My Review: Keranique Hair Regrowth (2023) – Scam Or Legit?

My Review: Keranique Hair Regrowth (2019) - Scam Or Legit?

It’s time to review Keranique Hair Regrowth treatment:

But is it really good? I found hundreds of negative reviews and complaints about it.

So could Keranique be a scam?

Well – I analyzed and tested out the products myself – so here are the results.

Note: This review is based on my experience + research on Keranique.

So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: Hair Regrowth System by Keranique

My Review: Keranique Hair Regrowth - Scam Or Legit?Versions: One kit is made of 4 different products:

  1. Scalp stimulating shampoo
  2. Volumizing conditioner
  3. Lift & repair treatment spray
  4. Hair regrowth treatment

For best results, it’s recommended to use all 4 products.

Best Actual Price: Around $50 per kit.

Cheapest Place To Buy: The official website.

The products are also available on Amazon separately, but they’re way more expensive.

Designed For: According to its website – regrowing hair in women with:

  • thinning hair
  • weak roots
  • shedding and hair loss

Keep in mind that Keranique isn’t meant for men hair loss or balding.

My Rating: 5 out of 10 It’s not a scam, but it’s close.

Worth Buying?: Surely not – it’s not worth all these money:

  • pretty weak effect overall
  • needs a long time to start working (about 4 months on paper)
  • extremely expensive
  • you’re forced to agree with auto-shipping

I found lots of negative reviews calling it a scam – so I wouldn’t risk buying it.

Instead – supplements are my #1 recommendation for hair loss/growth, as they have a way better effect.


What I Liked About It

  • One of the products is based on minoxidil
  • Shampoo and conditioner have a nice texture
  • Available in several retailers
  • Many authentic reviews online 


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Out of 4 products, only 1 is really effective (treatment)
  • Smell is pretty weird
  • Results weren’t very good in my case
  • Hair falls out if you stop using it
  • You’re put on auto-shipping automatically
  • Money back guarantee might be fake (according to other customers)
  • Unfriendly staff and support (as far as I heard)
  • Lots of negative reviews and complaints
  • Extremely overpriced



What Is Keranique? A Quick Overview

Shortly – it’s a hair system meant to cure women hair loss and thinning hair.

It comes as a kit containing 4 different products:

  1. Shampoo for stimulating hair follicles
  2. Conditioner for extra hydration
  3. Spray for protection 
  4. Regrowth treatment

My Review: Keranique Hair Regrowth (2019) – Scam Or Legit?

Now – the #1 Keranique brags about is that their regrowth treatment is based on minoxidil.

This substance is the only ingredient FDA approved for hair loss.

But even though it seems an advantage – minoxidil has its own MAJOR flaws (more on this below).

Getting back to Keranique – there’s another thing that makes it special:

  • has a 120 days money back guarantee
  • you’re told you can ask a refund anytime

But judging after the large number of complaints – that’s probably fake.

So even though it looks like an amazing product – Keranique seems to have some major issues.

I will discuss all of them below.


#1 – Ingredients (8 out of 10)

All 4 Keranique products are meant for topical use.

Now – topical products rarely have a clear formula, which is a bad thing.

And that’s also the case of Keranique’s products:

  • contain over 30 ingredients
  • most of them aren’t very useful
  • no substance in the focus

Basically – you can’t really tell what these products contain.

Their #1 ingredients are mentioned together with water, alcohol and other inactive ingredients. So it’s hard to spot their major compounds.

1. Conditioner + Shampoo + Spray

As I said – their ingredient list is very difficult to read. 

But the official website mentions the #1 ingredient is keratin (in all 3 products):

  • major hair compound
  • strengthens and thickens each strand [1]
  • improves hair structure
  • increases density

To be honest – keratin is an essential protein for hair.

But when applied externally, its effect is far from amazing (I speak from experience here). 

Besides – there are over 200 other topical products with keratin on the market. If they were so effective, everyone would be using them.

2. Regrowth Treatment

Unlike the other 3 products, this one has a clear formula.

It contains only 1 ingredient – minoxidil 2%:

  • the only substance approved by FDA for hair loss [2]
  • promotes thicker hair
  • strengthens follicles

Now – minoxidil is surely a powerful treatment for hair loss.

But it has one major downside – if you stop using it, your recently-grown hair will fall out again. [3]

Plus, it can irritate the scalp really badly – so I’m not sure it’s so worth it.


Keranique’s products don’t have an amazing formula:

  • 3 out of 4 are based on keratin
  • they also contain lots of weak ingredients

The real responsible for Keranique’s effect is the regrowth treatment – which is based on minoxidil.

Even though it’s a great ingredient, minoxidil has to be used forever.

Once you start using it – you will have to use it as long as you live. Otherwise your hair will fall out.

That’s why I personally wouldn’t recommend Keranique.



#2 – Smell & Texture (8 out of 10)

Here’s what you should know about Keranique’s products.

1. Smell

I tried out all 4 products from the kit – but they were all very similar:

  • strong medicinal smell
  • there’s also a touch of peppermint in that smell
  • pretty intense

So if you’re a fan of fruity fragrances – none of Keranique’s products is right for you.

They all smell more like a medicine than a beauty product – which is pretty weird.

But in my opinion, this smell is something you can get used to.

2. Texture

In terms of consistency, they look as you expected:

  • shampoo foams pretty well
  • conditioner is white and pretty thick
  • spray is light and doesn’t weigh hair down

My Review: Keranique Hair Regrowth (2019) - Scam Or Legit?

The only tip I have is to use a higher quantity of shampoo you would normally use.

Keranique shampoo doesn’t foam as well as others – so it needs a slightly higher quantity to make the same foam.

But that’s not a major problem, in my view.


Except for the strong medicinal smell, Keranique’s products have a nice consistency.

I don’t know what product doesn’t, actually.


#3 – How To Use It (8 out of 10)

According to Keranique’s website – the kit works in 3 steps:

  1. Shampoo & Condition for healthy hair
  2. Regrow your hair
  3. Protect & Style your hair

Basically – the shampoo + conditioner are designed for step 1 and the treatment plus the spray from steps 2 and 3.

My Review: Keranique Hair Regrowth (2019) – Scam Or Legit?

Now the question is – how often should you use each of these products?

  • shampoo and conditioner: every 2-3 days (or whenever you was your hair)
  • spray: after washing or before styling your hair
  • treatment: twice a day

Regarding the treatment – you should apply it directly on the thinning/bald areas, and then massage.

So basically – you would only have to remember using the treatment everyday.

The shampoo, conditioner and spray can be used only when needed. 


#4 – My Results (4 out of 10)

I wasn’t very satisfied with how Keranique worked for me.

That despite using it for about 2 months – which is more than usual (I used most products for 1 month).

1. My Background

I suffered from hair loss several years ago. 

The problem was serious and I couldn’t find a solution back then. 

Until I did – my hair deteriorated quite badly:

  • ends were extremely thin and fragile
  • hair was damaged in general
  • I was still losing lots of hairs everyday (way more than normal)

Now – I didn’t have any bald spots on my scalp.

But I had a lot of thinning hair – so I was hoping Keranique could do something about this.

2. How It Worked

My Review: Keranique Hair Regrowth (2019) – Scam Or Legit?

As I said – I was rather disappointed by these products.

  1. I used all 4 products from the kit.
  2. In my opinion, the treatment was the only one that did something.
  3. The other 3 were kind of useless.
  4. My hair was getting more brittle in the first month.
  5. That happened mostly because of the shampoo (from what I think).
  6. In the second month, it started getting softer once again.
  7. In terms of hair loss, it improved only about 20%.
  8. Also, I could see a few baby hair growing in the second month.
  9. But once I stopped using the products, they became thinner.

So basically – I can’t say Keranique helped me too much.

On the contrary, in the first month my hair looked a lot worse than before. But luckily – things got back to normal then.

But in terms of thickness, I couldn’t see some big changes.

Also – my hair loss only decreased a bit, which was kind of useless.

So even though it wasn’t a scam, Keranique wasn’t very useful either. I would surely not buy it again.


My experience with Keranique was pretty bad:

  • very few changes (rather in the negative way)
  • shedding decreased very little
  • a few baby hairs, but they disappeared once I stopped using it

Considering it costs $50 per kit, I would surely not buy it again – or recommend it to anyone.

Instead of using a topical product – my advice is to use a supplement.

It’s usually cheaper and it has a 3x better effect (it works from the inside). That’s what I personally would choose.



#5 – Other Opinions (3 out of 10)

To my huge surprise – I found so many complaints on Keranique.

I mean – I had found negative reviews in certain products before.

But Keranique seemed to have a lot more than other products.

Note: I only considered authentic reviews, not the ones based on general info.

1. What People Say

If you check out Keranique on Amazon, you will notice all products have about 3 stars.

Now – this means there are enough satisfied customers, right?

Well, not really… If you take a look at the reviews – you will see that most of the recent ones are negative.

So here’s a glimpse of what people think:

  1. Some say the shampoo + conditioner add up volume.
  2. Others mention they hydrate hair really well.
  3. Regarding the treatment, some say they could see results in 2-3 months.
  4. Others claim it’s totally useless and doesn’t work at all.
  5. A few people say the shampoo dried out their hair.
  6. Some even say the products are fake and rip-offs.
  7. Others say they are extremely overpriced, since they don’t work.

Overall – there are way more negative reviews than in other products.

But the complaints are a lot more serious than this.

2. Biggest Complaints

It’s not all about the weak effect or brittle hair.

Keranique has another major problem in terms of strategy. But first – here’s what you should know:

  1. Keranique has a 120 days money back guarantee (on paper).
  2. In order to get this, they force you to agree with their auto-shipping.
  3. Basically, you’re automatically sent a new 3 months supply every 90 days.
  4. That costs about $150 (plus shipping).
  5. Obviously, your credit card is charged first. 

Now – according to their website, you can get your money back anytime you want.

All you have to do is to send the bottles back (even if they’re empty).

But after checking out websites like Trust Pilot, HighYa or Pissed Customer – here’s what I found out:

  • most people say they never received their money back
  • the support is very rude and doesn’t agree to cut off subscription
  • people are being charged even after sending the bottles back
  • the company doesn’t always answer the calls/emails

Basically – this means one thing: this money back guarantee is a scam.

So don’t count on it if you’re thinking about buying Keranique.

You might end up losing a lot more money (due to their auto-shipping).


Even though some people liked Keranique – most didn’t: 

  • very weak or even negative effects
  • extremely expensive
  • company is hard to deal with
  • you’re automatically put on auto-shipping
  • money back guarantee is fake

So I personally wouldn’t advise you to buy this supplement.

Or if you really want to get it – use Amazon (even though it’s 3 times more expensive). 

But at least you don’t run the risk of paying extra bottles without your consent in the future.


#6 – Price (4 out of 10)

Considering how much it costs – Keranique is surely not worth buying. 

At least that’s my opinion (when I compare it with other products on the market).

1. The Exact Price

Now – the lowest price for Keranique is on the official website:

  • whole kit costs $49.95
  • shipping fees are included 
  • you’re automatically put on auto-shipping

At first sight, $50 for 4 products doesn’t seem a lot. 

But the problem is that these products together aren’t worth so much:

  1. Minoxidil costs about $20 normally.
  2. You can find keratin shampoos/conditioners for under $15.
  3. That spray can be even cheaper than $10.

Besides – you’re forced to agree with their auto-shipping. That’s going to cost you about $150 (they send 3 months supply at once).

So I don’t think that Keranique is worth all these money.

2. Competitors’ Price

I won’t compare Keranique with another topical product.

Instead – I will compare it with my #1 recommendation for hair growth/loss: a supplement called Folexin.

  1. F contains almost 30 ingredients (all have a benefit for hair).
  2. K contains very few ingredients that are actually useful (minoxidil, keratin).
  3. F decreased my hair loss completely in about 2 months.
  4. K only decreased my shedding with about 20%.
  5. F costs $25 per bottle (at most).
  6. You can also get it for $18 per bottle (if you buy a larger pack).
  7. K costs $50 per kit, without any discounts available.
  8. The hair that grew with F doesn’t fall out if you stop taking the supplement.

So basically – Folexin was a lot more effective for my hair, and it also cost me half.

I have nothing against Keranique, but topical products will never work as well as pills.

So if you really want something that grows your hair fast – my advice is to choose a supplement.


In terms of price, Keranique is surely too expensive:

  • overpriced formula
  • products with the same ingredients cost less

However – I wouldn’t recommend a topical product for hair growth.

At least if you don’t want to be forced to use it forever (as you are with minoxidil).

Instead – supplements are a lot easier to use, have a faster (and better) effect and cost less.

So when it comes to me – I will surely prefer hair supplements to local treatments.



#7 – Where To Find It (9 out of 10)

Good news here – Keranique is available in several retailers:

  • My Review: Keranique Hair Regrowth - Scam Or Legit?Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Sephora

However – the official website remains the cheapest place to buy it:

  1. Normally, it costs $115 per kit.
  2. The official page offers it for $50 per kit.
  3. Shipping fees are also included.
  4. You also get a comb and a brush (if it really matters).
  5. They claim to have a money back guarantee too.

Now – if you check it out on Amazon, you will find the products separately.

Even so, you won’t get them all together for less than $100 (which is a lot).

Plus – Amazon doesn’t offer that money back guarantee (but it’s not very legit on the official website either).

Anyway, at this point – Keranique’s website remains the cheapest option to buy the products.



#8 – FAQs

Coming up – I will try to answer the top questions about Keranique.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it’s easier to spot here.

1. How often do you have to apply it?

It depends on the product:

  • shampoo/conditioner: when you wash your hair
  • protection spray: after washing
  • treatment: daily

But it’s the treatment that does most of the job – so make sure you apply it right.

2. How much lasts 1 kit?

About 1 month – but it really depends on how often you use it.

Mine lasted about 1 month, but that’s not a clear period.

3. How should you apply it?

That’s pretty simple:

  • shampoo/conditioner: as with other products
  • treatment: spray on your thinning spots and massage

Make sure you wash your hands after using the regrowth treatment.

4. Are there any side effects?

Though the label doesn’t mention anything, I found quite a few:

  • hair gets brittle and dry (only temporary in my case)
  • scalp itching and rashes
  • minor allergic reactions

Some people complained about more serious problems (like major hair loss, shedding, etc.). But these effects are probably more rare.

5. How fast should I notice an effect?

According to the official website – minoxidil needs about 4 months to do its best.

However, you should see some small changes after 1-2 months.


My Verdict – Is Keranique Worth Buying?

Short answer: Definitely not – it has a few major problems:

  1. My Review: Keranique Hair Regrowth - Scam Or Legit?Lots of people calling it a scam.
  2. Many negative reviews and complaints.
  3. The effect is pretty disappointing (in my case at least).
  4. Really overpriced.
  5. You’re put on auto-shipping automatically.

Out of the 4 products from a kit, there’s only 1 that does most of the job.

I’m talking about the hair treatment – which is based on minoxidil.

But even though it’s FDA approved, minoxidil will make your new hair fall out once you stop using it.

Basically – once you start using it, you will have to do it forever.

Is it really worth it? In my opinion – definitely not.

In fact – there are much better choices right now. I’m talking about hair supplements:

  • much better and faster effect
  • work from the inside on the outside
  • formulas have a higher quality
  • can be used by both men and women
  • more comfortable to use
  • cheaper price overall

So in my opinion – supplements are a much better option over Keranique.

Even though I respect this product and it’s company – I don’t think it’s worth the money at all.


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16 thoughts on “My Review: Keranique Hair Regrowth (2023) – Scam Or Legit?

  1. Wow, I was really shocked after reading your review. I have thin hair and Keranique was one of the products I was considering buying. But it didn’t cross my mind reading any reviews, it’s what my husband suggested. 

    I am so glad I checked this out, because it seems to have some real problems with shipping products. I am surely not going to spend $50 on risking to not receive my order, no matter how good the actual product was.

    Thanks for honesty of this review!

    1. Hi Penny, unfortunately that’s the truth behind Keranique. It’s not me saying so, it’s all the negative reviews it has online. So I surely don’t recommend you to buy it – especially not from their official website. Also, don’t count on that money back guarantee because they might refuse to refund you (there are lots of complaints on this topic).

      My advice for you is to start with a cheaper supplement that has better reviews. Folexin is my #1 choice, since I’ve tested it myself and haven’t found anything better since (especially in terms of price). It’s also the product I’m constantly using, that’s why I really trust it.

      So compared to Keranique, I think it would be a much better choice. Hope this advice helps.

  2. I only used the shampoo and conditioner but didn’t see any results after 2 bottles. Eventually I switched to my regular nettle root shampoo, it was a lot cheaper and I felt like it was cleansing my hair better. Do you think I should have used Keranqiue shampoo together with the serum? I thought it wouldn’t make any difference but looking back I think it might have..

    1. Hi Luna, thanks for sharing your experience with Keranique.

      In my opinion, all 3 topical products (shampoo, conditioner, spray) are pretty weak. So I’m not surprised to hear they didn’t work at all. 

      I actually think that among all products from Keranique, it’s the serum that makes the difference. It’s the only one based on a serious ingredient (Minoxidil). The other products are based on keratin, which is also a good ingredient – but it’s not very helpful when applied on the outside. That’s why I doubt the topical products from Keranique would do a lot. If they were meant for internal use (hypothetically), thing would be a lot better.

      So my answer is yes – you should have used the serum too. Now it’s too late to turn back time, but if you really want to try the serum – my advice is to get a Minoxidil product from your local drugstore. Keranique’s serum is actually Minoxidil 2% and nothing else. So why buy it from them under a different name when you can get it from your drug store for less money? 

      Just keep in mind that Minoxidil must be used forever, once you start it. Otherwise, the hairs it grew are going to fall out at one point. So it’s not a lifetime treatment, unless you keep using it.

      Hope this helps you decide.

  3. Olly, I’m using Keranique for more than a year and I love it. My hair looks a lot thicker and fuller than one year ago. It took a while until I could see the improvement, at one point I didn’t want to buy it anymore because it wasn’t helping. But somehow I continued to use it and after half a year I could see my scalp hairline had become much denser. I had lots of baby hairs. Then results were better month after month. Now my hair is almost 5 inches grown and looks thicker than before, especially the roots. I think it’s a fabulous product!

    1. Hi Kate, I really appreciate the fact that you shared your experience. I definitely agree that Keranique isn’t a scam (as I thought at first). I’m not surprised to hear you had such good results – especially after such a long period.

      What surprises me is your patience. I surely couldn’t have waited for half a year to see a product work. If it doesn’t work in 1-2 months, I usually give it up and switch to something else. So I have to congratulate you for your patience.

      However – I doubt many people would be willing to wait so long. Most need a product that works within days or weeks – but that’s usually very hard. So if you find something that works in 1-2 months, I say it’s excellent. There are enough products of this type, though.

      So thanks a lot for your feedback on Keranique. It’s great to hear it worked so well for you.

  4. I think this is a scam. I ordered the regrowth kit as a birthday gift for my sister and ran into issues with the shipping, I never actually received the order. I called the support and they agreed to fully refund me in a couple of days. In the meantime, my ordered arrived but it was too late, I had already bought something else as a replacement. I called them again meaning to send them the pack back and get my refund, but this time they didn’t agree. They said that once I got my order they can’t take it back and so on. It wasn’t even opened but they still refused to refund me. I don’t know if their 120 days guarantee is real. If they didn’t want to refund me while sending the unopened pack, how could they refund someone sending them empty bottles?

    1. Hi Albert, thanks for your feedback on Keranique. It seems like you didn’t have your sister use it in the end. So I don’t think you can tell how it works.

      But your experience with the company definitely helps. I know they have a 120 days money back guarantee, so they should refund all unsatisfied customers. If you wanted to return your unopened order, even more – it was actually for their own good. So I’m pretty surprised to hear your experience. 

  5. Considering how much I paid on it, I am not satisfied. And it took me almost half a year to see my hair grow back. But as an effect, I think it works. I don’t have a baldness yet but there is a certain amount of thinning, especially in the back of my head. I bought this from a local seller who offered me a lower price, but it still cost me around $40 overall. My “mistake” was that I bought 3 full packs at once, just because he sold them out really well to me. I was fooled, I admit it. Long story short, after 3 months there were few changes but I thought I should continue this treatment, since I already did it for 3 months. In the end I could see my hair thickening, but that was around the 5th month, so it took a long while. Do I regret using it? After checking out other products, sort of. I could have paid a lot less on alternatives, so I plan to switch Keranique as soon as I finish this pack.

    1. Hi Mark, thanks for your experience with Keranique. This product actually mentions right from the start that it’s not going to work really fast – only after 4 months, according to them. But in your case, it seems like it took a bit more.

      However – the fact that you bought it from a local seller for a lower price is a big advantage. Keranique isn’t a bad product itself, since it’s based non Minoxidil. But it’s simply an overpriced version of Minoxidil, that does the same thing as the regular form.

      Just keep in mind that if you stop using it, the hair it grew/improved will fall out eventually. That’s the #1 side effect of Minoxidil and its derived products – once you start using them, you have to do it for the rest of your life.

      So keep this in mind and go for another Minoxidil product. But the ones on the market are all pretty expensive: Scalp MedHims Hair Growth or HairLaFolie. So my advice is to start using the regular form of Minoxidil, which is considerably cheaper and has the same effect.

      Hope this helps.

  6. My niece has Alopecia Areata. And unfortunately, she is one of the rare ones. Her hair never grew back. She even lost her eyebrows. She’s had the condition for close to 20 yrs so I think its safe to say that it won’t be growing back. Do you think Keranique might help? I saw it has Minoxidil in it so I’m thinking there’s a chance that it regrows her hair.

    1. Hi Leonardo, I’m really sorry for your niece. Alopecia Areata is one of those scalp conditions that you can’t do much about. So having such a severe form can be really distressing and disappointing.

      Minoxidil is the only substance FDA approved for regrowing new hairs. So it might be the kind of solution that helps your niece. However, I’m surprised her doctor never suggested it to try it before – since it’s one of the most prescribed products in these cases. 

      Now – if your niece decided to try Minoxidil, I would advise her to choose the regular version you can find in most drugstores. Keranique contains the same thing but it’s a lot pricier (without any actual reason). So there’s no point paying extra money to get the same product, but under a different name. Plus, as far as I can tell – Minoxidil can be bought for a lower price (or even free) when it’s prescribed by a doctor. So tell your niece to see a dermatologist or her specialist and ask his opinion on this.

      Hope this helps.

  7. Hi Olly,

    This Folexin that you recommend. Can you tell me if it will stimulate new hair growth where bald spots are starting to form?

    1. Hi Susan, pretty much yes. It’s simple: if those bald spots are only starting to form, it means the hair follicles inside aren’t dead, they’re simply in a bad shape. So with the right stimulation and treatment, they can get well so hair will start to regrow normally. On the other hand, when those follicles are dead, it’s harder to revive them. There are some products that can do that, but it takes time.

      Now – in your case, Folexin or this kind of products will work, since your hair follicles can’t be dead. However, they won’t work extremely fast. So don’t expect to see those bald spots covered in 1 month. It can happen, but it depends from person to person – and most people need several months.

      You might see a change in your existing hair (less shedding, faster growth). But those early bald spots will need some more time to recover (about 3-4 months, I say). Anyway, you should see some small improvements faster (like fine hairs starting to cover the area).

      So in my opinion, Folexin should help you. If you decide to start using it, please keep me updated with how things go.

    1. Hi Karen, I don’t have a great idea about the gummy version of any supplement in general. That’s because they all tend to contain huge quantities of sugar, which can have a bad effect on skin. Regarding Keranique – I’m not a big fan of this product in its regular form. So obviously, I don’t like the gummies even close.

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