Hair extensions – Yes or No?

hair extensions yes or noHair extensions are definitely a way of getting long, thick hair without having to wait for ages until it gets how you want it to be.But the questions is ” Are hair extensions a YES or a NO for me?”.

I’m sure everyone who has considered buying hair extensions has ever asked herself that question!

What if I won’t be able to wear them?”,”What if they damage my hair so badly that it won’t even grow anymore?” and the famous “What if they’re easily noticeable?”. These are all typical questions that every hair extensions user has had before actually getting one set.

In this post I will try to answer your questions, based on the things I’ve experienced with hair extensions.

Are hair extensions for everyone?hair extensions damage

Yes, they are. As long as you learn how to wear them and how to take care of them, I don’t see any reason why someone who wants longer or thicker hair couldn’t use them.

Do hair extensions damage your own hair?

It depends. Theoretically, they shouldn’t produce any single damage. But there are more types of hair extensions, and, in many cases, some of them can produce more or less damage.

If they may damage our hair, why do so many people wear them?

hair pin damagehair extensions clipBecause they choose the harmless type of hair extensions, which are the clip-ins. The clip-in hair extensions could never ever do you any damage, really! Before buying my first set, I’ve heard many stories about how much harm they can cause, but this is absolutely false! It’s like putting hair pins in your hair. Could those cause any damage? I cannot see any way in which they could.

If I have curly hair, can I still get any suitable extensions?

Of course you can. There are many companies that offer hair extensions for all hair types, and even if they don’t and you have to buy straight hair extensions, there are many ways in which you can make them permanently curly.

How do you know that your hair extensions look well?

The purpose of extensions are to give your hair the desired length/ volume, so you know they look well when people don’t notice the difference between your hair and the extensions. That’s  the thing actually! 🙂

How can you make hair extensions unnoticeable?

The most important thing is choosing the color that matches your hair. If your hair isn’t dyed, it will be quite hard to find the exact color, but if you find the one that is 90% similar to your hair, then there are very high chances to make the extensions unnoticeable.

darken hair extensionsIn case you don’t get the right color, don’t worry, there are some ways to make it match your hair. The most common is dying, but I only recommend this if your own hair is also dyed. Else, I would much rather use natural ingredients to change the color of the extensions.

If you want to make them darker, you can use coffee, and if you want to lighten them, use lemon juice. There are a lot of instructions on the Internet, so I won’t bother you with those here too, you can find them there easily.

lighten hair extensionsAlso, hair type is extremely important too. From my experience I can tell you that curly hair blends much better with hair extensions than straight hair. That’s because it’s more common to have different lengths in curly hair because of the curls, but it’s quite visible if you have 10 inches of straight hair of your own and then 26 inches of hair extensions. And that’s important in the end, to make them quite unnoticeable.

Therefore, if you have shoulder length hair, I don’t advise you to get hair extensions that reach your waist. Seriously. There’s no point trying to get long hair overnight if anyone will notice that you’re wearing extensions. You should buy (at most) 16 inches hair extensions, because they will blend much better with your hair, making it seem like there’s no difference between your hair and the extensions. And, finally, that what you want.

Is hair extensions’ weight important at all?

Yes, it is actually extremely important. I’ve seen many girls whose hair extensions were extremely visible, simply because they hair was much thicker than the extensions.

Curly hair

hair extensionsSo, with curly hair it’s easy, because it tends to be (or rather seem) quite thick, so you should buy hair extensions that have a higher weight that the average ones. For example, there are 3 weights of hair a certain company offers: let’s say 160 g, 180 g and 220 g.

The average are the firsts, 160 g, because they are designed to the thinnest hair, so if you have curly hair, try to take at least the second ones, in our case 180 g. I know they’re more expensive, but it’s really worth it, because else you may end up having a lot of volume in the upper side, where your natural hair is, and a few strands with no volume at the ends, the hair extensions. Imagine how good that looks… A small thing like the quantity of hair could make the difference between noticeable and unnoticeable hair extensions.

I have to mention that those quantities I used before are just an example, hair that has 160 g may actually be quite thick, but I just wanted to show you that you should always choose the second version.

 Straight hair

clip in hair extensionsIn this case you have to pay attention at how thick your own hair is. I know people whose hair is very very thin, but I also know people who have much thicker hair than curly haired ones. You’re the only one who can tell this. 

Anyway, here things are quite simple. If you don’t manage to realize how thick is your hair, you should compare it to someone else’s straight hair. If you have much thinner hair than most people, then you can easily choose the hair that has the smallest quantity. On the other hand, if your hair is very thick, thicker than others’, you should choose the hair with the biggest quantity. In this way, you’ll make sure there will be little chances of seeing any difference between your hair and the extensions. No to forget, if your hair is between, you can choose the second quantity, which would easily blend with your hair.

Those are the biggest questions I had before buying hair extensions for the first time. Now, what can I suggest you if you’re considering getting a set? I would advise you to get one, seriously. There’s nothing to lose (well, except for some money, that’s true…). And if you listen to the tips I gave you here, you have very high chances of getting the perfect hair overnight!… At least until yours becomes so 😀

If you have any questions or if you think I could be of any use, please don’t hesitate to write to me. I’ll be more than happy to help you! 🙂

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