Does Keto Diet Cause Hair Loss? (Myths VS Reality)

Does Keto Diet Cause Hair Loss? (Myths VS Reality)

Are you considering the Keto diet for a rapid weight loss?

Even though it’s an excellent way to lose weight – this diet comes with certain risks. And side effects.

So does the Keto diet cause hair loss? Or does it affect the hair in any way?

Let’s find out the top real facts VS the most common myths about it.



Here’s what you can find in this article:

    1. Can Keto Diet Affect Hair?
    2. Top 3 Myths On Keto & Hair Loss
    3. Top 3 Real Facts On Keto & Hair Loss
    4. My Final Verdict

So let’s start by finding out whether this diet can or cannot make your hair fall out.


Can Keto Diet Affect Hair?

Does Keto Diet Cause Hair Loss? (Myths VS Reality)

Definitely – but that’s mostly when the diet isn’t followed correctly.

Because actually, it’s all about what Keto diet promotes:

  1. High fat
  2. Moderate protein
  3. Low carb

Now – on paper, this sound really healthy actually. So how can it cause hair loss?

Basically – it happens mostly when you’re not having enough proteins:

  • hair is mostly made of proteins
  • a lower intake will weaken it (on the long term)

However, this happens usually with Keto beginners.

If followed correctly – this diet shouldn’t cause massive shedding or affect your hair too much.

However, not everything they say about Keto diet is true.

For this reason – let’s take a look at the top 3 myths on Keto & hair loss.



Myth #1 – Hair Loss Starts Immediately

There’s no diet that cause shedding from the first month.

And that’s the same for Keto diet. Actually – it’s all about the hair growth cycle:

  1. There are 3 phases of hair growth.
  2. Nutrient deficiencies don’t affect hair immediately.
  3. The effect is visible after several months.

Basically – if your hair loss started immediately after you went Keto, it’s not the diet to blame.

There must be another cause behind.

Your hair needs several months to show the effects.

So the consequences of a poor nutrition will only be visible later on – not instantly.

That’s why a sudden hair loss in Keto diet is definitely a myth, not a real thing.


Myth #2 – Hair Stops Growing During Keto

That’s another fake rumor – even though it has one real side.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

  1. Hair growth cycle has 3 phases (anagen, catagen, telogen).
  2. Hair grows during the first one normally.
  3. If it lacks essential nutrients, it enters resting phase (telogen).
  4. In this case, it stops growing until it gets the necessary nutrients.

Basically – in Keto diet, hair follows the same pattern of 3 growing phases.

However, if you’re not following the diet correctly and you lack a normal protein intake – your hair will enter resting phase earlier.

That’s the only situation when it would stop growing (but only temporary).

So Keto diet itself doesn’t stop hair growth.

But if not followed right – this can happen.


Myth #3 – Keto Hair Loss Is Permanent

This is one of the silliest facts I heard about this diet.

Here’s the actual thing:

  1. Keto diet doesn’t cause hair loss normally.
  2. This only happens if it’s not followed right (lower intake of proteins).
  3. But even in this case, your hair can recover.
  4. All you have to do it improve your daily protein intake.
  5. Also, it’s recommended to add more vitamins to your diet.
  6. In less than 6 months, your hair should recover completely.

Therefore – even if going Keto made your hair fall out massively, it will grow back.

You only need to add more proteins and vitamins to your diet.

So don’t worry, an eventual Keto hair loss is definitely just temporary.


Real Fact #1 – Keto Causes Shedding Rarely

Believe it or not, hair loss isn’t a common side effect of Keto diet.

That’s because the diet itself promotes quite a healthy eating style:

  1. It’s based on consuming healthy fats.
  2. Eating proteins daily is a must.
  3. Hair is mostly made of keratin (a protein).
  4. It also requires certain fats for nourishment.

Basically – if you follow this diet correctly, it shouldn’t have any negative impact on your hair.

Then why does it cause shedding in some people?

Usually – it’s because they don’t follow it right:

  • don’t consume enough proteins
  • eat very few fruits/vegetables
  • end up with minor vitamin deficiencies

That’s something more common in beginners.

But if you’ve been going Keto for a long time, you’re probably not dealing with that.

Either way – hair loss is possible with this diet, but it’s not normal.


Real Fact #2 – Lower Vitamin Intake

That’s another real struggle of people following Keto diet:

  1. Most fruits are not allowed (especially sweet ones).
  2. Also, many vegetables are forbidden as well.
  3. Certain oils are not allowed either.

For this reason – it can be quite hard to get all the vitamins your body needs.

Actually, that’s the biggest cause of hair loss due to Keto diet (on the long term).

Unlike protein deficiency – a lack in certain vitamins doesn’t affect hair so badly, but it does weaken it.

So on the long term, a vitamin deficiency can have a serious impact on your hair.

But what can you do about it?:

  • Research a lot before going Keto
  • Make sure you consume different fruits/vegetables daily
  • Try to listen to your body
  • Visit a nutritionist and have a daily meal schedule done

In this way – you can avoid certain deficiencies that are quite possible on the long term.


Real Fact #3 – Weight Loss Affects Hair

That’s available for every diet – not just Keto.

Shortly, losing a lot of weight rapidly can make your hair fall out massively:

  1. Fast weight loss decreases your body’s nutrients.
  2. It also weakens your hair strands and roots.
  3. Your daily intake also decreases.

In other words – losing a lot of weight fast isn’t recommended in any diet.

That’s because the other parts of your body will suffer the consequences.

So what should you do instead?

  • schedule your meals properly
  • try to eat a balanced diet 
  • don’t deprive yourself of any major nutrient
  • avoid losing a lot of weight in a short period

Even though it doesn’t normally cause hair loss – Keto diet can also affect your hair, especially if you exaggerate.


My Verdict – Does Keto Cause Hair Loss?

Short answer: It can – but it’s quite unlikely.

Here’s what you should keep in mind before starting this diet:

  1. The foods it promotes are quite healthy for hair.
  2. There’s a high enough intake of proteins (normally).
  3. However, many fruits/vegetables are not allowed.
  4. For this reason, you might get a certain vitamin deficiency.

Now – if followed correctly, Keto diet shouldn’t affect your hair.

At most, you could get a vitamin/mineral deficiency – but that won’t make your hair fall out overnight.

On the other hand, there is a mistake that can cause you hair loss.

Not having enough proteins can weaken your hair considerably.

So in my opinion – that’s the #1 thing you should be aware of.

Other than that, Keto diet is quite safe for your hair (as long as it’s followed correctly).


2 thoughts on “Does Keto Diet Cause Hair Loss? (Myths VS Reality)

    1. Hi Carol, I’m not an expert into this but I did a quick research on several medical sources and websites. According to them, in order to maintain your hair healthy and prevent loss – a necessary quantity of proteins should be around 46-56 g per day. When it comes to fat, you need about 44-77 g per day as an adult, in the least case. So you’re totally on the safe side, as your allotments are higher than the minimal amounts – which is a positive thing, as they’re not way higher. So yes, these values are where they should be, in my opinion (I’m speaking mostly when it comes to hair health).

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