My Review: Dr. Berg Hair Formula (2023) – Can It Really Help?

My Review: Dr. Berg Hair Formula – Can It Really Help?

It’s time to review Dr. Berg Hair Formula – because I heard many things about it.

I’ve tried some of Dr. Berg’s products and most of them are pretty effective. So is this Hair Formula just as good?

Let’s find out the truth about it – in the following lines.

Note: This review is based on my personal opinion + research about Dr. Berg Hair Formula.

So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Hair Formula Supplement from Dr. Berg

Versions: Only 1 month supply (60 pills)

Best Actual Price: $41.42 (quite pricey)

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon or the official website (price is the same).

Designed For: Hair growth in general – according to the official description:

  • adds a vitamin boost
  • strengthens hair and decreases hair loss
  • supports healthy hair

It’s also designed to support nail and skin health (though it’s a hair formula first).

My Rating: 7.50 out of 10 – It’s a decent supplement, but not the best one.

Worth Buying?: Not really – I think it’s far too expensive for what it offers:

  • ingredients could be much better
  • enough negative reviews

It’s surely not a bad supplement – especially if you have money to spare.

But I personally recommend a cheaper supplement with a better formula instead.


What I Liked About It

  • Pills are easy to swallow
  • Works pretty fast in many cases (in less than 1 month)
  • Also works for nails and skin smoothing 
  • You can find it in several retailers
  • Many authentic reviews online


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Ingredients aren’t very effective (most have unknown benefits for hair)
  • Some pills are empty or partially filled
  • Many negative reviews
  • Probably doesn’t work for men hair loss
  • Very expensive at $41 per bottle



Dr. Berg Hair Formula – A Quick Overview

This product is one of the many produced by Dr. Berg’s company.

They have supplements for everything – from arthritis to hair loss.

Now – regarding Hair Formula:

  1. Its main goal is to support hair loss due to aging.
  2. However, it also works for different causes.
  3. Additionally, it supports nail and skin health.

So Dr. Berg’s Formula may seem like the perfect supplement – after all, it’s 3-in-1.

However, it’s not really that perfect:

  • the formula isn’t very powerful (compared to other hair products)
  • many negative reviews
  • it’s very expensive

Besides, certain people complain constantly about Dr. Berg’s supplements (saying they are all scams). 

I can’t really tell if that’s true or not – since I haven’t tried them all. 

But I can talk about this Hair Formula. So now that you know the main things about it – it’s time to analyze it closer.


#1 – Ingredients (7 out of 10)

Dr. Berg’s supplement doesn’t have a classic formula:

  • not entirely plant-based
  • doesn’t contain the usual vitamins/minerals
  • not many ingredients

So it’s surely not the best formula I’ve ever seen. But it’s not terrible either. 

Let’s take a closer look at each ingredient (there are only 7):

1. Calcium (2.5 mg) – promotes hair strength.

2. Biotin (1000 mcg) – it’s called “the hair vitamin”, because of its many benefits [1]:

  • thickens hair
  • stimulates hair growth and health

3. Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Type I + III (700 mg) – it’s not the best ingredient for hair, but it can help with growth and strengthening [2].

4. Nutritional Yeast (94 mg) – it’s a great source of vitamin B complex, that is helpful for hair:

  • improves dry and brittle hair [3]
  • decreases hair loss

5. ConcenTrace AC (50 mg) – this is a trademark ingredient based on liquid minerals.

I couldn’t find any info related to hair.

6. Horsetail Powder (50 mg) – it’s the best herb for hair strength:

  • rich in selenium
  • improves hair texture
  • strengthens hair roots considerably [4]

The only observation I have is that 50 mg is quite a low dose. Many supplements contain 100 mg instead.

7. Stinging Nettle Extract 4:1 (50 mg) – can decrease hair loss really fast and boost the growth of new hairs.

The dose is also really good (50 mg).


Dr. Berg’s supplement doesn’t have a very good formula, in my opinion.

Out of the 7 ingredients, only 3 have major benefits for hair – biotin, Horsetail and Stinging Nettle.

The other 4 may be helpful, but I doubt they can have any major benefit. At least I couldn’t find any info on that.



#2 – How To Take It (9 out of 10)

Here’s what I would point out about Dr. Berg’s pills and schedule.

1. The Pills

They are quite easy to swallow:

  • covered in gelatin
  • average dimensions

The only problem I have is that some pills are half filled.

Normally, you would think the capsules broke off, right? However, they look intact – which is pretty weird…

So if you find a lot of free powder in the bottle – some of the pills should be partially filled.

Obviously, that’s a pretty big problem:

  1. You’re getting a much lower dose
  2. That empty powder is wasted away
  3. So you’re also losing some money
2. The Schedule

As with most supplements – you need to take 2 pills per day:

  • there’s no word about taking them with food (or not)
  • you can take them together or space them out

So in terms of schedule, Dr. Berg’s product is pretty flexible.


#3 – Results (7.50 out of 10)

Unlike other products from Dr. Berg – the Hair Formula doesn’t seem to work so well for everyone.

Obviously, it’s an effective product for some. But I found many negative reviews about it.

Note: I didn’t try this product myself – but I read all the reviews I could find about it (only authentic ones). 

So here’s what people say about Hair Formula:

  1. Some say it really speeds up both hair and nails growth.
  2. Others say that even their facial hair started growing faster.
  3. However, some people complain it’s pricey.
  4. Others say it’s not that effective as others.
  5. A few complained about some of the pills being empty.

Basically – Dr. Berg’s supplement works for some, but many others aren’t very satisfied.

However, I didn’t find any opinion about baldness and whether it helps or not.

In fact, I didn’t find any opinion from a men – which says a lot.

Overall – I would probably not recommend this Hair Formula:

  • works for about 60% of customers
  • (probably) not effective for male hair loss
  • for this kind of effect – it’s a bit expensive

So Dr. Berg’s product is surely not bad – especially if you’re a woman.

But for about $15 less, you can get a much better formula that works for both men and women.

So that’s what I recommend instead.



#4 – Price (6 out of 10)

That’s the biggest downside of this supplement, in my opinion.

For what it offers – Dr. Berg’s product is too pricey, that’s what I think.

So I would think twice before buying it.

1. The Exact Price

On every website where it’s available, Hair Formula costs the same:

  • $41.42 plus about $3 shipping – normally
  • $36.52 plus shipping –  if you go for monthly auto-shipping

To be honest – that is a really high price.

Considering its formula and what it offers, I would say Dr. Berg’s product is really overpriced.

However, that doesn’t come as a surprise – since most products from this company are quite pricey.

Anyway – back to this hair supplement, there are much better alternatives.

2. Competitor’s Price

Thing is – you can get a better supplement for less money.

I’m talking about Folexin, which is my #1 recommendation for hair growth. 

So let’s compare it directly with Dr. Berg’s Hair Formula:

  1. Folexin contains almost 30 ingredients (vs 7 in Dr. Berg).
  2. Folexin works for both men and women.
  3. Also, it normally costs $25 per bottle (vs $41).
  4. When you buy a larger pack, it costs around $18 (vs $36).
  5. Folexin has lots of positive reviews behind.

There are some other things I could say about Folexin – but I will only stick to price issues.

So compared to Dr. Berg’s Hair Formula, it’s way cheaper.

That’s why it’s my top recommendation – so obviously, it’s the product I recommend instead.


#5 – Where To Find It (8 out of 10)

Fortunately – Dr. Berg’s product quite easy to find.

1. The Sellers

You can buy Hair Formula from 2 main retailers:

  1. Amazon
  2. Dr. Berg’s official website

Now – you can also find it on websites like Ebay, vitamins shops or even drugstores. 

But if you really want to buy it – I would recommend the first 2 websites. They are safer and have the best prices overall.

2. The Prices

Now – you might think Hair Formula is cheaper on the own website (compared to Amazon). Wrong.

It costs exactly the same from both sources – $41.42.

But truth is:

  • Dr. Berg’s website does indeed offer a discount
  • but you have to choose monthly auto-shipping
  • even so, it’s $36.42 – so only $5 less

But even so, it’s still too expensive.

At least I wouldn’t spend so much on a hair supplement, when there are cheaper alternatives.



#6 – FAQs

I will try to answer the most common questions about Dr. Berg’s Hair Formula.

Note: I might repeat something I mentioned previously – but it’s more visible here.

1. How many pills per day?

According to the label – 2.

You can either take them together or space them out throughout the day – whatever is more comfortable for you.

2. How long lasts 1 bottle?

It’s designed for one month.

However, many people complained that some pills are empty or just partially filled. So in this case, it might last even less than 1 month.

PS: If you receive this kind of bottle, just contact customer support and they should send you another one.

3. Can I take it with other drugs?

I think you can – since it contains mostly natural stuff.

You can ask your doctor first (in case you’re following a long term treatment). But normally, there shouldn’t be any interaction.

4. Are there any side effects?

The label doesn’t mention any specific one. 

Besides, I didn’t find any review complaining about that. So normally, you shouldn’t experience any serious issue.

At most – digestive problems (but even those are rare).

However, if you do experience any symptom and you think it’s caused by this supplement – just give it up.

If it’s a serious problem, you should contact a doctor – but there are very few chances that this happens, as I said.

5. How fast should I notice an effect?

The label doesn’t mention anything on that.

But from what I read – most people could see an effect pretty fast, within a few weeks.

On the other hand, others said it didn’t work even after finishing the 3rd bottle.

So you should see if it works or not from the first bottle. 


#7 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on Dr. Berg’s Hair Formula. 

1. Formula Could Be Better

In my opinion, the ingredients aren’t amazing:

  • only 7 substances in total
  • just 3 have major benefits for hair growth
  • I couldn’t find lots of info about the rest

So I personally would add some other traditional herbs for hair loss.

2. Works For More Than 50%

Despite the ingredients, the product seems to work:

  • some people say they could see a change in less than 1 month
  • others say that both their hair and nails grow faster
  • there are some that praise it for its skin benefits

After all, there’s no surprise – since it’s designed for hair, nails and skin.

However, I also found several negative reviews about it.

3. Expensive

That’s the biggest complaint everyone has on Hair Formula.

At $41 per bottle – it’s way too pricey to buy it constantly.

So I would not recommend Dr. Berg’s Hair Formula – you can get something better for almost $20 cheaper.



My Verdict – Is Dr. Berg Hair Formula Worth It?

Short answer: Not really – even though it’s a decent supplement.

But considering it costs $41 per month – I don’t think it’s worth it:

  1. Ingredients aren’t something special.
  2. There are enough unsatisfied customers.
  3. Other supplements are much cheaper.

I’m not contesting that it works – but you simply can get something even better for less money.

So what I recommend instead? A supplement called Folexin:

  • has the best formula I’ve seen
  • I noticed an effect in less than 1 month
  • works for both men and women
  • also helps thinning hair and adds volume
  • way cheaper at $24 per month

Obviously – it’s up to you what you choose. 

If you have enough money to spare, you could try Dr. Berg’s supplement. But if you want the best thing, my advice is to go for Folexin. 

So hopefully you pick the right thing for you!


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18 thoughts on “My Review: Dr. Berg Hair Formula (2023) – Can It Really Help?

  1. Hey Olly, really appreciate that you tried to offer an unbiased perspective, but I would not recommend Dr. Berg. Not for hair at least!!! I had a bad haircut in September and started taking this supplement to grow my hair back as fast as possible. It grew everything from my nails to my eyebrows, but not my scalp hair. I don’t care how good it is as a health supplement, all I know is that I bought it for hair and it didn’t work. So I’m not going to be nice about it, it was so useless! 

    Thanks this detailed blog post, even though I don’t agree there’s a positive side about Dr. Berg, I enjoyed the reading. Keep up the good work!!!

    1. Hi Marge, thanks for sharing your experience with Dr. Berg’s hair formula. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, a feedback is always welcome to my reviews.

      You’re not the only one who wasn’t satisfied – unfortunately, many people didn’t experience any positive results. And I’m mostly speaking in terms of hair growth, because there are many complaints on that.

      I don’t know if you found anything better yet – but you might want to try Folexin. It’s the best supplement I tried at hair growth and it’s so affordable. So this should help more than Dr. Berg’s product.

  2. Dr. Berg has many good supplements but me & my mom use this hair formula a few months/year and we both have gorgeous locks. I never lost much hair, though, neither has she. So we can’t tell how effective it is for hair loss. But it keeps out hair really healthy and silky and our nails also grow fast. So I would recommend this product and many others from Dr. Berg, especially the cruciferous mix. I hope my opinion helps someone (I’m a real customer).

    1. Hi Mati, it surely helps. It’s great to hear any experience about Dr. Berg’s hair formula – especially since you really used this supplement.

      Well, I’m glad you had and still have positive results with it. I agree it’s a good supplement for hair health (what you seem to be using it for). But I doubt it’s the best thing ever for hair that is falling out massively. And I say that mostly because its ingredients are far from amazing.

      But anyway, if you have such good results with it – there’s no point changing it. If you afford the pretty high price (I would say), then don’t switch to another product.

      Thanks for letting me know how it worked for you and your mom.

  3. I will save my money next time. I bought Dr. Berg’s hair supplement in August and it started working in mid-September. My hair was growing about 1 inch more than it would normally, per month. It’s okay if you want to grow your hair faster, but honestly get a $5 biotin from your drug store and you’re in the same point. Why pay $40 for this product when it does the same as regular biotin/hair vitamins/minerals/etc. ?

    Thanks for your honest review Olly, I appreciate your sincerity and the fact that you don’t recommend every product you come across. Love your website, btw!

    1. Hi Shanna, thank you so much for sharing your experience with Dr. Berg’s Hair Formula. 

      My experience was also quite similar, so I pretty much agree with you. This supplement does work, but it’s way too expensive for the money. 

      Now – I doubt biotin alone could grow your hair that well. But if you combine it with some herbal extracts (Saw Palmetto, Horsetails, Nettle) – it surely will. And it would cost you under $30, for sure.

      So unless you have an unlimited budget, I wouldn’t recommend Dr. Berg’s hair supplement either. I know a much cheaper supplement that actually works better – so that’s what I personally use instead (but I already mentioned that). 

      Thanks again for your opinion on Dr. Berg.

  4. I know it might sound funny, but since I’m using these pills my hair is falling out a lot more. It just made it worse, my scalp is very itchy and irritated, I tried using an organic shampoo but it doesn’t seem any better. You think it could be an allergy? Maybe I’m allergic to one of the ingredients?! I’m 63 and in good health.

    1. Hi Anna. An allergic reaction is possible, but it’s very unlikely:

      You said it’s only your scalp affected. This supplement comes as pills, so if you were allergic to it – the symptoms were more general (body rash, fever, headache, cramps, etc.).

      Have you used any new product on your scalp in that period? Since it’s just your scalp that is itchy, it’s probably a local allergy. So think about what products you used at that. You can exclude that organic shampoo, as you used it after the itching appeared. Maybe it was a hair dye, a new conditioner or another product – these things can cause scalp allergies.

      So I think it was just a coincidence. Dr. Berg’s supplement or any other hair pills shouldn’t cause hair loss or an itching scalp. At least not just this symptom alone, if there was an allergy.

      Regarding hair loss, it’s quite common for women of your age. There might not be any major cause behind – but if there is, it’s important to find it. Do you have diabetes, a stressful period or a poor diet? Or maybe you had a recent trauma? These are just a few of the things that could be behind.

      Please let me know if you need any kind of advice. Hope this helps.

  5. Hi Olly, So Glad I found this review! I’m on my 3rd order won Dr Berg Hair Formula now. I started losing hairs due to a stressful period at work and one of my co-workers recommended that. It took me 3 months but I started seeing results, now I notice less hairs after shower or morning brushing. I like this product, it’s a bit costly but it’s worth that, you just need to be patient and take it consistently for several months. Or yes, some may be luckier than me and need less time. I will also check your recommendation, I love the fact that it’s cheaper. Thanks for your review, it was a pleasure reading it!

    1. Hi there, thanks for letting me know how Dr Berg’s Hair Formula worked for you. I’m happy to hear you had positive results with it.

      You see, we are all different – what made miracles for me might not work that well for others, and the opposite. Many people said they could see an effect within 1 month, and you needed 3. There’s a big difference, but it’s great that you continued to take the pills. I would have surely given them up after 1 month, to be honest.

      So if Dr. Berg’s supplement is good enough for your hair, continue to use it. If it’s too expensive on the long term, you can try Folexin (it has a better price overall).

      If you can, let me know if Dr. Berg’s product continues to work so well for your hair. I would really appreciate that.

  6. I bought a 2-month supply and half of the pills were empty, the bottle was full of powder on the bottom. So I’m assuming the capsules opened up during the shipping…or maybe during production?! All of them looked intact so I doubt the powder just got out. Maybe it was placed there directly by the lazy workers.

    Extremely disappointed by Dr Berg’s bad quality. This is the first supplement I buy but will surely not be ordering again from this doctor. If the pills can’t even hold the powder inside, how could they do anything for my hair? I want to forget I paid almost $50 on this thing.

    1. Hello Elizabeth. I really appreciate your honest review about Dr. Berg’s Hair Formula.

      Unfortunately, you don’t seem to be the only one dealing with empty capsules. While browsing for other opinions, I found many similar complaints. Lots of people said their bottles were full of powder and many capsules were empty.

      And just like you – they said the capsules were assembled, so there was no way the powder could have passed through. Sure enough – you can’t really use that powder (or the empty pills).

      From what I read, that seems to be a common problem of Dr. Berg’s supplements. So it’s not just the hair formula. But I didn’t really experience it myself, so I can’t tell.

      I’m sorry you had to spend $40 to get this kind of pills, but that’s it.

      Thanks again for letting me know your experience with Dr. Berg,

  7. Hi Olly,

    Thanks for all your great reviews?I’m currently trying to decide take viviscal supplement to try for my hair loss. My goal at this point is to slow down the fallout.Do you think one helps best with this over the others? And could you please advice which type of vivscal tablet I have to buy it has lot of combinations extensions hair, existing growths etc.
    I’m facing hairs problem since 2 years . I visit drs regarding this issues my test all are normal except little defiance vitamin D my age 28 m…. please I need your help I want to go safer site .. I’m not care about money ..please I’m waiting for your response in this

    1. Hello Sohail, I’m sorry to hear about your issue and that you can’t find a solution for your hair loss.

      Viviscal is one of my top recommendations in terms of supplements. It’s one of the few that has studies behind, which is a great plus. It’s normally designed for hair growth, but it definitely stops the fall out (it did in my case and I read lots of positive reviews about it). Compared to Folexin, it does about the same thing. So I normally recommend Folexin instead, because it’s much cheaper. But if budget isn’t an issue for you, my advice is to go for Viviscal.

      I don’t know a certain supplement that is better than the rest when it comes to hair loss. From what I’ve tried, they’re about the same (I’m talking about the products that were most effective in my case). They’re all meant for hair growth but they actually really decrease hair loss. So Viviscal is my recommendation for you at this point.

      I don’t really know what kind of combinations you’ve seen about it… I just checked its official website and I found only 1 type of supplement – it’s called “Extra Strength Dietary Supplement” and it’s the one I used too. Maybe you found those combinations you’re talking about on another website, or I don’t know. But on the official website, that’s the only supplement. So I think you should buy it from there, especially if you want a safe website.

      Viviscal also offers a shampoo, conditioner and elixir – but these aren’t some products I usually recommend (they’re pricey and don’t work wonders). But if budget isn’t an issue for you, you could also try the elixir (it’s the most concentrated from those 3). I feel like it’s not so expensive ($20) and it can help more than the shampoo/conditioner.

      If you’re interested in supplements with official info behind (clinical trials), another product you might want to check out is Nutrafol. It’s one of the most popular hair supplements in the US and it’s really good (one of my favorite products once again). The only issue is that it’s pricier than Viviscal (around $90 per bottle) and the effect is about the same, in my case at least. It’s only that Nutrafol looks more professional, though I’m not completely sure that it actually is. Here’s a comparison review if you’re interested.

      But overall, I think you’re making a good choice with Viviscal. It should help on paper. A small deficiency in vitamin D shouldn’t be causing massive hair loss, so that’s probably not the actual cause. Instead, it might be DHT excess, so try to read about it and see if your symptoms match. You can get back to me with details if you want, and I really hope this is helpful for you.

  8. Dear Olly,
    I appreciate on your reply about my concern really i don’t have idea about hair products i saw everything online vivscal, dr berg, nutrafol etc.
    Could you please help me on this how i have to choose good ans best product for me my age 27..dear i’m eagerly waiting for your diet everything is good..but hair fall never stops? please i need your best support in this ..thanking you in advance

    1. Hi Sohalil, I’m sorry you couldn’t see any improvement. Just let me ask, have you tried any supplement? Also, do you have any bald spots, an early baldness, thinning hair – or is your hair loss rather general, all over your head? Do you have anyone in your family who had hair loss before their 30s? Answering these questions would help me understand your problem better, as I want to recommend you something that will really work. General tips are probably not useful in your case (like diet, herbs, etc.) so I think you need a product designed to fight hair loss. But I would need more details in order to give you a proper recommendation, so please answer these questions when you can.

  9. Olly, thank you so much for this article, I just wish I would have seen it before trying this product. Noticing thinning on top due to an ongoing issue with my eye, and other stress of life, I decided to give this a try. I ordered 3 bottles and began the regimen. After this, I saw little to no results, but I figured even prescription meds take up to 6 months to work, I decided to try another 3 bottles, but at the end of the 4th one, I still did not see anything that would convince me that this product was working, so I contacted customer support, and told them how disappointed and angry I was, and asked for a refund. It was granted. This product did very little in the problem area for me at the top of my head, and that is why I purchased it to begin with. So, my final conclusion is that it absolutely did not work, zero, zilch. The only fast result I received from this experience, was getting a refund on my wasted money.

    1. Hey Rudy, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with Dr. Berg’s hair supplement. I’m really sorry to hear it didn’t help you at all… Still, I feel like you have been very lucky getting a refund (a lot of companies claim to refund their customers, but they actually don’t, in reality). But even so, I know the experience of using a supplement for so long and getting no results is super frustrating.

      I really think you should try Folexin, if you afford trying another supplement. It has made a difference for me and I had many readers with positive results from this supplement. Compared to Dr. Berg’s product, it has a much better composition. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t say anything about refunds, so I don’t know if the producer offers any. That’s why you have to make sure you afford it. Let me know if you decide to give it a try.

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