My Gro Hair Oil Review (2023) – Scam Or Works?

My Gro Hair Oil Review (2020) - Scam Or Works?

It’s time for my Gro Hair Oil review – a product designed for most hair issues.

  • it claims to boost hair health
  • but it also promotes growth, thickness and volume

Still – is it really that effective in reality?

Considering its really huge price, it could also be a scam. 

So what’s lies behind it? Well, I tried to dig deep into this hair oil to find the truth behind.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Gro Hair Oil.

So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Gro Hair Oil from Mira Herbals

Versions: Only one (4 oz/bottle)

Best Actual Price: $59.99/bottle

Cheapest Place To Buy: Mira Herbals’ official website

It’s not available on Amazon or other retailers.

Designed For: Hair health – but it claims to help with most issues:

  • shedding and thinning
  • lack of volume
  • hair growth
  • detoxifying and clarifying

My Rating: 6 out of 10

Worth Buying?: Definitely not – it’s not a scam, but it’s far from a great choice:

  • very expensive for its actual value
  • little quantity per bottle
  • little info on its composition

Instead – I recommend a supplement that has made real miracles for my hair.


What I Liked About It

  • Helpful for a large range of hair problems
  • Based on herbs (over 15 different species overall)
  • Pleasant herbal smell 
  • Consistency isn’t very greasy
  • Many positive reviews on its official website (may be biased)


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Formula lacks essential info about doses and compounds
  • Has to be used at least 3 times/week
  • No user reviews outside its official website
  • Extremely expensive for its actual value
  • Very little quantity per bottle



What Is Gro Hair Oil?

Shortly – it’s a product designed to boost hair health, first of all.

But just like most hair oils, it also helps a bunch of problems – including:

  • hair loss and thinning
  • lack of volume
  • faster growth

However, despite its versatility – it’s not an amazing product.

  1. Like every hair oil, its formula is very little detailed.
  2. It’s also hard to use (has to sit for at least several hours).
  3. Its price is extremely high for the quantity.

Besides – it’s only sold on its official website, so it has no user reviews on a different website.

Obviously, most of its official website reviews are very positive.

But if you ask me – there’s a high chance that they are biased.

For this reason, Gro Hair Oil isn’t a product I would trust – nor one that I would recommend any soon.


#1 – Ingredients (8 out of 10)

The best thing about Gro Hair Oil is that it’s herbal-based:

  • contains over 15 different herbal extracts
  • some compounds have a high potency

But just like most topical products – its #1 problem is the lack of information it provides:

  1. No doses for any compound.
  2. No ingredient in the focus.
  3. Active and inactive ingredients are listed together.

Basically, you can’t really tell the amount of any of the 15+ herbal extracts it contains.

That’s a pretty common strategy in hair oils and topical products.

But even so – it’s a big downside, as you can’t really estimate the product’s potency. 

Now – let’s take a closer look at some of its most important ingredients:

  1. Coconut Oil – reduces protein loss and keeps hair healthy. [1]
  2. Henna – it’s great when it comes to making hair look thicker.
  3. Amla – increases scalp circulation and promotes growth. [2]
  4. Hibiscus – promotes new growth and reduces hair loss.
  5. Wild Ginger – makes hair silkier and shinier.
  6. Rosemary Extract – improves hair and scalp health.
  7. Trigonella – strengthens and moisturizes hair. [3]

Overall – Gro Hair Oil contains some really strong ingredients.

But since there are no doses for any, it’s hard to expect a lot from this formula.


Gro Hair Oil looks pretty good in terms of ingredients.

But things change when it comes to doses – as there’s no info about any compound.

For this reason, I wouldn’t count too much on it.

  1. It’s true that any oil can stimulate hair growth.
  2. That’s because of its greasy texture.
  3. But not all of them can thicken and reduce shedding.

So I personally would not go for this kind of formula, to be honest.

If you want something that works for real – try a product that works internally (a supplement).



#2 – Smell & Texture (9 out of 10)

If you were curious about this product’s consistency, here’s what you should know.

1. Smell

First of all – I found very few opinions on Gro Hair Oil’s scent.

But in the end, I managed to get an idea about its fragrance:

  • herbal smell (since it’s based on herbs)
  • average intensity
  • scent doesn’t stay in the hair for long

Basically – its smell is rather fresh (as you might expect from a herbal-based oil) and it’s pretty pleasant.

2. Texture

One of the best things about this product (according to its users) seems to be its consistency:

  • pretty light texture
  • easy to apply (compared to other hair oils)
  • doesn’t make hair sticky

Now – it’s obvious that any oil leaves hair very greasy. And Gro Hair Oil makes no exception.

So you will have to wash your hair all the time after using it.

But even so, it’s not as thick as most hair oils.

This means it’s easier to rinse, so it’s a bit more comfortable to use (in the long run).


#3 – How To Use It (7 out of 10)

This product isn’t very easy to use, judging after its directions.

But fortunately – the instructions from its official website are very clear.

So here’s how you should use this oil:

  1. Start with 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of product (for the entire scalp).
  2. If you’re applying it in sections, use a smaller quantity per section.
  3. Apply the product onto your scalp.
  4. Massage with your fingers for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Let it sit for at least a few hours (or even overnight).
  6. It’s recommended to use it for at least 3 times a week.

Now – the procedure itself isn’t very complicated.

But the fact that you have to let the product sit for a long time can be quite uncomfortable.

That’s a main reason why I’m not a fan of hair oils (most of them require the same time).

Plus – since you’re applying a greasy substance on your hair, it should normally get very oily.

That’s why washing your hair afterwards is a must.

If you usually wash your hair daily, this won’t be an issue.

But if you tend to wash it 2-3 times a week – using this hair oil might not be very easy.


#4 – Results (7 out of 10)

Personally, I have never tried this hair oil – so I cannot speak from experience.

However, I tried to look at other users’ opinions on this product.

In this way – you could see whether it works or not.

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews, not promotional ones.

1. What People Say

First of all – I had a hard time finding real reviews on Gro Hair Oil:

  • it doesn’t have an Amazon page
  • most of the other reviews it has are rather promotional

Now – the only reviews I found were on its official website.

I rarely include official website opinions in my reviews, because they tend to be biased and fake positive.

I’m still not very sure about the reviews I found on Gro Hair Oil (since almost all are positive).

But since I had no choice, here’s what I found out:

  1. Some people claim it helped their hair grow a lot faster.
  2. Others say their noticed new baby hairs.
  3. A few mentioned their hair loss reduced considerably.
  4. I also found a few reviews about thicker hair.

As I already told you – almost all reviews I found rated the product 5/5.

That’s a little weird, considering it’s very expensive and not very easy to use.

This is the reason why I can’t guarantee those opinions are authentic.

2. Biggest Complaints

The very few negative reviews I found were related to:

  1. No effect on hair
  2. Little quantity overall

I would also add that the price is very high for the amount of product you get.

Also – Amazon does sell the conditioner version of this product and the reviews there are mostly negative.

This is why I’m pretty sure the oil is not as perfect as it claims to be.


Gro Hair Oil does have a high rate of positive reviews – but all are on its official website.

The oil itself doesn’t have a page on Amazon (which usually has unbiased reviews).

For this reason – I personally don’t trust all those praises it has.

That’s why it’s not a product I would recommend any soon.

If you want to get the best effect for a much lower price – I recommend the alternative below.



#5 – Price (4 out of 10)

In my opinion, that’s the biggest drawback of this product.

That’s because it’s way too pricey considering its value, quality and most importantly, its quantity.

1. The Exact Price

Gro Hair Oil is only sold on its official website – so this is where you can find the lowest price.

If you can call its price low…

That’s because for a hair oil – it’s extremely expensive:

  1. Standard price is $59.99 for a 4 oz bottle.
  2. Its gets a bit better if you buy a larger quantity at once.
  3. In this way, you can get a bottle for about $40.

Now – even $40 for a 4 oz bottle is extremely expensive.

Not to mention that $60 is way too much for this quantity.

Besides, it doesn’t contain any unique ingredients or uncommon formula.

So I personally would not advise you to pay so much for it.

If you still have a large budget, better spend it on professional products with clinical evidence behind.

The results would be much better in this case.

2. Competitors’ Price

I will only compare Gro Hair Oil with my #1 recommended hair loss/growth product.

I’m talking about a supplement called Folexin:

  1. Gro Hair Oil only works on the outside (since it’s topical).
  2. Folexin treats the problem and its actual root from the inside (since it’s taken by mouth).
  3. Folexin has a much better formula, with high doses in most compounds.
  4. In terms of price, Gro Hair Oil costs $60 normally.
  5. That’s the cost for a 4 oz bottle.
  6. In the best case, you can get it for about $40/bottle (for a larger supply).
  7. On the other hand, Folexin costs $25/bottle normally.
  8. But if you buy several bottles at once, you can get it for about $18/bottle.

Basically – Folexin is the best product I know in terms of quality/price.

Compared to Gro Hair Oil, the difference is literally huge.

Gro Hair Oil is way more expensive, less potent and much weaker (in terms of composition).

So if you ask me, Folexin is the best alternative to it.


Overall, Gro Hair Oil is way too expensive and hard to afford on the long term:

  • lowest price is $40/bottle
  • it normally costs $60
  • a bottle only has 4 oz

So there’s no way I could recommend a product like this.

If you really want to spend your money wisely, I suggest checking out the alternative I mention below.



#6 – Where To Find It (4 out of 10)

As I mentioned before – Gro Hair Oil is only available on its official website.

That makes it quite hard to find by most users:

  • not available on Amazon or other retailers
  • not available in stores (as far as I know)

Now – the conditioner version of this product is actually sold on Amazon.

However, there’s only one seller behind it – so it often gets out of stock.

But anyway, here it’s only about the oil.

So from this point of view – the only place to buy it is Mira Herbals:

  • apparently it ships in any country
  • shipping fees are different
  • custom fees can also add up

Even so – it’s totally up to you.



#7 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on Gro Hair Oil in 3 ideas.

1. Unknown Exact Formula

Like many other hair oils – this product doesn’t give out its full composition:

  • ingredients are all mentioned together
  • no dosage for any compound
  • no main ingredient

In other words, you can only tell the names of the compounds it contains.

There are no quantities and no other info.

2. Hard To Use

As it’s normal, topical products are harder to use than pills or gummies.

And obviously – hair oils are by far the hardest to apply.

Gro Hair Oil doesn’t make an exception here:

  • leaves hair quite greasy
  • needs to be used (at least) 3 times a week
  • you have to let it sit for a few hours/overnight

That’s why this product (and hair oils in general) aren’t suitable for many people.

3. Super Expensive

For a hair oil, this product is extremely pricey.

Not to mention that its composition isn’t worth more than $20/bottle.

Plus – it only comes in a 4 oz bottle, which is again very little for its price.

So for me, this is the best proof that it’s not a wise choice at all.


My Verdict – Worth Or Not?

Short answer: Certainly not.

Though I don’t consider it a scam – it’s far from a good choice either:

  1. Very little info on its actual formula.
  2. Pretty hard to use on the long term.
  3. No user reviews outside its official website.
  4. Extremely expensive overall.
  5. Very little quantity per bottle.

Now – the decision is up to you. So if you decide to buy it, you might actually be satisfied with it.

But overall, it has enough downsides to make a good choice, if you ask me.

For these money – it should have a much better composition, quality and quantity.

That’s pretty much why I am not a fan of it at all.

So what do I recommend instead?

As I said before – I had best results with a supplement called Folexin:

  • best type of formula from the market
  • treats the problem from the inside
  • effect can appear after only one month
  • much better price overall

So if you want to spend your money wisely, this product is my #1 recommendation.


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