My Ryeo/Ryoe Shampoo Review – The New Hair Care Breakthrough?

Ryeo/Ryoe Shampoo Review - The New Hair Care Breakthrough?

It’s time for my Ryeo/Ryoe Shampoo review – a Korean brand that is quite new on the American market. 

It has 6 different types of products, each for a certain hair type/problem. 

So is this brand better than American ones? From what I heard – the shampoos are really natural, compared to ours.

Well, it’s time to take a closer look at these Ryeo shampoos.

Note: This review is based on my personal opinion about these shampoos.

So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Ryeo Herbal Shampoo from Amore Pacific

Ryeo/Ryoe Shampoo Review - The New Hair Care Breakthrough?Sizes: There are 2 forms – 13.5 oz and 16.9 oz.

Best Actual Price: Around $15 per bottle

Cheapest Place To Buy Them: Probably Amazon. You can also get them from Ebay, but it’s not as safe.

Designed For: There are 6 versions – and each is meant for a different problem.

So they cover everything, from hair loss to dandruff and oily hair.

My Rating: 8 out of 10

Worth Buying?: Pretty much:

  • really cheap
  • more natural than American shampoos

Now – they’re not the best shampoos I tried. But they have enough positive reviews to convince me. 

Anyway – if you’re looking for a good hair loss/growth remedy, here’s my top recommendation.


What I Liked About Them

  • Most ingredients are natural or herbal extracts
  • There are 6 different versions
  • All of them lather pretty well
  • Really cheap (around $15 for 16 oz)
  • You can also get the conditioner for a better deal (around $25 for both)


What I Didn’t Like About Them

  • The one I used (red version) only did its job about 50%
  • Ingredients and the whole label are only written in Korean
  • So there’s no English info about how to apply it, etc.
  • Pretty strong herbal smell in some
  • Very liquid texture (but it foams really well)
  • Mixed results and reviews



Ryeo/Ryoe Shampoos – A Quick Overview

As I said, Ryeo shampoos have 6 different versions. There might be more actually –  but I could only find 6 on our market.

(If you’re looking for more, you should find them on Ebay).

Now – each of these shampoos are designed for a certain hair type or problem. Each has a specific color – so it’s easier to associate it with the problem:

  1. RED for hair loss and damaged hair
  2. GREEN for oily hair with dandruff
  3. PURPLE for hair loss and sensitive scalp
  4. BROWN for volume and strengthening
  5. BLACK against hair aging
  6. WHITE for oily scalp

Ryeo/Ryoe Shampoo Review - The New Hair Care Breakthrough?

As you can see – some of them work for more than 1 hair problem. 

Other that that – they’re pretty cheap, easy to use and work decently. They have a lot of different reviews – but on thing is clear:

For these money, they’re surely some worth buying shampoos.



#1. Ingredients (9.50 out of 10)

Each of the Ryeo shampoos contains an impressive amount of natural ingredients.

In fact – that’s what makes the different from American products. 

However – the 6 shampoos contain very similar ingredients, despite being made for different hair problems. 

So let’s analyze the most important ingredients from these Ryeo shampoos.

Note: The ingredients are only listed in Korean, there’s no label in English. So I can’t take each shampoo separately and analyze its ingredients. 

1. Red Ginseng – that’s actually Korean ginseng:

  • promotes hair growth
  • can help hair loss (especially the male pattern)
  • repairs damaged hair ends

2. Camellia Oil – is great for hydration:

  • moisturizes dry or brittle hair
  • smooths hair ends

3. Ohmae Extract – soothes and calms down irritated scalp.

4. Other Ingredients – this includes green tea, Biota seeds, soybeans, other types of ginseng.

Conclusion: The ingredient look very promising:

  • very natural
  • totally different of other brands

I don’t know any western product with so many herbs and extracts. But for this reason, I can’t really tell how effective Ryeo products are.


#2. Texture & Smell (8 out of 10)

At this chapter, I can’t really say I loved these shampoos. 

1. Texture – they have a different consistency than regular shampoos:

  • pretty liquid
  • transparent color
  • very light overall

Basically – all 6 versions look more like hair oils (except the fact they’re not greasy). They’re not as thick as western shampoos.

I don’t know if that’s how all Korean shampoos are.

But at first, it may be harder to apply them. However, all lather surprisingly well for such liquid shampoos.

2. Smell – none of the 6 versions impressed me too much:

  • it depends a lot on the type of shampoo
  • most have a fresh/herbal smell
  • the red version has a very strong scent, in my opinion

Basically – the smell of all 6 is okay, but not amazing. I would say it’s just tolerable.

Conclusion: The texture of all 6 shampoos is a bit too liquid and transparent. But all of them foam pretty well.

The smell is mostly herbal – not great, but not terrible either.


#3. How They Work (8 out of 10)

To be honest – I have only tried one Ryeo shampoo for a while (the red one).

1. Red Version – Here’s what I can tell about how it works:

  1. Nourishes the hair really well.
  2. My hair ends were much silkier and smoother than before.
  3. You need to use it about 4-5 times to see a bigger change.
  4. In terms of hair loss – it didn’t help me a lot.
  5. My hair was still falling out pretty massively (probably because the cause was internal).

So I personally liked the red Ryeo – but just in terms of nourishing. 

When it comes to hair loss, I couldn’t see a big difference. So I would probably not recommend it for that.

2. Other Versions – Even though I haven’t tried the others, I checked out other opinions.

Ryeo/Ryoe Shampoo Review - The New Hair Care Breakthrough?

So here’s what people say:

  • They decrease hair loss for some – but for others, they are useless
  • The green one doesn’t reduce sebum secretion
  • However, it decreases dandruff
  • The brown version increases volume – but only in the first day

Now – these are just some of the reviews I read. 

But overall – opinions are mixed about these Ryeo shampoos. That’s why it’s hard for me to make a clear opinion.


#4. How To Apply It (9.50 out of 10)

Just like most products, all 6 Ryeo shampoos are super easy to apply. 

But there’s one problem:

  • the label is only in Korean
  • so you can’t understand the instructions

Now – I don’t think it’s really hard to apply a shampoo without checking the label. 

But it could provide useful info – like how long to let it sit, how much to apply, etc.

Anyway – apply it just like any other shampoo:

  1. Add it in your hair and massage with fingers
  2. Rinse carefully.

As I said – all 6 shampoos are very liquid and you might think you need a larger quantity.

But that’s just an impression – because they lather very well. So don’t worry too much – these shampoos are as easy to use as any others.


#5. Sizes (8 out of 10)

Now – on out market, you can only find these shampoos in 2 forms:

  1. 13.5 oz (400 ml)
  2. 16.9 oz (500 ml)

Ryeo/Ryoe Shampoo Review – The New Hair Care Breakthrough?

I haven’t checked their official website because it’s in Korean and I can’t understand a thing.

But they might have some other sizes besides these 2.

So the only downside I can see here is that there’s no larger bottle – like 20 or 25 oz. 

Many shampoos also have a larger size – and the overall price is much better. So that’s the only thing I would change about Ryeo shampoo’s sizing.



#6. Price (10 out of 10)

Honestly – Ryeo has one of the best prices I’ve seen in shampoos lately:

  • a bottle costs around $15 (depending on the version)
  • it has at least 13.5 oz
  • on Amazon, they have special offers with shampoo + conditioner for about $25

Regarding the conditioner – you can’t really find it alone on Amazon, from what I’ve seen. 

But in my opinion – the pack of shampoo + conditioner is a pretty good deal overall.

Plus – I don’t think these shampoos could be cheaper than that.

So if you don’t want to pay a lot for a high quantity – Ryeo is one of the best choices.


Now that you know the main things about Ryeo shampoos – it’s time to take a quick look at each version.

What it can offer, how it helps, why it’s better that others, etc.


1. Red Shampoo For Damaged Hair + Hair Loss

  1. It’s based on natural proteins, red ginseng and Hambit extract.
  2. It’s meant to strengthen follicles and hair roots.
  3. Can also prevent split ends – as long as you use a good styling tool 
  4. The Hambit extract is responsible for smoothing the hair
  5. It’s recommended to use it with the red conditioner and treatment – for a faster effect


2. Green Shampoo For Oily Hair + Dandruff

  1. Designed to control sebum secretion and cleanse the hair deeply.
  2. From what I read, it helps greasy hair on the long term.
  3. Besides dandruff, you can also use it for itching or psoriasis (it calms down the irritation).
  4. Also comes together with the conditioner – but in this case, it’s not a must using them together.
  5. I couldn’t find a lot about the ingredients.


3. Purple Shampoo For Sensitive Scalp + Hair Loss

  1. Best for hair loss caused by stress, scalp irritations or nutrition problems.
  2. Really calms down irritations.
  3. It’s based on Korean ginseng, green tea and licorice.
  4. From what I read, it also increases hair shine.
  5. This seems to be the 3rd generation of purple shampoos (so they have an improved formula).


4. Brown Shampoo For Volume And Strengthening

  1. Works great for silky or thin hair that has no volume.
  2. Based on Biotite, ginseng and a complex of aminoacids.
  3. The formula manages to lift up hair roots – so that’s how it adds extra volume.
  4. There’s also a brown conditioner – but it’s the shampoo that makes most of the job.


5. Black Shampoo Against Hair Aging

  1. It’s more of a revitalizing product – doesn’t treat a certain problem.
  2. Works best for either dry or normal scalp.
  3. Improves your hair’s general health and strength.
  4. Compared to the other versions, it doesn’t work as fast (more of a long term product).


6. White Shampoo For Oily Scalp

  1. It’s best for hair that is really greasy (helps with prevention).
  2. Doesn’t dry out the hair at all.
  3. Contains 5 types of ginseng and Ohmae extract.
  4. Also calms down irritated scalp.


#7. Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up these Ryeo shampoos.

1. Extremely Natural – compared to American products, these shampoos seem totally different:

  • most ingredients are herbal or natural extracts
  • each shampoo has a herbal smell
  • they also have a different texture (more liquid)

Now – I can’t tell if they’re organic or not, since the label is only in Korean. 

But they surely have more natural ingredients than our shampoos.

2. Really Cheap – paying around $15 for 16 oz is great, in my opinion.

That’s what makes Ryeo shampoos some of the cheapest ones I reviewed recently.

3. May Work Or Not – obviously, results are mixed:

  • they worked great for some people
  • while for others, they didn’t have any results
  • in my case, the red shampoo helped nourishing the hair – but it didn’t stop my hair loss

So I can’t tell if if these shampoos are going to work for you – it really depends.

But I don’t think you’re losing too much trying them out.



My Verdict – Are Ryeo Shampoos Worth It?

Short answer: Pretty much.

Ryeo/Ryoe Shampoo Review - The New Hair Care Breakthrough?Now – they’re not the best shampoos I tried. But considering the price – I think they’re worth the money:

  • mostly have natural ingredients
  • a high quantity for the money
  • different texture than American shampoos

Plus – they come in at least 6 different versions. So you can choose the one that fits your hair best:

  1. Damaged hair that falls out
  2. Greasy hair with dandruff
  3. Sensitive scalp with hair loss
  4. Thin hair without volume
  5. Anti-aging 
  6. Oily scalp

So overall – I do recommend these Ryeo shampoos.

Though they’re not the shampoos I constantly use, they’re surely a great deal for someone with a small budget who want a quality product.

16 thoughts on “My Ryeo/Ryoe Shampoo Review – The New Hair Care Breakthrough?

  1. Hi there. I read through your review and the hair products sound interesting because they are herbal and organic. For years I’ve been hearing about other products like Wen and Ovation Cell Therapy and I was wondering if you know how they compare to these other products. Also, I would like to know which one you tried for your hair and how you liked it. 🙂

    1. Hello Shannon, to my huge shame I haven’t tried either Wen or Ovation Cell Therapy. But I promise I will, I just checked both of the websites and I really loved their products, especially that Intensive treatment from Wen. It will definitely be the next thing I get! After I do this, I promise to write a review about them, also trying to compare those two brands, so keep following my blog 🙂

      About these Ryeo Shampoos, the first one I bought was the one for nutrition and vitality (pink one) and as it worked well for my hair, I also got the one for damaged hair and hair loss.The last quickly became my favorite, because it managed to really stop my hair loss, so I was delighted by it. I was also a fan of that ginseng smell it has, I know some don’t like it, but I loved it.

      I also bought the green one (for oily hair) as a birthday gift for a friend and as far as she told me, her hair isn’t as oily as it used to be. Though I don’t have oily hair except very rarely, I also bought it for myself, so i could write a better review, but I can’t say too much from my experience because I don’t have oily hair, I told you 🙂

      Anyway, overall I’m very satisfied with this brand and I’ll keep buying from them.

  2. can we find in Pakistan? I have hair lose problem from front side..from where i can buy this shampoo?

    1. Hi Sana 🙂 I’m not sure if it is sold in a certain shop in Pakistan, I know someone who lives in Europe and buys this shampoo from Amazon, as it is shipped everywhere in the world. This could be a solution for you.
      However, if you say your hair loss problem is only in the front side, I would recommend you to try something stronger, like a treatment or something similar. These Ryeo shampoos are made for hair loss in general, and you said your hair is falling out in the front side. Let me give you a suggestion: I know a great product for hair loss sold in pharmacies, so I suppose you could find it in Pakistan too (I’m not sure though, but you can try). It’s a treatment from Vichy called Vichy Aminexil Pro, you can find it easily on Google to see how it looks like. I’ve tried it myself and it was really good, that’s why i recommend it to you.
      If you want to ask me more things, please write me, okay? 😀

  3. I’ve always had a problem with my hair being that it’s so fine. Now I’m older, it seems to have got even finer and is very resistant to hair colour so I have to make do with my natural colour which is now almost white!
    I don’t recognise this shampoo and suspect, like you explained that as its Korean, they have yet to make the UK market where I live. Even so, it’s good to have reviews on different hair products. Perhaps one day I’ll find one to suit my hair and may even find a product which will actually colour white hair. Not found one yet that works! Ches

    1. Hi Ches, I don’t really know why your hair is resistant to hair colors. Have you also tried some natural hair dye, like Henna? Maybe this one would work better.

      Yes, as far as I know, Ryeo isn’t present yet on the British market, but I hope it will be soon, because they have good products and I’m sure they would have success in UK too.

  4. This was a good review explaining about each and every product in detail. I have been looking for a good shampoo for my head for more than a year as I am not satisfied with any of the product that i have used. I have hair loss problem so i look for a shampoo that can solve my problem at least to some extent. So you say it’s worth buying?

    1. Hey. Yes, it helped me with hair loss, and it managed to stop it almost completely, so I believe it’s really worth buying. Especially because it’s organic and it can’t do your hair any harm, on the contrary.

  5. Keeping healthy looking hair can be very hard especially in places where the weather changes a lot. The ryeo shampoo sound like great hair products.

    Do these shampoo work for afro hair? I have very coarse hair and I have been trying different things on it, hoping to find one that helps keep it hydrated.

    1. Hi Denise, thanks for visiting my site 🙂

      I haven’t tried it on afro hair, but in theory it should work. Just like you said, I know afro hair tends to be very dry and coarse, so extra hydration is a necessity. As far as I know, only the pink shampoo is focused on hydration, but as your hair is very dry, I can’t guarantee that it will receive an optimal nourishing from it. I mean, it won’t make it silky, but it should hydrate your hair pretty well.

      You can try if you want, the pink one, for Vitality and Nutrition may work really good.

  6. Hi,

    I wanted to know if you could tell me if i can use the deep cleansing green one for my dandruff itchy scalp…???? Does the deep cleansing one help in stopping hair fall too??. Thanks

    1. Hey there.

      The green one is perfect for dandruff problems and itchy scalp (which can be a consequence of dandruff sometimes). This shampoo works by treating the dandruff, and it also has a calming effect on the scalp, so that’s how you actually get rid of the itchy scalp.

      As far as I know, the green one doesn’t treat hair loss, I mean cleansing your scalp wouldn’t normally treat the hair loss (which is usually caused by other problems like stress, hormonal imbalances, unsuitable products or excessive styling). So although it works great as a cleanser and anti-dandruff treatment, it doesn’t have too much effect on hair loss. But I can’t say this for certain, as it happened to me to buy a shampoo for nourishment and I had the pleasant surprise to see that it also stopped my hair loss. So you can never be sure.

      The ones that are know for treating hair loss are the red one and the purple one, because they were created for this purpose, so for these I can guarantee that they have a good effect.

      So what I suggest you to do is to try the green one first (as dandruff and itchy scalp are pretty unpleasing problems, I guess) and see what effect it has. Who knows, maybe it will also help your hair loss partially. And if you like how it works on your hair and you want to try another type of Ryeo Shampoo, you can choose one for hair loss.

      I think there’s no point getting 2 different Ryeo Shampoos before you make your own opinion about them and about how they work on your hair.

      I hope this helps.

    1. Hi there Chad.

      Each of these shampoos are designed for a certain purpose; they might work for the others too, but they won’t do much. For example, only the red one is specially designed for hair loss; they others might help too, but not as much.

      Regarding the red one, it does reduce hair loss after several uses and it can even stop it. It works for both men and women, but only if the hair loss isn’t caused by a health issue. In this case, a special prescription from the doctor would be much better.

      If you have any other questions, I will gladly help.

  7. Hi would like to know if the red one helped significantly in reducing hair loss because apparently u wrote that it didnt really combat hair loss but rather nourished your hair as your hair still fell out massively … would like to know if the red or purple one is better to reduce hair fall and increase hair volume .. thankss 😉

    1. Hi Jean. On paper, the red one is designed to reduce hair loss – but while using it, I personally couldn’t see any big improvement. That was my own experience with it, maybe it works better for others. But in my case there wasn’t any positive results.

      Anyway, I rarely experienced any improvement from a hair loss shampoo. That’s because they are all topical products and in most cases, hair loss has an internal cause. That’s why I strongly recommend going for a supplement if your hair is falling out.

      Regarding hair volume – it’s the brown shampoo that is designed for that. But I haven’t tried that one myself, so I can’t speak from experience. Still, you can find authentic experiences on Amazon or other big retailers (try to avoid the brand’s official website, as this kind of websites tend to have fake positive reviews).

      I hope this helps you get an idea about Ryeo.

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