7 Hair Straighteners That Don’t Damage Hair


We all dream about finding those perfect hair straighteners that don’t damage hair at all, don’t we? But the bad news is that there aren’t such flat irons, that don’t cause the smallest harm. I haven’t found any, so far…

BUT…there are some really good hair straighteners that, if used with the right products, can cause very little to no damage.

These are the ones I want to show you today, as they make a great solution if you’re a hair straightener addict. 😉



7. Rusk Heat Freak Professional ($49.95)   


MARK: 8.75/10

Rusk hair straightenerThe Rusk Heat Freak Professional is an very good flat iron, worth having if you want a good straightener and you’re not willing to pay a huge amount of money. The light design, good facilities and the affordable price make it reach number 5 on my top.

In case you’re wondering why it’s not higher in my top…Well, let’s just say that despite its nice qualities, there are other straighteners with much better features and prices. Anyway,  I’ve tried to summarize its advantages and downsides, so here they are:


  • It works great for every type of hair, but if course, a bit faster on thinner hair
  • The maximum heat it can reach is 450 degrees (F), which is about 230 degrees Celsius
  • The best price I’ve found is on Amazon (around $50), which doesn’t seem very much to me
  • The warranty they offer is one year
  • This flat iron has a very light weight and also a great design, that makes it seem very professional, and it actually is so, at least, for its price


  • The temperature has to be set manually using the button from one side (this probably isn’t a downside, I just wrote it here in case you want to compare it with more modern tools)
  • It doesn’t have an auto shut-off button, so you have to pay attention not to let it turned on
  • If you buy it from Amazon they won’t also give you the case (I don’t understand why, but that’s it)



6. Remington S7230 Wet 2 Straight ($24.99)


MARK: 9/10

Remington Wet 2 StraightIf you need a 2 in 1 flat iron and styling tool, this is the perfect choice.

This amazing product from Remington is great if you’re in a hurry and you don’t have time to both dry and style your hair, simply because it’s a straightener designed for both dry and wet hair.

That’s a pretty cool feature in my opinion, at least for me it’s great to be able to straightener my hair when it’s completely wet. But anyway, here is more about it:


  • It works great for both dry and wet hair, so it can be used to straighten hair or to dry and straighten it directly
  • The indicators will tell you if the temperature is good enough for wet hair (which is easier to damage while straightening), and it does the same thing for dry hair
  • When it comes to straightening the hair, I could say it’s doing a pretty good job
  • The soy hydra complex promises to protect hair from damage, and it actually does so
  • It has a auto shut-off button (1 hour)
  • The time it needs in order to heat up is 30 seconds
  • The price is more than great, I mean I don’t know if there’s another flat iron with all these facilities


  • Probably the only one I can find is the short warranty (just 90 days), so it could get broken faster



5.  CHI Air Expert Tourmaline ($76.97)


MARK: 9.25/10

This very pretty Chi Air flat iron has Tourmaline plates, which prevent hair from losing moisture and protects it from damage.

Most of its reviews are great, but I guess it would be better to see by yourself if you need it or not. I can’t say it’s my personal favorite when it comes to hair straighteners, but it’s one of the items I really like. So, before giving you any more details, here are the pros and cons:


  • A great option it has is the “Mode” button which helps you select the ideal temperature for your hair type (lower for straight hair and higher for thick, curly hair)
  • The Tourmaline plates protect hair from damage
  • It straightens very well, both fine and thick hair
  • Perfect for daily use


  • A possible possible downside is that it doesn’t have an auto shut-off function



4. Lanxime Ceramic Tourmaline ($49.99)


MARK: 9.25/10

This ionic hair straightener is perfect for people who are always travelling and want a styling tool that would be easy to carry and that would fit their luggage. I’m one of them, and I was really satisfied with it when it comes to this.

Also, when it comes to damage protection, I can say that it does what it promises. Not more, but what it promises.

If you want a smart hair straightener and you don’t have a very high budget, you might find a great solution in this product. I did, so in my case it turned out to be really useful. These being said, let’s check the pros and cons:


  • Works well on any type of hair, even thick coarse hair
  • Thanks to its 1 inch tourmaline ionic plates, it manages to control and protect the hair deeply
  • You also receive a heat resistant glove, a travelling bag and a leave in treatment with Argan Oil to prevent against heat damage
  • Temperature can be adjusted anywhere between 240 to 400 F
  • Has dual voltage, so it can be used anywhere in the world
  • The price is pretty good, I would say


  • It doesn’t have an auto shut-off function
  • Maybe it is a bit too small for my taste, but that’s just a personal preference



3. CHI Original 1″ Ceramic ($59.95 on sale right now)


MARK: 9.50/10

This will always remain one of my favorite flat irons, simply because it is absolutely fantastic. You only have to look at it to realize it’s not just a cheap imitation, but a great quality product.

While I was writing this post, I was extremely happy to find this straightener on a great sale, more than half of the initial price, $89, which is quite normal for its great quality.

So, if you’re reading this post and you’re interested in buying a great flat iron, you absolutely have to check it out, maybe you’re lucky and you still find it on sale. I did 😀

Anyway, let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons:


  • It offers a great damage protection thanks to the its design
  • If you need a flat iron for quotidian use, this is just perfect for you
  • In case you’re in a rush, you should know that it turns off automatically, thanks to the auto shut-off function
  • It is perfect for every type of hair, including coarse, thick hair, which it manages to tame very easy
  • The warranty is 2 years


  • The normal price is probably a bit high for a regular budget ($99)



2. LumaBella Keratin ($99 on sale right now)


MARK: 9.75/10

http://amzn.to/2ngLjxmA modern, extremely catchy tool, LumaBella’s Professional flat iron promises to give you that “fresh from the salon” look after every use.

And believe it or not, it really manages to do it. It surprised me a lot (in the good way), as I didn’t really expect such a professional tool. So it was really worth buying in my case 🙂

So if you want a modern, professional hair straightener and you’re ready to pay an over-average amount of money, you might be interested in this one, so take a close look at the pros and cons.


  • Straightens extremely well (one of the best I’ve seen actually), but maybe that’s quite normal at this price
  • Either you straighten hair, curl it or make it wavy, I was impressed that it lasts pretty long, much longer than while using other flat irons; I thought this only had to do with each person’s hair type, not with the flat iron you use, but apparently the flat iron matters a lot
  • When it comes to temperature, you can choose from 180 to 450 degrees F
  • Works pretty good at a lower temperature (like 180 degrees)
  • Of course that if you have thick, frizzy hair you would need a higher temperature, but it still straightens quite well even if the temperature isn’t as high as you would normally use
  • Promises to prevent frizzy hair and it does really this extremely well
  • Has dual voltage, so it also works in Europe
  • I absolutely loved the box, it has a velvet cover and it feels so soft
  • Doesn’t damage the hair very much thanks to its great design and also to its ability to work great with a lower temperature than normal


  • It doesn’t have an auto shut-off button, which I think would be necessary at this level



1. BabyLiss PRO Nano Titanium ($129.95 on sale now)


MARK: 10/10

Hair straightners that don't damage hairIf you want to invest in a very high-quality, smart flat iron, then this is the ideal choice for you. This incredible iron is specially designed for professional use, but I was lucky enough to buy it for myself.

And ever since, I didn’t really use another one. So that’s why I placed it right on top – it’s doubtless the best straightener I’ve ever used.

Just take a look at its titanium plates. They are the best guarantee that your hair will be safe and healthy in the hands of this iron.

So you are willing to invest into a straightener that would not last for a few months, this is the best one for you.


  • The hair protection is obvious, thanks to the titanium plates, which emit negative ions while straightening. This process causes way less damage than the normal, ceramic plates straightening, so it might even not cause the slightest damage.
  • The buttons are placed in the middle, in this way they claim them to be easier to access for both right-handers and left-handers (I’m not really sure if this is true, for me it doesn’t matter much)
  • One of the lightest straighteners I came across
  • You might find it on sale on Amazon


  • The only possible one could be the high price, but if you’re ready to invest in a professional flat iron it may not be that much



So what is the secret when choosing a good hair straightener?

Despite the fact that it is almost impossible to find a flat iron that would not harm your hair at all, there do exist some that produce very little damage, which, associated with some good styling products and hair care treatments, can make the hair straightening a daily process with no or very little damage.

That’s great news, isn’t it? 😀 Now the problem is choosing the hair straightener and the styling products, so that you can flat iron your hair everyday without any worries.


Quality-money relation

Probably the worst thing I’ve noticed when it comes to flat irons is that their quality (and therefore the ability to produce as little damage as possible) is directly proportional to their price. In other words, the better the flat iron is, the more expensive it is 🙁

Anyway, I would never pay a lot of money for a hair straightener, even if I knew that it doesn’t damage hair at all.


My Final Verdict

So these are the 7 hair straighteners that don’t damage hair too much, if they are used according to instructions.

My #1 favorite remains the Victoria Tourmaline one, which has some amazing features but a really high price too.

So if you afford paying so much for a straightener, I really advise you to do it because you’re investing your money on a tool that will last a really long time, I say this from my experience (and it’s a similar case with Jolie Armour’s straightener).

However, if this flat iron is too expensive for your budget (which is totally fine, I couldn’t always afford paying so much money on it), then I would recommend you one like Xtava Inflared or HSI Ceramic Tourmaline. 


So now at the end, I really hope that my choices were useful to you because as I said, you know best of all what exactly you need and what exactly you can afford, so you will decide according to this. But don’t forget that it’s extremely important to choose a high quality flat iron, that won’t damage your hair too much.

If you take a look at my selection, you will see that these are all high quality hair straighteners, so if you ever need some good ideas, remember my post. 😉

Have you ever tried any of these 7 hair straighteners that don’t damage hair? Which of them would you like to try?

My Review: Revlon 1875w Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Travel Hair Dryer


Hey people! Today I’m planning to review the last addition to my collection of hair dryers (yes, it is almost a collection :P), which is the Revlon 1875w Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Travel Hair Dryer.

Yes, you read it correctly, it is a travel hair dryer, but I assure you that you can anytime use it as a regular one, it wouldn’t mind. 😀


So Let’s Get To The Review

Product name: 1875w Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Travel Hair Dryer

Producer: Revlon

Price: $38.54 right now

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

Mark: 9.50 /10


A Short Summary Of My Review

I bought this dryer 3 weeks ago because I had to travel to Europe and I didn’t have any tool nearby that I could take with me. Thanks to its dual voltage feature, it was perfect.

Yes, you read well, it has dual voltage! I guess that solves a lot of problems now!

Anyway, it worked great both in Europe and America, to my huge relief (I was afraid it wouldn’t…). It comes with a diffuser (for curly hair especially), it’s really light and easy to carry around, it folds us really easily and to my surprise… it has several different speeds and temperatures. Just like regular blow dryers.

Except that it’s a travel one. And last but not least, it’s one of the cheapest travel dryers that I had, but…this doesn’t really see.

So summing up, I would give it a 9.50 out of 10. And that…that is really good for such a cheap hair dryer! 😀

Click here to get a discount for this hair dryer on Amazon



I came across this blow dryer by chance…

…when I was looking for a necklace for my friend’s birthday. 😛

I had been looking at hair dryers a few days before, and…if you’re familiar with Amazon, you probably know that once you look for something, they will send you a lot of offers with similar stuff all the time.

So that’s how I found out about this dryer, because I had never heard about it before, from any single person. And when I asked some of my friends, they hadn’t heard about it either. Hmm…

Anyway, as I was kind of in need of a new blow dryer for my trip to Europe and… this one had most of the features I wanted, I decided to give it a shot. It had pretty good reviews, so…that convinced me. 🙂

I received very fast, in 2 days I think. The shipping was free, even though the total order wasn’t over $49, which is the price where they usually give you free shipping. I checked it out a few minutes ago and they still have that same free shipping, so I guess this is a sign! 😀


There Are 2 Drying Speeds, Not Just One

This is not the first “travel” hair dryer that I tried in my life, and even though they should have the same features as regular blow dryers (in my opinion…), they usually don’t.

Most of the times, they only have one speed and one temperature (which is usually too high and makes hair easier to damage), they don’t come with a diffuser and they don’t have as much power as normal hair dryers.

So considering this tool from Revlon is also a travel dryer, I didn’t expect miracles from it.

The good reviews convinced me to buy it, but if it didn’t do anything they said in those reviews…well, I wouldn’t have been surprised. 😛

The description on the website said it has 2 heat/speed settings and a cold shut button. And yes, it doesn’t lie.

The hair dryer does have these settings, including the cold shut button. Basically, this button reduces the heat and makes the air colder. So you will be able to blow dry your hair in a “healthier” manner, without any heat that could damage it.

From this point of view, I really like it and I don’t regret buying it.


The Dual Voltage Feature Isn’t A Lie

That was one of my biggest fears about this Revlon blow dryer after starting using it. It worked great here and I really loved that it didn’t blow dry my hair too much and too rough, but…there is a but.

It said to be dual voltage, but there was no way I could know if this was true or not. Believe me, I had a lot of hair dryers that claimed to be dual voltage in my life. And most of them were not. 🙁

I mean, they did work when I used them in Europe, but they worked really badly. Many of them made a really unpleasant noise, as if they were 10 years old. Plus that 75% of their power seemed to be gone, I can’t really understand how.

So I always had to buy a new blow dryer from that country where I was in…or to let my hair dry naturally, which wasn’t very pleasant in Norway, for example.

Anyway, this dryer from Revlon managed to impress me from this point of view. I told you, I was a bit nervous that I would have to get a new hair dryer but…it wasn’t the case. Once I plugged it in, it worked exactly as it did before, in the US. I was thrilled! 😀

Don’t imagine that if it worked the first time, I expected it to work the second time too. Nooo! I was as afraid as before when I used it the second time. I thought that maybe the first European use may have caused it just a little damage, not enough to destroy it from the first. But it would definitely destroy it from the second try.

And guess what? It wasn’t the case either now! In fact, every time I used it during my European trip it worked just like in America.

So honestly speaking, that is what I call dual voltage! That is what I want from a hair dryer that claims to have dual voltage! Not lower power, not unpleasant noise, but this. To work as well as it does in the US, that’s how they should all be, not just to claim to have this feature when they actually don’t… So from this point of view, all my praises for this hair dryer. 😀


It’s Really Light, So Perfect For Travelling

That was something I kind of expected, considering it’s a travel hair dryer after all. And to be honest, most of the “travel” blow dryers I had were lightweight, at least in comparison to regular ones.

Coming back to out story, Revlon’s tool is designed to fold in 2, so that it takes as little space as possible. It actually becomes all horizontal, so you don’t lose any space of your suitcase.

I told you, from this point of view, I’m really satisfied because it has a dual voltage that works really well and it’s extremely easy to carry around, no matter where you go. I think it has around the same dimensions as my hair straightener, which you can imagine that it’s not too big. 😛

So if you’re looking for a travel hair dryer, this Revlon tool is an item you can consider.


So Here Are The Does And Don’t 🙂

What I Liked

  • It really takes very little space, because it can fold perfectly in 2 equal parts
  • The dual voltage worked perfectly no matter in what country I was
  • It comes with a diffuser, which is perfect for my curly hair because it prevents it from getting frizzy and it blow dries it really nicely
  • Besides the 2 speeds available, there is a cold shot button, that lowers the temperatures a lot and it keeps the hair away from damage
  • The price is pretty good for a travel dryer (plus that they ship it for free on Amazon)

What I Didn’t Like

  • It is a bit noisier than regular hair dryers (but not noisier than most travel dryers)
  • Maybe a few extra inches would be perfect


Click here to get a discount for this hair dryer on Amazon



My Final Verdict – To Buy Or To Skip?

To buy, I say. Especially if you’re the kind of person that likes/ has to travel a lot and you can’t easily decide on what stuff to take with you. I am this kind of person, and this dryer saves me enough space for an extra pair of shoes or for a book.

However, the most important feature it has is the dual voltage, in my opinion. At least, that’s what I like best about it. It works just as well as in the US, it’s extremely light and you won’t even know you added it in your suitcase. That’s what happens to me, lol.

So if you need a travel blow dryer, I say this one is perfect. I saw a lot of people had good opinions about it on Amazon, and mine is really good too. After all, it does all the things I bought it for, so I can’t say I’m not satisfied.


So what do you think about this Revlon 1875w Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Travel Hair Dryer? Would you buy it?

Let me know your opinion by writing a comment below. Ashley 😀