My Scalp Med Review (2023) – Is It A Scam?

My Scalp Med Review (2019) - Is It A Scam?

If you’re looking for a complete Scalp Med review – you’re in the perfect place.

So what exactly is it? Does it really work – or its just another scam?

I tried to dig deep into this product and find out the hidden truth behind.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Scalp Med.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Hair Regrowth System from Scalp Med

My Scalp Med Review (2019) - Is It A Scam?Versions: There are 2 main systems (containing 5 products each):

  • Men Regrowth
  • Women Regrowth

Scalp Med also sells regular products (not included in these systems). But they don’t have as many benefits as the system.

Best Actual Price: Around $90 per system (with auto-shipping).

For one time purchase – each costs around $112.

Cheapest Place To Buy: The official website

Designed For: Regrowing hair – it claims to:

  • grow hair better than anything else
  • revitalizes hair follicles
  • detox the scalp

My Rating: 5 out of 10It’s not a scam, but it’s not worth it either.

Worth Buying?: Surely not – it’s simply not worth the money:

  • extremely expensive
  • needs at least 4 months to work
  • you have to use it for the rest of your life

My advice would be to use a $25 supplement instead. It works in 1-2 months and it’s way cheaper.


What I Liked About It

  • Some of the products are really good (Vitadil)
  • Works pretty well for hair loss
  • Also effective for growing new hairs
  • Lots of products available on the official website
  • Many positive reviews online


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Most products are meant for topical use (weaker effect)
  • Doesn’t treat the real cause of shedding
  • Needs to be applied twice daily
  • Needs at least 4 months to start working
  • Hair falls out if you stop using it
  • Has to be used for the rest of your life (to maintain the results)
  • Extremely overpriced



What Is Scalp Med? A Quick Overview

According to its website – “nothing grows your hair back better than Scalp Med”. 

So briefly, Scalp Med offers several products designed for:

  • regrowing hair back
  • decreasing hair loss

Now – Scalp Med consists of several products put together as SYSTEMS (1 System = 5 Different Products).

There are 2 systems – one for men and one for women.

In each system, there are 5 products:

  1. Nutrisol-RM
  2. Vitadil (Minoxidil)
  3. Single Step Application Bottle (A combination of the first 2)
  4. Plant Based Supplement
  5. Follicle Detoxifier

Thing is – you can only buy these 5 products together (as a system). You can’t buy them separately.

Scalp Med does have other additional products – which can be bought alone. But they’re not included in these systems.

But there’s another thing to keep in mind:

  • systems only come as 2 months supply
  • each costs at least $90 per 2 months (with auto-shipping)
  • as a one time purchase, each costs about $112

So at first sight – Scalp Med has some extremely overpriced products.

For this reason, it might be an obvious scam. So what’s the truth behind? Let’s analyze each of its aspects.


#1 – Ingredients (8 out of 10)

Scalp Med doesn’t have some excellent ingredients (even though they’re not too bad either).

Out of its 5 products:

  • only 2 contain dosages and quantities
  • 4 are made for topical use
  • only 1 is a supplement

So their formulas don’t look very promising to me.

However – let’s take a quick look at all 5 products.

1. Nutrisol-RM

It’s a topical solution meant to nourish hair follicles better. In this way – it claims to stimulate growth

According to the official page, it’s based on 4 ingredients:

  • Biotin [1]
  • Retinol [2]
  • Vitamin B-5
  • Cysteine [3]

2. Vitadil

That’s actually Minoxidil – one of the FDA approved solutions for regrowing hair. [2]

It comes in 2 different concentrations:

  • 5% in the Men System
  • 2% in the Women System
3. Single Step Application Bottle

Basically – that’s a combination of Vitadil and Nutrisol-RM.

Instead of applying them separately, you can use this product and apply them together.

But if you ask me – it’s pretty weird:

  • you get 1 bottle of Nutrisol-RM and 2 of Vitadil
  • in the same system, you also get this Single Step Application Bottle
  • this Application is a combination of the first 2

So why would you want 3 bottles of the separate ingredients – when you can get them directly combined?

4. Plant Based Supplement

This product focuses on speeding up hair growth. 

Its formula isn’t amazing – but it contains some decent ingredients:

  • Minerals: Zinc and Selenium
  • Vitamins: Biotin, Riboflavin, Niacin
  • PhytoComplex Blend

The last ingredient contains a mix of useful herbs: Horsetail, Bamboo, Green Tea, Saw Palmetto, etc.

5. Follicle Detoxifier

It’s another topical solution meant to wash off product excess for your hair roots.

Its formula is based on 2 substances:

  • Pantothenic Acid [4]
  • Provitamin B


Scalp Med doesn’t use any impressive ingredients.

Other than Minoxidil (from Vitadil) – the other substances aren’t very powerful.

Plus, most products don’t contain any dosages. So you can tell the quantity of active ingredients they have.

For this reason, Scalp Med didn’t impress me in terms of ingredients.



#2 – How To Use It (8 out of 10)

Each of Scalp Med’s products have some clear instructions.

So here’s how you should use Scalp Med systems:

  1. Start with Nutrisol-RM and Vitadil.
  2. Both should be applied twice daily, by spraying directly onto the scalp.
  3. Massage the area with fingers.
  4. Take 1 pill of Plant Based Supplement daily.
  5. Use the Follicle Detoxifier according to its instructions.

Now – instead of using Nutrisol-RM and Vitadil separately, you can use the Single Step Application.

It contains both solutions, so it’s a 2-in-1.

Other than that, all Scalp Med’s products are quite easy to use. Just follow the instructions and you should be fine.

In terms of results – Scalp Med needs at least 4 months to start working (according to its website).

That’s a really long period – too long, if you ask me.


#3 – Results (7 out of 10)

In the end, that’s the most important thing about Scalp Med – does it work or not?

First of all, I haven’t tried any of its products myself. So I can’t speak from experience.

However – this section is based on the real customer reviews I could find all over the Internet.

Note: I only included authentic reviews, not general ones.

1. What People Say

I checked out the reviews from websites like Amazon and HighYa.

So here are the most common opinions on Scalp Med:

  1. Many people say it really regrows hair.
  2. Some say their hair became thicker on the long term.
  3. Others claim their shedding improved. 
  4. Many complain that it needs a long time to work.
  5. Most people who stopped using it said all the new hair fell out.

Basically – I found many positive reviews, which means Scalp Med works.

However – the complaints I found were pretty serious.

Considering it contains Minoxidil, Scalp Med should be used all your life – otherwise, you risk to lose all your recent hair.

2. Biggest Complaints

Here’s what people didn’t like about Scalp Med:

  1. Lots of complaints that it needs over 3 months to work.
  2. Some people say it grows body hair as well (especially the supplement).
  3. Many claim their hair started falling out once they stopped using it.
  4. A lot of customers complain that it’s really pricey.

Now – I pretty much agree with these complaints.

Scalp Med is surely not a scam, but it’s not the best product either.

Considering that it costs a small fortune (and it’s also overpriced) – I surely don’t recommend buying it.


Scalp Med surely works – according to the high number of positive reviews I found about it.

But it has 2 big problems:

  • absolutely huge price
  • needs to be used all your life

So if you want a real hair loss/growth product, my advice is to choose a supplement (instead of a topical product).

It works much faster and doesn’t have to be used forever. Plus, price is way better than Scalp Med.

So that’s what I would choose instead.



#4 – Price (2 out of 10)

To be honest – Scalp Med is a very overpriced product.

It’s surely expensive as well. But most importantly, it’s very overpriced (for what it offers).

1. The Exact Price

As I said, Scalp Med’s website sells products as systems (a pack of 5 different products).

There are 2 – one for men and one for women.

So let’s assume you want to buy one of these 2 systems. Here’s what options you have:

  1. Auto-shipping every 2 months – it costs $89.95
  2. One time purchase (2 months supply) – it costs $111.95

Basically – there’s a $12 difference.

So normally, you would probably subscribe and go for auto-shipping. But I wouldn’t recommend that:

  • many reviews complaining they can’t give up auto-shipping
  • lots of people saying the staff is very rude
  • many customers couldn’t get the promised refund

So if you really want to buy Scalp Med, better choose the one time purchase.

But at $111.95 for 2 months – I would surely not recommend that.

2. Competitors’ Price

Out of Scalp Med’s products, Vitadil is by far the strongest. That’s because it’s based on Minoxidil.

But here’s the thing:

  • you can buy regular Minoxidil from any local pharmacy
  • Amazon also sells several brands for a decent price
  • so you can get Minoxidil for about $20/month
  • that would be around $40 for a 2 months supply

Basically – Minoxidil costs you $40 per 2 months.

Scalp Med’s Vitadil (which is actually the same product) – costs you a lot more.

Now, you can’t really get Vitadil alone. You have to buy the full system in order to get it (which is about $112).

However – the other products from the system aren’t very powerful or beneficial.

So you’re actually paying $112 for an overpriced Minoxidil plus a few products less useful.

That’s why I couldn’t possibly recommend Scalp Med.


Scalp Med has some serious problems in terms of price:

  • extremely expensive
  • you can only buy the 2 months supply
  • really overpriced (considering what it contains)

So I would definitely not recommend this product never ever.

It does work – but that’s because of the Minoxidil it contains. You can buy that for $20 on Amazon and get the same results.


#5 – Where To Find It (5 out of 10)

Unfortunately, Scalp Med isn’t very easy to find:

  1. My Scalp Med Review (2019) - Is It A Scam?Available mostly on its official website.
  2. Some of its products are also sold on Amazon.
  3. However, most are unavailable at this point.
  4. Also, they seem to be older products (judging after the label).

The only place where you can also find it is Ebay.

But most products are either opened or sold for a much higher price (even higher than its usual price).

So if you really want to get Scalp Med (though I don’t recommend it) – its official website is probably the only option.


#6 – FAQs

Coming up, I will try to answer the most common questions about Scalp Med.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it’s easier to spot here.

1. How often should you use it?

It depends on the product:

  • Nutrisol and Vitadil should be applied daily
  • the supplement requires 2 pills per day
  • the detoxifier can be used more rarely

My advice is to follow the directions from the label and use the products as such.

You should get the best results in this way.

2. How long lasts 1 system?

Normally, it’s designed to last for 2 months.

But it can last more or less – depending on 2 things:

  • how often you use it
  • the quantity you use
3. Can I take it with other drugs?

Definitely – since most products in the system are topical. So there’s no risk of interactions.

4. Are there any side effects?

I couldn’t find too many reviews complaining on this topic.

However – there’s one thing you should know:

  • Minoxidil grows new hair but it makes them fall out (once you stop using it)
  • you will have to use it for the rest of your life, once you start it

This can count as a serious side effect, if you ask me.

5. How fast should I notice an effect?

Scalp Med seems to be pretty slow.

It needs at least 4 months to start working – according to its website.

Also, best effects appear after 6 months or so – which is another really long period.

That’s why I consider it a pretty slow product (compared to others). 



#7 – Scalp Med VS Others

I want to compare Scalp Med with my #1 recommendation for hair loss/growth – a product called Folexin.

So here’s how Scalp Med (SM) is different from Folexin (F):

  1. SM comes as topical products, F is a supplement.
  2. SM works mostly on the outside, F works from the inside.
  3. F contains about 30 ingredients.
  4. SM’s products have about 20 ingredients overall.
  5. They both work for thinning hair, shedding and hair growth.
  6. SM regrows hair on a bald scalp better (due to Minoxidil).
  7. SM costs at least $90 per system.
  8. F costs between $18-$25 per bottle.
  9. F starts working in 1-2 months, SM needs about 4.

Basically – Folexin is my #1 recommendation for hair growth. 

And that’s mostly because it’s a supplement (so it has a much faster effect than topical products).

Also – among all supplements that really work, it’s by far the cheapest.

So my advice is to give it a try, because supplements have by far the best effect in terms of hair.



#8 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on Scalp Med (in 3 conclusions).

1. Really Works

For those of you wondering if Scalp Med was a scam – well, it’s surely not:

  • many satisfied customers
  • effective for hair loss and growth

So it’s definitely a product that works – you only need to be patient and use it for 4 months at least.

2. Mostly Minoxidil

Even though you’re buying a pack of 5 different product – just one of them does most of the work.

I’m talking about Vitadil (which is Minoxidil).

Minoxidil as a substance is really effective:

  • approved by FDA for hair growth
  • lots of studies behind
  • real results and effects

The other 4 products don’t contain anything special, if you ask me.

So in my opinion – it’s Vitadil (Minoxidil) that does most of the work.

3. Super Expensive

You can’t really find Scalp Med under $90 – which is a huge price.

Yes, you could buy a single product – but the products sold as a system aren’t available alone.

So either you buy the whole system OR you don’t buy any product.

But at this price, Scalp Med is extremely overpriced.


My Verdict – Is Scalp Med Worth Buying?

Short answer: Definitely not.

My Scalp Med Review (2019) - Is It A Scam?Even though it’s not a scam – I couldn’t possibly recommend it:

  1. Only works on the outside (topical product).
  2. Doesn’t treat the actual cause of hair loss.
  3. You can’t buy its products alone (only as a 5 products system).
  4. Out of a system, only 1-2 products do most of the job.
  5. Needs to be used all your life – otherwise hair falls out again.
  6. Extremely overpriced (not less than $90/system).
  7. Needs at least 4 months to start working.

It surely has some good sides – especially in terms of effect.

But if you really want to buy it, my advice is to get a $20 Minoxidil from Amazon for the same effect.

You end up saving a lot of money.

However – I recommend you to start using a supplement:

  • works both on the inside and outside
  • treats the real cause of your hair loss
  • hair doesn’t fall out if you stop using it
  • much lower price
  • starts working in 1-2 months

That’s what I personally use and the effect is much better (compared to a topical product).

As for Scalp Med – I wouldn’t really recommend it, but it’s your own choice. So hopefully you take the best decision.


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20 thoughts on “My Scalp Med Review (2023) – Is It A Scam?

  1. My mom has been doing some harsh savings to be able to use this. She started to lost her hair about 3 years ago and tried several products, but most didn’t help. She ended up buying Scalp Med and her hair loss improved in less than 2 months. It was the only product that really helped, so she continued to buy it almost monthly, even though our family was facing some serious financial issues. She would sometimes not buy her pain medication (she has arthritis) just to be able to buy this. It was a really hard period, as me and my brothers were small and couldn’t work and she was a single mom, so she struggled to pay the bills on her own. Anyway, point is that she told a friend about Shapiro MD and he recommended going for regular Minoxidil, which turned out to be the same product under a different name. The results were exactly the same and she was paying less than half from Scalp Med.

    So my point is not to use this instead of regular Minoxidil because there’s the same effect.

    1. Hi Junas, thanks a lot for sharing your mom’s experience with Scalp Med.

      I totally agree with the things you said – and it’s a shame that it took your mom a while to find out. Scalp Med’s effect is mostly because of Minoxidil. However, it’s an extremely overpriced form – since it contains regular Minoxidil (but under a different name, as you said).

      Unfortunately, most people have no idea about this difference – so they end up paying a lot more on Scalp Med. Even though their products are good, I can’t recommend them. Using regular Minoxidil will save you a lot of money and help you as much as Scalp Med.

      Hopefully, your opinion will help people reading this review understand the difference. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. hello Olly
    A very informative review. I was actually interested in Scalp Med for me and my wife, we’re both suffering from hair loss. I think it’s because of our age, I’m 67 and she’s 65 so our doc said that aging destroys hair follicles and this is why there is shedding. He said we can’t do anything about it but I did my research and read about Minoxidil. I also found positive thoughts on Scalp Med, but after looking into your review I realized you’re right, it’s just overpriced Minoxidil. So we’re definitely cutting it off our list.

    I would like to hear your opinion on this. Would Minoxidil help in our age? Or it’s better to use a supplement? Or can we use both.

    1. Hi Don. Scalp Med works mostly because of Minoxidil, as you said. So it’s better to try regular Minoxidil, since it’s considerably cheaper. And as far as I know, you can also get it via prescription and pay less (it can even be free in some cases).

      Now – I’m not 100% that you and your wife’s hair loss is caused by aging. In her case, there are many other possible causes behind – aging is indeed one of them, but not the only one. And in your case, the hair loss is probably because of DHT excess (in men it’s the main cause in over 90% of cases).

      So I don’t agree that you can’t do anything about it. If you’re not completely bald, there are enough solutions.

      Minoxidil is one of them and it can even regrow new hairs (in case there’s a percent of baldness). The only problem is that it usually take a long while until it starts working (over 3 months) and once you start using it, you have to do it for the rest of your life. Otherwise, the hair it improved will get thinner and fall out eventually. Plus, it can also affect your existing healthy hair.

      On the other hand, there are also some hair supplements that work really well. They’re based on herbs that fight DHT excess and stimulate hair follicles, so they stop hair loss and improve growth speed. Their advantage is price and faster effect (1-2 months in some products).

      My top recommendation is a supplement called Folexin. Among the products that worked really well for me, this is by far the cheapest. So that’s a major reason why I recommend it. In my case, it needed about 2 months to stop my hair loss completely. Also, my hair started growing really nicely after the first month of use. So it’s a product I really trust.

      The only downside of Folexin is that it can’t always grow new hairs (on bald scalps). Some people say it can do it, but it needs over 3-4 months. I haven’t tested it out myself for this, so I can’t tell.

      Anyway – there are another 2 supplements I recommend for growing hair on bald scaps. I’m talking about Follixin (similar name) and Procerin. Keep in mind that these are both designed for male hair loss/baldness caused by DHT excess. So if you have some bald spots or an early baldness, they can help better than Folexin.

      If you’re only suffering from general hair loss, Folexin is my top choice. It’s also the best thing for your wife right now.

      If you start using any of my recommendation, please keep me updated on how they work.

    1. Hi Fay, I don’t recommend taking biotin supplements. Products based on biotin as their #1 ingredient usually have very high dosages – which can be very dangerous. For example, biotin produces serious skin problems (acne and breakouts) when taken in high dosages. Unfortunately, many supplements contain very high dosages. For instance, quantities under 1000 mcg are safe. But some products contain even 10 000 mcg, which is 10x more. In these cases, there are many complaints on side effects and secondary problems.

      That’s why I don’t recommend taking biotin supplements alone. They tend to contain over 5000 mcg of biotin, which is way too much (in terms of side effects). Instead, try going for products that contain herbal ingredients combined with additional compounds (like biotin). In most cases, these kind of supplements contain under 1000 mcg of biotin, which is totally fine.

      For example, Scalp Med’s herbal supplement contains 900 mcg of biotin – which is totally safe to take. Its other products also contain biotin, but they’re all meant for topical use. In this cases, biotin isn’t dangerous in any dosage because it’s not absorbed throughout your whole body (just locally).

      As for collagen peptides, they work best for strengthening hair and maintaining skin elasticity. I personally never had amazing results with collagen (in terms of growing my hair out). They help a lot with strengthening but that’s pretty much it. I usually recommend collagen if you want a 2-in-1 product for hair and skin. Biosil’s supplement is an excellent choice at this chapter, so you might want to give it a look.

      But other than that – I usually recommend herbal based supplements, because they have the best effect and usually the lowest price. I hope this helps.

  3. Thank you so much for such a beautiful article. This is the best review of Scalp Med I have read! I am using the women regrowth system currently and have mixed feelings about it. Though I can see an improvement, applying the products several times a day is very tiresome. I am working a 9-to-5 job so I cannot follow the label directions quite correctly and this is very frustrating.

    You’re right, the product is also pricey. I would love to be able to buy only some of the products from one system, but you also mentioned it’s not possible. In your opinion, should I continue using Scalp Med (this is my 5th month) or try something else instead (I would need recommendations here)? Please don’t tell me to use something else besides Scalp Med because this is already taking me too much time. So I don’t think I could use anything else in between. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Sabrina. Thanks for sharing your experience with Scalp Med. Its products usually take a longer time before they start working (about 4 months on an average). So that’s why you’re only starting to see results now.

      However, I definitely agree that the system is hard to use. Out of its 5 products, at least 3 need to be used daily (2 have to be used twice a day, actually). So it’s really uncomfortable to use Scalp Med, that’s true. As you also have a full-time job, it gets even more complicated.

      That’s why I totally understand your frustration. 

      Now – you didn’t mention what exact hair problem you have. Is your hair falling out? Does it have a hard time growing? Is it thinner than it used to be? Please let me know because this will help me decide what exactly I should recommend you.

      Anyway, don’t worry – I won’t advise you to use Scalp Med together with another product, since I know how long it takes using only Scalp Med alone. Instead – I recommend you to avoid topical products (as most need to be applied at least once a day).

      On the other hand, supplements would be the best choice for you. Taking a few pills is very easy and doesn’t take time. And even if a supplement requires 2-3 pills a day, you can take them at once. So it’s a lot easier than with topical products.

      Besides, supplements tend to work much faster than topical products (because they work from the inside). Scalp Med’s system does include a supplement – but it’s not a very potent one. That’s why you couldn’t see any results faster.

      For this reason, I advise you to switch to a supplement instead. But it’s hard to recommend a certain one until I don’t know your exact hair problem. That’s why coming up with some additional details would be really helpful. So I’m waiting for your answer.

  4. Hi Olly! I was recommended Scalp Med by a friend. But you say supplements are better than topical products when it comes to effect. So is there any way I can only get the supplement from Scalp Med? Do you think it would work better alone than together with another product? 

    1. Hey Keisha. Yes, I strongly recommend going for supplements instead of topical products, because supplements work from the inside (so they treat the actual cause of hair loss/thinning). On the other hand, topical products only work on the outside and they improve the external symptoms, without actually treating them.

      But when it comes to Scalp Med, I don’t recommend using the supplement alone. Actually, I don’t recommend using this supplement because it doesn’t have an amazing formula (compared to the options from the market). There are many other hair supplements with better formulas. That’s why Scalp Med’s supplement isn’t anything special, so it’s not worth buying.

      Anyway – you can’t get it alone, only as a system (together with the other 4 products). So instead of spending $90 for one system, I recommend going for a separate supplement and shampoo (from different brands I mean). This would cost you a lot less and the effect should be way better.

      When it comes to supplements, I would give you more options to choose from. Here’s a list of the best supplements I know (in terms of price/quality). 

      As for the shampoos, I have 2 recommendations:

      Valotin’s Strengthening Shampoo, which is probably the most best shampoo I know. It’s not very pricey (for the quantity) and if you afford it, it’s definitely worth it.

      Other than that – this guide on growing your hair faster might help. It contains several tips (including the rice water recipe, which is very popular among people who want to grow their hair faster). 

      You didn’t mention what exact hair problem you have, but since Scalp Med is designed to boost hair growth, I assume this is what you plan to use it for. So I’m hoping these tips will help you.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  5. Hello! I’m considering Scalp Med, I have normal hair that gets thinner in the cold season. Someone told me these products are going to help. I read they’re designed for hair growth, do you know if I could also use them for thickening? I also heard about Nourage, which seems to be made exactly for thin hair. Could you tell me what is the difference between these 2 (Nourage & Scalp Med)? It’s hard for me to tell alone. Thanks 

    1. Hi Juana, thanks for your questions. I’m quite familiar with both Nourage and Scalp Med, so I will try to make a comparison so that you can choose the one that fits you best. 

      1. Scalp Med is designed to grow hair faster and detoxify the scalp. It’s not very helpful for hair loss or thinning (which is what most people are interested in). 

      Basically – it works best for hair that is already healthy. Still, in order to get best results – you need to use all 5 products offered by Scalp Med. In fact, you can only buy them together, as a system (one system contains all 5 products). There’s no way to get them separately (only maybe from unofficial sources like Ebay).

      Anyway – in terms of ingredients, Scalp Med’s products aren’t anything special. One is a regular form of Minoxidil under a different name (Vitadil), another one is a basic supplement and so on. So there’s nothing unique about any of the 5 formulas.

      However, the products are very pricey mostly because they can’t be bought alone. One system costs around $90 (at least), so it’s not very affordable on the long term. 

      That’s why I don’t think Scalp Med is a great choice in your case (for thinning hair).

      2. Nourage is actually designed for thickening and adding volume/density. It only comes as pills and contains a unique ingredient in its formula (some sort of keratin with superior proprieties than regular keratin). Also, it has a beauty award behind, so it’s clearly a reputable product.

      However, as a supplement alone – it’s quite expensive. At $60/month, I personally couldn’t afford it on the long term. You usually need about 2-3 months with any supplement before you start seeing real results. That’s why you should make sure you can afford it at least 3 months from now.

      Anyway – in terms of effect, it’s really helpful. Compared to Scalp Med, I think it’s a lot more suitable for your problem and that it’s going to help you a lot more. So if budget isn’t an issue for you, I would recommend going for Nourage.

      If it’s too pricey, take a look at this list on my top recommended hair supplements. Most of them are designed for hair loss/thinning, so they would be suitable for your problem. Some are a lot cheaper than Nourage, so they can be a better alternative from this point of view.

      Anyway, it’s up to you. 

      In case you also need a quality shampoo for thickening, I recommend Valotin’s product. It’s quite affordable and one bottle is going to last more than a month. And in terms of effect, it’s totally worth it. I also advise you to rinse your hair with horsetail infusion, because this herb is the best against thinning hair.

      Besides – you can also use Henna to increase your density and volume. This herb comes as a powder meant for hair dye, but you don’t need to dye your hair in order to use it. Just choose a shade that is close to yours and there won’t be any difference in your hair color (only in your density).

      I really hope this is going to help you.

  6. Hi I have lost hair by spots only on top of my scalp and my Dr says it is caused by sebaceous dermatitis. He even did a biopsy and I also if I scratch my scalp a bit I have a bit of residue on my finger nail. My hair breaks off on the top of my head . Would the supplement Folexin and shampoo you mentioned be better for me than the scalp meds products. I found your research on the scalp meds surprising. So many people could actually go bald if they stop them ….

    1. Hi Peggy. Thanks for your feedback and sorry to hear about your hair problems. Dermatitis can indeed cause hair loss, but in most cases it does it in an indirect manner (it makes your scalp itchy so you feel the need to scratch continuously and that’s how you weaken our hair roots, which start breaking eventually). However, I personally don’t know any cases of dermatitis that affects the roots and makes the hairs break down.

      Do you scratch a lot? In my opinion, that’s the only possible reason why your hair starts breaking off. Obviously, you should try to stop scratching as much as possible. Try to apply menthol lotions, which have a calming effect and they decrease the itching. If dermatitis is the real cause behind your hair breakage, this should get better if you stop scratching.

      Also, did your doctor prescribe any treatment against that dermatitis? I would expect a topical product, in this case. Try to use it as recommended and see if the itching gets better within a week. Normally, it should – so once you stop scratching, your hair should stop breaking off as well.

      As for Scalp Med – I don’t think it’s my top recommendation in this case. I usually recommend Minoxidil-based products in cases of severe hair loss (usually genetic one) where the follicles are starting to die. In your case, that doesn’t seem to be the problem. Your follicles are probably healthy, they’re simply affected by dermatitis and mechanical stress (from scratching). That’s why I don’t think Scalp Med would be the wisest choice.

      Just like I said in my review, it has to be used forever once you start using it – otherwise your hair will slowly get back to its previous state and end up falling out even worse. There are so many cases, you can check the Internet. That’s available for any product that contains Minoxidil (including Scalp Med – but only those products that contain Minoxidil).

      Regarding Folexin – I think it would work better for your problem at this point, since it has a more natural formula. So it should stimulate your hair roots naturally and also help you with thickness. I also recommend you to check out hair fibers until hair starts regrowing in your bald spots. They’re not a real treatment but they’re a proper aesthetic solution until your hair starts recovering.

      So I personally believe you should investigate more, because dermatitis itself doesn’t normally cause hair breakage itself (it only affects the scalp). If you scratch too intensely and too much, then there is a possibility. But even so, it’s not the dermatitis itself affecting your hair – but scratching. Besides the treatment prescribed by your doctor, you could also try green tea (which has a calming effect on scalp so it might help).

      Please keep me updated on your experience and story and hopefully things start improving.

  7. Hello Olly,
    I am a Cancer survivor. 13 years free, and for that I am EXTREMELY grateful. However: I was told that after Chemo my hair would grow back. Well, it didn’t. I have VERY thin hair especially on the top and crown. I am reluctant to try various hair growing topical products because I feel that the Chemo actually ‘killed’ the hair root and I don’t want to waste my time/money for something that “isn’t for my situation.” I do take hair/skin/nails supplements as well as multi vitamins in addition to Rx. Any advice??? I’d really like to have at least a LITTLE MORE hair!
    Thanks!! barb

    1. Hey Barbara! I’m so happy to hear you’ve been cancer free for so long, this is an achievement itself and you should be so happy for it. As for your hair issue, yes – hair should normally grow back after chemo and this happens is almost all cases. But you’re probably among the unlucky ones and the treatment may have affected your hair follicles and roots. Otherwise, I can’t understand why there is no major improvement despite the fact that you took so many vitamins and supplements. Just let me ask, did you notice any difference before and after using all these treatments? Or is your hair just like it was after the chemotherapy ended?

      I would normally recommend Folexin for hair growth, because it’s the best supplement I know. But given your situation and the fact that you couldn’t see any improvement from most products, I doubt it could help a lot more. So I would probably advise you to see a dermatologist and have some follicle analysis to see what can be done. If the chemo affected your follicles, a specialist should be the only person that could give you any helpful treatment in this case. Sorry I can’t help more.

  8. Thanks for the review on this product Olly. I was about to purchase it, but will hold off.

    Before I go any further I would like to ask your opinion on something. Almost exactly 15 years ago I burned my healthy scalp using a product called S-Curl, in which you can guess relaxes your hair to make it easier to curl. I don’t remember washing it out correctly, and then put small twists (braids) in my hair which ended up pulling my follicles.

    The following summer I cut my hair, and it has never grown back the same ever again. I didn’t know the real damage I did until that point.

    Since it was such a long time ago I feel it’s a lost cause at this point. Would you still recommend you Folexin or something stronger? I’ve tried a topical solution a couple after that situation too without success.

    Thanks for your time,

    1. Hi Ian, I’m really sorry to hear about your issues. Before giving you any advice, allow me to ask you what products have you used in the meantime (you mentioned a topical solution – what was its name)? Have you also tried any supplements/oral products? And lastly, do you have any bald spots (in those places where your follicles were pulled)? Please let me know and I will try to give you some recommendations.

      1. The product I received was a prescribed topical (steriod) solution, but can’t 100% remember since that was in 2007.

        I haven’t tried any supplements or oral products.

        Re bald spots, yes in certain areas it basically bald. Some extremely small follicles if any at all. The bulbs are probably non-existent since my hair has never really come back, and those that have faded over the years till now.

        1. Okay Ian, so I do recommend starting with a supplement and going with it for a couple of months, just to see if there’s any improvement. Since Folexin is the best choice I know in terms of quality/price, I suggest going for it (but if you prefer another product with a quality formula as well, it’s totally fine for me). The point is to see whether a supplement would help your hair any single bit or not.

          Now, regarding those places where you have some bald spots, I doubt any product is going to help much since the follicles there are dead. But either way, maybe you’re lucky and the supplement you start taking is going to improve those spots any little bit. Either way, I recommend using hair fibers to cover them (if they’re large enough to be visible). Other than that, you might also want to check this guide I wrote on growing hair faster, it includes some of the tips I already mentioned but some additional ones as well, so maybe it helps.

          Please keep me updated on how things go for you in the future. Best wishes!

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