My Review: Nuzena Hair Growth Support (2023) – One Of My Top Picks

My Review: Nuzena Hair Growth Support (2020) - One Of My Top Picks

It’s time to review Nuzena Hair Growth Support – a hair supplement I discovered quite recently.

However, its features totally convinced me.

So at this point – I can tell that it’s one of the best supplements on the market:

  • excellent formula with about 30 active ingredients
  • really good price
  • installments payment available

But is this product the very best choice on the market?

Let me give you all the details you need, in the following lines.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Nuzena’s product.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Hair Growth Support + from Nuzena

Sizes: Only one (30 days supply)

Best Actual Price: $35/bottle (standard price)

You can also get it for about $18/bottle (I will tell you below how)

Cheapest Place To Buy: Nuzena’s official website

It’s also available on Amazon – but price is much higher and you can’t pay in installments.

So it’s not really worth it.

Designed For: Everything that involves hair loss and growth:

  • speeds up growth rate
  • stimulates follicles and prevents fall out
  • improves hair thickness and quality
  • also prevents thinning

So it pretty much works for all hair problems (except for male pattern hair loss).

My Rating: 9.50 out of 10One of the few products I rated so high

Worth Buying?: For sure – it’s one of the best hair supplements I ever came across: 

  • excellent formula with strong ingredients
  • very effective for hair loss/growth/thinning
  • really affordable (up to $18.5/bottle)
  • you can pay in monthly installments

So it’s a product I strongly recommend at any time (especially for people on a tight budget).


How To Buy It Cheaper

As I promised – I’m going to tell you how to get Nuzena Hair Growth Support + for $18.5 (instead of $35).

Here’s the strategy:

  1. Use the code below to get $10 for any order.
  2. Buy the “4 + 3 free bottles” version.
  3. You get 3 free bottles and a $105 discount.

If you make the calculations, this means $18.5 per bottle – which is one of the lowest prices I’ve seen for a hair supplement.

That’s how you can save a ton of money with Nuzena’s supplement.

PS: If $18.5 is too much for you, you can choose the 4 monthly installments plan and pay from $9/month (depending on your order size).


What I Liked About It

  • One of the best formulas on the market
  • Contains almost 30 different active ingredients
  • Some of its compounds have hair-related studies behind
  • Pills are pretty small
  • Pretty much reviews are positive
  • Really low price (even $18.5/bottle)
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • You can buy it from every country in the world


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Price is so good only on its official website (way pricier on Amazon)
  • Brand appeared pretty recently on the market
  • Few real user reviews



#1 – Ingredients (9.50 out of 10)

If you ask me – Nuzena’s supplement has the best type of formula on the market:

  • contains about 30 different active ingredients
  • most have really high doses
  • all of its compounds have major hair benefits

Now – there are some other supplements that contain this exact same formula.

I would mention Kerotin and Folexin here. (And both of them have excellent results.)

But that doesn’t make Nuzena’s supplement less effective.

Now – I would divide its ingredients in 2 categories:

  1. Proprietary Blend
  2. Vitamins + Minerals

So let’s take a closer look at each group.

1. Proprietary Blend

This is actually the main responsible behind Nuzena’s effect.

It’s actually a combination of herbal extracts (which have the strongest effect in terms of hair).

Now – this blend contains around 12 different herbs:

  1. PABA – promotes root strength and prevents graying hair. [1]
  2. L-Tyrosine – reduces stress-induced hair loss.
  3. Horsetail Extract – adds volume and fights thinning hair.
  4. Fo-Ti – boosts growth speed and hair pigmentation. [2]
  5. Nettle Root – blocks DHT excess and reduces shedding. [3]
  6. Spirulina – prevents long-term hair loss.
  7. Saw Palmetto – best herb against DHT excess.

Other than these 7 herbs – I would also mention Peony, Plant Sterols and Bamboo Extract.

This herbal blend is what makes Nuzena’s formula so amazing.

2. Vitamins + Minerals

This supplement contains all nutrients that are essential to hair growth/loss.

Overall – it has more than 15 different vitamins/minerals:

  1. Vitamin B Complex – fights shedding and strengthens the roots.
  2. Folic Acid – prevents breakage and damage. [4]
  3. Biotin – has the highest hair benefits among all vitamins.
  4. Zinc – can help reduce even severe hair loss.
  5. Vitamin D3 – increases thickness and reduces the fall out.
  6. Iron – it’s essential for roots and follicles health. [5]

Now – these vitamins and minerals definitely help hair.

But their effect isn’t a major one.

Plus – you can find vitamins/minerals in all hair supplements. So they don’t make Nuzena’s product unique.

But overall, their effect adds up.


Summing up – Nuzena’s formula is more than awesome.

I would actually say that it’s the best formula I found in hair supplements:

  • based on essential substances (in terms of hair)
  • great doses
  • contains both herbs and vitamins/minerals

Now – it’s up to you whether you want to choose Nuzena’s product or another supplements with the exact same formula.

But as long as you choose this composition, your will surely reach your hair goals.



#2 – How To Take It (9 out of 10)

Nuzena’s product seems to be similar to most hair supplements at this chapter.

Here’s what I mean.

1. The Pills

First of all – this supplements contains vegetable capsules:

  • transparent cover with a whitish powder inside
  • average dimensions 
  • quite easy to swallow

In case you tried some other hair supplements, these pills look quite similar.

That’s why I consider them “typical hair pills”.

So there’s no reason to worry at this chapter – they’re small enough and easy to swallow.

2. The Schedule

Nuzena’s product doesn’t make any exception when it comes to dosage either:

  • 2 pills per day is the required dosage
  • you can either take them together or space them out

Now – 2 pills/day is pretty much what most hair supplements require.

And it’s pretty simple to follow.

I personally recommend spacing them out (one in the morning and one in the evening).

But if that’s not really possible – you can also take them together.

In the end, the effect should be the same.


#3 – Results (8 out of 10)

I personally have never tried Nuzena’s product myself.

However – I did try some other with the exactly same formula.

And since I had the best results with those, I completely trust Nuzena as well.

However – in order to give you an unbiased perspective on it, I analyzed other users’ opinion on it.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional ones.

1. Its Real Reviews

First of all – Nuzena’s products have very few real reviews overall.

Even though they’re sold on Amazon, they don’t seem to have a lot of users.

Honestly – that’s completely normal, since Nuzena is a new company on the market.

So here’s the thing:

  1. Nuzena’s hair supplement has several reviews online.
  2. But most of them are made by promotional websites.
  3. They only contain general things about the product (without analyzing it).
  4. When it comes to Amazon, there are no reviews.

The only place where I could find some real opinions is Nuzena’s official website.

To be honest – I usually avoid reviews from the seller’s website (because they tend to be biased).

But Nuzena’s website allows you to write a review if you make a purchase.

That’s why I have a feeling that those reviews are legit and real.

2. What People Say

Now – even Nuzena’s official website doesn’t have many reviews on this supplement.

There are less than 10 so far:

  1. Most customers are praising this supplement.
  2. Some say it really helped their thinning hair.
  3. Others claim it’s great when it comes to speeding growth.
  4. A few others state it reduced their fall out.

Now – 10 reviews is way too little to see if a product works or not.

But considering its formula and the fact that I tested it out – I would say it’s impossible that it doesn’t work.

So I personally believe the few reviews from Nuzena’s website.

That’s why it’s a supplement I would recommend anytime, in terms of results.


Unfortunately – Nuzena’s hair supplements doesn’t have lots of previous customers.

But that’s mostly because it’s a new brand.

And out of its few review – pretty much all are positive.

So in terms of effect, I doubt a supplement like this could possibly not work.

That’s why it’s a product I strongly recommend (especially for the little money it costs).



#4 – Price (9 out of 10)

Nuzena’s product gives you a unique opportunity – to get a pricey formula for a lot less.

And even though it doesn’t seem very cheap at first sight, it actually it.

I’m going to explain you how to buy it for less.

1. The Exact Price

This supplement’s standard price is $35/bottle.

That’s not very expensive but I’ve surely seen cheaper than that.

Still – if you use the coupon code below, you can save $10. And $25/bottle is a totally different thing.

But it can get even better:

  1. Price gets much lower if you buy more bottles at once.
  2. It costs $20/bottle if you buy 3 bottles at once.
  3. For 5 bottle bought, price is $19/bottle.
  4. Lastly, if you buy 7 bottle you end up paying $18.5/bottle.
  5. Make sure you use the code below (otherwise you won’t get $10 off).
  6. Also, shipping is free for most orders.

Now – at $18/bottle, Nuzena’s product has an excellent price.

Actually, there are very few supplements that could compete with that.

However, Nuzena has another major advantage.

It’s the only hair supplement that offers installments payment:

  • you can pay any order in 4 monthly installments
  • price starts at $9/month (depending on the quantity you buy)
  • the final price is the same as if you paid the full amount at once

Overall – it’s probably the only hair supplement with so many advantages in terms of price.

That’s why I strongly recommend it.

It’s one of the supplements I would buy at any time.

2. Competitors’ Price

I want to compare Nuzena’s product with my #1 recommended hair supplement.

I’m taking about a product by Vita Balance called Folexin.

  1. They have the exact same formula and doses.
  2. Both are sold by less popular brands that offers major discounts.
  3. Folexin’s lowest price is around $18/bottle.
  4. Nuzena’s lowest price is $18.5/bottle.

Basically – they are almost identical in terms of price as well.

And when it comes to the other chapters, there’s no difference.

Still – I would recommend each in a different case.

1. Nuzena’s Hair Growth Support + works best in 2 situations:

  • for people with tight budgets (who prefer to pay in monthly installments)
  • for people outside US (worldwide shipping)

2. Folexin works best in the following cases:

  • US residents that need the product fast
  • people who afford to pay the whole amount at once

Basically – the differences between these 2 products are extremely little.

So each of them you bought, you should have the same results in terms of hair.

It’s all about your budget.


Nuzena’s supplement has a really low price overall:

  • standard price/bottle is $25 (only with the $10 off code from below)
  • price gets as little as $18.5/bottle for larger quantities
  • you can also pay in monthly installments
  • shipping is free over $50

So if you’re looking for the best formula on the market at the lowest price possible, I strongly recommend this product.


#5 – Where To Find It (10 out of 10)

First of all – every product made by Nuzena is very easy to find.

And its Hair Growth Support + makes no exception:

  1. Best place to buy it from is Nuzena’s official website.
  2. It’s also available on 3rd party retailers like Amazon.
  3. If I’m not wrong, you can find it on Ebay too.

Now – I don’t recommend buying Nuzena’s products from Amazon (even though it seems more comfortable):

  • price is higher
  • no discount available
  • you can’t pay in installments
  • no free shipping 

Basically, you end up paying a lot more than if you bought it from Nuzena’s official website.

But there’s more you should know. 

It’s official website offers worldwide shipping (which is free on orders over $50).

That’s what makes it a great choice no matter in what country you lived.



#6 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on Nuzena’s Hair Growth Support +. 

1. Excellent Formula

In terms of ingredients, Nuzena’s product has an excellent composition:

  • contains about 30 essential substances
  • many of them have clinical trials behind
  • all have real benefits when it comes to hair

As I said before – in my opinion, that’s the best type of formula on the market.

Since I had the best results with it, it really deserves my praises.

2. Unbeatable Price

To be honest – there are very few hair supplements with such a low price:

  • it normally costs $35/bottle
  • you can use a coupon for $10 off
  • price gets much lower if you buy several bottles at once

In this way, Nuzena’s supplement costs as little as $18.5/bottle.

Except for Vita Balance’s Folexin, I don’t know any cheaper hair supplement.

3. Installments Payment Allowed

That’s one of the unique advantages of Nuzena’s supplement.

At this point – it’s the only hair supplement I know that allows you to pay your order throughout 4 months:

  • offers installments payment
  • you can pay any order in 4 months
  • final price is the same as if you paid at once

So if you want to try a quality hair supplement but can’t afford it – installments payment is a great way to do that.

That’s why Nuzena offers a unique chance.


My Verdict – Is It Worth Buying?

Short answer: Definitely – it’s one of the best hair supplements on the market:

  1. Excellent formula with almost 30 active ingredients.
  2. Compounds with clinical trials behind.
  3. Many satisfied customers at this point.
  4. Exact same formula as a $50 product with lots of praises.
  5. Lowest price on the market (up to almost $18/bottle).
  6. You can pay in 4 monthly installments.
  7. Shipping is free in many cases.

So in my opinion, Nuzena’s supplement is totally worth buying.

Actually – I would say that it’s my top recommended hair supplement in some cases:

  • for people who can’t afford paying a supplement at once
  • for people living outside US (since it ships worldwide)

Obviously, there are many other supplements that work.

But Nuzena’s product has some advantages that you can’t find in many other products.

So at this point, I strongly recommend it.

It has a great effect in terms of hair growth/loss and an incredibly low price.

What else could you hope for?




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  1. Hey! thank u for your review!
    i have one question: you said that the capsules contain gelatin, or on their website they say that the capsuls are veggis!
    how did u know thaht they contain gelatin? and what kind of gelatin?

    Thank u for ur answer

    1. Hi Marie, you’re right, they are vegetable capsules, not gelatin capsules. I just checked and you’re right, so I will change my review.

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