My Puri Hair Review (2023) – Scam Or Legit?

My Puri Hair Review (2019) - Scam Or Legit?

It’s time for my Puri Hair review – because this supplement might be a scam:

  • very little real opinions about it
  • only promotional reviews
  • many websites trying to promote it (without actual reasons)

For this reason, I tried to dig deep into this product.

That’s because I wasn’t very sure whether I should try it or not.

But since I did – here’s the truth I found behind Puri Hair.

Note: This review is based on my own experience + opinion on Puri Hair.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Hair Formula from Puri Hair

My Puri Hair Review (2019) - Scam Or Legit?Versions: Only one (Puri Hair sells a product for men and another one for women, but it’s actually the same version).

Best Actual Price: $39.99

Cheapest Place To Buy: The official website

Designed For: Anything that involves hair growth:

  • prevents and decreases shedding
  • speeds up growth speed
  • strengthens and adds volume

It also claims to regrow hair in bald spots (but I can’t guarantee for that).

My Rating: 5 out of 10

Worth Buying?: Not really – even though it has some great features:

  • worked really well in my case
  • formula is pretty good
  • decent price (but only if you buy 2 or 3 bottles)

Later Edit: I received some negative feedback from many of my readers (regarding company/shipping issues).

That’s why I don’t recommend it anymore.

I personally prefer a $15 cheaper supplement that worked best of all products I have tried.


What I Liked About It

  • Strong formula based on ingredients with studies behind
  • Over 25 different substances
  • Pretty high dosages
  • Really effective in my case
  • Price is pretty good (for an over 2 bottles purchase)


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • You need to take 3 pills per day
  • No authentic reviews or customer opinions online
  • Only available on the official website
  • Doesn’t ship internationally (just US)
  • Pretty expensive if you only buy one bottle ($40)
  • Recent negative feedback from previous users 



What Is Puri Hair? A Quick Overview

Shortly – it’s a supplement designed for hair growth in general.

It has several benefits – due to its 5 steps action:

  • Enhances hair root nutrition
  • Invigorates follicles
  • Revitalizes scalp
  • Fortifies hair strands
  • Stimulates follicles and blood flow

That’s how it claims to be helpful for a high number of hair issues.

However, at first sight – Puri Hair doesn’t look too trustworthy. At least this was my impression:

  1. Lots of websites promoting it randomly.
  2. Many reviews based on its general promises.
  3. No real opinions of previous customers.

But after trying it out, this supplement did not disappoint me.

However – several users have told me some negative experience about it.

Most were related to the shipping or pricing (not the product itself).

That’s why I stopped recommending it.

So now that you know the main things about it – let’s take a closer look at Puri Hair.


#1 – Ingredients (9 out of 10)

Surprisingly (or not) – Puri Hair’s formula is really good:

  • many ingredients with studies behind
  • clear formula and dosages
  • a wide range of substances (with different benefits)

However – it’s surely not the best formula you can find.

That’s because it doesn’t contain too many herbs (which have a much stronger effect for hair growth).

Now – I divided its ingredients in 3 main groups:

  1. Vitamins
  2. Minerals
  3. Proprietary Blend

So let’s take a closer look at each:

1. Vitamins

Puri Hair contains about all the vitamins that are essential for hair:

Out of this list – the most important ones are:

  1. Niacin – treats hair loss and increases fullness. [1]
  2. Folic Acid – improves hair nutrition and promotes growth.
  3. Biotin – the best vitamin for hair health.
  4. Riboflavin – a deficiency can cause massive shedding. [2]
2. Minerals

To be honest, Puri Hair has probably got more minerals than any other hair supplement I know.

Even though that’s a positive thing – I don’t consider minerals as essential for hair.

Anyway, the top minerals from this list are:

  1. Zinc – can increase hair growth dramatically.
  2. Iron – a low level can cause hair loss (especially in women). [3]
  3. Magnesium – can fight stress induced hair loss.
3. Proprietary Blend

That’s actually a mix of ingredients only found in Puri Hair’s product:

  1. Citrus Bioflavonoids – just like essential oils, they stimulate hair follicles.
  2. PABA – prevents aging hair loss and graying. [4]
  3. Rutin – prevents follicle death and consequent shedding. [5]
  4. Inositol – could be a future remedy against hair loss.

Overall – this supplement’s original blend is quite different from others, to be honest.

But that’s surely a positive thing, since it doesn’t follow the same eternal formula.


Honestly, Puri Hair’s formula positively surprised me:

  • many different ingredients (especially vitamins + minerals)
  • several unusual substances (PABA, Rutin, etc.)
  • pretty good dosages

I wish there were more herbal extracts inside (they have the strongest effect).

But even so – this supplement has a more than decent formula.

In my opinion, this kind of ingredients should be really effective.


#2 – How To Take It (7 out of 10)

The good thing about Puri Hair is that it offers clear directions (more or less):

  1. My Puri Hair Review (2019) - Scam Or Legit?You need to take 3 pills per day.
  2. It’s recommended to swallow them with plenty of water.
  3. You can take them however you prefer (together or not).

Now – the pills themselves look pretty good:

  • quite easy to swallow
  • average dimensions
  • gelatin cover

However – 3 pills per day is quite uncomfortable for most of us.

It’s true that you can take all 3 pills together – but who could swallow them one after the other? Even with lots of water.

So spacing them out remains the best solution, in my opinion.

That’s why I’m not a big fan of supplements that require more than 2 pills per day (as Puri Hair).


#3 – My Results (9 out of 10)

I have actually tried Puri Hair myself, some time ago.

And actually – I’m not sorry, as the supplement helped overall.

1. My Background

As I was saying in some of my other reviews, I suffered from hair loss for many years:

Basically – my problems started from the ends and went on above.

That’s why my roots were still looking normal (in terms of density).

So could Puri Hair stop my hair loss and also thicken my ends?

Note that I didn’t use this product recently – so my bottle looks a little different than the actual one:

My Puri Hair Review (2019) - Scam Or Legit?

2. How It Worked

Surprisingly – I was really satisfied with the results:

  1. I could see very few changes in the first month.
  2. After about 2 months, my hair loss reduced with about 50%.
  3. Also, my hair looked thicker (but mostly in the roots).
  4. I continued to use it and the results got even better.
  5. In my 4 bottle, my shedding was only minimal.
  6. I could also see a difference in my hair ends.

Basically – after several bottles with Puri Hair, my old thin ends were still there. But the hair above was way thicker and fuller.

Also, my hair got about 3-4 inches longer in these months.

It wasn’t still in the best shape, so I had to cut the ends (which reduced the length).

But when it comes to Puri Hair’s effect – there was definitely a major one.

That even though I didn’t expect too much from it.


Overall – this supplement produced big results in 4 months:

  • stopped my shedding
  • increased my growth speed
  • also increased my hair thickness

Now – it surely didn’t have the best effect of all the supplements I have tried.

Plus that it’s a bit expensive (compared to my #1 recommended product).

But it’s surely a really good supplement (in terms of ingredients).



#4 – Other Opinions (4 out of 10)

That’s surely the biggest downside of Puri Hair.

Despite looking all over the Internet – I couldn’t find ANY authentic customer opinion about it.

  • My Puri Hair Review (2019) - Scam Or Legit?It was never sold on Amazon (so there are no reviews there).
  • There are no reviews of previous customers.

In fact – Puri Hair has over 20 reviews in the first pages of Google.

However, all of these are promotional. What do I mean?

  1. Each review is based on general info from the official website.
  2. No writer has actually tried the product.
  3. None will mention his/her own opinion on the product.
  4. They all try to sell and convince people to buy it.

Basically – none of these reviews is very trustworthy, in my opinion.

Before trying out Puri Hair, I was looking for other people’s opinions – and I could only find this kind of reviews.

So overall, there isn’t much I can mention here – since there are no real opinions on Puri Hair.

PS: If you’re a previous customer and you actually tried this product, please let me know in the comments at the end of this review. I would really appreciate hearing any real opinion (whether positive or negative).


#5 – Price (8 out of 10)

When it comes to how much it costs, Puri Hair doesn’t look so bad.

At least compared to many other supplements from the market.

1. The Exact Price

According to the official website – here’s how much Puri Hair costs:

  • One month supply is $39.99
  • 2 bottles costs $79.99 (you also get a free bottle besides)
  • 3 bottles cost 119.99 (and you get 2 free bottles)

Now – if you only buy one bottle, the price is pretty high.

$40 for one month supply is kind of expensive – so I personally wouldn’t pay so much on a monthly basis.

However, if you buy 2 or 3 bottles at once, the price is more than good (since you get 1 or 2 free bottles).

If you make the calculations, that’s $24 per bottle – which is quite decent.

So Puri Hair has a much better price than you would normally say BUT you have to buy more than 1 bottle to take advantage of it.

2. Where To Find It

Unfortunately – Puri Hair is only available on its official website:

  • not sold on Amazon or Walmart
  • really hard to find on Ebay (maybe only opened bottles)
  • unavailable in local shops/pharmacies

Basically – the only option remains its own website.

Now, the website is pretty safe from my point of view. So I wouldn’t worry about ordering from it.

Plus – there’s no auto-shipping program (so no chance of getting scammed at any point).

So in my opinion, it’s not a dangerous place to buy at all.

Just keep in mind that Puri Hair only ships in the US (not even Canada or UK).


Though it seems quite expensive at first – Puri Hair is quite affordable actually:

  • you can get it for $24 per bottle
  • price is better if you buy more at least 2 bottles at once

Now – it’s surely not the best deal in terms of price. There are cheaper supplements that work even better.

But compared to others, it’s still decently priced.


#6 – FAQs

Coming up – I will try to answer the top questions about Puri Hair.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it’s easier to spot here.

1. How many pills per day?

The label recommends taking 3 daily – either together or spaced out throughout the day.

2. How long lasts 1 bottle?

One bottle is a monthly supply.

There are 90 pills inside and you have to take 3 daily – so this means 30 days.

3. Can I take it with other drugs?

Normally yes, since it’s mostly based on vitamins or minerals.

But my recommendation is to ask your doctor first, especially if you’re following other treatments.

4. Are there any side effects?

I personally didn’t experience any – nor I could find too many complaints about it.

So I consider it a pretty safe supplement.

5. How fast should I see an effect?

1-2 months should be enough to see any small change.

I needed about a month to start seeing some improvement – but some people need a bit more.

Anyway, 2 months should be enough for this product to start working, in my opinion.


#7 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on Puri Hair (in 3 ideas).

1. More Than Decent Formula

Even though I didn’t expect it – Puri Hair has some good ingredients:

  • about 25 different substances
  • high dosages
  • classic ingredients with studies behind

Now – it’s surely not the best formula ever. But I consider it better than 75% of the hair supplements on the market.

2. Worked In My Case

I can’t tell about others – but Puri Hair helped my hair a lot:

  • decreased my shedding in a few months
  • thickened up my hair (mostly the roots)
  • also increased growth

Unfortunately – there are no authentic reviews on this product (at least I couldn’t find any).

That’s why I can’t guarantee it’s so effective.

But in my case – the results were better than I expected.

3. Could Be Pricier

Though it’s not the cheapest supplement – Puri Hair has a decent price actually:

  • expensive if you buy only 1 bottle
  • price gets better from 2 bottles on
  • you get 1 or 2 bottles for free (for 2 or 3 bottles bought)

Basically – you get quite a significant discount. But that’s only if you buy more than 2 bottles.

That’s why I don’t recommend Puri Hair if you only want to get 1 bottle.

It’s too expensive in this case (in my opinion).

Otherwise – I think it’s a pretty good buy.



My Verdict – Is Puri Hair Worth Buying?

Short answer: On paper, yes – it’s looks like a really good supplement (to my big surprise).

  1. My Puri Hair Review (2019) - Scam Or Legit?Contains a strong and varied formula.
  2. Most ingredients have high dosages.
  3. Really effective in my case.
  4. Price is decent overall.

However, it also has some significant problems:

  • I received some negative opinions about it (from my readers)
  • no authentic reviews online
  • only available on the official website
  • only ships in the US

For this reason – I don’t recommend Puri Hair anymore.

I used to recommend it in the past, but some people experienced serious issues (due to the company).

However – I still trust the product itself.

So yes – it’s a supplement worth buying and worth using, on paper.

But in reality, it’s probably not the best choice (because of the brand’s tricky offers).


1 –

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18 thoughts on “My Puri Hair Review (2023) – Scam Or Legit?

  1. I have used Puri Hair and pills were too thick for me to take 3 daily. So I would put all 3 pills on my morning table, spill out the powder and mix it with a bit of water. I wasn’t sure if this would be the same as swallowing them whole, but I just could not do it so it was my only choice. I noticed some baby hairs growing in my frontal hair line after less than 2 months, so I think it worked. Unfortunately I had to move out to Canada due to a new job and couldn’t order these pills anymore, I couldn’t have them shipped there. But if I stayed in the US, I would order again. 

    1. Hey Sienna, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with Puri Hair. I really needed to hear someone else’s opinion, as I didn’t want to create a biased review (even though it did work for me).

      I’m glad to hear these pills worked so fast. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend opening the capsules or mixing them with water, because they tend to lose some of their potency. That gelatin cover from capsules is meant to protect the powder inside and make it absorb better. If you take the pills without the powder, absorption usually decreases so you get a lower quantity of active ingredients. But in your case, it seems like it was enough.

      Now – I don’t know why you didn’t like the pills in terms of shape. But in my opinion, they’re not larger than other supplements (Procerin is an example of larger pills). Maybe you didn’t try many others, or who knows? But they’re surely not larger, they have rather normal dimensions.

      Anyway, thanks again for your feedback on Puri Hair, it’s really helpful.

  2. Excellent for the money! I’m buying 3 bottles every half a year for over 2 years, I’m getting 2 new bottles off so that’s enough for 5 straight months. For me this is a great deal. It has thickened my hair a lot since using it and I have less hairs now that previous year at this time. I would recommend this and rate it 10/10 not 8.50

    1. Hi Johanna, thanks a lot for your feedback with Puri Hair. It’s great to hear you had great results with it, as I also consider it a good product and a nice deal (in terms of money). Now, I don’t see it as the perfect supplement, since it has several downsides (as any other supplement, actually). Also, it doesn’t have too many reviews and opinions that seem legit, so this might be a warning sign for many potential buyers. It was the same for me, before checking it out for real.

      So these are the reasons why I didn’t rate it higher than 8.50. But anyway, I never rated a supplement 10, since no product is perfect. So I don’t think Puri Hair could possibly get a 10. But once again, it’s a great supplement as far as I’m concerned.

      Thanks again for sharing your experience with it.

      1. Gm my name is Jocelyn Williams I ordered this product Sept 6th and I still haven’t gotten it and it is now Sept 23th still nothing and was the free trial and I paid 9.90.

        1. Hi Jocelyn, I ‘m not actually connected to the company nor sell the product. So as much as I wanted, I can’t help with actual orders. But you should try to write them an email or something, I read a lot of good things about them so they’re a legit company. They should really answer you and clarify why the order is late, because there’s clearly an issue with the package. I hope this helps.

  3. Hi Olly, your website is a valuable source of information for me! Whenever I get an interest into a new hair supplement (have tried a bunch), I come and search it on your website. If you have a review of it I will gladly check it out because I know you’re giving out the real facts and your honest opinion, I can see that by all the explanation you share in every product formula and price. So thank you for that! You should start reviewing other non-hair supplements as well, your opinion is really helpful at least for me!

    I actually thought Puri Hair supplement was a rip-off because I only found silly reviews that sent you to a fake link of Nuviante (I think that’s the name of that supplement). They don’t tell me anything useful in that review and if I want to check it out the link sends me to Nuviante which I have no idea what it is. I don’t think Puri Hair has changed its name in the meantime, has it?

    So I just returned to your website and saw you have actually reviewed it and you say it’s not a scam. Thanks for your full explanation, I was drawn into it because it’s not so expensive as my previous pills so now I will give it a try in the nearest future, together with Folexin which I have not tried yet (shameful to say that).

    Thank you again for all those great reviews and keep up the good work, for me it’s a pleasure reading it! Dana

    1. Hi Dana, thanks so much for your kind words! It’s such a joy for me to hear that my work is so highly appreciated and that my reviews, opinions and explanations are valuable for my readers. I always try to show the reasons why I recommend, praise or criticize a certain product. I might be objective a lot of times (some products just worked for me better than others) but I try to be honest and unbiased, as much as I can.

      Regarding Puri Hair – I totally agree with the things you noticed. There are lots of promotional reviews about it and most are redirecting you to another product (which is more expensive) called Nuviante. It’s another hair supplement but I haven’t tried it out personally. Even so, I might review it in the future as it seems a supplement that is very highly promoted (not fairly, if you ask me).

      But back to Puri Hair, it’s not a scam – so you can buy it without any worries. I received the product at the right time and was never billed without ordering manually (as other supplement companies do). So I think it’s a worth trying product, especially due to its decent price. But if you want the cheapest supplement that works great, I would stick to recommending Folexin. It’s $15 cheaper, which is a pretty big amount if you ask me. So I think it’s a much better choice for people on a tighter budget.

      So I hope you choose the right thing for you. Thanks again for your appreciation!

  4. I was diagnosed with male pattern baldness,I’m a female meaning both parents had. Does this Puri hair work well on this?

    1. Hello Linda, it’s weird to have a male pattern baldness as a women. There are very few cases of this problem, but I know it exists. However, I don’t think Puri Hair would be the best solution for your issue. Anyway, first of all – I don’t know how severe your baldness is (is it an early form with receding hairline or already a progressed one?). That would help me recommend you the best thing according to your case.

      Back to Puri Hair – it can help in early forms of male baldness, but I’m not sure if your problem is minor or not. So at this point, my top recommendation for you would be a supplement I recommend for men (Procerin). It’s designed to stop male pattern hair loss, which is usually caused by DHT excess. There are high chances that this is also causing your hair loss (especially since your parents had this problem, as DHT excess can be genetic).

      Now, Procerin is based on Saw Palmetto – which is the #1 DHT blocker among herbs. So I like it because it works really well but has very few side effects (unlike most non-herbal products). It comes as pills and foam and they cost around $50 together. If that’s too much, you should get only the pills – as they have the strongest effect.

      Once again, I would need more details in order to give you the best advice. But the product I recommended you is the one I usually recommend for men dealing with your problem. So I think it’s the best choice right now. Puri Hair can also help, but I think Procerin is more suitable for your problem (plus that it’s a bit cheaper).

      In case you prefer to go for actual medicines (not supplements), Keeps has some pretty good versions of Minoxidil and Finasteride (in terms of price). These 2 drugs are normally recommended by doctors for male pattern baldness. I don’t necessarily recommend them because they have a lot of side effects and have to be used for the rest of your life, otherwise your hair loss returns and sometimes even worsens.

      Please let me know more about your problem so that I can give you more tips and advice. Even so, I hope this is helpful.

  5. Thank you for your honest opinion! I have been trying to find a real user experience for years but all I can find are promotional reviews of this product that only state its features and how well it works. Just wondering, has any of those people ever tried it for real? I bet not.


    I first tried this supplement in June, ordered one bottle and received it in the same week. Hair wasn’t falling out so badly but there was still loss. I ordered another bottle before the current one ran out and this time I have not received it anymore. I replied to their mail but got no response. There was no phone number for customer support so there was no way I could contact them in a different manner.

    I did not receive my order even today, which is more than 3 months later. Of course my credit card was charged so I lost $50, which I still regret. I’m just happy I did not order 3 bottles as I intended. That would have been a bigger waste.

    I browsed through the comments on your review and understood that you’re not working for the company, so you can’t possibly help me. But I saw several people had similar experiences, so this brand is clearly a scam. The products are pretty good actually, but the hardest part is to receive them. Once you solve that, you will be happy with your results. If the company changed, I would surely buy from them again but in this case they are scammers for me!

    1. Hey Alexandra, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with Puri Hair. I’m really sorry to hear about the issues you had with them. You’re right, I don’t work for the company, I don’t even try to promote them – so I can’t give you any secret way to contact them.

      But I pretty much agree with you. Puri Hair’s supplement is actually great in terms of ingredients. That’s why I had positive results with it and so did you. But the major flaw of this company is authenticity, they seem to have serious problems at this chapter.

      I didn’t buy this supplement recently, and I never had any similar issues with my orders. So maybe they weren’t so bad in the past, in terms of customer service.

      Honestly, I don’t really know what you could do to get your money back. It’s been a long time already and if you didn’t manage to contact them yet, I doubt they will answer in the future. So I just don’t have any recommendation, other than trying to avoid this brand as much as possible.

      You’re not the only person complaining about similar events with them, unfortunately. I wish I could help more, but there’s nothing I can do about it. Thanks again for your feedback on Puri Hair, it’s so helpful.

  6. Dear Olly:

    HOw come there is no customer service phone number. One listed is not theirs. Need to get in touch with them immediately. No e mail address either. Believe this is a scam

    1. Hey Cookie. I’ve received some similar feedback from other users, some said even that they asked for a refund and they never received one. So I’m actually starting to change my opinion on this product.

      I did not buy it recently and back then I had no problems with the orders. But I just checked their website and you’re right – there’s no contact info. So at this point I’m literally starting to doubt this brand and their product (though it has some great ingredients). I will try to update my review so that other potential customers are not misleaded into ordering this product and then having issues with it.

      Thanks a lot for your opinion and feedback and sorry for not noticing these things before.

  7. I can’t say anything for the puri product but I was totally scammed when ordering it. They sort of forced a 4.95 2oz bottle of argon oil on me that they somehow turned into a monthly subscription that cost $87!!! Charged to my credit card under SpellerSilky with no documentation at all to cancel or contact them at all…had to change my cc in order to get it to stop. How they can scam people like that I have no idea. Heartless people!

    1. Hi Jill, thanks a lot for sharing your issues with Puri Hair. Unfortunately, you’re not the first person to complain about the company’s dirty strategies. In fact – none of the complaints I received were about the product itself, but about the company (and I received over 5). I’m extremely sorry you had to go through that. I can only hope you will get your money back. You can try contacting your bank and see if they can cancel the transactions and refund you.

      Many companies of this kind use auto-shipping just to force customers to stay with them. In most cases, they offer a much better price when joining auto-shipping than if you ordered only one supply from the product. However, that better price is only available for the first order. For the next ones, you end up being charged even 4 times more. But most brands write this in small letters somewhere in the bottom of the page and headline only the initial (lower) price.

      That’s why I personally never recommend going for auto-shipping in absolutely any product. In most cases, it turns out to be a scam and companies only want to force people to keep buying their products. There are so many hair products with low prices that have no auto-shipping program. I would never recommend one with auto-shipping.

      Thanks again for letting me know your experience with this product and hopefully you can get part of your money back.

  8. Hi
    I think you guys charged me but I need to stop the payment. I do not want the hair product. Thank you

    1. Hi Lira, I’m only doing a review of Puri Hair, I’m not the one selling it and I have no connection with the company. I only said my opinion about it. So if you want them to stop sending it to you, you will have to contact the company’s staff via phone or email. I hope you can solve this and get your money back. Good luck!

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