My Review: Cel MD Hair Stimulation (2023) – Scam Or Worth It?

My Review: Cel MD Hair Stimulation - Worth The Shot?

It’s time to review Cel MD Hair Stimulation – a product designed for regrowing hair.

But considering its high price, is it worth buying?

And if yes – which of its 3 products should you choose? Are all of them worth buying?

Well, I tried to dig deep into this product so here’s the truth behind.

Note: This review is based on my own experience + research on Cel MD.

So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Stem Cell Hair Growth by Cel MD

Versions: There are 4 different products:

  • shampoo/conditioner
  • serum
  • vitamins

Best Actual Price: Starting from $52 for the shampoo + conditioner.

The serum and vitamins are a bit pricier.

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon (lower prices than on the official website)

Designed For: Regrowing existing hair – it claims to:

  • decrease and even stop hair loss
  • thicken hair strands
  • stimulate follicles

Basically – all products are meant for hair growth.

My Rating: 7 out of 10

Worth Buying?: Not really – the products itself are good, but I don’t think they’re worth the money.

Instead of paying $50 on a shampoo + conditioner (or $175 for all 4 products) – better choose a $25 supplement that does the same work.

You’re saving lots of money in the end.


What I Liked About It

  • Nice smell and consistency in all 3 products
  • Improved my shedding in less than 2 months
  • Many authentic reviews online
  • Available in several retailers


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Extremely overpriced (all products)
  • No dosages in shampoo, conditioner and serum
  • Shampoo can’t be bought alone (just with conditioner)
  • Ingredients aren’t anything special
  • Many complaints about price and side effects



What Is Cell MD? A Quick Overview

Briefly – it’s a brand focused on hair and skin care products.

In terms of hair care, it brings in products designed for regrowing existing hair:

  1. Shampoo/Conditioner
  2. Serum (Treatment)
  3. Vitamins

So what makes Cel MD’s products different than the rest?:

  • claim to have natural ingredients
  • based on less-known herbs
  • a lot more expensive

Now – I’m not claiming these products are bad or weak (since they worked in my case).

But their formula didn’t convince me they’re worth buying. Especially for so much money.

Less famous ingredients are usually less studied as well. So their benefits may be very insignificant, actually.

But now that you know the main things about Cel MD – let’s analyze it closer.


#1 – Ingredients (8 out of 10)

Cel MD’s formula doesn’t look amazing – mainly because most products are topical:

  1. No dosages
  2. Active and inactive ingredients are put together
  3. Hard to tell which are the main compounds

When it comes to the supplement, things look a bit better.

But let’s take a quick look at all 4 products.

1. Shampoo + Conditioner

The ingredient list isn’t very clear, but I tried to research all ingredients.

So here are the most important ones:

  1. Nettle Extract – decreases hair loss and alopecia. [1]
  2. Ginseng Stem Cells – promotes hair growth. [2]
  3. Arginine – grows and regenerates hair.
  4. Biotin – best vitamins for hair growth and health.

However – since there are no dosages, it’s hard to tell the percent of these ingredients in the formula.

Since we’re talking about topical products, it’s probably a small one.

2. Serum

This product has a pretty interesting list.

You can’t find these ingredients in a lot of hair products:

  1. Asparagus Stem Cell – promotes new hair cell growth.
  2. Sophora Root Extract – can improve hair loss in some cases. [3]
  3. Castor Oil – one of the most popular remedies for hair growth.
  4. Eucalyptus Extract – improves hair structure. [4]

Overall – these ingredients don’t have a lot of scientific data behind. That’s why I can’t guarantee their effect isn’t a hype.

3. Vitamins

The formula is so-so: compared to other supplements, it’s not bad – but it’s not amazing either.

  1. Super Biotin – that’s actually regular biotin in a very high quantity.
  2. Zinc – a deficiency can cause shedding. [5]
  3. Horsetail – useful for thickening hair.

There are some other vitamins and minerals – but not as important as these 3.

One more thing worth mentioning – biotin could be dangerous in such a high dosage:

  • some scientists believes it causes acne
  • there are lots of acne complaints in biotin supplements
  • the recommended dose is around 1000-1500 mcg
  • there are 4000 mcg in these pills


Cel MD’s products have a decent formula – even though none is impressive:

  • most have no dosages mentioned
  • based on less-famous ingredients

So scientifically speaking, there isn’t enough evidence that its ingredients are useful.

However, in terms of formula – they’re surely not bad.



#2 – Smell & Texture (10 out of 10)

In terms of consistency – Cel MD’s products are really good:

  1. Shampoo has a soft citrus smell.
  2. However, it doesn’t stay in the hair for long (about 1 day).
  3. Also, it lathers well enough.
  4. So there’s no need to use a huge amount (the regular quantity should do).
  5. Conditioner smells a lot more intense.
  6. It’s the kind of smell that might bother sensitive people.
  7. Serum doesn’t have a noticeable smell.

Overall – each of these products are easy to apply and have a nice texture.

The serum is a bit too liquid – but what else could you expect?


#3 – How To Use It (9 out of 10)

Here’s what you should know about these products’ instructions:

  1. Shampoo and conditioner should be used with every wash.
  2. Normally, using them twice a week is fine enough.
  3. Serum requires to be used daily for 4-6 weeks.
  4. However, you need to apply it on damp hair.

Basically – you’re somehow forced to wash your hair and use these 3 products daily, if you want the best results.

And that’s not very comfortable, to be honest.

When it comes to the supplement – nothing new:

  • you need 2 pills per day
  • there’s no advice as to when you should take them

My recommendation is to take them after eating – in order to avoid any stomach cramps.


#4 – My Results (7 out of 10)

I tested out Cel MD myself – not necessarily for reviewing it, just to see if it can help.

1. My Background

A few years ago, my hair was falling out quite badly:

  • ends got 70% thinner (compared to before)
  • they were extremely fragile
  • my hair was really dull, frizzy and looked terrible

However – the hair loss was the actual root of everything.

So what was causing it? According to my research – a mix of hormonal imbalances, DHT excess, stress and maybe bad nutrition.

So would Cel MD help?

2. How It Worked

First of all – my results weren’t 100% relevant.

I only tried the shampoo + conditioner, without the other products.

That’s because each of them was extremely expensive – so I couldn’t afford buying all per month.

My Review: Cel MD Hair Stimulation - Worth The Shot?

My results with Cel MD were okay – but it was far from a miracle maker (for me):

  1. I used 2 bottles of shampoo and 1 of conditioner.
  2. That was enough for about 1 month and a half.
  3. My hair loss decreased with about 30-40% in the end.
  4. Also, my hair had a lot more volume.
  5. But my ends were still fragile and easy to break.

So basically – this shampoo and conditioner did help, but just partially.

It’s true that I only used it for less than 2 months – so that’s not a very relevant period.

But considering its very high price, I don’t really think the results were worth it.

I could have got the same improvement (or even a better one) with a $25 supplement.


Cel MD worked for me – not amazingly, but well enough for 1.5 months.

However, it’s not a product I would use or buy again.

In my opinion – it’s simply way too expensive for what it does.

Besides, it doesn’t treat the actual cause of hair loss (since it’s a topical product and only works on the outside).

For half of these money – I recommend a much better product (supplement):

  • works from the inside on the outside
  • treats the actual cause behind
  • effect is much better (and faster)

So instead of spending so much on Cel MD, I prefer to use a cheap supplement that works even better.



#5 – Other Opinions (7 out of 10)

In order to create an unbiased review, I tried to include other customers’ opinions on Cel MD.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not general ones.

1. What People Say

Fortunately – I found enough real opinions on these products.

But as I expected, opinions are quite mixed up:

  1. Some people praise the shampoo for leaving hair really soft.
  2. Others say it’s expensive but worth the price.
  3. A few others claim it did help them with shedding.
  4. Many complain about its side effects (on the scalp).
  5. There are enough saying it didn’t work for them.

Now – these opinions are available for all 4 products, not just the shampoos.

Some people praise their effect, while others say they’re totally useless.

Even though it’s normal for a product not to work for everyone, Cel MD has enough negative reviews.

2. Biggest Complaints

As I said – there are a lot of negative reviews on these products.

Most are related to:

  1. Poor or non-existent effect
  2. Extremely high price
  3. Side effects

I found several reviews complaining about scalp allergies or rashes after using these products.

Considering there are over 5 – this can’t be a coincidence.

Not to mention that Cel MD’s price is indeed exaggerated.

And even though it did work (partially) for me, its effect doesn’t seem to be really good in everyone.


As it’s normal, Cel MD has mixed reviews:

  • Some people say it really helps hair in general
  • Other say it’s a waste of money that does nothing

However, there are enough unsatisfied customers (even though not all are so because of the poor effect).

So in my opinion – that’s the best proof that Cel MD isn’t such a great choice. Especially for so much money.


#6 – Price (3 out of 10)

To be honest – I consider Cel MD’s price exaggerated:

  • no trademark ingredients inside
  • dosages are probably average (no info on this)

So in my opinions, all their products are extremely overpriced.

1. The Exact Price

Surprisingly, the best prices for Cel MD’s products are on Amazon:

  1. Shampoo + Conditioner cost around $52 (8 oz bottles).
  2. Serum costs $75 per box,
  3. Vitamins cost around $40 per bottle.

As you can see – the prices are absolutely huge. Especially for this quantity.

I personally could never afford to buy them all on a monthly basis.

Besides – the shampoo runs out really fast (especially if you use it daily, as recommended).

But there’s another issue:

  • on Amazon, you can’t buy the shampoo alone
  • the only way to get it is as a set (+ conditioner)
  • however, the conditioner lasts a lot more

In my opinion – that’s a strategy meant to force you to buy both.

I personally doubt the conditioner helps too much – since you only apply it on the actual hair (not on the scalp).

That’s why I personally think they only sell them together.

2. Competitors’ Price

I will only compare Cel MD with my #1 recommended product for hair growth – a supplement called Folexin.

  1. F costs about $25 per monthly supply, CM costs around $40 (the supplement).
  2. F has about 30 different ingredients, CM under 15.
  3. Both offer a discount when you buy more bottles (CM just on its official website).
  4. You can get F for about $19 per bottle.
  5. CM costs about $22 per bottle.

In my opinion – Folexin is a much better choice (as price and ingredients).

Now – Cel MD has a good price if you buy the 4 months supply The discount is significant.

But considering its ingredients, I don’t think it’s worth so much.

It’s my personal opinion, but there are so many cheap options that it’s not worth spending so much on this kind of product.


All of Cel MD’s products are extremely overpriced.

So considering there are lots of cheaper alternatives on the market, I really don’t recommend Cel’s products.

You can get products that are similar (if not better) for a much lower price.

So why buy Cel MD for a double cost?



#7 – Where To Find It (9 out of 10)

Fortunately – Cel MD is available in several retailers.

But out of these, only 3 are worth buying from:

  1. The official website
  2. Amazon
  3. Ebay

Now – my top option is Amazon, as they have by far better price than the official website.

However, I mostly recommend Amazon for lower quantities (1-2 bottles).

For buying 3 or more monthly supplies at once – go for the official website:

  • discounts available for larger packages
  • auto-shipping option with 15% off

So if you want to use Cel MD for a longer period, its website is the best choice.

Regarding Ebay – I recommend it if you want to buy the shampoo without the conditioner (or the opposite).

There are higher chances that you find it available in this form.


#8 – FAQs

Coming up, I will try to answer the top questions about Cel MD.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it’s easier to spot here.

1. How often you should use it?

Depending on the instructions from the label:

  • shampoo/conditioner: in every wash
  • serum: after every wash, daily
  • vitamins: 2 pills/day

So basically – for best results, you should use the first 3 products daily and the pills twice a day.

2. How long lasts 1 bottle?

Regarding the pills – it’s simple, it’s a 30 days supply.

However, the shampoo lasts a lot less (especially when used daily). 

3. Can I use it with other drugs?

You can use the topical products with any medication.

But if you also want to try the vitamins, my advice is to ask your doctor first. That especially if you’re following a long-term treatment.

4. Are there any side effects?

The label doesn’t mention anything – but I could find some complaints about:

  • itchy scalp
  • rashes
  • allergies and dandruff

So the topical products can cause this kind of reactions – that’s why it’s essential to take extra care. 

5. How fast should I notice an effect?

These products need about 1-2 months to start working.

It surely depends from person to person – but from what I read, they’re pretty fast in terms of effect.

So give them around 2 months.


#9 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on Cel MD (in 3 ideas):

1. Pretty Fast

In terms of effect – Cel MD works pretty quick (for a topical product):

  • started working after 1.5 months in my case
  • some people say the saw changes after 1 month

Now – it will surely not stop your hair loss in this time.

But it might improve it (which most shampoos don’t).

2. Mixed Opinions

Even though some people were satisfied with it – many weren’t:

  • lots of complaints about price and side effects
  • many said it doesn’t help at all

But as I said, Cel MD was also effective for many people.

So it’s somehow a matter of luck.

3. Extremely Overpriced

That’s the #1 reason why I couldn’t possibly recommend these products:

  • cost a lot more than they value
  • no original/trademark ingredients
  • no high dosages

The price only gets better if you buy 3 or 4 months supply at once. But that’s way too risky – since it might not work.

So overall, I don’t advise you to spend so much money on Cel MD.

Especially when there are so many cheap alternatives on the market.



My Verdict – Is Cel MD Worth Buying?

Short answer: Not really – even though the products themselves are pretty good.

However, for what they do – they’re extremely overpriced:

  1. All 4 hair products cost way too much.
  2. Formula doesn’t have any original ingredient.
  3. No special compounds overall.
  4. Enough unsatisfied customers.

Basically – there are lots of people saying Cel MD wasn’t worth the money.

There were indeed enough satisfied customers, but I still think that for a $50 product – Cel MD isn’t worth buying.

Besides, most of its products are topical. Which means they only work on the outside (they don’t treat the actual cause behind).

So for these money, Cel MD isn’t really worth it.

What should you use instead? I recommend a supplement:

  • treats the hair loss from the inside
  • works much better (and even faster)
  • has a much better price overall

So instead of spending $50 on Cell MD’s shampoo + conditioner (or $175 on the whole set) – better choose a supplement instead.


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26 thoughts on “My Review: Cel MD Hair Stimulation (2023) – Scam Or Worth It?

  1. this is so expensive!!! $175 for 4 products? what are they, instant new locks? Amazon has lots of growth shampoos and vitamins under $50 and many have 4 to 5 star reviews. why would I pay $175 for these when they don’t even grow hair in one month?

    1. Hi Jay, thanks for letting me know your opinion on Cel MD. 

      That’s pretty much true, the products themselves are extremely expensive – even though they do work. But just like all hair products, they’re not miracle makers – so they will need some time to start working at their best.

      I would surely not recommend them – only to people who have too much money to spare and what to experiment with any product. But I doubt there are too many, so Cel MD isn’t among my recommendations.

      PS: I know Amazon has a lot of cheap products, but most of them don’t work amazingly (acne issues, secondary reactions, poor effect, etc.). Before you buy anything, make sure to check out all reviews (especially the negative ones). If you find more than 5 complaints on the same issues, that’s surely a real fact, not a biased review.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Thank you Olly for the great review. As someone who used to be their regular customer, I must confess these products are not perfect. I love the way they look and the way the work, over the year I used them my hair looked fabulous and the growth was unbelievable, in my best month my hair grew almost 5 inches, I never thought that was possible. I could have my hair cut to mid-shoulders and have it back to my waist in a few months when it normally took me several years to grow it out so long! So these products are excellent for growing hair. I used to think you get what you pay for, which is the reason why I was willing to pay over $100 per month for about 1 year. But I will have to agree this price was extremely high, at one point I lost my full-time job position so I could no afford spending all those money just to make my hair look good. I started using some $15 biotin shampoo from Amazon and my hair still looked amazing. I don’t know if it’s the work that Cel MD put in my hair, but it still looks great. So I’m recommending Cel MD but only if you’re a rich person (over $4000 monthly wage). Otherwise try some cheap biotin shampoo, it might actually work. Thank you for listening to my opinion!!

    1. Hello Tracy, I really appreciate sharing your experience with Cel MD. It’s extremely helpful to know it made real miracles with your hair.

      In my opinion, you don’t always get what you pay for. I mean that not all expensive products are amazing, some of them are real scams. Others are expensive just for branding reasons. You can almost always find a cheaper version that contains similar ingredients – and sometimes it costs half of that original price. 

      But I do admit that Cel MD’s products are really good, it’s their price that it’s not.

      I’m pretty curious to hear more about that Amazon biotin shampoo that you used. I tried several but topical products don’t seem to help my hair as much as supplements. So I don’t really know, maybe your hair looked so well because of Cel MD. Or maybe that cheap shampoo really helped, we can’t tell for sure.

      Anyway, if you can – let me know more about that product, I would be interested to try it too (in case I didn’t already).

  3. My wife has a bit of a problem with hair loss, so I’m looking for a great product to let it grow a bit back again. She prefers shampoo and serums than pills and I thought it was just a matter of preference, but now I understand why every doctor she saw recommended supplements: they increase hair follicle production and shampoos can’t do that.

    Shortly I was looking into Cel MD but I feel like me and my wife couldn’t afford it for a long time. Maybe I could get her a supply but if it runs out fast, we won’t be affording this too often. We’d better don’t run that risk! So I will look into one of your recommended supplements instead, the price is a lot better, thank you for the discounts!

    Off-topic do you know any flat iron that will not destroy hair that much? I’m planning to get one for my wife’s birthday and I have no idea what to look into. Maybe you have some advice on that (please under $100).

    1. Hi Jon, thanks for your opinion on Cel MD. Indeed, these products are extremely expensive and not worth the money, in my opinion. So if you’re not sure you can afford them on the long term, better not buy them. Your wife won’t see any effect in 1 month, so she’s going to need several monthly supplies. That’s why I don’t think it’s suitable in her case.

      Considering her problem with hair loss, I agree that supplements are a much wiser choice. If she ever stops taking the pills, her hair won’t fall out again (as it happens with most topical products).

      Regarding hair straighteners, I actually have a few quality recommendations that fit in your budget. They should help you decide what exactly you want to buy.

      Hope this helps.

  4. Hi! I used the shampoo and started seeing thicker hair in less than 3 weeks. Also my shedding wasn’t as bad. But after one month my scalp started feeling itchy and I noticed some red points in the worst areas. Could it be the shampoo? I have to mention that these symptoms started after about one month, not immediately after. Also I noticed my hair loss increased again, could it be because of the itch? Any opinion would be helpful!

    1. Hey Aaron, thanks for sharing your experience with Cel MD.

      First of all, your problem might or might not be caused by this shampoo. Let me ask you – have you started using any product in the meantime? Let’s say 1-2 weeks before that itching came up. If yes, it might be that product causing, it not Cel MD. 

      In case you did start a new product, but not a topical one (a supplement actually) – there are very few chances that it’s responsible for your itching. Pills usually cause itching on your body, not just on your scalp. And since you didn’t mention it, I doubt you have any body itching.

      On the other hand, shampoos can produce scalp allergy sometimes. And it doesn’t always happen immediately after you start using them. That’s why I can’t tell for sure.

      But here’s what I advise you to do:

      1) Give up Cel MD for a couple of weeks.

      2) If your itching goes away, it was probably caused by the shampoo.

      3) If there’s no change, it’s probably just a coincidence. In this case, I think you should see a dermatologist or a hair specialist for a specialized treatment.

      Regarding your returning hair loss, scalp allergies can cause shedding sometimes – but it’s pretty rare. So in my opinion, it’s because the shampoo doesn’t work anymore. It happened to me a lot of times to have great results with a product and then suddenly it stops working. It’s really frustrating, but it does happen.

      So try to follow my advice and see whether it Cel MD behind your scalp allergy or not. Please let me know what you find out. Hope this helps!

  5. Sorry but I think this is a scam. every company says their products are the best and 100% natural but everyone knows it’s usually a lie. i never heard of this cel md brand before, i don’t think there’s a big deal around it. they just want to scam people by selling them expensive products and making them believe these are better, just because they are more expensive. would not buy!

    1. Hi Brie, thanks for sharing your opinion on Cel MD. I don’t necessarily consider these products a scam, since I’ve seen them work.

      Actually – I personally believe their claims regarding the source of their ingredients. If they weren’t natural, why would they cost so much? I think the company is quite honest, since it has very few complaints online. 

      It’s simply that its products aren’t the best thing you can buy for the money – that’s what I think. They do work, but many cheaper products work even better. Plus – most of Cel MD’s products are topical, so they don’t have such great results on the long term (as supplements do).

      It’s true that they also have a supplement, but its formula isn’t anything special. It costs $40 per month, which is way too much.

      So I don’t consider Cel MD a scam, I just think their products are good but extremely overpriced. But obviously – each of us has the right to have his own opinion, so I’m not trying to convince you of anything. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

  6. Anyone who wants to supplement for hair loss should get tested first. If I hadn’t had my levels of biotin tested, and began taking this supplement, I would have been in trouble, since my levels are already high. BTW: I still have hair loss, so biotin isn’t the answer for me, anyway.

    1. Hi Barbara, I always recommend having your blood tests done before starting a supplement, especially if it’s based on vitamins. I personally prefer those based on herbs, because they are a lot safer (there’s no risk of having high levels here). But it’s pretty weird to hear your biotin levels are already high. Have you ever used any biotin supplement before? And are your levels higher than normal or just in the normal range? You’re the first person to ever have high biotin levels out of nowhere, at least from what I heard.

      To be honest, when I was dealing with hair loss – one of the first supplements I tried were the ones based only on biotin (from Amazon). They didn’t help out at all, so I’ve found out myself that biotin alone doesn’t always help. So I understand what you’re saying.

      My advice is to use a combination of herbs, because they have a much stronger effect for hair (at least in my case they did). Vitamins can also help, but a multivitamin supplement isn’t always the solution for hair loss. So I prefer supplements with herbs, as they also contain some vitamins (but in lower dosages). That’s a lot safer and more effective, in my opinion.

  7. Hey Olly I am using the shampoo and conditioner from Cel MD and my hair looks awesome. It’s too early to speak about growth but all the frizz and dry ends are gone. I’m only using it for less than a month and I love how it manages my hair. How fast do you think I should see any growth? Maybe 1 inch per month? I haven’t ordered the vitamins yet but I am going to do that, do you think they will make my hair grow better than just with shampoo and conditioner? 

    1. Hi Andrea, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with Cel MD. It’s great to hear it makes your hair smooth and healthy but that doesn’t have much to do with growth, to be honest. It’s only the shampoo and conditioner that are doing their job.

      Now – you shouldn’t expect to see miraculous growth if you only use the shampoo and conditioner. I know they are designed for hair growth, but they’re topical products. This category doesn’t work amazingly for growing hair, even though it’s quite popular (everyone want to use a shampoo to grow their hair out).

      For this reason, you shouldn’t expect 1 inch per month. If you’re only going to use these 2 products, I doubt you will ever get to that number, unfortunately. 

      What you need is a supplement, because it works from the inside so it stimulates hair follicles directly. The effect is going to be real and it should appear much faster (than if you used only topical products like shampoos/conditioners). Cel MD’s vitamins aren’t my favorite supplement ever. But if you want to stick to this brand, I definitely recommend using the vitamins as well. So make sure to order them straight away.

      You can continue to use the shampoo and conditioner – but they won’t make miracles alone. That’s why I recommend using the supplement as a first line treatment. 

      Anyway, if you want the best results – I recommend choosing another brand for the supplements. Cel MD’s vitamins aren’t anything amazing, they mostly contain regular ingredients. Instead, some other brands offer much better formulas at lower prices – it’s all about knowing where to look.

      Also – you can try Cel MD’s serum. Serums are usually a lot more concentrated (compared to shampoos/conditioners). So even though it’s a topical product, it should work faster than the shampoo. 

      As a conclusion, I wouldn’t make great expectations from the shampoo + conditioner. They work great in terms of hydrating hair, but they won’t help with growth too much. That’s what the serum and supplement are for. So I definitely recommend you to get the serum plus a hair supplement (not necessarily the one from Cel MD, because there are far better choices).

      You can continue using the shampoo and conditioner, but in my opinion – they won’t do much in terms of growth. So if you can’t afford all products, get the serum and a supplement instead. That should really help. I also suggest you to check out this guide on hair growth in 12 steps, it’s going to help for sure.

      In case you have any other question, just let me know anytime.

  8. I was not very happy with this product… I used the supplement from Cel MD and couldn’t see massive success for my hair. It felt softer and thicker but I was losing as many hairs as before (especially in the shower), I was hoping it would help more than this. Not sure about the serum, though…I never used it.

    Just wanted to say that I’m now using Folexin for 3-4 months, I bought it after reading your review. Now I think it’s one of the best products on the market at that money. I started losing less hair from the first weeks and in 3 months it was so much better. For a month I’ve been combining it with castor oil to get an even faster effect (I can see my hair has grown a lot in the past month), I want to see how much it can still grow. 

    So thank you for all your recommendations, I can tell Folexin is so legit. I used to be spending a lot of money on stuff like Cel MD but now I’m saving a lot more, so thank you. Great website!

    1. Hey Rose, thanks a lot for your feedback on both Cel MD and Folexin.

      First of all – Cel MD’s vitamins aren’t great in terms of ingredients. I would actually recommend them to a person with healthy hair who only wants to grow it out. And even in those cases, it’s not the cheapest solution.

      Anyway, the supplement isn’t strong enough for someone dealing with hair loss. You didn’t mention the cause behind, you might not even know it – but for women, there are many possible causes. And Cel MD’s vitamins aren’t very helpful in most cases (just because of their pretty weak formula).

      Secondly, I’m glad to hear you had such great results with Folexin. It’s a much cheaper alternative compared to Cel MD, not to mention that it also has a much stronger formula. So that’s why you saw results much faster. At this point, the best thing you can do is to continue using it until you’re satisfied with the results. Then you can give it a break and see how your hair behaves. In many cases, the shedding doesn’t return so hopefully that will be your case as well.

      Please keep my update on how it goes.

  9. Hello Olly, I was just wondering what is the difference between this product (the vitamins) and the ones sold by Nutrafol & Viviscal? I saw the last 2 advertised very often and I know lots of people are using them. But if I use the serum from Cel MD, wouldn’t it be better if I also used the vitamins from them? Right now I am using this serum and am starting to see results, but want to make it work faster so I was recommended a supplement. I still don’t know what to choose, whether to go for the same brand or choose one that is very popular. I would like an advice please. 

    1. Hi Amber, thanks for your feedback on Cel MD’s serum. I would like to hear if you start seeing better results in the future, so please keep me updated with any news (even bad ones, but hopefully not).

      Now let’s get to your questions.

      Out of all products from Cel MD, I probably like their vitamins the least:

      – only one herbal extract (Horsetail)

      – several vitamins found in any regular supplement

      – biotin dosage too high in my opinion (this kind of amounts can cause acne)

      Basically – I think the formula is way too weak for how much it costs (around $40). I do understand it’s because of the brand, but I still don’t feel like it’s worth buying. Except the super biotin, it doesn’t have anything special inside. And in my opinion – even that special biotin isn’t great, because it’s potentially dangerous.

      So I think it’s way too overpriced and quite weak in terms of ingredients.

      When it comes to Nutrafol and Viviscal, they’re some of the most popular hair supplements at this point. However, that’s completely fair – as they have some studies behind (most supplements don’t) and at least one original ingredient, which automatically raises their price. 

      And yes – they’re both very expensive. Viviscal costs around $40-$50 and Nutrafol doesn’t come any lower than $88. They have great formulas but even so, they’re a bit overpriced (once again, because of the brand).

      So compared to Cel MD’s supplements – these 2 are clearly superior in terms of ingredients. However, Nutrafol costs double so I doubt you would be willing to pay so much. On the other hand, Viviscal is only a few dollars pricier – so it would be a much better alternative, if you ask me.

      You also asked whether you should stick to the same brand (considering you’re using the serum) or you can pick another one? Trust me, it doesn’t matter at all. You can use Cel MD’s serum and supplement – the results aren’t going to be any better than if you used Viviscal’s supplement instead. 

      Using 2 products from the same brand is completely irrelevant in this case. If they were both topical products (shampoo and conditioner), using the same brand might be better – but it’s not a rule. However, in this case it doesn’t really matter.

      So from the products you mentioned – I would continue using Cel MD’s serum and also go for Viviscal’s supplement (choose the Extra Strength version, because it’s more accessible than the others).

      I hope this answers your questions.

  10. When comparing this to Viviscal, I would say it’s much better. I used both and Viviscal didn’t help my hair much (shampoo and conditioner). On the other hand, my thin hair looked more voluminous with Cel MD’s shampoo and conditioner. It doesn’t look the way I wanted yet, but I hope it will look so in the future.

    I know it’s expensive but I would pay this amount anytime (it also lasts enough). Quite confused about the complaints, though. I never had any side effect or allergy, every time my scalp felt fresh and hydrated. Maybe it’s matter of person but I really loved this! Totally recommended.

    1. Hello Janine and thanks for sharing your experience with Cel MD’s products. I’m glad to hear you saw positive results with them, I also have a good opinion about the products themselves (except for their price).

      Regarding your comparison to Viviscal – I don’t think it was very relevant. Viviscal’s main product is the supplement – so if you want to get the most of this brand, that’s what you should try. The other products (shampoo, conditioner, etc.) are only meant for an additional effect. That’s why it’s not fair judging Viviscal only after its shampoo/conditioner’s effect.

      On the other hand, Cel MD’s most important products are the shampoo and conditioner. The brand also offers a supplement (which is clearly more effective), but it’s not promoted as their main and best product. Plus – Cel MD’s shampoo and conditioner alone are far superior to Viviscal’s shampoo and conditioner alone. The price speaks for itself, actually.

      Now – if you had such positive results with Cel MD, there’s no point switching to something else. But I only wanted to clarify the comparison you made, because I don’t consider it correct. If you really want to see what Viviscal can do, you should try using the supplement (either one of the 2 versions).

      Anyway, thanks for your feedback on Cel MD.

  11. Hi Olly. Could you tell me if this shampoo is good for an itchy scalp? I think it would stimulate my hair very well but I want to make sure it’s not irritating (I get dandruff from a lot of products). I have a sensitive scalp. I don’t want to take extra pills, I have several medical condition that I’m treating with drugs so I’m already fine with the number of pills I take, I don’t need any extra one. Waiting for your opinion, Claire.

    1. Hey Claire, thanks for your question. When I used Cel MD’s products, I had no issue with itching or irritation, so its products are fine from my point of view. 

      However, I found many complaints on this topic on Amazon. Lots of customers said the products irritated their scalp. Obviously, this didn’t happen to everyone, but there was a per cent of users who experienced that.

      So if you tend to develop dandruff easily and you have a more sensitive scalp, I’m not sure Cel MD is the best choice. However, I know it’s a professional brand so I personally would give them a shot. I can’t guarantee your scalp will be fine from them, though. So it’s up to you. Maybe checking out more user reviews on Amazon would help you decide.

      Anyway – there’s another shampoo I would recommend you. It’s called Valotin Strengthening Shampoo and it’s probably the most efficient hair growth shampoo I know. It has very few complaints on irritation, that’s why I think it’s a safer choice than Cel MD. But it’s totally up to you, I only gave it as an alternative, in case you want something else than Cel MD.

      Don’t worry – I won’t insist on supplements if you’re already taking enough drugs. I totally understand and respect this. But you can try rinsing your hair with green tea, it’s really helpful for soothing irritated scalp and relieving the itching. It might help you a lot.

  12. I need to cancel this, as of now am losing much more hair then before so please cancel this today thank you

    1. Hi Michelle, I can’t cancel any of your orders because I don’t have access to them. I’m not working for Cel MD or anything like this, I simply wrote a review of their products as a previous user. You will have to get in touch with this brand’s staff if you want your order cancelled.

  13. I just placed an order thru Facebook and could not get to the final page. Please let me know what happen.
    Thank you

    1. Hey Lupe, I’m not selling these products and I have no connection with the brand behind them, so it’s impossible for me to tell you this. I only wrote a review of Cel MD, that’s all.

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