My Story – How I Stopped My Hair Loss/Thinning And Grew My Hair Back (In 7 Steps)

Are you sick of seeing people who have gorgeous hair without doing anything special?

Meanwhile – your hair looks terrible (despite all of the efforts you’re making).

I had struggled with this for many years:

  1. I was dealing with a hair loss that doesn’t respond to anything
  2. My hair had been thinning out for years
  3. I was trying to grow it out without any success

I guess the pictures above speak for themselves…

  • I tried over 100 treatments, products or remedies
  • Most of them didn’t help too much
  • Others did help, but they would cost me a huge amount/month

That’s how I started doing my own research – and I finally found the optimal solution.

It’s actually a mix of 7 techniques, products and remedies that has made wonders for my hair.

If you don’t believe me, just check the pictures below.

So in the next lines, I will give you the 7 steps plan I followed to:

  • stop my hair loss and thinning
  • boost my growth speed dramatically
  • prevent my hair from falling out again

If there’s any chance that they help you any single bit (I’m sure they will a lot more) – make sure you don’t miss any of them.

Note: This is the strategy that has made miracles for my hair. I’m sure there are other things that work as well, but these 7 steps are the ones that had the best results in my case.

My Plan In A Nutshell

Basically – here’s the strategy that completely changed my hair in less than a year.

I will give you more details on each step below – so I’m only mentioning them briefly here:

  1. Valotin Shampoo
  2. Folexin Supplement
  3. Strengthening Serum
  4. Stimulating Technique
  5. Organic Oil
  6. DHT-Blocking Rinse
  7. Weekly Conditioning

Now – not all 7 steps have the same importance (in terms of results).

There is one that is crucial and it had a major impact on my hair.

And I’m taking about step 2 here (which are written in bold).

On the other hand, the others are better when it comes to boosting the results.

Obviously – for the best (and fastest) results, you should follow all 7 steps.

My hair was improving a lot more when I was following the entire strategy (than when I was only following some steps).

But I understand that you may simply not afford more than $20/month for now.

That used to be my case at one point – so I had to stick to super cheap products for a while.

For this reason, I created 2 options for this plan – depending on your budget.


Option 1 – Low Budget Plan ($20/month)

If you can’t afford spending more than $20 for your hair, there’s still a solution for you.

In this case – I recommend you to follow only one step (out of the 7 I mentioned):

  • Step #2 (Folexin Supplement)

This has actually been the main responsible behind my hair transformation (about 60% of my results).

Folexin is by far the cheapest supplement with a high-quality formula.

That’s the reason why I’ve been sticking with it for so many years.

It normally costs $25/bottle – but you can get it for about $18:

  1. Use the 5% off code FIVE$61404893
  2. Get a 5 bottles pack
  3. In this way, you get a free bottle + $35 off

Honestly – this is the lowest price I have seen in a supplement of this kind.

And like I said, it’s the main responsible behind my hair’s improvement.

So if you’re on a super tight budget – this supplement alone will help you (but it will take more time than in my case).



Option 2 – Normal Budget Plan ($60/month)

This is the plan I strongly recommend you to go for.

Honestly, $60/month is actually a pretty small amount (since many products alone cost well over this).

If you want the best (and fastest) results – make sure you follow all these 7 steps.

There’s only one thing I want to advise you:

  • Replace the supplement from Step #2 (Folexin) with one from Valotin
  • These 2 products have the exact same composition
  • But Folexin has a slightly lower price if bought alone
  • However, Valotin’s supplement can be bought in a set (with the shampoo/serum)
  • In this way, the final price is much lower

In other words – if you only afford trying the supplement, go for Folexin.

If you want to follow all 7 steps (which I highly recommend), go for Valotin’s supplement instead.

In terms of results and formula, they are identical.

It’s only that the price is much better for Valotin’s supplement (as you can get it in a set, with the shampoo/serum).

You can actually get the shampoo, conditioner, supplement and serum for about $17/bottle each:

  1. Go for a set (instead of buying each product alone)
  2. Use the 5% off code FIVE$61404893
  3. Get a 3 bottles pack
  4. In this way, you get a 20% discount

Normally – each product costs about $25/bottle.

But if you do the math, (when bought in a set) they cost around $17/bottle each – which is honestly a super cheap price.

So this strategy will help you save a lot of money (even if you’re on a normal budget).



My Background & Results (With Pictures)

My hair is naturally very thick, it has a wavy to curly texture and a very dark brown shade.

1. Initial Years

The features above were mostly visible in my teenage years.

That’s because around the age of 17-18, it started to deteriorate really badly:

  • my main problem was thinning (mostly at the ends)
  • the roots were still as thick as before
  • the ends were getting extremely thin and dry constantly
  • my hair was also falling out very badly (150-200 hairs/day)
  • its growth speed had also decreased a lot
I had these photos taken in an event, when I was around 17. As you can see, my hair was starting to thin out at the ends (nothing serious at this point).

Basically – there was no way I could grow my hair because its condition was really bad.

Should I mention that I was getting regular trims, using professional conditioners/masks and no styling tools?

It’s obvious I was doing that.

But there was no improvement, despite taking a lot of care of my hair.

On the contrary – it seemed like things were getting worse year after year.

About 2 years later after the previous pictures. Now you can see my hair looked really bad, the roots were as thick as before but the ends were terribly thin and my hair was falling out massively. (I had actually taken these photos for a dermatologist, but nothing of what he prescribed actually made my hair any better).

So to me, it became clear that it was an internal problem.

After digging really deep into the possible causes, I realized I had several issues:

  • hormonal problems (Hashimoto disease and DHT excess/sensitivity)
  • nutritional deficiencies (Zinc, Iron and several other vitamins/minerals)
  • stress and genetics

Basically – there wasn’t one major cause behind my hair problems.

Instead, there were several causes combined together.

That’s why treating them all was almost impossible:

  1. I tried several treatments and products throughout the years.
  2. Most external products (shampoos, masks, etc.) were not very helpful.
  3. A few internal products (supplements) did improve my hair, but the majority didn’t help much.
  4. The supplements that did help me were beyond my monthly budget ($40-$100/month).
  5. There was no way I could afford them for more than 2-3 months.
  6. In other words – I was on a very limited budget and my hair was in a terrible condition.
Some of the products I have used before (Nutrafol, Cell MD, Sugar Bear Vitamins, Viviscal, etc.). Some didn’t help at all, others did help – but they were way too expensive to afford on a monthly basis.

So the only thing I could do was to research scientific articles and papers.

That’s how I created this 7 steps plan that ended up saving my hair.

It’s based on some products made by a budget brand (Valotin), as well as on some herbal-based recipes and a massage technique.

6 months after I started it, I already looked like a totally different person.

And my hair was the main responsible for this change.

2. Results With My Plan & Changes

These pictures were taken right before I started my 7 steps plan. My hair actually looked worse than in the previous pictures, the ends are much thinner and the shedding was a lot worse.


Months 2 and 3 with my 7 steps plan. There was no visible difference in the first month (though my hair loss reduced almost completely). But you can see a big change 2 and 3 months afterwards.


Fast forward 5 months from the first pictures, my hair was now looking amazing. It grew out incredibly and it was much thicker than before.


6 months after starting this 7 steps plan. My hair now looked even better, especially in terms of thickness.


My initial VS final results. If you take a closer look, you can see that the ends that were initially thin are still thinner than the rest of my hair (even after 6 months). So I eventually cut them off, so that my hair could have a smooth thickness.


My hair in the next years: I had it long and natural for a while and afterwards I switched to a totally different hairstyle (long and straight ombre). Some people have actually asked me if I was wearing a wig, but that’s not the case at all. I recently got back to my black curly hair, but in a shorter version this time. Despite going blonde and black again, my hair is still in a great shape in terms of health and thickness. I’m sure it’s all because of my 7 steps plan.

So if you’re dealing with thinning, hair loss or slow growth – I’m pretty sure that following this plan will help you tremendously.

After all, you’ve seen how much it helped me, despite by hair being in a really bad shape initially.

And most of all, Valotin’s budget products are what made a big difference.

So I totally recommend them – they’re super cheap but they still helped me so much.



Step #1 – Valotin Shampoo

The first thing you should begin your hair transformation is a professional shampoo.

1. Why & How Much It Helped

In fact, this step was responsible for about 10-15% of my hair improvement.

That’s a much higher percentage than it looks (if you convert it into results).

However, not any shampoo that claims to reduce hair loss/grow hair would do.

You need one that will block DHT (which is the crucial aspect in terms of hair loss/growth).

That’s why I strongly recommend Valotin’s Strengthening Shampoo:

  • based on an original formula with botanical extracts
  • some of them are the top DHT-blockers (Green Tea, Rosemary, Cucumber)
  • also contains Biotin & ProVitamin B5
  • they have a dramatic effect on growth speed

Now – this shampoo is designed for strengthening, but it’s way more than that:

  1. It’s actually much better against hair loss and thinning.
  2. That’s because of its DHT-blocking proprieties.
  3. This the secret that makes a shampoo effective for these issues.

But unfortunately – there are very few shampoos that target DHT excess directly.

That’s why Valotin’s shampoo make the first step in my hair plan (and a must-follow one).

2. How To Get It

As I told you, budget plays an important role in my strategy.

Since Valotin’s product is super cheap for the quantity, it’s perfectly suitable for everyone:

  • you get 12 oz of product for about $24 normally
  • you can pay even less for it (with the discount code below and the largest package)
  • in this case, you pay around $17/bottle
  • a bottle lasts well over a month

So this one of the compulsory steps that you shouldn’t skip.

At least if you want the best results in terms of growth and thickening.

By the way, I’m still using Valotin’s shampoo (even if my hair has been looking great for a few years now).



Step #2 – Folexin Supplement

If you are on a very tight budget and you can’t afford spending more than $20 for your hair, follow this step only.

It’s by far the most important out of all 7.

The results will surely be slower if you don’t combine it with the other 6 – but they should appear eventually.

1. Why & How Much It Helped

This is the step that is responsible for about 60% of my hair improvement.

Now – why is this step (and supplement) so important?:

  1. Works by treating cause of hair loss/thinning from the inside.
  2. Stimulates hair follicles internally (thus it boosts growth speed).
  3. Increases blood flow inside the scalp.
  4. Blocks DHT excess and increased sensitivity.

Basically – a supplement is by far the #1 product that can improve your hair growth/loss.

Any other type of treatment works on the outside, which isn’t enough.

So the overall effect of a supplement is much stronger (since it fights the root cause).

Honestly – if I had skipped taking a supplement, I’m sure my hair would have never recovered.

That’s why I really advise you to go for a potent hair supplement.

My #1 recommendation is Folexin by Vita Balance, because of 4 reasons:

  1. Best quality/price ratio from the market
  2. Probably the strongest formula and ingredients combination I could find
  3. Worked better than any other supplement in my case
  4. Much cheaper than any other option (even $18/bottle)

If you don’t care about money, you can surely find some other alternatives (that cost even $100/bottle).

But since I always wanted to save as much as possible, I will stick to Folexin.

2. How To Get It (+ Price Trick)

Now, there is a side note I want to make.

Folexin costs around $25/bottle normally (but you can get it for about $18, with the largest package).

However – Valotin also has a supplement with the exact same formula:

  • its regular price is the same as Folexin ($25/bottle)
  • its lowest price is a bit higher (a bit over $19)

If you want to follow the first 3 steps (which I highly recommend), you might want to use Valotin’s supplement instead of Folexin.

That’s because you can get Valotin’s supplement in a package – together the shampoo and/or serum.

In this way, the final price is better than Folexin’s final price (around $17/bottle).

Since the 2 supplements have the exact same composition – the results are going to be the same.

So this strategy might help save a lot of money (as it helps me).

But if you only afford following the #2 step (with the supplement), go for Folexin – as the price is slightly better.



Step #3 – Strengthening Serum

This is another crucial step, when it comes to seeing results as fast as possible.

1. Why & How Much It Helped

I’m pretty sure this step is responsible for at least 5% of my hair progress (if not 10-15%).

In fact, its #1 benefit is related to growth speed.

If you ask me, this serum is an improved version of a hair oil:

  • has all the benefits of a hair oil (boosts growth and hydration)
  • but it doesn’t leave hair greasy

In other words – it’s a much lighter form of a hair oil.

Now, hair oils have a dramatic effect on improving growth speed (probably the best at this chapter).

But unless you can wash your hair daily, they’re not very suitable.

That’s why I strongly recommend adding a high-quality hair serum.

It will make your hair grow faster, without it being constantly greasy and dirty.

However, that’s not available for all hair serums:

  1. I tried several products from various brands.
  2. Many of them actually made my hair much greasier than before.
  3. So I would have to wash my hair every other day.

That’s why I recommend this specific serum.

Just like in the case of its shampoo, Valotin’s serum was extremely effective in my case.

It really sped my hair growth intensity (I’m pretty sure it was the main responsible) but it didn’t make it greasier than usual.

2. How To Get It 

As I said, I’m a fan of Valotin brand because its products are extremely cheap.

Like the shampoo – this serum costs even $18/bottle (and it can last more than a month).

So it’s super effective, practical and affordable.

If you’re on an average budget, it’s one of the compulsory steps from my strategy – so don’t skip it!



Step #4 – Follicle Stimulating Technique

1. Why & How Much It Helped

This is a step that can make real miracles for your hair growth.

And do you know what’s the best part about it? It’s completely free.

Lots of bloggers and celebrities recommend performing a scalp massage with certain devices.

But I found out that it’s as effective even if you do it with your bare hands.

2. How To Do It 

There’s a certain way to do a scalp massage correctly (and most people do it wrong):

  1. Run your hands through your hair (starting from the front).
  2. Make small circles with your fingers.
  3. Switch the direction.
  4. Make the same movements in the sides.
  5. Move your hands around your head making C’s.
  6. You can also add Argan Oil (for faster results – more on this in step #5).
  7. In this case, you will have to wash your hair afterwards.
  8. The massage should last about 3-5 minutes (or more if you can).
  9. Follow this routine daily (I do it before going to bed)

Now – I noticed the effect of scalp massage long before I started this 8 steps plan.

When I was doing a scalp massage for months, my hair would grow a bit faster than before.

But since it was in a bad condition – the growth was pretty much useless.

That’s why I strongly recommend associating this step with the other 3 (which are compulsory).

But keep in mind that scalp massage has no effect on hair loss/thinning.

It only improves growth speed (by stimulating hair follicles).

Also – one downside is that your hair will get greasier faster (even if you don’t use any hair oil).

But given its great results, that’s totally worth it.


Step #5 – Organic Oil

1. Why & How Much It Helped

This step is not compulsory, since it’s not the easiest to follow.

But if you decide to give it a try – it can definitely speed up your growth and thickening.

Now – everyone knows that hair oils are extremely helpful.

But not everyone knows why and how exactly:

  1. Greasy substances stimulate hair roots.
  2. In this way, growth speed can even double.
  3. They are usually applied through a scalp massage.
  4. I mentioned a scalp massage’s amazing benefits in the previous step.
  5. Oils also improve thickness and increase volume.
  6. In this way, hair looks fuller and more dense.

Now – pretty much every hair oil has the same benefits (as every greasy substance, actually).

I personally have tried almost every type of hair oil.

And to be honest, I have had best results with Argan Oil (which I am still using today).

This is probably the most popular hair oil – and there’s no surprise.

But there are several aspects that made me stick to this type of hair oil:

  • slightly less greasy consistency
  • doesn’t make hair as oily as others
  • easier to apply and rinse

However, I noticed the more pure an Argan Oil is – the more practical it is.

This means that pure versions don’t leave your hair that greasy, but they still work as well as greasier forms.

2. How To Get It 

I personally recommend Hair La Vie’s Argan Oil, which is 100% pure (and organic).

It’s also extremely affordable for a pure form, so it’s the product I’ve been sticking with (for a long while now).

If you want the best hair oil I tried out, that’s what I recommend you.



Step #6 – DHT-Blocking Rinse

1. Why & How Much It Helped

This step is essential when it comes to fighting hair loss/thinning.

So it’s not as important in terms of boosting your growth speed (as it is in reducing the fall out).

Now – DHT is one of the main causes of hair loss:

  • it produces general thinning in women
  • it also increases shedding and breakage
  • it’s behind male baldness

Unfortunately – some people don’t even have a DHT excess.

Instead, they are simply more sensitive to this hormone (meaning that even a higher level can affect their hair).

2. How To Get It 

One of the best remedies against DHT is a rinsing recipe I created.

And here’s the recipe you can use to prepare it at home:

  1. Make a green tea infusion (using a tea bag and some boiling water).
  2. You can also add some ginger juice (it has similar benefits but a weaker effect).
  3. Add the mixture in a spray bottle.
  4. Wash your hair and apply the mixture on your damp hair.
  5. Let it sit for a few minutes (or even overnight, if possible).
  6. Rinse your hair as usual.
  7. Repeat this procedure at least once/week.
  8. The more often you do it, the better.

Basically – this recipe is super cheap to prepare, but it has a great effect against the harmful DHT.

Just keep in mind that it’s an external remedy.

So you really need to combine it with an internal DHT blocker (the #2 step supplement).

But I have had great results with it, so if you can – I really advise you to follow this step (at least once a week).


Step #7 – Weekly Conditioner/Mask

1. Why & How Much It Helped

That’s another optional step, since it doesn’t have a direct impact on your hair growth/loss.

However – it’s essential in terms of hair health.

And if your hair is healthy, it can definitely grow faster with the other 6 steps.

I noticed this myself – once my hair started getting thicker and healthier, it was also growing much faster than before.

So what exactly do you have to do in this step?:

  1. Make sure to ALWAYS condition your hair after shampooing.
  2. You can use whether a classic conditioner or a hair mask.
  3. They have about the same effects overall.

Now – there are lots of conditioners/hair mask that work really well.

I recommend choosing one that is herbal-based:

  • less harmful additives
  • can boost the effect of your shampoo/supplement
  • hydrates hair much better

2. How To Get It 

I personally use a conditioner from the same brand as my shampoo (Valotin).

And honestly, I totally recommend it to you – as you can get it together with the shampoo (and/or the supplement).

Since you’re buying them together, the price/bottle is much better.

So you can end up paying less than $20 for a bottle that lasts even 2 months.

I have actually had excellent results with this brand, that’s why I’m a big fan of it.

And even though the conditioner didn’t really impact my hair growth/loss, it surely helped my hair.

So if there is a conditioner I really trust, it’s surely Valotin’s product.



My Verdict – Improve Your Hair In These 7 Steps

Honestly, following these 7 steps program has made a huge difference in my hair:

  • reduced my fall out tremendously
  • decreased my thinning and restored my healthy hair
  • boosted my growth dramatically

As I told you – not all 7 steps had the same impact.

Some of the are more important (compulsory), while others are only extra.

That’s exactly why I created 2 options – depending on your budget:

  1. Low budget ($20): Step 2
  2. Normal Budget ($60): All 7 steps

Once again – both options will reduce your hair loss/thinning and grow your hair faster.

But the more steps you follow, the better (and faster) your results will be.

So if you can follow all 7 steps, you can start seeing a change in even a month (though 3 would be an average).

Honestly, $60 is a really affordable budget for all 7 steps, if you ask me.

I tried products that would cost even more for a monthly supply alone.

So using my strategy, you’re getting over 7 different remedies/products with this amount.

And the #1 thing is that I have seen a big change myself.

Otherwise – I wouldn’t be recommending this strategy.

So if you want to dramatically improve your hair, you know what you have to do now!