My Review: illumiflow Laser Cap (2023) – Does It Work?

My Review: illumiflow Laser Cap (2019) - Does It Work?

It’s time to review illumiflow Laser Cap – which is a last-generation hair device.

According to its claims:

  • improves hair growth speed
  • effective against shedding
  • uses a stronger technology (than other laser products)

So is illumiflow really worth it?

Its price starts at $550, so you should definitely think twice before buying it.

For this reason – I decided to dig deep into this product and see what’s the actual truth behind it.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on illumiflow.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Laser Cap by illumiflow

Versions: There are two:

  • 148 diodes
  • 272 diodes

The difference is that the second version covers the scalp slightly better.

That’s because the lasers (diodes) are closer and more numerous.

The 148 version also covers the whole scalp – but not as well as the 272 one.

Best Actual Price: Between $549 – $799

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon (though its official website has similar prices)

Designed For: Decreasing hair loss/thinning.

Just like most laser devices – it also claims to:

  • boost growth and thickness
  • stimulate follicles
  • improves hair health and volume

My Rating: 6 out of 10

Worth Buying?: Not really – even though it’s a totally legit product:

  • many negative reviews about its effect
  • quite expensive for a regular budget (at least $550)
  • needs to be used longer than other laser caps (30 minutes)

Instead – I recommend a $300 cheaper laser device that works just as well.


What I Liked About It

  • Excellent technology (148 or 272 laser diodes)
  • Cleared by FDA
  • Several clinical studies behind
  • Clear instructions + user manual for each version
  • Many authentic reviews available online


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Higher number of lasers doesn’t seem to help (in terms of effect)
  • Needs to be used 30 minutes, which is much longer than its competitors
  • Many unsatisfied users
  • Apparently it has a cheap built and breaks downs easily
  • Expensive for the results it has



What Is illumiflow? A Quick Overview

Shortly – it’s a laser device meant to stop hair loss and promote growth.

So far, nothing new.

There are many other laser devices – so what makes illumiflow different?

According to its claims:

  1. Uses a superior technology (higher number of lasers).
  2. Complies FDA standards.
  3. Technology some clinical evidence behind. several clinical studies behind [1]
  4. Better price compared to other laser devices (I don’t really agree).

Basically – illumiflow contains a larger amount of laser diodes.

For this reason, it claims to work better than similar products.

Also – it claims to be cheaper than those (price/laser is lower, according to them).

However, it also has a negative side it doesn’t mention:

  1. Product has to be used for 30 minutes (vs about 10 in other devices).
  2. Lots of complaints about its weak effect.
  3. Not very sturdy.
  4. Its higher quantity of lasers doesn’t seem more effective (in terms of effect).

So despite claiming to be the best laser device on the market – I kind of disagree.

But now that you know the main things about illumiflow, it’s time to analyze it closer.


#1 – Technology (9 out of 10)

In terms of mechanism – illumiflow looks awesome.

And that’s because of its #1 advantage – the high number of lasers it uses:

  • 148 for the regular version
  • 272 for the superior one

That’s why I rated it so high at this chapter.

1. How It Works

In a few words – illumiflow’s effect is based on its lasers:

  1. It uses the lasers to release light energy.
  2. That energy is released directly onto the scalp.
  3. In this way, it reaches hair follicles immediately.
  4. This stimulates the growth process.
  5. It also decreases the amount of hair lost per day.

Basically – it’s the same mechanism as in every laser device.

The only difference is that illumiflow contains a higher number of lasers.

Also – it has some real evidence behind:

  • FDA cleared several clinical studies behind [2]
  • some clinical trials behind (about the mechanism itself)
  • its technology has been carefully studied several clinical studies behind [3]

So in terms of technology alone, illumiflow is clearly a quality product.

2. illumiflow VS Laser Combs

Now – illumiflow is a laser cap.

So how does it compare to laser combs?

Well – the mechanism is about the same:

  • both use laser technology
  • effect appears after several months in both
  • illumiflow contains more diodes (but that doesn’t matter much in terms of effect)

The actual difference is that you need to move the comb through your hair manually.

On the other hand – illumiflow:

  • only needs to be placed on your head
  • it will do the work alone

However, laser caps (and illumiflow) are also about $300 more expensive.

That’s why I personally would stick to a comb instead.

But in terms of technology and effect – there’s pretty much no difference between illumiflow and combs.


To be honest – illumiflow has a great technology:

  • high number of lasers used
  • several studies behind
  • cleared by FDA

But despite its quality mechanism, it’s not my top recommended laser device.

I personally think laser combs are a much better choice (in terms of price/effect).

Still – I fully admit illumiflow is a quality product, if you wanted my verdict.



#2 – How To Use It (6 out of 10)

First of all – illumiflow’s website gives out clear directions.

They are available for every potential customer – so you don’t have to buy the product first.

Obviously – the devices themselves come with a user manual.

1. The Instructions

Here’s how you should use illumiflow (it’s the same for both versions):

  1. First of all, you should use it 3 times a week.
  2. Plug the device’s batter pack into the wall.
  3. Plug the other side into your laser cap.
  4. Place the laser on your head.
  5. Make sure it covers your whole head and that it stays in place.
  6. Press the power button.
  7. Let it sit for about 30 minutes.

Now – using the actual device is quite easy and it shouldn’t be too hard even for a beginner.

Plus that the instructions are very straightforward.

However – there’s one thing I personally dislike about it:

  • treatment duration is very long
  • you have to keep the cap on your head for 30 minutes every other day

Now – 30 minutes might not seem a lot to you.

But compared to other laser devices, it is.

Most laser caps require under 10 minutes (still 3 times per week).

Even laser combs require way less (around 15 minutes, 3 times per week).

So from this point of view – illumiflow kind of disappoints me.

2. Extra Tips

Here are some other things illumiflow’s website recommends:

  • don’t use the laser cap every day (results aren’t any better)
  • the device will shut down alone after 30 minutes
  • for best results, use it on recently-washed hair

Now – these tips aren’t going to change your results significantly.

But they might help.


illumiflow is really easy to use, in terms of directions.

However – it needs to be used quite a long time (30 minutes every other day).

Compared to other laser devices, that’s 2-3 times more.

So that’s a reason why I’m not its biggest fan, in terms of usage.


#3 – Results (6 out of 10)

I don’t have a personal experience with illumiflow – so I can’t say much here.

However, I tried looking into other people’s opinions on this device.

Luckily – I found lots of real reviews of it on websites like Amazon.

Since Amazon is known for verifying buyers – those reviews are clearly legit.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional ones.

1. What People Say

Surprisingly – I found many negative reviews on this device.

It’s true that opinions are quite mixed up.

But overall – there were way more negative reviews than in similar products.

So let’s see what most people think about illumiflow:

  1. Some claim it’s really effective for hair loss/thinning.
  2. Others say it helped grow their hair faster.
  3. A few praise it for its technology.
  4. Many complain they couldn’t see any effect.
  5. A lot of people say the device broke down after a while.
  6. Others claim it has a poor built for the money.
  7. Many complain it’s way too expensive for how it works.

As I said – I found both positive and negative reviews.

But considering its quality technology, I expected way more positive reviews.

That’s why I was sort of surprised to see so many critics. 

2. Biggest Complaints

Basically – most negative reviews were related to:

  1. Very high price
  2. Poor effect
  3. No changes after several months
  4. Device stopped working suddenly
  5. Damaged product
  6. Requires too much time (30 minutes)

Now – even though I haven’t used illumiflow, I tend to agree with some of these complaints.

Its price is indeed very high and it does require a very long time of use.

But obviously, I can’t tell about its effect and built.

However – since I found more than 3 complaints on each problem, I’m pretty sure they are true.


illumiflow has enough satisfied customers.

But surprisingly (for its superior technology) – it also has a lot of complaints.

Compared to other laser devices, I would say it has far more complaints.

That’s why I can’t guarantee for its results.

Still – I personally recommend going for a cheaper laser device that does the same.

Since it’s at least $300 less, it’s a much better choice – if you ask me.



#4 – Price (5 out of 10)

illumiflow has both a good and a bad side at this chapter.

I will explain both below.

1. The Exact Price

First of all – this device looks quite expensive in both versions:

  1. 148 diodes version costs $549.
  2. 272 diodes version costs $799.

To be honest – I would not pay so much on a laser cap.

This kind of products don’t work for everyone – so it’s pretty risky spending such a high amount.

Especially since there are many cheaper alternatives on the market.

That was the bad side of illumiflow’s price.

What about the good side? Well:

  • price is quite low for the number of lasers it contains (148 or 272)
  • most laser devices contain under 100 lasers at this price

But that’s not a completely positive fact.

That’s because illumiflow doesn’t seem to work for many people (according to reviews).

So the fact that it contains more lasers doesn’t really help.

Therefore – it’s the very high price that remains on top.

2. Competitors’ Price

I will only compare illumiflow with my #1 recommended laser device.

I’m talking about a laser comb from HairMax.

  1. i has 2 versions at $550 or $800.
  2. HM also has 2 versions at $250 and $400.
  3. i is a laser cap, while HM is a laser comb.
  4. i works automatically, while HM needs to be combed through your hair.
  5. However, i requires 30 minutes of use every other day.
  6. On the other hand, HM only requires 12 or 15 minutes of use.
  7. HM generally has better reviews than i.

Basically – illumiflow seems to have a stronger technology (at first sight).

But judging after the reviews and usage time, it seems like HairMax’s product is better.

However, the #1 advantage is its price.

Compared to illumiflow – it’s between $300-$550 cheaper.

So I would definitely recommend going for HairMax instead.


Overall, illumiflow is very expensive:

  • its cheapest version costs $550
  • the superior version costs $800

Considering its high number of negative reviews, I don’t think it’s worth it.

That especially when you can get the same results with a $250 device.

So I strongly recommend that alternative instead.


#5 – Where To Find It (9 out of 10)

First of all – laser devices aren’t as easily available as other hair products.

That’s the reason why I never rate them very high at this chapter.

However – illumiflow is quite easy to find:

  • sold on its official website
  • both versions are also available on Amazon
  • you can also find it on some sellers on Ebay

In terms of price – it’s about the same.

I personally recommend Amazon, as it’s easier to get a refund/return the product.

illumiflow’s website also offers a money back guaranteee. 

But it might not be as simple as on Amazon, that’s why I would prefer it instead.



#6 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on illumiflow (in 3 ideas).

1. Last Generation Technology

This product is one of the best laser devices for hair.

But that’s only on paper (in terms of mechanism):

  • contains a higher number of lasers
  • has several studies behind
  • it’s FDA cleared

Also – it has a trustworthy brand behind, so it’s clearly legit.

For this reason, it has a great technology overall.

2. Many Complaints

To my surprise, illumiflow doesn’t work that well in reality:

  • more negative reviews than in similar products
  • many complaints about its effect
  • lots of customers claim it breaks down quite fast

So even though it looks good on paper – it seems quite different in reality.

That’s a main reason why I’m not its fan.

3. Not Really Worth It

Besides its poor effect, illumiflow is also very expensive.

Now – laser caps are far from cheap and this device isn’t an exception.

But since there are cheaper alternative with the same results, I don’t think illumiflow is worth the money.

If you can get the same effect for less money, why pay more?


My Verdict – Is illumiflow Worth It?

Short answer: Not really.

Though it looks great on paper – it seems quite different in reality:

  1. Many complaints about its poor effect.
  2. Lots of users claiming it has a bad quality (breaks down easily).
  3. Needs to be used a longer time than other devices (30 minutes).
  4. Really expensive.
  5. Despite having more lasers, its results aren’t better.

Now – illumiflow is clearly not a scam, nor a useless product.

It actually has enough customers that swear by it.

But compared to other laser devices – it has far more complaints.

Since it’s also very expensive, I just don’t think it’s a smart buy.

So what would I recommend instead? A laser comb from HairMax:

  1. Best price on the market (for the quality).
  2. Many positive reviews regarding its effect.
  3. Only needs to be used 12-15 minutes.
  4. Money back guarantee.

So if you really want to try a laser device, I recommend going for a cheaper one.

HairMax’s device seems to work just as well as $800 laser caps – so why pay more?

You can find it for $250, which is the very best price I have seen in a laser device.

That’s why it’s by far my #1 alternative to illumiflow.


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5 thoughts on “My Review: illumiflow Laser Cap (2023) – Does It Work?

  1. Hi! Thank you for the review, I loved this laser cap in my first half a year with it because I could see some growth. Hair also seemed to get thicker starting from the roots. But in less than a year the cap stopped working completely, one day it simply didn’t work anymore (out of a sudden). 

    I tried contacting the company for a refund but they made it seem like it was my fault (I didn’t unplug it properly, I wasn’t using it correctly and so on). This was just a bunch of excuses because I know I did nothing wrong.

    Obviously they tried to make me buy a new one and even offered me a discount but I was really far from that. I would not pay another thousand on it again no matter how much I loved it! So it’s a good product, it works, but its quality and built sucks! Or maybe it’s just a matter of luck, I didn’t have too much…

    1. Hello Heather, thanks for your feedback on illumiflow’s device. I’m sorry to hear it broke off so suddenly. You’re not the only person complaining about its poor built and fast damage, I read many reviews on Amazon on this topic. So it’s clearly a matter of luck, unfortunately. 

      It’s also really sad hearing that the brand tried to put the blame on you using any possible reason. I’m no stranger of this kind of situations, as I also experienced similar things in the past (but not with illumiflow’s products). Anyway, I think you should insist on that and call them again, maybe you can talk to them again and let them see you were actually innocent (though they probably know that).

      I’m sorry I can’t help more. But it’s good to hear that the product itself actually worked for your hair. 

      In case you want a new laser device that you can afford, the cheapest one I know is this model from HairMax. It’s actually my top recommended laser device because it does the same thing as any other (including illumiflow) but it costs even $1000 less.

      I hope this helps.

  2. This product is very expensive! I was looking for a quality laser cap but I would rather go for a reputable brand (like Capillus, HairMax, etc.). I honestly never heard of illumiflow so I don’t understand why they price the product so highly! A big part of the price is the producer’s trustworthiness, right?! illumiflow is really unpopular so I don’t get it why its products cost so much.

    I would normally go for Capillus but the price range is too high for me.

    But I really appreciate your recommendation of Hairmax’s product. At least this company is very famous for laser products and they still ask an affordable price for them. Could you please let me know, how are laser combs different than caps? Obviously, I know the shape is different. But you state the effect is the same, still the price is much lower for combs. How would you explain that?

    1. Hey Brighton, thanks for your opinion on illumiflow’s laser device. You’re pretty much right – this brand doesn’t have a very long history, so its reputation isn’t as awesome as other brand’s. So yes, normally it shouldn’t cost so much. 

      But this product claims to have an unique technology (higher number of lasers than others). Still – it requires to be used for a longer time, compared to other devices. That’s why I don’t trust its superiority claims.

      As for Capillus – it clearly has a better reputation, but its products are also pricier. So I fully understand the fact that you can’t afford them.

      Regarding your question – laser caps and combs are pretty similar in terms of technology. But here are the differences:

      1) Caps have a higher number of lasers/diodes compared to combs.

      2) For this reason, they usually have to be used for a shorter period per day (but this also depends on the exact brand/model).

      3) Combs have to be used manually (you comb the product through your hair for a certain period for every strand). 

      And obviously – combs are a lot cheaper.

      On the other hand, they’re pretty similar. Both have to be used every 2-3 days and work after the same period.

      So investing more in a cap instead of a comb wouldn’t matter much (unless you want something that works automatically, not manually). But for $500 less, I would choose the manual version anytime. So it’s up to you and how lazy you are as a person.

      I hope this helps you decide.

  3. Been using Illumiflow cap as suggested at just over 10 months now and I clearly see results. So take this eval from an actual user.
    The “trick” is to be consistent. Results probably vary by individual – nonetheless, for me, they were noticeable already at about 6 months or so – as far as growth it was mostly in hairs thickness; density as well but less noticeable until recently at past 10 month mark when I can definitely tell there is visible improvement.
    Price? Yeah expensive but cheaper than most similar style / comparable product. That was the reason I bought it – it beat competition in price.
    Built? As long as handled as intended I had no prob with it – works as good as day one. Oh and it comes with warranties (I bought it directly from them)
    That’s the wrap up.. your evaluation may seem fair but not from in the know. I personally would give it an 8/10 only because yes the recommended time is 30 min. But not a deal breaker.
    You can do many things while wearing this thing and 30 mins fly by.

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