Best vitamins for hair growth

In this post I want to present you which are the best vitamins for hair growth and health, but also the best foods we should consume to make our hair grow faster and stronger.

vitamins hair health

Believe it or not, there is a strong connection between what we eat and our hair’s health. For example, a diet with very little fresh vegetables or fruits is very likely to have harmful effects on our hair. It may become thinner, more fragile and it may start falling out massively.

In order to prevent this, we have to choose a balanced diet and, if we want to make our hair stronger and healthier, we can also try some vitamins to help it grow supplements hair growth

Now the good part is that we don’t necessarily have to take medical supplements (we also have this possibility if we want), we can very well start eating more foods that contain a higher dose of vitamins and minerals, so that we get them naturally.

So, to end this theoretical part, here are the most important vitamins that boost hair growth, and the aliments in which they are  found in the highest percentage.



Also called “the Sun’s vitamin” because it’s natbest foods hair growthurally synthesized by our body while being exposed to the Sun’s rays, Vitamin D gives us energy, but it also stimulates the hairs’ follicles and activates the cuticle’s cells. In other words, it helps our hair food hair growth

Moreover, this vitamin contributes to the balance of our body’s minerals, especially when it comes to the zinc level. If  this balance is not right, the consequences might be losing our hair’s shine, sudden appearance of dandruff or even hair loss.

In order to prevent these problems, we should consume a lot of foods rich in Vitamin D. Fish oil and salmon are probably the aliments that contain the highest quantity of Vitamin D, but this is also found in milk and cereals, eggs, mushrooms, soy and orange juice.vitamin D hair growth

best vitamins hair growth womenThere are also Vitamin D supplements, but, to be honest, I would only take these if I had no other choice. I believe it’s much better getting the Vitamin D naturally 🙂




This vitamin is responsible for stimulating the blood vessels that are connected to the hair’s roots and is also implied in our hair’s growth and strength.Vitamin E hair growth

There are many hair care products that contain Vitamin E, in order to offer extra hydration and shine.vitamin E hair

Vitamin E is available in pharmacies as supplements, but it’s not recommended to take them for a long time, as they could make blood vessels thinner.Vitamin E foods hair

However, you can easily find this vitamin in many green fruits and vegetables, like spinach, avocado or kiwi, but also in almonds, nuts, peanuts, corn, brown rice and integral cereals.



When your body has a normal quantity of it, Vitamin A hair growthVitamin A maintains our scalp clean, dandruff free.

Vitamin A hair This vitamin is actually indispensable to our lives, as it is an oxidation preventive, but it could also lead to hair loss, if the quantity from our body is too high.

As you probably know, orange and yellow vegetables and fruits are natural sources of Vitamin A. Except these, it can also be found in eggs, beans and spinach.


VITAMIN CVitamin C hair

Vitamin C hair growthEven though most of us know that Vitamin C is responsible for a strong immune system, it’s less known that this substance is very important for hair too.

It has a role in the production of collagen, that makes our hair grow, and it’s also related to the processing of iron, an essential component of hair.Vitamin C foods hair

Everybody knows that Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, but it’s also present in broccoli, spinach and peppers.


VITAMIN HVitamin H hair growth

Also known as the biotin, Vitamin H is an important vitamin, that maintains our hair and nails healthy. Vitamin H deficiency could lead to hair loss or hair thinning.

However, a diet rich in Vitamin H would strengthen the hair and help it grow faster. When it comes to food, this vitamin is usually found in nuts, avocado and eggs.

Vitamin H hair Vitamin H foods hair growth

13 thoughts on “Best vitamins for hair growth

  1. I really enjoyed this article because I’m actually in the process of growing out my hair. I often times forget to include these necessary vitamins or foods in my diet. I agree with you; It is more beneficial to consume these hair growing vitamins naturally than to take artificial supplements.

    Many people, including me, are lacking in vitamin D. Thank you for the reminder on which foods to consume to increase my intake.

    Keep Smiling!

  2. Your post on hair and hair growth is quite informative.I usually have that type of scarce hair,though not bad but at times when i do blow dry my head looks so empty.This makes me to be plaited most of the time .I can bet i am not a fun of fruits and this is unfortunate.I knew of their own benefits on the body but i did not think they have an impact on hair growth.You post has opened my eyes and i can say it is time to take in a serious manner.Thanks for your post.

  3. Thanks for this very informative post.

    I have studied natural health products for a number of years and although I was aware of their benefits for healthy hair growth, I hadn’t really investigated this aspect in depth.

    It is very interesting to note that all of the vitamins you mentioned are present in great quantities in one of my favourite products, Aloe Vera Gel. Just like all the vegetables and fruit you listed, this is a plant leaf and as such provides the natural benefits you discussed.

    • Yes, I’ve heard a lot of things about the Aloe Vera Gel, but I didn’t know it contains all these vitamins. It’s good to know :

  4. Very nice job on this site. I enjoyed reading about hair growth. I have been going bald for several years now and while give your recommendations a try. did you know that strawberries or one of the highest sources for vitamin C, way more than oranges.
    I wish you the best with your site.

    Hillbilly Vapor

  5. Ashly,
    Thanks for the information you have given me. Enjoyed learning about hair loss and growth. I am about half bold do you think there is still hope for me ? It’s a shame that it is so hard to eat healthy when you are on a fixed budget.
    Thanks again,
    Hillbilly Vapor

    • Yes,I understand what you mean by a fixed budget… 🙁 However, when it comes to men’s hair loss, things are a bit different. I’ve studied at university that the male hormones are responsible for hair loss, therefore women can take medicines against those hormones, in case they are too many, which can happen sometimes. But when it comes to men, this is impossible because you can’t simply destroy your own hormones, it would lead to serious problems. This is why this is a problem that doesn’t have a very certain answer yet.
      You’ve probably seen on the internet a lot of products, at least I have, but I don’t know what to tell you, if they’re good or not, I can only talk about what I’ve tried. But I promise I’ll try to research more about this, and we might even study more about it at university, so if I find something out, I will definitely tell you 🙂

  6. Hey Ashley, you’ve done a great job with the content on your page and using smaller paragraphs but the theme you’ve chosen has made it hard to really see your content and it doesn’t really fit with your topic. I’d recommend trying out a few themes and seeing what you like best about each. For a website about how to get great hair you want a light, airy theme with brighter colors instead of the black menus on a small white base. It’ll help your content flow smoother 🙂

    Also you want the title of your website to have at least every word capitalized so that it stands out for your users 🙂

    Lastly The icon in your browser’s tab is still the wordpress icon. To change it you can go to your wordpress dashboard and select “Appearance” –> “Customize”–> “Site Identity” –> “Site Icon” and upload the icon you want 🙂

    • Thank you very much for your advice 🙂 I’m working on choosing a better theme and I think I almost found it.

      I was also wondering if I could change that icon because I had no idea how, so thank you very much for helping me 🙂

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