How to grow hair longer and faster in 7 steps

I’m sure that any of you has ever desired longer hair in a short period, but you didn’t feel like going for hair extensions or anything of this kind, you just wanted longer hair naturally. Well, in this post I’m going to try to help you find out how to grow hair longer and faster, following 7 simple steps.

1. Take proper care of your hair

A thing you have to know before your start growing out your hair is that healthy hair grows much faster than damaged hair, which might even seem that it doesn’t grow.

So, in case your hair is pretty damaged from styling or from any other causes, you have 2 options:

  1. how to grow hair faster and longerThe best thing you could do would be to cut the damaged hair, so that the healthy part can grow much faster. It actually does so, believe me.
  2. However, if you don’t want to sacrifice your hair even for a faster growth, then you might have a good chance of repairing it by using home made hair masks and high quality conditioners. Of course that this option has a success rate a bit lower than the first one, but you still have very good chances of managing to get very healthy hair.

Click here to get some ideas for home made hair masks or good conditioners.

If your hair is pretty healthy there’s no point cutting it, it won’t grow faster in this way. However, a thing you may also consider would be a hair mask once a month, that would maintain your hair healthy. I don’t think you need it more often, so once a month would be great. Anyway, this is just an optional thing.

2. Pay attention at the styling tools you use

hair straighteners that don't damage hairIt is very important to prevent your hair from the harmful factors, such as heat or excessive dryness.

This is why, you should try to avoid styling your hair every day. However, in case this is an absolute necessity, it would be a good idea to invest in high quality products that would protect your hair from the heat damage.

A more professional hair straightener would be extremely useful, you could also try some heat protection spray before styling, in other words you should try everything in order to make the styling process a less damaging one.

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3. Start eating things that boost hair growth

I’ve written a long article about this subject some time ago and many people have told me how useful it was for them, as changing their eating habits has also changed their hair growth speed.

how to grow hair longer and fasterNow don’t imagine that if you want your hair to grow faster you will have to give up everything you love eating, like candies, fast food or chips. I admit that these are not healthy for you, but they can’t really affect your hair, so the important part is that you don’t have to give them up, you only have to start eating something else too.

There are a lot of vitamins found in many delicious foods, which you may love actually. I can’t present all of them here, but if you’re interested you can check my post Best vitamins for hair growth.

4. Start using a hair growth shampoo

The best thing about hair growth shampoos is that they contains substances that stimulate the hair follicles, thus making our hair grow much faster than usual.

Hair SurgeOf course it is important what hair growth shampoo you choose, because some might only claim to make hair grow faster and actually do nothing about it, but I have tried many hair growth shampoos and most worked great for my hair.

Some even doubled the hair growth speed, which was absolutely great, this is why I consider them as a compulsory part of a faster hair growth process.

In case you want to see the best hair growth shampoos I’ve used you can take a look at Best shampoo for hair growth.

5. Use vitamins directly on your hair

If you didn’t know, there are specially designed vitamins that boost hair growth. You can find them in every pharmacy, they come in small bottles and you only have to apply a few drops on your hair, massage it a bit and then let it sit for some minutes.

hair vitaminsEven though they might seem an insignificant step, they work great actually. It’s like eating a lot of vitamins, but the difference is that you apply them directly on your hair, which is even better.

The ones that I usually use are Vitamin A and E, but you can also try the Vitamin B Complex, which is known for its great action when it comes to hair growth. In case you like to use hair masks, you can mix them with the other ingredients instead of applying them separately, it would probably be easier.

6. Apply oil at least once a week

how to grow hair longer and fasterCoconut, Jojoba or Castor oil, it doesn’t matter that much which of these you use, the important thing is using it constantly. Although Castor Oil is usually the most recommended for hair growth, both Jojoba and Coconut oil have the ability to increase hair growth, so the most important thing is using one of these once a week.

If you can do it more often, it is much better, but I said once a week because I know how busy we tend to be every day, and applying oil on hair is not such an easy job, simply because you have to let it sit for a few hours, so you can’t really go out.

Anyway, I say that this sacrifice is worth it, because if you use an oil for about a month, you can already start to tell the difference.

7. The scalp massage really helps

You may not believe it (I didn’t believe it either), but all those things we hear about the scalp massage are actually true.

scalp massageDoing it every day stimulates the hair follicles grow, it’s something similar to what hair growth shampoos do. The difference is that we can do it ourselves with very little effort, and we can do it daily.

I know you may still be skeptical about it, I used to think just like you some time ago, until I realized it really helps. And after all, you don’t have anything to lose, except for some free time. I really suggest you to try it, seriously. Every night, before going to bed, gently run your fingers through your scalp, slightly pressing on it. You should do this for 2 minutes, at most, you’ll see that it’s not a difficult process at all, and surprisingly, this small thing really helps.


These are the things I did in order to make my hair grow faster and longer. It really helped me achieve this, and I guess that it would help you too, if you have desire and ambition to succeed. I’m really curious what you think about my so-called program and whether you’d be tempted to try it or not. 🙂

14 thoughts on “How to grow hair longer and faster in 7 steps

  1. Hi, Asley! These are great tips about how to grow our hair longer and faster! What really strikes me in your article is that there are specially designed vitamins that boost hair growth! Wow, isn’t that great? You see I am in recovery from chemotherapies and my hair finally started to grow but I am a little bit hurried! I want my long hair back as soon as possible! Do you really think that these vitamins could help me?
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Rebecca,

      Yes, I totally believe these vitamins could help you. I saw it myself, as my hair grew much more when I was taking some special vitamins than when I was not. So it would definitely be the same in your case too.

      I know there are certain medicines that contain a combination of vitamins, designed to boost hair growth. I don’t know to tell you one, but if you go to a pharmacy and ask, they should recommend you something that fits your problem (better than I can recommend you).

      So that’s what I think you should do. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Really great article. I’ve actually been trying to grow my hair longer this year as I’m getting married next year and want long hair on my wedding day but so far I’ve had no luck.
    I’ve tried vitamins and always make sure my dead ends are cut off but that hasn’t really helped so I am definitely going to try everything from your list and see if they will make a difference, thanks so much for the tips.

    • Hi Sarah, yeah, those things should really help. There’s enough time till next year, so try a lot of hair masks and hair growth shampoos.

      Also, for the wedding day you could try some hair extensions because it’s just one day, you know? I know many brides who used extensions for their wedding and they got the hair they were dreaming of. So you can also consider this option in case you don’t get the desired hair length.

      Hope this helps :

  3. Hi Ashley,
    Great Tips. I am guilty as everyone by not cutting the damaged hair…:) I mean not cutting as much as I am supposed to. Because i always like having long hair.
    But i supposed you are right more you cut damaged hair quicker they grow back, and healthier they look.
    I do use olive/coconut oil hair masks every week. And I did not notice that the diet really makes a difference as well. So i think it is a great plan you gave 🙂

    • Hi Joana, thanks.

      Long hair is so beautiful, I definitely agree. But sometimes we have to make sacrifices 😛

      Once you follow this plan, I can guarantee that you hair’s growth speed will improve, I tried it myself several times and the difference was always visible.

  4. Wonderful tips! I have fairly long hair and i can also say that it does grow much faster when you trim off the damaged parts. I never wanted to get a haircut as a kid. My mom would always tell me that hair is like a plant. You need to pinch off the dead flower/leaves so the plant can grow (so the dying part doesnt suck all the nutrients up). Now, everytime I go to get a hair trim, I think of this.

    • Yes, that’s right, cutting off damaged ends is a very important of the growth process, sometimes even a indispensable one. I’m glad you found some useful tips. 🙂

  5. Just wondering. Is it possible that someone is unable to grow hair longer whatever the method is? I mean due to the genes for instance.

    I didn’t know that food can play a role in hair growth. Seems to me that healthy eating is essential not just skin or also covering most body parts like hair.

    That being said, I’m no nutritionist. But thanks for letting me know. New insights learnt

    • Hey, well I actually know someone who claims that she can’t grow her hair longer because of the genetic factor, saying that no one from her family ever managed that.

      Now I don’t know what to say about this, if you want my honest opinion, I believe there’s always something to try, and in the end you will find something that will do you a least a bit of good, in our case make your hair grow even a little longer.

  6. Hi 🙂

    Really informative article. I really like your focus on doing it the natural way too – especially beauty from within i.e. eating and diet.

    I have had great success with my skin (acne) from cleaning up my diet and juicing veggies, fruits and “green juices”. While still not 100% perfect my skin glows and I feel so much better for it. I’m such an advocate for diet and health/beauty now!

    I have also heard that brushing your hair regularly can really stimulate hair growth. I’m guessing that’d be similar to running your fingers through your hair?

    Anyway thanks again for the article, & great website!

    • Hi, thank you 🙂 I’m very happy to hear that natural things helped you get rid of acne,I’ve heard they work great with acne too, but I didn’t know any real example. I do now 🙂

      Yes, probably running your fingers through your hair would work better. I say this because there are many people with curly hair (like me) whose hair will become horribly frizzy if they brush it.

      Of course, if you have straight hair brushing it would work well, but take care not to do it too often, because it makes it break easier and you don’t want that.

      So running your fingers through it would probably be better, this is actually something similar to scalp massage, the last step I mentioned.

  7. great article. This is a topic that is of interest to me as ive got a hairloss problem. I read previously about head massaging and have been doing it everyday for a week and shall continue to.

    A good selection of various products over coming the need for hair transplant surgery. The items listed has got to be a better option than going under the knife which would be very expensive indeed.

    • Thanks, yes you’re right, a surgery would be both expensive and more complicated. I believe you should continue with the scalp massage, things should improve at least a bit 🙂

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