Hair Extensions – Yes or No? (Top 7 Questions)

Hair Extensions - Yes or No? (Top 7 Questions)

Are hair extensions a yes or a no for you? I mean – they surely look like a great solution at first sight.

You can have the long, thick locks you ever dreamed about within seconds. But is everything that good about hair extensions?

Believe me, they have their own pros and cons. And that’s exactly what I want to analyze today.

So let me answer all the questions you have about hair extensions – based on my long experience with them.


#1 – Are They For Everyone?

Absolutely. You don’t need to be young to wear extensions, or to have a certain hair color. 

You only need to do 2 things:

  • take good care of them
  • wear them correctly

If you can follow these 2 rules, hair extensions are a definitely yes for you.


#2 – Do They Damage Your Own Hair?

That’s one of the most common questions I hear about extensions – and believe me, sometimes it really pisses me off.

So here’s the thing:

If you wear them correctly (and you probably do), they can’t really damage your hair in any way. But here I’m talking about clip-ins. 

Now, there are a few things I should mention:

  • micro-link hair extensions can cause some damage – it depends of who applies them
  • fusion extensions usually damage the hair roots – so I would avoid them
  • tape extensions seem very dangerous – but in reality, they’re not

So it basically depends on what kind of hair extensions you’re choosing. 

But 80% of the girls I know (including me) use the clip-ins – which are super safe. So when it comes to they – no, they don’t damage your own hair at all. 


#3 – Why Do So Many People Wear Them?

I just said that some types of extensions are dangerous – right? 

Then you’re probably asking yourself – why do so many girls wear them? I personally know over 20, and they’re all close friends of mine

Well, it’s pretty simple – because they choose the harmless type, the clip-ins.

Now, let me confess you something:

  • Before I bought my first set, I was really afraid
  • I heard so many stories about your hair falling out because of the extensions
  • Some reviews I read even said that it’s like putting pins in your hair – they pull off terribly

Believe me, after trying out lots of different brands, I can tell you one thing. These are all fake stories.

None of the clip-ins I used ever pulled my hair – or even worse, make it fall.

So trust me, if you choose the clip-ins (from any brand) – you’re totally safe.


#4 – Can I Find Extensions For Curly Hair?

Let’s assume you’re lucky to have some wavy locks.

Now, you probably noticed that most websites selling extensions only offer straight ones. 

So what exactly could you do? Here’s what you might have thought about – the easiest solution:

  • buy a straight set
  • curl it so that it looks like your hair

Now, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but this won’t work. Why? Straight hair extensions don’t hold the curls very well – and I’m not talking about one brand.

That’s a problem of natural hair in general – it tends to get back to its natural shape. Your curled extensions will get back straight in a couple of hours.

That’s the worst thing that can happen – because everyone could see that you’re wearing extensions.

So what solutions do you have?:

  • First, never buy a straight set if you have curly hair
  • Get a curly/ wavy set instead – they cost a bit more, but it’s worth it (there are enough sites that have them)
  • If you can’t find a wavy set, buy a straight one and curl it using the boiling method

But the point is – there are hair extensions for every type of hair, from straight to kinky curly. You only have to know where to look at.


#5 – How To Make Your Extensions Look Natural?

That’s something essential, if you ask me. 

How do you know that your hair extensions look well? It’s easy – you can’t tell it’s not your own hair. That’s the point actually. 

But how exactly should you choose the extensions – so that they look exactly like your hair? Well, here are the top things:

  • make sure their color matches your hair (at least 90%)
  • if your hair is thicker, choose a thicker set – even though it’s more expensive
  • your set should have the same texture as your own hair – straight, wavy or curly

Once you bought a set and applied it in your hair, check out how it looks:

  • check out the back of your head using 2 mirrors
  • ask someone how it looks from the back

In case the difference is too big, you can use this tip:

Curl your hair together with the extensions. If the color matches, they will more natural when curled together.

This tip used to help me a lot at the beginning – so you might want to use it too. At least until you get used to the “extensions life”. 


#6 – How Long Should They Be?

Here’s another great tip I want to share with you – based on my personal experience with extensions. 

Now, here’s the deal:

  1. If you want more volume, get a set as long as your natural hair
  2. In case you want longer hair, get a set that blends with your own hair

The first situation is pretty clear.

If you’re buying extensions just to make your hair look thicker, it’s easy. You should buy a set with the same length as your hair – it would be hard to see the difference. 

Now, most people don’t buy hair extensions for volume – they buy them for length. 

So if you want longer hair, here’s how you should choose the right set:

  • get one that is (at most) 15 inches longer than your hair
  • if the hair has thin ends, make sure to give it a trim
  • in this way, it will look fuller at the ends
  • you can also trim some of the strands, so that they blend easier

Basically, it’s essential to choose some hair extensions that aren’t much longer than your own hair. 

Yes, I know you want longer hair – but what’s the point, if everyone can tell that you’re wearing extensions?

Better choose a shorter set and let them be surprised on how fast your hair grew.


#7 – Does Their Weight Matter?

Now, you’ve probably seen different prices on hair extensions websites – that’s how it happened to me.

Trying hard to save some money, I chose the lightest set – just because it was the cheapest. And guess what? It was too thin for my own hair. 

So yes – the hair extensions’ weight does matter. And it matters a lot actually.

But I have some good news – it also depends on what type of hair you have:

  • curly hair – it has a lot of volume, so a thicker set would be necessary
  • straight hair – if you’re lucky to have thin hair, then you can go with the lightest set
  • wavy hair – I would probably recommend a thicker set once again

Now, these are just some average tips – it basically depends on how thick your hair is.

I know girls with straight hair that it way thicker than my curly hair. In that case, it’s quite obvious that you need a really thick set, right?

It may be harder when you buy your first extensions – but you will surely be able to tell the second time. 


So Are Hair Extensions A Yes Or A No – For You?

I remember being pretty worried when I bought my first set. Back then, I just didn’t know what to choose – and I had so many questions in mind.

I only picked up the top 7 – and I think they should help you, even a bit.

Now, if you’re still wondering whether to try hair extensions or not…I say you do. 

If they’re chosen correctly, they have so many advantages:

  • a lot more volume
  • hair looks fuller and thicker
  • it also seems to have grown overnight
  • you can mask your own hair’s problems or damage
  • all your friend are going to be super jealous

I’m saying all these from experience – because yes, hair extensions can make miracles. So it’s up to you if you give them a try or not. But I believe they are a yes, if you managed to get to the end.

Now I would like to hear from you:

  • Are you going to give hair extensions a try?
  • Have you ever used them before?
  • If yes, what kind of extensions have you used – clip-ins, tape, etc?

I’m waiting for your answers, questions or suggestions in the comments below.

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