My Review: Research Verified Hair Growth (2023) – Scam Or Not?

My Review: Research Verified Hair Growth (2019) - Scam Or Not?

It’s time to review Research Verified Hair Growth – a supplement that doesn’t look too bad:

  • promising formula
  • high dosages
  • increasing popularity

However, it all comes with a cost. And RV’s supplement is really expensive at $48 per bottle.

So is this supplement a scam (since it has enough customer complaints)?

Or is it as good as it actually seems? I tried to find out the truth behind it.

Note: This review is based on my own opinion + research on RV’s product.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Hair Growth Support from Research Verified

Sizes: Only 1 month supply (but you can buy more bottles at once)

Best Actual Price: Around $50 per bottle

Cheapest Place To Buy: Probably Amazon

Designed For: Hair growth and everything it involves:

  • stimulates follicles
  • increases growth speed
  • fights and prevents hair loss

In other words – it’s both a hair loss and growth supplement.

My Rating: 7 out of 10 It’s good but too expensive.

Worth Buying?: No – it simply costs too much for its actual value.

Though it’s a great supplement, it’s way too overpriced.

I prefer a $23 cheaper supplement with a slightly better formula (that I personally use).


What I Liked About It

  • Really good formula (with high dosages)
  • Contains several herbal extracts
  • Pills are easy to take and swallow
  • Available on most retailers
  • You can find many honest opinions about it online


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Way too expensive for what it contains
  • Many unsatisfied customers



What Is RV’s Hair Growth?

In a few words – it’s a 2-in-1 hair supplement. Why exactly?

Well – it’s designed for 2 major purposes:

  1. Increases hair growth speed and quality.
  2. Fights hair loss (including the one caused by DHT excess).

Other than that, it’s a valuable supplement for most hair issues (including thinning hair).

Now – what makes it more special than other products? According to the official website:

  • it has a 365 money back guarantee
  • only contains ingredients that are verified through research
  • formula is pretty good

However, its good points have a high price.

One bottle of RV’s product costs almost $50 – a price that many of us couldn’t afford (including myself).

So now that you know the main things about it, it’s time to analyze it closer.


#1 – Ingredients (9 out of 10)

In my opinion – RV’s supplement has an excellent formula:

  • based on ingredients with real hair benefits
  • contains several herbal extracts
  • high dosages for most compounds

It’s not the very best formula I know – but it’s surely among the top ones.

Now – I would divide its ingredients in 3 major groups:

  1. Vitamins + Minerals
  2. Herbal Extracts
  3. Other Ingredients

So let’s take a closer look at each (briefly):

1. Vitamins + Minerals

The list is very long here, as RV’s supplement contains the most essential nutrients:

  1. Vitamins B2, B6, B12 – stimulate hair follicles and prevent shedding. [1]
  2. Vitamin E – it’s an antioxidant that can promote hair growth. [2]
  3. Zinc – a deficiency can cause massive hair loss.
  4. Biotin – it’s the best vitamin for hair (especially for growth).
  5. Folic Acid – it’s responsible for healthy cell growth in hair.
  6. Iron – a lack in this mineral can lead to shedding. [3]

These are the most important ones from RV’s product – but there are about 13 vitamins/minerals overall.

2. Herbal Extracts

Herbs are by far the strongest remedies for hair loss/growth.

So fortunately – RV contains some essential extracts:

  1. Saw Palmetto – fights hair loss caused by DHT excess (best natural blocker). [4]
  2. Ginkgo Biloba – increases scalp blood flow.
  3. Fo-Ti – it’s really effective against gray hair and shedding. [5]
  4. Borage Oil – stimulates hair growth. [6]

Overall – 4 herbal extracts isn’t a lot (compared to other supplements). But it’s better than nothing,

3. Other Ingredients

This group includes some active ingredients that are less common in hair products:

  1. MSM – some sources say it can increase hair growth speed.
  2. Silica – effective for strengthening hair.

There are also some amino-acids, but their benefits are more general.


Overall – RV’s supplement has a really good formula:

  • high dosages in most ingredients
  • valuable compounds

I personally would have preferred some additional herbal extracts (instead of so many vitamins).

That’s because most supplements contain vitamins – but not all contain herbs.

But even so – this formula is better than 75% of its competitors.



#2 – How To Use It (8 out of 10)

Here’s what you should know about RV’s pills and schedule.

1. Pills Facts

Good news here – the pills are pretty easy to take and swallow:

  • average dimensions
  • made of transparent gelatin cover
  • yellow powder inside

So they look like most hair supplements – and they can be swallowed normally, with a glass of water.

2. The Schedule

RV is pretty regular at this chapter as well. According to the label:

  • you need to take 2 pills per day
  • it’s better to space them out throughout the day
  • for best results, you should take them before eating

Now – I personally recommend taking hair supplements with or after food.

In this way, there’s no chance of getting stomach cramps (this can happen sometimes).

That was the schedule I followed with most products and I had great results with some.

So I don’t think it can change their effect for your hair – only the one for your stomach.


#3 – Results (7 out of 10)

The first thing I want to mention is that I have not tried this supplement personally.

For this reason – I have no experience to share about it.

Therefore, I tried to look at other customer’s reviews and feedback (so that I could give you an unbiased opinion).

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not promotional ones.

1. What People Say

RV’s hair supplement has 4 star on Amazon (out of 5) from 59 reviews.

Though that’s not bad at all – there are enough complaints about it.

So here are the most common opinions I could find about it:

  1. Some say it made their hair grow a lot faster.
  2. Others claim they noticed less hairs falling out.
  3. A few noted some improvements in terms of thickness.
  4. Some others say it’s a good supplement, but too expensive.
  5. On the other hand, others said they say no changes.

Basically – RV’s product has a lot of honest reviews (with mixed feedback).

But as I said, it has enough negative opinions.

2. Biggest Complaints

Most of those unsatisfied customers criticized RV’s product for things like:

  1. Absolutely huge price
  2. Poor effect
  3. Pretty slow in terms of results

Now –  I haven’t found any complaints about side effects, which is great.

But even though I haven’t used this supplement, I have to agree with the #1 aspect.

The product is indeed overpriced for its actual value (ingredients, brand, effect).


Research Verified’s product has mixed feedback overall.

And even though it’s a good supplement – most users complain about its high price.

Also, in many cases – it takes several months until there’s any results (which is quite normal).

So it’s not my #1 recommendation in terms of hair supplements, to be honest.



#4 – Price (4 out of 10)

In my opinion – RV’s price is extremely unfair (and it’s probably its biggest downside).

I consider the supplement really overpriced for its actual value.

1. The Exact Price

The price for this supplement is the same no matter where you bought it from:

  1. It costs $48 per bottle.
  2. That’s only 1 month supply.
  3. You can get more bottles at once in order to get a discount.
  4. In that case, you could get it for $24 per bottle.

However – most of us would probably buy only 1 bottle at first (if it’s the first time trying it).

So paying $50 per 1 bottle seems way too much for me.

That even if the ingredients inside these pills aren’t anything special:

  • no trademarks
  • no original brand ingredient

So that’s a major reason why I cannot recommend this supplement. It’s just unfairly expensive.

2. Competitors’ Price

I only want to compared RV’s product with my top recommended hair supplement (Folexin):

  1. They both have really good formulas.
  2. I consider F’s formula slightly better (as it contains way more herbs and ingredients overall).
  3. RV costs $48 for 1 bottle.
  4. On the other hand, F is way cheaper at $25.
  5. Both products offer big discounts for larger orders.
  6. RV costs $25 per bottle if you buy a 6 months supply.
  7. F costs less than $18 per bottle if you buy the largest pack.

So overall – I consider Folexin as a much better choice.

RV’s supplement is by no means bad, on the contrary.

But compared to Folexin – it’s way more expensive and not as potent (in terms of ingredients). At least that’s what I think.

If RV was cheaper, I would definitely recommend it (but not as a #1 choice).

But in this situation – I just don’t think it’s worth so much money.


#5 – Where To Find It (10 out of 10)

Fortunately – Research Verified’s products are really easy to find:

  • Available on major retailers (Amazon, Walmart, etc.)
  • Sold on their official website
  • Can be found in certain stores/online pharmacies

So if you’re interested in these supplements – you don’t have any excuse.

Now – where do they have the lowest price?

Regarding the hair supplement (but it’s the same for the others) – prices are about the same in all sellers.

Amazon sells it for $48 per bottle, as well as the official website.

If you want a lower price – you might find it on Ebay. But there’s a lower safety level as well.


#6 – FAQs

Up next – I will try to answer the top questions about RV’s hair supplement.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it’s easier to spot here.

1. How many pills per day?

You need to take 2 daily – for best results, try to space them out.

I also recommend taking them after eating (or together with food). You can avoid stomach cramps in this way.

2. How long lasts 1 bottle?

A bottle is designed for 30 days – so it’s a monthly supply.

3. Can I take it with other drugs?

If you’re taking it together with other drugs – I recommend asking your doctor first.

Since it contains many vitamins and minerals, there’s a small risk of interactions. So it’s better to stay safe.

4. Are there any side effects?

Fortunately – I couldn’t find any complaints about secondary reactions.

They might exist, but they’re probably pretty rare (headaches, nausea, etc.).

5. How fast should I notice an effect?

The label doesn’t mention anything about this.

But from what I read – it’s not a super fast supplement.

It needs about 2-3 months to start working, so be prepared to buy several bottles if you want to see its actual effect.



#7 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on RV’s supplement (in 3 ideas).

1. Promising Formula

Though it’s not the best formula in a hair supplement – it’s surely a good one:

  • high dosages
  • ingredients with important benefits
  • substances with studies behind

So I personally expect from this product to work, judging after its compounds.

2. Few Side Effects

It’s true that I haven’t used it myself – but even so, I couldn’t find too many complaints about its side effects:

  • people say it’s pretty safe
  • few cases of headaches or nausea

I personally recommend taking it after eating (unlike what its label says).

I just think it’s much safer and easier to prevent any stomach pain.

3. Way Too Expensive

All RV’s supplements are kind of pricey.

But the hair formula seems worse than all:

  • it costs almost $50 per bottle
  • there’s no trademark ingredient inside
  • most of its compounds are regular substances

So even though it’s a good supplement – I see it way too expensive for its actual value.


My Verdict – Is Research Verified’s Product A Scam?

Short answer: Definitely not – it’s a totally legit and quality product.

So would I recommend it? To be honest, no.

Despite have a lot of qualities and good points – I don’t think it’s such a great choice:

  1. Extremely overpriced for its actual value
  2. Formula could be better for the money
  3. Enough customers who had no improvement

Basically – I would recommend RV’s product if it was cheaper (not as a first choice, though).

But at $50 per bottle, I can’t possibly advice you to buy it.

I personally use a $25 supplement with a much better formula – which has excellent results for me.

So if I had to recommend an alternative to RV’s product – it would surely be that one.


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14 thoughts on “My Review: Research Verified Hair Growth (2023) – Scam Or Not?

  1. Hi! Can this product help with receding hairline? My sister has been using it and swears by it but she never had my kind of hair problems. I also have a friend who used it and she’s a fan, but she’s also a women so I’m a bit hesitant. It’s quite a lot of money so I wish I knew if it’s worth the bought or not. Maybe you can give an opinion on that and thanks.

    1. Hi Jeremiah, thanks for the feedback you offered on RV’s product – it’s great to hear it was helpful for your sister and friend. But just as you think, there’s a big difference between hair loss in women and in men.

      So considering its formula, I wouldn’t recommend it to you – not as a first choice, at least. It might help you a bit, but not considerably. And that’s because it’s not designed for male hair loss – nor based on an ingredient that can help with that. It does contain some helpful ingredients, but in low dosages. So what you actually need is a supplement mostly based on one of those ingredients.

      Now let’s take it by turn. Male hair loss is usually caused by DHT excess – which is a form of testosterone that increases with age (it can appear even in young men, but in most cases it increases after 35). Anyway, DHT isn’t a bad hormone – but its excess can cause prostate problems and hair loss. Actually, DHT excess is responsible for over 80% of baldness cases in men over 40. Its per cent is lower in younger men, but it’s still the top responsible.

      So basically, you need a product that will decrease DHT levels and bring them back to normal. In this case, you have 2 choices:

      1) Herbal supplements (that’s the alternative I prefer) – but not any hair supplement, only the ones based on Saw Palmetto. This herb is the best natural DHT blocker, so it can make miracles on the long term. Most supplements don’t regrow new hairs on a bald scalp (only after longer periods), but they stop hair loss really well.

      My top recommended supplement with Saw Palmetto is called Procerin and I like it because it has a great price, compared to others. There are some other supplements of this kind, but most are pricier and not necessarily better.

      2) Medical products – this includes Minoxidil (a topical solution/foam) and Finasteride (pills that you can only get with a prescription). They have many studies behind and they’re the only products approved by FDA for baldness – so they have real results. However, I don’t recommend them because they usually need a longer time to start working and they have serious side effects. Plus, hair loss worsens if you stop using them – so they should be used for the rest of your life.

      In case you prefer this alternative, my advice is to get these 2 products from Keeps. They have the best offer for Minoxidil + Finasteride and a free online consultation (so you can skip a real life meeting with a doctor). Now, if you have insurance – you could get them cheaper in a local pharmacy, but you would still have to go for a consultation with a local doctor.

      Other than these 2 options – you can also start rinsing your scalp with green tea, which is a natural DHT blocker. It can help decrease the hair loss on the long term. Turmeric is also a DHT blocker, but not as strong as green tea. But you can use both, there’s nothing to lose.

      I hope this helps.

  2. This works for growing out straight hair. I’m 23 y.o and used to have waist length hair, I cut it off because I was bored of washing it out for 1 hour and spending another extra hour blow drying it. The hairstylist suggested I should have my ends bleached (I wanted to go for a lighter shade but that needed time so I chose lighting my ends instead). They ended up damaged so I had to cut off some more inches than initially predicted. 

    I got shoulder length hair with bangs, which looked so bad on me! 

    Now I’m trying to grow out my hair and have been using this product for half a year. My hair grew around 5 inches in the meantime, so I’m satisfied. I wish it was a bit cheaper, because I’m getting married so I want to start saving real money.

    I might want to try Folexin next, I checked out the ingredients and they do look really good (I’m an expert in ingredients now lol). Price matters for me so if it helps as much as Research Verified, I’m going to be thrilled! Thanks for your recommendation and review, they are really helpful!

    1. Hey Erika, thanks a lot for your feedback on Research Verified’s supplement. It’s great to hear it’s helpful. I’m sorry for your hair but I’m sure it was really hard to maintain at that length. 

      Just in case you’re interested in the future, you can lighten your hair at home using lemon juice, honey and cinnamon. It doesn’t have the same strong effects as bleach, so you might need to do it several times before you see a change. But it’s way safer for your hair and it does work.

      Back to RV’s product – apparently your hair was pretty healthy when you started using it, despite the damage ends. You didn’t mention any hair loss, so you probably weren’t dealing with that. So since your hair was healthy, it could grow out a lot easier (and faster) than if it was falling out. Anyway – I’m not questioning RV’s effects, it really looks like an excellent product.

      In my opinion, Folexin should help you just as much – because it has some really good ingredients (even better than RV, if you ask me). So in terms of price, I think it’s a much better choice.

      In case you switch to it, I’m waiting for your feedback!

  3. Thank you for your review, Olly. I’m using RV’s supplement for half a year and am thinking of going to something else. I bought it to help me hair grow out faster, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. My hair used to be very dull and frizzy and falling out a lot (especially in seasonal change). Now it’s not falling out anymore, or rather not as badly. But it did not grow any faster than it would normally. 

    I paid a couple of money on this product and I’m rather disappointed. Do you have any recommendations about the best hair supplements? I checked Folexin and it looks excellent but unfortunately they won’t ship to my country (Germany). I would like to hear your recommendations and maybe try a foreign product because the ones we have here did not work for me. I have tried Pantogar, Profollica and several shampoos including Plantur 39 (I saw you reviewed this one) but my hair did not grow faster from any.

    Also do you recommend any herbs for hair growth? My grandmother is a big fan of herbal remedies and has about every herb you could think of (she has a collection of extracts, tinctures, etc.). I would like to try something new but do not want to ask any doctor for this. Please advise me.

    1. Hey there Heidi, thanks for sharing your experience with Research Verified’s supplement. I’m sorry you ended up being disappointed by it. But I also received similar feedback from other users, some said it helped their hair loss but not their hair growth rate. So maybe it’s something specific about this product.

      I also appreciate your feedback on the other products you mentioned. I’m pretty familiar with all of them.

      Pantogar is indeed a German product, which is what makes it special for US customers. It’s actually quite hard to find in other areas than Europe, so maybe that’s what raises people’s interest.

      Anyway – it’s a supplement I used some years ago and I wasn’t too satisfied. It seemed to help my hair loss at first but then the results disappeared, so I was also a bit disappointed. But still, I wouldn’t recommend it for the money (in US it costs around $50 per month, which is really pricey for the value). Maybe in Germany it’s cheaper, but it still doesn’t have a very impressive formula, if you ask me.

      As for Profollica, I consider it an excellent supplement – but only for male pattern hair loss. In this case, it’s actually my top recommendation. But when it comes to woman hair loss, I doubt it’s going to make wonders. 

      Basically – it treats DHT excess, which causes male hair loss. If your hair isn’t falling out due to DHT excess, this supplement isn’t going to help. That was probably your case, so this is why I think it did not help you at all. So I don’t recommend DHT blockers in your case.

      And last but not least, I recently reviewed Plantur 39 – just as you said. However, shampoos rarely have a major impact on hair growth/loss. That’s why I don’t normally recommend them, or at least not alone. If you combine them with the right supplements, they can help additionally – but not as a first choice treatment.

      Regarding your questions – first of all, I actually have a list of recommendations for supplements here. I know Folexin doesn’t ship to all countries, which is such a shame. But you can find several supplements there that do ship internationally.

      As for the herbs, there are many remedies that can help with hair growth. My personal picks would probably be green tea and horsetail, as they are very common in hair products and come with major benefits. But also – using turmeric on your hair could help strengthen it considerably (but this herb doesn’t help with growth directly). You could also try apple cider vinegar, which is a very usual product in US kitchens – so you probably have it in Germany as well.

      So if you ask me, these products and herbs should increase your hair growth speed on the long term, even a bit. Please let me know if you start using any and how it goes.

  4. I have been considering ordering the RV Hair Growth product. I am experiencing hair loss due to one or both drugs I need to take – Letrozol and Ibrance. Do you think any hair loss/growth product will help?

    1. Hi Nancy, I’m not a big fan of Research Verified’s product because it’s quite expensive overall. But if you want to give it a try and budget isn’t an issue for you – I surely recommend it. I personally use Folexin and I’ve had amazing results with it – so I recommend it because it’s also much cheaper. But the choice is all yours, both products should help in terms of reducing your hair loss. Hope this helps!

  5. Hi Olly, I have a question for you. I have been losing my hair for years now. At first, I was using Nioxin shampoo and conditioner. I felt my hair was getting too dried. I have been using Bosely for a couple of years now, but it is not helping. I am just afraid to stop using it for fear that it could be worst. I color my hair because I have a lot of gray and it makes it look even thinner. What do you recommend for me? I was considering RV but now I am not. I have been afraid to use any supplements. I am at a loss here. I should also mention I am 52, diabetic and have high liver enzymes, non-alcoholic.

    1. Hi Maricela, your hair loss seems more of an androgenic alopecia to me (this type of hair loss tends to be chronic, so hair loss isn’t extremely severe, but it is very constant and it lasts for years). I don’t know if you’re at menopause or not – but either way, have you ever had an irregular period, body hair, acne? I would anyways suggest you to check your DHT levels, because an excess is the usual cause behind your type of hair loss. That’s why I wouldn’t advise you to try any supplement until we find out the real cause behind your hair loss. But from how you describe it, it sounds like a type of androgenic alopecia to me. I’m waiting for your answer to get a better idea.

  6. I have been using this product for 4 months now. I have noticed my widows peak filling in and hair is much stronger. I was also happy to see that it also helped with my body hair. I had very little (like seven chest hairs). I have a lot more now and even the hair on my legs has started to regrow from where socks wore off the hair around my ankles.

    I am very happy with all the results for this product. I would give it 5 stars.

    1. Hey Tom, I’m super happy to hear it worked so well for you. Keep me updated with your future results!

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