How to darken hair with coffee

how to darken hair with coffeeYou want to change your hair color going for a darker shade but you wish you didn’t have to damage your hair? Well, here you have the best solution: I’ll show you how to darken hair with coffee, in a natural way, without using any hair dye or any other toxic chemicals that would only harm your hair.

Darkening hair using only this natural ingredient is not a very difficult process, on the contrary, it’s extremely simple and you have several ways to do this, in case a certain one is not very convenient to you. You only have to choose the one that sounds the most interesting to you and give it a try. 🙂

Coffee is probably the best choice when it comes to darkening hair

No matter what natural ingredients I tried for darkening my hair (which is anyway pretty dark), I always came back to coffee. Even though I read that it works best on light brown hair, for my dark brown hair it was the thing that worked best of all. I don’t know if this is available for everyone, but for me it was.

how to darken hair with coffeeI’ve read about several methods of using the coffee, but there are some differences between them. Personally, I want to see a visibly darker color from the first try, so I’m not really willing to use one of those methods that need to be repeated hundreds of times just to see your hair getting a bit darker.

But this is up to you, I’m going to present you several methods of darkening your hair with coffee and you can feel free to try the one(s) you like. 🙂

Strong coffee mask is the fastest ally

The first thing you have to do is to make a very strong coffee, much stronger than you usually drink (if you drink), something like two or even three times stronger than normal, supposing that you’re not an extremely strong coffee drinker. 😀

What I would recommend you to do is to use organic coffee, simply because it is natural and it can’t contain any artificial ingredients, so you won’t get any surprise. I’ve always used this type of coffee every time I darkened my hair, so I really can’t guarantee for the non-organic coffee, though I don’t think it could do you any harm.

Anyway, after you do the coffee, you should try to combine it with some conditioner that would also nourish your hair.

coffee mixtureHere’s how I do this:

– I add around 3 small cups of coffee in a bowl

– I also add two spoonfuls of conditioner, for the beginning.

– I mix them together until they become solid enough to apply the mixture on my hair.

– In case the mixture is still pretty liquid, all you have to do is to add more conditioner, until it becomes more solid. It’s just like making a home-made hair mask, just that the ingredients are different.

Your mixture should look something like in the picture above, more or less.

– Then you only have to apply the mixture onto your hair, from the roots to the ends, and let it sit for at least an hour.

– After this time has passed, you should rinse deeply with warm water. This shouldn’t be a very complicated thing because the so-called “mask” doesn’t stick to the hair, so it should be pretty easy to rinse.

You can either blow dry your hair or let it dry naturally, it’s your choice, but after getting it dry try taking a close look in the mirror. I was able to notice a visible difference, which I don’t think that was only in my head. 😀 So I’m really curious if you can see something too.

Coffee rinse promises to darken hair

Even though this is not my favorite method, I’ve used it several times and it had good results after a period of time. However, rinsing your hair with coffee has certain advantages, like penetrating all the strands from your hair and changing its color from the roots to the ends.

how to darken hair with coffeeIn order to do this, you will need the same strong coffee like in the previous method, but this time you won’t combine it with conditioner or anything else, you will use it alone.

– After getting your hair wet, you can apply the coffee (or rather let it rinse your hair) several times. I forgot to mention that you should let the coffee cool down because you wouldn’t want to put hot coffee on your hair, would you? 😀

– You should do this rinse for about 5 times, this is how much I did it at one wash.

– However, you may not notice any change after drying your hair, so in case this happens, you should repeat all this procedure the next time you wash your hair. It’s not very complicated, but you do need a few extra minutes than at a normal wash.


I’m really curious what you think about those two methods of darkening your hair with coffee, and also if you had the courage to try any of these. I really hope that my explanation wasn’t impossible to understand, though my usual way of explaining things is a bit complicated 😀 I would really appreciate to hear any questions you have and I promise to do my best to give you the answer you need.

8 thoughts on “How to darken hair with coffee

  1. Wow what a neat idea. I have not dyed my hair for years because I don’t want to use commercial here dyes. I’ll have to give this a try the next time I want to change the color of my hair. We are not coffee drinkers but I’ll have to go out and get some give this a try. Are there any considerations about not staining your clothes or towels?

    • Yes, you definitely should try 🙂

      In case you don’t want to stain any clean towel you could use some shower cap, the thing is that you have to cover your hair using anything, not necessarily a towel. It never happened to me to stain my clothes because I always paid a lot of attention, but as far as I know if this happens and you wash your clothes the stains will go away.

  2. Ha I love my coffee and I never knew people use it to darken there hair. I just said it to my daughter and she look at me as if I was stupid LOL.

    Can I just ask is there any specific bands that you recommend or can you use any type of coffee?



    • Hahaha 😀

      I think that as long as it’s organic the brand doesn’t really matter, it doesn’t make any difference.

  3. Hi Ashley

    I had no idea that you could darken your hair with coffee. It’s not surprising though, coffee’s used to stain anything from fabrics, to yarns and even as a wood stain.

    A little trick that my mother taught me – and I’m sure you’ve probably heard of – is putting lemon juice in my hair and going in the sun to get that sun kissed look.

    Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely keep it in mind if I ever want to darken my hair, hair dyes have so many chemicals in them.

    Thanks again and all the best,

    Katia 🙂

    • Hey Katia, yes, I also knew about that thing with lemon juice, I’ve used it several times to make my hair lighter and it worked pretty well. and yes, I also prefer coloring my hair with coffee, simply because it’s healthier:)

  4. Hi, this is a very interesting article.. I am wondering if it really works.. I don’t like using hair colours because they are very toxic and not good for our hair and healt so I use it only if I really need it and I always use hair colour without ammonium.

    I probably will try this method with coffee because I am really curious and it would be so good if it would really work.

    Thank you for tip 🙂

    • Hi Iveta, it worked in my case, so I suppose it should work normally 🙂 Anyway, if you decide trying, let me know what’s the result 🙂

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