How to apply a hair mask correctly

If you’ve read some of my other posts, you’ve probably seen that I often recommend the use of home made hair masks, simply because they only contain natural stuff. Recently, people have asked me many times how to apply a hair mask correctly, so in this post I want to explain you how I do this procedure and how it would be best to do it, according to your hair type.

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Wet or dry hair?

how to darken hair with coffeehow to apply a hair mask correctlyThis is one of the most common questions people have. Is it better to apply a hair mask on wet hair or on dry hair?

In theory, wet hair tends to absorb better the nutritive substances applied on it, so it would better to apply the mask on wet hair. However, in realty the difference is not that big.

I usually apply the hair mask on dry hair and it works great, so as far as I’ve seen, that thing with dry or wet hair doesn’t matter so much. If you want to wet your hair before, you are free to do it, but if you don’t want to, you don’t have to worry, there won’t be any visible difference.

There is one important thing, however. Hair masks are very hard to apply on oily hair, so if you usually have greasy hair, make sure you wash it before, and apply the mask afterwards.

Should you apply it only on the hair ends or on the whole hair?

how to apply a hair mask correctlyThis probably depends of the hair mask you’re using, but when it comes to home made masks, I usually apply them on the whole hair. I do this because they don’t really make my hair oily, probably because they don’t contain any parabens or toxic stuff.

But again, if you have oily hair and you’re using a mask based on olive/coconut/castor or any other oil, I guess it would be better not to apply a lot at the roots, because these oils could actually make your hair look greasy even faster than usual.

Anyway, you can’t be sure of this because it differs from person to person, so the best is to try this yourself and see.

My usual method

  • Sectioning the hair in several parts and tying it 

This is not very difficult to do, but it’s important because you will manage to apply the hair mask all over your scalp and hair, which would lead to a better nourishing.

  • Start applying the hair mask with a brush 

how to apply a hair mask correctlyOr you can do it only with your hands, but I doubt you’d like that.

Anyway, you can start by applying the mask with the brush on the first part of hair you sectioned. Make sure you cover all of your hair, starting from the roots and insisting on the strands (or on the ends if your hair is damaged).

  • Do this with every part of the hair your sectioned 

Normally, it shouldn’t take very much, it would probably take more until you get used to the procedure. At the end, it is important to check if you’ve applied the mask everywhere.

  • Wrap your hair and let the mask sit

For this you can use a towel, a shower cap or any other thing. The time you have to let the mask sit depends, but generally it’s at least an hour, so make sure you’re comfortable.

I’ve also attached a video from YouTube here, probably seeing it would make things much easier than this theory. The girl that’s doing the video applies the hair mask in the exact way in which I do, so I definitely advise you to do it in this manner, I can guarantee it works.


So as you can see, applying a hair mask is not a very difficult thing, and there are many ways in which you can do it. I’ve showed you mine because I guess it’s pretty simple, but you can feel free to use another one if you want, the important is to get the same effect.

In case you find it too hard or if you have any questions, please feel free to write me and I will be more than happy to help you if I can. 🙂

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