows. It’s like my hair can’t grow above a certain length without getting thinner. Do you think this is normal? Once it gets beyond my shoulders, it starts getting thinner in the ends.

    Someone said laser products might help me but I don’t really know…Capillus is very expensive and I would not buy it just for the sake of trying it out. I was thinking that maybe a laser comb would be better (like the one you recommend). It’s a lot cheaper so I could sort of afford that. But I just want to invest into something that will really help. What do you think I should do? Please answer, any advice would help. Kaira

    1. Hey Kaira, thanks for your questions, it’s a pleasure for me to help my readers.

      I’m sorry to hear about your hair issues. They remind me so much of how my hair used to be less than 5 years ago. It had great volume in the roots but the ends very fragile, dry and extremely thin compared to the rest of my hair. I did a lot of research until I found out the actual cause (there were several actually). But once I found the actual problem, I was able to treat it properly – so things got better.

      So I totally understand your worries – that’s why I will try to tell you how I solved my problem. Apparently, my hair was primarily affected by DHT excess (which was making my ends thinner). Also, I had certain deficiencies (especially zinc) and unhealthy habits (running my hands through my hair ends constantly). Stress also played a big part in my hair’s poor condition.

      For this reason, I pretty much tried to cover all causes. I started using different supplements and my hair started getting better. However, most of these products were super expensive (around $40/month or even more) and I could not afford them. Whenever I found a more affordable product, it turned out to have a weak formula, basic ingredients or low dosages.

      At one point, I found a super cheap supplement that had the exact same formula as a $50 product that worked great for me. I bought it and it’s been the supplement I constantly use (I stop taking it for a while currently because my hair looks great). 

      The product is called Folexin and it’s the supplement I also recommend to you (especially if you’re on a tight budget). It has a great formula for general hair loss, because it contains a bit for each hair loss cause (stress, DHT excess, nutrients, etc.). And I do love the fact that it’s really affordable, it probably has the best price among hair supplement of this quality.

      Other than that – I also advise you to use certain herbs that help with thinning:

      – Horsetail is surely the best natural remedy for this issue.

      – Rinsing your hair with green tea can block DHT excess.

      – Spraying your hair with turmeric mixed with water can also help on the long term.

      You might also want to check this 9 steps guide on thickening your hair at home naturally.

      Anyway – you asked me about Capillus’ product and laser devices in general. Honestly, I don’t think there’s any point trying them because they’re not going to help.

      Laser devices are meant to regrow scalp hair. So they might only help your hair grow faster – not make it thicker. If  your hair grows faster without treating it, it will start thinning again once it reaches the critical length. I hope you get the point. But since you’re also on a tight budget, there’s no reason why you should buy a laser device (not even a comb).

      But the tips I gave you above should help you, as they helped me tremendously. Please let me know how it goes in the future.

  4. Hi, Darren here. I ordered Capillus 202 from Amazon because my doctor recommended it. I read lots of reviews saying it doesn’t work and it’s very overpriced, but to me the specialist’s advice was more important. 

    Long story short, I received a damaged item which would not turn on when plugged it. I contacted Amazon and they told me they didn’t have the same version in stock at that point so I would either have to wait for a couple of weeks, choose a different version that they had in stock or get my money back. I chose the last.

    So I tried to research more and after reading your review, I was convinced I should try HairMax. I love the fact that they have such a long money back guarantee, so I wasn’t risking my money and it was also very cheap compared to Capillus.

    Now I’ve been using it for over 3 months and I’m satisfied, I can see my thinning front edges are a lot more visible and I’m not losing as much hair as before. I know it’s early to tell but I can see some changes already. So I’m really happy with the purchase and that I did not stay with Capillus. Thank you! I also wanted to ask, do you have any recommended shampoo for hair growth? That might help more.

    1. Hello Darren, thanks a lot for your feedback. I’m glad to hear you took the right decision and ordered HairMax instead in the end. 

      Capillus’ products are surely great – after all, this brand was among the first to create laser devices. So all the other brands used a similar technology with the one developed by Capillus. Maybe that’s why Capillus products are way pricier, despite having about the same effect. And that’s somehow understandable, since it was the brand that developed this laser technology.

      But anyway – people don’t need the original product if the similar one works just as fine but it’s much cheaper. So that’s why I strongly recommend HairMax products instead. That’s why I’m glad to hear you took the right budget and chose the more affordable product.

      3 months is still early, but if you’re already seeing some results, it means you’re surely on the right way. So I’m pretty sure you’re going to see an even better effect in the nearby future. Please keep me updated on this, as I would love to hear your progress!

      As for hair growth shampoos, I’m not a big fan of them (at least not as a main treatment) because they don’t work great alone. But in your case, I think they might help since the main treatment is the laser cap. 

      My #1 recommended shampoo is Valotin’s Strengthening Shampoo. It’s by far the most professional growth shampoo I know for the quality (most professional shampoos cost at least $50 more). So from this point of view, it’s surely the best product I know.

      I could also mention Revita or Pure Biology’s Reviva Shampoo. They’re less professional than Valotin but they also have a strong formula. But even so, I would recommend going for Valotin. In case you need some more recommendations, here’s my full list of recommended shampoos.

      I really hope this helps you and once again, please keep me updated with the results!

  5. I cannot thank you enough for this review!

    I first came across it back in December when I was ready to buy my own Capillus laser cap. I had been using my friend’s device and it seemed to help so I starting saving money so that I could buy my own. I don’t have a great job so it was tough. 

    After reading your review I decided to listen to your advice and go for the cheaper alternative from HairMax. You said it had the same effect but you have to use it a couple of minutes more compare to Capillus products, but that’s the only difference (both start working after the same time). Honestly, you were totally right! 

    I started seeing some results after about 2 months (I used the laser of my friend before buying this one). But I honestly don’t think the original Capillus laser cap would have worked faster. So I feel like I got the same result with almost $800 less. I am seriously extremely grateful to you and your website, your recommendations are awesome and really helpful when you want to save money!

    1. Hello Josh, thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so happy to hear you had such positive results with HairMax’s laser cap in such a short time. It’s true that you also used Capillus’ device before, so it surely added up. 

      But the point is that HairMax worked just as well and you managed to save a lot of money with it. That’s why this device is among my top recommended treatments for male hair loss.

      Thanks for letting me know your early experience with this product and I would love to hear how it goes in the future. So please keep me updated on this!

  6. KIIERR = P O S
    Worked about a month. They sent me a replacement battery — dead. Can’t use a dead unit.
    If you don’t know it’s a POS in the first two weeks, according to their one-sided contract – which is NOT a contract – and you want to return the POS, they don’t give a damn — they got your money.
    Another one of those ‘get the money and screw ’em’ jackasses who do NOT belong in business period.
    DO NOT BUY THIS P O S FROM THESE P O S PEOPLE!!!! They owe me over $800, a huge apology and ass kissing……………

    One-sided contract – which is NOT CONTRACT.

    1. Hi Darla, thanks for your feedback and sorry to hear about your negative experience with Kierr. Many brands selling products of this value are not very transparent about their policies and they claim to refund people very easily, when in reality they don’t. So I totally understand you and I’m not sure if you plan to try another laser device or product of this value any soon.

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