My Review: BeanStalk Hair Growth (2023) – Does It Work?

My Review: BeanStalk Hair Growth (2019) - Does It Work?

It’s time to review BeanStalk Hair Growth – a set of hair products based on natural ingredients.

But considering how many similar products there are on the market, is BeanStalk any better?

  • Does it have anything more special?
  • Does it work any better?
  • Or it’s just another weak product with natural claims?

I tried to dig deep into BeanStalk – so here are all the backstage details you need to know.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on BeanStalk.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Full Name: BeanStalk Hair Growth Vitamins

My Review: BeanStalk Hair Growth (2019) - Does It Work?Versions: It offers 5 major products:

  • Growth Infusion
  • Shampoo (Regular Or Detox)
  • Conditioner
  • Vitamins 

I will focus on the infusion (serum) in this review – as it’s by far their #1 product.

Best Actual Price: Around $25 for the infusion (on paper, as there are sales often times)

Cheapest Place To Buy: The official website (unavailable on Amazon)

Designed For: Hair growth associated with scalp problems (allergies, dandruff, irritation):

  • promotes hair detoxification 
  • increases strength and density

Besides, the infusion claims to regrow edges in 2 weeks (pretty hard to believe).

My Rating: 6 out of 10

Worth Buying?: Not really – it just has a lot of negative reviews:

  • very weak effect
  • hard to use due to thick consistency
  • company refuses many refund requests

Even though it has a great price, I personally prefer to use a $25 supplement instead (much better effect overall).


What I Liked About It

  • Infusion is mostly based on herbal extract
  • Affordable prices in most products
  • Lots of authentic reviews available


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Hidden ingredient list and dosages
  • Infusion is really thick and hard to apply
  • Also, it leaves your hair extremely greasy
  • Many complaints from previous users
  • Company doesn’t seem to accept refunds (despite claiming to)
  • Infusion claims to work in 2 weeks (no product works that fast)



What Is BeanStalk? A Quick Overview

In short – it’s a hair brand focused on natural hair products.

Basically, these products are designed for hair growth on scalps with different issues:

  • psoriasis
  • dry flakes
  • rashes or itching

For this reason – it offers 5 different products:

  1. Infusion Oil – designed to regrow edges (in 2 weeks).
  2. Vitamins – for longer and fuller hair.
  3. Regular Shampoo + Conditioner
  4. Detox Shampoo

There are some other products that BeanStalk offers, but they’re less significant.

Now – here comes the interesting part. BeanStalk’s infusion claims to regrow edges in as fast as 2 weeks.

If you ask me, that’s impossible:

  • no product I heard of can work so fast
  • hair can’t medically grow in such a short period
  • if this product really worked so fast, everyone would be using it
  • instead, it’s pretty unknown

For this reason – I’m almost 100% sure this “2 weeks effect” is fake.

Don’t get me wrong, the infusion might work really well – but not that fast. Or at least you can’t see a real change in 2 weeks.

So don’t expect this kind of effect because you will be disappointed.

But now that you know the main things about BeanStalk – it’s time to analyze it more closely.


#1 – Ingredients (7 out of 10)

First of all – all BeanStalk’s products are based on herbs.

That’s definitely a positive thing, since herbs are the strongest ingredients when it comes to hair growth.

However – there are some issues:

  1. No full ingredient list (in any of the products).
  2. No dosages.
  3. Active and inactive ingredients are mentioned together.

Basically – BeanStalk’s formula is hidden in all products.

We only know the compounds, without their quantities (which is a big downside).

1. Growth Infusion (Serum)

Out of these ingredients, the most important ones are:

  1. Biotin – fights hair loss and promotes growth (but mostly when taken as pills). [1]
  2. Rosemary Extract – can prevent alopecia. [2]
  3. Zinc – strengthens roots and increases density.
  4. Castor Oil – speeds up hair growth. 
  5. Lavender Oil – stimulates follicles and also promotes growth. [3]
2. Vitamins 

Even though it’s a supplement, BeanStalk doesn’t offer the ingredient list for this product (which is really weird).

It only mentions the main ingredients:

Out of these – the most essential ones are:

  1. Saw Palmetto Extract – blocks DHT excess that causes hair loss. [4]
  2. Green Tea Extract – also effective against DHT hair loss.
  3. Vitamin A, C, E,  B1, B2, B6 – promote hair health. [5]
  4. Zinc & Cooper – a deficiency can cause shedding.
  5. Ginkgo Biloba – improves blood flow inside the scalp.
3. Shampoo + Conditioner

These product have even less details about their formula.

Basically – you can only find a list of about 30 ingredients (both active and inactive).

So it’s hard to tell what exactly is inside these 2 products.


BeanStalk’s products don’t have a bad formula – since they’re based on herbal extracts.

But there’s no picture of the label, ingredient list or dosages.

For this reason – I can’t really praise or trust BeanStalk’s products too much. 

As far as you can’t tell what’s inside a product (and its quantity) – you shouldn’t really use it, in my opinion.


#2 – Smell & Texture (4 out of 10)

When it comes to the oil – its consistency is a big problem:

  1. My Review: BeanStalk Hair Growth (2019) - Does It Work?Extremely thick and sticky.
  2. Very hard to apply on the actual hair (doesn’t soak in too well).
  3. Leaves hair extremely greasy.
  4. Also, it’s very hard to rinse (you should add shampoo 2-3 times).
  5. Smell is also pretty unpleasant and intense.
  6. It feels something like earthy fragrances.

Since it’s recommended that you use the oil daily – it won’t be too comfortable.

Regarding the other products from BeanStalk, there’s nothing to complain about:

  • vitamins have an average size
  • you can swallow them easily (if you drink enough water)
  • shampoo and conditioner have a nice smell
  • also, the shampoo lathers well enough

But since the infusion is the main product (in terms of effect) – you need some patience when you start using it.


#3 – How To Use It (7 out of 10)

Fortunately – BeanStalk offers clear instructions on how to use most of its products.

  1. Infusion should be used once daily (or twice for better results).
  2. You should add one drop on your scalp and massage.
  3. Make sure you spread it through all of your scalp.
  4. Vitamins require only 1 pill per day (that’s an advantage).
  5. Shampoo + Conditioner should be used with every wash.

Now – regarding the pills, shampoo and conditioner, there’s nothing to complain about.

However, the infusion is pretty hard to use daily – considering its consistency.

According to the directions – you can mix it with a bit of conditioner, if it feels too thick for your hair.

I actually advise you to do that, BUT keep in mind that conditioner can also weight down your hair.

So washing your hair afterwards is still a must.


#4 – Results (6 out of 10)

First of all – I haven’t tried any of BeanStalk’s products myself.

So I won’t be able to share any experience with them.

However – I wanted to create an unbiased review, so I checked out all the real opinions I could find about these products.

Note: I only included authentic reviews, not general ones.

1. What People Say

Fortunately – I could find a lot of opinion from previous customers.

And even though some were positive, most were complaints.

So here are the most common reviews on BeanStalk’s products (especially the infusion):

  1. Some people say it really made their hair grow.
  2. Others claim they could see big improvements in their hair.
  3. A few mention their hair health improved a lot.
  4. On the other hand, about 50% say there was no change.
  5. Others criticize the texture of the infusion.
  6. There are also a few complaining they couldn’t get a refund.

But basically – the most common opinion is that BeanStalk wasn’t very effective.

If you ask me, that tells a lot about these products. But that’s not all.

2. Biggest Complaints

As I said, a lot of people complained about BeanStalk’s poor effect:

  1. Many said they saw absolutely no change (after several months).
  2. A few claimed their hair loss actually worsened.
  3. Others say the thick consistency of this infusion made their hair look worse.

Other than that – there are complaints about bad packaging, itchy scalp or rashes.

Ironically – BeanStalk’s products are designed to improve scalp conditions (especially those causing hair loss).

So apparently, this doesn’t work for all people.

But overall – there are more complaints than praises, which should tell you a lot.


BeanStalk’s products have a lot of unsatisfied customers (especially the infusion):

  • poor or no effect
  • secondary reactions on the scalp
  • worsened hair loss

There are some praises too, that’s truth. But the number of negative reviews is far higher.

For this reason – I couldn’t possibly recommend BeanStalk.

Instead of using all sorts of topical products, better try a supplement that costs really little and made a big difference for my hair.



#5 – Price (8 out of 10)

Surprisingly for this kind of products, BeanStalk’s prices are actually affordable.

And I’m talking about most of its products.

1. The Exact Price

BeanStalk’s official website has the best prices. Normally:

  1. Infusion costs about $25.
  2. Vitamins costs $36 (per monthly supply).
  3. Shampoo and conditioner can only be bought together (+ a detox shampoo).
  4. All 3 products cost about $105.
  5. You can also buy vitamins + infusion for $57.

However – BeanStalk’s official website offers many discounts.

For example, at this point most products have a lower price:

  • Infusion: $17
  • Vitamins: $25
  • Shampoo + Conditioner Pack: $68
  • Vitamins + Infusion Pack: $41

To be honest – these prices are really affordable. So you’re not wasting a lot of money, even if they didn’t work.

2. Worth Or Not?

I personally would think twice about buying BeanStalk (despite its low cost).

I’m saying that because of all those negative reviews I read.

According to them:

  • these products aren’t worth the money
  • the company has a refund policy
  • however, it’s hard to actually get a refund

So from what I read – you will most likely never get your money back.

Also, most customers said they couldn’t see an improvement in their hair growth. That’s why I personally wouldn’t buy these products.

I can get the best supplement I know for about the same price – so I prefer to use those money wisely.


#6 – Where To Find It (6 out of 10)

Unfortunately, at this point – you can only buy BeanStalk from its official website.

Here’s the thing:

  1. It used to be available on several retailers in the past.
  2. That included Amazon and Ebay (and maybe some others).
  3. However, it’s unavailable from Amazon for a while.
  4. Also, there’s no company selling it on Ebay.

So in my opinion – things don’t look too good for BeanStalk.

Since their products are discontinued from Amazon, it means they have very few customers. 

And that’s another proof that their products aren’t as good as they look.

But the point is – if you want to buy BeanStalk, its official website is the only option right now.


#7 – FAQs

Up next, I will try to answer the top questions about BeanStalk.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it’s easier to spot here.

1. How often you should use it?

When it comes to the infusion – at least once a day.

When it comes to the other products:

  • supplement: 1 pill per day
  • shampoo/conditioner: in every wash
2. How long lasts 1 bottle?

Normally – all products are meant to last 30 days.

However, it’s only the vitamins that have a clear quantity for this period.

The others can last more or less (depending how often and how much you use them).

3. Can I take it with other drugs?

There’s no risk of interactions for the infusions, shampoo or conditioner – they’re all topical products.

However, it’s recommended to ask your doctor first before using the vitamins.

4. Are there any side effects?

Yes, there are – I found enough complaints on this topic:

  • worsening hair loss
  • itchy scalp
  • rashes

These reactions are mostly available for the infusion (serum). The other products don’t have too many complaints.

5. How fast should I see an effect?

According to the label – in only 2 weeks.

But in my opinion, that’s exaggerated. If a product could work so fast – everyone would be using it, trust me.

Considering that BeanStalk isn’t too very popular, I think it’s pretty clear.

Besides – lots of reviews claimed this wasn’t true, as they needed more than 2 weeks to see any traces of growth.

So in my opinion – give these products 1-2 months before you expect any results.


#8 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on BeanStalk (in 3 ideas):

1. Infusion Is Hard To Use

Even though it’s (probably) their best product – the infusion has a terrible consistency:

  • extremely thick and sticky
  • much thicker than any hair oil
  • rinses really hard
  • leaves hair extremely greasy and harsh

The label does allow you to mix it with conditioner (for an oilier texture).

But that will only weigh your hair down – which isn’t fine either.

2. Poor Effect

Judging after the high number of complaints, BeanStalk’s products aren’t that effective:

  • many people say they didn’t work
  • other say their hair loss worsened

Now – there are some satisfied users as well.

But putting the numbers side by side – there are way more negative reviews.

3. Good Price

That might be the best thing about BeanStalk.

Compared to other brands – its products are actually affordable.

Plus, they have discounts and sales often times.

However – keep in mind that these can be a proof of their low number of customers.


My Verdict – Is BeanStalk Worth Buying?

Short answer: Not really – even though it’s quite affordable.

My Review: BeanStalk Hair Growth (2019) - Does It Work?There are just too many negative reviews and complaints about it:

  1. Poor or no effect at all.
  2. Worsens hair loss in certain people.
  3. Terrible texture and hard to apply.
  4. No refunds (even though there’s a money back guarantee).
  5. Hidden formulas and dosages in most products.
  6. Claim to work in 2 weeks (which is really hard).

Overall – I just don’t think BeanStalk’s products can help tremendously.

Even though I haven’t tried them personally, all those negative reviews speak for themselves (that’s what I think).

So I personally wouldn’t recommend BeanStalk – and I also don’t plan to try it any soon. 

Instead of using topical products that only treat the external symptoms, I prefer to use a supplement:

  • best effect on the long term
  • works for both men and women
  • a lot easier to use
  • treats the problem from the inside

BeanStalk also offers a supplement, but it’s mostly based on vitamins (which aren’t that strong).

What I personally prefer is using a supplement based on herbal extracts (which are just a few in BeanStalk’s product).

In my case, that’s what helps hair more than anything else.


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12 thoughts on “My Review: BeanStalk Hair Growth (2023) – Does It Work?

  1. Thank you, Olly, for such an honest review of BeanStalk. By looking at your picture, I would NOT have guessed that you suffer from any kind of hair loss issues. What you ARE using must be FANTASTIC!

    I appreciate the recitation of the reviews of the many people who have tried this product. Frankly, with a reviewer stating that it actually made them LOSE hair, I wouldn’t be touching this product with a ten foot pole as the expression goes. I always smell a rat when the ingredients aren’t listed. Companies should be PROUD to list their ingredients. I also wouldn’t think I would need to consult a doctor or pharmacist for a hair care product as I wouldn’t expect it to be that harsh or interactive with…  what???

    My biggest question is: Is it normal for a hair care product to have to be verified for its safety by a health care professional? Wouldn’t this in itself cause concern?

    Again, thank you for such a well written and candid article.

    1. Hi Feochadan, thanks for letting me know your opinion on BeanStalk’s product. I pretty much agree with you – the fact that they’re not stating the ingredients clearly should be a warning sign.

      Regarding your question – I usually recommend people to ask their doctor or pharmacist before starting a hair product, but only if they meet these 2 criteria:

      1. They’re following a treatment with other drugs.

      2. They want to start an internal supplement.

      Basically – it’s not necessary to ask your doctor before using a topical product, even if you’re following a prescription treatment. Since that product is topical, there’s no risk of interactions.

      On the other hand, if you’re planning to start a supplement – there is a minor risk of interactions, especially if you’re already taking more than 3 drugs. Sure, in 99.99% of cases nothing happens – but it’s better to stay safe than to get a side effect.

      So that’s what it’s all about, actually.

      However, most people who use supplements don’t take any other prescription drugs. So they’re completely safe.

      I really hope this helps you understand things better. Thanks a lot for all your kind words.

      PS: The supplement I’m constantly using is my #1 top recommended product (Folexin). That’s what makes my hair look as good as you say. If you’re interested, check it out.

  2. Do you know why it’s discontinued on Amazon? I would love to try this, I have one friend recommending it and she says it really helps with growth in a few months. Thick consistency isn’t a problem for me, I have coarse kinky hair so that would only help tame and hydrate it evenly. I’m simply hesitant on buying it from a website that is no Amazon or Ebay or anything famous.

    1. Hello Alex, I don’t know the exact reason why all these big retailers aren’t selling BeanStalk’s products anymore. But since they used to, I assume it’s a problem either with the products or with the company:

      – many unsatisfied customers so Amazon has to refund them all

      – the company refuses to keep its promises/claims (refund, effect, growth rate, etc.)

      Basically, there could be many reasons – but I personally think there are some problems of this kind, since all retailers don’t sell BeanStalk anymore (despite they used to).

      So at this point – if you really want to try it, the only option is the official website. I know it’s not as safe as buying from Amazon, but I haven’t heard any complaints on the website itself. So if you’re afraid they might charge you more or bill you extra bottles without your approval, I don’t think they do this kind of things. I mean, I never saw any complaint of this kind – and most companies that practice this have a lot of complaints all over the internet.

      Sorry I can’t help more.

  3. I used 2 products from Bean Stalk, their serum and supplement. All I can tell is that you can’t possibly see results in 2 weeks as they say, it took me around 2 months to notice some baby hairs (I had a couple of bald spots). I don’t know if it’s because of the serum or vitamins, but I’ve been using both accordingly since day 1. So this thing does work, but you need patience. Honestly, their advertising is totally fake, I never heard anyone growing new hair in 2 weeks, that’s impossible!

    1. Hello Blair, thanks for sharing your experience with BeanStalk. I haven’t tried this brand’s products myself, but I also agree that they can’t work in 2 weeks. As you said, that’s pretty much impossible. Of all supplements, shampoos and creams I used throughout the years, none worked faster than 1 month (and those were rare cases). So if BeanStalk was as fast as it claims, everyone would be using it. Since it’s pretty unpopular, I think this speaks for itself. 

  4. I got this shampoo and conditioner as a birthday gift from my cousin, she said she’s been using this brand’s products to grow her hair out and they really help. I wasn’t over the moon with them because they would make my hair so greasy… It wasn’t like they had oil in them or anything, my hair would just get greasy the next days after washing it. I’m thinking they didn’t clean my hair properly or i don’t know. I can’t tell if they worked for growth or not, I never ordered them again once they ran out.

    Back then I didn’t know there was an infusion and a supplement as well, i might have had better results if i had used all 4 at once. But i guess it’s too late to try now, i’m definitely not going again for that shampoo.

    1. Hi Bruna, thanks for your feedback on BeanStalk. In my opinion, the shampoo and conditioner don’t do a lot – instead, it’s the serum and the pills that work best. I’m saying that from what I heard. And it kind of makes sense, since the serum is usually stronger and the pills work from the inside (so they have a better overall effect).

      So if you ask me, the shampoo and conditioner couldn’t have made a huge difference. That especially if you only used 1 bottle of each. If you really want to see what BeanStalk can do, you should give the serum and supplement a try. So you don’t have to get back to the shampoo and conditioner, as they still wouldn’t help much (in my opinion). You can order just the infusion and the pills.

      Just keep in mind that the infusion could also make your hair greasier than usual. But if you have enough time to wash your hair daily or every 2 days, it might be worth the shot. I’m personally not a fan of BeanStalk (mostly because of their “super fast” promises), but its products are surely not a scam. So they might work for some, that’s why I’m not advising people to stay away from them. It’s everyone’s own choice.

      Hope this helps!

  5. Hello Everyone!

    My experience with Beanstalk’s serum and vitamins has been exceptional. I placed a second order! I began using the product on August 3, 2020. Within about two weeks I saw notable growth. I monitored my hair during the process. I have low porosity, 4C hair. I did not use the product exclusively. I continued to use my Shea Moisture Low Porosity Shampoo and Conditioner and mixtures of shea, almond, vicks vapor rub and sulfur 8. I wet spray my natural hair everyday and electric cap heat twice a week. I am impressed with Beanstalk. After one month I have a little over one inch new hair and edges are fuller. Sorry so many got so few positive results. My guess is that folk are not using other products and techniques to match with their hair type, porosity in particular. Protein products eat my head bald!

    1. Hi Brenda. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Beanstalk’s serum, I’m really happy to hear it helped you so much and that you could see results so fast. Please keep me updated on how that goes in the future. Best wishes!

  6. I recently purchased from beanstalk hair loss on 04/09/2021,I have not received any of the products, however they charged my credit card 180.26 . Today I have filed a complaint with the FTC informing them of their their poor resolution I have encountered. Please do not order from this company they will take your money and will not respond to the countless emails or the multiple messages I have left behind. My credit card company is now in the process of reversing these charges. I would not accept any of their products at all, I don’t trust them at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hello Brenda, thanks for sharing your experience with BeanStalk, I’m so sorry to hear about being scammed. Hopefully you can get your money back eventually.

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