My Review: Hair Revital X (2023) – Scam Or Real?

My Review: Hair Revital X (2019) - Scam Or Real?

It’s time to review Hair Revital X – a system designed to fight thinning and baldness.

So is it any good?

Honestly – I found real evidence that this product might be a scam:

  • exaggerated claims
  • extremely overpriced
  • very unprofessional website
  • no info about the producing company

So in my opinion, Hair Revital X is probably a scam.

But I wanted to judge it fairly – so I tried to dig deep into it and see the truth behind.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Hair Revital X.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Hair Revital X by Zenith Labs

Versions: There are 2 products available:

  • supplement
  • topical solution

You can only buy them together (not sold separately).

Best Actual Price: $49 (supplement + solution)

Cheapest Place To Buy: Only available on its official website

Designed For: Hair loss/thinning caused by DHT excess. It claims to: 

  • restore thick healthy hair
  • reverse an existent baldness
  • prevent genetic hair loss

However – it’s one of the few products with such high claims (especially reversing baldness).

No product can do that currently – that’s why I seriously question Hair Revital X’s authenticity.

My Rating: 3 out of 10 – I consider it pretty much a scam.

Worth Buying?: Definitely not.

Though the products look good – they have some major issues:

  • exaggerated claims
  • clearly overpriced (especially shipping)
  • absolutely no real user opinion (and many promotional reviews)

If you’re looking for a real solution, this is my #1 recommended supplement for male hair loss.


What I Liked About It

  • Strong ingredients in both products
  • Very clear instructions
  • Price itself isn’t extremely huge


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Claims to do things no product can do (reverse baldness, etc.)
  • Absolutely no real customer opinion/review
  • Over 30 promotional reviews (probably fake)
  • Shipping fees are absolutely huge ($20)
  • Website is very unprofessional
  • No info about the company behind
  • Not available in any retailer



What Is Hair Revital X? A Quick Overview

In a few words – it’s a system claiming TO CURE male pattern hair loss.

According to its website:

  • it focuses on a herb that restores hair
  • this is called “Razor-Grass Remedy)
  • in reality, it’s actually Saw Palmetto

Basically – it claims to use a secret ingredient to treat male hair loss.

But in reality, that secret ingredient is probably the #1 used herb for male baldness.

And no – according to actual studies, it cannot reverse baldness.

It can decrease the fall out and even prevent it, but it CANNOT regrow hair on a bald scalp.

That’s the main reason why I questioned Hair Revital X.

But also:

  • its website totally unprofessional
  • it looks like it only wants to convince people into buying the products
  • no info about the company behind

Not to mention the huge shipping fees (which are probably meant to increase the earnings of the seller).

For this reason – I couldn’t possibly recommend Hair Revital X.


#1 – Ingredients (8 out of 10)

For a DHT blocker – Hair Revital X has a great formula:

  • based on herbs known as strong DHT blockers
  • good dosages for most ingredients
  • some compounds have studies behind

To be honest, both of its products look a lot better than I expected (in terms of ingredients).

So let’s take each by turn.

1. Supplement

According to the official website – the formula contains Saw Palmetto + 3 blends:

1. Saw Palmetto – it’s the best natural DHT blocker among all herbs:

  • several studies behind [1]
  • very promising results
  • used in many male hair loss products

This is the main ingredient from Hair Revital X – and it’s surely a great one.

2. Anti-Genetics Blend (targets genes producing too much DHT):

  • Nettle Leaf Extract – can reduce DHT and stimulate follicles [2]
  • Pygeum Bark Extract – targets and deactivates DHT hormones [3]
  • L-Methionine – keeps DHT levels under control

Overall – this blend is meant to control high DHT levels due to family history (quite common).

3. Regrowth Extender Blend (promote faster hair growth):

  • Vitamin A Palmitate
  • Phytosterols
  • Panthotenic Acid
  • Zinc

This blend changes the regular hair growth cycle – decreasing the fall out stage and increasing the growth period.

4. Healthy Hair Blend (supports healthy hair):

  • L-Cysteine & Vitamin B
  • Folic Acid & Biotin

Now – this blend isn’t extremely useful for hair loss.

But it’s more helpful once your hair stops falling out – as it maintains its health.

My only objection is that biotin could be dangerous at this dosage (2000 mcg).

2. Topical Solution

This product is also a combination of several blends (4).

But since it’s not as strong as the supplement – I won’t insist too much on each:

  1. Anti-Genetics Blend: Saw Palmetto, Rosemary & Carthamus Thistle Extract [4]
  2. Regrowth Extender: Apigenin, Centella
  3. Healthy Hair: Biotinoyl, Panax
  4. Deep Absorption: Butylene Glycol, Lechitin, Capsaicin

In terms of ingredients, the formula looks great.

But since there are no dosages, it’s hard to tell.


Hair Revital X’s both products have strong formulas:

  • quality ingredients known for their hair benefits
  • correct combinations
  • studies behind most ingredients

Now – the supplement doesn’t have the best formula on the market.

But it’s not very far either.

So in terms of ingredients, Hair Revital X impressed me in the good way.



#2 – How To Use It (8 out of 10)

Hair Revital X offers some pretty good directions about its 2 products.

But let me give you more details on their dimensions & consistency.

1. Supplement

First of all – this product’s pills have an average size:

  • covered in gelatin
  • pretty easy to swallow

According to the label, you need 2 pills per day – which is also average.

There’s no advice about the time you should take them.

Also – it’s not mentioned whether it’s best to take them together or not.

So at those chapters, you are free to choose the best option.

As long as you take 2 pills everyday, it’s totally fine.

2. Topical Solution

This product has a pretty light consistency.

Compared to a gel – it’s a lot lighter. Other than that:

  • scent is rather herbal
  • doesn’t smell very intensely 
  • doesn’t stay in the hair for long

In terms of schedule, you need to apply 1-2 sprays per day and massage.

Considering its light texture – it won’t make your hair sticky or greasier.

It’s not very convenient applying it daily, but it could be a lot worse.


Both Hair Revital X’s products are easy to use:

  • supplement requires 2 pills per day
  • topical solution needs to be applied 1-2 times daily

They’re not the very best products at this chapter.

But still – they’re quite easy to use overall.


#3 – Results (3 out of 10)

I haven’t tried Hair Revital X myself.

Though I was suffering from a DHT related hair loss, I didn’t find this product at that point.

So I won’t be able to share my experience with it.

But as I usually do in these cases – I decided to look into other customers’ opinions.

In this way, I could give you a real perspective on the product’s effect.

Note: I only consider authentic reviews, not promotional ones.

1. Users’ Opinions

Hair Revital X looks really bad at this chapter:

  • not sold on Amazon or any other retailer
  • no reviews on third party websites (like BBB)
  • no real user opinions

In other words – there’s no authentic info about it all over the Internet.

I couldn’t find any single customer review.

There are indeed plenty of reviews if you do a quick Google Search.

But 100% of them are promotional – meaning the writer:

  • has never tried the product (nor he is going to)
  • only praises it in order to make money from selling it
  • makes it seem the most perfect product

Basically – these are all fake reviews, which I always try avoid.

It’s okay if you never tried a product as a writer, just be honest and show both of its positive and negative side.

2. Biggest Complaints

Since there are no real opinions – there’s also nothing I can criticize about Hair Revital X.

But that’s exactly my #1 complain about it:

  1. No user experience/feedback anywhere.
  2. Very little info about it overall.
  3. Lots of fake reviews.

But that’s not all – I also have a big problem with its official website:

  • extremely unprofessional
  • looks just like a sales page
  • only meant to convince people to buy their products

In terms of effect – I can’t tell if it works or not, since I ever tried it.

But on paper, it should work (not as much as it claims, though).

I personally believe it could decrease hair loss/thinning. 

However – I’m convinced it could never reverse baldness, as it claims.

Since no $100 product can do that, how could an unknown supplement that contains about the same as most?


Hair Revital X doesn’t have any single authentic review.

I say this after searching all over the Internet, without success.

However – it does have plenty of fake (promotional reviews):

  • only meant to convince people to buy it
  • no user experience

Not to mention that its official website looks like a sales page (and nothing else).

For this reason, I would definitely not recommend Hair Revital X.

If you want a real solution – I would recommend another product.



#4 – Price (6 out of 10)

Hair Revital X does seem a bit expensive at first sight.

But considering the price includes 2 products – it’s not that bad.

1. The Exact Price

As I said – you can only find this product on its official website.

So there’s no point comparing the price, as it’s the only one available:

  1. One monthly supply costs $49 (supplement + topical solution).
  2. Shipping fees are around $20 (a lot).
  3. Price gets better if you buy more monthly supplies at once.
  4. For example, a 3 months supply costs $117 ($39 per bottle).
  5. Shipping also costs $20.
  6. A 6 months supply costs $198 ($33 per bottle).
  7. In this case, shipping is free.

Basically – the products’ price isn’t low, but it’s not the highest ever.

However, a $20 shipping sounds huge to me.

This means you end up paying $70 for a monthly supply – which is way too much.

Honestly, I doubt the shipping costs so much. I personally think it’s just an extra cost of the products themselves.

Instead of selling it for $59 + $10 shipping – the producer prefers the $49 + $20 version (more attractive for the customer).

So in terms of price, I think this product is a scam.

2. Worth It Or Not?

I honestly don’t think it’s worth it.

Though both products have a promising formula – price is way too high (especially that shipping fee).

Besides, Hair Revital X isn’t the only supplement with good ingredients.

There are actually quite a few that are way above.

That’s the reason why I don’t think it’s worth it (in terms of price).


#5 – Where To Find It (1 out of 10)

This product isn’t available on any retailer/third party seller:

  • doesn’t have any page on Amazon (not even discontinued)
  • not available on Ebay

So the only option left is its official website.

However – I honestly would not buy from there:

  • looks totally unprofessional
  • main page looks like a blog roll
  • gives the feeling that it only wants to convince you to buy it

Besides, there are also some “impossible to comply with” claims:

  1. Reversing baldness and growing new hairs on a bald scalp.
  2. Great effect for women dealing with DHT hair loss.

So at this point, Hair Revital X can’t be bought anywhere else than on its official website.

As I would not buy from there, I would advise you to choose another product.

I just don’t feel like this one if worth all the effort.



#6 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on this product (in 3 ideas).

1. Promising Formula

In terms of ingredients, Hair Revital X looks surprisingly well:

  • strong compounds in good dosages
  • substances with studies behind
  • quality combinations

The 2 formulas aren’t the best ones on the market.

But compared to many, they are above the average.

2. Exaggerated Claims

This product makes several promises (in terms of results).

Some of them are completely true – but some are clearly exaggerated:

  • reverses baldness
  • grows thicker hair on a bald scalp
  • best formula on the market
  • contains a secret ingredient (Saw Palmetto)

If you researched the market any little bit, you will tell immediately that these claims aren’t real.

They’re only meant to convince people into this product (which isn’t fair at all).

3. Overpriced Shipping Fees

At $49 per month, Hair Revital X isn’t exactly affordable.

But considering it comes as 2 products – it’s not that bad.

However, the shipping costs an absurd amount:

  • around $20 for every order
  • free if you buy the 6 months supply directly

Assuming you can’t afford buying a 6 months quantity – you end up paying a huge amount.

That’s a main reason why I think the company behind is kind of trying to rip customers off.


My Verdict – Is Hair Revital X Worth It?

Short answer: Not really.

It’s not a bad product in terms of ingredients – but that’s pretty much it:

  1. No details about the producer/company behind.
  2. Absolutely no customer opinions online.
  3. Lots of fake promotional reviews.
  4. Website looks very unprofessional.
  5. Claims to be a miraculous product (and it’s not).
  6. Extremely expensive price (due to shipping).

So I personally would never buy from this kind of company.

Considering the product isn’t available on any retailer, I say it’s better to avoid it.

At this price – you have many other alternatives that can work even better.

What do I recommend instead?

A product that is quite similar at first sight – but it has far more evidence behind (Profollica):

  1. Also comes as supplement + topical solution (gel).
  2. Excellent formula.
  3. Many positive reviews and authentic opinions.
  4. Price isn’t very far (though shipping is cheaper).

So at this point – this product makes my #1 recommendation for DHT hair loss (in men).

Whether you want to try it or not, it’s up to you.

But I still would not recommend Hair Revital X.

It just has way too many problems to make a good choice, if you ask me.

best male hairloss supplement


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8 thoughts on “My Review: Hair Revital X (2023) – Scam Or Real?

  1. My husband has been using this. It says it can reverse and cure baldness but it doesn’t. He doesn’t see any improvement by now and it’s been half a year since using the solution and taking the pills. I’m starting to be really sure it’s only a scam meant to rip honest people off hard earned money. Now after reading your review, I’m convinced he should stop using this, it’s not helpful at all.

    What is your opinion on professional hair loss devices (laser caps)? Is it worth investing in one? And does it help with hair loss in men? I have been studying this topic for the sake of my husband but would love to hear a more professional opinion like yours. Not sure if you ever looked into this kind of products, but if you do I would love to hear your answer and thanks.

    1. Hello Rhonda, thanks for your feedback on Hair Revital X. I’m sorry your husband had such a bad experience with it but I consider this product to be a scam – so I’m not surprise it didn’t work for him. So yes, in my opinion – it’s not worth continuing the treatment with it. If there’s no little change after half a year, I doubt there will be any in the future.

      As for laser devices – I actually know them quite well. I have reviewed several and have a good opinion on them in general. I mean, they definitely work since they have so many positive reviews. But most people can get similar results with supplements, which are 10x cheaper overall.

      Now – when it comes to early baldness and male hair loss, I actually think laser devices are a wise choice on the long term. If your budget affords it, I definitely recommend them. But I would suggest not going for a $1000 device (which is usually advertised as being the best) – but for a $200 one instead.

      I personally recommend a $200 product from HairMax that works the same as $1000 devices. The only difference is that it’s a laser comb (not cap) so it requires to be combed through your hair manually. Other than that, it also has a lower number of lasers, but that doesn’t matter much (the effect is the same on the long term, according to actual research).

      So instead of spending a small fortune on pricey devices, I definitely recommend this cheaper alternative instead.

      However, you should know that laser devices don’t cure baldness. They can’t revive follicles once they are dead – so if your husband is completely bald, they’re not going to help much. Still, they can help in cases of early baldness or severe hair loss.

      I really hope this helps your husband and thanks again for the feedback on Hair Revital X. 

  2. Thanks for your opinion on this product. I was looking into it because I saw several ads and it seemed like it works. Now I am happy I have not bought it.

    My daughter wants to grow her hair longer (she just had a haircut and she hates it). I would like a product that works for her and also for me (I am losing hair for a long time, nothing serious but I want to do something about it). She has a friend that is a hairstylist and she suggested some of the Viviscal products, but I don’t know which exactly. She also mentioned they’re pricey so I was wondering if they are good for the problems of both of us (me and my daughter).

    I will also start taking biotin (I bought a biotin extra supplement from the drugstore near my home). Would this help with growth? If yes, I will also have my daughter take it but she doesn’t like taking many supplements that aren’t tested because she has some skin problems. So she’s trying to avoid any secondary rashes and so on.

    I would really love to hear your opinion on this and hopefully it’s not too bothering.

    1. Hey Andrea, thanks for letting me know your opinion. I’m glad you did your research before ordering Hair Revital X – as I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been worth the money for you.

      From your description, you don’t seem to be having major hair problems. It might be just a minor hair loss (which many of us suffer from). As for your daughter, her hair is also healthy as far as I understood. So most products could work in your cases. 

      Regarding Viviscal – it’s actually a great product because it has a reputable producer and several studies behind. Actually, its trustworthy brand is the main reason why it’s so popular. In terms of ingredients – it’s a good product, but definitely not the best one either. It’s also a bit expensive for its actual value, that’s why I don’t know if it’s worth the price.

      Now – Viviscal has 2 main versions (Professional and Extra Strength). The second is the most popular and it’s used by 80% from Viviscal users. I also used it at one point and I was satisfied overall, so it definitely works. As for the Professional version, it’s a bit harder to find (not available in most retailers/local shops). Its formula isn’t way more powerful, so it does pretty much the same thing as the Extra Strength. But it’s a bit more expensive and harder to find, as I said.

      So between these 2 versions, I definitely recommend the Extra Strength. It’s strong enough for both of your cases.

      But as I said – Viviscal isn’t my top recommendation. There are better products for a lower price, it’s all about knowing where to find them. So I advise you to check out my top recommended hair supplements list and you will surely find a better product than Viviscal.

      There’s also one thing I would like to tell you. It’s related to biotin supplements.

      Most hair supplements on the market contain biotin associated with additional ingredients. But in most cases, biotin isn’t the main ingredient. Still, it comes in a dosage that is enough for helping hair.

      That’s why I don’t really recommend taking biotin supplements, unless you have a real deficiency (but very few people have one). Biotin supplements tend to contain very high dosages in this substance (up to 10000 mcg). At these quantities, biotin can be extremely dangerous.

      When I recommend a hair supplement, I always check out the quantity of biotin it has. A quality product should have at most 1000 mcg – higher dosages can cause side effects. That’s why I strongly advise you to quit that biotin supplement you’re taking (or you plan to take in the future). If you start taking a supplement like Viviscal, taking additional biotin isn’t necessary at all.

      In your daughter’s case, it’s best for her to stay away from biotin. One of the main side effects of this substance is acne, so if she used to have skin problems in the past – she’s already at risk. That’s why I advise her to use only supplements that contain under 1000 mcg of biotin. The ones with higher dosages have many complaints about acne, so she’d better avoid that.

      Also, I think this guide on growing hair faster might help her. There are some practical tips that I have had success with, so they should work for her as well.

      I really hope this helps you and your daughter. Please keep me updated with how things go for both of you.

  3. My sister is a nutritionist and I had her check this supplement before I actually bought it. She said the same thing as you, that razor grass is actually Saw Palmetto extract and there’s nothing uncommon about it, it’s part of many hair supplements. So they surely lie bragging about this, there’s no secret remedy… just one you can find in every other product.

    I have actually started using rice water (it’s about a week or so). And I was wondering what you think about this “home” remedy. Does it grow hair faster? I saw so many YouTube videos and I don’t think they’re all scams so I really went for it. But how long do you think I should be using this? I didn’t find any answer to this and I got no replies to my comments in those videos I watched…yet.

    In your opinion, could I use rice water with a hair supplement/shampoo? Thanks for any future answer!

    1. Hi Farah, thanks for your opinion on Hair Revital X. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much the truth – it’s far from what it claims to be. I love hearing other opinions (especially when it comes from a specialist), so thanks for letting me know what your nutritionist sister says.

      I’m quite familiar with rice water for hair growth. I actually included it in my 12 steps guide on growing hair faster. But in terms of a main treatment, I consider it pretty weak. I know many bloggers swear by it, but it’s usually just to get a larger audience (just look closely at their videos and you will see – hair can’t possibly grow as fast as they claim it does). 

      Anyway – when combined with the right supplement, rice water can help. So I actually advise you to use it together with a strong treatment for hair growth (a supplement would do). If used alone, I wouldn’t expect much from rice water.

      You also asked something about using it with a hair growth shampoo. It’s a pretty good option as well. But I still recommend going for the supplement as a #1 choice, and using a shampoo only additionally (topical products don’t work as well as internal ones). 

      So if possible, combine rice water with a strong supplement and a quality shampoo. One brand I personally recommend for the shampoo is Valotin. Their Strengthening Shampoo is probably the best shampoo I know, in terms of effect. It’s not too pricey and if you afford it, you should really go for it.

      I’m really hoping this is going to help you. I would love to hear about your progress and how fast you can see an improvement.

  4. Hi Olly, thank you for this review. I used this supplement together with the lotion and in the last days I developed some big red spots onto my scalp. I have around 7 and each had about one inches in size. They’re literally big! I looked for different opinions but no one seemed to experience this.

    Do you think it’s because of this product? I’m not talking anything else, don’t have any medical condition. So either it’s an unfortunate coincidence or it’s really the pills. But I pretty much think it’s the last one. Penny

    1. Hi Penny, thanks for your feedback on Hair Revital X. I’m sorry to hear about the rashes your experienced. From your description, they seem to be some sort of side effect and this product is most likely the responsible.

      However – if the spots only appeared on your scalp, I doubt it’s because of the supplement. Instead, I think it’s because of the lotion. The pills should have caused spots all over your body, if they were the actual responsible. In other words, supplements cause general side effects, not local ones (because their effect is general).

      On the other hand, topical products work locally – so they cause local side effects.

      That’s why I’m pretty sure Hair Revital X’s lotion caused your rashes. For this reason, I recommend you to stop using it for now. Still, I think you should continue with the pills and see if the spots got away in about 7 days. In case they don’t, try giving up the supplement as well and see what happens.

      But in the worst case, the spots should disappear after you quit the supplement as well.

      I can’t tell what ingredient might be the exact responsible for this side effect. But Hair Revital X isn’t a product I would recommend (in any version), so I don’t really trust it.

      Please let me know if the spots disappear or not. If they don’t, I will try to give you some additional recommendations. I hope this helps.

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