My Review: Hims Hair Growth (2023) – Scam Or Legit?

My Review: Hims Hair Growth Review - Is It That Good?

It’s time to review Hims Hair Growth – a hair kit designed for male hair loss.

To be honest, the products look really impressive at first sight. But here’s the problem:

  • many negative reviews
  • staff is apparently very unprofessional
  • lots of customers calling it a rip-off

So are these products really a scam? Despite looking really promising, I found lots of complaints online.

Well – I analyzed every aspect about Hims Hair Growth. So here’s the truth behind.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research about this product.

So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: For Him’s Products

Options: They have 4 different products, combined in 3 main hair kits:

  1. Complete Kit (Finasteride + Shampoo + Minoxidil + Gummies)
  2. Non-Prescription Kit (Everything except Finasteride)
  3. Edible Kit (Finasteride + Gummies)

Also – you can buy each of the 4 products separately.

Best Actual Prices: From $28 to $44 for the kits.

Cheapest Place To Buy: The official website (by far the best prices).

Designed For: All 4 products are meant for male hair loss.

My Rating: 5 out of 10 – Good products but terrible company.

Worth Buying?: Not really – it has high chances to be a scam:

  • many people complain they never received the order
  • most of them lost their money
  • you can find some of the products in pharmacies cheaper

Now – all 4 products are effective. It’s simply the company and their offers that have real problems.

Considering it has so many (authentic) complaints behind – I would surely not recommend it.

Instead – you can get the same products from a safer company.



What I Liked About It

  • Most products are indeed effective
  • Very professional website (at first sight)
  • You can choose from 3 different kits or buy the products separately


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Many complaints from real customers
  • The company never answers phones/emails
  • You can find the same products in pharmacies (for less money)
  • You need an online consultation for Finasteride (it also costs extra $5)
  • Doesn’t ship internationally



What Is Hims’ Hair Growth?

Shortly – it’s a brand that promises to treat male pattern hair loss (not from other causes) and restore the hair.

These promises are based on 4 products they have:

  1. Finasteride – a supplement designed to stop male hair loss.
  2. Minoxidil – a solution that will regrow hair from scratch.
  3. Shampoo – meant for a maintenance treatment.
  4. Biotin Gummies – also designed to regrow hair.

So Hims’ combines these 4 products in 3 different kits OR you can buy any product separately.

So far so good. Now here comes the thing:

  • you can’t get Finasteride without a prescription
  • you can have a consultation on Hims’ website (for an extra $5)

Seems too good to be true? It certainly is. From what I read:

  • some people are rejected after having consulting Hims’ doctors
  • this means they don’t receive the prescription for Finasteride
  • however, they don’t receive the $5 back

Unfortunately – many seem to be in this situation.

Plus – many people complain about never receiving their order (despite having paid for it).

That’s what makes me think that Hims’ Hair Growth could be actually a scam.

Well – I will show you the truth behind this brand. But let’s start by analyzing every aspect of its products.


#1 – Ingredients (8 out of 10)

As I said, Hims has 4 different products – each based on 1 major ingredient.

Now – these ingredients are decent overall. But I couldn’t find anything special about them:

  • 2 classic substances for hair loss
  • no herbal extracts
  • no unique ingredient

Basically – you can get products with the same ingredients from your local pharmacy. 

That’s why I’m not a fan of Hims’ products. 

However, let’s take a closer look at each 4 ingredients you can find in these products.

1. Finasteride

This is a substance designed for male hair loss:

  • blocks the hormone causing hair loss (DHT) [1]
  • it’s FDA approved

So Finasteride is a real solution for hair loss. But here’s the negative side:

  • doesn’t help all men (hair loss isn’t always caused by DHT)
  • you need a prescription to buy it

Even if you buy it from Hims’ website – you still need to see a doctor (but online). So you’re not just going away with it.

2. Minoxidil

This is another key ingredient for hair loss:

  • it’s a topical solution that needs to be applied on the scalp
  • it stops hair loss [2]
  • also regrows new hairs from scratch (on the long term)

My Review: Hims Hair Growth Review – Is It That Good?

However – Minoxidil has a big downside. You have to use it for the rest of your life, otherwise the new hairs will fall out.

3. Shampoo

Hims’ shampoo claims to do 2 things:

  1. Reduce scalp DHT [3]
  2. Adds volume to existent hair

My Review: Hims Hair Growth Review – Is It That Good?

So basically – it doesn’t really do anything for regrowing hair. It’s just a maintaining treatment.

Now – it does contain some useful ingredients (herbal extracts, vitamins), but they’re not very useful on the outside.

That’s why I don’t consider this shampoo too amazing.

4. Biotin Gummy Vitamins

Hims’ gummies don’t contain just biotin – but several vitamins and minerals, including:

  • iron, calcium and potassium
  • vitamin B complex
  • vitamin A, C, D and E
  • folic acid

My Review: Hims Hair Growth Review - Is It That Good?

Surprisingly, the doses of most ingredients are pretty high.

However – the bad part is that there’s a lot of sugar on these gummies. So they’re way too sweet, in my opinion.


None of Hims’ 4 products contains something amazing:

  1. Minoxidil and Finasteride can be bought from every pharmacy.
  2. Shampoo is pretty weak (in my opinion).
  3. Only the gummies have decent ingredients.

So even though I expected a lot from these products – they look pretty basic, if you ask me.


#2 – How To Take Them (8 out of 10)

None of the 4 products has any major issue at this chapter. So let’s take a quick look at each.

1. The Pills

Normally – Finasteride is the only one that comes as pills. 

However, I will also include the biotin gummies here – as you also have to take them by mouth.

  1. Finasteride requires only 1 pill per day.
  2. The pills are pretty small (compared to other hair supplements).
  3. Also, swallowing them is quite easy (even without water).
  4. Regarding biotin gummies – you need to take 2 per day.
  5. They’re chewable and very sweet.

My Review: Hims Hair Growth Review – Is It That Good?

However – in my opinion, the gummies are pretty hard to take, because they are way too sweet for most people’s taste.

If you happen to be diabetic, you should never take them.

2. The Lotions

Here I’m talking about both Minoxidil and the shampoo – as both are used topically:

  1. Minoxidil has to be applied 1-2 times per day.
  2. It has a very liquid consistency (but it doesn’t add extra grease).
  3. The shampoo foams well enough and has a nice smell.
  4. You have to let it sit for at least one minute, then rinse.

Basically – you can use Minoxidil as any hair oil. As for the shampoo, it’s even easier.

So there’s nothing to complain about these 2 at this chapter.


#3 – Results (5 out of 10)

First of all, I haven’t tried any of these products myself. Since they’re designed for men – it was useless to try them.

But the point is – I won’t be speaking from experience.

However, I found many customer reviews on Hims’ products – so I will count on them.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not general ones.

1. The Positive Side

Firstly – most reviews I read complained that they never got the actual products.

But out of the people who did receive them, most were satisfied:

  1. Some say they really stopped the hair loss.
  2. Others claim Hims’ really increases hair growth (even on a bald scalp).
  3. Some men say they had very thin hair, and these products filled it in.

So basically – I found quite a few reviews complaining that the products don’t work.

There were other complaints instead.

2. The Negative Side

Honestly – I founds lots of complaints about the same things.

So that makes me think Him’s products have a real problem – or rather the company.

Now – here’s what over 75% reviewers complain about:

  1. Products aren’t shipped at all.
  2. However, customers are charged immediately after placing the order.
  3. You can’t really cancel your membership (or auto-shipping).
  4. Staff is really unhelpful and never answers the phone/emails.
  5. You don’t get any receipt for your order.
  6. They charge your credit card every month – but they don’t send the products.
  7. You have to pay $5 for an online consultation to their doctors.
  8. However, the doctors reject many of the patients (without refunding the $5).

That’s just a quick sum up, because I found lots of other similar complaints.

But overall – Hims’ products seem to be a big rip-off, judging after all these serious complaints.


There are 2 clear things about Hims:

  1. Their products are effective (if you receive them).
  2. Their offer is pretty much a scam.

There’s simply no way you can ignore all those hundreds of complaints all over the Internet.

Now – Hims’ website has mostly positive reviews, so it’s clear that they’re biased.

Therefore – I would not recommend these products to anyone. There are high chances that you order, pay for them and never receive them.



#4 – Price (7 out of 10)

At first sight – I would say that Hims’ products are quite affordable.

But if you dig deeper into them – you will see they’re really overpriced. But let me explain.

1. Hims’ Exact Prices

According to the official website, here’s the price for each product separately:

  1. Finasteride costs $28.50.
  2. Minoxidil is $15.
  3. Shampoo costs $14.
  4. Biotin Gummies are $16.

Now – each of these prices are for the 30 days supply.

As I said in the beginning, Hims’ has 3 main kits with combinations of these products:

  1. Complete kit costs $44 and contains all 4 products.
  2. Non Prescription kit costs $30 and contains all except Finasteride.
  3. Edible kit costs $28 and contains Finatseride + Gummies.

Normally – I would say these prices are pretty good. There’s nothing expensive after all.

But that’s not really true – and here’s why.

2. Pharmacy Prices

You can find 2 of these products in any pharmacy:

  • Finasteride is usually covered by insurance
  • So you can find it for less than $5
  • Minoxidil’s prices are similar in pharmacies
  • But you can find it in online retailers (like Amazon)
  • You can get a 3 months supply for around $20

So basically – the real prices of both are way lower in reality. 

But if you don’t check that out, you might believe that Hims’ offers are really good.

Regarding Biotin Gummies – you can also find them cheaper, but under a different name (just look at its ingredients).


All Hims’ products are way more overpriced than they seem:

  • the pharmacy prices are much lower
  • you can also get better prices on Amazon (or other retailers)

So basically – if you really want these products, buying them separately from Amazon would be cheaper.


#5 – Where To Find Them (6 out of 10)

First of all – you can only find Hims’ products on the official website.

However – you can find most of them in other places (BUT under a different name):

  1. Finasteride is available in most pharmacies (only with prescription).
  2. Minoxidil can be bought from pharmacies or online retailers.
  3. You can find similar gummies on Amazon.
  4. The Shampoo is the only one you can’t find in other retailers.

Now – regarding the shampoo, you can’t find the exact one somewhere else.

But there are similar shampoos – you only need to check the ingredients and look for something similar.

So you can find lots of similar products (for lower prices actually).



#6 – FAQs

Here I will answer the most common questions about Hims’ products.

Note: I might have mentioned some of the things before, but they’re easier to spot here.

1. How many pills/applications per day?

That depends a lot on what kit you get. But let’s take each of the 4 products:

  • Finasteride – 1 pill/day
  • Minoxidil 1-2 applications/day
  • Gummies – 2 pieces/day
  • Shampoo – when needed
2. How long lasts 1 bottle?

All 4 products are meant to last for 1 month. So a bottle is a 30 days supply.

3. Can I take it with other drugs?

When it comes to the shampoo, gummies and Minoxidil – it’s fine. You can take them with other medications without any worries.

Now, regarding Finasteride – it’s recommended to consult your doctor:

  • you can’t get it without a prescription anyway
  • it can interact with other drugs
  • that’s why it’s important to let your doctor know what drugs you’re taking besides
4. Are there any side effects?

There are – but mostly in Finasteride [4]. Even the official website mentions it:

  • diziness
  • weakness
  • decreased libido

Now – some of these problems might go away on their own after a few months (if you continue taking Finasteride).

But in case some serious problem comes up – consult your doctor fast.

5. How fast should I notice an effect?

There’s no clear answer to this question. It depends from person to person.

However – it might take up to several months (depending on the kit you’re using):

  1. If you use all 4 products, results should be visible faster.
  2. If you’re only using one, it will probably take longer.


#7 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up Hims Hair Growth in 3 ideas:

1. Real Effect

The products themselves really work.

Now – I’m talking mostly about Minoxidil and Finasteride:

  • decrease hair loss and regrow new hairs
  • some are FDA approved
  • several studies behind

The only problem is that you won’t always receive your order.

2. Many Unsatisfied Customers

That’s the biggest problem about Hims’ products – the company itself seems to be a scam:

  1. Many people never received their orders.
  2. However, they were charged the money from the start.
  3. Others were charged even in the next months (without receiving any product).
  4. Cancelling your auto-shipping is really hard.

More than 50% of the reviews I read complained about these things.

So to me – it’s pretty clear the the company itself is scamming people. 

3. Overpriced

Despite being effective, Hims’ products are quite overpriced actually:

  1. Some can be found in pharmacies much cheaper.
  2. Others are available on Amazon for less money.

Basically – Hims’ products aren’t original, not unique.

Minoxidil and Finasteride exist in every pharmacy – and so do biotin gummies.

So even though they’re pretty cheap on Hims’ website, they’re even cheaper in reality.


My Verdict – Is Hims’ Hair Growth A Scam?

Short answer: Pretty much yes – in my opinion:

  1. Many negative reviews and complaints.
  2. Their products aren’t unique.
  3. You can actually buy them cheaper in reality.

Now – the products themselves are really effective, nothing to say about it.

It’s the company that seems to be a scam (judging after the dozens of complaints I found).

So if you’re looking for a quality hair loss/growth product, I surely don’t recommend Hims’:

  • high chances to get scammed
  • you will probably not receive your order (despite being charged the money)

I simply think it’s too risky to try it. Plus – if you really want these products, you can get them from a pharmacy or from Amazon.

However – I personally recommend another product:

  • has the best ingredients on the market (about 30)
  • works for both men and women
  • decreases hair loss for real
  • also thickens and adds volume

So that’s the product I personally use. At $24 per bottle (or even $18), I think it’s a much better deal overall.

Plus – it’s not a scam, you will receive your order. I can guarantee for that.

best male hairloss supplement


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18 thoughts on “My Review: Hims Hair Growth (2023) – Scam Or Legit?

  1. I placed an order for the full kit but before checkout I was told I had to have an online consultation with their doctor before they could allow me to get finasteride. I agreed, since that was way easier than having to meet a doctor in real life. I paid the extra $5 but ended up being rejected, so they told me they can’t send me finasteride because I’m not a proper candidate. I was like what?? I paid $5 more for nothing and they didn’t agree refunding my credit card. Long story short, I ended up purchasing the pack without finasteride, so I wouldn’t lose the money. Guess what now? I waited 2 weeks for my order and it never arrived! I contacted the support many times and I was always told that it’s on its way, it’s taking longer than expected, etc. In the end I never received it and after some other week they just stopped answering my phone. After having my wife call they claimed the order was lost and they would refund me as soon as it gets back to them. Well it never happened and they stopped answering her as well. Hims is a trash company, I already reported it to Customer Care but I’m not expecting to see my money back. Big rip-off, keep your money safe and do not buy!!!

    1. Hi Dylan, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with Hims Hair Growth. Unfortunately, I read many experiences similar to yours – so that’s a real proof that there’s something not right with this company.

      I consider their products pretty good, but so overpriced. You can get each from a drug store for a lot less money – and actually receive them for real. Maybe the fact that you reported the company will change something, but I’m also pretty sure you won’t get your money back. Just hopefully they stop scamming other people.

      Thanks a lot for your answer, it’s really helpful. 

  2. Hims is a rip off, they charge you for the money as soon as you hit purchase but they don’t send nothing! When you contact them there’s no answer, or they just apologize vainly. I just lost $44 within seconds because I wasn’t smart enough to check out other opinions before. Internet is full of scammed customers, you don’t need to look too far. Thanks for the review, I don’t agree there’s any positive side about this thing.

    1. Hi there, it’s great to hear another opinion from a real customer. Unfortunately, your experience with Hims Hair Growth was also negative – which isn’t very surprising. As you said, there are so many ripped-off customers all over the Internet so I think these reviews can speak for themselves.

      In every review I make, I try to show both the good and the bad things of any product. And trust me that even Hims has some good points. The products are actually pretty good, they have great ingredients, high doses and many studies behind. So I don’t see them as being scams. 

      It’s simply that you don’t receive them – so the company behind is a scam. Their offers, customer service and even their prices have serious problems – not the products themselves.

      But overall, I wouldn’t recommend Hims Hair Growth either – there’s clearly so many thing wrong with it.

  3. Thank you for your review Olly. My husband ordered a hair kit with finasteride and was placed on an online meeting with their specialist. He seemed to have passed their tests, so they asked him to confirm the order and make the payment. A few days later he received a call from Hims announcing him they have made a mistake and he was actually not qualified for the finasteride pack. He got really angry and asked for a refund, which they promised to offer in the next 5 business days. They actually didn’t. My husband kept calling and emailing them, but there was always no answer.

    We just lost over $50 for this crap company and will probably never get the money back. I’m so disappointed, not to mention my husband. We were trying to save really hard to get a new home, so every lost penny is a mess for us.

    Thank you for pointing out the real truth about these scammers, hopefully no one will ever buy from them again!

    1. Hello Lea, thanks for your feedback on your husband’s experience with Hims Hair Growth.

      Unfortunately, most of the feedback I received on this product were negative (and similar to yours). Most people didn’t even receive the actual products, despite having paid for them.

      So that’s the best proof that Hims is a big scam. 

      I personally can’t do anything about it, other than warning potential customers. I’m not one of their previous customers, so I can’t sue them or anything of this kind. But you can trying writing them and threatening to sue them (even if you don’t actually). Maybe they get scared and agree to refund you. That’s what I would do, if there’s no other solution. 

  4. Hims is certainly not worth the shot, not even the try. They have you go through all sorts of tests and consults on their website, noticeably each costs an extra $5-$10. Most people out of the ones that place an order never receive it. If you’re lucky enough to be among the 10% who do receive it, you will realize the products are nothing better than your drugstore’s offers. I mean they just have a different wrapper and a much higher price, otherwise it’s the same thing. Just that you’re also paying the shipping additionally. But once again, you can only realize that if you’re lucky enough to get your order. I did, so I tell you what I just learned afterwards. My cousin ignored my advice and also placed an order, but never actually got it. That despite having paid the whole amount plus extra priced for being approved by their doctor. Another person I know wasn’t approved and never got the money back, not to mention that he order something and also didn’t receive the order. Guys, Hims is trying to scam people for God’s sake! Stop buying their products and visit your next door drugstore to get all you need!

    1. Hi Alan, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with Hims Hair Growth, I really appreciate the details you mentioned and your advice. I totally agree that you can get the same products from any local drugstore, they simply won’t be packed up so nicely. They won’t give you finasteride unless you have a medical prescription, but that’s not so hard to get.

      I know lots of people (especially men) try to avoid visiting a doctor, even if it’s just for a prescription. So if Him’s offered a prescription for finasteride (even at $5 per examination), it would surely be tempting for most guys.

      But as you said, most people pay for their order and never actually receive it. Not to mention that they’re not given a refund, so they’re basically losing those money. That’s why I can’t possibly recommend this company. Even though their products are fine (overpriced but fine), their system has a major problem. Or maybe it’s meant to be so.

      Thanks again for sharing your experience with Hims Hair Growth. Hopefully your advice gets to the right people and they stop falling into this trap.

  5. Honestly, they have the worst practices I have ever dealt with! After paying the 4 products kit, it turns out they asked me to pass an extra consultation with their doctor, otherwise I would not be eligible. I had to pay $5 for that but the doctor kept making excuses to call me not eligible. I received the refund some days later but it was $5 less, which meant the consultation wasn’t refundable. 

    Just wondering – why didn’t they mention it from the start, before allowing me to pay the products? thaw would have been fair.

    I am going to try Folexin next and keep my fingers crossed. And you are right, there are so many scams out there that promise miracles and do nothing, I’ve heard enough with Hims!

    1. Hi Brandon, sorry for the negative experience you had with Hims Hair Growth. But I’m not surprised to hear it – they do have this kind of practices as telling you about the consultation only after you paid for the products. It’s definitely not fair and in my opinion, it’s not a company that should be allowed to sell products.

      Either be fair and let your customers know about all the expenses, or don’t sell anything. That’s how things should be.

      So that’s why I pretty much regard Hims as a scam. It surely has good products, but their customer service, politics and practices are really bad. 

      I don’t really know what type of hair loss you have, but Folexin should normally help. It won’t regrow new hairs in 2 months, but it can really grow new hairs in half a year (that’s what many customers say). So don’t expect it to be a miraculous product – everyone would be using it then.

      But it’s the cheapest quality supplement I tried, that’s why it’s my top recommendation.

      To give you an example, there’s a supplement called Kerotin that has the exact same formula and sells for almost $50. Folexin actually costs half, or even $18 if you buy more bottles at once.

      That’s why I think it’s a much better choice.

  6. The only thing that is good about this company are their promises. But even those end up being fake. I paid for the 3 products kit (without finasteride) and everything seemed fine, except that I didn’t receive my order. I contacted them via email and phone but there was never any answer. The only place I could get in touch with them was Facebook, they responded within 1-2 yours and said they were behind with emails. The person I talked to promised a full refund but days went by and I never got anything. Then I wrote them again on Facebook and this time I spoke to another consultant which said they don’t offer refunds and so on. I threatened to sue the company and contact FDA and guess what? I got my money next day!

    Terrible company to do business with, I’m not sure everyone would be as lucky as I was!

    1. Hi Anthony, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with Hims Hair Growth. Your advice could be useful to a lot of people, as I heard many similar complaints about customers not receiving their order.

      From what I read, Hims usually refuses to refund them (even if they don’t receive the product). That’s just like in your case. So what probably made the difference is that you threatened with suing them. In my opinion, that’s why they agreed to refund you. Otherwise, I bet you wouldn’t have received the money even today.

      But I really appreciate your advice. If there’s any other person complaining about Hims, I will tell them to do as you did. Thanks a lot!

  7. Hi! I’m a Hims customer and so far I’m satisfied with them, do not feel the need to switch to another supplier. I have seen they’re full of complaints on BBB and other websites reporting scams. But I never had any problem with any of my orders, I order every 3 months and get the complete kit. Never have they misunderstood my requests or sent my order late, so for me they are an excellent choice.

    I’m also using the shampoo and biotin gummies, they all help. I never had a bald spot but have receding hairline in the front and some thinning in the back of my head. Hims helps, my crown has slowly been getting to normal and my hairline doesn’t seem to have made any progression in receding.

    So this company works for some!

    1. Hello Ryan, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with Hims. I’m happy to see there are also satisfied customers, as most of the feedback I received was negative. It’s great that your orders always arrived correctly and in time. It means their service works perfect for some people.

      Now – the products are definitely good, nothing to say about it. Since 2 of them are FDA approved, there’s no way they are useless. The only downside is that you will have to use them forever, but you probably know that. For some people, that’s not a big deal – so if you’re one of them, it’s great.

      So if you’re satisfied with Hims, my advice is to stick with them. They don’t have a huge number of satisfied customers as far as I have seen, so they surely treat nicely the ones they do have.

      For thinning hair, you can also try herbs like turmeric or green tea – which help block DHT receptors, which cause shedding and thinning. This can help additionally!

  8. I have a short question about these products: My husband started his Minoxidil and Finasteride prescription quite recently and ordered from Hims. He was approved after the consultation and went for the complete kit. He started taking all pills and using Minoxidil and shampoo and a week later he started developing a breakout. I’m pretty sure it’s from the pills, since none of Minoxidil or shampoo irritates his scalp. So I doubt they could affect his face and back (he also got back pimples). He used to have acne in his youth but he’s over it for more than 10 years (45 y.o. now). He says it’s not the products but his body getting used to them. What do you think? Should he stop any of the pills, shampoo or Minoxidil? Or maybe all of them? He’s got no medical insurance so seeing a doctor is out of the question, we can’t afford that for now. Please help!

    1. Hi Brittany, thanks for sharing your husband’s experience with Hims. I’m sorry for the issues he’s dealing with, but these are most likely side effects. So I will tell you what I personally think about this.

      In my opinion, it’s the biotin gummies causing his breakout:

      1) Gummies are full of sugar so they are responsible for many cases of sudden acne in people consuming them. I’m not necessarily talking about Hims’ supplement – but about hair gummies in general. In case you heard of Sugar Bear – they have similar gummies and a lot of complaints on sudden breakouts. So sugar is a main risk factor for that, especially in people who have a history of acne in the past (as your husband).

      2) Biotin in high dosages can cause acne, according to some sources. From what I read, it’s safe under 1000 mcg. Hims’ gummies contain 5000 mcg, which is way too much. Though the vitamin is really helpful for hair, many supplements that use such high dosages have many complaints on acne. So it kind of makes sense. If you want some examples, products like Hairfluence and Mane Choice have 5000 mcg and many negative reviews about acne.

      So in my opinion, your husband should stop the gummies today and continue with the rest of his treatment. However, as far as I read in many reviews, the breakout doesn’t go away too easily. So he might not see an improvement even if he stops the gummies. It usually takes 1-2 months for the pimples to go away on their own. In the meantime, he should start drinking more water – because this will keep the skin hydrated and make the acne go away faster.

      As for the other 3 products he’s taking – I’m 99% sure they have nothing to do with this acne. Finasteride causes mostly sexual side effects, while Minoxidil leads to scalp irritation and rashes (at most). But it doesn’t affect the face of back, as long as it’s not applied there. As for the shampoo, there’s no way it produced acne.

      I hope this helps your husband solve the problem, but in my opinion – the gummies are the actual cause.

  9. Thanks for the review. I’m looking for an online supplier for Finasteride that also offers a medical consult. I was considering Hims but found lots of bad stuff about it, including a long list of complaints on BBB (serious thing). I also read they reject Finatseride customers quite often after the consult just to keep those $5 paid, you also mention that. Just wanted to ask you if there’s a better alternative? I heard of Keeps but couldn’t investigate much about them. Do you know anything about this company and whether it’s better than Hims or not? Thanks!

    1. Hi Toby, thanks for your question. Yeah, there’s a lot of bad stuff going around about Hims – and since it’s on so many review websites (including BBB which is honest, let’s be serious), I’m pretty sure it’s real. 

      I’m glad you asked about Keeps because it’s actually the alternative I recommend to Hims. They appeared more recently, so they have less experience and popularity around. But I found a lot of positive reviews about this brand, including those related to shipping, orders and doctor consultation. Basically every suitable candidate is approved, unlike in Hims. Also, prices are lower than in Hims and you get the first month order for free, no matter what you buy. That’s excellent, let’s be honest.

      Besides, Keeps only sells 2 products: Minoxidil and Finasteride. So they don’t try to force you to buy additional stuff that you can also find on Amazon, for lower prices. Hims does that, actually. That’s why I think Keeps is a way better choice at this point.

      Actually – among all online suppliers for these 2 products, Keeps is the best (in my opinion). Maybe that’s because it’s the newest, so it has lots of great offers to attract new customers. But at this point, it has the lowest prices and highest number of positive reviews. So I think it’s a lot more worth it.

      In case you’re curious, I made a direct comparison between Hims and Keeps in this review. So maybe this helps you decide easier!

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