My FoliGrow XT Review (2023) – Just Another Scam?

My FoliGrow XT Review (2019) - Just Another Scam?

It’s time for my FoliGrow XT review – a supplement designed for male hair loss.

So is this product a scam? 

It has a few features that make me question it:

  • little info about the formula
  • many promotional reviews all over the Internet
  • no real customer opinions

Well – in order see whether FoliGrow is legit or not, I tried to dig deep into it.

So here’s the hidden truth behind this hair supplement.

Note: This review is based on my own opinion + research on FoliGrow.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: FoliGro XT from Male Dynamics

My FoliGrow XT Review (2019) - Just Another Scam?Versions: Only capsules (a bottle = 1 month supply)

Best Actual Price: Free for the first bottle (just $6 shipping).

However, it costs $94 per month from the second bottle.

Cheapest Place To Buy: Only available on the official website.

Designed For: Male hair loss and everything it involves. It claims to:

  • fight existing hair loss
  • restore lost hair
  • grow new thicker hairs

Since there are VERY FEW products that can regrow new hairs – I wouldn’t trust FoliGrow too much.

My Rating: 2 out of 10

Worth Buying?: I surely don’t recommend it. It has too many issues for me:

  • formula isn’t fully disclosed
  • no authentic opinions online
  • many random promotional reviews
  • price is extremely tricky

Instead – I recommend a cheaper supplement that has way better results for male hair loss.


What I Liked About It

  • You only need 2 pills per day
  • Capsules are quite easy to swallow


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • No full ingredient list available
  • You can’t find any authentic opinions of previous customers
  • Lots of promotional reviews
  • Extremely expensive overall
  • Free bottle offer is quite tricky (only 15 days supply)
  • Second bottle costs $94 per month



What Is FoliGrow XT?

Shortly – it’s a supplement meant to revive lost hair in men.

In other words, it claims to:

  • regrow new hairs (even on bald scalps)
  • thicken and make hair fuller
  • increase growth

However – growing new hairs is a lot harder to growing existing hair faster.

That’s why I personally doubt FoliGrow’s effectiveness:

  1. There are very few products that REALLY WORK for male baldness.
  2. If FoliGrow worked as well as it claims, it would be a lot more popular.
  3. Also, it would have lots of customer opinions.
  4. In reality – it doesn’t have any real one.

Now – I’m not saying FoliGrow is a scam. 

But considering it claims to work in 15 days, I couldn’t possibly trust it.

So now that you know what to expect from this product, it’s time to analyze it closer.


#1 – Ingredients (5 out of 10)

One of the main problems of FoliGrow is its formula:

  • full ingredient list isn’t disclosed
  • only 4 ingredients mentioned
  • no dosages

Basically – there’s no info about what’s inside FoliGrow, which is a serious issue.

Most supplement that don’t give out their formula have some really weak ingredients. So that’s the reason why they prefer to hide them.

Now – I can’t tell if that’s the case of FoliGrow or not.

But out of its 4 mentioned ingredients, none is strong enough (for what this supplement claims).

1. Niacin

This is a form of vitamin B with several hair studies behind [1]

  • increases scalp circulation and blood flow
  • improves follicle nutrition
  • promotes vitamin B production

Even though it’s helpful, there’s no evidence that it can regrow new hairs (on a bald scalp).

2. Biotin

Biotin is actually called “the hair vitamin” – because of its many benefits:

  • decreases and prevents shedding [2]
  • increases hair growth speed
  • promotes hair health

However, FoliGrow doesn’t mention the quantity of biotin it contains. 

So there’s no guarantee that this biotin is effective (in terms of dosage).

3. Vitamin A

This substance is an antioxidant and it doesn’t have a certain hair benefit.

It mostly helps hair in general: 

  • prevents hair loss caused by aging/oxidative stress
  • promotes hair health
4. Vitamin E

Even though it’s an antioxidant (as vitamin A) – E has more benefits for hair:

  • increases hair growth speed [3]
  • improves root nutrition and lubrication
  • prevents gray hair


Despite containing 4 decent ingredients, FoliGrow has a pretty bad formula.

And that’s mostly because it’s hidden:

  1. No full ingredient list or dosages
  2. Very little info on the ingredients

Now – out of the 4 compounds mentioned, none can regrow new hairs.

They can make existing hair grow faster and improve its health – but they can’t grow new hairs.

That’s why I personally doubt FoliGrow’s claims and I don’t think it can improve male hair loss.



#2 – How To Take It (8 out of 10)

In case you were interested about FoliGrow’s pills and schedule, here’s what I found out.

1. Pills Facts

Fortunately – the pills are quite regular:

  • capsules with a gelatin cover
  • average in dimensions
  • easy to swallow with water
  • no taste or smell

So you can’t really complain about not being able to swallow these pills, since that’s not really the case.

2. The Schedule

FoliGrow doesn’t require a high number of pills per day.

Instead – you only need to take 2 (for best results). Here’s what the label recommends:

  1. Start with one pill in the morning.
  2. Drink it with plenty of water.
  3. Take another pill in the evening or before going to bed.

Basically – it’s best to space the pills out throughout the day.

If you really can’t, taking both at once is fine too. The results should be the same.


#3 – Results (5 out of 10)

First of all – I haven’t tried FoliGrow XT myself.

Since it’s a male hair loss supplement, I doubt it would have had any effect on my hair loss.

Plus – I had do bald spots, so I couldn’t judge fairly.

For this reason, I tried to include other people’s reviews and opinions here.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional ones.

1. What People Say

Unfortunately – I couldn’t find too many opinions on this supplement:

  1. It has over 20 different reviews in Google.
  2. However, all of them are promotional.
  3. This means the writer has never actually tried the product.
  4. Instead, he promotes the supplement just to make a commission.
  5. Those reviews are actually based only on general info (from the product’s website).

Basically – those reviews are not worth mentioning, since all their info is general.

So if you tried this supplement yourself, hearing a brief experience about it would be really helpful.

You can write a comment below or email me via my contact page.

Either way – hearing from someone who actually tried FoliGrow would be great.

2. Biggest Complaints

Even though I couldn’t find any authentic opinions – here are the biggest complaints I have about FoliGrow:

  1. Price isn’t mentioned from the start.
  2. Second bottle is extremely expensive.
  3. Poor customer support (from what I heard).
  4. Can’t work in 30 days (as they claim).

If I could find any reviews of previous users, I’m sure there would be a lot more complaints.

But at these point – these are the main issues I could find.


When it comes to results, I certainly wouldn’t recommend FoliGrow XT:

  • no opinions of previous customers available anywhere
  • very little details about other users
  • only lots of promotional reviews

So as a potential buyer, I wouldn’t trust this supplement.

That especially since no product can regrow hairs in 15 days (that’s how long their free bottle lasts).

So if you really want a quality product for male hair loss, I recommend another supplement instead.

It only costs $27 and has far better results (and a far better formula).



#4 – Price (4 out of 10)

That’s probably the trickiest part about FoliGrow, if you ask me.

In my opinion – this supplement is way too overpriced.

But there’s a lot more behind.

1. The Exact Price

Basically – FoliGrow is only available on the official website.

  1. First bottle is a trial one and it’s given for free.
  2. You only have to pay the shipping (around $6).
  3. However, this trial bottle only lasts 15 days.
  4. If you want to continue using FoliGrow, you need to order another one.
  5. But this time, you will have to pay the full price.
  6. One bottle costs nothing less than $93.98.
  7. That’s only enough for 30 days.

In other words – you can get a free bottle for $6, which is great.

But that’s only available for 15 days. Trust me, there is NO HAIR SUPPLEMENT that can start working in 15 days.

You will need at least 30 days to see some changes.

This means you will be forced to buy another bottle, if you really want to try FoliGrow.

At $94 per bottle, this supplement looks like a scam.

So I would honestly not recommend you to order FoliGrow.

Since you won’t be able to see any difference after the free bottle – what’s the point?

Why should you order a second bottle for $94 when there are so many quality supplements under $30? Honestly…

2. Competitors’ Price

I will only compare FoliGrow with my #1 recommended supplement for male hair loss (Procerin):

  1. Both products are designed for male hair loss.
  2. F only contains 4 ingredients (the others are hidden).
  3. P has a formula based on 6 ingredients (including a herbal blend).
  4. F offers a free 15 days trial bottle (you only pay $6 shipping).
  5. For the second bottle, F costs $94 per month.
  6. This price is the same if you order a third bottle and so on.
  7. On the other hand, P costs $27 per bottle (at most).
  8. If you buy more bottles at once, it only costs $20 per bottle.
  9. P also offers a foam, but I don’t necessarily recommend it (pricier than the pills).

So overall – Procerin is a way better product for male hair loss, in my opinion.

Not only that it’s CONSIDERABLY CHEAPER, but:

  • also has a way better formula
  • there are many positive reviews about it online
  • has a 90 days money back guarantee

So if there’s any male hair loss supplement I recommend, it’s surely Procerin.

I see it as a way better choice than FoliGrow (in all chapters).


#5 – Where To Find It (5 out of 10)

Unfortunately – FoliGrow XT isn’t very easy to find:

  1. My FoliGrow XT Review (2019) - Just Another Scam?Only available on its official website.
  2. Not sold on Amazon or Walmart.
  3. Unavailable in any online pharmacy.
  4. I couldn’t find it on Ebay either.

Regarding its official website – I personally would think twice before ordering from it.

I’m not saying it’s a dangerous website. But to me, it doesn’t look very professional either.

However – if you think about ordering the supplement, feel free to do it.

Just keep in mind that it’s only available on its official website.

So there’s no point looking for it on various retailers, because you won’t find it.


#6 – FAQs

Coming up – I will try to answer the top questions you might have about FoliGrow.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it’s easier to spot here.

1. How many pills per day?

You only need 2 pills daily – but it’s better to space them out (in the morning and evening).

However, you can also take them together – if it’s necessarily.

2. How long lasts one bottle?

30 days – a bottle is one month supply.

3. Can I take it with other drugs?

That’s pretty risky, if you ask me – especially since the full ingredient list isn’t mentioned.

My advice is to consult your doctor first. But it would be hard for him to have an opinion since he can’t tell what’s inside these pills.

That’s a major reason why I criticize FoliGrow’s hidden formula.

4. Are there any side effects?

Unfortunately – I can’t tell for sure.

That’s because I didn’t try the product myself and I couldn’t find any authentic opinions on it.

But since there’s little info on the ingredients, there might be some side effects.

I can’t tell exactly what, though.

5. How fast should I notice a change?

Surely not in 15 days (which is how long the trial bottle lasts).

I would give it at least 1 month. But considering it’s about regrowing new hairs – that’s way too little, in my opinion.

So I believe FoliGrow should need about 2-3 months to start working (in the best case).


#7 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on FoliGrow (in 3 ideas).

1. Hidden Formula

There’s clearly something wrong with FoliGrow’s ingredients – since they’re not fully disclosed:

  • only 4 compounds mentioned
  • no dosages for any
  • very little info on the ingredients

As I said before – hair product that don’t disclose their formula usually have poor ingredients.

So that might be the case here too. Otherwise I can’t understand why there’s no full ingredient list.

2. No Previous Customers

I couldn’t find any authentic review on FoliGrow:

  • all reviews on Google are promotional
  • the writers haven’t actually tried the product
  • they only promote it based on general info

Now – there might be previous customers of this product.

However, there’s the chance that no website allows them to write their opinion.

Otherwise, I can’t think of another reason.

3. Tricky Price

This is an essential aspect about this product, in my opinion:

  • first bottle is offered for free ($6 shipping)
  • that’s only enough for 15 days
  • this period is way too short to see any results
  • for the second bottle, you need to pay $94 per month

Basically – if you really want to see FoliGrow’s effect, you definitely need a second bottle.

Since that costs $94, I surely don’t recommend it.

Considering its formula, it’s just way too overpriced.



My Verdict – Is FoliGrow XT A Scam?

Short answer: I can’t tell for sure.

My FoliGrow XT Review (2019) - Just Another Scam?But I personally don’t consider it a legit product:

  1. Very little info on the actual ingredients.
  2. Formula isn’t fully disclosed (only 4 ingredients).
  3. No authentic opinions online.
  4. Instead – there are lots of promotional reviews.
  5. Price is extremely tricky.
  6. One month supply costs $94 per bottle (extremely overpriced).

So in my opinion – there’s clearly something wrong with this product.

Besides, it claims to start working in the first 15 days – which is basically impossible.

There’s no product that can regrow new hairs so fast.

So if you ask me, FoliGrow’s claims aren’t 100% true.

Now – what do I recommend instead? 

Another supplement designed for male hair loss – but with totally different features:

  • Powerful formula with 7 different ingredients
  • Many authentic and positive opinions
  • Decent price ($27 per bottle at most)

So if you really want a supplement that works – that’s what I recommend instead of FoliGrow.

Obviously – you’re free to buy whatever you prefer, but that’s what I would personally choose instead.

best male hairloss supplement


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2 thoughts on “My FoliGrow XT Review (2023) – Just Another Scam?

  1. Thank God I can finally read an honest review of this crap!!! I was scammed by Foligrow after falling for the reviews I read, I came across around 4 that were all quite alike and all saying great stuff about this product. Silly me I thought it must be great if there’s so much praise about it on so many different websites. Then I realized it was all part of their scheme, they have more websites and they all advertise and promote the product when it’s actually the same company behind them all!

    Bought the first trial for a bargain, saw no results in 15 days and never ordered again but I ended up getting a second bottle and finding out they had charged my credit card with almost $100! All that for a bottle of this crap that doesn’t even improve my body hair! When I tried to send it back and have a refund they were totally against it though there’s a return policy clearly mentioned on their site. I started telling that I will contact a lawyer and they finally agreed to refund me, but I still had to pay for the return shipping tax.

    I’m planning to report this scam to BBB and have it taken off the internet, it’s only ripping off poor people! Thanks a lot for putting this product into light and for honesty, too bad there aren’t more people as you… Please point out any other scams you know, people like me are more than happy to hear a real opinion finally! Good luck with your articles, you’re doing a great job, Tod.

    1. Hi there Tod. First of all, I’m happy even this kind of reviews are helpful. I know there are lots of promotional reviews trying to hide the truth about FoliGrow but in my opinion, it’s a terrible product. And except for you, there are surely others who agree.

      I’m really sorry about the negative experience you had with it but luckily you were inspired enough to threaten them. With this kind of ghost company, this strategy seems to work (some of my readers also told me they did similar things and received their money back even though the company didn’t want to do it before being threatened). But if they have a money back policy on their website, the law forces them to refund you. So you were right about contacting a lawyer – and they knew it, that’s why they agreed to refund you.

      Hopefully this company stops making other victims. As they charge you over $90 for the second bottle, it’s clearly their product isn’t legit (a product with a similar formula shouldn’t cost over $30 normally).

      So thanks again for sharing your experience with FoliGrow, it’s really helpful and it can definitely help and inspire others dealing with a similar situation. Thanks again for your kind words, this kind of good thoughts really inspire me.

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