5 Best Vitamins For Hair Growth (Personal Experience)

Best 5 Vitamins For Hair Growth (Personal Experience)

Are you struggling with growing your hair for a while – without any results? 

Well, I’ve been in that situation for a long time – so I know how frustrating it is.

Honestly, one of the solutions I have found are vitamins. Below is the list of the best 5 vitamins for hair growth that I tried.

In fact, I tried a lot more – but these are the ones that really worked. But here’s the thing:

  • they will only work on the long term (1-2 months)
  • they may not work foe everyone

So if I convinced you to give vitamins a chance – let’s take a look at the best ones!


#1 – Vitamin D

What’s so special about this vitamin? Well, here’s the thing: 

  • it’s called “Sun’s vitamin”
  • your body produces it all alone – so you don’t need to take it from supplements
  • it’s synthesized when you’re exposed to the Sun

So it’s pretty easy – sit in the Sun for a few minutes and you get vitamin D naturally. 

Best 5 Vitamins For Hair Growth (Personal Experience)

But what exactly does it have to do with hair growth?: 

  1. It stimulates the hair follicles and activates the cuticle cells
  2. In other words, it helps our hair grow

But that’s not all. Vitamin D is also involved in your mineral balance – especially in your levels of zinc.

Now – what does zinc have to do with hair? Well, a lack of this mineral can have 3 bad consequences:

  1. Losing your hair shine
  2. Sudden appearance of dandruff 
  3. Even hair loss

So how can you prevent these problems – besides sitting in the Sun? It’s easy – consume foods that are rich in vitamin D:

  • Fish oil and salmon
  • milk and cereals
  • eggs
  • mushrooms

Best 5 Vitamins For Hair Growth (Personal Experience)

There are also Vitamin D supplements – but you shouldn’t start right with them. Try to solve the problem in a natural manner first: it’s healthier.


#2 – Vitamin E

So how exactly does this vitamin help hair growth? 

The answer is simple – it stimulates the blood vessels inside the hair roots. In this way, in nourishes the roots and promotes hair growth.

Now you might ask yourself: why are there so many hair products with vitamin E?

Well, it’s pretty simple – when used externally, this substance has 2 major benefits:

  • maintains your hair hydrated (especially the ends)
  • adds an extra shine

As you can see, it’s not a useless vitamin – at least when it comes to hair.

Best 5 Vitamins For Hair Growth (Personal Experience)

Now – where exactly can you find vitamin E? Unlike the D one, it’s not produced by your body naturally. So you can take it from 2 sources:

  1. Supplements
  2. Certain Foods

When it comes to supplements – I wouldn’t recommend them on the long term. They could make your blood vessels thinner, so it’s best to consult a doctor first.

Now, regarding the foods – they’re probably the best choice. There are 3 types of foods that contain high amounts of vitamin E:

  • green fruits and vegetables: spinach, avocado or kiwi,
  • nuts: almonds, nuts, peanuts
  • cereals: corn, brown rice and integral cereals

Best 5 Vitamins For Hair Growth (Personal Experience)


#3 – Vitamin A

This vitamin isn’t so important for hair loss – but it’s essential for hair health. 

Here’s why. When your body has a lack of vitamin A, you start developing several symptoms. And there’s one related to your hair:

  • your scalp becomes oily and dandruff comes up pretty shortly

But that’s doesn’t mean that you have to take vitamin A – just to prevent that. Too much vitamin A could also affect your hair:

  • it starts falling out massively

Best 5 Vitamins For Hair Growth (Personal Experience)

So what exactly you should do? Well, the best advice is to keep a good level of vitamin A in your body.

How exactly? First of all, I wouldn’t recommend supplements – you risk to have too much vitamin A.

So in my opinion, the natural way remains the best one. There are several foods rich in vitamin A – within the limits:

  • orange and yellow fruits
  • eggs
  • beans
  • spinach


#4 – Vitamin C

Everyone knows that vitamin C is the key for a strong immune system. Right?

Well, it seems that it’s also involved in hair growth. But let me explain:

  • it’s involved in the production of collagen
  • it’s related to the processing of iron

But what do these 2 things have to do with hair growth? Here’s the thing:

  1. Collagen strengthens the hair follicles
  2. It increases the diameter of each individual hair – which means more volume
  3. Iron deficiency causes hair loss

Now that you know how important it is – where can you find vitamin C? 

Well you probably know about citrus fruits – they’re the most common source. But there are also others foods that are less famous:

  • broccoli
  • spinach
  • peppers

Best 5 Vitamins For Hair Growth (Personal Experience)


#5 – Vitamin H

Maybe you never hear of vitamin H – but you surely heard about biotin.

It’s probably the most important vitamin for hair – after all, it’s called “the hair vitamin”.

Now, how exactly does it help? Well, it’s pretty simple – a lack of vitamin H can have 2 major consequences on your hair:

  • a massive hair loss
  • your hair starts losing volume and thinning down

Fortunately, there are solutions. Biotin supplements are extremely popular – and they really work. You can start seeing an improvement after less than one month.

But if you want a more natural approach, the top foods rich in biotin are:

  • nuts
  • avocado
  • egg yolks

Best 5 Vitamins For Hair Growth (Personal Experience)

With the right diet, your hair should get even stronger and healthier. The consequence? It starts growing for real, this time.



Can Vitamins Help Hair Growth?

Short answer: Definitely. You only need to find the balance between too much and too little. 

Also, vitamins are meant to work on the long term. So don’t expect to see a change within a week – because that won’t happen. 

But if you have patience, you will surely see their benefits:

  • strengthen hair roots
  • hydrate the hair completely (including the ends)
  • maintain your scalp clean
  • increase the blood flow in your hair follicles

In this way, your hair should start growing normally – in case it could’t before. 

If you ask me, that’s totally worth trying – after all, it’s a natural approach so it can’t cause you any harm.

Now I want to hear from you:

  • Have you tried any of these vitamins before? Which one?
  • If yes – did it help? Could you see a change?
  • If not – which one(s) are you going to try?

I’m waiting for your comments, questions or suggestions in the lines from below. 

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