Best Hair Treatments At Home (For 3 Types Of Hair)

Best Hair Treatments At Home (For 3 Types Of Hair)

You don’t need a hairstylist to keep your hair in good shape – you can do that yourself, at home. 

Now, you might be wondering:

  • What exactly do I have to use?
  • Are there any special products that work best?

Well, today I want to show you a more natural approach. For this reason, I created a list of the best hair treatments at home – depending on your hair type.

So if you’re ready, let’s begin! Choose your type of hair:


#1 – Very Dry Hair

If your hair is dry and super frizzy, your treatment should do 2 major things:

  • nourish both the roots and the ends
  • prevent the hair from breaking off

So what exactly should you use? Well, I would say some ingredients that look the opposite from your hair – greasy and thick. 

Here’s what I would recommend:

  • honey
  • olive oil (or any other organic oil)
  • avocado or banana

Best Hair Treatments At Home (For 3 Types Of Hair)

Now comes the most interesting part – how exactly should you use them?

I think the easiest way is to prepare a mask and apply it on your hair. So let’s take it step by step:

  1. Mix an avocado or a banana with 1 oz of olive oil (or less – depending on how long your hair is)
  2.  I recommend using a blender so that your mixture is smooth
  3. Add 3-4 tablespoons of honey and mix again

The mixture should be liquid, but still pretty greasy. It depends on how much oil you added. Here’s a video on how you should do it:


Now it’s time to apply it on your hair – make sure you cover all your hair (especially the ends). You should let it sit for at least 30 minutes, even an hour if possible.

Make sure you rinse your hair several times – honey is very sticky and it doesn’t rinse easily. 

You can use this hair mask once a week for a couple of months – or even more often if possible. 


#2 – Thin Hair Or Hair Loss

At this point, there are 2 situations – you should find yourself in one of them:

  • your hair has always been very thin 
  • it started getting thinner or falling out at one point of your life

Well, if you’re in the first case – there’s not much you can do about it. It’s simply genetics.

You can’t make a thin hair get thicker. There are some products that help – but they only increase your volume. So they don’t treat the cause actually. 

So if that’s your case – your hair is probably healthy, but this is its structure. Not much you can do about that, unfortunately.

On the other hand, if your hair started getting thinner or falling out – there are solutions. So how exactly could they help?:

  • strengthen your roots
  • nourish the hair follicles and prevent their destruction

In this case, there’s one ingredient that I recommend – castor oil. 

You can apply it alone or combine it with other ingredients. But in my opinion, it’s the best natural remedy for thin hair that falls out. Besides, it also promotes hair growth.

If you want to use it alone – it’s pretty simple: let it sit for 1-2 hours and then rinse. 

On the other hand, you can create a hair mask using castor oil and other ingredients. Here’s what I recommend:

  • egg yolks – they nourish the hair roots
  • vitamin A or E – they strengthen the hair (mostly in the roots)
  • honey – depending on how greasy your hair is (if you also have oily hair, just skip this ingredient)



#3 – Greasy Hair

Now you might wonder – if you have greasy hair, do you need any hair mask?

I mean – normally, it would only make it even more greasy. 

Well, my answer is – yes, you do. And let me explain you why:

  • your hair might lack some nutrients that maintain a balanced pH – that could be the reason why it’s oily
  • the right hair mask could clean your roots of the extra oils
  • your ends are probably dehydrated

Now, the question is – what ingredient could help greasy hair? Oils and honey are out of the question – so what should you use then?

There’s only one thing I recommend – yoghurt:

  • it won’t make your hair greasier
  • it will adsorb the additional sebum 
  • last but not least, it will nourish your hair smoothly – not just the roots

Best Hair Treatments At Home (For 3 Types Of Hair)

If you want to add some extra ingredients, a whole egg would probably be the best one. I wouldn’t recommend adding any extra oils, because they wouldn’t help. 

But if you follow this recipe and use yoghurt – your scalp should produce less oils on the long term.


Choosing The Best Hair Treatment At Home

As I said, the secret lies in choosing your hair type:

  • very dry
  • thin or falling out
  • greasy

Once you determine where you are, you can find the best ingredients for your kind of hair:

  1. If your hair is super frizzy – you need something that would tame and nourish. Honey and oils are the best solutions, in my opinion.
  2. In case you’re dealing with a hair loss – castor oil can make miracles. It doesn’t only promote hair growth, but it also strengthens the hair you already have.
  3. For greasy hair, yoghurt is the best ingredient. It cleans your scalp from the extra oils and maintains a balanced pH.

Now, don’t imagine that using these ingredients for a couple of times will sole the problem. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Just like in many other cases, consistency is the key. You have to use these ingredients for at least a month – if you want to see some changes. 

So if you really want to treat your hair at home, it is possible – you only need to be patient and consistent.

Now – I would like to hear from you:

  • What type of hair do you have – out of these 3?
  • Are you using any natural ingredient at this point?
  • If you’re familiar with this treatments, which one would you recommend and why?

Let me know your answer, comment or suggestion in the lines below.

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