My Halo Hair Vitamins Review (2023) – Scam Or Not?

My Halo Hair Vitamins Review (2019) - Scam Or Not?

It’s time for my Halo Hair Vitamins review – because this product might be a scam:

  • very little info about the brand
  • many promotional (fake) reviews
  • incredibly high price

Besides – this brand has a similar name to Halo Beauty (which is a legit company).

So they might be tricking customers with this strategy.

But is Halo Hair Vitamins a scam? 

I analysed this product and found out the hidden details behind.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Halo Hair Vitamins.

So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Hair Gummy Vitamins from Halo Hair

Sizes: Only one (30 days supply)

Best Actual Price: $56 per bottle (extremely expensive)

Cheapest Place To Buy: The official website

It’s not available on Amazon or any other retailer.

Designed For: Hair loss and growth – it claims to:

  • regrows thicker and longer hair
  • fight shedding
  • increase fortification and volume

Shortly – it claims to work for any kind of hair loss or hair problem (which is very unlikely).

My Rating: 2 out of 10 – I consider it a scam

Worth Buying?: Definitely not – it has some major problems:

  1. Tricky price offer (a lot more expensive than it claims)
  2. Only promotional/biased reviews 
  3. Formula and ingredients are mostly hidden 

I would honestly avoid people to stay away from this product (it’s potentially a rip-off).

I personally prefer a $25 supplement that worked better than anything else for my hair.


What I Liked About It

  • Gummies are pretty easy to take


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Full ingredient list isn’t disclosed
  • No directions on how you should take the gummies
  • High quantity of sugar
  • No authentic reviews online
  • The only reviews available are on its official website (most likely fake)
  • Free bottle offer is also fake (you can only buy the product)
  • Extremely expensive per bottle



What Is Halo Hair? A Quick Overview

In a few words – it’s a (pretty secret) brand that produces one product – gummy vitamins.

Why do I say it a “pretty secret” brand?

  1. Very little info about it
  2. Website doesn’t look very professional
  3. Only produces this product (as far as I could find)

Other than that, there’s one more thing worth mentioning.

Halo Hair isn’t the same thing as Halo Beauty (which is a very professional hair brand).

I personally believe they took a similar name on purpose – to be mistaken for that legit company.

But that’s only a supposition.

Back to Halo Hair’s vitamins – what makes them so special?

  1. Claim to have “the #1 hair regrowth formula”.
  2. Promise to help most hair problems.
  3. State they have some clinical trials behind (but I couldn’t find any).

So in reality – these claims aren’t completely true, if you ask me:

  • formula is extremely far from the best one
  • not effective for all kinds of hair loss
  • no clinical trials on the product itself

Not to mention that they don’t offer a free bottle (as the website claims).

In reality, you’re redirected to a purchase page where you can only buy the products.

So to be honest – I personally consider Halo Hair close to a scam.


#1 – Ingredients (5 out of 10)

First of all – Halo Hair’s product claims to have “the #1 hair regrowth formula”.

Honestly, that is completely false. 

In fact – formula is a major problem of this supplement:

  1. Ingredient list isn’t fully disclosed
  2. Only 6 ingredients listed
  3. No dosages for any

Besides – the formula is identical to Hair Bloom, a supplement I consider a scam.

Even the description of each ingredient is exactly the same.

Still – let’s take a quick look at its 6 mentioned ingredients:

  1. Biotin – effective against hair loss (but not in very high dosages). [1]
  2. Niacin – promotes blood flow and hair growth when applied topically. [2]
  3. Vitamin A – it’s an antioxidant.
  4. Vitamin B12 – promotes healthy hair growth.
  5. B Vitamins Complex – stimulates follicles and prevents thinning. [3]
  6. Silica – maintains hair strength and prevents breakage.

All in all, this formula is pretty weak.

Compared to other supplements on the market – it doesn’t have anything special.

Most of the other products contain these 6 ingredients and several stronger ones.

That’s why I have a bad opinion on Halo Hair’s formula.


In terms of ingredients – Halo Hair is pretty bad:

  • very weak ingredients overall
  • no dosages mentioned
  • full formula isn’t disclosed

Plus, the only 6 mentioned ingredients and their description made me think this product is connected to Hair Bloom.

That’s another similar supplement I reviewed and I personally consider a scam.

These 2 products look identical (in terms of formula).

For this reason – I personally believe they have the same company and practices behind.



#2 – How To Take It (4 out of 10)

Halo Hair’s website offers almost no information about the product itself:

  1. No instructions on how you should use it.
  2. No recommendations about the time of the day (when it’s best to take it).
  3. Even the period after which it should work isn’t mentioned.

Basically – there’s very little info.

That’s a serious reason to question this brand.

In most cases – brands that try to hide info about their product (formula, directions, etc.) are scams.

Now – there are some things I found out about Halo Hair’s supplement:

  • as you probably know, it comes as gummies (not pills)
  • you need to take 2 gummies per day
  • they’re chewable and don’t have to be swallowed
  • smell/taste is similar to berries

I’m personally not a fan of gummies due to their high amount of sugar.

This increases the risk of getting acne (many complaints in other similar gummy supplements).

However – if you’re willing to run the risk, it’s your own choice.

Still, in terms of instructions – Halo Hair’s product has some major issues at this point.


#3 – Results (1 out of 10)

Firstly – I never tried this supplement myself.

Since I strongly believe it’s a scam, I guess I would have wasted my money in vain.

Besides, it’s not extremely easy to order it either.

For this reason – I tried to look at other users’ opinions on this product.

1. What People Say

The first warning sign is that I couldn’t find ANY SINGLE OPINION on Halo Hair:

  • no reviews on third-party websites
  • not available in any retailers
  • no page on BBB, TrustPilot or similar websites

Now – there are some customer reviews on this product.

But the problem is that they’re on its official website.

I always try to avoid the company’s website – because in 90% of cases, the reviews are biased (false positive).

And it seems to be the same case here:

  1. All reviews are strongly praising the product.
  2. They also seem very similar in terms of language.
  3. The photos seem fake (and edited with Photoshop).

So I’m personally pretty sure those reviews are fake.

Since you can’t find absolutely any opinion on this product anywhere else – I totally doubt they’re made my real users.

2. Biggest Complaints

As I said – I couldn’t find Halo Hair on BBB.

However, that’s not necessarily a good thing.

That’s because I personally have enough complaints on this product even without having tried it:

  1. No serious info about the brand behind
  2. Extremely high price
  3. No authentic opinions available anywhere

I will not mention the ingredients, effect or any other aspects here.

But even so – I personally have several complaints on this product.

PS: If you’re a previous user of Halo Hair, I would appreciate hearing your feedback on it (whether positive or negative).


Halo Hair’s vitamins have no customer opinions all over the Internet.

I personally doubt there’s no person who ever used this product.

However, they’re probably not allowed to leave a review anywhere.

For this reason – I strongly doubt this supplement and its company behind.

I prefer to use a $25 legit supplement that made real miracles for my hair (and I’m not the only one saying so).



#4 – Price (2 out of 10)

This supplement is really tricky at this chapter.

And I’m not saying this in a positive way.

1. The Exact Price

According to Halo Hair’s official website, you can start by ordering a free bottle:

  • you only have to give you your personal info
  • then you have to press the “Order Now” button

However – once you try to make an order, you’re redirected to the following page:

As you can see – that’s an order page where you can select the quantity you want.

But there’s no option to choose the free bottle promised before.

So in other words, that free bottle option doesn’t exist. 

You can only buy the supplement normally:

  1. The standard price is $56 per bottle.
  2. The more bottles you buy, the lower it costs.
  3. For instance, if you buy 5 bottles you get each for $35.

Now – these prices are absolutely huge (considering this supplement’s formula).

Even $25 per bottle is way too much, if you ask me.

Not to mention that paying $56 for this kind of product is absolutely unacceptable.

2. Competitors’ Price

I only want to compare Halo Hair’s vitamins with my #1 recommended hair supplement (Folexin):

  1. H has a pretty weak formula with only 6 ingredients listed.
  2. F contains almost 30 different compounds (some of them very strong).
  3. H costs $56 per bottle normally,
  4. F is sold at $25 per bottle in normal conditions.
  5. However, both products offer a discount when buying more bottles at once.
  6. The largest package in both is 5 bottles.
  7. You can buy H at $34 per bottle in this case.
  8. F only costs $18 per bottle if you buy the largest package.

Basically – Halo Hair’s product costs almost double (in the best case).

Still, it has a much weaker formula compared to Folexin.

So in my opinion – it’s extremely easy to choose between these 2.

One has a great formula and an affordable price, while the other is pricey and rather weak.


In terms of price – I can’t possibly recommend Halo Hair:

  • supplement is extremely expensive
  • its actual value is under $15
  • price is still very high even if you buy several bottles 

So whether you choose an alternative or not, I would advise you to avoid this product.

It’s literally not even close of its actual value (in terms of money).

Unless you want to spend your money randomly – I don’t recommend it.


#5 – Where To Find It (2 out of 10)

As I mentioned before – Halo Hair’s product is quite hard to find:

  1. Only available on its official website.
  2. Not sold on big retailers.
  3. Not even available on Amazon.
  4. At this point, I couldn’t find it on Ebay.

Now – the fact that it’s only sold on its company’s website isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I know a lot of products following this strategy and they’re still great (in terms of quality).

But there’s another problem:

  • Halo Hair’s website doesn’t look extremely safe
  • I personally would not buy from it

There’s simply no info about the company – only a page about the product.

Also, I personally don’t agree with all the claims there.

So I would surely think twice about buying from that website.

And since I wouldn’t have any other choice – I would probably think twice about buying this product.



#6 – FAQs

Coming up – I will try to answer the top questions about Halo Hair’s vitamins.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it’s easier to spot here.

1. How many gummies per day?

You only need to take 2 everyday (either together or throughout the whole day).

2. How long lasts one bottle?

Each bottle is a 30 days supply.

There are 60 gummies inside and you need to take two daily.

3. Can you take it with other drugs?

Pretty much yes – since it’s only based on vitamins.

But if you’re following a long term treatment, I would recommend consulting your doctor for more advice.

4. Are there any side effects?

I couldn’t find too many opinions on this product – that’s why I can’t tell about the side effects.

Also, I haven’t used it myself, so I can’t give out my opinion.

However, out of its 6 ingredients – biotin can be the most dangerous one:

  • high dosages (over 1000 mg) can cause side effects
  • the most common are acne and headaches

Since there’s no dosage mentioned, I can’t tell if the risk of side effects is high or not.

5. How fast should you notice an effect?

Honestly, I’m not sure if you could ever see an effect from this product.

But on paper – it would need about 2-3 months to start working.


#7 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on Halo Hair’s vitamins (in 3 ideas).

1. Really Weak Formula

If you ask me, that’s one of the worst thing about this product:

  • only 6 ingredients mentioned
  • most of them are quite basic (mainly vitamins)
  • no dosages for any

So in terms of ingredients – I don’t think it’s worth more than $15.

That’s why I don’t consider it potent at all.

2. No Free Bottle

If you were drawn by this product’s free bottle offer – you should think twice:

  • at this point, you’re not offered any free bottle
  • you’re automatically redirected to a purchase page
  • there there’s no free bottle option
  • you can only purchase the supplement

I know this isn’t fair at all (especially since the free bottle offer is clearly listed).

But it’s worth keeping in mind.

3. Potential Scam

In my opinion, this supplement isn’t completely legit:

  • tricky price offer (the free bottle offer I mentioned above)
  • extremely expensive in reality
  • no full formula disclosed
  • no real user experiences (only false ones)

So I personally could never recommend a product like that.

It’s up to you what decision you take – but I advise you to avoid it.


My Verdict – Is Halo Hair’s Product A Scam?

Short answer: Pretty much yes, if you ask me.

There are just too many weird things about it:

  1. Formula and ingredients are mostly hidden.
  2. No instructions or info about the pills themselves.
  3. No customer opinions all over the Internet.
  4. The only opinions are on the brand’s website (and they look fake).
  5. Many promotional reviews online.
  6. Price offer is very tricky (no free bottle despite claiming so).
  7. Extremely expensive per bottle.

As I said before – this supplement is really similar to Hair Bloom, a product I reviewed in the past.

Everything about these 2 products looks identical (from offer to those 6 ingredients mentioned).

It’s also possible that they have the same company behind.

Since Hair Bloom turned out to be a scam (lots of complaints online) – Halo Hair might be in the same case.

For this reason, I advise you to stay away from it.

So what should you use instead? 

My personal recommendation is called Folexin:

  • excellent formula and ingredients
  • worked really well for my hair
  • enough satisfied users online
  • lowest price among all supplements I tried

So if you want a quality alternative to Halo Hair, that’s the product I would recommend.

But whether you buy Folexin or not, I still advise you to avoid Halo Hair.

It’s really not worth all the money, no matter what it claims.


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51 thoughts on “My Halo Hair Vitamins Review (2023) – Scam Or Not?

  1. It took me almost 3 days to find a legit review of this Halo Hair Vitamins, and I’m speaking about yours. You state you never tried the product yourself, but at least you’re showing us an unbiased analysis. That’s very helpful, thank you! So far I have only been able to find general description reviews, which I’m completely not interested into. But you have convinced me this supplement is a scam, this was also my guess since it had no real reviews anywhere. I just cannot see why they promise a free bottle when it’s actually so expensive. One must be a fool to pay $60 on this product, better buy a $30 biotin supplement from Amazon. Scam alert!

    1. Hey John, thanks for sharing your opinion on Halo Hair Vitamins. Despite not having tried the product myself, I tried to analyze it from my perspective (based on my experience with other supplements). So I’m glad it’s helpful for you.

      Unfortunately, I’m quite sure Halo Hair Vitamins is a scam. I already mentioned the reasons why in the review, so I’m not going to get back to them. Still, the fact that it has no real opinions online is a big question sign.

      Regarding your observation about buying a $30 biotin supplement instead, there’s something you should know. Biotin isn’t such a great remedy for hair. That’s because it has some major side effects when taken in high dosages. I’m talking about acne, skin problems, nausea and some others. 

      Now – what means a high dosage? Anything above 1000 mcg. And those biotin supplements from Amazon you’re talking about contain up to 10 000 mcg (which is 10 x more). That’s why I never recommend those kind of products.

      Instead – I prefer supplements based on herbal extracts. I’ve had best results with them and many users admit that they tend to work much faster than supplements based exclusively on vitamins. In case you need some recommendations, here’s my best of list.

      I hope this helps.

      1. Halo products are a scam. They use several different names using products as Company names as well as others, all leading back to one. BBB does know Halo Growth, I complained as well uncountable others. Looking into Class Action Lawsuit. False Advertising, Fraud and should careful, there free trial is a trick into a not mentioned subscription that automatically takes money out of account even after fighting to cancel.

        1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Craig. Hopefully someone pays a close eye at this company and its scamming strategies and decides to close them down!

  2. Hi Olly and thank you for your review. I have been looking for a good hair supplement for a long time and have tested several products in the meantime. Halo hair vitamins was one of them, unfortunately. The pills didn’t help me at all, but that’s not the main problem. 

    The seller charged me for 2 extra months after placing my order, though I never agreed with the transaction. I only found out months later after asking for a detailed payment document from my bank. It was too late to do anything about it but I was shocked how they dared charging me for something I never ordered (nor did I receive anything than the bottle I had ordered myself). I am extremely angry with this company and already reported them to BBB but there’s not much I can do other than this. They would not answer my phone at all.

    I saw you mentioned you feel like Halo vitamins is very similar to a supplement called Hair Bloom. Well, I tried that one too and you’re right, I also think it’s the same brand but with a different name. I feel really bad that I never noticed the similarity (I used Hair Bloom long before Halo vitamins). Anyways, none of the supplements worked but at least the first one didn’t take my money without my consent. I was only charged for the one order I made.

    Thank you for your honesty in doing these reviews. I found so many fake reviews promoting these 2 products and thought they were actual users behind. Now that you mentioned they’re promotional, it kind of makes sense.

    I feel so mad after falling for the same trap twice…but there’s nothing I can do right now just let other people know this supplement is a rip-off. Thank you for doing this too, it’s much appreciated!

    1. Hello Barbra, thanks for your feedback on Halo Hair Vitamins and Hair Bloom. 

      First of all, I’m sorry for the negative experiences you had with both. But your story makes me quite sure that these 2 products have the same company behind – which is trying to scam as many customers as possible.

      I’m really sorry to hear they charged you additionally without your consent. To be honest, that’s not the first time I hear this. Many of my readers complain about similar issues in other supplements (Hims is a good example). In most cases, the company’s staff doesn’t answer phone/emails so it’s hard to get in touch with them again (they do it on purpose, obviously). 

      So it’s hard for me to help in any way – since I can’t contact the company either. The only advice I give to my readers is to try to contact the company somehow and threaten them with legal action. Some people told me they did this and received a refund quite fast, so I think it’s a good idea. But in your case, it might be a bit too late now. Anyway, you can keep this strategy in mind in case it’s necessary in the future (but hopefully it’s not).

      Also, thanks for giving me some details about how these 2 products actually worked. I was suspecting they have a poor effect (judging after their weak formula) – but I needed a confirmation for someone who actually tried them.

      I don’t know if you found the right supplement yet. But in case you didn’t, I advise you to check out my top 7 recommendations for this year. These are all products that work and reputable companies behind, so you won’t get charged any additional cent (I can guarantee for that).

      Also – I don’t know what exact hair problem you have, but if you want to grow your hair faster, I advise you to check out this 12 steps guide. It also works for decreasing your hair loss, if that’s your actual problem.

      Please let me know if you need any additional advice about a certain product or if your hair problem is still unsolved. I really hope this helps.

  3. This is a scam! I tried to enter my details for their free bottle exchange and they sent me to a payment page, one bottle costs $50 and there’s no free offer. All those people claiming you can test the product are lying, I tried 3 times and every time I was sent to the payment page. There’s no free bottle! Next time I expect them to be saying they will refund you or anything similar, just to make people give out the credit card as well. Would never recommend this!

    1. Hi Nicola, thanks for giving out your experience with Halo Hair Vitamins. 

      What you’re saying is true and I also mentioned it in my review – they claim to give out a free bottle and ask for your contact details first. However, once you press the order button, you’re redirected to a payment page. So there’s no free offer, just like you said.

      Unfortunately, that’s the situation and this is one of the reasons why I believe Halo Hair Vitamins is a scam. I’m really curious if there are some satisfied customers, as I’m willing to hear both sides.

      Thanks again for your feedback.

      1. Reading all this an with the BBB. An finally seeing a picture of the bottle. An the reason I’m looking again. I ordered this an it isn’t the one showing in picture. My bottle was solid white…could not see thru it. An the pills were white. As far as all other info I see here is what I experienced. But the order I received for two months. Worked wonders..retired an hard to pay the price. Was trying to order only the white ones an not the fish oil. As I didn’t know I was getting it either. How do I find the product that worked for me. So disappointed, like I said. All other info lines up with me. Except I got a product that worked.

        1. Same for me the product I received worked for me I stopped my order because of reading the reviews big mistake but I am not sure if anything I get now will be the right product it was a white bottle say halo hair growth advanced hair growth formula would appreciate information to the right address

          1. Hi Jo, it’s hard to tel you whether the product you received was an original one or now because Halo Hair has some major issues with credibility and trustworthiness right now. It’s better to avoid this brand completely, that’s what I would do.

  4. I have used this supplement and my stomach started to hurt terribly after 2 days. Didn’t think it was these pills so I didn’t stop them and the pain just got worse every day. I also started having diarrhea and ended up in the emergency room. They told me to discontinue any product I took and prescribed be some rehydration treatment and pain relievers. In a week I fully recovered but I still cannot tell what was the real cause. 99% it was this supplement but I don’t take the risk of trying it again and finding it out.

    1. Hey Petty, thanks for sharing your experience with Halor Hair Vitamins. I’m sorry for the side effects you experienced, but it’s probably because of this supplement. 

      Now – it doesn’t have any dosages listed, that’s why it’s hard to tell what exact ingredient caused your problems. Biotin can cause stomach pain sometimes, but it’s not that bad. In high dosages, this substance usually cause skin problems rather than cramps. That’s why I can’t guarantee it was biotin.

      Anyway, Halo Hair’s product contains more than the 6 ingredients it has listed on its website. That’s why it might be something else causing this side effect in your case. Either way, I recommend you to give this supplement up forever (and any other product that doesn’t give out its full formula).

      Hope this helps.

  5. It is definitely a scam! they charged my credit card 4 different times that added it up to be about $170.00 and then refunded me 2 payments of $60.00. I am in the process of disputing the charges.

    1. Hi Peggy, thanks for sharing your negative experience with Halo Hair’s brand. Keep insisting and calling them because they will do their best to avoid refunding you. Hope you manage to get your money back!

      1. I filled out the page for a “free” sample, but was sent to a payment page and I stopped there. Now the customer service won’t leave me alone. I have replied to about 5 emails they sent asking for additional information from me. I keep telling them that I didn’t order anything and I don’t want anything from them. In the last two replies, I added that, if they send me something, I will not pay for it. I can’t get them off my back and am getting very irritated. No one in customer service seems to be able to understand that I didn’t order anything and don’t want to order anything. I just want them to leave me alone.

        1. Hi Wilda, thanks for sharing your “experience” with Halo Hair Vitamins. Unfortunately, all you’re saying is true, I had some other readers telling me the exact thing as you did. Apparently, this brand and their products are completely scams, since they only claim to offer a free bottle just to attract customers. But in reality, there’s no free bottle and the actual cost of the supplement is huge.

          I actually have to tell you that you were quite lucky, since they were only emailing you. I know it’s frustrating and I totally agree with you. But some people told me they had only completed the forms (just like you did) and they end up being charged for an actual order, which they never placed.

          But when it comes to the solution, I don’t really know what you could do about it. One thing that came into my mind was threatening them with suing if they continue to stay on your back. They might stop if you tell them this, so maybe it helps!

    1. Hi Sheryl, this is only a review of this product, it’s not the website that sells it. I’m not connected with the brand in any way so you shouldn’t be addressing me when it comes to this problem. Try contacting the company, they’re the only ones that can stop sending you the products!

  6. I have made 3 calls to two different numbers in the past two days. I did sign up for my FREE trial bottle and was charged $2.19 for S&H which I received a week ago. And these were capsules, not gummies, with more than 4 or 5 ingredients listed on the back. When I first opened the site I was viewing, I could not find the actual price/bottle. The second call was to cancel the “account” and he insisted than I continue to use it for ten days or longer. I refused and chose to cancel. I was asked to return the unused portion of the product and they would notify me by email where to return it with a RMO number. I called a third time to confirm my request and had questions re: return of the OPENED bottle and also read to them their Return/Refund policy on their Terms of Service on the website:
    “Initial trial bottles need not be returned at any point or for any reason in order to cancel membership or request a refund”. I did not request a refund for the charges for S&H. I have no intentions of taking more of this product and also do not plan to mail it back to them. Not completely sure IF they would dispose of them. The rep gave me a reference number for cancelling and told me not to return the remaining capsules. Persistent paid off!!! They were very argumentative regarding the policy and he finally told me he would cancel and for me Not to mail remainder back. I also believe that this is not 100% legit. Scam? or not???

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for your feedback on Halo Hair Vitamins. I’m sorry you had such a negative experience with this brand, but as I said in my review, I strongly believe it is a scam. There are just too many things that don’t make any sense about it.

      I’m not very sure I understood correctly or not – but did you get your money back after the refund or not? If they didn’t want to refund you, you can threaten them with suing (even if you won’t really do it). Many of my readers told me about this strategy with other brands that didn’t want to keep their promises and refund them. And apparently, this strategy really works when it comes to refunding (many people got their money back). So you might want to give it a try, and hopefully it helps.

      I’m not really sure what kind of hair problem you have, but if you’re looking for a quality (and legit) alternative to Halo Hair Vitamins, these are my top recommendations.

      Hope this helps you and thanks again for your feedback!

    2. I just want everyone to know that I have hypothyroidism and used this product and it helped regrow my hair. With thyroid problems like mine you loose hair and I was really discouraged until I took the Hal vitamins. Now that they are no longer for sale, I really wish they were.

      1. Thanks for your feedback on Halo Hair Vitamins, Debi. Most people were really unsatisfied with them (they were either scammed or the product didn’t really work for them). But I’m glad they did work in your case.

  7. Halo Hair – TOTALLY A SCAM – I went on line to take a look – put in some of my info and never hit submit -I wanted to back out of signing up but they took my info and processed an order for me – I never received a confirmation email – I then found out I was billed twice $87 each time so the free trial is not free- I cancelled my order and wanted to send back the second unopened container but they would not take it and only offered back $60 of the $174 they charged my card
    Very unhappy with the company – I did not get any positive results with first bottle of pills

    1. Hi Len, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with Hal Hair Vitamins. I read many complaints about this company but I have to admit that yours is by far the most negative one. It’s totally illegal to charge a potential customer before he actually agreed to purchase the product. And that’s exactly what I did. So I really advise you to continue contacting them until they agree to refund you all the money. It’s totally not your fault that they charged you before you submitted your order – this is a clear sign there’s something wrong with their practices.

      If they still don’t agree to refund you the whole price, threaten with suing them (even if you actually won’t). Many of my readers told me they used this strategy with other brands and apparently the staff gets scared when they realize it’s something so serious. And in the end, those people were fully refunded. I can’t guarantee it will work with Halo Hair, but you should really try.

      I really hope this helps you and please keep me updated on this!

  8. This is the biggest rip off company ever. Two transactions occur on my debit card that I didn’t want to occur one of $87.21 and another of $78.43 calling to ask for refund on this there was something that they told me I could not be refunded the full amounts that they would only refund me $50.00 for each transaction. Like I said before this is the biggest rip off around. The worst customer service I have already called over several times about this complain per email also and still they are being terrible. As for the products WARNING they don’t work. CONSUMER BEWARE SCAM SCAM

    1. Hello Georgie, thanks for your feedback and sorry to hear about your ongoing issues with Halo Hair Vitamins. I don’t know if you browsed around the comments from my review – but if you did, you probably saw many complaints similar to yours. Unfortunately, that’s the kind of company Halo Hair is and there’s nothing real we can do about it (except for reporting it to BBB, which most people already did but nothing happened yet).

      So the only advice I could give you is the same that I gave to some of the people who left a comment previously: try to contact them again and threaten with suing them. Some of my readers tried it and they managed to get all of their money back in the end. I don’t know if it also works today, but you should definitely try – especially since it’s your hard-earned money and they have no right to keep them without your consent.

      I really hope this helps and sorry I can’t do anything else about it!

  9. June 22, 2018
    Halo Hair is a major scam. I received a bottle of questionable pills which I had no idea I had ordered. I immediately returned them and said do not send again. Cost: $87.21. Two days ago , back came the same bottle. I called and spent an hour on the phone, with a rep who said they would only refund for the 2nd bottle . I spoke to a “supervisor” who said , basically I was out $100.00 . They would not refund any of the first $87.21 and only $77.00 for the second mailing. Then he hung up on me. I don’t think I can stand another call! BEWARE!

    1. Hi Dorothy! Wow, I am so shocked to hear about their behavior to you, especially since you didn’t even order the bottle. Some of my previous readers told me they hadn’t actually ordered it either, they simply got to the checkout page, filled in their info but they never actually placed an order. But even so, apparently the company’s website saves the customers’ details and ships the them order, which is completely illegal (since they never ordered it themselves).

      I understand you don’t want to have anything else to do with them, but I would recommend giving them another call and threatening to sue them. Some of my readers said they did this with other brands and it worked miraculously, they got their money back very fast. So if you really want to get your back, that’s the only advice I could give you right now.

      Sorry you had to go through this and hopefully authorities manage to close this scam down one day!

  10. Well, I wish I would have read all these reviews before I ordered my Halo Hair vitamins. I was excited to try them after seeing the product on Shark Tank. I’ve been loosing hair for about six months, and really was hopeful this supplement would help. However, after receiving my “free trial bottle”, I was charged $87.12. When I called to ask about this, they informed me I signed up for a subscription. They said they would cancel my subscription, however would only return $40 of the charge since I had broken the seal on the bottle. So basically my “free trial” cost $47.12. I had planned to order more, if I ended up liking the supplement. However, I will never order anything like this on-line again. Their business practices are unethical, to say the least!!! This is a scam and so disappointing! I hope that others who are interested will review this information before ordering. Wish I would have!

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Darla! Unfortunately I have to agree with you, Halo Hair is a scam and they have scammed a lot of people in the past years or so. I actually expect their website to be closed down by the FDA or another organization, because I simply received only negative opinions about them lately. So their practices are clearly not legit!

  11. OLLY. Please help or direct me
    I have tried for monts to get Hailo Hair to quit sending me HAIR VITAMINS for months.
    I DO NOT want these gummys. I never told them to keep sending these. I dont want them charging my CC.
    who do I talk to???

    Mary Bustos

    1. Hi Mary, really sorry to hear about what you’re going through. Apparently, it’s very hard to get in touch with this brand specially for this reason – because they don’t want to stop people’s subscriptions. But that’s illegal, so they simply don’t respond to calls, emails, etc.

      As for the solution – you pretty much have 2 options, but I can’t guarantee any of them is going to work. Either way, you can try. First, try contacting your bank and ask them to stop all your automatic transfers or only those related to Halo Hair (but in many cases, brands like these use different names from month to month so the name that appears on your bank statement isn’t the same). The second option would be to send them an email threatening to sue them. If they don’t respond to that, you can actually start suing them (if you afford that).

      I’m really sorry there isn’t more I can do to help you, but I received many complaints on Halo Hair and not all customers managed to get their money back. Those who did, used one of these 2 strategies I mentioned. Maybe they can help you too. Good luck!

  12. This product and everything about it is FALSE. There is no sample bottle, you will be charged the full price. I didn’t even have time to see if it works. Forget trying to get a refund!

    1. I’m really sorry to hear about your negative experience with it, Kathy. Unfortunately, it really is a scam so I hope people read my review before purchasing the product for real, for their own sake.

      1. I need help! This morning I had another charge to my account $78.43. This was something called Wistfully. I know it came from Halo Hair but can’t find anything on this. Phone numbers just cut off after 1 ring. I have tried 4 numbers so far. Has anyone else had this problem?

        1. yes. I have the same problem. not only was i charged the 78.43 but also 87.and some change. I also have been having problems contacting this company.
          if i find a number or you find a number please send me the message on this site.
          thanks melody Post

  13. This is a total scam. I was able to get $130 out of about $160 back by threatening the poor phone operator – she said she got approval from her “support team”. That was after reading back to them their own policy of 100% guarenteed, no questions asked, refund policy. I too wish I had read the reviews on this website first but live and learn. 21st century snake oil sales, I guess. Based on some of the reviews here, I may even cancel my credit card to avoid future charges.
    So dissapointing. No morality at all…

    1. Hi Jana, I’m really sorry for your bad experience with Halo Hair Vitamins. This product and the brand behind it really deserves being sued for all they did to so many people. I actually didn’t hear any single customer praising this supplement, everyone is complaining about at least one thing. It’s good that you managed to get some money back (the largest part actually). But I guess that at this point, cancelling your credit card is the best thing you can do. Or you can talk to your bank staff to block the transactions, but Halo Hair tends to charge people under different names every month, so it’s hard to stay updated with them.

  14. Halo Hair Shampoo for thinning hair and also vitamin advertisements has a picture of a gentleman alongside named Rus Taylor from Portland ME. This is truly false advertising as I
    know that gentlemen and he is not Rus Taylor from ME. And Halo products has nothing to do with his hair. It is a stolen photo being falsely used. And if we could ever figure out who’s doing this they would be sued!!

    1. Hi Mary! That’s such a shame and it’s definitely illegal. If you know that person, you should let him know that his picture is being used by Halo Hair, most likely without his own permission. This could get them in real trouble.

  15. this product is fraud it does not work I was ripped off of almost $73 an I am getting the runner round for my money back on top of that a bottle of fish oil I can get that anywhere

  16. they also gave me this address an phone number which is also false 11551 East 45th Avenue Denver CO80239 813-968-4202 all of this is a lie

  17. I thank we all need to contact the FBI on this matter an they can locate those criminals because that is exactly what they are it is a big scam preying on people one thing about it GOD will judge them who ever they are.

    1. Hi Betty, thanks for your feedback and sorry to hear you got scammed by Halo Hair. If you read some of the previous comments, you can see that lots of other people were scammed by them as well. So contacting an authority would be really necessary and it might solve the problem in the future.

  18. I do not want any of this product mailed to me. I am contacting my Visa to stop payment and will return both bottles.

    1. Hi Sandra, you will have to get it touch with the company because I only wrote a review of Halo Hair, I’m not working for them and I’m not connected with the company in any form. Hope this helps.

  19. This product is total BS. I’ve nearly used up the first month’s supply, and, if anything, my hair is thinning MORE!!!

    What nonsense! I’m glad I only paid for shipping.

    Just go to the drugstore and buy Biotin vitamins for next to nothing, and actually see some results.

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