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When you’re considering starting a treatment with supplements for hair and health, you should try to choose the supplements that have the highest amount of natural ingredients as well as  the smallest number of side effects.

supplements for hair and healthI say side effects because we should consider rashes or fatigue as things you wouldn’t desire in your everyday life. However, most of these supplements don’t make you deal with any unwanted symptoms, so there’s noting to worry about. Most people choose these supplements when they feel their body needs “a breath of fresh air”, not necessarily because of an illness or something similar. Something common for this supplements is that you don’t really  feel any difference in a short period, you could rather see some changes after at least a month.

It’s good to know that any good supplement for hair and health should contain many oxidation preventives. Vitamins and minerals get involved in many chemical reactions throughout the body, so you will find many times the same components in different supplements.

Anyway, if you’re not sure what vitamins and minerals you would need, here are the most common supplements when it comes to health and hair care.

  • Zinc supplements

Zinc deficiency can cause a massive hair loss, because if our body does not get the normal dose of zinc, the results are visible on our hair. It becomes thinner and starts falling, but it also regenerates much harder. This is why there are so many zinc based treatments for hair loss.

Zinc supplements can be found in every pharmacy, at normal prices.

  •   B Vitamins

best supplements hair growthDid you know that vitamin B7 delays the process by which our hair becomes grey? I didn’t. It also has good results in cutting off hair loss. B Vitamins are actually a complex of vitamins which, by coincidence or not, are found in the same foods.

An important role vitamins B have is that they help our body absorb hemoglobin, that offers the oxygen our hair needs in order to grow up healthy. You can find a certain vitamin B in supplements that contain the whole complex of vitamins B.

  • Iron

If you read the paragraph about zinc, you remember that a deficiency could lead to serious hair damage or even loss. However, another health issue that can produce hair loss is anemia, or iron deficiency. The lack of essential substances like iron or zinc could stop hair growth and, as it doesn’t regenerate anymore, the quantity of lost hair is getting bigger and bigger.

On the other hand, iron mineral supplements improve blood circulation in our scalp, which leads to a better hair nourishment.

  • Vitamin C

Last but not least, this vitamin C is partly responsible for hair strength and a deficiency can make it prone to fragility. If you happen to have a day when your hair looks awful no matter what, try taking a small dose of Vitamin C and you’ll see the effects 🙂

Probably Vitamin C supplements are one of the most popular from their range. I remember taking a lot of Vitamin C when I was little, I still know people who take it regularly to prevent a cold or other things. If you’re interested in taking some supplements, you can surely find these ones in every part of the world.

4 thoughts on “Supplements for hair and health

  1. Hi,

    I come across your site looking for products for my two daughters one his pre hormonal and the other well… bit of a tom boy.

    do these products work for children or is it just for adults as a dad i really dont know much about hair products especially as time goes by im needing hair products less and less

    • Hi, well normally they work for children too, I used to take a lot of zinc when I was little. Probably the only difference is the dose, so before buying them you should ask the pharmacist about the recommended dose for your daughters’ age. I told you, normally it couldn’t do them any harm, but it’s better to ask and make sure 🙂

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