How To Apply A Hair Mask Correctly

How To Apply A Hair Mask Correctly

Home made masks are a great way to repair your hair – they contain only natural stuff, so they can’t be bad.

But what if you’re not using it correctly? How exactly should you add it on your hair?

Well, the procedure isn’t really hard – as long as you understand it. So let me show you how to apply a hair mask correctly, according to your hair type.


Question #1 – Wet Or Dry Hair?

This is one of the most common misconceptions people have: Is it better to apply a hair mask on wet hair or on dry hair?

Well, here’s the thing:

  • wet hair absorbs the nutrients better – on paper
  • so normally, it’s better to apply the mask when your hair is wet

However – if your hair isn’t wet, there’s no huge difference:

  • it still absorbs the nutrients
  • it’s easier to apply the mask 

There’s only one thing to keep in mind – if your hair is naturally oily, add the mask when it’s wet. Since the roots are greasy, the ingredients won’t be able to get inside as easily.

So that could decrease the benefits.


Question #2 – Just On The Ends?

In this case – it depends on what mask you are using:

  • if it’s a thick one, you should apply it on the roots as well
  • in case it’s very liquid, go just for the ends
  • also, if your hair is naturally oily – always add the mark just at the ends

How To Apply A Hair Mask Correctly

And there’s one more thing to keep in mind – it’s important how natural is that mask:

  1. If it’s a home made one, use it on the whole hair
  2. In case it’s a professional on, you can do the same
  3. But if it’s a cheap mask, go just for the ends (more parabens)

Now – masks should’t normally make your oil get oily. But it depends from person to person.

So if you have a pretty greasy hair, either try to use a natural mask or buy one designed for your hair type.


How To Apply The Mask

1. Section your hair in 4 parts

Top right, top left, bottom right and bottom left.

In this way – you will manage to apply the hair mask all over your scalp and hair.

2. Apply the mixture with a brush

You can start with any of the sections you want – but the top ones are probably easier:

  • take a big strand of hair
  • start with the roots and go until the hair ends
  • depending on the shape of your ends, add more mixture there

3. Continue with the 3 other parts 

Make sure you applied the mask on every strand of hair. 

4. Wrap your hair and let it sit

Use a towel, a shower cap or any other thing – just make sure your hair is covered.

In this way, the mixture won’t fall of  – plus, the heat will make it get absorbed easier.

Try to let it sit at least 1 hour, so make sure you’re comfortable.


My Verdict – Applying A Hair Mask Is Simple

You don’t need a lot of experience to do it correctly:

  • just make sure you add it on all your hair strands
  • and let it sit for a while
  • you can either use a brush, or apply it with your hands

There are actually many ways to do it – but the one from above is the easiest one. So you shouldn’t have any hard time applying your next hair mask.

Now I would like to hear from you:

  • What kind of hair mask do you like to use?
  • Is there a product/brand you like most?
  • Do you use a brush or your hands to apply the mask?

I’m waiting for your answers and suggestions in the comments from below.

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