My Lipogaine Review (2023) – Works For Men & Women?

My Lipogaine Review (2020) - Works For Men & Women?

It’s time for my Lipogaine review – because it seems like a potent hair loss solution:

  • designed for both men and women
  • most products are herbal-based
  • low prices overall

So does Lipogaine really work?

It has several products available – so it’s hard to judge just by looking at one.

For this reason, I tried to dig deep into all of its products and find out the truth behind.

So is Lipogaine a scam or not? You’re about to find out below.

Note: This review is based on my own opinion + research on Lipogaine.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Lipogaine Hair Products

Versions: There are 4 kinds of products available:

  1. Hair treatments for men (normal or sensitive)
  2. Hair treatments for women (normal or sensitive)
  3. Shampoo (rejuvenating or normal)
  4. Conditioner

I will give you more details on each throughout the review.

Best Actual Prices: Between $20-$30 (depending on the product)

Cheapest Place To Buy: Probably the official website (slightly better prices)

Designed For: Anything that involves hair loss – including:

  • thinning hair
  • DHT excess
  • nutrient deficiency

It also claims to stimulate regrowth and strengthen roots and follicles.

My Rating: 7 out of 10

Worth Buying?: The shampoos and conditioners, at most (for minor cases of hair loss).

I wouldn’t recommend the hair treatments:

  • based on Minoxidil
  • results appear quite slowly 
  • need to be used forever to maintain the results

I personally prefer using a $25 supplement that worked much better (and faster) for me.


What I Liked About It

  • 7 different hair products available
  • Most of them also contain herbal extracts
  • Nice smell and consistency (especially in shampoo/conditioner)
  • A lot of satisfied customers
  • Pretty good prices for all products


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Hair treatments are mostly based on Minoxidil
  • They have to be applied twice a day
  • You have to use them for the rest of your life (to maintain the effects)
  • All products need 4-5 months to start working
  • Don’t treat the actual cause of hair loss (only work on the outside)
  • No authentic reviews for the hair treatments



What Is Lipogaine? A Quick Overview

Shortly – it’s a brand that offers hair loss treatments. Their options include:

  • 4 hair treatments (2 for men and 2 for women)
  • 2 shampoos
  • 1 conditioner

Basically, that’s their offer. You can pick what products you think would fit your best, whether you have:

  • thinning hair
  • shedding
  • you simply want to grow your hair out

According to Lipogaine – all their products work for any of these situations.

Now – what you should know about Lipogaine’s products?

  1. Hair treatments are a mix of Minoxidil and some herbs.
  2. Shampoos and conditioner and based on herbal extracts.
  3. They all have a pretty good price overall.

So basically – the products do work. They have enough positive reviews online (but enough complaints as well).

However, I would warn you about their hair treatments.

Since they’re based on Minoxidil, they have to be used for the rest of your life, once started.

Otherwise – your new hair will either fall out or return to its previous shape (or even a worse one).

That’s why I personally avoid Minoxidil-based products:

  • Minoxidil itself is usually prescribed for male hair loss
  • in women, it’s prescribed mostly for bald spots

So it’s not a harmless ingredient that can be used for any minor problem.


#1 – Ingredients (6 out of 10)

Firstly, Lipogaine’s products offer very few info about their compounds:

  • the official website does mention some ingredients
  • but there’s no full formula listed anywhere

In my opinion – that’s a major issue and it’s not fair at all.

Other than that, its top products are based on Minoxidil (which has enough downsides as an ingredient).

Now – let’s take a closer look at each of its 4 classes of products.

1. Hair Treatment For Men

This product comes in 2 forms:

  • normal
  • sensitive

However – since the full ingredients aren’t available, it’s hard to tell the exact difference.

Apparently – the sensitive form is for people allergic to the regular form.

From the info I found, they have the same compounds:

  1. Minoxidil 5% – it’s an FDA approved solution to treat receding hairlines in men. [1]
  2. Niacin – can stimulate growth when applied topically. [2]
  3. Saw Palmetto – it’s the best herb against DHT hair loss.
  4. Beta Sitosterol – it’s another DHT blocker, like Saw Palmetto. [3]

Basically – these treatments are based on Minoxidil, which I don’t necessarily like:

  • you have to use it for the rest of your life
  • otherwise your hair loss will worsen
  • needs about 4-6 months to start working

That’s why I don’t recommend products with Minoxidil – there are better (and safer) choices on the market, in my opinion.

2. Hair Treatment For Women

Just like the male version – it has 2 forms:

  • normal 
  • sensitive

And once again, the difference is that people allergic to the normal form could use the sensitive one.

In terms of ingredients – it contains about the same as the male versions.

There are only 2 differences:

  1. Minoxidil 2% – it’s the proper concentration in women (vs 5% in men). [4]
  2. Biotin – can decrease hair fall out and promote growth. [5]

Just as the male treatments, these ones are also based on Minoxidil.

So they have the same potential issues.

3. Shampoo

It also comes in 2 forms:

  1. Rejuvenating (called Big 5 ) – best for thickening hair.
  2. Normal (called Big 3) – best for breakage, shedding or hair growth.

Now – ingredients aren’t that important in shampoos.

They are usually in lower dosages, so their effect isn’t very strong overall.

But from what I read – the top ingredients from these shampoos include:

  • Argan and Castor Oil
  • Emu Oil
  • Caffeine
4. Conditioner

Just like in shampoos – ingredients usually have very low dosages in conditioners.

That’s why they’re not relevant.

Now – among this conditioner’s top ingredients, there are:

  • Keratin
  • Aloe Vera
  • Argan and Castor Oil

Its goal is mostly to moisturize and nourish hair – so it’s not helpful for hair loss or growth.


In my opinion, Lipogaine’s formulas are a bit disappointing:

  • many ingredients are hidden
  • no dosages available

Plus – its top products (hair treatments) are based on Minoxidil.

This means potential side effects and being forced to use the products for the rest of your life.

That unless you don’t want losing more hairs than before.

So it’s quite obvious that I could not recommend Lipogaine’s products.



#2 – Smell & Texture (9 out of 10)

When it comes to aspect – Lipogaine’s products have some nice features.

1. Hair Treatments

The male and female versions have a light consistency:

  • liquid solution
  • transparent color
  • not very intense smell

Now – the only aspect I didn’t like is the actual fragrance.

The treatments don’t smell like the shampoo – instead, they have a very medicinal smell.

So that might be the only potential downside about them.

But don’t worry – the smell isn’t strong or hard to bear at all.

2. Shampoo + Conditioner

Both shampoos have about the same texture:

  • whitish color
  • lather normally
  • you don’t need a higher quantity (than in other shampoos)

These aspects are also available for the conditioner (except that it doesn’t lather).

In terms of smell – they are superior to the hair treatments, which is normal.

All 3 products smell like a combination of mint and herbs, which is really pleasant.

It’s not too strong but still – strong enough to feel it.


#3 – How To Use It (8 out of 10)

A great thing about Lipogaine is that it offers clear instructions for all products.

Regarding hair treatments:

  1. Apply the solution on your scalp using the dropper.
  2. Only apply it on the thinning areas.
  3. Use your fingers to spread the solution.
  4. There’s no need to massage (as in other products).
  5. Let it dry for a few minutes.
  6. Use only 1 ml once (at most).
  7. Apply the solution twice a day with more than 8 hours in between.

When it comes to the shampoo/conditioner:

  1. Apply shampoo on wet hair and lather.
  2. Let it sit for 2-5 minutes.
  3. Rinse your hair normally.
  4. Apply conditioner on your hair length.
  5. Let it sit for at least 1 minute (I recommend 3-5 actually).
  6. Rinse normally.

So basically – the hair treatment should be used twice a day, which is a bit inconvenient:

  • takes a long time to dry
  • hard to apply until you get used to it

But the shampoo and conditioner don’t require being used daily, which is a great thing.


#4 – Results (8 out of 10)

I haven’t used any of Lipogaine’s products myself.

For this reason – I tried to check out other people’s opinions on this brand.

In this way, I could create an unbiased perspective for my readers.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional ones.

1. What People Say

First of all – Lipogaine has a lot of reviews on its official website.

However, I tend to avoid official websites – as they’re usually biased and only show reviews that are false positive.

I don’t know if that’s the case with Lipogaine or not.

But still – I didn’t include the reviews from its official website. Instead:

  • I mostly considered Amazon reviews
  • However, only the shampoos and conditioners are sold there
  • So I found little info about the hair treatments

So here’s what users say about Lipogaine’s products:

  1. Some claim they’re really effective for hair loss.
  2. Others praise their results for thinning hair.
  3. A few others say they need between 4-5 months to start working.
  4. On the other hand, there are enough complaints as well.
  5. Some people say it made their hair fall out worse.
  6. Others complain about allergies.

Basically – opinions are quite mixed up, as they should be.

However, Lipogaine’s shampoos and conditioner have over 50% positive opinions – which means they’re totally legit.

But as I said, there’s also a negative side.

2. Biggest Complaints

Most negative reviews are related to:

  1. No effect or minor changes.
  2. Worsening symptoms
  3. Scalp rashes/allergies.
  4. Need a very long time to start working.

Basically – there are enough complaints as well (not just positive reviews).

Since I haven’t tried Lipogaine myself, I can’t speak from experience.

But the products surely don’t work for everyone – and they’re not very fast either (since we’re talking about topical products).


I could only find real reviews about the 2 shampoos and conditioner.

Lipogaine’s hair treatments have very few real opinions online.

So I would recommend Lipogaine in 2 situations:

  • you have a minor hair loss and a tight budget
  • you need a cheap hair loss shampoo

In these cases, I would recommend the shampoos + conditioner and NONE of the hair treatments.

Instead of having to use them for the rest of your life (as they’re based on Minoxidil) – I suggest using a natural supplement.

It’s cheap, much easier to use and can be stopped anytime.

Not to mention that it has way better results (I speak from experience here).



#5 – Price (8 out of 10)

Lipogaine might not have the cheapest products ever.

But in my opinion – all the products have more than decent prices.

And that’s available even for the hair treatments.

1. The Exact Price

Lipogaine’s official website has the best prices overall:

  1. Normal hair treatment for men/women costs $25 per bottle.
  2. Sensitive hair treatment costs $25 for women and $29.95 for men.
  3. Rejuvenating shampoo costs $25.95 per bottle.
  4. Normal shampoo costs $25 per bottle.
  5. Conditioner costs $25 per bottle.

Basically – the sensitive hair treatment for men is the priciest product ($30).

I personally don’t understand why it’s $5 pricier than the female version – but that’s another story.

Overall, the prices are quite decent.

Nothing overpriced, nothing way above its value.

2. Competitors’ Price

I will only compare Lipogaine’s products with my #1 recommended product for hair loss.

I’m talking about a supplement called Folexin.

  1. L offers 7 different products, F only offers one.
  2. F has one of the best formulas I’ve seen in a hair loss product.
  3. L doesn’t disclose all the ingredients from its products.
  4. L costs around $25-$30 per product (monthly supply).
  5. F costs $25 per bottle (monthly supply).
  6. If you buy more bottles, you can get F for $18 per month.
  7. L doesn’t offer any discount if you buy a higher quantity.

Now – both products have great prices, nothing to say about this.

However, there’s a reason why I recommend Folexin:

  • 1 product does all the job (hair loss, growth, thinning)
  • with Lipogaine you need at least 2 products (treatment + shampoo)
  • so this means a double cost

I’m not trying to criticize Lipogaine, as its products are definitely good.

But compared to Folexin, I don’t think it’s such a good choice (at least in terms of price).

You can definitely associate these 2 – but this will mean a higher cost, which I personally couldn’t afford paying.

So if I had to choose between Lipogaine and Folexin, I would surely go for Folexin.


#6 – Where To Find It (6 out of 10)

First of all – I suggest buying Lipogaine from its official website:

  • lowest prices
  • best variety of products
  • all products are available

You can also find them on other retailers (like Amazon or Ebay) – but they’re not my top choice:

  1. Amazon only sells the 2 shampoos + conditioner.
  2. None of the hair treatments are available there.
  3. Ebay has different sellers offering different products.
  4. You should find all products from Lipogaine available (at some point).
  5. However, shipping taxes are much higher overall.

So if I were to buy Lipogaine, I would definitely pick their official website.

It has the best offers overall.


#7 – FAQs

Next – I will try to answer the most common questions about Lipogaine.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it’s easier to spot here.

1. How often you should use it?

It depends on the product you’re using:

  • hair treatments should be applied twice a day
  • shampoo/conditioner should be used when washing your hair
2. How long lasts one bottle?

Mainly, a bottle is designed to last one month.

This can vary depending on the quantity you use, whether you use it as recommended (the hair treatments), etc.

But on paper – each bottle is a monthly supply.

3. Can I use it with other drugs?

Yes you can. 

All Lipogaine’s products are designed for topical use – which means they can’t interact with products taken by mouth.

So there’s no risk at this chapter.

4. Are there any side effects?

I found a couple of complaints about scalp allergies and rashes.

But this risk exists in most topical products. 

So yes – there are some minor side effects, but they don’t appear in everyone.

5. How fast should I notice an improvement?

There’s no info about this on Lipogaine’s website.

But judging after the reviews I read – all products are quite slow:

  • effects appear in 4-5 months
  • no changes in the first trimester

Obviously – the effects aren’t the same in everyone.

But considering that Minoxidil takes about 4-6 months to work and Lipogaine’s treatments are based on it – I think it’s true.



#8 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on Lipogaine (in 3 ideas).

#1 – Based On Minoxidil

That’s something I personally dislike about Lipogaine’s treatments:

  • main ingredient is Minoxidil 5% or 2%
  • this substance is indeed effective for hair loss
  • but it has to be used for the rest of your life, once started
  • otherwise it will make your hair fall out again (even worse)

Now – it’s true that only the 4 hair treatments contain Minoxidil.

And it’s also true that it’s mixed with several herbs.

But even so – I personally try to avoid this ingredient and would not recommend it.

#2 – Varied Products

Lipogaine is quite versatile from this point of view:

  • offers 7 different products
  • there are 4 types of hair treatments
  • also, it offers 2 shampoos and 1 conditioner

It’s true that it doesn’t come as supplements (which have a way better effect overall).

But in terms of versatility, you can’t complain.

#3 – Great Price

To be honest, all Lipogaine’s products are quite affordable:

  • prices range between $20 and $30
  • quantity is enough for about one month

It’s true that these products don’t have any original/trademark ingredient.

But even so – many other products cost $20 more and they have similar formulas.

So Lipogaine is quite fair here.


My Verdict – Is Lipogaine A Scam?

Short answer: Definitely not – all of its products are totally legit.

In fact – they could be a good option in some cases:

  • minor hair loss that can improve with a shampoo
  • people who need a hair loss shampoo for a tight budget

However – I would only recommend 3 of its products:

  • the 2 shampoos
  • conditioner

When it comes to the hair treatments, I don’t think they’re a good choice:

  1. Based on Minoxidil.
  2. This ingredient has to be used forever, once you start using it.
  3. Otherwise, hair returns to its previous condition.
  4. In many cases, it eve worsens (especially in hair loss).

Besides – the treatments need to be applied twice daily, which is really uncomfortable.

On the other hand, you can use the shampoo/conditioner only when you wash your hair.

Therefore – Lipogaine isn’t my personal recommendation, despite having good products.

So what do I prefer using instead? A supplement:

  1. Results appear even after 1-2 months.
  2. Works much better on the long term.
  3. One product does more things (hair growth, thickening, etc.).
  4. Can be stopped anytime without recurring symptoms.
  5. Same product works for both men and women.
  6. Really cheap overall.

Pills may not sound as good as topical remedies. But trust me – they lead to much better results faster.

Since some are even cheaper than Lipogaine, I would definitely pick a supplement instead.

I speak from experience, after all.


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16 thoughts on “My Lipogaine Review (2023) – Works For Men & Women?

  1. Great review about Lipogaine, I have been looking everywhere online for a product that can help prevent my hair loss and i saw lipogaine on amazon, it looked quite decent enough according to their description, but then i was looking for some reviews and found your article, I’m glad i didn’t buy it from the first.

    I have tried Many different products, including some from the more well known L’Oreal and Dove,

    None of them worked, Folexin looks promising thought, can Men use it as well? If not, could you recommend me another products that might work well against Hair loss?



    1. Hi Mark, thanks for your thoughts on Lipogaine. It has more products so I’m not really sure which you were planning to buy. But since the hair treatments have the strongest effect on paper, I’m assuming you’re talking about them.

      First of all, their active ingredient Minoxidil is indeed effective for hair loss. But it works mostly for baldness – not general hair loss. So if your hair is falling out but you’re not bald yet, I don’t recommend starting with products based on Minoxidil. That’s because this ingredient has to be used for the rest of your life, once you begin using it. Otherwise your hair loss will return and it might even get much worse. 

      So I usually recommend Minoxidil products as a last alternative, when nothing else works. 

      That’s why I suggest that you start with something else – I personally would go for a supplement, since they have almost zero side effects but really good results in most cases. Plus, a supplement can be stopped at any time – without causing a reverse hair loss in most cases.

      Now – for male hair loss, I don’t really recommend Folexin. It’s definitely a good product and it should help, but not as much as others. Since male hair loss is usually caused by DHT excess, I recommend products designed to block this excess. These products are usually the ones based on Saw Palmetto (#1 DHT blocker). Folexin does contain some, but not in great dosages (best dosages are 400-500 mg per day).

      So I usually recommend a supplement called Procerin, which is designed for male hair loss and its formula is based on Saw Palmetto. There are many other products that work, but this one has the lowest price of all (the main reason why I recommend it). The supplement costs about the same as Folexin and as far as I know, it also offers discounts when buying more bottles at once.

      So that’s the product I would start with, if I were you. In case it doesn’t work, there are some other safer alternatives before going to products with Minoxidil. It’s your own choice but that’s my personal advice.

      I hope this helps!

  2. Hello Olly,
    I have suffered hair loss from a young age, I would have liked to find your place before. I have now my sister’s son who is losing a lot of hair, is very young is 29 years old.
    I see in your review regarding lipogaine has an ingredient called minoxidil that has its drawbacks its use.
    I will leave you my email so you can give me your best advice. Thank you!

    1. Hi Claudio, I will answer you here (in case someone else has a similar issue as yours but he’s ashamed to ask) but I will also send you my answer via email.

      First of all, I’m not sure if you’re interested in a treatment for you or for your nephew. But what I will tell you is available for both.

      Lipogaine’s treatment does contain Minoxidil, which us FDA approved for male baldness (especially receding hairlines). So it’s definitely an effective product for what you and your nephew need. But I would not recommend people dealing with general hair loss to go straight for Minoxidil from the start. I mean – once you start using this product, you will have to use it for the rest of your life. Otherwise the hair loss will come back (even worse than before). So why start directly with it – when there are many other options and most of them can be stopped anytime without a reversing hair loss. Do you get my point?

      So even though Lipogaine (Minoxidil actually) would be suitable for you and your nephew’s problem, my advice would be to start with something else that has less drawbacks. I normally recommend supplements, as they are based on natural ingredients (especially herbs) so they can help with causing side effects. Plus, they don’t have to be used forever – as it happens with Minoxidil.

      Now – my top recommended supplement for male hair loss is called Procerin. That’s because it’s based on the stronger DHT blocker among herbs – Saw Palmetto. DHT excess lays behind 80% cases of hair loss in men (mostly over 40 but it’s also very common in young men). So you need something that blocks DHT, in order to stop the hair loss. Saw Palmetto is the best ingredient for that (in dosages of around 400-500 mg).

      The reason why I recommend Procerin over other products is that it has an excellent dosage, its formula is based on Saw Palmetto but it also contains other herbs and it has the best price among this category of supplements. It offers a supplement and a foam, but it’s the supplement that does most of the work. So if you’re on a tight budget, choose only the supplement (it’s around $25 per month). If you afford getting the foam as well, you can buy it.

      Now – the supplement I usually recommend on this website is Folexin (you probably saw this in my articles). But I mostly recommend it for general hair loss in men (thinning hair) and hair loss in women. For male pattern hair loss (balding crown or receding hairline), supplement that block DHT excess are much better. So I recommend products based on a DHT blocker like Saw Palmetto. Folexin also contains Saw Palmetto – but not in such a high dosage and not as the main ingredient. That’s why I recommend Procerin for male hair loss, it has much better results overall.

      Another excellent product you can try is called Follixin (just a similar name to my top recommended product). It’s also based on Saw Palmetto and has lots of positive reviews from men around the world. It’s only pricier than Procerin ($49 per bottle) and shipping costs $25 anywhere in the world. So if you’re from the US, it’s kind of pricey. If you need something that ships internationally, it’s actually a much better choice ($25 is a decent cost for international shipping).

      Other than that, try rinsing your hair with green tea – which is another DHT blocker. It can block DHT receptors from your scalp’s surface, so it helps much better when applied topically (unlike Saw Palmetto, which works better when taken by mouth).

      So basically, I recommend you and your nephew to start with a supplement like Procerin first (3 to 6 months) and only if you don’t see any effect go for something with Minoxidil. That’s what I would do. But in my opinion, you should see effects much faster with Procerin. Using the additional tips should also contribute to the effect.

      I hope this helps you.

  3. This is my 6th month with Lipogaine for men treatment, I am also using the conditioner and shampoo. I am not satisfied with the results I have got up to this point. I am not bald but my hair was starting to thin out so I tried something to prevent it from getting worse.

    I struggle to apply the solution twice a day but managed to do it 95% of time. In worst cases, I applied it only once daily, but in rare situations. I am disappointed to not notice any real change after half a year… The label says product works after 4 months or so but I am already past beyond that and there is no improvement.

    I am considering more and more using another product, but am not sure what. I have see that you recommend supplements, but do you think that Folexin could benefit men like me? I don’t have hair loss but thinning and it’s getting worse with time, this is why I want to treat it ASAP.

    1. Hi there, thanks for sharing your experience with Lipogaine. I’m really sorry to hear it did not help, but you’re right – it should have worked by now. Minoxidil (the active ingredient) starts working after 4 months at most. You’re beyond this period and there’s no change so it probably does not work for you.

      You can continue using Lipogaine, since it’s a topical product. But my advice is to go for a supplement as well. I prefer them to topical products for several reasons:

      – effect appears much faster and it’s generally stronger

      – treats the actual cause from the inside (not just on the outside)

      – costs a lot less normally

      – easier to take, compared to Minoxidil-based products

      – can be stopped anytime without affecting your actual hair

      Now – Folexin might help you, but it’s not my top recommendation for a problem like yours. Male thinning is usually caused by DHT excess and it leads to hair loss and later on to baldness. That’s why it’s important to treat it as early as possible.

      So you need a product designed to treat DHT excess. Folexin isn’t designed for that, though it does help. However, it’s more of a general hair loss product – that’s why it’s not my #1 choice in this case.

      When it comes to male pattern hair loss, I have several recommendations:

      1) Profollica – it’s probably my #1 choice in this case. It comes as 2 products and both have great formulas. The only downside is that they’re a bit pricey and you can only get the together (each has a decent price but you can only buy them together, so they become automatically expensive).

      But if you afford this product, I definitely recommend it.

      2) Procerin – it’s a great product for DHT hair loss, as it’s based on Saw Palmetto. This herb is excellent for high levels of this hormone. It also comes as 2 products but you can buy them separately, so it’s a bit more affordable than Profollica.

      3) Follixin – this product has a lot of positive feedback all over the Internet. Some men claim it even regrows new hairs, but I can’t really tell. I used this supplement for my general hair loss (though I’m a woman) and it worked. So I’m quite sure it also works for male hair loss. The only downside is that shipping costs $25 in any country. So the overall expenses are high for the US, but decent for International shipping.

      Other than this – you can also use green tea and horsetail infusion to rinse your hair while washing it. Green tea is a natural DHT blocker while horsetail fights hair thinning and promotes new growth.

      In the meantime, you can also continue using Lipogaine with any supplement you decide on.

      I hope this helps you and please keep me updated.

  4. I would use this 3 or 4 times a week (I normally wash my hair twice a week) and I also used the treatment two times a day, morning and evening. This is what I saw written on the label so I followed it religiously. In less than a month, I could see results: hair breaking harder, less hairs in the sink, pillow and shower. My hair did not look a lot fuller but it was shedding a lot less. Then I stopped using it so often, shampoo maybe twice a week and treatment only once daily. My hair seemed to be falling more once again. 

    This product works but you need to use it consistently as it says on the label. I didn’t have time to apply the solution every day twice, but if I did, I would have seen results. Only buy if you know you can follow the directions! If not save your money and don’t spend them on this, it’s not going to work.

    1. Hey Bella, thanks for your feedback on Lipogaine, it’s really helpful. So from what I understood – as long as you followed the directions and used the products as recommended, they worked quite well. After you started using them less frequently, results disappeared.

      Unfortunately, that’s the case of many products (especially topical ones). That’s why I’m not a fan of shampoos, serums and local hair treatments. Most of them need to be used several times a day, which isn’t very comfortable. I personally would not have enough time to follow this schedule, that’s why I prefer supplements (which are a lot easier to take).

      But for those people who have more free time and could follow the recommended schedule, Lipogaine might work. Also, they should be willing to pay the price, which isn’t exactly the lowest ever.

      Thanks again Bella for your feedback on Lipogaine. In case you need any recommendations on hair products, just let me know.

  5. My Dad had a real struggle with baldness, his crown looks a lot thinner than same period last year and it’s been going so for the last three years. He’s been using Finasteride and Minoxidil from Keeps’ website but it’s probably too early to tell (they say this stuff needs a couple of months to work).

    Long story short, he’s fine with taking Finasteride but hates wasting a lot of time with Minoxidil. Apparently it needs to be applied twice a day (several hours in between), it also has to be left to dry out and so on. It takes my dad over 1 hour in the end. On top of that, it also doesn’t work very fast, he couldn’t see any small improvement so far. 

    Just wondering, is this Lipogaine better than Keeps’ Minoxidil? I saw it contains some additional stuff besides Minoxidil so I was thinking maybe it could be applied less often (I know it’s recommended to use it twice a day but I’m just saying..). And does the shampoo contain Minoxidil too? My dad could at least start using that too, maybe it makes it all work faster.

    1. Hey Dan, thanks for sharing your dad’s experience with Minoxidil and Finasteride. He seems to be suffering from a usual male pattern baldness, which is caused by DHT excess in most cases.

      Now – Minoxidil and Finasteride are the 2 FDA approved treatments for this condition. So the doctor who prescribed them was right. I also have to say that Keeps is a great option for buying these 2 drugs, in my opinion the best one. 

      Compared to other brands offering subscription for these treatments, Keeps has the lowest prices, best offer and the highest number of positive reviews. There’s a huge difference between it and Hims (which is one of the main competitors). So I have to congratulate your dad for choosing Keeps, he probably did a bit of research before picking one.

      Back to Lipogaine – you’re pretty much right. It does contain some extra ingredients compared to the regular Minoxidil (Niacin, Saw Palmetto, Beta Sitosterol, etc.). The dosages of these ingredients aren’t mentioned, so they’re probably not very high. But even so – they’re better than nothing.

      That’s why on paper, Lipogaine treatment’s formula is better than Minoxidil’s one.

      However, I doubt it would work better if it’s used less. I mean – just the fact that it contains additional herbs isn’t going to make it work faster (or the same if it’s applied less often). So if that was the reason why your dad wanted to switch to Lipogaine, I think it’s better for him to stay with Keeps. 

      You also asked about the shampoo – well, that one doesn’t contain any Minoxidil. It does have some oils and natural ingredients inside, but I personally didn’t hear too many praises about it. That’s why I don’t think it’s anything amazing. Shampoos in general aren’t anything amazing, at least when it comes to hair loss – that’s what I noticed. There are some that work really well, but they’re far from supplements (both in effect and price).

      So for the moment, I think your dad should stick to Keeps. Lipogaine does have some extra ingredients, but it has to be used just as often as regular Minoxidil. If he could follow this schedule, he could also have a chance with Lipogaine, it’s all up to him.

      I hope this helps you guys.

  6. Thank you for your review! I had a terrible experience with Lipogaine, it made my scalp itchy and sore from the first time I used it. Funny thing is that I used the sensitive shampoo that is supposed to prevent itchiness in people that are more sensitive, as I am too. Honestly, I don’t think this brand uses safe ingredients. I have used lots of hair loss shampoos and I never had anything worse than small rashes that would go away in a few hours. This time it lasted for several days up to the point where I totally panicked. Thank God it got better then.

    I appreciate your honesty in reviewing this product. I respect this but for me it’s a trash product, I would never recommend it to people who are sensitive to other hair products, it’s going to make your scalp a lot worse.

    Do you know if products with Minoxidil cause severe irritation? I remember using another one that my scalp seemed to tolerate quite well, it’s Folicell (but I can’t find it anywhere now). If this ingredient was safe, I would order any Minoxidil products from Amazon, there are so many. I’m just afraid it’s going to hurt my scalp in the end.

    I’m looking forward to hearing your answers, thanks.

    1. Hey Vicky, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with Lipogaine, I really wanted to hear an opinion of a women who’s been using it.

      First of all – I’m quite surprised you experienced serious irritation despite using the sensitive version. That one was supposed to prevent all sorts of scalp itching – at least that’s what it was designed for. 

      Anyway, your body is probably more sensitive to certain additives. Since you had positive results from Folicell serum, it’s clear you’re not allergic to Minoxidil itself. Folicell is also based on Minoxidil, but it’s more stronger compared to Lipogaine (serum vs shampoo). 

      So in my opinion, Lipogaine probably has certain additives that caused your irritation. Minoxidil itself can cause this side effect – but since you were fine using Folicell, it’s probably not because of Minoxidil. 

      To answer your question – products will Minoxidil can cause scalp irritation, but not very often. Once again, judging after your experience with Folicell (which contains the same Minoxidil), they would probably not irritate your scalp. At least not all of them. 

      That’s why it’s essential to choose a product with as little additives (inactive ingredients) as possible.

      So here’s my advice for you. Take a look at Lipogaine’s ingredient list and compare it with every Minoxidil product you would like to buy. In other words – before buying a product, compare it with Lipogaine. You can also check Folicell’s ingredient list, in case you find it. As it was well tolerated by your body, it probably lacks a certain additive from Lipogaine.

      At least that’s what I can think of right now. But all in all, I think it’s a pretty good strategy.

      I also don’t know what’s your exact hair problem, that’s why I can’t recommend you any alternatives. Still – Minoxidil is usually recommended for a receding hairline (especially in men). This kind of hair problem is more rare in women, to be honest. That’s why I’m not 100% sure it’s the perfect product for you.

      It could also help if you have some bald spots (it regrows hair quite well, as long as the follicles aren’t affected). But this kind of problem is also pretty rare.

      So unless you have this kind of hair issues, I wouldn’t recommend products based on Minoxidil. Instead – my alternatives are herbal supplements. They have a much stronger effect, work faster and side effects are usually very rare (compared to Minoxidil products). At this point, I think they would make a better choice for you.

      But anyway, it’s all up to you – I’m only offering an advice. I hope this helps.

  7. Hi Olly. I have a few questions…

    I saw you recommend Oxford BioLabs shampoo which is a personal favorite of my mom. I have never tried it but she swears by it. I’m hesitation between Lipogaine and that one. Could you tell me what’s the difference? I haven’t found a comparison review between those 2, this is why I am asking.

    Also, do you think weather could impact my hair’s condition? I live in Chicago where we have terrible weather in winter so my hair is usually dull and frizzy. And falling out a lot. It’s the same in summer, though the weather is a lot nicer. My mom lives in Florida currently and she has healthy hair. She does take supplements from time to time and uses special shampoos on a daily basis (especially Revita), so this could be an explanation. 

    But in your opinion, if I started following the same schedule she does, could this help my hair look better? Or it’s all because of the weather. I grew up in Florida and my hair looked normal, it all started after giving birth and moving to the North.

    Also if I started eating healthier, would this help my hair? Do you know any diet that’s good for hair? I’ve been trying like all of them and never saw big changes (but I never followed one more than 1-2 months). 

    Thanks for your eventual answers and hopefully you’re not bothered by so many questions.

    1. Hello Hilary. Don’t worry, I’m really happy to be able to answer any questions, no matter how many there are. If I can’t give an answer or I’m not familiar with the question, I have no problem admitting it and trying to research into it.

      Now let’s get to your questions.

      The main thing you should know about Lipogaine is that it’s based on Minoxidil. This is an FDA approved ingredient for hair loss/growth and it has several studies behind. It sounds great at first sight – but it has some major downsides:

      – effect appears quite slow (about 4 months after)

      – not effective for many cases

      – side effects are quite common (especially rashes)

      – hair starts falling again (sometimes even worse) if you stop using it

      Basically – I’m not a fan of Minoxidil and products based on it because you have to use them for the rest of your life. Usually, they need to be applied twice a day – which is extremely uncomfortable.  

      So that’s why I don’t like Lipogaine so much. It does have some other compounds besides Minoxidil, but this is the main one. The ingredient itself does work (it’s FDA approved after all). But I just don’t think it’s worth all the risks and time, especially when there are so many other options.

      Regarding TRX2 – at this point, it’s a shampoo I recommend for hair loss for several reasons:

      – strong and unique formula

      – really good effect and more positive reviews than other products

      – reputable company behind

      The only small downside is price, a 7 oz bottle costs around $27 – which isn’t the cheapest. But Lipogaine isn’t very far at this chapter, so they’re about the same.

      As you wanted me to compare Lipogaine and TRX2 – the main difference are ingredients. Lipogaine is a Minoxidil-based product, while TRX2 has a natural (mostly herbal) composition. 

      So I personally would recommend TRX2, if you don’t plan to be using the product for the rest of your life. It also doesn’t have to be used daily, as it’s Lipogaine’s case. Anyway – you can check out the pros & cons from each review because these explain very well each product’s features.

      Getting to your other questions – weather can definitely impact one person’s hair. Cold weather, to be more exact. So if you ask me, the climate from Chicago had a negative impact on your hair (which was probably not in its best shape, since you were also pregnant). The weather from Florida is a lot milder, that’s why you never experienced dull hair there.

      Now – adding a quality hair supplement and a shampoo to your routine would surely help. You may not see a difference overnight, but you should see one in a few months. You can ask your mom and use the same products as her – if they are helping her, chances are they will also help you (assuming you have the same hair type).

      Regarding eating habits, certain foods promote hair growth and fight shedding. I’m speaking mostly about the herbs rich in proteins (not only herbs, actually). So eating these foods on a constant basis will surely keep your hair in a great shape. Still, they’re not a decisive factor – meaning that they do help, but not alone.

      It’s hard to recommend you a certain diet, because the ones in fashion aren’t the best for hair. For example, Keto diet has both advantages and downsides – so it’s not the ideal hair diet. And it’s the same for Paleo, Gluten-free and others. But if I had to pick one, it would probably be the Mediterranean diet (because it’s based on natural foods).

      Anyway, my advice is to pick healthy foods that are rich in proteins and avoid the usual “bad” foods (soda, fast food, sugars, etc.)

      I really hope this answers your questions and in case it doesn’t, feel free to get back to me anytime.

  8. Hello and thanks for taking the time to write this review. Do you know if Lipogaine can cause actual hair loss? I’ve been using it for less than a month and feel like my hair is shedding worse than before. My ends are also thinner than they used to be, so I’m guessing my hair breaks instead of falling from the roots. Is this normal? Someone suggested it’s because the shampoo is removing all the damaged hair and growing new one, but it doesn’t sound normal to me. I would like to hear your opinion.

    PS: I also heard foods like brocolli and nuts could help with hair loss, is this true?

    1. Hey Shila, thanks for sharing your experience with Lipogaine. 

      I actually think your worsened hair loss isn’t normal, even if you’re in the first month with this shampoo. To be honest, I used some products that seemed to worsen my hair loss at first and then ended up decreasing it quite well (these Kaleidoscope drops are a good example). 

      But I pretty much hated this kind of products – so currently, if any product seems to make my hair fall out worse, I usually stop it.

      For this reason, I personally think your hair doesn’t react well to Lipogaine. That’s not necessarily a side effect – I would consider rash and itching secondary reactions actually. So you can’t blame the side effects for this, that’s what I think.

      As I said, I believe your body doesn’t tolerate this shampoo well. I don’t know if you tried other brands or not, but you might want to do that. 

      To give you some suggestions, a shampoo I really like is Valotin’s product. At this point, I think it’s the best shampoo for hair loss/growth on the market (that even though I’m not a big fan of shampoos). There’s also a product from Pure Biology, which also has great ingredients and many positive reviews.

      I know Lipogaine is considered a quality shampoo by many people – but I kind of see it differently. It’s based on Minoxidil, which is a good and bad ingredient:

      – FDA approved for hair loss

      – worsens hair loss if it’s ever stopped

      That’s why I don’t normally recommend Lipogaine and prefer to go for more natural products (they can be stopped anytime without any reverse effects). Since Lipogaine is also affecting your hair, I say it’s better to give it up and switch to a more natural shampoo (like the two I suggested).

      Also, if you’re fine with taking pills – supplements are my top choice for hair loss/growth. Their effect is much faster and better overall, so they’re a lot more worth it than shampoos or other topical products.

      As for your last question – certain foods can boost hair growth, that’s true. Brocolli and nuts are among them, so eating a diet full in these ingredients might help. Just keep in mind that you will never see an effect from eating a healthy diet alone – or at most, it could take around a year. Diet is actually just an additional solution, not a real one.

      I really hope this helps you.

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