My Priorin Review (2023) – Are There Any Side Effects?

My Priorin Review (2019) - Are There Any Side Effects?

It’s time for my Priorin reviews – a hair supplement that was really popular at one point.

  • So does this product keep its promises?
  • Does it bring the major hair changes it claims to?
  • Or is it just another scam?

I tried to dig deep into this supplement and find out the truth behind.

So here’s what I discovered.

Note: This review is based on my own experience + research on Priorin.

So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Extra Hair Capsules from Priorin

My Priorin Review (2019) - Are There Any Side Effects?Versions: It comes as 3 different products:

  1. Capsules (2 sizes – 60 or 90)
  2. Shampoo
  3. Liquid (serum)

I will focus on the capsules in my review – as they have the best effect.

Best Actual Prices: Around $36 for the capsules (1 month supply)

Cheapest Place To Buy: Probably Amazon or Ebay

Designed For: Treating hair loss – it promises to:

  • strengthen hair roots
  • recover hair fibers’ health and improve density
  • enhance hair growth

It’s basically a hair loss treatment that can also help with growth.

My Rating: 7 out of 10

Worth Buying?: Not really it’s a good product in some cases, but not my first choice:

  • only contains 4 ingredients
  • needs quite a long time to work (4-6 months)
  • pricier than other stronger products

I personally prefer a $10 cheaper supplement that worked much better in my case.


What I Liked About It

  • All ingredients have some studies behind
  • Supplement only requires 2 pills per day
  • Shampoo lathers well enough and doesn’t have to be used daily
  • Effective for growing out healthy hair
  • Decreases minor hair loss
  • Enough authentic opinions and reviews


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Formula isn’t as good as it claims
  • Supplements has some pretty large pills
  • Not very effective for severe/general hair loss
  • Mostly designed for women’s hair
  • Not very easy to find in the US (especially the liquid)



What Is Priorin? A Quick Overview

In a few words – it’s a German brand that offers 3 products (all designed for hair loss):

  1. Supplement
  2. Shampoo
  3. Liquid

My Priorin Review (2019) - Are There Any Side Effects?

Though all 3 have the same purposes – it’s the supplement that has the best effect.

So what makes Priorin better than other products? Here’s what it claims:

  • rich in nutrients for hair
  • revitalizes weak and damaged hair
  • a solution for hair loss caused by different factors

Now – after using this supplement for a long enough period, I don’t necessarily agree.

Though it’s a legit product and can decrease hair loss – it’s not effective in severe cases.

It does help, but only partially – so it’s super far from the best products I know.

Since it doesn’t even have a great formula, that’s not very surprising.

So now that you know the main things about it – it’s time to analyze it closer.


#1 – Ingredients (6 out of 10)

In my opinion, Priorin’s formula isn’t very strong.

Compared to other hair supplements from the market:

  • only contains 4 active ingredients
  • dosages are pretty low in most compounds
  • there’s only 1 herbal extract (Millet)

So despite its high claims, I personally cannot praise this ingredient list.

Though the 4 compounds are not bad, they are UNDER most hair supplements from the market.

Now – here are the 4 ingredients from Priorin’s composition:

  1. Biotin (200 mcg) – it’s the best vitamin against hair loss. [1]
  2. L-Cystine (6 mg) – can fight and reverse hair loss. [2]
  3. Millet Extract (420 mg) – can decrease shedding in some women. [3]
  4. Calcium Panthotenate (30 mg) – promotes hair growth mostly in women. [4]

As I said – none of these ingredients is weak, as each has some clinical evidence behind.

But compared to supplements with over 20 ingredients (as most are) – they are much weaker, if you ask me.


Priorin’s formula is far from amazing – despite having 4 quality ingredients.

So in my opinion, it’s way too weak to help a serious hair loss.

It might work for a minor shedding – but I personally doubt it could help in severe cases.

Since there are so many stronger formulas on the market, I wouldn’t really choose Priorin.



#2 – Smell & Texture (8 out of 10)

I will try to analyze each of Priorin’s 3 versions (in terms of consistency and looks).

1. The Supplement

As I already mentioned – it comes as capsules.

What I personally don’t like is their size:

  • larger than most hair pills
  • also a bit harder to swallow

Basically – Priorin’s pills are quite large and brown. Though color isn’t an issue, the larger dimensions are.

So keep in mind that these are not the easiest-to-swallow pills you have seen.

However, I never had a hard time swallowing them, so they’re not that scary (if you’re used to larger pills).

2. The Shampoo

Though I never tried it myself, there’s a lot of info about it:

  • pleasant herbal scent
  • lathers pretty well
  • you need about the same quantity as in other shampoos

Plus – I never found too many complaints about scalp irritations or rashes (as it happens with other brands).

So I think it’s pretty safe to use.

3. The Liquid

I’m not very familiar with this version, as it’s very hard to find in the US.

But if you manage to find it – here’s what you should know:

  • similar to a serum (but lighter consistency)
  • very light herbal smell
  • doesn’t leave hair greasy

So it’s some kind of light hair treatment, in terms of texture.


#3 – How To Use It (9 out of 10)

Fortunately – Priorin offers clear directions for all of its 3 products.

My Priorin Review (2019) - Are There Any Side Effects?Regarding the SUPPLEMENT:

  • you need to take 2 capsules per day
  • it’s recommended to space them out
  • also, you should take them with plenty of water

Shortly – it has about the same schedule as most hair supplements, so nothing new here.

When it comes to the SHAMPOO:

  • you should use it whenever you wash your hair
  • let it sit for 2-3 minutes
  • then rinse normally

Basically, you don’t have to use it everyday for best results (as some shampoos require).

You can use it only when you have to wash your hair – which is great.

And lastly, the LIQUID:

  • it’s recommended to use it once a day
  • you should apply it and massage the area
  • rinsing isn’t necessary

Now – the liquid isn’t the most comfortable product ever, as it has to be applied daily.

But since it doesn’t make your hair greasier, I don’t think that’s so hard.


#4 – My Results (7 out of 10)

I have actually used Priorin myself, some years ago – but only the supplement.

Though I wasn’t expecting much from it (due to its formula), it actually helped me quite a bit.

1. My Background

I was suffering from a massive hair loss about 4-5 years ago:

  • I was losing more than 100 hairs per day
  • my hair ends got extremely thin
  • hair volume decreased to half maybe

Now – the hair from the top of my head still looked healthy.

So I had no bald spots, thinning roots or anything.

But the ends looked worse than I ha ever seen in someone – really thin, dry and very brittle.

It’s also worth mentioning that the cause behind my shedding was a combination of:

  • hormonal imbalances (over 50%)
  • bad nutrition
  • certain deficiencies
  • stress

That’s why many hair supplements (especially vitamins) didn’t help me at all.

But Priorin worked better than I initially expected.

My Priorin Review (2019) - Are There Any Side Effects?

2. How It Worked

My results with Priorin were visible (though not amazingly):

  1. I used the pills for about 5 months.
  2. My hair loss decreased after about 3 months.
  3. From over 100 hairs a day, I was losing around 70.
  4. So there was an improvement after the first 3 months.
  5. However, my hair loss didn’t get better afterwards.
  6. I was losing about 70 hairs a day but it never got lower than that.

So even though Priorin helped, the results seemed to stagnate after the third month.

To be honest, it was a bit disappointing – considering the results I saw initially.

But considering its formula, I wasn’t even expecting to get this minor improvement.

So despite continuing to take Priorin, my hair loss never got any better.

Regarding growth – my hair seemed to grow faster than before.

But since the ends were in such a bad shape, they ended up breaking even worse. So it was in vain.


Priorin helped me a bit – but it was far from the results I needed.

Maybe it would have helped more if I had a smaller problem.

So if you only want to grow your hair out – it could be a good choice (though not the best one, if you ask me).

But for a serious hair loss, I don’t actually recommend this product.

Instead – I prefer a cheaper supplement that has a way better formula. It helped me way more than Priorin.



#5 – Other Opinions (7 out of 10)

In order to create an unbiased review – I decided to include some other customers’ thoughts.

In this way, you can see other people’s point of view (not just mine).

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional ones.

1. What People Say

Priorin has several reviews on websites like Amazon, Ebay, etc.

The supplement has an average of 4.5 stars from 35 reviews on Amazon.

That’s not amazing (especially since there’s a low number of reviews) – but it’s pretty good.

So here’s what most customers think about it:

  1. Some say it’s great for making hair thicker.
  2. Others claim it helps a lot with hair growth.
  3. A few others say they use it for hair health and it’s so useful.
  4. There are also some who claim it improved their shedding.
  5. On the other hand, some say it doesn’t work at all.
  6. Others say it’s too expensive for the real value.

Basically – opinions are quite mixed up, but most are on the positive side.

So it’s quite clear that Priorin is effective – especially when it comes to growing healthy hair.

But let’s take a closer look at the negative side as well.

2. Biggest Complaints

Most unsatisfied customers criticize Priorin for:

  1. No effect (even after 6 months)
  2. Shipping issues
  3. High price for the quality
  4. Instructions not translated in English

Now – I cannot agree with all these complaints, as I haven’t experienced them myself.

But since they are left on Amazon (which is a trustworthy retailer) – they are definitely true.

So you should keep this issues in mind before ordering Priorin.


Priorin has mixed feedback from users – but there are enough positive reviews.

So if your hair is healthy, these pills should help grow it faster.

They might also help in cases of shedding – but not a severe one.

If you’re dealing with a massive hair loss, I doubt this product will help significantly (based on my experience with it).

So I personally would suggest using a stronger formula – if you want long-term results.


#6 – Price (7 out of 10)

In my opinion, Priorin is a bit too expensive for what it contains.

It’s not very expensive (compared to other supplements) – but I consider it slightly overpriced.

1. The Exact Price

Here’s the lowest price I have found for each Priorin product:

  • Supplement costs $36.67
  • Shampoo costs $19.40
  • Liquid costs around $33 (hard to find in the US)

Basically – the first 2 products can be found on Amazon at this price.

Regarding the liquid, I couldn’t find it on any US site. The price I mentioned is from Amazon’s UK version.

Either way, it’s only the shampoo that has a good price.

The supplement should cost under $25, if you ask me – considering its ingredients.

However, I must admit that it’s not a product impossible to afford.

So despite being a bit overpriced, it’s still affordable for most people.

The only issue is that you need to use it for at least 4-6 months.

So in this case, you should make sure you can afford buying at least 4 bottles – which isn’t that easy for everyone.

2. Competitors’ Price

I will only compare Priorin with my #1 recommended hair supplement (Folexin):

  1. P only contains 4 active ingredients (though all are quality substances).
  2. F contains almost 30 ingredients (most of them have clinical trials behind).
  3. You can find P as a supplement, shampoo or liquid.
  4. F is only available as a supplement.
  5. Regarding the pills, P costs $37 per bottle.
  6. However, there’s no discount if you order more bottles at once.
  7. On the other hand, F normally costs $25 per bottle.
  8. If you buy more bottles at once, you can get it for about $18.

So despite being pricier – Priorin doesn’t offer any discount for larger orders/regular customers.

At this chapter, Folexin is totally different.

Considering that it also has a stronger formula, I think it’s above Priorin at this point.

Its only downside is that it only offers a supplement – but in my opinion, that’s a positive thing:

  • shampoos rarely decrease hair loss considerably
  • in most cases, they’re just an extra cost

So as there are only Folexin pills, I think you’re saving a good deal of money.


#7 – Where To Find It (6 out of 10)

Unfortunately, Priorin isn’t very easy to find online.

My Priorin Review (2019) - Are There Any Side Effects?As it’s a product made in Germany (just like Pantogar) – it’s only available in certain websites in the US:

  • Amazon 
  • Ebay
  • (Sometimes) Lucky Vitamins

However, you can mostly find the supplement and shampoo on those retailers.

When it comes to the liquid (serum) – I personally couldn’t find it anywhere.

You can find it on Ebay if you’re lucky, but in most cases shipping is going to be really expensive (over $15).

So it’s probably not a wise choice buying it from there.

As for Priorin’s official website, there is one.

However – it does not sell the products itself. It only redirects you to the closest seller.

So if you really want to order one of Priorin’s products, Amazon is the best choice at this point.


#8 – FAQs

Coming up – I will try to answer the top questions you might have about Priorin.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it’s easier to spot here.

1. How often you should use it?

You need to take 2 pills per day, in case you’re using the supplement.

Regarding the others – the shampoo should be used in every wash while the liquid works best if used daily.

2. How long lasts one bottle?

The supplement is designed to last either 30 days (60 capsules) or 45 days (90 capsules).

It depends on what size you choose.

As for the shampoo and liquid, there’s no standard period.

3. Can I use it with other drugs?

Pretty much yes – if you’re using the shampoo or liquid, you’re 100% safe.

In case you’re taking the supplement, it’s also quite safe to use with other medicines.

But if you’re following a long term treatment, I would recommend getting your doctor’s consent first (just in case).

4. Are there any side effects?

All 3 products are quite safe – as I found very few complaints about secondary reactions.

You might experience nausea, rashes or skin irritations – but these are extremely rare.

5. How fast should I notice an improvement?

According to the label, it takes about 4-6 months for the supplement to start working.

The liquid and shampoo aren’t as strong – so they probably need an even longer time.

So from this point of view, Priorin can’t be called a fast product.



#9 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on Priorin (in 3 ideas).

#1 – Overrated Formula

As I said before – I personally consider Priorin’s formula pretty weak:

  • very few active ingredients (only 4)
  • none has amazing results in studies (though they do work)
  • dosages are very small

So even though it’s a supplement that helps – I doubt it works better than others.

At least judging after its ingredients.

#2 – Helpful For Hair Growth

In my opinion – Priorin works best for women with healthy hair who want to grow it out.

Judging after its formula, it’s not a product that can stop hair loss completely.

At least that’s how it was in my case.

However – it has many positive reviews from women with healthy hair.

So when it comes to that, I’m sure it’s helpful.

#3 – Slightly Overpriced

That’s what I think about Priorin’s expenses:

  • pills should cost under $25
  • the formula is too weak for $36
  • shampoo is the only one with a right price

So even though it’s not as overpriced as other products, I think Priorin’s supplement could be a bit cheaper.


My Verdict – Is Priorin A Scam?

Short answer: Surely not – though it’s not my favorite product ever, it’s completely legit.

My Priorin Review (2019) - Are There Any Side Effects?In fact, it could be a good choice in some cases:

  • you want to maintain your hair’s health
  • your hair is healthy and you want to grow it out
  • you’re dealing with a small hair loss

However – even in these cases, it’s not my top recommendation:

  1. Only contains 4 (basic) active ingredients
  2. It takes about 4-6 months to work
  3. Not effective for massive hair loss
  4. A bit expensive, if you ask me

So even though it can help grow healthy hair out, I don’t think it’s the best choice ever.

However – I don’t recommend it for hair loss (especially serious cases).

I have used it myself – and even though it helped a bit, my hair loss remained pretty bad.

So what would I choose instead? The supplement I’m constantly using (Folexin):

  • much stronger formula (about 30 ingredients)
  • worked in about 2 months for me
  • lowest price among the supplements I know
  • effective for hair growth (but also for complicated hair loss)


1 –

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8 thoughts on “My Priorin Review (2023) – Are There Any Side Effects?

  1. Hello Olly! This is my third month with Priorin, I’m taking 2 pills a day and washing my hair with the shampoo every other day. So far there has been no result, my hair is falling out just as before. I have tried a lot of products especially shampoos and saw no effect so I wanted to try something else, like a supplement. So far it wasn’t worth it. I’m also struggling to swallow the pills, so I would just like to know your opinion, is there any chance that I see an effect if I haven’t seen any already? Just trying to avoid wasting my time  with it.

    1. Hi Rona, thanks for your feedback on Priorin. Unfortunately, it’s not the best product I know in terms of results or formula. So maybe that’s why you didn’t see any improvement by now.

      If you ask me – you should have seen a change by now, if Priorin had worked. That especially since you also used the shampoo (but I doubt this one would help too much). So if I were you, I would probably switch to something else.

      Now – you mentioned you tried many other products before, but mostly shampoos. Honestly, don’t expect topical products to make miracles for hair loss because they won’t (unless we’re talking about Minoxidil). Did you ever try any other supplement, except for Priorin?

      I personally would recommend you to use an internal product as the main thing. You can also use a shampoo additionally, but it’s not going to make miracles on its own. So here’s a list of my top recommended hair supplements – I have tested out most of them myself, so I can speak from experience. 

      Also, most of these supplements have gelatin capsules – which are smaller and easier to swallow compared to Priorin. So taking the pills shouldn’t be a struggle anymore. I really hop this helps you.

  2. I did not like this brand! Have used only the shampoo and serum but they left my hair really dry, it felt like it was lacking hydration. I tried switching to another brand just to see if it’s my hair, but it just felt as soft as usual. Was going to order the supplement too but after this I changed my mind. This was the last time I ever order German products, I also used one called Pantogar and it was not helpful. Better choose out American products, they are milder for hair.

    1. Hi Steph, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with Priorin. I’m sorry to hear you had these issues with the shampoo and liquid. But since your hair improved after switching to another product, it’s clearly that Priorin’s products make it feel so dry. 

      I never tried the shampoo and liquid myself, so I can’t tell you how they worked for me. But your hair surely doesn’t respond well to any of them. Maybe it’s because of their ingredients or additives, otherwise I can’t explain. But obviously, you shouldn’t get back to them any soon, there’s no point if they’re so harmful.

      I know Pantogar pretty well, as it was one of the few hair supplements I ever tried. Though I could see a temporary effect, the pills stopped working after a while. That’s why I’m not a fan of this product either.

      I’m not sure if German/European products are weaker than American products, as many American products were developed in Europe (in terms of formula). I just think you were unlucky to get 2 German products that didn’t work for you.

      But since we have so many different products on the American market, you have plenty to choose from. I hope this helps!

  3. Hi. I have been buying this product from Amazon to combat my thinning. I have only used the supplement but it seemed like I was on the good way. Last time I placed my order I noticed the price was $10 cheaper which was great. But after getting the product, I’m starting to question it. The package looks different from the other 2 I received before, it used to have a picture of a man and now it’s a woman on it. It never had anything written down about being for men or for women. But I’m not sure it’s the original product or a counterfeit one… The pills look the same, though.

    Any natural product you recommend for male thinning? Budget doesn’t really matter, I just want something that is original and doesn’t play tricks on me with the orders. Thanks!

    1. Hello James, thanks for your feedback on Priorin. Since it’s a German product, I assume you can’t really compare the labels (they’re probably not in English). I honestly can’t tell if they changed the label in the meantime or not. But you could try asking Amazon, they should know this information.

      Though Amazon is a really safe retailer, I know some of its sellers use counterfeit products. I’ve had other users complaining to me about it (not in Priorin, though). So despite all the security measures from Amazon, there is still this risk.

      So please try to contact them and see what they say. But if the pills look the same, I think you should continue using them – especially since you paid enough for them.

      Regarding a natural product for male hair loss – I usually recommend Profollica. It’s based on herbal extracts and it’s an excellent alternative to Minoxidil/Finasteride. It has no side effects and doesn’t have to be used for the rest of your life (as it happens with those 2). It’s a bit pricier than Priorin but its effect is way better, if you ask me (I don’t recommend Priorin in terms of effect).

      You can also start using a green tea infusion to rinse your hair – this herb is a great DHT blocker, which cause thinning in men. So on the long term, it might help. Other herbs can also turn out to be a potent remedy on the long term (especially Horsetail).

      Please keep me updated on the answer you receive about Priorin. I hope this helps.

  4. Thank you Olly for this review. I was considering Priorin because it’s a foreign product and it has a composition I have not seen in many products from out country. I’m not an expert so I thought that being different is going to make it better. But it seems that’s not the case, so thank you for clarifying that. I can’t tell if a supplement is good or not just by looking at its ingredients, so thankfully you can do that!

    I will probably consider your recommended supplement instead, it seems like a more affordable option. For me price really matters, so the cheaper the better.

    I don’t have hair falling out, only that it gets thinner and more fragile at times (especially in seasonal changes). But it’s not a serious thing. I am only looking for a supplement to strengthen it and help in season changes. Also, I usually straighten my hair twice a week, which I think it also harms the hair, right? I was thinking about buying a better flat iron so if you have any recommendation, I’d love to hear it (I know you don’t really write about tools but just in case).

    1. Hey Kelly, thanks for letting me know your opinion on Priorin. It’s not among my top recommended products, that’s why I don’t think it’s worth the money in your case. Especially when there are cheaper options that have much better formulas.

      Folexin is one of them, so it’s really worth considering. In case you need some other options, check out this list with my top recommended hair supplements this year.

      When it comes to thin hair, I recommend using horsetail infusion. This herb works really well against thinning hair, so it might help strengthen it up on the long term. As any herb, it’s not an overnight remedy but it’s a natural one, so it’s totally worth giving a try. 

      As for hair tools, I advice you to check out this guide on the best quality hair straighteners. My advice is to invest in a professional one, since you use it quite often and your hair isn’t in a great shape. There are some professional tools that cost under $200 and they save your hair from a lot of damage (most of them use a superior technology that produces little to no damage, compared to regular tools). So if you afford paying a few extra dollars, I strongly recommend going for a professional flat iron.

      I hope this helps you decide.

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