Top 4 Supplements For Hair And Health (That I Tried)

Top 4 Supplements For Hair And Health (That I Tried)

Are you looking for the best supplements for hair and health? Let me give you a tip.

There are so many different products at this point – that it’s really hard to make a pick. I’m saying that from experience. 

They all have similar features – and they all claim to be the best. 

But if you ask me, you should pick your hair supplement based on 2 things – that’s what I do:

  • lots of natural ingredients
  • fewest side effects

Now – which are the best supplements that help both your hair and improve your general health? Let me show you the 4 ones I use frequently:


#1 – Zinc Supplements

This is one of my favorite supplements, for one reason – it works super fast:

  • I can see its effects on m hair within a week

Now – why exactly should you take zinc? How can it help your hair?

It’s pretty simple – a lack of zinc can cause you a massive hair loss. And it’s not only that:

  • your hair starts thinning really fast
  • it also regenerates much harder

So if your body has too little zinc, your hair will be the first to suffer. 

But here’s one important question. If your hair falls out and you don’t know the reason – can you take zinc supplements? I mean, would they help?

Well, I wouldn’t recommend you to do that:

  • too much zinc can also harm your body
  • your hair loss could have another cause behind

So if you suspect you have a zinc deficiency, the best thing is to see a doctor. He will order some blood tests and you will know for sure. 

It’s just too dangerous to take zinc on your own – that’s what I think.


#2 – Vitamin B

I know that vitamin B does a lot of things – but I had no idea it was so good for hair.

Here’s what I mean:

  • it decreases the hair loss
  • delays the process of your hair becoming gray
  • regenerates new hair

These 3 things convinced me that vitamin B isn’t as basic as I thought.

But there’s one more thing it can do for hair.

It help our body absorb hemoglobin – which offers oxygen for our hair. The more oxygen it gets, the healthier it grows. That’s why it’s so good for regenerating new hair.

Now – where can you find vitamin B? Obviously, there are 2 sources:

  • supplements
  • natural foods

Top 4 Supplements For Hair And Health (That I Tried)

The good news is that most of the foods we consume every day have enough vitamin B. I mean – you surely eat one of these foods pretty often:

  • eggs, meat and dairy products
  • whole grains
  • citrus fruits, bananas and nuts

So I wouldn’t really recommend taking supplements – unless the doctor recommends them. Otherwise, the best way is to take this vitamin naturally.


#3 – Iron

There’s one thing everyone knows about iron – its deficiency produces anemia.

Now, my question is – does anemia have anything to do with hair? You bet it does.

Just like zinc deficiency, it can affect the hair in a very serious manner:

  • stop hair growth
  • additional hair loss

On the other hand, a normal level of iron has several benefits for your hair:

  • improve blood circulation in your scalp
  • nourishes the hair roots
  • helps new hair grow faster

So if you suspect having a low level of iron in your body – don’t ignore it.

With the right treatment, you can cure your other symptoms within a few weeks. But when it comes to your hair, it’s going to take longer.

So don’t ignore iron deficiency – it’s not something minor.


#4 – Vitamin C

Now, let me clarify one thing. Vitamin C doesn’t directly affect the hair – but it can affect it partially.

What do I mean by this? 

Let’s say you have a lack of vitamin C. You probably have several symptoms, but if you pay attention to your hair – it also looks different:

  • it’s not as strong as before
  • it’s getting thinner – it breaks easily

That’s because vitamin C is involved in hair strength. A level that is too low will make your hair break easily.

Now, if you noticed your hair is very fragile lately – it’s probably not vitamin C. There could be 10 other reasons, if not more.

But if you know you have a deficiency in this vitamin – you could see these changes in your hair as well. 

How exactly can you treat this deficiency?:

  • natural way – citrus fruits, peppers, broccoli
  • supplements – if your deficiency is more severe

Top 4 Supplements For Hair And Health (That I Tried)


So Can Supplements Help Hair Health?

Short answer: Yes they can. Don’t expect to see miracles overnight – but on the long term, they do help.

Now – in this article I only talked about natural supplements and vitamins. 

I have to mention that they’re not my personal favorite – for 2 reasons:

So I kind of recommend vitamins for general health and only afterwards for hair. 

The point is – if you have a low level of something and it affects your life, you can take it as a supplement. But don’t do it just for the sake of helping your hair. 

In this case, here’s my list of the best supplements for hair in general – they are designed specially for hair problems.

So if you want a hair supplement, that’s where you should look at.

Now I would like to hear from you:

  • Have you ever had any deficiency that affected your hair?
  • Are you taking any of those 4 vitamins/ minerals?
  • If you do, can you see any improvement in your hair?

As usual, I’m waiting for your answers, questions or suggestions in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Top 4 Supplements For Hair And Health (That I Tried)

  1. Hair suddenly coming out every time I run my hand through lt.
    I’ll start with zinc and go from there. I got my mom’s thin hair.
    Good thing I’m no longer vain! Gotta laugh, life is too short & I’m 72 now. Kids here think I’m funny spend time with movies, popcorn cookies & lemonaid, who could complain with 6 great kids to entertain me!!!

    1. Hi Sandra, sorry to hear about your issues but I’m happy to see you are very positive, that’s a great thing! Since you’re 72, there might be several causes behind your hair loss. I would exclude menopause, because your hair loss should have started several years ago if this was the problem. But there are many other possible causes, from nutritional deficiencies to mere aging.

      Zinc is a good treatment to start with, so give it a try and let me know how it goes. For cases like yours, I usually recommend supplements based on herbs, because they are much stronger than vitamins/minerals (in terms of effect). Also, many herbal supplements also contain minerals and vitamins, including zinc. If you’re curious, here are my top recommended supplements for female hair loss and thinning. But you can also try taking plain zinc instead and see how it goes. If you’re not seeing any results in 2-3 months, you might want to switch to a more complex supplement.

      Also, this guide on thickening your hair naturally might come really in handy in your case. I hope my tips help you and keep me updated on your situation.

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